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The Man Must be finicky, indeed, who can't find here Shirts, Net kwear, Hose.Underwear, Suspenders, Belts, Hats, &c , to suit the most reliable goods The most up -to date styhs and the smallest prices are the bait used for -ty-Catching hJ" The dollars of the wise ones. These are interes' ing items. Johnston Furnishing Co. 'Piione 440, Durham, N. C. S. C. ANDERSON CO HAS JUST RECEIVED . 500 ROLLS 500 CRYSTAL --6REPE PAPER-- ASSORTED COLORS. The Occasion Is the Presentation of Crosses of Honor to the Veteran.9. The following will be the order of exercises upon the occasion of the presentation of crosses of nonor to tbe Confederate Veterans on Friday afternoon by the Julian S. Carr Chapter of tbe Daughters of the Confederacy: Tbe Confederate Veterans as semble at the court house and at 4 o'clock march to Hotel Carrolina to escort the speaker, Hon. Dan Hugh McLean to the Opera muse. The Daughters of the Confeder acy assemble at 4 0 clock in the di rectors' room of te rirst rational Bank. .At 4:15 the Conftderate Vetef- ans will move from the Carrolina to tbe corner of Miin and Corcoran streets, where tbe Julian S. Carr Chapter of Daughters of tbe Con federacy will form immediately be- hir.d them and then the'coluran will proceed to tbe Opvra House. The orator, Hon. D. H McLean, Gen eral Julian S. Carr.Miyor MoCown and J. S Manning ill bring up the rear. Arriving at the Opera House the veterans will halt and stand uncov ered, and in open order, until the Daughters of tbe Confederacy pass into the Opera House. Immediately after tbe Daughters bave passed through the open col umn, the veterans will close up and march into the hall, where the seats in the middle aisle will be reserved for their accommodation. All veterans .who can are earnest ly requested to appear in. uniform. The Durham military companies will form on Manga ra street and march to the Opera House, follow ing immediately in the rear of the veterans. Seats in the hall will be reserved for the Board of Aldermen and the clergy. Tbe nublio is cordially invited to witness tuene interesting exercises Very respectfully, Julian S. Caer, Master of Ceremonies. Cant. J. F. Frecland will be re- sppcted and obeyed as Commander in Chief. Jas II. Blacknall, Adjutan program of exercises. At 4:30 p. m , presentation of crosses of honor to the Confederate Veterans of Durham county. Song, "Bonnie Blue Flag." v Prayer by Professor W. H. Pe gram. Song by quartette, "tenting 10 iht." Introduction of orator by General uhan S. Carr. Oration by Hon. Dan Hugh Mc Lean. Solo, "Dont Let the Veteran Suf fer." . Origin and Meaning of Cross of Ionor James Smith Manning. Presentation of Crosses of Honor by the Daughters of the Confeder acy (pinned on the Veterans by the grand-daughters.) bong, 1 am Gwine Back to Dixie." Response on the part of the Veter ans, by Thomas M. Stephens, for merly of Company d, 45tn IN. J. Regiment. Song," Dixie." Benediction. The ushers will be Messrs. Al- phonsus Cobb, R. T. Fauoette, Jr., L. B. Markbam, Will Corbett, Arthur Lyon, Will Freeland, Thos. B. Christian, C. B. At water, Vas sar Campbell. The officers of tbe Julian S. Carr Chapter are Mrs. Leo D. Heartt, president; Mrs. J. M. Manning, nrst vice-president; Mrs. J. F. Wily, second vice president; Mrs. M. II. Jones, corresponding secretary and treasurer; Mrs. 1. M. Gorman, re cording secretary; Mrs J. A. Robin son, historian; Mrs. M. B. Wyatt, MR. BURROUGHS RESIGNS The Resignation Tendered to the Board Today. W. H. Burroughs, superintend ent of tbe county home and work honse, tendered his resignation to the Board of County Commissioners today. At this writing the resigna tion bad not been acted upon, we earn, but will doubtless be accept ed. Several weeks ago it was rumored that Supt. Burroughs was likely to sign, so that tue newa that tbe resignation has been tendered does not come as a surprise to many peo- le. Just who will be Mr.. Burroughs' successor is not known yet, or when he will assume charge. The Commissioners will likely visit the county home this week and see that everything is in good shape for turning over the management of affairs. IT WILL GO FOR 10 CENTS PER ROLL SEE OUR WINDOW. augH-tf DUIB OF II. GURU PASSED AWAY AT THE WATTS HOSPITAL. Funeral