North Carolina Newspapers

    : 1400 Pilots mailed to
readers in Brunswick
County this week
{County Commend
f I Held Here 1
Varade Will Get Underway I
I At 10:30 O'clock And
Line Of March Will Be
Through The Principal
Streets Of Southport
Hollowing Parade, Literary
Contests Will Be Held In
I High School Building;
Contests In I
nilllWav ?
I More than 2.000 school chil-i
ren of the county and their teachers
are expected to be in Southlort
next Tuesday for the annual
County Commencement exercises. .
I Out-of-town visitors will arrive j 1
fin Southport in time to assemble i J
; lin Franklin Square, near the oldj
school building:, by 10:30 o'clock, j
j The parade will begrin at that
jpoint and the line of march will
be through the principal streets j
f'f the down town district,
i At 11:20 o'clock, immediately
(following the parade, the seventh
,grade graduation exercises will
ibe held in Franklin square. At
(that time, certificates will be
[awarded all seventh grade stuJdents
of the county who success- .
(fully passed their seventh grade <
[examinations. These certificates .
ts ill Ibe presented by the county '
superintendent of schools. J
Literary Contests
At 11:50 o'clock, the literary
[contests will begin in the high j
:; school building. The high school
- Wiria' recitation contest will be I
| hold in the 10th grade room, each f
| school to have one entrant. The j (
! boys' declamation contest will be j
iota In the 9th grade room, each ]
school to have one entrant. (
3 The reading contests for the (
first, second and third grades!.
?ill be held in the first grade j
room; the contest for the fourth,
| fifth, sixth and seventh grades .
tail! be held in the sixth grade i
E loom. Each school will have one (
!? Representative from each grade.
Spelling Match
The high school spelling match
bvill be held in the school auditorium.
each school to have two
The athletic cor tests will begin
at 12:50 o'cloc-c. In the high
School group, the races will in
elude the boys' 100 yard dash,
(the girls' 50 yard dash and the
I girls' basketball relay race. Each
.j school will have only one reprej
sentative in the first two con- [
jtests but each relay team will
have 12 members. The highj 3
school jumping contests will in-' -A
.i elude the boys' standing broad 3
jump, the girls' standing broad t
jump and the boys' running high j
[jump. There will be only one j
entrant from each school in tnese ,
In the grammar grade athletic j
contests, the races will include j
the boys' 100 yard dash and the <
girls' 50 yard dash. In the jump- ]
ing contests, there will be the ?
standing broad jump for boys, ! j
the standing broad jump for girls | ]
and the running broad jump for |;
boys. There will be only one en- 1
trant from each school in these ]
'p j contests. j
For Primary- Grades 1]
Races for the primary grades \
will include a 50 yard dash for 1
"J f*rst grade boys, first grade girls,
! second grade boys, second grade
girls, third grade boys and third
grade girls. There will be a 25 j
yard sack race for first grade j
hoys, first grade girls, second! 1
g rade boys, second grade girls,1 j
third grade boys and third grade ]
girls. There will be only one en- j
trant from each school in these 1
contests. A 25 yard wheelbarrow ]
race, with two boys from each '
school, will conclude the athletic 1
The day's program will be
brought to a close by 2:10 o'clock
in order that school busses carry- 1
ing children to distant points in *
'the county may leave in time to i
be home before dark. f
AH contests will have judges 2
"bid ribbons will be awarded first p
and second place winners. First |j
place will count five points and I
second place will count 3 points
toward determining the winner o
for the day's activities. e
, Miss Victoria Phelps of Supply 1
underwent an operation Monday t
at the Brunswick County hospital i
for the removal of her appendix. 1
>nent To Be
u<sday, April 30
Irs. Warren Hood has been
eiaged as Society Editor of
XI" State Port Pilot and the
soiety page in the paper this
W"k was under her direction.
he Pilot is very fortunate '
to have secured the services J
ofUrs. Hood and we urge you
toco-operate with her in raakin
the society page one of the
nist attractive features of
tb* newspaper each week. She !
