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NO. 47
Hudson-Fulton Fete
Spectacular Celebratiop Now in
Full/ Blast in New York? Com
memorating Deeds of Explorer
and ^tiventor. _ '
New York. 8ept. 25.? Little ships
and bis ships, tugboats sad ferry
hosts, steam. yschts and motor "boats,
and scows and craft of every con
ceivable site and description rendez
voused In the vicinity of Governor's
Island at noon today, and upon the
firing of a single gun proceeded in
? two lmpoaln^ column* .in th? lorrilr
Hudson river. Thus, wttfe a pano
rama of pageantry excelling In m%g
? nit u do nf scnpa sad brilliance, of d?
sign an/Thing of the klScT ever- seen
before in the Western Hemisphere,
was Inaugurated the mafhmoth fes
tival with which the State of New
Tgrfc la to commemorate the three
hundredth anniversary of the discov
ery of the Hudson river by ^ienrr
Hudson In 1607, and tho one hun
dredth anniversary of the successful
Inauguration of steam navigation "on
the same river by Robert Fultonr , ?
More than 600 vessels of vartous
kinds took part in-tbe pageant, wfeieb
was, of course, the great part oj the
day's celebration, though land p*T
rades, commemorative, exercises aud
- other features were included -tn? ttie
program. . The vessels participating
In the parade were divided Into ten
squadrons. The replicas of the Half
J Moon and the Clermont, under es
cort of torpedo boats, were placed
about the middle of the formation: .
With the -fivlng -M- -ft- from
the lhiftffel&.lfee great flotilla began
moving northward along the Hudson.
A half-doaen patrol boats led the way.
Then cgme the flrst squadron, con-'
slating of. toore than 100 soaihboats^
commencing With the old Norwich.
built 1U 1807, f?4 ending m lh thw pa*:
latlal Robert Fulton, which was
completed this year. " The steamboats
were followed by countless steam
lighters, naval mllltla boats and gov
ernment craft. The police and pub
lic aafety squadron, consisting of po
lice, Wricking, fire snd hospital boats
brought up tM rear
and 'Clermont at 11 Oth street, where
countless thousands assembled In
Riverside "Park and along Riverside
Drive to witness the ceremonies. As
the .Hall- Moon and Clermont passed
each man?o'-w?t4ho*men-o'-ftr sa
luted them with twentjM^e tuns
with the Netherlands or Hudson-fnl
ton H&f Ttolated . A salute Irt tlw Gov
ernor of the State of Nesr Tork waa
given by the flagship of the com
On, arriving at the beginning of the
line of warships anchored in mld
nwnruii iimjuiuiiii mwu mi
Half Mqon and the Clermont went to
Jh? east of the liner while the squad
ron Ip the parade passed on the outer
edgrffnd proceeded to the end of the
Mne of warships, where they turned
and came back to the official review
ing. stand at llQth .street.
When the scout squadron heading
the parade reached the beginning of
? th* Hp* of warships the
etfgnns of seven great nation* voiced
a salute In unison to the American
flags. The reverberating boom of
the* cannon s^ed thundering And
echoing over the water* of the hls
inne awr. wnwuwfu
by Henry Hudson In the Half Moon.
? and, tTtfl-^Bturles "later given added
fame by the achievements of Robert
yulton and the Clermont.
The seas ef ths Irnltlnl oslntn hsdl
not died away when all the steam
craft mong the line took up the noisy
jubilations. It would require a
stre^l^of the ordinary unaided 1m
nil Inii^frffi n-iilirr tlutt thr.rr an- rtii.
