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;Sraf 3
Alleghany CtoO»tj\|»..,t
tf l> wrtiiiir.
Wtth A
tt-M s Year in Alleghany County
92.50 a Year Out of
58, NO. 58
Chairmen Named
For Annual Polio
Fund Drive Here
Robert Allison, Is County
Chairman; Quota To Bo
Announced Soon
Towtaship and community
chairman for the drive to raise
funds to fight" infantile para
lysis have been announced this
week by the county chairman,
Robert Allison. A meeting of all
chairmen will be called as soon
as the county is notified of tie
quota. Although the drive will
not get underway until January,
there is work to be done in ad
vance, Chairman Allison stated.
The chairmen are: Gap Civil,
A. B. Richardson; Piney Creek,
C. R. Roe and Graham Pugh;
Cherry Lane, Ralph Gentry;
Cranberry, Ed Pugh; Whitehead,
Mrs. Robert Fender; Roaring
Gap, Mrs. j. T. Inskeep; Glade
Creek, Isom Wagoner; Prather’s
Creek and Stratford, Mrs. Ruth
Named to represent civic or
ganizations are Earl Calhoun,
Lion’s Club; Emerson Black,
Chamber of Commerce; Mrs.
Amos Wagoner, Woman’s Club;
Mrs. Isom Wagoper, home demon
stration clubs; Miss Cylde Fields,
general school chairman; J. K.
Wagoner, professional and busi
ness men. "
►Mrs,. Busic, 62,
Dies In Hospital
Succumbed Tuesday At The
Wilkes Hospital After
Brief Illness
Mrs. Ruth Mae Busic, of Piney
Creek, age 62, died Tuesday at
the Wilkes hospital after a brief
Slje is survived by her hus
band, John Busic and the follow
ing children: Mrs. Zollie Hayes
and Ben Busic, of North Wilkes
boro; Gedd Busic, of Morganton;
Mrs. Blanche Jarvis, JJrs. Astqr
Joines and Leonard Busic, air
of Sparta; Mrs. Earl Boyer, of
Fries, Va. Two brothers and two
sisters also survive, Mrs. Maggie
Beaman, Mrs. Dora Douglas, Ben
and George Fowler.
* Funeral service will be held
jut Piney Creek Methodist church
today at 11:00 o’clock with Eld.
C. B. Kilby officiating.
Wingler Named
As Technician
The board of directors of the
Alleghany Cooperative Artifi
cial Breeding Association met
Monday night, October 27 and
named Harry Lee Wingler, of
Glade Valley, as inseminator for
the county.
Mr. Wingler will leave for N.
C. State College, Raleign, for
two weeks training in DHA work
Monday, November 3 and begin
ning on November 17 for artifi
cial breeding under Dr. Elliott at
the college.
Mr. Wing; ' is_ a graduate of
.Glade, Valley4 high school with
'experience to grade-A dairies in
Maryland before going into ser
He plans to make his home in
■"-I ■_ _ ■
*. - Wants food saved
' mil. 'M
Miss Jean Crough, 21, Elko,
S. C., whose engagement to
Gov. James S. Thurmond, 45,
of South Carolina, was recent
ly announced by her parents.
The wedding will take place
in the executive mansion on
Nov. 7th.
D r i v e Underway
To Secure $1500
For Ball Field
Canvass Of Town And County
To Begin Mon.; Sponsored
By P.-T. A.
The drive to raise funds for
improving Sparta high schobl’s
athletic field was discussed at
the regular meeting of the Par
ent-Teachers Association held
here Tuesday night. A canvass
of the town andvcounty will be
gin Monday in order to raise the
$1500 ntrded . foF this purpose,
fit was pointed out.
The drive will end in the
county on November 15. The co
operation of the citizens in con
tributing to this worthwhile
drive which would mean so much
to the students at Sparta high
school as well as be a general
improvement for the school.
On the committee to raise the
funds are Rev. F. G. Walker,
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John B. Murphy
Dies At Ennice
Last rites for John B. Murphy,
84, of Ennice, were held last Fri
day at 11:00 o’clock a. m., at the
Little Pine Brethren church. Of
ficiating were Revs. Coy Anders,
Ode Utt and Norman Reed and
interment was in the cemetery
Survivors in addition to his
wife are the following children:
Mrs. Maude Vaughn, Kelly, Car
lie and Arthur Murphy, all of
Ennice. One brother, Emmett
Murphy; nineteen grand chil
dren and twenty-one great
grandchildren also survive.
