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    Ifl pilots mailed tc
1 ders in Brunswick
bounty this week
Ilion Jenre
[Murder Ii
I Oth
I Returns Verdict At1
WO O'clock On Sunday
Morning After Trial Had
ted Through Three
... . .
Kj And Two Nights
endant must
i serve 29-30 years j
ijtor J. J. Burney, G.
| Fesperman And r.
Sentelle Prosecuted;
I W. Davis, S. B.
Frink And Dwight
I McEwen Defended
E- deliberating for almost
v two hours on a case
fcuired three full days for
a Brunswick county jury the court room at
B'cloek Sunday morning and
K-j a verdict of second deBcurJer
acainst Dillon Jen :'pr
the slaving of Louis W.
I or. the afternoon of Sep
decision came as the cliE:
-re of the hardest fought
ever tried here. Even at
Ery hour when the verdict.
Beturr.ed the court room was 1
E The place was filled with
Eiy silence as M. B. WatBfe
assistant clerk of court,
I the roll of jurors. Asked
Bt.ili speak for them, memB:
the jury indicated E. D.
B- their foreman. Not a
B was drawn in that moBbefore
Mr. Miliken spoke.
B defendant, who had main-J
Bts composure until a short I
before the iury returned its
It fainted when he heard it
Bcced. He was out for alIha'i
an hour. As soon as
las able to stand he was
lit before Judge Clawson L.
Btj. who presided during
Bal. to receive sentence.
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loking Over I
the Headlines
In Events Of State,
Won and World-Wide
Biterest During Past
Bta Frances Perkins, secre- j
B of Labor, told a meeting
W American Federation of
Bf Tuesday night that re- J
Bf is coming in a peaceful
. . The Works ProB*
Administration in WashB"1
Tuesday night announB"at
$1,140,000,000 must be j
W 'n order to have all emB^les
at work by November
B' All pretense of contin- !
Hliplomatie relation between i
Band Ethiopia was ended I
*?) when each country ex- [
V "t official representati- |
W* ">e Other nation . . The
forces of the United:
are being increased at
We of 7,000 per month in
this nation's policy of j
. G-men . were
nS Tuesday for clues to
B 'it.v of the parties who |
*nt extortion notes to
. . . Because of his
administration attitude,
|f'r Talmadge of Georgia [
"eft off the official'
committee when
Roosevelt visits that
thanksgiving week.
Kjljktrolt Tigers of the j
L!n ^ague captured the
Jr. 'Tianipionship of the
J* onday by defeating the
Bt. ^uhs in the sixth'
B'Th t 1 World Series
l, 'T'gcrs replace the St.!
^atainals of the National
l harni?'ons .
^ rkers were killed Mon- i
a terrific blast that
B a 'h'cago paint facBhvV
"Ul'V vvas branded
B as L,h" U>a'?rue of Na'
Bhj.t-,,. uggressor in the
BT^Hiao war . . . AnB
Hei .*?te uas that Em"
Bui ^'''ass'e will lead
ou pUge Eight)
tte Convicte<
i The Secom
er Criminal
C *
Members of the County
Democratic executive committees
will meet here Saturday
afternoon for the purpose of
appointing someone to sue- !
ceed U. L. Rourk as chairman
of the county board of education.
Announcement of the resig- j
nation of Chairman Rourk was
made last week. He declared
that his reason for leaving the
board was in order that he
might devote his full time to
his business.
Mrs. T. H. Biles
P.-T.A. President
Elected Following The Resignation
Of Mrs. Frank
St. George At Business
Meeting On Thursday
Mrs. T. H. Biles was elected
president of the Parent-Teachers i1
Association of the Southport
school at a business meeting of
that organization held Thursday
night in the school auditorium.
Mrs. Biles succeeds Mrs. Frank
St. George who tendered her resignation
at the meeting.
During the business session a i
report was made that the pianos 1
had been tuned. Money for this
purpose was donated by F. M. '
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Special Term Of
Court Is Likely
Members Of Board Of Commissioners
Passed Order
Requesting Special Term
Of Brunswick County |
Superior Court
Upon the recommendation of i
Judge Clawson L. Williams mem- j
bers of the board of county com- |
missioners in session here Monday
passed an order requesting a (
special term of Brunswick county
Superior court for the trial of j
civil cases.
The civil docket in this county J
is congested and it is hoped that j
a special term will clear up sev- j
eral cases that have been pending
for some time. Judge Wil- |
liams set the case of McCoy vs
McCoy as the first one to be
tried at the next civil term. j
The commissioners were in ;
session Monday and Tuesday but 1
only matters of routine business |,
were discussed. j1
B. W. Benton, member of the .1
board, is a patient in the Bruns- j1
wick county hospital and was un- jf
able to attend the session.