m^iny people In New York as lined
the shores of the river today. They
clustered on both the Manhattan and
Jersey banks, on housetops, or bar
' ges, in the boathousee. The great
i 4he lower md <tf
and In Jersey City , and Hpboksn
seemed like huge platforma erected
merely to pile humanity qn. Besides
this, the great waterway from end^to
~ - end was .crowded 'with- all sorts' of
pleasure craft, from ocean-going
i steam yachts to filmty paper facing
I shells, and all filled with cheering
H* humanity ?nd flaunting bunting*
The program culminated fif the
Last Year Memorial
Will Be Several Months Before
the Total Destruction Will
Be Known? This Year's Losses
to Be Compared,
Forest Area are causing consider-'
able damage In many parta qf the
country at oreeant. will be sever
al month?jh>efore the Tofa'l, destruc
tion la known, for 'the fire season has
considerable time to run. In figur
ing out thla year's losses, It will be
natural to mak^-comparlson with the
losses for laat year, which, according i
to rreaaweu Cleveland, Jr.. In ^he
Year Book of the Department of Ag
riculture, will cause 1908' to be" long
remembered. . _
"A dry aeaaon, combined with. ah
even more than the uaual Indifference
toward raiali fired which mlght^eaH
lly have been extinguished . at the
atart,M aaya Mr. Cleveland, "catHed
destructive conflagrations In pra'ctl
cmlly efflry BUM, Wllh loaaM aggre
gatlng $ 1 00,000?000. In comparison
with the havoc wrought elsewhere,
the daTcage done to nailonal forests
was exceedingly slight. Had fires
raged within the forests aa they did
outside, they would have destroyed
timber worth 30,000,000- ? enough to
run the forest service for six yeara.
Moreover. It la nractlcaliv ? certain
that most if not all of ?lie damage
which was done might have been pre
vented had the forests been fully
nianned.*? ? v J
'.'"Finally, the estimates of loss
made by the service on national for
ests are particularly searching, and
take full account of the Injury done
to young growth. Commonly, esti
mates of loss from forest fires are
baaed upon the damage done to the
sanding timber and to property'; they
do, "hot reckon the usually far greater
loqp In lnjury_pr destruction of vounel
growing Block.1' '
The methods by which the govern-'
ment keeps down^JJie fire .losses
the national forests Includes:
Constant and systematic patrol by
picked forces of rangers and guards.
The construction of roads, trails,
and telephone lines, which facilitate
the massing' of large flre^flghtlng
TTie construction of fire-lines which
in some Instances check the spread of
Are Without human help.
The equipment of the forests with
Qre-flghting tool*, and Other supplies
necessary in hghtlhg fires. The sup
plies of tools are kept at convenient
points a all times, in order to have
them easily accessible, to forest offl
cersrtrr rase flreB break out. *
Cooperation with railroads, tim
be'rland owners, and settlers, in Ore
protection, in th4s way making it pos
slble to protect both the lands of the
companies and the forest service at
a. much smaller-oosi- to-tho govem
ment than would be the case . wece
tected by the local officers.
Just a* the practice of forestry Is
important in the movement fur the
conservation of ptli natural resources,
?o Is the' protection of the forests
from tires important In the rurlher
ance of national forest work. In fact,
forestry in many' instances means
nothing more than conservative lum
bering and tire prevention of forest
through the wf^e use and care of thei
forests will it#be possible to make
natural tlmberland permanently pro
ductive. The practice of forestry doea.
not mean abbreviating the uae of tlie
land. Instead, conservative .lumbof
ing and protection of the young
growth from Are* will bring about-*
steadily lncreaaing use, for with care
and cultfvattofrthe jrield of the'for
est Increases and the product Im
proves in U*e same way that the val-f
;ue of ' the farm Increases under the 11
| proper Ostein mismanagement. P
^ , TOjgXBBR4TE MAflftJM
- Father F. J. Gallagher, of New
Berq, will celebrate low mass at the
residence of Dr. Jipaes Gallagher, on
Bast Main street, .Sunday morning at
1Q o'clock. All are Invited. |
[" >1 j ? ? . ?