wl be glad to receive reports
of parties, club meetings, visitos,
fibspital Men To
Meet On May 16
Meting Of North Carolina
lospital Association To
ie Held In Southport On
That Date; Program Be
ng Arranged !
tie North Carolina Hospital j
Afociation will meet at the
Scthport hospital on Thursday, j (
Mv' 16. Dr. W. S. Rankin, in ji
dirge of hospitals and orphan- j1
ifs in the two Carolinas for the J1
Dxe endowment, and other im- js
octant hospital officials will at- j 1
ted the meeting here. 1
ne of the principal features '
of the meeting will be the show-! f
in of the sound film, "The Cir- j
ju Rider," which shows what! i
lopitilization means today to i1
nil districts of North and South i
Zfrolina. It also shows the wonleful
work being done by or- |
ohnages and churches. I
"he picture was produced at j
pat expense and is of great
pieral interest. An effort is be-;
it made to have this showing
>pn for the public. j
legion Auxiliary
^ riin rfov
UIcUKCU vuauvi
Irs. C. J. Shumway, State !
President Of American
Legion Auxiliary, Will
Visit Southport Thursday i
Evening, May 2 i
A charter has been granted the i
outhport chapter of the Ameri- t
an Legion Auxiliary to the
irunswick County Post No. 194 !
nd a call meeting of this orga- i
ization will be held one night 1
lis week, the time and place to 1
b announced.
In connection with the grant- i
ig of the charter, announcement ]
as been made that Mrs. C. J. 1
humway, of Lexington, State
(resident of the American Legion i
Auxiliary, will visit the SouthF>rt
unit on Thursday evening,
tay 2, and will speak in the
Jmior Order hall. Other promiint
Auxiliary officials including
fcss Arelia Adams, state secrefey,
are expected to be here with
Ms. Shumway.
Application for the charter was
(tide last Wednesday to Mrs.
(Continued on Page 5.)
'""rank Niernsee, Southport boy,
is a member of the varsity tennis
tim at High Point College. In
a recent match against the Guilfod
College racqueters Niernsee
lid his doubles partner scored
tfe only victory for his team.
(Tank is the son of Mrs. Prank
Nernsee of Southport and is a
Irishman at High Point College.
Miss Dorothy Bell, daughter of
Vrs. Charles Bell, of Southport,
i*as recently elected managing
ilitor of the High Point College
weekly newspaper, The Hi-Po.
diss Bell is a member of the
ophomore class.
D. H. Caison, prominent farmer j
if the Supply community, surier-1
id a stroke last Monday while j
ilowing in a field near his home, j
3e was in a critical condition all
ast week but friends will be glad |
:o learn that there has been a j
loticeable improvement during j
ast few days.
A. Good News
Southport, North C
To Hear Murder
Case Wednesday
Preliminary Hearing To Be
Held In Recorder's Court
Before Judge Peter Ruark;
Only One Case Disposed
Of Last Wednesday
A preliminary hearing will be
leld today (Wednesday) before
rudge Peter Rouark for Willie
Mae Gaskins and Albert Daniels,
Doth colored, who are charged
vith the murder of Chederick
Raskins, also colored.
The killing occurred at the turpentine
plant in the Gaskins'
ihanty on the evening of Januiry
20. Willie Mae Gaskins, wife
>f the murdered negro, told offi:ers
that she killed her husband
n self defense. She made her
jonfession before a coroner's jury
ind was ordered held for trial in
Superior Court.
Two weeks ago while Superior
Hourt was in session here, the
frand jury brought an indictment
igainst Albert Daniels, father of
Willie Mae Gaskins, charging him
vith the murder. The hearing
vas set for last Wednesday but
mportant witnesses were unable
;o appear and the matter was
postponed for a week.
The only case disposed of was
hat against Austin Davis, white,
rw rorifip?? drivinp* and drivinE
inder the influence of liquor. He
vas given 6 months in jail, this
sentence being suspended upon
jayment of the costs in his case
ind upon the further condition
;hat the defendant remain of
food behavior.