Services Thursday After- rioon at 4 O'clock at St. Phil ip's Church. U Sustained by the Good Spirit, the Holy Ghost, the Comforter, whose guidance he loved in this early life having made tbe Lord his guide nnto death, the soul of T bourn Burcham returned this morning at o'clock to the God who gave it. Deceased passed away at the Watts Hospital, and was 22 years of are. He was employed in the- hixt Durham cotton mills and worked 1 11- up to noon aionaay. his uncase was so rapid tbat only rrclnmuary remedies could be employed, look ingto a Burgical operation, which high temperature and exhaustion from fever would not admit of. He retained his consciousness to the last moment and gave every as surance of his trust iin Christ. He realized tbat His grace was snth'cient for bim in death, and so will it be in the Day of Judgment. In conctr: with bis Rector, S. 0. Boat, he repeated the 23rd Psalm, and the Apostle's Creed so far ai "He ascended into Heaven," when his strength failed, and peacefully he closed his eyes in death. A devoted widowed mother, a brother and two sisters survive him. Their hearts are oppressed with grief, hut comforted by the blessed assurance tbat Thomas' Christian life gives them, they feel that "It is well" with bim. We live in a world of (shadows and can only see the effects of God's wisdom not the wisdom itself; yet, these shadows are blessed, if to the eye of faith they portray the outlines of the wonders of the unseen world; and these shadows have even a solace in them, if they but lead us to a firm trust in tbe goodness and providence of God; and in love He so adapts the effects of His wisdom to our shadows tbat tbey even give us delight by making the walk of faith bo peaceful to us that we are enabled to find pleasure in tracing the operation of that Saviour, "whom having not Been we love; in whom, though now we see him not, yet believing, we rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory." In their deep affliction and sore bereavement, we can do no better than to commend tbem to tbe same God the son and brother loved and served so well that in his dying breath be could confidently declare, "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want." The funeral services will be con ducted by Rev. S. S. Boat, from St. Philip's church, at 4 o'clock to morrow afternoon, wbicb according to the Church Calendar is Ascen sion Day, the day "He ascended into Heaven." J b huntkr. Iasl) Taffeta 5ibboi)s For the Neck and Waist. 13 cents the yard is our special low price for pure Silk Wash Taffeta Ribbon, full three and three-quarter inch es wide. Two thousand yards, embracing all colors and white " and black. r The 13 cent Ribbon Sensation. CHARMED DURHAMITES. The Oxford Orphans Greeted With 4 Packed House. The concert Tuesday night, in the Opera House, by the chapter of orphans from the Oxford Orphan age, was one of the most enthusias tic events of tbe season. Our peo ple turned out en masse and filled tbe building to its utmost capacity. We do not know that these father- ess and motherless ones ever visit ed Durham and had a greater recep tion or more interest manifested in their cause. The conceit was par excellence. Tbe best this season ever gotten up by the managers of the institution, and it is an entertainment that ap peals to all classes, as well as giv ing the highest satisfaction in its renditions. . It -would be invidious to partioularize, in our space, on the programme, as e-cb child did splen didly, and great credit ia due them, as well as the trainer of the class and the management. We com mend this clans of orphans to the entire State. They are worthy of packed houses wherever they go not only for the cause tbey repre sent, but also for the excellency of their performance and the high character of their entertainments The gross receipts of the evening amounted to $192 00. A good showing for Duiham. DURHAM WON THE GAME. Charlotte Downed in Fine Style Tuesday. The Charlotte team was downed in fine style Tuesday afternoon by the Durham team. Everything was Charlotte's way until the sixth in ning, when Durham made six runs and secured a lead that could not be overcome. Tbe soore at the end stood 6 to 4. Morris, who was in the box for Durham, pitched a good, steady game and held Charlotte down