The city bill rxMtef le tod&i_en
gaged in putting up bills in different
parts of the olty Advertising the cmr
nlval to sho* 'MM HlMrtH *UIH
jgjr- Qfitolrtr 4 and Iiit<ng - through
fcther poweraT"
At th* concljulon ot tho rirer p?- 1
The Sultaa Makes Protest WhiriT
France Disregard? Russia, Eng
land and. America Win Pursn
Same Policy,
_ 1 >
Madrid, 8ept. 25. ? A Spanish-Mo
roccan war. 'that is, a war between
Spain ahd the forces of the Sultan
of Morocco In distinction to the* fight
ing going on today which Is limited
to the Moorish tribesmen Inhabiting
the Riff country will result, it Is gen
erally, bellered here from the compll
catlona which have wH~?n h?twMn
8pain and Mulal Hand, the- Sultan of
? 8mln tnriny haw nrar 60.000 uoopg
in Northern Africa, with .11,00(1 more
mobolizing for.serrice there, and the
government feels that only the bril
liant completion of the work begun
defeat the plana of Ita political
enemies at home.
The situation ?- ? 1it
lng renewed anxiety. Bomb explo
sions on the streets there are almost
of daily occurrence, but the newapa
pers that print even the rumors of
such occurrence jire selred by the au
thorities. _ ;
The minister of the interior inst8tsQ
that the government is not .fighting
its political enemies, but rather a
wld?ppeM anarchistic *pluL ? "The
charge that we closed the lay schools
without reason Is false." ^j^Mfclal
said today. "The schools^^^BMed
because of the preachirifN|HBWl8t
doctrines against religion aWl social
order that could not be tolerated by
an?-JBZ*QUK?nt? Wheji the time
comes we shall vlgcufeate? mirselvcs
.before the ?
The .decision of Frauce to disre
gard Malal Ha fid's protest has cpfted
great satisfaction here. Furthermore,
it Is understood that . the t'nlted
3tates. Germany. Great Britain and.
flussia will adopt th<r same attitude
as has France.
Being assured of a policy of non
Interference. It 1? "nd^rstfygfl ? that
Spain, using the precedent of 1893,
Intends io-tfeVand the payment of an
Indemnity to cover' the cost , of toe
military operations in Africa and to
occupy territory around Melllla until
the indemnity is paid or the Sultan
provides sufficient troops to maintain
order in the Riff gr~'
intends to ask th,e powers to compel
tfie Moroccan foreign board to re
spect the clause of the Algeciras con
jailttoo prohibiting the sale of arms
l?hd ammunition at Mororrftn nnri?
Jlilujal Hatjt^ttee SulUrT of Moroc
co~, recently despatched a note to the
powers protesting against Spain's
course of action in the RlfT country,
declaring It to be confrrnry tn
terms of the Algeciras agreement and
asking for intervention by* the pow
ers. Spain has answered . the note,
but- the contents or the reply are bot
Riff Wbw-i
"men began in July lastT^wlth the kill- !
lng of Spanish workmen, by Moors.
Maflrld siarteq to send In a punitive
expedition. pf__7.000 men, hnt~ Che
Moors gathered In such formidable
numbers that It became necessary for
Spain to increase her forces.
-The sending of i oops Into Morocco
created considerable discontent^ at
home, It being alleged that the qjbve-^
!BM1 Pfca petqg undeitakwil if IhV
Interests of private Individuals. This
discontent culminated In the disor
derly outbreaks at Barcelona. After
months of. preparation the main
fipanish . advance against the Moor*
??s'beiuu loaf days ago. Judging
from the censored reports coming
from Maiowu it appears to bits teen
so far successful.
Gen Theater Draws
Ruminating Crowd
I Last night was ceiufflty a Troty one
for the.Oem people. The crowd kept
coming and the chewlnr gain kept
going anil the odor, of Spearmint
Ailed the air for miles. Bvery one
grew enthusiastic over the pictures,
which were very good. The pathetic
picture of Poe intlH wife seemed
W Lake welL. Tonight's program, will
M mom cheerful, And the Monkey
land Romance is a striking novelty
in ino w^V dr ^.mrps, tlif? actors i.o
4ngjj?*?k?ye? Tfce Oem orch?3rra was
Tnnl.?H^ I... .I.fc." Tkl. ? - tl..
flrmt Ua? ih? m.i.l.- h
op?n!y tppUaded. ?nd it wmug
pxxl u? wmi appreciated 'by the or
Kiabm wnt t? giv,n *rt5
tonight for the cat (lata bo?H
n?t frl ter ntcbL
An Ifiter&tjngEvent
_pie Baptists^ Will Celebrate
State Missi<{n Day SSIday Ev
eninf-cAll Who Attend Will
Hear Something Good.
