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VV .V' 4 Vj,
Die Southerner.
The Senate is awaiting the organiza
tion of the ILjusc.
In the House of Representatives, on
Wednesday last, the eighty-sixth inef
fectual balloting for Speaker was taken
;.:;d the result was, for Ranks 101,
Richardson 71, Fuller o0, Pennington
K Scattering 6. No election and the
House then adjourned.
President's Message.
This long-looked for document was
transmitted to both Houses of Congress
en Wednesday last. It is ably written
:;nd enters into lengthy details on th
various subiccts connected with the for-
ri'n and domestic relations of the Gov
eminent. The President takes strong
ground for the South, and this portion
of the Message will receive the hearty
approval of every true patriot in the
Pound Dead.
i Mr. Warrcu Pitt, of this county, was
futind dead in the road near the Poor
Kou-e, on Sunday morning last. He
.had been to a hiring the day previous,
and it is supposed he became intoxica
ted as he was a man of intemperate
habits. He left a family.
We learn also that a negro man be
longing to the estate of Henry Shirley,
deceased, was found dead in the same
vicinity a few days since.
Extensive Side of Land and Nyroes.
We invite attention to the advertise
ment, respecting the sale of the Planta
tion and Negroes of the late Gov. Dud
ley, in Onslow county. A fine oppor
tunity is presented for purchasing that
species of property.
A safe hiudment.
The reader will find in our adverti
sing columns that the Town of Wil
minion offers bonds for sale in convc
nienfc sums, affording a good opportuni
ty for a safe investment.
fcSTWe invite attention to the Card
and advertisements of Messrs. N. M.
Martin, Son & Co., of Richmond, Va.,
and N. M. Martin, Bro. & Co. of Pe
ttrsburc. Mr. Martin has been long
known to many of our citizens as a gen
tleman of correct and energetic busi
ness habits, and having asssciatcd
with him one of our own citizens, Mr.
Tannahill, presents additional claims to
the patronage of our people.
Education in North Carolina.
Under this head the Norfolk Herald
remarks : :
The State of North Carolina has dis
tributed among the several counties of
the State, during the current year, the
sum of one hundred and eighty-one
dollars for the support of Common
Schools. We hope that the county
1 which some yeyigo gave 1,300 ma
jority 'against t&loption of the school
system, has been sufficiently enlightcn-
'cd by its operation to be prepared to
give a like majority on the other side,
should the question be again submitted
to a popular vote.
AWhad. hoped that ere this time the
federal presses would have been suffi
ciently enlighted to understand the
political action of this county, which is
evidently allude! to by the Herald;
but the astounding 1,300 demoratic
v majority on all political questions, per
plexes them, perverts their judgment,
and disqualifies them from properly un
derstanding the motives which influence
their decision. The Rileigh Standard
gives them another lesson on this sub
ject, which we copy with pleasure; it
gays, in reply to the above-
In addition to the above amount, the
counties of the State also levy a tax for
Common Schools; and we presume wt
do not overstate the amount when we
say that the people of North Carolina
are now paying annually 5250,000 for
the support of Coin moo Schools. No
one need fear that the liberties of such
a people will not be preserved" and per
petuated. The Herald has gone out of the way
to do injustice to the noble county of
Edgecombe. That county, it is true,
refused at first to adopt the Common
School system; but the refusal was far
from being based on opposition to a sys
tem of public instruction. The people
of Edgecombe belie vd that the fund,
when distribution was first made, was
too small to be af service. They pre
ferred to wait until the fund should
accumulate. They did so, and drew,
we believe, at one time from the treasu
ry some eight or ten thousand dollars.
They have now, if wc are not mistaken,
a permanent school fund; and their
Common Schools are equal in every res-j
pect to those of any other county in the .
o,..;. ur ..... ,.u o tl,:,t tl,;J
State. Wc are quite sure that this The Literature issued to subscibcrs
general statement of facts is correct; ! consists oi the following Monthly Mag
but we trust our cotemporary of theUzines: Harper's, Pufman's, Knieker
Soathcrncr will add such other facts ' bocker, Blackwood's, Household W orus.
and detiils as may be necessary
full justice to the county.
