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    U 51 Vol. 4. T;irlM,r,)', i'MccomlM t'nmify, (X. C Saturday, Dc- i'22, 185a.
. M-m- v-r A v J. 1 V "W V
S3 SOtj?HBSHBaf!" -
Geo. Howard, Editor & Proprietor.
V ra' it'(hi'1 tlco innj $2 oo
Oiki-iciw, - - 2 50
MANY : years experience in stock
feeding has convinced farmers that all
; grain ought to bo ground before feed-
One square first insert ion , 1 00
....... 7. i n.,i''in y t "yi 7. O v
" J . ' n ! mg, but the .difficulty of getting a
Crh, , - - 0 uu j cheap and efficient machine that would
fmirt Oi'ifcra and 'Judicial advertise- t1 .
v""" 1 answer t ho nnrnnio Ima hi-owuiituil
ny persons. from commencing.
The subscriber in recommending
Leninlfs Portable Improved
ryy advertisements by contract.
N 14 W
Fall and Winter
Itorsi and Cl R2ilJ, i
For grinding fine meal for family ufe,
crushing corn and cob together for
stock, and shelling corn, and other pur
poses, does so in a full belief tint it will
answer the purpose for which it is in
tended. It has now been in use several
ARE now receiving and opening at ' ira 111 1110 ?taie 01 . v irgmia over
i are now in use in irmuia anu
Wt ildvil & S3 art,
tlioir New Store, one of the best select
ed Stock of God.s ever brought to this
section of the country, consisting in
pnrt of Foreign and Domestic
Fancy and Staple Dry Goods.
Ladies Dress Goods Cloaks, Talmas,
and Mantillas French and Scotch
Cloths, Cassimcrcs, Sal I i net Is,
Tweeds, Kentucky Jeaus, Ivors- y,
Vesting, &c.
Beady made. Clothing,
Xcrn Goods, Blankets, Linscys, Boots
and Shoes. Hats, Caps, Hardware,
Cutlery, China, Glass and
Crockery Ware,
Groceries, $?c 8?c.
In fact, every thing usually found in
a first class Country Store all of
which have been selected with especial
reference to the wants of this section of
the country, and will be sold
J&Quick sales and small profits.
IVettdcll &l Hint.
Tarhoro', 15th Sept. 1855.
'55, Ai;Sui2S3 '!.
IMPORTERS and Wholesale Dealers
in Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods,
No SS or DO Sycamore Street,
WE arc now prepared to exhibit to
the Merchants of Virginia and North
Carolina, a large and commanding stock
Having purchased largely of Heavy
Woollens early in June, we'ean offer
goods at such prices as cannot fail to
command attention
One of cur firm will remain in New
York during the season, in attendance
at the
Auction Sales,
and foi warding anything, new and nov
el, as it may be received by the weekly
steamers from Europe.
Merchants who are compelled by
competition to buy at
The Lowe fit Market Rales.
'will find our stales and prices such as
will enable them to compete successful
ly with those who purchase in the
Northern markets.
Stevenson & Weddi 11.
North Carolina. Thousands are now
in me in the Southwest and North.
Hundreds' will, on application, testify
to their usefulness on a farm.
All wo ask is to give them a fair tri
al. They are warranted to grind line
corn and cob meal; corn meal, frm
which two-thirds can be sifted for
biad; hominy, coarse or fine; grind
ing of wheat, barley, rye, and is a
good corn sheller. Quantity varying
accortling to power applied.
Having purchased trom the Agent of
the inventor the exclusive right of sell
ing and using these mills in the county
of old Edgecombe, we take pleasure in
recommending them to the firmer.- in
the above county; and from a desire to
have them in general use, we will sell
them at Forty-live Dollars as we re
ceive them, or will put tlieui up by
adding the expense of Ub ;.
O'jli l J Kill 'J.
Tarhoro', N. C , July 5th, 1855.
House, Sign,
" ' ' AND "
The &:ibcribcr
INFORMS the citizens of Edre
combe and adjacent counties, that he is
prepared to execute the above descrip
tion of .
In all the various Branches.
References can be given to persons
for whom I have done work in this vi
cinity, in the above branches, as to
capability and punctuality. Persons
will perhaps do well to call on me be
fore making contracts elsewhere.
