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$2.00 a Year in Alleghany County
yOLUME 58, NO. 43
Alleghany Canty fc . . „
culture and
With A Population ef MR
$2.50, a Year Out of County
Hoad To Piney
Creek Will Be
Completed S a t.
Other Alleghany Roads Are
Now Undergoing
Improvement work is, now be
ing done on roads throughout Al
leghany county. The nine miles
of newly constructed asphalt
pavement running from U. S.
Highway 221 to the Piney Creek
post office, will be completed.
Saturday, it was learned. Con-!
■struction work which has been
underway on the Piney Creek.
road for several weeks is near-1
ing completion and the road is
now open to the pubuc. |
Highway No. 88 running past
Whitehead and Laurel Springs
is now being oil-treated and al
though traffic is being held up
ior short intervals, it should be
completed within the next week,
and regular travel can be re
sumed. The first section of the
road, running from Sparta to
Whitehead, was treated last sum
Other parts of the county roads
are to be repaired this summer
also,- it was learned.
Edwards Family:
Holds Reunion
i ter Glenn Arthur at PiMf Creek.
I lire. Edwards is the mother of
? fourteen living children, .tarty*
; five grandchildren, forty-three
great - grandchildren, and one
The following ohildren were
present: Mrs. Grover C- Cox. In
dependence, Va.; Charles T. Ed
wards, Piney Creek; Mrs. John
Richardson, Aberdeen, Washing
ton; Mrs. Maggie Williams, Spear
fish, S. D.; Mrs. Gene Mitchell,
Stratford; Mrs. Lollie Black of
Twin Falls, Idaho; Mrs. Albert
Ward, Nottingham, Pa.; also
Frank and George Edwards, of
Akron, Ohio. Other children that
were absent are Cleve and El
mer Edwards, Spearfish, S. D.;
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Work Will Begin
On Well Monday
Plans are now to begin work
on the new town well next week,
Mayor G. Glenn Nichols stated
yesterday. The property on which
the well will be dug was owned
by Mack Atwood at Twin Oaks.
R. E. Faw and Sons, well dril
ling concern, of Hickory, has the
contract for the job. In the mean
time, citizens of Sparta are ask
ed to be as conservative as pos
sible with the present water sup
If work goes, according to
plans, the well should be com
pleted by September 1. -
Robt. A. Berry
Awarded Degree
Robert Allen Berry, ton of
Rev. and Mrs. R. L. Berry, of
Belmont and formerly of Sparta,
was awarded the bachelor of
■ science degree at the commence*
” ment exercises held recently at
Davidson Collge.
Mr. Berry has accepted the
.position as teacher and coach at
the Riverside Military Academy
at Gainsville, Ga„ and Hollywood
By the Sea, fla., for this next
Prior to studying at Davidson,
he attended King College, Bris
tol, Tenn., *
County benefits
In Agricultural
Fund Allotment
Congressman R. L. Dough
ton, who will speak at the an
nual decoration service at ML
Zion Methodist church, Sun*
R. L. Doughton
To Speak At Mt.
Zion Church, Sun.
Will Also Be Guest Speaker
At Chamber Of Commerce
Meeting, August 8
Ms hare in the court'
will deliver the message at
morning worship service
unday at 11:00 o’clock at
it. Son church, when the
ation service will be
illiam C. Crummett,
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Sparta To Play
Flat Ridge, Sun.
Sparta scored two more victor
ies on the week end defeating
Flat Ridge at Flat Ridge, Satur
day afternoon by a score of 16-6
and by winning at Independence.
Va„ Sunday, 9-6.
On the mound Saturday for
Sparta was Adams with Hollo
way and Reeves, as catchers. Sun
day, Geyer was pitcher and Hol
loway, catcher.
The baseball club will sponsor
a dance at the community build
ing Saturday night beginning at
eight o’clock. The public is cor
dially invited.
The schedule for thi# week end
is as follows: Sparta at Bridle
Creek, Saturday: Flat Ridge at
Sparta, Sunday.
Improved Farm Practices And
School Lunch Programs
To Continue
This county along with others
in North Carolina will be greatly
benefitted by the restored ag
ricultural allotment in which this
state will receive * an estimated
$l'7,732,290 for s6il conservation,
rural electrification, school lunch
es and farm tenant purchases'
over the coming year.
Last week the county AAA of
fice began to ag^in issue pur
chase orders for phosphate and
other materials, after being cur
tailed for several weeks.