" ~~T*% "
The following program will be
rendered at the First. Papist Church
tomorrow~nlght, .In celeiratlon o f
State Mission Day. , , ' 1 ? ?
1. Hymn, "All hafl fhe power of
Jesus' Name." :
2. Bible reading and prayer, by
Rev. J. A. Sullivan. ^
?. R<*rlHUop? "A WftlrnTnp " Miss
Vlra EdwaMs.
4. Motion s pirg. By the Infant
rlfiM ?
5' Recitation, "A " flcy Can* "Do
This." John Spaliir \ v*5.
6. Exercise, "Early to Rise and
Earl j to Bed/' Misses Helen -kewls,
Margaret Cozzens, Beaale Jp^-enport,
RutlT Yl?hltB, Rosie Spain, Maud^Aljl
jmqfl ? 1 ?,
7.. Pantomime. Misses Jelma Russ
land Vernon Alligood.
Ruth White.
9. Song, "Pass Along the Invlta-|
10. Dlalpgue, "Preparing for Mis
sionary Day." Misses Ethel Weeks,
Margie Spain, Oriel Wee^s. Ruth
Gainer, ? Ethel ? Vaniiook, -and "Edtis
| Willis.
11. Song, "SunshRfe." MissZelmaj
12. Song. "Gospel Bella."
i 13." Exercise, "The Word of God.'
Misses Bertha Carmack^LUla May
Hodges, Verria Davenport, Gladys AJfc
ligood, Pattie Wilson, Maple Dough
ty nnrt Mary Whitley
14. Motion song, "Canjfou Tell?"
Class of girls. - ^
15. Habitation, "B?oi?P* Land."
Miss Margie Spain.
16. Song. "Bring Thgm Tw." ? Mi??
Mary Thomas htewart. ,rj. g
17. Exercls, "Christ Our Friend."
Misses Cassie Lewis, Lilla May
Hftdgea. K^kel Whlto, Mangle Dough?
ty, Gladys Alligood, Pattie Wilson.
Mertha Car mack. Mary Whitley.
18. Wreath drill. Misses-- Cassie
Lewis,. Ruth Gainer, Mertha Car
mack, Gladys Alligood, Pattie \^Tl~
son, Maggie Doughty, Ethel White,
Allle Gainer.
19. Solo. ? Thp ff ? :?
20. Collection. .
21. Hymn. "Nearer My God ?* tjg\
Thee." ? -*_? *
22. Benediction.
Hon. John H. Small to Speak at
Methodist Church Sunday
= ? Night. "
Those who*are contemQlfttlag at
tending the Methodist Church
store for them. Hon. John H. Small
!s III OellT0P SB- Address on 'The Life
have been made several weeks ago
under the auspices of the Laymen's
Movement, but had to be postponed
?*we co Hj^n^wSWTfc'^T^inHlreai.ner.
All are cordially Invited to attend.
Special music will ?be rendered.
Mr. Small la a speaker of national
reputation and .always pleases and;
Interests,... It ia eftpeclally desired
thai me young men of the city attend
as the speaker will direct his remarks
mbre perMcwlarly to them. --
Assistant Cashier
of Norfolk Bank
~TEe following Item is taken from
ibo WortUlH, LBOger-LHflDMctt. which
wllh4>e read with pleasure by The
"At a recent meeting of the Bank
of Norfolk. Mr.. T. J. Latham, Jr..
wat elected assistant cashier. Mr.
?Latham comes wlt^i the Bank of Nor
folk from Washington. M. G., wher?
he has bail ffftoftn. yeata experience
In banking, being connee?*4 with the
Bank of Waahlngton M.r. 'Lath*m
rmufm to Nfeiff6lk. after flftefen yelre
absence, and will be pleaied tor serv(>
hi. fn.nrt. .? 1t|, mn> nT Vnrfnllr "I
-r-APBK iAtk vkdtkrday.