Win. A. Bassett.
Tarboro', July 25, 1855.
Geo Howard Jr.
Having located at. flllson, N. C.
WILL regularly attend the Courts of
Pitt, Greene, Wayne and Edgecombe
counties. Office next door to" Gay's
Hotel. June, 1851.
North Carolina Institution
roR the
Deaf and Dumb
And thv III izi d.
THE next session of this Institution
will commence on the first Monday in
September. It is very important that
pupils Siioukl no punctual m their at
tendance at the beginning of the ses
sion. Applications for Admission, &c,
houid be made to
D. Cooke. Principal.
PREPARATORY to a change to be
made in my business on the 1st day of
August next, I have commenced set
tling my Rooks and will thank ray
friends to render what facilities they
can in making settlements, as the ar
range meut must be closed by that time.
I have a very fair
Slock oj Dry Goods, Groceries, fyc.
On hand, which will be sold at a small
advance on COST for cash, or negotia
ble paper. No new account will be
opened W. A. Grimmer.
June 20, 1S55.
To he Musical Public.
THE undersigned respectfully an
nounces to his Edgecombe county
friends, acquaintances, and the Ladies
in particular, that he has opened
On Market street in Wilmington,
IVilmiinrlon N. C.
il min glon, N. C.
A. II. VAXJJpKKELEN, Proprietor.
THE sub scriber having purchased
the entire interest, in the "CLAREX
DON IRONWORKS," elicit or-
Where he will always keep a complete " . v . . ' . . ,
assortment of Musical Merchandise. Stcam KnS'ncs oany pocr -or style,
PIANOS of all sizes and qualities, with . Sii.w M5!,s ?f evcry variety, -rosewood
cases and iron frames, manu-! Mlnin Machinery and Pumps
factured by the oldest house in the " Grist aud Flour Mills, complete,
country, Stodart & Co. N Y. The iXaiuer -Lurlne , otner Wuter-wuoels,
subscriber has sold a number of them
in Edgecombe and the adjoining coun
ties, and they have given general satis
faction. -
In addition to these he selected while
in New York last month, a splendid
stock of Guitars, Violins, Flutes, Ban
jos, Fifes, Clarinetts, Accordeons, and
all the detail articles kept in' a regular
Music store, all imported and warranted.
His catalogue of Music is thebest one
in the State, consisting of the best and
latest compositions of the day, as Songs,
Polkas, Waltzes. All instruments re-
TITE subscribers having purchased j paired at. low rates. Second hand Pia
the Coach Establishment of James Nol-jnos taken in exchange.
t . i.i. -
t i All". M,l.
New Dm? Store.
l9elcrsbnrg'i BVc.
Wills & I'ittman,
(Latclj of the Firm of Wills, Lea j- Browntcy,)
THE subscriber has just opened a
new Diutr S:ore
In Ttirboro9)
And will continue adding to his stock
until he gets it complete. Among the
articles now oilercd will be found
son in TARRORO', have associated
themselves together under the firm of
Paldinountain 8? Stewart,
Vor the purpose of carrying on the
And Repairing business in all He
Bra aches.
We will expeditiously repair all Carria
ges, Envies, il'c, in a workmanlike
and on reasonable
first rate workmen
Blue Mass,
liiack Drop,
WILL jjive their attention to the Iodine,
Lactate of Iron,
' Oxailic
sale and purchase of all articles of
Agricultural Produce,
And purchase for order and sell for ; Asoetic Acul, -ill -irtli-li-J rf JjC1.0!G
j J UJ ltlicll'll Ull v iiiw'r '.
Groceries, 8?c. fyc.
Receive and forward Goods, and act as Teruvian iiark,
General Commission Agents.
135 Rbls, clarified Sugar,
" Porto Rico do.,
For sale by W. II.' Millard.
- Dec. 10.
Female College.
THE next session of this Institution
will commence ou the first Wedn
in August, 1855.
Ample accommodations arc provided
for any number of young ladies.
For information,' Catalo-ue, &c. ad
dress the President of the Faculty. R0v
J- H Hrent. W & G. Andrews.
