A Ji kstahlished, duuham. n. c., Tuesday; may g, m 2. YOLTJME 26-KTJ1IBI:R CO i I- JUXUSX Jwliiu rivi5 A. W. HAWKS . LECTURE AT Conservatory of Music HP J v? i , -r -rr . -tuesuay lNlgnr, May , at 8:30 o'clock. . Prices 35 and 50 Gts. ' ' Seats on sale atV YEARBY'S Drug Store. Delightful Millinery ! When you choose a Hat you want fretty ones to choose from. Its a great advantage and we give it to you because wehave a large stock, and consists of the latest and best to be bad. Our goods were purchased with a view to suit ing all styles of ladies. Vou will find no difficulty in find ing just what you want. MRS.L. PERKINSON. aplO-tf A Survey Of our lire of fixings for Men's wear reveals the mcst attractive assortment of mas culine things. The Man Must be finicky, indeed, who can't find here Shirts, Ne kwear, Hose.TJnderwear, Suspenders, Belts, Hats, &c , to suit the most reliable goods The most up to date styles and tneU0 smaiiesi prices arc me oau useu jur yCafching hf0 The dollars of the wise I ones. These are interes'ng items. JohnstOD Furnishing Co. 'Phone 440, Durham, N. C. S. C. ANDERSON CO. HAS JUoT RECEIVED V 500 ROLLS 500 CRYSTAL -CREPE. TAPER.-- ASSORTED COLORS. IT WILL GO FOR io CENTS ' s PER ROLL- SEE OUR WINDOW. ng u-tir HIGH CLASS MUSIC. The Boston Festival lrchestra . t Grand Concert Company It is a little remarkable that many people in Durham wilt talk and talk ooui gooa tniDs corains to oar city, and when they come they turn out very meagerly Une of the finest thing!) that has yet sounded a note in Durham's borders was the May Festival ' Or cheetra at Craven Memorial ilall. Irinity Fark, on Monday night, and while the audiece waa large, it waa notnp to the number that should nave greeted this splendid company I Evt rv nn in an ft-iaf on.l ihi'nrn I ' 1 - gramme was one of the most enjoy able, fonhigh claSs music, that has ever been presented to a Durham audierce, and their praises are to dy upon the lips of all who at tended. Miss Janet Spencer, the oantralto, is considered by the If dies as being the prettiest woman that has appeared before a Durham au uieuce, in a proiessionai way, in many years, as well as the finest singer. Glen UaU, the tenor, was a charm. Gwilyn Miles, the bari tone, was the wonder of hisheareis 1 b harpest was exceptionally fine. i ue enure company . is "prana in their concerts. Old Papers. Mrs. E. H. Bryan, of Winston, who is visiting h?r daughter, Mrs. S. O. Anderson, is the pos-essor of two very old and valuable relics of the past century. One is an old re print of. the UoUon Nes Letter, IpuWistied April 21 h, 1704 the first newtipaptrrinted in this coun try. It is fried with quaint items to the rcaderof this day. The other paper is the M. 1 Gazette, of March 2.8ib 1720, by William Bradford, whose will was settled after a hun dred years litigation, an account of which appeared in "the Sun Satur day. These will be valuable addi tions to any historic society or mu seum of relic. Mrs. Bryan prizes them very highly. The Leg Set. W. R. Herndon, at his livery stable, on Orange street, has a horse that is now recovering from a fine piece of horse surgery. The horse's left fore leg was broken on the 25th of March, just above the hoof, and bi.dty mangled. Mr. Herndon set the bones and put the horse in a swing, where he has been every since, and is comfortably fixed. " He is now in a tine condition and will be able to be of cood service vhen he comes out from under Mr. Hern- don's care. A. W. Hawks' Lecture Toniaht. All who go out to the Southern Conservatory of Music tonight to hear A. W. Hawks may rest assured that they will hear something well worth liHtening to. ."Sunshine and Shadow" has never failed to please audiences everywhere that it has been delivered throughout the conn try. The lecture will be for the benefit of Durham Lodge, Knights of Pythias. Secure your tickets at earby s drug store. Whitsett Commencement. The Sun has received an invita tion to the commencement exercises "of Whitsett Institute, at Whitsett, N. C, which take Dlace Mav 18th 2is't The annual sermon will be preach ed on Sunday, May 18th. at 3 d. ra., by Rev. J. A. Dailev. of the Norlh Carolina Conference. Gen eral Julian S. Carr is to deliver the literary address on Wednesday, May 21st, at 2 pm. Just Received. 