Defeated The
--JEleven 2Z-ii»i,M
Game Last
The last home gamf' c>££fae sea
son will be played here at-Sparta
when the local eleven wifi njee®
Flat Rock for the second time
this year. The kidk-off is to be
at 1.’30 o’clock and a record crowd
is espected for the last hometown
performance. The powerful Yel
low Jackets won an easy 19-6
victory over the Flat Rock team
at Mt Airy, two weeks ago.
Thursday, sparked by Bill
Reeves, the Yellow Jackets out
classing the Walkertown eleven,
won a 27-6 victory. Despite the
temperature, the boys played
real ball.
The Sparta boys got off to a
flying start when John E. Bryant
quarterback, scored through the
Tnnoc,rtf recovered Charlie
Jones fUmbIe 0n the Walker
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Colored School
Is Being Erected
At Cherry Lane
Work Began Yesterday; Chil
dren Have Been Using
Macedonia Church
Work bgean yesterday on the
school for the colored children!
of Cherry Lane, it was learned
through an announcement made
by Miss Clyde Fields, county
This will be the first school
to be built there as the colored
| children of that section have
i been attending school at the
I Macedonia church at Cherry
I Lane.
The new building is to be con
structed of cinder block, and .will
be a 25 yt 30 foot structure. It
will' be located on the old high
way,! south of Silas Nichols’ pro
i Approximately 30 children will
be served by the new school.
The need for this school has
been acute for sometime, and
Miss Fields stated that she was
pleased that work was going
forward. *
Service Officer
To Be Here Tues.
Conley Gamble, assistant State
service officer, will be at the of
■ fice of the clerk of the court in
the county courthouse, Tuesday,
November 4, it was announced
this week.
Mr. Gamble will be able to
assist veterans in making claims
. or to help them with any other
problems in regard to pensions,'
and National Life Insurance. He
will be at the courthouse at two
R. L. Doughton Is Honored
B y Democrats On Saturday
Saturday afternoon, Democrats
from tie Ninth district in a rally,
paid glowing tribute to Repre
sentative Robert L. Doughton for
outstanding achievement and ser
vice to the people of the district
state -and nation during his 37
years in Congress.
AU nine counties were repre
sented and numerous notable
leaders were present and took
part in paying tribute to the vet
eran congressman.
W> D. Kizziah, of Salisbury,
was chairman of the meeting
which opened in the Iredell
courthouse about 1:30 p, m.
The Victory banner presented
by Congressman Doughton to the
county for the largest majority,
was awarded Iredell county, John
Sharpe Hartsell of Cabarrus,
presenting the award, which was
accepted by John Long of Ire
young in action.
Mayne Albright of Raleigh,
and Oscar Barker of Durham,
candidate for Governor, Dan
Thompson of Sylva, candidam
for lieutenant gqyernor and Kerr
Craig JEtams^y of Rowan candi
date for speaker of the House.
All brought greetings and high
praise for Mr. Doughton’s out
standing service to state and na
Others paying tribute to Mr.
Doughton were Walter Woodson
of Rowan, Wade Brown of
Boone, Hugh G. Mitchell of
Statesville, Zeb. V. Turlington of
Mooresville,.and V'. D- Guire of.
Lenoir. Mr. Quire presented res
olutions recounting the splendid!
record of having been re-elected.
every year since his first election [
in 1920, of the distinction he has
won in serving the district, .-gate
and nation so well _The resolu
Returning World War II Dead To United States
The first of the war dead—the heroes in the Pacific and in Europe have arrived back
in the United States. Photo shows United States’ Honor Guards on the U. S. army
transport, “Joseph V. Connolly,” as they mount watch over the symbolic United
States casket which represented United States World War n dead. The first ship
ment included 5,600 of the dead veterans returned from Europe.