June 4 tli, 1855.
All Accounts
MADE previous to the 1st, now due,
are made out and ready for settlement. indebted Will Tllfl-I t..i.r.-
'lves the mortification of being dun
ned hy calling forward and settling
tlir bills, as interest will be charged
from the 1st, on all accounts.
Jn'y 4, 1S55. .
Fur gale hy Geo. Uuicard.
-KWtftTA Ail
mivi tr irv n-i:
(Juiu Aloes,
,, Arabic
Oil Anise
lilack Pepper
,, Cinnamon
Clove. s
,, Ergot
,, Lavender
,, Olive
KOS. 1, 2 fc 3,
ARE so prepared as to harmonize and act
in unison witii each other. Taken separate
ly or together, they will instantly stop pain, Extract Dark
speedily remove disease, and quickly cure j t Sabina
its cause. No pain can exist, or disease af- ti Valerian
llict the sysjtein while under their influence. Arrow Hoot
No. 1 Radwaif& Ready Relief is the first Blood ,,
and only remedy ever recorded in the medi- Colchicum
cal history of the world, that has stopped the Columbo ,,
most violent pains in a few seconds!! It will Krameria ,,
stop the most severe pains in five minutes or j Licorice
less, and will cure the most obstinate and j pink
painful Rheumatic, Nervous, Neuralgic and
Bilious complaints in a few hours.
No. 2. Radwaif s Renovating Resolvent, for
the quick cure of all chro'nic and scrofulous
diseases. It is powerful, searching aud
pleasant; it cleanses and purifies the blood
from all scrofulous diseases: it resolves away
from the bones and muscles all diseased de
posits; it electrifies the fluids and solids with
health and strength the patient will expe
rience its powerful, .soothing, beneficial ef
fects in a few hours after taking it. .
: Rddicay's medicated Soap the superior ef
ficacy of this highly medicated compound
over all other cosmetics for "purifying the
skin and curing'; salt rheum,, riug worrn
rash,, tetter, chapt flesh, - and. . imparting to
the complexion tha t roseate tint w Inch na
ture intemled it should wear, is acknowreag
ed to stand beyond the reach of rival Allad-.
way's Soap is purely balsamic iu.its proper
ties, it cleanses, .heals, .purines ami Jiiapartk
beauty to the complexion of all who use it
For sale by Geo. lluward, Tarboro'. ,
Sarsaparilla ,,
Snake ,,
Squills 1 ,
lercurial Oint.
Caiitharides ,,
Turner's Cerate ,,
Husband's Magnesia Seltzer Aperient
Anise Seed
Fennel ,,
Sulph. Copper
Flour Sulphur
Co.v's Hive Syrup
Lft.-cnce Mustard
Bate. n. in's Drops
British Uil
Bay Water
"Wine Lrgot
Burning Fluid
Lamp Wick
Castor Oil
Cream Tartar
Copal Varnish
Jii-.c-k Leather
l'earl sago
Sal Lraius
Yeast powder
Tooth ,,
,, paste
Hair Brushes
, , combs
White Wax ,
Flea bane
; Blue stone
Camel's hair pencils
Red Ink
Seidiitz powders
in our
m ex
pressing the belief that we
to ifive general satisfaction
Carts, and all kinds of fanning imple
ments will be made and repaired.
A portion of public patronage is res
pectfully solicited.
. B. Pt da mountain
T. J Stnrart.
Tarboro', Jtfay 14,1855.
1 lVilainountaiu returns bis
sincere thanks to his iriends and the
public for the liberal patronage lie has
received, and informs them that he will
still continue his shop at his old stand
near the llridge, aud exv.-ute expedi
tiously all work that may be entrusted
o him.'
&2fMusic and catalogues sent by
mail free-of ' post a ye- to any place desi
red. Instruments carefully packed and
sent any where. Call and scenic when
you come to town whether you pur
chase or not. '
Hermann L Sdireiner.
Wilmington, Jan. 1st, 1855.
