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    I pilots mailed t
ers in BrunsvvicJ
Bounty this week
i\lE EIGHT NO. 19
hcation Bible
J School Friday
isting Program Mark
The Closing Of Sucftful
Period Of Train/That
Was Conducted
ling Two Preceding
*" * * t
Enrollment was
fg h tv Certificates
iward'ed On Basis
nf Attendance
And Work
interesting commencement
J Fridav r.ight in the
*. h-crh school auditorium
7t0 a close the success[L
of the Daily Vacation
School that has been in
,s; here during the past
included songs, a
//the work done during
ible school term, including
In- work period and time
to Bible stones. A special
? was the saluting of the
d states Flag, the Christian
and the Bible. This routine
followed each morning dun
be two weeks term at the
nine 0f the school period
at "the beginning of each
lip program.
>chief purpose of the school
to give the pupils a higher
nation for county, church,
jible and for missionary en'the
commencement exercises
y night 80 cirtificates for
ct attendance and faithful
were awarded by the Rev1
T. H. Biles, principal of
school. Announcement was
i that the total enrollment of
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ect Teachers
At Waccamaw
B. Crawford Re-elected
'rincipal And Announcesent
Made Of Teachers
Cho Were Re-elected By
ichool Board
(Bowing a meeting of the
si of committeemen for the
fjraaw school in this county
week announcement was
It of the re-election of M. B.
tiord as principal,
t the same time the followteachers
were notified of
t re-election: Miss Wilma
fan. Miss Gertrude Maultsby,
s Arwyn Stepp, W. S. Mor.
Mrs. W. S. Morgan. Mrs.
K". Beck. Mrs. T. W. WilliamJr..
Miss Christine Fields,
i Sell Allison and Z. G. Ray.
tachers who were not re-electrere:
Miss Aiice Hardy, Miss
i Mills. Mrs Eva B. Stanley,
s Vivian Schultz, Miss Mildred
ion and Mrs. George Spivey.
tore taking up any matters
business the board organized
sleeting L. C. Brown chairI
end Mrs. J. E. Dodson secreI
Armstrong Evans is the
i member of the board.
Fide Table
' "owing is the tide table
' Southport during the next
* These hours are appro toly
correct and were furThe
State Port PUot
"" th the courtesy of the
J* Fear Pilot's Association.
' Tide Low Tide
Wednesday, June 12
* 1 m- 9:55 a. m.
5,Pm. 10:42 a.m.
Thursday, June IS
J * m- 10:40 a. m.
11:33 p. m.
Friday, June 14
^ 11:27 a.m.
* P. m.
Saturday, June 15
12:14 p. m.
* Sun<tay, June 16
* 1 m- 1:09 a. m.
m- 1:02 p. m.
Monday, June 17
* p " 1:56 a.m.
p,m 1:50 p. m.
Tuesday, June 18
aj ?- 2:44 a. m.
P ? 2:40 p. m.
__ J
B. R. Page Respon;
Improvements 1
To Brunswick County
From Magnolia High
School In Duplin County;
Found Bad Situation
In County Schools
Five Consolidated Schools
Replaced The One And
Two - Teacher Units
During His Term As
County Superintendent
Much credit for the fine schools
now in existance in Brunswick
county should go to B. R. Page,
! who came to Southport in 1922
I as county superintendent of
i schools. He came here from Dup-!
: lin county, where he had served
| as superintendent of the Mag:
nolia consolidated school.
When he came to Southport to
, accept this office, most school |
'< rooms in the county had about 1
one square yard of home made v
black board. A few had bought ?
I ones. A very few had patent s
| desks in place of hewn log seats \
j or home made backless benches, a
I Very little other fflrnishings or | 1
] equipment were present in these v
| wooden buildings. A fortunate s
I few had iron heaters, while the q
J majority had clay chimneys for;
Baptist Meeting
Held At Bolivia
Extraordinary Session Of
Brunswick County Bap- (
tist Association Held In
Bolivia Baptist Church
Saturday Morning
| An extraordinary session of the I j
Brunswick County Baptist Asso-1 (
ciation was held Saturday morn- j j
ing at the Bolivia Baptist church. |
I Nine churches in this district
| were represented by messengers. !