1 car fresh water ground meal. 1 car jno. 1 limothv bay. 1 car Flour, fancy patent, and half patent. Get our prioes before you bav. Durham Brokerage & Commission Co. m61t. See our pretty line of belts. John ston Furnishing Co. , 9 ct lawns. See them and get them at A. Max's. Two persons were killed and col- forty-five injured in a railroad lision near Rock wood, Pa. Don't Let Them Suffer. Cften cbi'dren are tortured with itching and burring eczema and other ekm diseases but Bucklen's Arnica Salve heals the raw sores. expels inflammation, leaves the skin without a scar. Cloan, fragrant, cheap; there's no salve on earth as Kood.- Try it. lure guaranteed. Only 25c at II. Blncknall & Son's. ; ' , ' .,,4 . Boys' summer underwear at John - ton Furnishing Co. HIM R0XB0R0 DEPUTY PARRISH BRINGS HIS MAN HERE TODAY. Negro by the Name of Satter fijld Broke Into Carver's Store at Rougemont John Oscar Sattertield, colored waa brought to Durham today by ueputy Mieritt E li. farrisb., of Rougemont, and locked up iu jiil to await the action of the grand jury at next week s term of Durham Superior Court. from wuat can he learned, it 1 . seems that Sattertield broke into II. L. Carver's store at Rougemont, last Thursday, aud stole several things. "Deputy Pamsb eave chase and ran his man to Roxboro. The orti cer went another road in order to head Satter field off, and waited at a blacksmith shop on the outskirts of Roiboro. When the negro came up he promptly arrested him. The above is the in formation that reaches us. It is said that as soou as the Dur ham county authorities get through with Sattertield, he will doubtless be carried to Virginia to answer to the charge of breaking into a store at Virgilina. When brought here today he had on a pair of pants that were thought to have been stolen there. When searched he-bad a lot of cartridges and was munching' away on some bananas when carried to jail. " . Highly Valuable. President Henry Louis Smith, of Davidson College, says under date of April 2ih: "Prof. Wm. li Patty, the Liquid Air lecturer, de lighted a large audience in Shearer Ilall this morning. He is a clear and entertaining speaker, and a fkillful experimenter. The enter tainment was a perfect success and highly valuable from the standpoint of instruction as well as entertain ment." At the Durham Opera House to morrow night, for benefit of Watts Hospital. ' Married Monday Night. A marriage took place on Hunt street 'Monday night about 8:30 o'clock, in which -Mr. Ed. Sykee and Miss Annie J. Crabtree were the contracting parties. The cere mony was impressively performed by 'Squire J. E Owens. A number of friends vere present" to witness the marriage and extend congratula tions and best wishes. Mr. and Mrs. Sykes have very many acquaintances who wish for them a long and happy wedded life. The Normal Commencement. Very handsome invitations haVe been sent out by the State Normal and Industrial College, at Greens- (J w - boro, as follows: ' The North Carolina State Nor mal and Industrial College invite you to be present at its Decennial Commencement, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, May 25, 26, 27, 1902." Attention, Sir Knights. You are hereby notified to attend a regular conclave of Durham Com- mandery tonight. You will be dis missed in time to attend the Or phans' concert. By order of E. C. James Soutbgate. W. A. Slater, Capt&n General. ' To arrive tomorrow, one car of salt, mixed. FF, table, ice cream 220 sacks, Liverpool 80's and 210'e in cotton or burlaps, tiet our prices on salt. Durham Brokerage & Commission Co. Mrs. T. G. Cozart left this morn-, ing for Rocky Mount. Rev. Alex ander Walker, her father, also left for the eastern part of the State. North Carolina cut hearings at A. Max's for lOcts per dozen. Nothing more has developed which would aid io solving the very deep Childers mystery, which has been so sensational in and about Lenoir since Wednesday niaht of last week.. Try the new remedy for costive- ness, Uaamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets. Every box guaran teed . Price, 25 cents. For sale by W. M. Yearby. - something new rn the shirt waist line at Johnston Furnishing Co. See A. Max's 9 ct lawns. You can get a dress cheap. 1 GAME AT CHARLOTTE. Uurhams I earn Went Djvn I Defeat. The Durham baseball team opened the season at Latta Park, in Char lotte, Monday afternoon, with th . r 1 . m. team w mai city. 1 ce game was 12 to 2 in Charlotte's favor. Batteries Durham, Brueker.Sul livan and Curran and Tucker. Char lotte, Persons and Lehman. Summary Earned rues, Durham 1, Charlotte 6. Two bae bits, O teen, Armstrong 2. Three base hits, Stocksdale and Cooper. Home run, Usteen. Struck out, by Per sons 4, by Brucker 1, by Sullivan Left on bases, Durham 3, Char lotte 9. Bases on balls, otf Person? 