On arcotlnt ot ? ?iMU-Br**k?o'wn
' the--??A aagla*. ye*Urdaj, T??
Niwi ?U 4?lir?(. t) nch ua-sztmt
O . ..
I 'r- ? ' ? _
At Mercy of Waves
American Mission Yacht Capsized
and the Missionary Died From
Exposure? Castaways Fell III
and Some Went Mad.
? ' ->
Victoria, B. C.. Sept. ? 25. ? The
American missionary yacht Hiram
I Bingham, capsized at YaIulf7Tn the
Marshall "group recently. Rev. T.
Walkup died from exposure. The
others passed three weeks in an open
Jio&L-WithL little food. The yacht was
from Boston. PeCaila were Brought
hPM lasf night by the (Jer
manla.Yrom Australia. .
The SurvivorB were rescued by
lllP1 m.c*iuct Gfrinanla anu -tanaed ai
Sydney August 26. The Hiram Bing
ham was bound from Butaltarl with
Rev. Dr. Walkup. eight Carolina is
landers and a native g;hlld on board.
The schooner ^a? lost 70 miles
north of the Gilbert Islands. - A trop
iial'sijuall I'lflMH HUUdenly und keeleu
the vessel over on her beam. The
Bhlp's confpany clung to the rteglns.
while Several natives succeded In re
leasing a rowboat from the wreck
age. A couple of oars were recovered
and all clambered into the boat,
abandoning the schooner.
For 21. days the castaways drifted
at the mercy of the wind and- waves.
Before leaving the wrieck 15 cocoa- 1
nuts were picked up. this being all
the food for nine adults and one child
for three weeks. Rain squalls pre
vailed and the missionary caught rain
In his oilskins arjd served rations on
the cocoanut shells. .
The tra&Laways -tell ,111 and some
went mad. Sharks in large number a
fuHuaeu ibe-psar ? tin May 'jr. lAi.d
was. sighted, and islanders assisted
the castaways to land on Edeh Island.
?"?"Rer. Mr. Walkup died soon after
landing and wai buried on . the b'each.
His wife BTTft~ ??family returned to
America just before the fatal voyage
bejfau. ~7
New York. Sept. 25. ? The large
Jewish population of New York, in
common ? with the Jt>ws th?pg|imit
thir world, engaged today htthcotP
servance of Yam Kippur./or Day of
Atonement, the most Imp6rtant of all
jgwiaii tunuais. r?u' nminay m&rgg
.the end of the tei) penitential days
whfeh began with "Rosh Hashono,"
or the Jewish New -Tear. These ten
days are devoted by orthodox Jews]
counts with one another, for It Is thej
ancient belief Lhat all^ins committed -
by Israel against the Divine com
mands are forgiven on the day of
? iuw IIIVlu .out II. ?! U'lWUIR!! lUllilUil .
ted by man against man do not re
ceive Divine forgiveness unless some
atu??n?t hes teen made to right *rtn*rtr
In all the Jewish calendar there is
no occasion" which Is -so solemn and
so fraught with deep sentiment as is j
| i*?. P-U1rl *
water passes the lips of the devout]
lUum* mtm rewi
passive during the other 364 days of
the year And who seldom, if ever, are
seen In the house of worship, observe
this day 'strictly. Beside the long 24
hnur fawr th.. H,v la ^ r~
ers and other religious observances. I
Chicago, Sept. 25. ? The two days'
<*?lebrAiton Held here in honor of the
fortieth *nnlversay of the founding
ol the prohibition party
in a monster parade of temperance I
workers through the business section j
of the city this afternoon. Major
General Frederick D. Grant headed
the line, which was in twelve divis
ions and cumprlMH t (6111 6f over
50,000 marchers, together with nu
merous floats. Nearly 1,000 Grand
Army veterans were in line. Other
divisions Included representatives of
the varloos churches, religious soci
eties and prohibition organizations of
Chicago anttt&Uier cities of Illinois.