to six hits. Bishop, Charlotte's twirler, was batted quite freely. The batteries were: Durham, Morris and Curran; Charlotte, Bishop and Lehman. Nothing more so than a nice Din- 11 1 1 T.1 . . I . .1 IO TKa UAman'a MiaalAnorv MAiiaitf I r m-; v.,,u m t 1K0 ea nnensn rorceiain. weuavcu residence of Mrs. J. W. Allen, yes- stock the French, German, japa terday afternoon, and it was a most nese, English and American goods delightful gathering. to select from. Also have a spe cial lot of English Plates, Cnps and Saccers, and bowls, we are selling at 10 cents each. Nice handled ELLIS, STONE & CO. -CLOSING OUT- 3T TilE CORNER. Closing out at our old corner stand. Our entire stock will be sold at retail or in a lump. A great opportuni ty to make money without work. They are going fast. Do not be too late. Get your part while they go at half prices. The greatest values ever offered in Durham. ....COME'DOWN.... LAM BE and LYON, One Price, Clothiers and Furnishers. -SHOE SPECIALS." To better bring our Spring stock of Swell Shoes to the attention of Dur ham ladies and gentlemen interested in the higher grades of Footwear we mention three leaders this week i Japanese students of Trinity College the gentlemen honorary members were present and regaled tbe society with interesting talks. After the transaction of business, Mr. Allen, the president, invited the society into the dining room and served- delightful refreshments the delicacies of tbe season, it waB a I most eoiovable meeting for the members. registrar. Don't Let Them Suffer. Cfton chi'dren are tortured with itching and burring eczema and other ekin diseases but Bucklen's Arnica Salve heals "the raw sores. expo'.s inflammation, leaves the skin without a . scar. Ulean, fragrant. cheap; there's no salvo on earth good. Try it. Cure guaranteed Onlv 25n at It. Blacknall & Son's - ' -4 ' See A. Max's 9 ct lawns can get a dress cheap. You APPETIZING THE BEATEN BISCUIT- originated in the old Southern families, in ante-bellum days,, when hos- pitality and good cneer were tne signs 01 goou ureeumg. cui mc mak ing of thU favorite bread formerly iuvolved botn time and labor and ot . . : 3 -f 1 S 1 t i late years was in danger ui utxunuug a. iusi an. .THE ACME BISCUIT BEATER however, makes this process an easy and quick one and all horse-keep ers who try it pronounce it to be one oi the most useiul inventions of the day. For sale by TfYLOR 6c PHIPPS. Prof. J. F. Bivins, and three 10 Cups and Saucers at all times, at 40 cents per set, at j, henry mm Next door to Postoffice. 'Phone 412. II L rare Air that Ioo.ks and flows like water, yet is 312 degrees Deiow zero, and the greatest marvel of the age, will be "on tap" tonight at the Opera House. i " Prettiest line of summer under wear in the city. Johnston furnish ing Co. North Carolina cut hearings at A. Max's for JOcts per dozen. - - Try the new remedy for costive- ness. -unamoeriain's ecomacn ana Liver Tablets; Every box guaran teed. Price, 23 centa. For sale by W. M. Yearby. Something new in the shirt waist line at Johnston Furnishing Co. Straw hats from 10 cts up, at A. W. R. Murray, vi a v ' a -ar nnn nnur iipi nrn 1 iifv 1 Li-a niftkpd over. Main Street, Durham, N, C. 1 Established lavm PIAUOS 'renowned for TONE & DURABILITY Over 117.000 Now nl Use. FRANKLIN PIANOS HARVARD PIANOS Sold for cash or easy payments Indies' Patent Ideal Kid Lace Shoe for thU week, $2 50. !J Itdies' Patent Ideal Kid Ox- m fords for this week, $2 5c. i The Nobbiest Pat nt Call and Patent Kid J Oxfords to be seen this season. O BURCMOOTri COMPPY. O "THE flPWEL 0FT " PROCLWSTHE W To be well dressed is a proper desire for both man and woman. We know that at our store men can get the proper Apparel. We make special effort to please, and have everything in Ready-To-Wear Clothing, Under wear, Shirts, Straw Hats, JNeckwear, &c, necessary to make men properly clothed for Spring. Come in and let us make you look new. It is useless for us to comment on the fact that our customers are always pleased. If you are not one, come and join the procession. We will do you good. "Sale Agents For Knox Hats." W; A. SLATER COMPANY, CLOTHIERS AND FURNISHERS. ARTISTIC SIGNS)X GOLD AND GOLOES. AT HALF PRICE. C. P. Howerton & Son. mat 10 tf

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