The purpose of the meeting ^
j was inspiration and fellowship j
| and those present discussed the
i situation in the churches as it
I is at the present time and the a
| situation as they would like it ?
to be. There was also a discus- jb
I sion of what might reasonably
! be expected in church work dur- ^
i ing the remainder of the year, j
Spearkers on the program in- jd
! eluded the Reverend A. Huggins,' r
T. H. Biles. W. C. Wescott, B. 11
j R. Page and Z. G Ray.
The meeting vva.; well attended 1
land those present pvofited by J
| their discussion of mutial prob-1
j lems.
Board To Meet >
For Three Days
Board Of Commissioners
To Meet Monday, Tues-,
day And Wednesday As o
Board Of Equalization 8
And Review |
Members of the board of coun- *
ty comm'ssSoners will meet nere j *
for the first three days of next'
week as a board of equalization ic
and review.
On Monday they will review! ?
j the 1935 tax lists for North Wek J *
and Town Creek townships; on ^
1 Tuesday they will review the *
j lists for Smithville and Lock-1r
woods Folly township; and on' ^
j Wednesday they will review the *
lists for Shallotte and Wacca- s
maw townships.
The board will hear taxpayers *
in regard to valuation of their t
[property and will make all neces- c
I sary corrections in errors in
j names of persons and descriptions r
! of property. They will not in- t
j crease or decrease assessed valu- 8
ation of real property except f
where errors have occurred, where, c
the property has been subdivided c
or where there has been either
(an increase or decrease of $1,000 .
or more in value.
Johnson To Head
Bolivia School i
Announcement has been made c
of re-election of O. C. Johnson r
as principal of the Bolivia high
school. This will be Mr. Johnson's 1
fourth year in that position. t
Other members of the faculty 1
tor the coming year will be
elected at a meeting of the school s
board Thursday night. N v
\ Good News]
Southport, N. C.,
sible For Many
n County Schools:
f- A :>>?
_? ^^4
^mEE' -f
jg??W* ?N-^,
? 1
warming the unceiled airy rooms. |
Several buildings had wooden
hutters, while numbers of lights
re re missing from those able to 1
.fford store bought window sash.
This turned in more cold air than
vas comfortable to teacher or
tudents on winter days. Conse[uently,
it was difficult to per(Continued
on Page Eight)
Lee Fun Ho
Under AJ
Chinese Laundryman, Who
wick County Jail For St
Of Hit-And-Run Drb
Lee Fun Howe, Chinese
.vho has been held prisoner
:or the past seven weeks ch
)f the hit-and-run car that
dewett, was freed Saturdaj
jond signed "by four promin
- i
The four bondsmen were Mrs. |
Ida Gore Cooper, O. T. McCel-1
an, W. W. Holladay and J. 1
Edward Bunting. Each of them
ssumed responsibility for oneourth
the total amount of the
Howe will be tried at the
Ictober term of Brunswick couny
Superior court on charges of
riving a motor vehicle in a
eckless manner which resulted
i the death of a child.
Megro Is Vi:tir; |
Of Over-Exertion
Albert Parker Died Early
Last Wednesday Morning
After Running To Catch
The Fish Boat On Which
He Was Acting Mate
Albert Parker, respected negro |
if this community, died suddenly
ibout 4 o'clock last Wednesday
norning. He was between forty- j
ive and fifty year of age and
iad been a fisherman in South>ort
for more than 20 years.
Parker, who was acting mate
in Capt. J. A. Church's men-1
laden fish boat, had run from j
lis home to the dock, fearing j
hat he was a few minutes late,
rhe strain was too much for his
leart and he sat down on the
Tanning board of a car beside
Tody Vareen, colored fisherman,
le soon slumped over unconicious,
and was discovered in
hat condition by Capt. John
Srickson, who was on his way
o his fishing boat. The negro [
lied before a doctor arrived. 1
Funeral services for the dead
nan were conducted Friday afernoon
and both the Anderson
ind the Morehead, local menhaden
ishing boats, came in early in
irder that the members of the
:rews could attend.
Births Double
Deaths In May
The number of births reported j
n Brunswick county during the
nonth of May lacked only one
if doubling the number of deaths
During this period there were
t5 white births and 13 colored;
here were 10 white deaths and
' colored.
