E TABL13HED, 881 DDE3AM, 0, THUESDAr, MAY 8, 192 SMUfcH Sata Srcits. ON THREE WARRANTS. CHARLOTTE WINS AGAIN. Ladies Only. Robert Belch Was Charged Larceny. Robert Belch, a white man, was before the mayor this morning on the charge of larceny id tnree cases, irark, in and was bound over to court onder (afternoon We want you to try our Talcum Powder. 15 cents buys the reg ular size ; 25 cents buys the 50 cents size. a bond of $50 in each case. The defendant pleaded guilty in all of them. Belch secured board at the, board ing house of Mrs. Geflrge Jones, on Rigsbee Avenue, Wednesday morn- He visited the rooms of some With Durham Goes to Raleigh to Play Three Games. Charlotte, 17; Durham, 5. That was the sequel of the game at Latta Charlotte, Wednesday The game was called in ns- None Better at any Price. AT the seventh inniag on account of darkness. Batteries: Durham, Sullivan, Mur phy and Currao; Charlotte, Persons and Lehman. Summary: Earned runs, Durham 1, Charlotte 8. Two base hits, of the other boarders and proceeded Ashenback, Osteen, Cooper, Arm to appropriate their prop rty to his strong, Lehman and Stocksdale. own use. He obtain. d a watch and Three base hits, Weaver, Curran chain and a nice pair of sl oes f on and Murphy. Home runs, Osteen Joe Leathers; shirt, Borne collars, and Armstrong. Sacrifice Lit, etc., from J. O Carroll; a razor Cooper. Bases on balls, off Sulli from F. C. Klass. van 2, off Murphy 5, off Persons 1. There are so many thieves and Struck out, by Sullivan, 1, by Mur- robbers about that it is best to wat:h pl;y 4, by Pernous 4-. Wild pitches, and guard against strangers and Murphy 2. Left on bases, Durham those who you know nothing about. 3, Charlotte 7. Stolen b3ees, Soffel, APPRECIATED GIFT. Duke's Generosity to the Public Schools of Durham County. A few days ago mention was made of the fact tbat Mr. 13. N. Duke has given every school in Dar yal y jf ham county acopy of U. U. Mangum s &fJ5d&'P& & Historical Compendium and County fJrrrTfTKprrrrr:-! -Sf uazeueer oi norm wruun. kr The following letter of thanks and appreciation was sent to Mr. Daks by Prof. C. W. Massey, Superintendent of Schools in this county: . B. N. Duka, Durham, N C. Dear Sir: I hand you1 herewith a copy of a resolution of thanks unanimously adopted by the Teach ers' Assembly of Durham county, in token of their appreciation of their appreciation of your liberal donation of 108 copies of Mangum's "Historical Compendium and Coun- azetteer of North Carolina, se in the public schools of the county. In rov opinion vou could not Cooper and Asheaback. Double play, Osteen and Ashenback. Time of game, 1 hour and 50 minutes, tfmpire, Mr. Proud. Scorer, Mau lins Orr. From Charlotte the Durham team went to Raleigh to play three games, beginning today. i - s pnnnti r New Storc9--New Firms. The Hopkins building, on Church street, has been completed aud it is a handsome ornament to llfat part of the city. The two store rooms were occu pied just as soon as they were fin ished. In the one nearest Trinity church is T. S. Christian & Sou, who have opened a nice grocery and general merchandise store. Their stock is new, fresh and up-to-date. They have already started with a good trade and are doing a nice business. The right-hand store is occupied by Sim F. Bullock. He has a fresh stock of family groceries and a bright and attractive store. Every tL, thing new and his trade is increas- ing uauy. 11 is au auwve uiuu&, and the Sun wishes the gentlemen have selected a publication Hp .iidh hi Mi ihptv ! J . , . . . , great success in their new undertak- comprehensive and convenient work a'1" Bwwa WhenVOU choose a Hat VOU Ln NnrtK Carolina, historv. It ln69 should be in every school in the State. With high regard, I am, Yours etc , C. VV. Massky, Supt. Pub. Inst. Durham Co. want pretty ones to choose from. Its a great advantage and we give it to you because we have a large stock, and consists of the latest and best to be had. Our goods were purchased with a view to suit ing all styles of ladies. You aplO-tf Scored Secret Orders. Rev. A. B. Crumpler, the evange list, who has recently been conduct- will find no difficulty in find- hng a series of meetings at the Gos pel Tabernacle, in Durban), preacn ed a sermon in Goldsboro Tuesday night that sprung a Bensation. Ac cording to a correspondent of the Raleigh Post, he paid bis respects "' : ""f 7 7 . 