The case against H. K. Kelly,
vhite, for violating the game
aws was continued for two
Shallotte School
'rogram For School Finals
Will Begin On Thursday
Evening, May 2; Graduating
Exercises Will Be
Tuesday Night, May 7
The commencement program
'or the Shallotte high has been
- - ? ? i
innounced tiy principal negmmu
On Thursday night, May 2, the
innual recitation and declamation
contests will be held in the
school auditorium under the direction
of Miss Elizabeth Tayloi
ind John Garrett.
On Sunday morning, May 5,
it 11 o'clock the commencement
sermon will be delivered by the
Rev. LeRoy Harris, of Fayetteirtlle.
On Monday night, May 6, the
senior class day exercises will be
presented under the direction oi
Mrs. Ruth Warren.
The final feature of the commencement
program will be the
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The mailing- list and t
Pilot were recently purcha
by The News Reporter Coi
is the first issue to be publ:
During the few days
port, we have been much
desire on the part of the
paper. We have been grea
have wished us well in our
bigger and better paper.
That is our purpose in
to the citizens of Brunswicl
that will be of real servic*
they may be justly proud,
pose, we must have the co
"r~,#?x - "fA uroni
nrsi 01 <xii, **c ttmii
county just as thoroughly,
county as large as Brunsv
person to know of all the
us reports of church acth
funerals and birth announce
have published in the pape
A second service which
patronize our advertisers. '
advertisement in The Pilot,
to develop the advertising
into a dependable business
be as interesting as the nev
We want our readers
Pilot is their paper. Your <
be welcomed.
paper In A Gooi
Carolina, Wednesday, A
Retires I
V" S| I f
1 i
Dr. D. I. Watson, one of Bruns- c
wick County's best known citi- j w
zens, who last week sold his drug j o)
' store in Southport after being in j j,
I business here for 48 years. |d(
Dr. Watson Sells b
! His Drug Store "
~ ol
1- . _ . - - . is:
Had Been In Drug Business ^
In Southport For Forty- 'ir
Eight Years; G. R. Dosh- st
er Is New Manager Of c<
The Business
An important business transac- I fa
tion was consummater in South- ^
port last week when Watson's).
; Pharmacy was purchased from Dr. j
ID. I. Watson by W. E. Dosher, his ai
son, G. R. Dosher, and daughter, tc
Miss Sallie Dosher. ' t
Dr. Watson has been engaged
in the drug business in Southport
for forty-eight years. For a number
of years, and until his death
last winter, Dr. M. B. Mintz was
associated in the business with iai
Dr. Watson. j Jl)
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Bolivia School (
i Closes May 3rd
LdfllCSl Closing L/aic a v> | ii
White Schools Of County
Recitation - Declamation;;
Contests To Be Held On |
i| Friday Night Of This)
i Week.
Commencement exercises at the I
, Bolivia high school get underway j
: | on Friday night of this week ' ?
i! when the annual recitation and |a
! declamation contests will be held ;d
I in the school auditorium. The ia
s | graduation exercises, the final j
!' feature of the commencement "
j program, will be held on Friday j *j
evening. May 3.
I There is keen interest in the | e
i contests to be held Friday night.1 a
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rade name of the State Port
sed from Mr. W. B. Keziah^
mpany, Inc., Whiteville. This t(
ished under the new manage- t
| ir
that we have been in South-j a
impressed with the apparent ?
citizens for an active news- t]
tly encouraged by those who jw
efforts to make The Pilot a
I ^
' 3,
coming to SouthDort?to give n
k county a weekly newspaper a
e to them and one of which ir
In order to fulfill this pur-;
-operation of our readers. ja
t to cover the news of the s
as possible each week. In ai .
nek, it is impossible for one l
news. We ask you to mail to ' J
dties, club meetings, parties,
ements that you would like to
r. All articles must be signed, n
our readers can render is to ei
Tell them that you saw their ?
In that way we will be able c'
section of this newspaper *
and shopping guide that will
ps section. e
to feei that The State Port a
criticisms and suggestions will t;
HARPER, Jr., Editor. t!
d Community
pril 24, 1935~ PUBL1S
lewett Child Is
Victim Of HitAnd-Run
ive-Year-Old Son Of Mr.