Wisconsin artfl Michigan.
Rev. Mr. Plyler
? ? the Speaker |
, Thfrs will bs n imuiin uf Um
1'nnag Manl Christian -fc^ane a LTV
Chamber of Commerce rooms Sunday
afternoon, at- 4 o'clock. The speaker
for the occasion will Ct .R|i, m. T
Ply lor, pastor ol tfco First ??thodM
Church. HU subjoet wjll ho "Wboj
CHulea In WajhUigton ? ' Mr.
lar?o number wttl
JjLi Weaker ol twnotlom to*, no
+mt Vim.
Lose Over Half Million
States, Canada and "Alaska; and
Eighty-five Men Are Included in
the Fraudery:
' ' _1 ? ? t
Council Bluffs, Ia., Sept. 25. ? Juh.
C. Mabray and j>4 alleged associates
were today Indicted t>y the United
States grand Jury .for the Southoru
district of Iqwa, charged with con
spiring to defraud by Illegal use of
the United States malls. With the
exception of Mabray and three or
four others, none or tnose moiciea
are In custody and for that reason
the names of the defendants, were
! not rnnrtn pnhllf
It was stated that" the list Includes
many- persons known in criminal
annals In all parts of the country
and t that nearly every name la fol
lowed by one to four Silases. Each
of these alleged confederates had a
number, wnich is given as one of the
aliases accredited to the defendant.
Although Speclflifptnftiintw mtp not
mentioned in the Indictment, It is
authoritatively stated that .the
amounts lbs t -by the alleged "victims
of Mabray and others named will
exceed half a million dollars.
The sums lost range from J 1.500
to >30,000. the latter sum _ having ]
been placed on a fake horserace, ac
cording to. the evidence at~4iaud. by ?
a Missouri banker.
Victims in eighteen States, the Ter
ritory of Alaska and the Dominion of '
Canada are nam?d in the indictment,
j indicating the wide range of terri
tory over which Mabray and' Ifls as
sociates are alleged to have plied
their vocation. .
As a basis of operation they used,
according to the indictment, the
cities of Council Bluffs. Davenport
and Burlington, la.: St. Louis. Lit- .
tie Rock,, Seattle. Denver and New
Orleans, to -which places it is alleged
victims taket* by the numerous-:;
"steerers." , I
Hon. J. Y. Joyner to Speak
Followed by a Big Picnic
Next Tuesday.
Tiie ueotie oL lhe Old Ford are
looking forward to frhe visit of Super
intendent of Public Instruction J. Y.
Joyner next Tuesday.. He will dellr
er an address on education, after
which a picnic win be the feature.
All the citizens of Washington town
Are liiged-to^ take a basket and
aid in making this day a memorable
one. Several of the loca.l speakers
w 111 be preaenc an<T wFIT~make |hort '
talks. Mr. Joyner is doing a great
work -In the State for education and
no citizen should be absent from AM
-Forrf next Tuesday. ~A~ large number!
will attend from this city. It will be!
a gala day fo^Washington townshipTl
A Liberal Offer
1 The DaMj News gfBffg 55Sff
opportunity to the citizens of the
* trxrty-t? ? piooo dinner
set will be given to the person secur
ing Ave yearly subscribers who pay
In nH vnnrrt nr lha an! mill
ed to the one securing ten subscribers
for six months, who have paid in ad
viwyae. - PftrBftnfl intorctited can mr the
set on display in The News office
window. _ /
The News also makes another lib
eral ofTer. A seven-plec& dinner or
berry set will be presftnt??rt r? rha ?nh
scriber who pays^>ne year's subscrip
tion before November 1. This set Is
also seen In our windojr. Now is
your chance to secure an elegant set
Qf china for a little work at 6dd
times. Suppose yoti try for the din
ner Bet, or at^leaat the berry set.