0, off Brucker -off Sulliv.in 1 Hit by pitched ball, Ashenbaok stolen bases, Turner, Soffel, B?ou ihers and Ashenback. Time of game, 2 hours. Umpire. Mr. Prou I. TL - . . . I ... 1 ue auenaance at tne game was ahout nine hundred. Cnarlotte scored in every inning except the sum ana eisrnth. Durham's . two runs were made by Soffel and Dei ters. While the Durham team wa over whelmingly defeated at the very be ginning of the League season, ever thing may soon be going their way Straw hats from 10 cts up. at A. Jiixs. liet one now before are picked over. they General J. S. Carr came in thi morning from a trip up the South ern road. , Wanted a Cook. Any color, nationality or shaoe House furnished. AppIv at thii. ffioe. - ml-tf. Executors' Notice. Havlns Qualified as Fvppntnr nf th.i..i will and testament of Isabella Graham Webb, deceased, all persons holdlnR claims against her estate are hereby notified to, pre sent the same Ito me on or before May 6th. imia, ur nuia uuHCT mm oe pieaaea in bar 01 their recovery. AU persons lndnbtpd t.n unii estate will please make payment to me. THOMAS U. WEBB, This May 6th, 1903. . Executor. APPETIZING Nothing more so than a nice Din ner or Tea Set in China or Import ed English Porcelain. We have in stock the French, German, Japa nese, English and American goods to select from. Also have . a spe cial lot ol English Plates, Cups and Saccers, and bowls, we are selling at 10 cents each. Nice handled Cups and Saucers at all times, at 40 cents per set, at J. 'CI s Next door to Postoffice. 'Phone 412. - ESTABLISHED PIANOS RENOWNED FOR TONE & DURABILITY Over 1 17,000 Now in Use.' FRANKLIN PIANOS. HARVARD PIANOS. Sold for cash or easy payments. W. R. Murray, Main Street, DcrHhm, N. C. Greatest of Care Should Be Exercised With The Eyes. Maiiy cases bavecome to my uotlce where people have been duped by meu here today and sumo where else tomorrow, which fant leads me to advise all persons needing atten tion Riven to their eyes to submit their cases to the resident Eye Specialist, who Is known to all and who Is here all the time to look after all bis cases. Very Respectfully, DR.-SAUX RAPPORT. Office In Hummerfleld Building. ' a?5-tf HENRY mm 0 jBfrf W. L, WALL, DRAI.IR'IN. WOOD AND COAL, Can supply wood In any quantities. Cut wood a specialty. Interitttt Puon 114. on-7tt Was!) Taffeta Pubbotis For the Neck and Waist. 13 cents the yard is our special low price for pure Silk Wash Taffeta Ribbon, full three and three-quarter inch es wide. Two thousand yards, embracing all colors and white and The 13 cent Ribbon Sensation. ELLIS, STONE & CO. -CLOSING OUT" VT THE Closing out at our -old corner stand. Our entire stock will be sold at retail 'or in a lump. A great opportuni ty to make monoy without Do not be too late. Get your part while they go at hblf prices. The greatest values ever offered ia Durham. . ...COME DOWN.... LAM BE Me LYON, One Price Clothiers and Furnishers. -SHOE SPECIALS.- o better bring our Spring stock of ham ladies and gentlemen interested we mention three Ladies' Patent Ideal Kid Lace Shoe for thi week, $2 50. f The Nobbiest Patfnt Call and Patent Kid I I Oxfords to be seen this season. m O BUflCMOflTO'- coiyipfiiiY. o -THE BEATEN BISCUIT originated in' the old Southern families', in ante-bellum days, when hos pitality and good cheer were the signs of good breeding. But the mak ing of thi favorite bread formerly involved both time and labor and of late years was in danger of becoming a lost art. ......THE ACME BISCUIT BEATER however, makes this process an easy ers wno iry u pronounce u 10 De of the day. TAYLOR "THE flPPjUEL OFT . PfiOCLWS THE ITO." To be well dressed is a proper desire for both man and woman. We know that proper Apparel. We make have everything in Keady-1 o-Wear Clothing, Under wear, Shirts, Straw Hats, Neckwear, &c, necessary.to make men properly clothed for Spring. Come in and let us make you look 'new. It is useless for us to comment on the fact that our customers i. . ,i 1, are nui une, cume anu join tne procession, vve Will ao you good. "Sale Agents For Knox Hats." Wr A. SLATER COMPANY, CLOTHIERS AND FURNISHERS. 4 ARTISTIC SIGNSD GOLD AND COLO RS. AT HALF PRICE. C. P. Howertori & Son. man 9 tf black. CORNER.rr work. They are going fast. Swell Shoes to the attention of Dur in the higher grades of Footwear leaders this week: !! Lidies' Patent Ideal Kid Ox fords for thi week, $2 5c. i and quick one and all honse-keep- one 01 tne most usetul inventions . For sale by 6c PHIPPS. at our store men can set the' special eftort to please, and are always pleased. If you r i 1

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