And Mrs. Alton Hewett
Of Supply Fatally Injured
Monday Morning
On Highway.
ar Described As Being A
Dark Coupe And Was
Going Toward Wilmington;
No Trace
Of The Driver
Clinton Hewett, 5-year-old son
! Mr. and Mrs. Alton Hewett
: Supply, died in the Brunswick
ounty hospital about 4 o'clock
fonday afternoon as the result
: injuries sustained early Monly
morning when he was run
)wn by a hit-and-run driver as
s sped past a standing school
According to eye-witnesses of
le accident, the little fellow had
>me out to the road to see some
f his playmates off for the
hallotte school. He is said to
ive run from behind the truck
ito the road where he was
:ruck down by the death-dealing
It was described as a ua
>upe of a late model. The driver
tiled to slacken his speed and
ed from the scene of the acci;nt
in the direction of Wilmingin.
Sheriff J. A. Russ was notified
id he phoned officers in nearby
iwns to be on the look-out for
le hit-and-run car. No trace of
le machine was found.
Following the accident, the
lild was brought to the Brunsick
County hospital. Examinaon
revealed a fractured chin
id right arm ' and internal iniries.
Injuries about the head
re thought to have caused his
junboat Passes
Thru Southport
[is Majesty's Ship Scarborough
Passed Through
Southport Harbor Monday
Morning On Her
Way To Nassau
The trim, grey British gunboat,
[is Majesty's Ship Scarborough,
assed through the Southport
arbor shortly before noon Monay
on her way to sea following
week's visit to Wilmington.
During her stay at the Willington
dock, the boat was visied
by several hundred North
larolinians, who were extended
very courtesy by the officers
nd ship's crew.
(Continued on Page 4.)
farmer Smith Hurt
In Truck Accident
Carmer Smith, Brunswick counts
boy who is stationed at the
ICC camp in Polkton, is reported
> have received serious injuries
uesday, April 9, when the truck
i which he was riding overturnd
twice. Two other Brunswick
Dunty boys who were riding on
le truck at the time escaped
'ithout serious injury.
Following the accident. Smith
ras taken to the station hospital
t Fort Bragg where he received
ledicai attention. Late reports
re that his condition is much
"?*4-u 4-Via or*n nf Mr
I oung diiiiui 10 ?
nd Mrs. J. O. Smith, of near
^rost Last Tuesday
Sight Damages Crops
A heavy frost last Tuesday
ight did considerable damage to
irly truck crops in Brunswick
junty. Beans, watermelons, cuambers,
tomatoes, Irish potatoes
nd other produce suffered from
le cold.
There was one report that watr
froze in boats at Southport
nd several farmers of the couny
reported that they found ice
n water that stood overnight on
heir premises.
City Nominating i
Will Held
Five hundred and thirty-seven
checks, paying more than
J $30,000 to Brunswick County
tobacco farmers, have been distributed
during the past two
| weeks through the office of
, County Agent J. E. Dodson.
| These checks were for parity
payment on the 1934 tobacco
The release of these checks
in the county at this time ser\
ved as a business stimulant.
Special Tobacco
Contracts Signed j
Only 63 Acres Alloted This
County For Special Base
Contracts For Tobacco!
Growers Unable To Sign
Regular Contracts
Special base tobacco contracts
; for new growers who couldn't j
| sign adjustment contracts have
recently been received at the ofifice
of County Agent J. E. Dodson
at Supply and have been allloted
growers in Brunswick coun|
ty who qualified for these special
, agreements.
Mr. Dodson said that only 63'
acres were alloted Brunswick
I county for this purpose and there j
j were 140 applications for these j
I special contracts. Naturally there
were many disappointments. Sev-|
j eral farmers failed to get an al-1
j lotment for any tobacco at all
jand all the contracts granted under
this provision were for very
j small acreage, some as low as
j one-tenth of an acre.
Those eligible for Jiese contracts
1. Former tenants who grew
tobacco and now operate on a
farm for which no base acreage
was available.