Of the births, 7 cases were
ittended by physicians and 26
vere attended by midwives.
paper In A Gc
Wednesday, June 1
Commissioners In
Special Meeting!
Meeting Was Devoted T
Completion Of Routin
Business Unfinished A
Monday's Meeting; Me
Again This Week
Two special meetings of th
board of county commissionei
were held here during the pa:
seven days, last Thursday and c
Monday of this week.
The meeting Monday was fc
the purpose of discussing plar
for refunding county bonds. IS
definite action resulted from tt
conference which members i
the board held with a represei
tative of a brokerage firm inte
ested in undertaking this prol
lem of refinancing the counl
The Thursday meeting was di
voted largely to the completic
of the matters of routine bus
ness that remained unfinished fc
lowing the regular first Monda
D. L. Ganey and Harry Robii
son. appointed last week as rur
policemen for Brunswick count
were each required to furnis
bond for $1,000 each E. j
Ganey and Dawson Jones wei
sureties on Ganey's bond whi
Mrs. J. D. Robinson, J. W. Lai
caster and W. H. Thornton wei
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we Freed
51,000 Bone
Has Been Held In Brum
jveral Weeks On Charge
ring, Freed Saturday
laundrvman of Wilmingtoi
in the Brunswiok county ja
arged with beipg the drive
caused the death of Clinto
t afternoon under a $1,00
ent Wilmington citizens.
The June term of Brunswick
county Superior court
for the trial of civil cases
will convene here Monday
with Jndge J. Paul Frizzelle
The outstanding case to be
tried during this term of
court will be that of J. O.
Stone against Harvey Hewette.
The latter was driver
of an automobile which ran
over and killed Luther Stone
on the highway at Shallotte
on June 6, 1934.
The accident was declared
to have been unavoidable and
no criminal charge was taken
against Hewette. The plaintiff
in the civil action to be
tried here next week is seeking
to recover a large sum
of money from Hewette for
the death of his brother.
Children Of Sla
Oppose Pard
A petition signed by the
children of the late Sheriff
Jack Stanland has been sent
to Governor Ehringhaus pro
testing the effort that is being
made to secure a full
pardon for Jesse C. Walker,
who shot and killed their
father when he attempted to
arrest Walker on some minor
charge in Brunswick county
25 years ago.
R. W. Davis, Southport attorney,
who was associated
with the prosecution of the
case, received a letter last
week from H. A. Stanland,
who declared that "this petition
was given due consideration
by us and we feel that
clemency at this time should
not be granted to Walker."
Following is the petition
which the children of the
slain sheriff sent to Governor
"New Britain, Connecticut,
June 3rd, 1935.
"To His Excellency, J. C. B.
Ehringhaus, Governor of the
State of North Carolina,
"My dear Governor:?
"It has come to my attention,
and my brothers' and
sisters', that one Jesse C.
Walker, who shot my father,
Jackson Stanland, about 25
>od Community
2th, 1935 publisi
i Board Education
5 Confirms Action
? Of Last Monday
Chairman Rourk Told Mem1
bers He Had Resigned
Assistant Postmastership
ie| At Leland And Previous
Action Was Valid
>r( Board Refused To Increase
is Number Of Local Comr?
| mitteemefi At Waccamaw;
Watkins Failed
To Qualify For
1_ j Bolivia Board
Members of the county board
^ of education met in called sese
sion Friday night and confirm>n
ed their action of last Monday
!1" in appointing Miss Annie Mae
Woodside as county superintend y
ent of schools succeeding R. E.
1" There had been some question
a'' regarding the eligibility of Chairman
U. L. Rourk as a member
ih of the board. At the meeting
k- Monday a ruling from the Attor!"e
ney General of North Carolina
le was read stating that it was
,1_ unlawful for one man to hold
re two public offices at the same
? The grounds for contesting the
eligibility of Chairman Rourk
was that he held the position of
assistant postmaster at Leland.
I At the meeting Friday night the
chairman informed the board
that he had resigned as assist
*" a f T aland and av.
ail L puaLiiiaotci ?i.u ijcianu ???? i
pressed his opinion that the bus}
j iness transacted Monday was
! legal.