to do I
Kiln-prnmbo cimntv. wc admit nay,
r J 1 1
sustains as many academies or :
schools, in proportion to her PuH
as any county in the Southern .States, j
ir: . - .. . 11.... e. :
Jrgiuia uui CAcejueu. 11a tamo am
model farms. They are conducted on
scientific principles: and the yield, per'
. J ' '
acre, especially of cotton, is, upon ma
ny of them, equal to that of much of
the best land of Ahbama and Missis-
sippi. Judge liuL''!), in ins late aoie
.idJress before hhe North Carolina
Srate Agricultural Society, made parti
cular allusion to her improved sys
tem of farming; and her fine farms,
her varied resources for enriching and
leveloping soils, and her enlightened
agriculturists, have been referred to
more than once publicly, in terms of, by Edmund llufliu, the distin-
uished agriculturist of Virginia. To
uin up in a few words, no county in
this Stat"! or Virginia, has better public
roads, finer farms, more or better
schools in proportion to population, or
1 more enlightened people than Edge
combe county.
Fortune Telliny in New York.
The Times says: "Some two hundred
astrologers, clairvoyants, and fortune
tellers exist in this city," and that "it is
impossible to estimate the amount of
ruin which clairvoyants and fortune
tellers work on the simple and vvcak-
minaeu. nenave uearu wen auiucuii
catcd stories of terrible do aiestic misery
resulting from a belief in the tales of
these lying sorcerers. Sick people are
prevented from consulting respectable
medical practitioners by a blind belief in
these swindling quacks.' . Simple coun
try people lose their time, thuir money,
and someiimes their reason, in fruitless
searches after lost or concealed treasu; e,
aided and abetted by these self insti
tuted magicians."
Female Ejuextrian ism .
The Grand Jury at Pittsburg, Penn-
sylvania, has "presented female eques
trianism at agricultural fairs as a nui
sance. That. Grand Jury was composed
of sensible men. The women in some
sections of the North are too fond of
exhibiting themselves. The propensity
they manifest for masculine attire and
vocations is alarming. What with Bloo
merism and Equestrianism, the male
tenure of breeches at the North is be
coming every day more precarious. If
women are permitted to hold the reins
in public, it will not be long ere they
will seize them in private, and prove on
every domestic race track that "the
gray mare is the better horse."
Goldsboro' Tel.
Cosmopolitan Art Association!
Arrangements for the Second Annual
Collection of this new and Popular In-
titution tor the diffusion of Literature
and Art, have been made on the most
extensive .scale.
Among the works already engaged, is
tne tar-tamed
.1... - ww
"ftc'iioa Crucifix."
which - originally cost Ten Thousand
Informing the. New Collection, the
diffusion of works of American Art. and
the encouragement of American genius
have not been overlooked. Cotnmis
sions have been issued to the most dis
tinguished American Artists, who will
contribute some of their finest produc
tions. Among them are three Marble
Busts, executed by the greatest living
sculptor. Hiram. Powers.
we boast of the fact, is Democratic by ; one year, and to six tickets 111 the uis
about fourteen to one, and this may be tribuiion. The net proceeds derived
the secret of the disposition shown by j from the sale of memberships are devo
the Herald to misrepresent the churac-:ted to the purchase of works of Art for
ter of her people. She is "sufficiently the eusuing year,
enlightened" to have achieved a State- TK advantages secuked.
wide reputation as an agricultural com- hy Wming a me,uber of this Associa
uiunitv; and she has established anJ
, 1 , ' ill V,
George Washington,
Betjamin Franklin,
Daniel Webster,
A special agent has visited Europe
and made a careful and judicious selec
tion of foreign works of Art, both in
Bronze and Marble; Statuary and
Choice Paintings
The whole forming a large and valu
able collection of Paintings and Statua
ary, to be distributed Free among the
members of the Association for the
Second Year.
Terms of Membership
The payment of Three Dollars consti
tutes any one a member of this Associa
tion, and entitles him to either one of
the Magazines for one year and also a
ticket th distribution ot the Statuary
and Paintings.
The Literature issued to subscibcrs
lira ham s, and UoUey s L uly s, Uook.
Persons taking live memberships arc
entitled to anv live of the M;.raziucs for
. . 1
lst A nfj ncQWo thj fuj yal
ue of their subscription at the start, in
. f , -Ui. ,
o c
Each inembrr is contributing to-
, , . - ,,r , .. . .
wards purchasing choice YY orks ot Art,
which are to be d 'stri bated
themselves, and are at the same time
encouraging the Artists of the country,
disbursing thousands of dollars through
its agency.