Surgeon EZcstlisli
HAVING permanently located in
rn i , . ii n- l V
cmriiov, we nave no Hesitation in u.v-,. j j t
will be able' Clonal services to me citizens oi ii.uge-
combe and the adjoiuing counties. Hav
ing prosecuted his profession for up
wards of six years, in all its various
branches, he feels assured that he will
be able to please those who may honor
him with a call. ,
Office at Mrs. Gregory's Hotel.
Jan'y, 1855.
Isnnc- IZ. E.;iI:is5ioss82as!i,
V.'OUbD announce to the citizens of Tar
boro' and vicinity, that he has located in
Tarboro' near the bridge, where he will exe
cute All Kinds of Smith IVork,
and promptly repair all machinery, Buggies,
Guns, Locks, etc. which may be entrusted to
him. Boll-hangings attended to.
Indian Vegetable Pills,
FOR the speedy, safe, and-effectual cure
of all diseases brought on by billiousness,
impui-ity of the blood, and gcneral-dcrange-
Rice-field Pumps and Engines,
Leavitt's Cora and Cob crusher,
Itice Thrasheis,
Shingle Machines,
Shafting Hangers and Pullies, -
Cotton Gins and Gearing,
Iron Castings of all kinds and patterns,
Urass u it
Locomotive and Tubular Uoilers,
F'ue and plain Cylinder Boilers
UJacksmith work of allljinds, '
Iron Doors for Houses and Jails.
. The Establishment
Having been re-organized for the ex
press purpose of insuring punctuality m
the execution of all orders, the publie
may rest satisfied that any. work which
may offer will . be promptly delivered
according to promise, and of such work
manship as cannot fail to give satisfac
tion. - - ' ' ..
The Mechanical Department
Being in charge of men of talents and
experience, I. have no hesitation in say
ing that the work hereafter turned out,
shall compare favorably in every re-
pect with that of the most celebrated ia
the States, and at prices, which will
make it to the interest of all in want to
send me their orders.
Repair IVork . .
Always dene without delayand hav
ing a large force for that purpose, it
will prove advantageous to any person
needing such to give me the preference
without regard to expense of sending
same from a distance.
Orders will be addressed to "Claren
don Iron Works' Wilmington, N. C
A. II. Vaubokktlekt
Oct. 15.
El:ii22CM snaking, lc -
THE subscribers have engaged th
services of a first-rate Harness maker,
well known in this vicinity, 'and are
now prepared to manufacture new. Har
merit of the system it is a widely, well J nesS) or rcpair ojj at the shortest no-
knownfact, tnat M right s lnihan V egetable tj an(1 0u reasonable terms.
ruts are the great ranacea. ine ooutnern
people particularly, are indebted to the inven
tor and manufacturer of this popular family
medicine in the cure of Fevers and colds, so
common in the South. For sale by
Geo. Howard.
D) Spencer's Vegetable Pills
ARE the cheapest and' most approved
ue nope, - ; - ' ; famil medicines ever offered to the public,
and moderate charges, to mcnt the conn- J iu their operation,
ItMice of the lniblic, and receive a liberal 1 CA c J , . ,
deuce oi ui. puonc, a i neither causing sickness of the stomach, nor
suPPort- Tarboro , .May -J. , CflT15nt5nn ; the svstcm. as
" ""tV-Pai 1 I is too frequently the case with medicines
&niiUh& i Ti . yu'i3 given to actupon the bowels; hence multi-
j tudes, who have been unable to tak5 other
DR. BRAXDRETII would here impress pills or prepaiations of medicine, on account
on his 'friends and the public generally, that of their nauseating effects, use these pills
however diilerent may be the action of the without the slightest disagreeable feelings.
Pills at -different times, that such different j All that is asked of those who have never
action arises not from any alteration in the j yet become acquainted with them, is to pro
Pills, but from the state of the body; they ; cure one box, and the Proprietor's word for
should therefore be persevered with until the , it, they will never call for any other kind of
Palamountain & Stewart.
Tarboro', Sept 24, 1855.
action is uniform; for they are an effectual
assistant of nature, having the same kind of
action on the" human body that storms and
hurricanes have upon the air, or that the
tides have upon the ocean: they purify.
For sale by Geo. Howard.
Fowler's solution
Dona van's ,,
-Vcetate -Morphia
Solditied .