Those connected with the pro
gram, said today that the school
lunch programs would probably
£e able to operate as usual, since
all of the allotment is to be spent
on lunches and none on equip
A report from Washington re
veals that six southern states—
North Carolina. South Carolina,
Alabama, Florida, Georgia and
Virginia— will receive $83,277,
888. Except for farm tenant pur
chases and Soil conservation, the
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Officers Raid
Two More County
Stills;-Total 34
Sheriff Glenn
reported this
destroyed now
D. Richardson,
week. , jnj
One 50-gallon still, Seated near
Saddle Moutain, was xut up by
officers destroying UK>0 gallons
of mash. The second 50-gallon
still, located in Cherry Lane
township near Brush Creek had
500 gallons of mash on hand
which were destroyed by the of
Several men were arrested this
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Bus Drivers* To
Hpve School Here
A school for bus drivers will
be held at the Sparta high school
beginning Tuesday morning, Miss
Clyde Fields, county school su
perintendent, announced this
All drivers or prospective driv
ers who have not been certified
are asked to attend this school.
AH those who wish to apply
for the position as a school bus
driver are reminded that they
must secure driver’s license be
fore making their applications.
jroup Meets To Organize Farm Bureau
A group of Alleghany leaden recently held a dimer
meting to Npin a farm bureau. Reading from left to
John I. Eagles, field repreaentafive, N. C. Farm
Bnreau; Clyde B. Gimme. president WataguaC<ronty
and ft»
'**- Jflwirs
Thousands Of Bushels Of Beans Are Picked Daily
. Above is a scene from Fred Colvard’s f irm near Jefferson, showing beans being
picked for the market. This is typical of this section, where thousands of bushels of
beans are now picked daily. .
* I
Robert Alien Berry, who
was recently awarded the
bachelor of science ^degree at
Davidson College.
County Unit Of
Farm Buffeau To
Name Officers
Alleghany county farmers will
meet at the courthouse at eight
o’clock to name, permanent of- (
ficers for the county unit of the
Farm Bureau. George ^Farthing,
field representative of the State
Farm Bureau, will be present for,
the meeting. A special program
has been planned including string
music and the farmers are asked
to bring their wives. Families of
the farmers become members
when the farmers join, it was:
pointed out.
Twenty-five members joined at
the initial meeting held July 21,
when Flack Shaw, executive vice
president, was here to explain to1
those attending the purpose of
the bureau. The membership goal
was set at 200. Named temporary
chairman was Rush Thompson
and secretary, Roy Ellison. '
Belk’s Basement
Open To Public
The new basement addition to
Belk’s Department store has been
-completed and merchandise is
•’ow on display on the first and
'ower floors. /
New fixtures as well as mer
'handise have been added to the
first floor as well.
Robert Allison, manager, jtated
that he was happy to have the
new addition and has invited the
oublic to come and see the new
Alleghany Boy Wins Top
Prize In Tri-Couhty Lamb
1 Show At W. Jefferson, Mon.
VFW Bldg Fund
Reaches $1735;
Need $6000 More
V Contributions to to* Veterans
af Foreign Wars, Bruce Wayne
Osborne Post 7034, now total
»1735.35, Cecil J. Murray, post
:ommhnder, stated yesterday and
already $1644.74 of that amount
las been spent to date. An urgent
appeal has been sent out to the
nembers as $6,000 is needed to
:omplete the proposed clubhouse, i
A special program of string mu-1
lie featuring Uncle Henry and
the barn dance music makers j
fvill be held at the courthouse to-'
norrow night at 8:30 o’clock. Ad- j
nission will be charged, the pro-1
:eeds of which will go to the
auilding fund.
Letters have been sent but to |
all VFW members asking them'
to loan the post as much as $50 ■
>r $75 dollars since veterans can]
low cash in their terminal leave
sonds. j
The club will hold its regular'
meeting • next Thursday night at
?:30 o’clock at Twin Oaks. All
members are urged to be present.
At the meeting last Thursday
Sight, plans for erecting a monu
ment for veterans of all wars par
ticipated in by the United States
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County Leads In Individual'
Class; White Packing Co.
Pays Top Prices
■l“' »
Twenty-two Alleghany 4-H and
FFA members showed 31 lambs
at the tri-county lamb show held
at West jjigerson, Monday wban.
the *pwnd v«hampionwlamb at»d
won as first prise the pure bred
ewe lamb which was given by
J: H. Dough ton. Hugh Hash, also
of Turkey Knob, had the reserve
champion, and .-other members
won first' place prizes in the in
dividual lamb class.
J. C. Pierce, Jr., professor of
animal husbandry at State Col
lege, was the judge for the show.
L. I. Case, in charge of animal
husbandry extension at State Col
lege was also here for the show.