Persons in remitting funds for inem-
bership, will please give tl
icir :ot oilice
address in full, stating the month they
wish the Magazine to commence, an
j 1
have the letter registered at the Po.-t
Office to prevent loss; on its receipt a
lice, 103 Water Street, Sanduky, Uhio
certificate of membership, together with
the Magazine desired, will be forwarded
to any part of ihe country.
Those who purchase magazines at
Bookstores, will observe that by joining
this Association, the receive 1 lie Mag
azine aud free ticket, in the annu;il dis
tribution all at the same price they uuw
pay for the Magazine alone.
For membership, address,
C. L. Derby, Actuary C A. A.,
At cither of the principal Offices
''Knickerbocker Magazine" office 348
Broadway, New York; or Western Of-
JCST'SubscTiptions received by Geo.
Howard, Honorary Secy, for Tarbo
ouIi, X. C.
Eater news from Europe.
The steamer Pacific has arrived at
New York with Liverpool dates to the
10th ulr,
The markets arc unchanged. The
Russians appear to be acting on the of
fensive. In Asia they have taken Kars
with a garrison of 8000 men, and in the
Crimea they had attacked the extremity
of the French lines, but were comnel-
ie(i to wjtLUraw.
Tarboro Market, Jan. 4.
Turpentine. Dip, SI 75 to 2 00.
Tar, SI 00 to 1 25.
Scrape, 30 to 35 cts. per 100 lbs.
Corn, 2 75 t? S3 00 per bbl.
Bacon, 13 to 15 cts.
Lard, 12 to 15 cts.
Cotton, 7 to 8 cts.
Washington Market, Jan. 2,
Nava1 stores no sales to report since
our list review.
Grain the small lots of corn recei
ved since our last, have mostly been ta
ken at rfl) cents.
Bacon hog round, 12 to 13 cents.
Lard 12 to 15 cents.
V. M. Martin, Sim & Co.,
General Commission Merchants,
N. M. Martin, Brother 8? Co.,
Grocers & Commission Merchants,
Partners residing in Richmond.
N M. Martin, Walter K- Martin.
Partners residing in Petersburg.
. -
R. A. Martin, (late of the firm of Mc
llwaine, Son & Co.) "
H. L. Plummer, Jr.
Ro. Tannahill, (formerly of Tarboro'
N. C.) 1
JSStriet personal attention given to
me s!5 r utton; Urain, Tobacco, &c.
500. sacks L. P and G. A., n)w land
ing and,: for sale by
A". M. Martin, Bro. &' Co.
129 Sycamore st.
Petersburg, Jan. 2, 1856.
Bagging and Rope
A SUPPLY on hand and for sale by
N. M. Martin, Bro. & Co.
129 Sycamore st.
Petersburg, Va.
200 bbls "coffee" crushed and pulveri
zed Sugar, for sale by
N. M. Martin, Bro. d; Co.
129 Sycamore st.
Petersburg, Va.
A SUPPLY of Laguivra, Rio, and
Old Government Java, on hand ai d f r
sale by Ar. M. Martin, Bro. t& Co.
Petersburg, Va
500 kegs Avalon, Cumberland and oth
er approved brands, for sde by
N. M. Martin, Bro. Cr Co.
120 Sycamore st.
Petersburg. Va.
Town ot Wii!ifiix!;2i
Six per dent. Stock.
TWO Hundred Shares of 8100 each,
of the stock authorized to be issued by
the Town of Wilmington for the pur
pose of purchasing a suitable Lot and
erecting thereon a Town Hall, will be
for sale on the 1st day of January, 18:"6.
This st'-ck is redeemable on the 1st day
f January, 180, bears interest at the
rate of six per ceut. per annum, paya
ble semi-annually to t lie holders of the
warrants or coupons attached to the
several certificates, and for the payment
of interest reeruing and of the stock
when due, the Commissioners of the
Town are empowered aud required to
provide by taxation, on the real and
personal property of the Town; in addi
tion th -reto. tor the umin ite redemp
tion, of this stock, a sinking fund is re
quired by l.-iw, to be created to which
is to be added from year to year, not
less than One Thousand Dollars.
Any farther details in reference to
I his most desirable investment, will be
(urnished by application either in per
vn, or by letter to the Treasurer of the
iown. it. Morris, ireasr.