1 . - , .y , lllj of the Department of Chemistry o LO HeUICIl llillCI UllilCB. iuu uiliuuuvra I . , . .. . ... I i i: - r- . . : ,i i toil, tne unLveiSiiv or norm Carolina, m v w vav r r& lr in oAupro rprma prtip '.ia i v i.iih HjI km i . and Red Men, and said they either Of our line of fixings for came from monkeys, or were mon Men's wear reveals the most keys, or bad or would have the attractive assortment of mas- monkeys. If true, isn't this nice irg jest what you want MRS.L.PERKINSON. Draws Out of It. It is said tbat General Julian S Carr sometime ago became interested in financing an immense stock com panv to manufacture and introduce a new explosive, which was the in vention of a- Michigan man, and bade fair to revolutionize the science of warfare and calamity generally. General Carr, with his usual saga city, made a thorough investigation of the chemical ingredients and combinations of the new wonder. For this purpose he took with him on his recent trip North, Prof. Gore, f TRULY WONDERFUL. Liquid Air Experiments Amazed the Audience. The large audience present at the Durham Opera House Thursday night enjoyed a rare treat when Prof. S. B. Patty, of Chicago, de livered his lecture on Liqiid Air, demonstrating his statements with many Btartling experiments perform ed through its agency. From the time the lecture began with an ex planation of the historical side of the subject until the present day potency of Liquid Air had been clearly demonstrated, the audience was amazed and speltboun l. It is certainly wonderful and ioleusely interesting. Numerous experiments ami de monstrations were made by t rot. Patty among them being the fol lowing: Freezing of ro.jesand break ing of the petals like brittle glass; freeing of a rusher ball and break ing it into many fragments; the same with a piece of beef steak, a piece of excelsior and a handker chief. A stew of onions, potatoes and cranberries was frozen; a ham mer was made of mercury; alcohol was frozen into an icicle; a tea kettle boiled at a rapid rate on a c ike of ice; and tne name ot a candle was frozen. Felt, cotton, etc , were consumed almost in a Hash; steel pens were heated red hot and fused together, while just below them at the same time berries were frozeu bard. " Drs J M. Manning, N. P. Bod- die and J. M. OTielly went upon the stage and were Bbown the uses of Liquid Air in cases of amputa tion, etc. The Sun cordially recommends Prof. Patty and his high class lec ture and interesting experiments to the people of the cities throughout the entire country. - Sewell-Renn Nuptials. At the residence of the bride's mother, on Ramseur street, Wed nesday evening at 9 o clock, Miss Cora Renn became the bride of Mr, Geo. L. Sewell. Rev. W. C. Nor man was the officiating minister. A number ot intimate triends were present. Mr. and Mrs. Sewell have a large circle of acquaintances, ami every one of them wishes the couple length of years and all the blessings Heaven can bestow upon loving hearts. 'MSI) laiieia w For the Neck and Waist. 4 4 13 cents the yard is our special low price for pure bilk Wash Taffeta Ribbon, full three and three-quarter inch- es wide. Two thousand yards, embracing all colors and white and black. The 13 cent Ribbon Sensation. ELLIS, STONE & CO. -CLOSING OUT AT THE CORNER. Closing out at our old corner stand. Our entire stock will be sold at retail or in a lump. A great opportuni ty to make money without work. They are going fast. Do not be too late. Get your part while they go at half prices. The greatest values ever offered in Durham. COME DOWN.... LAMBE and LYON. One Price Clothiers and Furnishers. -SHOE SPECIALS.-- To better bring our Spring stock of Swell Shoes to the attentionof Dm ham ladies and gentlemen interested in the higher grades of Footwear we mention three leaders this week: Lidies' Patent Ideal Kid Lace ? J Ladies' Patent Ideal Kid Ox- J Shoe for thi3 week, $2 50. 14 fords for this- week, $2 5c. ft f i culine things. talk? The result of the chemist's analysis was unfavorable to the practical value of the new discovery, and it is said that General Carr immedi ately announced his retirement from the enterprise. This is an age of specialties. In- tead of doing many things, a man oes only one and calls himself a pecialist. I be women, poor things, till have to do lots of things from sewing to baking. They can save a ot of trouble aud worry by patron izing A. Max's grocery department. le has a large line of goods ready or the table. Prettiest line of summer under wear in the city. Johnston Furnish- ng Co. The Man Must be finicky, indeed, who can't find nere Shirts, Netkwear, Hose.Underwear, Suspenders, Belts, Hats, &c , to suit the most reliable goods Th most 110-to-date styles and the smallest prices are the bait used for vi ted to participate with the com pany in tne Daroecue. -ty Catching - Barbecue Friday Night. Company Dl of this city, will give a barbecue at Huckleberry Springs on Friday night. Supper will be served at 8:30 o clock. All members of the company are urged to meet at the armory at 7 o'clock. AU commissioned onicers are in- TJie dollars of the wise ones. These are interesting items. Johnston Furnishing Co. 