Prizes in class one, pen of
three lambs, were won by Bet
ty • Lou Thomas, Grassy Creek,
first place; Joe Thomas, Grassy
Cfeek, second; Carlisle Bledsoe,
Wagoner, third; Billy Finney,
Sparta, fourth; Arnold Mitchell,
Sparta, fifth.
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Miss Clyde Fields, county
school superintendent attended a
two-day session of school princi
pals knd school executives held
at the University of North Caro
lina this week.
Johnathan Daniels was one of
the principal speakers at the
Congress Adjourns Without
Action On Many Measures
Washington — Only half the
egislation Secretary of State
Marshall recommended to Con*
jreas as “urgent* was passed in
;he session which recessed last
week end. /
However, the bills which were
ipproved included almost all
waring upon the American con
flict with R«4#*la—chief among
hem authority and money for the
i400.000.000 Greco-Turk program. |
Administration ofioials said the
record was by no means a bad
me for foreign policy co-opera
don between the Democratic Ad
ministration and the Republican
Marshall sent to Chairman
mittee on January SO a list of 10
mittee on J
matters for
which he called “urgent items in
of Coneress.
the latter failed
Later, additional legislation was
presented by the Secretary or
President Truman for urgent ac
tion, so that in effect the original,
list of 10 was expanded to 14.
Here is how the 14 “urgent” pro
posals stood when Congress fin
ished up:
1. Continuation of relief pro
grams after the end of UNRRA.
Congress approved and approp
riated $332,000,000 for the task.
SiaoOO.OOO less than the State
Department ^commanded. The
cut was designed by Congress to
deny relief to Hungary and Po
land, the- only two prospective
relief recipients in the Soviet
sphere, ■
2. Ratification of peace i
with Italy, Romania
Bulgaria. These treaties :
; await only ratification by Rut
France and Britain already
. iY-.'t
Vote Is Light
In County - Wide
Election, Sat*
Proposed Establishment Of
Legalized Liquor Store De
feated By 795 Majority
Alleghany county- voters
Saturday kept this mountain,
county in the legally dry column,
defeating a proposal to establish
an ABC store by a majority of
795, based on unofficial returns
from the seven precincts.
The vote which was considered,
light was:
w*v- piuwuaai, 570*.
Against, 1,732.
Sparta was the only point in
the county to vote in favor of the
proposal. Gap Civil precinct,
which includes Sparta, voted 528
for ABC stores and 420. against
The dry victory was more pro
nounced Saturday than it was in
1937 when the drys won by a
majority of 275 ballots.
Alleghany joined Rowan Coun
ty in turning down ABC stores.
Rowan voted against the proposal
several weeks ago. However,
Mecklenburg County gave ABC
stores a large majority in an elec
tion June 15, becoming the tint
Western North Carolina county to
go in favor of their establishment
Hickory will vote on the ABC
question September 15. The 1947
General Assembly enacted a
measure to allow Asheville to bal
lot on the question. A date ton
the election has not been set
Louisburg and Franklintoo,
both In Franklin County, recently
voted to establish ABC stores. The
county had voted dry several
years ago after having kad ABC
The Allied Church League
fought the ABC store proposal
throughout Alleghany County in a
campaign conducted for aeveral v
weeks. Under the leadership at
Dr. Mr-ltiftBox. Hr}-"! Jtntilti
Cheery Lane
Gap Civil
Glade Creek
Piney Creek
Prather’s Creek
76 »l
40 m
528 UQ
81 au
108 SOI
76 SOft
28 MT
Last Rites Held
For Mrs. Edward*
Dies At Home, Here, Mms;
Funeral At Little River
Church, Yesterday
Funeral service for Mrs. Bettie
Edwards, 81, was held yesterday
at eleven o’clock at the Little
River Primitive Baptist church,,
Officiating was Elder S. G. Cau
dill who was assisted by Elder
C. B. Kilby. Interment was in th%
Sparta cemetery. Sparta busin
ess houses were closed to pay
tribute to Mrs. Edwards.
Mrs. Edwards succumbed at
her home here, Mpnday after a
brief illness. She vrtia the wife
of the late Andy Edwards, of
She is survived by the follow
ing children: Mrs. Oscar lid
wards, of Brooklyn, Wash.; Mrs.
J. W. Kilby, of Bedford, Va.{
’Mrs. R. L. Warren, of Greens
boro; Mrs. Nora Norman, Mrs.
Rose Edwards and Mrs. Beal
Poole, all of Sparta.
Mrs. Miller To
Be Buried Frk
4k-' * t"

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