Dec. 420th. 1-3
WILL BE SOLD, on Wednesday,
the 23rd day of January next on the
Plantation i.f the late Edward B. Dud
ley, about five mile from Jacksonville,
In Onslow County,
The Plantation containing about 4000
K-res of Land, of which 2000 acres are
cleared, and under fence, and iu hue
order for planting, and the resr are
woodlands. This well known Planta
tion is one of the most valuable in Eas
tern N. Carolina, and offers a rare op
poitunity to persons wishing to pur
chase Lands. It is situated on New
liiver, about 25 miles from the Ocean,
with free nnd ready access to the mar
kets of New Berne, and Wilmiugton,
the re are three good Landings on the
Plantation, at which vessels of a small
size may load. There are on the Pi ci
tation an excellent two story Dwelling
House, and all proper outhouses, Over
seer's house, cabins to accommodate
200 negroes, two large barns, a steam
saw mill, in fine order, with a thrasher,
cotton Gin, and Grist mill attached.
All the said buildings being in excel
lent repair. At ihe same time aud
place will be sold 35 valuable slaves,
all the Com, (about 7,000 bushels,)
fodder and peas, &c; 14 mules, 20
horses, about 300 hogs, about 150
sheep, about 100 head of cattle, and the
plantation stock and farming utensils.
Terms of sale for the Plantation
3.000 cash and the baby ice at one, two
and three years credit with interest
from sale for the other property all
sums under SI 00 cash; all bums over
S100 and under S200, six months cred
it; all sums over 200, six and twelve
months credit. For the deferred pay
ments, notes with approved sureties
will be required in all cases, bearing
interest from date.
Mr. Robert Dudley, who resides on
the Plantation, will give any informa
tion in regard to it, and will show it to
any one desirous of purchasing, or by
applying to the subscribers at Wilming
ton, N. C, any inform ttion will bt
given. U H. Dudley,
Wm. II. Dudley.
Wilmington, Dec. 24, 1855;
Turner's N4 -th Carolina
Almanac for 1858
For sale fey - eo, Howard.
For the New"1 Year.
WE offer for sale the following New
Ladies' French cloth Cloaks, in many
colors and styles,
Dress and cloak Trimmings, in moss,
moire antique, plush and velvet,
Bonnet and trimming Ribbons, in new
combinations of color and style,
French black DeLaiues & Bombazines,
blue, buff aud pink De-
New plaid and striped DcLaincs and
Cash meres,
English and American Calicoes,
Cu tain material, in muslin aud French
Bl it; and black Velvets,
La! ies' quilted, cactus and whnlebone
and French Marseilles,
dress silks in new styles,
black dress silks, iu plaids and
stripes, for Sale by
11. T IlosJcins iSc Bowditeh.
Tarboro', Jan'y 2, 1856.
House Building, &c
THE subscriber respectfully informs
the inhabitants of EJneeombe and ad-
jaeeut counties, that he purposes carry
ing on business as
A House fiuildet,
And is prepared to execute all jobs en
trusted to him iu a workmanlike aud
expeditious manner. Houses built in
every variety of style, and repairing
lone at the shortest notice and on rea
sonable terms. All I ask is a f-ir trial
A. S. Ellison.
Tarboro', Jan. 1, 1S5G.
Of Live Geese Feathers.
THE highest cash prices wdl be
paid, or Furniture exchanged for them
at very low rates.
Call at F. L BOND'S
Furniture Ware Ho am
Tarboro', Dee. 20,1855.
List of Letters,
Remn in'mcr in the Post Offieo nt T.irWn' nn
tbe 1st Jan. 18: which if not taken out
before the 1st of April next, will be sent to
the General Post Office as dead letters.
Bryan Henry 2
Bradley Willis 2
Bradley Eliza
Barber G B
Bradley R J
Cadet Miss II J
Denmsely E
Edwards Weldon
Lewes Jno D
McMillan FI
Moore Guilford
MtGee rj W 2
Morgan Wells B
Madry arah
Moore Shad rack
Mason MissSusan'a
Frankfort Moses 2 Payii Joseph W
Foreman iVter P Perkins Martha E
Gerard Lt Charbs Parker Mrs Jas A
Green Julieu
Garey William
Garrett Gcraldus
Harper Jas li
Jones Thomas
Knight J J
Lane 31iss Laura
Parker Hichard -Parker
Miss H E
Reid E G
Stewart John
Sassnut Elizabeth
Thigpen Wm 3
Wright J H 2
Vick Ashlev
Williams j"B
Williams Dr B T
Lewes Jno D
Lawrence Jas E
Lewes James G
Winbor Lisan
To Housekeepers.