County To Have
Tobacco Grading
D e m o n strations
To Be Held In County bn
Monday By R. B. Ben
nett, Specialist
R. R. Bennett, tobacco special
ist of N. C. State College Exten
sion Service and a government
grader, will be in the county,
Monday to assist farmers with
grading and getting their tobacco
ready for market, R. E.
county, agent, annoum
Mr, Bennett will a
some of the. latest inform’
controlling weeds in plant beds
by use of chemicals, it was point
ed out.
Two demonstration meetings
will be held at the following
places: 9:30 a. m., at Andy Os
borne’s farm and at 2:00 p. m.,
at Ray Parlier’s farm. All inter
ested farmers are urged to be
Alleghany Has
28 Grade-A Barns
Twenty-eight grade-A 'tarns
have been constructed in /Slegh
any county and others are now
being built.
Farmers who have grade-A
dairy barns are Arthur Gambill,
Leff Joines, Tom Blake, and Roy
L. Crouse, all of Sparta. Carey
Brown and Rev. A. L. Pressnell,
Piney Swamp; Florence Myers,
Hart Doughton, T. S- Moxley,
Robert Hoppers, and Charles
Robert, > all of Laurel Springs;
Eddie Hoppers, Mack Edwards,
of Whitehead; Jesse Osborne,
Carey Wagoner, of Piney Creek.
Jimmy Wagoner, Lonnie Davis,
Wayne Collins, Edward Kyle,
Early Smith, B. H. Rector, A.
M. Greene and Lee Gentry, all
of Ennice. Cleve Gambill, Gam
bill community; Lester Woodruff,
Cherry Lane; O. M. Caudill, Vox;
Elmer Edwards, and J. K. An
drews, of Glade Valley.
Hr. Baver Visits
State Test Farm
Dr. L. D. Baver, who recently
resigned as Dean of Agriculture
of State College and Director of
Exepriment Station, to accept
a position of director of research
of Sugar Refineries, paid his fin
al visit to the test farm at Tran
sou, yesterday. He reported that
he was highly pleased with the
progress i
Membership Drive Underway
In Alleghany Farm Bureau;
To Continue Through Nov. 6
Achievement Day
Program Planned
By H. D. Clubs
4Jl-day Program Is. Plann^
(Work Of Club Women
Wil^Be On Display '
fourth annual achievemeS
for the home demonstration1
clubs of Alleghany county will
be held Saturday, November 8,
at the community building, Mrs.
Isom Wagoner, home demonstra
tion agent, announced this week.
An all-day meeting has been
planned and will get .underway
at 10:30 o’clock. On display will
be such work as canned foods,
handicraft and baking from each
of the county’s clubs.
All of the ladies are asked to
prepare a picnic lunch.
A business session will be held
during the morning at which
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Ball Fans Will
- Name Committee
All baseball fans and players
are asked to be present at the
meeting at the courthouse Sat
urday night at 7:30 o’clock to
name a baseball committee and
new officers for the coming year.
Plans for the team for the
coming year will also be dis
cussed. Players are also asked to
turn in their uniforms at the
Cash and Carry Store.
Present Members Urged To
Get Other Farmers To
Join Before Then
A drive for membership in the
Alleghany county unit of the
farm bureau is now underway
in the county and wilL
met with George Farthing, field
representative df the farm bureau
here last Thursday.
A' 0 ady county projects in
cluding possibilities of more rur
al telephones, better roads and
school facilities are being dis
cussed by the group and a local
farm bureau ^"mmittee is now
at work, making investigations
*n regard to the projects.
Farnjetfi, who have already be
come members of the local unit,
are asked to contact other farm
ers and urge them to join also.
The directors will hold a second
meeting, Thursday night, No
vember 6, at 7:30, whep the
membership drive officially ends.
Ponds Stocked
With Bass, Brime
Three ponds in Alleghany
county have been stocked with
brime and bass, it was learned
through officials of the New
River Soil. Conservation district
this week. '
Ponds stocked were those of D.
J. Jones at New Hope and T. S.
Moxley and M. E. * Reeves, of
Laurel Springs. w,
For Hallowe’en Carnival, Fri.