'Pbone 440, Durham, N, C. S. C. ANDERSON CO. HAs'jUST RECEIVED 500 ROLLS 500 $ GRYSTflL --GR&P& PAPER." ASSORTED COLORS: Did Not Catch Him. The bloodhounds of T. M. Hudg ins' were carried over to Person county this week to trail an escaped convict. For several hours they followed the track, but did not suc ceed in catching him. It is said that the last seen of the negro he was beaded toward Durham, and at Helena bought a box of sardines. Goes to Goldsboro. George Rowland, son of W. II. Rowland, left this morning for Goldsboro, where he goes to accept a position in Robinson's drug store. Mr. Rowland, was granted license a Progressive Heart Party. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Erwin, West Durham, entertained quite a number of youug people last even ing, with a progressive heart party, complimentary to Misses Margaret and'Florence Holt, of Burlington, and Miss Root, of Raleigh, who are on a visit to the family of Mr. Er win. The first prize was won by Miss Mabel Tomlinson and the sec ond by Staples Fuller. An elegant and unique luncheon was served The evening was a most delightful one to the young people Among the out of town guests present were Miss ftlizabetn JNasb and Miss Mary Howard, of Tarboro, and Miss Sarah Cheshire, of Kal eigh. Particular About the Kind. Sometime ago a negro a'pproached a pastor of one of the colored mp tist churches in the city and told him that be would like to join the church. But he did not like the idea of 'being immersed, and he wanted to know if he could not join 'r.i"?L,g,?r .Sl" ,?"d.i without having lobe pt under the Pharmacy. He has very many friends who wish for him much sue cess. JjT WILL GO FOR 10 CENTS PER ROLL. SEE OUR WINDOW. tvugU-tf Don't Let Them Suffer. v ( ften chi'dren are tortured with itching and burring eczema and othtr ekm .diseases but Bucklen's Arnica Salve heals the raw eores, expe'.s inflammation, leaves the skin without a scar. Clean, fragrant, cheap; there's no salve on earth as good. Try it. Cure guaranteed. Only 25c at R. Blacknall & Son's 4 See our pretty line of belts. John- water. "No." snorted tne coiorea divine, contemptuously, "we don' want no highland tarrapins in our (j a church." Try the new remedy for costive ne8e. Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets. Every box guarn teed. Price, 2 5 cents. For sale by W. M. Yearby. A No. 1, Syrup Peaches, at 1 50. Just received by Durham Brokerage & Commission Co. Something: new in the tbirt waist O BURCH-GOPP COiOTNY. O APPETIZING Nothing more so than a nice Din ner or Tea Set in China or Import ed English Porcelain. We hive in stock the French, German, Japa nese, English and American goods to select irom. Also have a spj cial lot ot English Plates, Cupsrahd Saceers, and bowls, we are selling at 10 cents each. Nice" handled Cups and Saucers at all times, at 40 cents per set, at J. HENRY SMITE'S Next door to Postoffice. 'Phone 412. zzTHE BEATEN BISCUIT- originated in the old Southern families, in ante-bellum days, when hos- ... m m .1 t r 1 1 .... 1 T-. 1 pitahty and good cneer were tne signs 01 gooa Dreeaing. rsui me mak ing of thii favorite. bread formerly involved both time and labor and of late years was in danger ot becoming a lost art. .THE ACME BISCUIT BEATER t i .iift...i however, mates this process an easy ana quicK one ana an noDse Keep ers who try it pronounce it to be one ot the most useful inventions of the day. For sale by TfYLOR 6c PHIPPS. l ESTABLISHED iBavT1 PgiUiOS DENmwNrn for TONE & DURABILITY Over 117,000 Use. Now in FRANKLIN PIANOS HARVARD PIANOS Sold for cash or easy payments. W. R.Murray, f The Nobbiest Patent Call and Patent Kid Oxfords to be seen this season. I f "THE (IPPfflEL OFT PEHUOTS THE W To be well dressed is a proper desire for both man and woman. We know that at our store men can get the proper Apparel. We make special effort to please, and have everythicg in Ready-To-Wear Clothing, Under wear, Shirts, Straw Hats, fseckwear, &c, necessary to make men rroperly clothed for Spring. Come in and let ns make you look new. It is useless for us to comment on the fact that our customers are always pleased. If you are not one, come and join the procession. We will do you good. "Sale Agents For Knox Hats." W. A. SLATER COMPANY, CLOTHIERS AND FURNISHERS. f ARTISTIC SIGNSf) GOLD AND COLOES. AT HALF PRICE. r rv f t 0 P L. r. nowei urn oc oun. stem Furnishing Co. I line at Job as ton Furnishing Co, Main Street, Durham, N. C. mar 19 tf

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