46 daz Chairs for sale,
Prices ranging from $8 to $20 per doz.
Call at F. L. BOND'S
Furniture Ware Kaoin.
Tarboro', Dec. 20, 1855.
WE shall soon be in receipt of
tine do do
Fine Ingrain do
Twilled Venitian do
Plain do do
Outton warp Ingrain do
6-4 woollen Druggets,
All of which we shall offer at such
prices as will induce buyers.
R' T. Ifoskins & Boicditch.
Dec. 20thL1855.
Call and Buj
A FEW of tho many conveniences
for Housekeeping,
AT F. tj. ROX'S
Fu r nit lire Wa re Boo nu
Tarboro', Dec, 20, 1855.
Female College.
THE next session of this Institution
will open on Wednesday, the 2nd uV
of Jan'ry, 185(3. ';
The Faculty is admirably organize
The determination of the Stockholm r
is, to maintain a curpn of Teachers Vj
shall be selected on the ground of supe.
rior qualification. The new College v,ru
fice is advancing to its completion, un
will bd one of the most commodiou anJ'
handsome buildings in North Carolina.
U'til that. be finished, the scholastic rx.
ercis s will be held in the houses n,.
standing in the College grounds, an,j
the Pupils will be boarded in excelled
families, under the supervision of t!iC
President, and a few young Ladies can -be
boarded in his family. The health
of the village Is good, and the School
has just closed a prosperous session.
For Circulars containing all necessary ' f
information, Parents and Guardians
will pleise apply to Dr. Cbm, VresU
dent of the College, or to the subscri.
ber. Vm. K. Lane,
Dec. 24, 1855. IWtof StnckVrs.
The Washington, N. C. paper copy.
Tarboro' Academv.
Male Department Mr. H. B. Farrar.
Female do. Misses Maria E. Fisher
and Ann E. Ilollister.
THE next session of this Institution
will commence on Monday, the 7th day
of January, and continue five months.
Charges for Tuition, the same as
The present session terminates on the
21st of the present month.
By order of the Bo; rd 01 Trustees,
John Not-fleet, Secretary.
Tarboro', December 10th, 1855
Mr. & iVIrs. Owen's
THE present session closes with the
14th inst: and a new one will b jjin
on tho first Monday in January, 1850.
Dec. 1855.
Franklin County. N. C.
THE ensuing Term for 1S50, will
Pea 0U the Uf MJII'flW in January
Mr. aud Mrs. D. lliehardson.
Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Stone, Assistant
Mr. li. J. Taylor and Miss M. L.
Towsley, Assistants, respectively uf the
Mai" and Female Departments, which
are distinct, occupying separate Bail
dings in opposite parts of the town.
Mr. Stone is a graduate of Burling-
ton University, and has beeu Principal
of the ltoyalton lust, for several years
, past.
The former friends of Miss. M. E.
Stone, will recognise her in Mr. St ne.
Miss T. is a graduate of Troy Fern.
Expenses as heretofore, and one-half
payable in advance.
Frauklinton is located immediately
on the Raleigh aud Gaston 11. li ,
about 30 miles north of ltalciih.
Catalogues sent on application to the
Principal. Dec. 14, 1855.
Male Academy.
THE Trustees take pleasure in an
nouncing to the public, that they have
secured the services of
Mr. Matthew S Davis,
a young man who has sought a solid ed
ucation, with express reference to the
business of teaching and has st h cted it,
not as a stepping stone to some other
call, but as a pjrui.inent profession.
Mr. Davis is graduate of the University
of North Carolina, and was prepared
for College chiefly in the school of which
he has now beeomo the Principal. We
have bad therefore, every oppoituni'V
of knowing his character and quaiitic i-
tions; and we confidently assure tl ose
who may feel inclii ed to patronize the
school, that they will lind in Mr. Duvia
a teacher to whom they may with coin-
tort and confidence intrust the moral
and mental training of their children.
Board can be had in tha village at $ Id
per month.
Tuition English department 810.00
Latin and Greek 15.00
Incidental espouses 00.50
The next session will commence tho,
2nd Monday in January 1850.
By order of the Board,
, A H Ray, President.
Daniel S. Hill, See'ty.
Louisburg, Nov th, 1 855.
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