2. Tobacco farmers who lost
(Continued on Page! Four)
Local School To
Clnse On Mav 7th
I ? - J
J Commencement Program
Will Begin Next Friday
When Senior Flay Will
| Be Presented In High
School Auditorium
, |
: | The commencement: program
for Southport high school will
j begin Friday night, May 2, when
the annual senior play will be
i presented in the high school audiI
torium. The play this year is
i "The Red-Headed Stepchild", a
three-act comedy under the direction
of Mrs. Arita Sa.sser.
. Other features of the com|
mencement exercises s.s announced
by Principal L. J. Dawkins
will be the baccalaureate sermon
j Sunday evening. May 5, at 8
o'clock in the high school auditorium.
Dr. H. C. Story of Wilmington
will be the preacher and
special music will be furnished by
the combined church choirs of
The annual senior class day
exercises will be held on Monday
evening at which time members
of the class will presen* their
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Readers: You may be inter|
ested to know that the publication
day for The Pilot has
been changed from "fuesday to
Wednesday. This has been done
I in order to give our merchants
a chance to advertise weekend
specials. It will also give
you a chance to take advantage
of tjie bargains they of1
The office of The State Port
Pilot is located in the Rouark
building in Southport.
Paid subscribers on the old
Pilot mailing list will continue
to get the paper until their
subscription expires.
8 o'clock.
To Take Register
"It was further suggested and
recommended by the committeemen,
that on the night of the
nomination of Mayor, a delegate
be named by each ward to take
a register of those presenting
i themselves as voters, by this preventing
any questionable votes
being cast, and doing away with
the confusion that has prevailed
at former conventions. As each
delegate would secure a roster of
those in his ward, these would
be available and helpful in the
conventions following when the
aldermen are to be named. The
above dates were named with the
understanding that the date of
the municipal election would be
Tuesday, May 13th."
Most Of The News
All The Time
$1.50 PER YEAR
Here Next Week
Candidate For Mayor To Be
Named By Voters Monday;
Candidates For Aldermen
For Each Of
Three Wards To Be Nominate
' On Three Following
Schedule To Follow Recommendations
Made By
The Ward CommitT*
11 A
tees ronowing a
Recent Meeting
Nominating conventions for the
purpose of naming candidates for
the office of Mayor of Southport
and members of the city board of
aldermen will be held in the court
house next week, beginning Monday
night at 8 o'clock at which
time a candidate for mayor will
be nominated.
On Tuesday night at the same
place and at the same hour, two
candidates will be nominated for
aldermen from the first ward; on
Wednesday evening two candidates
will be nominated for aldermen
from the second ward;
and on Thursday evening the last
of the city nominating conventions
will be held to name two
candidates for aldermen from the
third ward.
Interest Growing
As the time for the city primaries
draws near there is a
steady increase of local interest.
It is pretty definitely assured
that four men will seek the nomination
for office of mayor.
They are: Mayor Price Furpless,
incumbent, C. L. Stevens, a former
mayor of the town, R. L.
Thompson, now alderman from
the first ward, and Captain John
No definite list of candidates
for city aldermen has been announced.
The primary conventions and
city election will be conducted
under the direction of the ward
Following is a report
of a recent meeting of that
committee, made by C. L. Stevens,
Report of Committee
"At a recent meeting of the
ward committee of the city, every
ward being represented, the matter
of the municipal election for
1935 came up for discussion. It
: was suggested that change be
j made at the approaching election,
I that the order of holding the noi
mination convention be changed,
! namely that the nomination of
Mayor be held first, and this be
followed by the ward nominating
! conventions in order. This suggested
change was made because
there might be men seeking the
nomination for Mayor, who would
I with the Mayor's nominating con|
vention coming last as in previous
years, be unavailable for nomination
as aldermen. With the
nomination of Mayor settled they
might be candidates for aldermen
I under the new order of holding
1 the convention. On motion, the
new order was accepted to be
carried out, and if acceptable to
the Board of Aldermen of the
city, the following dates were
named for the several nomination
conventions: Monday, April
29th, nomination of Mayor; Tuesday,
April 30th, nomination of
two aldermen for first ward;
W ednesday, May 1st, nomination
two aldermen for second ward;
Thursday, May 2nd, nomination
of two aldermen for third ward.
The time for the conventions is

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