Chairman Rourk filed with the
^ I board a letter of acceptance from
i Miss Annie Mae Woodside as
j (Continued on Page Eight)
?School Meeting
; Next Wednesday
School Committeemen, P.-;
T. A. Officials And
Others Interested In I
School Affairs Invited
To Attend Meeting At
There will be a called meeting
of all school committeemen, Parent-Teacher
Association officials
I ar.d other interested citizens at
j the Bolivia school next Wednesday
evening at 8:00 o'clock for
the purpose of discussing the
, teaching of vocational agricul|
ture and home economics in
Brunswick county schools.
This meeting has been called
by O. C. Johnson, chairman of
the committee in charge of this
work. The other two members
of the committee J. W. Ruark
and L. H. Phelps,
j This meeting is of vital interI
est to all patrons of Brunswick
county schools and a full attend|
ance is urged.
iin Sheriff To
on Of Jesse Walker
| or 26 years ago, has returned
to the Central Prison at Raleigh,
N. C., after having escaped
more than 16 years
ago, and that a petition is
being drawn in his behalf
for a pardon.
"Our family at the present j
time consists of seven children:
Thomas, Chauncey,
Herman, Edward, Bessie,
Catherine and Murphy.
"At the time that Walker
imw thnii tlineo u;oa on
3HUI U1J laiUClf 111V1V ?wu rn.
attempt to lynch him, and it
was because of my father's
insistence that he be given a
fair trial that this was avoided.
Before he came to trial,
however, Walker escaped,
and was not apprehended
for about five or six years.
Subsequent thereto, he was
sentenced to thirty years in
the Central Prison. After
having served four or five
years he escaped, and has
now returned.
"As a result of my father's
death, our mothers' heart
was broken, and she died
three years after my father.
We were seven orphans, and
had pretty hard struggling
during the years when we
were young. We lost our
(Continued on Page 8.1
Plan To Establish
Fishermen's C<
1 Cil
Only two cases were dis- i
posed of before Judge Peter ]
vourk here in Recorder's court !
last Wednesday.
The case against Kenny Pot- I
ter, charged with being drunk _
and disorderly, was nol pros- **
sed. | C
Yancy Cliff, white, was
found guilty of assault and
was given two years on the
roads. This sentence was su- ;
spended upon condition that
the defendant pay the cost of vve
the case and remain of good fjs
behavior. j pjj
J ne'
Elect Faculty ?
For Shallotteop
Reginald Turner Re-elected th(
Principal And All Mem- Jvc
bers Of Faculty Except
Three Were Elected For ab
Another Year At Meet- su
ing Last Week th<
All except three members of be
the faculty for the Shallotte m?
i t ?? * ? t iL 1 _ AT*
I scnooi district in una cuuniy
[were re-elected at a meeting of jCD1
the local school board held lastj 'n?
j Monday night. Reginald Turner } qu
was named to serve again as j Ca
! principal. i aci
i Arl'
Teachers re-elected to the high |
school faculty were: John J. Gar- [ ^
rett, Miss Elizabeth Taylor and j trs
Mrs. Ruth V. Warren. j toj
Teachers re-elected for work in cai
the grammer grades were: H. C. | ed
Stone, Miss Catherine Chadwick, j ar<
Mrs. Cozy W. Hewette, Miss j str
Ma. .'on Watson, Mrs. Mae Home '
Russ, Miss Beatrice Bennett aid
Sabiston, Miss Alma Joyner and Th
Miss Annie Russ. at
Primary teachers who were re- '
elected included Miss Sidney Mc- nie
Millan, Miss Esther Riddle, Miss enc
Katherine K. White, Miss Ethel T.1 mi:
Edwards, Miss Mary S. Winstead, I err
Miss Ottice Holden and Frances | 'ini
Baker. | in
Teachers who were not re- sot
elected were Mrs. Ruth Hood | we
Galloway, Mrs. Martha Stallings j me
Sease and Pearly M. Heath. Mrs. pla
Sease resigned and members of (mo
the school board passed a resolu- i me
tion expressing their appreciation j pas
for the 6 years of outstanding! the
service which she rendered the i adi
(Continued on Page Eight.) j Pli!