Opening Prospects
Are Excellent
The Republican Ticket
Trust Company President for the
New York Mayoralty to Op
pose the Nominee of Tammi ny
New York. Sept. 25. ? With the an.
nouncHTDotit f*om the platform *thftt
practically all ,the fusion aud Inde
pendent forces of Greater New ^York,
except the Independence League,
would work in harmony to elect Its
candidate, in .the coming municipal
election, the Republican qlty conven
tion in Carnegie haH unanimously
nominated ' these candidates *f or the
threo leading miml..i|.ai !?>.?
For mayor. Otto T. Rannard. pres
ident of the New York Trust Com
For comptroller, William A. Pen
dergast^for many years president ot
the Credit Mens NnHonal Assnrin.
Hon. ?' ...???
For president of the Board of Al
dermen. John -Purroy MUeholl. pres
ent commissioner of ar p o u 11 Ls_ and-arr
Independent Democrat.
Mr. Bannard's selection was a put
prise, for he had not been included
even In the hSIf dozen or more pre
liminary possibilities.
a non-partisan committee of one hun- .
dred, a suh-crrnrmtTTPe of which has
been trying for -the past week to
agree on candidates. The Indepen
dence League, delegate withdrew
from the conference yesterday, but
the League would not be a party to
"bargaining for office" as the dissent
ing delegate expressed it. ? But, -not
withstanding the Independence Lea
gue's defection and some- minor fric- * .
Hon among the fuslonlsts. the Re
publican leaders say that the alliance
In ot)pfts|Hmi In Tammanv I.- rtiXTtfrn.
mldable. " i.
Church Directory
For Tomorrow.
( First BapfTsT" CfiurcV." Market >.
street. Rev. J. a. Sullivan, nastnr.
I ounaay scnool. 9:45 a. m., S. P.
I \>;illis. superintendent; lesson sub
jerl, Temperanre. I I. m n.nrnlng
worship. Sermon s ubject. "God's
Jewels." S p. ra.. State Mission Day;
special exercises. Monday, 'Sept. 27,
'4:30 p. m . Sunbeam meeting. Wed
ineatiHY, Sprit 0<< t n m.._ pwitop
'meeting, led by Misses Vanhook's and
j Peterson's classes. 8: 45 p. m., choir
| practice. Saturday, OctoFer 2? 8 p.
? nr.. Deacons' meeting. All strangers
art? cordially invited to attend. Pn
| lite and "attentive ushers. Good
I music.
. St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Bon
| ner street, Rev. Nathaniel Harding,
rector. Sunday school. &:30 a. m.,
?C. H: Harding, *Qp?#Tluendent. Morn
Ing prayer with sermon by the rector
at 1 1 a. m. Evening song at 6 p. m.
First Presbyterian Church. Q)ad
tor. Sunday school. 9:30 a. m., Jno.
I! S|J!iPPIJW, RMJJMHflEMlfl^nl. Preacb
ing at 11 a. m ? ami ^ p. m. . Pray r -
meeting Wednesday evening. All re
ceive a cordial welcome, Excellent
music. ?* 1 * . / .
FiiiTM?nrrjiii.i rumi'H. Wm'ffif?'
ond street, Rev. M. T. Plyler, pfcsCor.
-Sunday school, Tom O. P.
Bland, superintendent; E. R- Mlxon,
assistant superintendent. Preaching
at 11 a. ra. by the pernor; subject.
"Religion at a Coil.-"- Al TtJNJ-p. n.,
the-L*ymen-will have charge of the
Hun ^Joho M, ? Small w4U
deliver .an address on "The Life of
Service." Prayer meeting Wednes
day evening. All Invited. Seats,
free; excellent music.
Christian Church. Biat ftonna*
street, Rev. Robert V. Hope, pastor.
Sunday school, 4 p. m., J. B. Latham,
superintendent. Prsachhtf at %.
m. and 8 p m., by the paator> Morn
ing subject, "We would see Jesus."
Evening subject, "The. Wil) pf God.'V
All stran^ers'ln the city, aire cordially
Dr. Cook talks like a man who had
seen the thing* he deecrlbea.
~"1 ' * ."J !' 1

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