Capsules '
Salts Tartar 1 7 t'
Rochelle '7
Red Lead
Bole Armenian
Chase's Trusses"
Physician's Cases
Sp'tulas .';
Catheters .
Breast Pumps
. Syringes . .! . -
Viuls C6rksy &c. '
-May l,;1855t ; ;"'; ; GeoIIuwitrd:
. A FRESH SUPPLY of - Jayue's Family
aiedicines, '. -' -'; .
Falmestock's Vermifuge,' &c. - . '
Win. II. Willard,-
Commission Merchant.
GIVES his attention to receiving and for
warding Merchandize, and produce, and is
prepared to make liberal CASH ADVANCES
on all articles consigned to him for sale, or
fihinment to his friends in Baltimore, New
York and Boston- ?
Oct. 21.
- -
200 bales just received and for sale by v
V AV. II. Willard.?
Washington,. June 28.
1000 ACRES Vf- goodSwamp Land,
in the lower part of Beaufort Co., on
the-"south' ..'side of Pamplico Iliver, aud
near South Creek.
For particulars appl y to
. t: .lAY. II. Willard. 7.
; Wasliington; N. Cv Jan'y 2.
purgative medicine so long as Spencer's Veg
etable Pills can be obtained. - ,
. ... ' if
Price 2o nts per box.
Also, Dr Hull's Vegetable Fever
and Ague and Anti-Fever
AMONG all the advertised remedies of the
day for Ague and Fever, or Chill and Fever,
Garlicky Gwathmcy
"fy Hodges,
In Drugs, ledicincs, Dye Stuffs, Paints,
Ods, Varnishes, Window Glass,
Patent Medicines, Segars, Snuffs,
Chewing and Smoking Tobac
co, Perfumery, Tooth and
Hair Brushes, Lubin's
Genuine Extracts, Lah
dreth's Garden
Seeds, &c.
THE subscribers beg leave to remind
their friends and customers in the Old
North State as well as their own State,,
that they are constantly receiving addi
tions to their already large and com
prehensive stock of the above articles.
From Merchants, "Physicians, Far
mers and others in want, they most re
spectfully and earnestly solicit a call
7 i i :..: k .t i :
none seem to meet with such rapidity of sale, u Cid,ullw"uu Ul slocW
andgiveso much general satisfaction, as . e. They beg to enumerate a fcW
Dr. Hull's celebrated nils. Wherever they leading articles in their line, whick
have been introduced, all tonics, in whatever ', they have in quantities and - at priee-J
shape, all mixtures and pills, and prepara- which will compare with most North
tions of every character, designated for this em Houses.
disease, have been discarded, and Dr. Hull' j ' Alum, ammonia, copperas, tlae
Arue Bills have been received as the only ' mnRS .... 1nmnl. l.rimsfnnn lm..,v
They stop, the Chills and fT 'mini,nr ornnm ; t.,vtnr.
y....Uv.j v.vuiu K.ltXl, .1JB,
permanent cure,
Fever the first day, and do .not sicken the
stomach or operate ou the bowels. -'
'"- Pricclo cents per box.
For sale in Tarboro' by Geo. IToicard.
Graefenberg Medicines.
: JUST RECEIVED, a fresh supply
of these popular medicines, viz:
Vegetable. Pills, Eye Lotion, Grecij
Mountain Ointment, Dysentery Syrup, j Hampton's Vegeta
Sarsaparilla Compound , Children's Pan- tang Liniment, &e.
som salts, extract logwood, liax seed,
essences of all kinds, flour sulphur
race ginger, gum Arabic, glue, Ilailcni
oil, Indigo, inks, Lyon's kathairon,
Barry's Tricopherous, Baker's Litters,
Hooflaud's German bitters, Vermifuges
of all kinds, Wright's pills, Brand
ret h's, Peter's, Leidy's, Hose's, Mc
L.ane's, &c.
Dr. MeClintock's Family Medicines,
table Tincture, Mus-
acea, Consumptive s Balm, Health bit
ters, Marshall' Uterine Catholicon, &c,
Geo. Howard.
Garliek, Gicathmn f- Ifodyes,
JSTo. GO High street,
Tarboro , August J.
for sale by . Geo. Howard.

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