•bast minute plans are being
completed for the schools in Al
leghany sponsoring the annual
carnival in celebration of Hal
l°weT«». Contests ranging from
the {prettiest baby to the ugliest
man art now underway and en
tries may be submitted as late as
tomGrronrVhight. officials pointed
Taeycontest' for electing a king
anariqueen of Hallowe’en is now
in tuBL Stvisg. leading for queen
is Rebecca. Moxfey with 1500
votes, and second is Mary Lou
Miles with 896 votes. Others in
the. contest are Imogene Carpen
ter, 760, Xieis Caudill, 406; and
Louise Royall, 65.
.Carl Gentry leads the kings
with 504 votes; Joe McMillan,
237; Tom Reeves, 37; R.
Mr .H- C. Gentry, H.
babies in the baby
“ Mitchell, 301ft;
Straujs, 3697
ISIS- Others are
gins, 96.
In. addition to the contests,
cake walks will be held as well
as turkey raffles, fortune tell
ing, fishing pbnd, grab bag, and
penny board- Prizes will also be
given for the best costume sind
everyone who will is asked to
come , in costume.
Piney Creek high school is al
so sponsoring a carnival tonight
****** school gymnasium.
Highlighting the evening of en
tertainment will be th# crown
ing of a carnifal queen, .There
will also be cake walks, fortune
telling and games anf contests.
<—■ei«eiii>u% iiii 11 k mi . I'CMMMe.
Claudte Wright,
Lillie Wright of I
Much Interest Is
Shown In Health
Program Friday
Committee To Continue So*
vestimations; Represent*,
tive Group It Present
Much enthusiasm was shown
by the representative grOUp ot
men and women of AWeehi_
Wunty wMTftet in thf^iSSS
of the proposed medical center
or hospital for Alleghany county
here last Friday. ^
Kemp Doughton, speaking toe
fcjgg** >.£*.£
costeioftthebtat1 taCtS abom th®
ance^f \UPkeep and mainten
iiS £“fd"’e
Dm‘hu>" -
Speaking in behalf of the h,«
fftal were Amos Wagoner R°F
Crouse. john Cheek and othe£
The group voted to retain the
k 6 and 3Sked them to cot!
tmue their investigation.
Also present for the meeting
was Wade E. Eller, ptiS
f"ttarian. w£o ako
si>oke in favor of the movement.
ferT haf. been Pointed out be
bv Stetlh h6lp now offered
by State and Federal govern.
S’ ^is c°unty has angoppor
tunity to establish a medical bet
ded°a n builda hosPital. provi
« a DWHortBMte amount of
local funds can be raised. This
is one of the few counties in
this state that does not have a
hospital or medical center and
with such an institution more
medical care would be available
to the people.
Serving with Mr. Doughton on
the committee are C. W. Erwin
and Dr. C. A. Thompson.
G. F. Richardson
Rites ttrfd At
Beckley, Monday
News was received here this
week of the death of G. F. Rich
ardson, .New River company chief
electrician for a score of years,
who died Saturday at his home
in Beckley, W. Va. Last rites
were held* Monday at the Rose
funeral home with Rev. L. A.
Garten, officiating. ' Interment
was in the Sunset Memorial ceme
Richardson is survived by his
widow, Mrs. Anna J. Richard
son; one daughter, Mrs. Jack
Sanger, of Belle; one one, Frank
Richardson, Jr., Oak Hill; four
grandchildren; one brother E. J.
Richardson, Beckley, w. Va.; two
sisters, Mrs. W. D. Kessinger,
Portsmouth, O.; and Mrs. W. A.
Pruett, of Sparta.
Among those from here to at
tend the funeral were Mr. and
Mrs. W. A. Pruett, of Sparta.
To Close Health
Pept Next Week.
The Alleghany county health
department will be closed Mon
day, Tuesday and Wednesday of
next week, health department
officials announced yesterday
and the regular clinic will not bo
held on Tuesday.
All health officers will attend
the annual meeting of the N. C,
Public Health Association to ba
held at Charlotte next week.
Among those to attend front
here are Miss Blanche
health nurse, Dr. R, R. King, Jr,
health officer; Wade E. Eller,
district sanitarian and Mr. and
Mrs. Cleo Reeves. '
Stores To End
Closing On Wed.
Yesterday marked the
«f U»* closing of Sputa at
°* Wednesday afternoon,

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