Union Meeting At
Lebanon Church
?- . F
All Day Meeting Will Be
Held On Saturday, June1
29, For Discussion Of:
Some Modern Problems |
In The Churches j
An all-day union meeting will
be held at the Lebanon Baptist
church in this county on Saturday,
June 19. There will be valuable
discussions of modem
church problems.
The program for the day be- j '
srins at 10 o'clock in the mom- j ise
ing with the devotional exercises. | for
At 10:15 there will be a talk his
on church discipline by the Rev. is
erend B. Dosher. At 10:45 there Clt
will be the observance of the i No
church ordinances, baptism and cal
the Lord's supper. There will be I his
a sermon by the Reverend T. H. to
Biles at 11:15 and at the noon 1
hour there will be a picnic lunch Po<
near the church. sul
The afternoon session will be foil
opened with a devotional exer- j
cise at 1 o'clock and at 1:15 the Lei
Reverend G. T. Hickman will discuss
what the churches should
do in regard to dancing and card A
playing. The final feature on the
day's program will be a discussion
by I. S. Willetts of temperance
and what is to be done about i
it. Bn
Local Teachers 111
Still In Doubt ine
No action has been taken re- j
garding the election of members ly
of the faculty for the Southport are
high school for the next year.
According to Chairman J. W.
Ruark the board will probably ]
meet one night this week for lef
the purpose of naming next year's Mc
faculty. to
. v
lost Of The News
All The Time
$1.50 PER YEAR
Branch Of
>-operative Here
ty Of Southport Must
Furnish Sum of $1,500
And Building Site For
Cooling And Canning
Ed Taylor And J. Berg
)ffer To Donate Land
For This Purpose; Aldermen
Trying To
Raise Money
Plans were announced last
ek for the establishment of a
h freezing and processing
int. together with canning
uipment. at Southport in conction
with the rehabilitation
ogram for North Carolina fishmen.
John Sykes of Raleigh is
charge of the fishermen's coera
Money for the erection of the
mt here is to be provided from
b $4,800,000,000 set aside for
>rk relief projects in the nain.
It was required that the
;y of Southport provide a suitle
building site and furnish the
m of $1,500 toward erecting
a nlnnt
A.t a meeting last week, me airs
of the city board of alder;n
decided unanimously 1ti favof
the project, provided they
uld discover a means of raisf
the $1,500.
Morehead City will be the headarters
for the proposed North
rolina Fishermens' Association,
cording to a vote by the state
visory board of directors in a
seting held at Morehead City
ursday of last week. The cenil
freezing and storage plant,
jether with processing and
ining equipment will be installthere,
if and when the plans
s completed and actual conuction
is launched,
rh? plan'' here 'vill he a subiary
to" Morehead City plant,
e third unit will be established
the North Carolina Fishern's
Association is the latest
leavor of the state relief adnistration
to rehabilitate fishnen
and their families along
cs similar to those employed
rehabilitating farmers of the
ith, in which instance lands
re rented, stock and equipnt
furnished on a payment
n basis. It is reported that
st of the money loaned to farrs
on this basis during the
it year has been repaired, with
result that the state relief
ninistration actually accomshed
the feat of administering
ief and had its money refunl.
iVith the proposed cooperative
(Continued on page eight.)
Figures Given
sport Of Dr. Clarence Poe,
Chairman Of North Carn1;_.
D 1 1-1 .
vim a. nurai E.iectrincation
Committee, Shows
Figures For Brunswick
rhat rural electrification proms
to be "one of the greatest
ward movements in all the
tory of rural North Carolina"
the confident prediction of Dr.
irence Poe, Chairman of the
rth Carolina Rural Electrifiion
Committee, in presenting
formal report made recently
Governor Ehringhaus.
Tor Brunswick county, Dr.
e*a report summarizes the rets
of surveys so far made as
dumber of lines surveyed, 1;
igth of surveyed line in miles,
(Continued on page Eight)
merican Legion
Meets Thursday
ine regular meeting of the
inswick County Poet 194,
leric&n Legion, will be held
ursday night at 8 o'clock in
courthouse. Matters of rout*
business will be discussed at
it time.
U1 ex-service men and especialmembers
of the local legion
: urged to attend this meeting.
Vtr. and Mrs. Clarence Crapon
t Monday morning for Black
untain. They plan to return
South port within a few weeks.

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