Fire Equipment j;
Is Demonstrated ;
New Water Pump For Com- i
batting Forest Fires Dem- ]
onstrated Here Monday <
By Fire Warden Dawson
The new water pump attach- j
ment for the fire warden's truck
was demonstrated here Monday i
for the benefit of the commissi- J i
oners and other county officials |1
by Fire Warden Dawson Jones. <
The new pump is attached to <
the motor of the engine of the, 1
truck and is under the hood.11
When connected up and the engine
is run at a reasonable speed,
the pump creates enough pres-'1
sure to throw a stream of water i
for more than a hundred feet.
There are two sections of hose i
with this equipment. One is to
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B. W. Benton, member of the
board of county commissioners,
is a patient in the Brunswick
county hospital where he is recovering
from a heart attack.
A Good Newsj
Y Southport, N.
I Degree;
Cases Tried
Two Other Murder Trials
Result In Verdicts Of
Manslaughter; Negro
Woman Given 4 To 7
Years, And Man 15 To
20 Years
Lester Johnson, Convicted I
Of Hit-And-Run Driving, !
Escaped With Payment |
Of Costs, Fine And
Suspension Of His
Driving License
Verdicts of manslaughter were j
returned in two of the three mur- j
der trials disposed of here last j
week before Judge Clawson Wil-!
Willie Mae Gaskins was found i
guilty of killing her husband and j
was sentenced to serve from 4 to i
7 years in the state penitentiary j
in Raleigh or in any other prison j
provided for delinquent women. J
Henry Hickman was convicted j
of the slaying of Clarence Wil-}
liams and was sentenced to serve j
not less than 15 years nor more'
than 20 years in the state peni- j
tentiary in Raleigh, to be worked j
under the supervision of the State j
Highway and Public Works Com- j
J. E. McKeithan was found
guilty of an assault with intent
to kill Ernest Babson and his ,
wife. For his assault upon Mrs. .
Babson the defendant was sentenced
to serve 2 years in the
state penitentiary, to be worked ,
under the supervision of the
State Highway and Public Works I
Commission. The same sentence j,
for his assault upon Mr. Babson!
was suspended provided the de- j
fendant remain of good behavior |(
following his release from prison
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Lecturer To Be
Here Saturday!
Illustrated Lecture Giving
True Facts About WaterFowl
Situation To Be De- '
livered In High School
Auditorium At 8 O'clock
Dr. Henry C. Oberholser, orni- j
thologist, will deliver an illustra-1
ted lecture on the waterfowl sit- j,
uation in the United State Sat-!
urday evening at 8 o'clock in the
Southport high school auditorium.
There will be no charge for admission
and the public is cordial- i
ly invited to attend. I
Dr. Oberholser has been in the f i
government service for the past j i
30 years and probably is the best! i
posted man in the country on the i
true status of the waterfowl. His i
illustrations will include motion
pictures and slides made through- <
sut the United States and Can- (
Ida. <
The lecture here will be of par- |
ticular interest to persons inter- j
?sted in the waterfowl of this l
section. Definite plans have been 11
made to have Dr. Oberholser vis
it Battery Island to study the I
birds who make their homes ,
Arrangements for this lecture i
were completed by Miss Annie
Vlay Woodside, county superintendent
of schools.
Debt Adjustment
Officials Here
B. B. Bell, contact man from
the Federal Land Bank, and C.
W. E. Pittman, district supervis- j
or of the debt adjustment unit j
of the Resettlement Administra-'
tion, visited Southport and Brunswick
county Wednesday.
While here they conferred with
Bruce Ludlum and R. O. Johnson
of the Brunswick county debt>
adjustment committee.
Those who may be interested1
or who may need the advice of (
the local debt adjustment body j
should contact some member of
the committee, which includes
the following members: Bruce j
Ludlum, chairman, S. B. Frink, j
H. B. Smith, M. B. Watkins and j
Rangwald Johnson.
C. Ed Taylor is conciliator for
this committee.
japer In A Goo
G., Wednesday, Qcto
Above left: Looking acr
observation tower may be se
the street in front of the offi
es are of bridk. Above right:
of the observation tower. Be
officers' homes. The caretake
deserted village which has
several hundred people.
Mouth Of Cape f
By Histor
Editors Note:?This is the
third in a series of historical
sketches being prepared for ,
The State Port Pilot by W. ,
H. Hood. The first was about ! i
the Brunswick county court- ,
house and the second was | <
about old Fort Johnson. I
The first appropriation for the i
construction of Fort Caswell was .
under Act of Congress approved I ]
March 2nd, 182& i.
The actual budding of the Fort i
was commenced by the Govern- i
ment in the year 1826. It was re- i
ported as about completed Oct- [;
ober 20th, 1838, at a total cost of !
5473,402.00. It was named Fort' ]
Caswell by War Department or-1 ]
der number 32 of April 18, 1833, <
in honor of Richard Caswell, first i
governor of North Carolina. (
The first brick for the con- i
struction of Fort Caswell were i
made on the shores of Waldon ;
Creek in Brunswick county, about i
four miles from Southport on the |;
historical old stage route now | j
known as the river road and on
the lands of John McCrocker I;
farm at what the old residents :
call the brick yard. .
The fort was in charge of Uni-1 i
ted States Sergeant James Riley j
at the beginning of the Civil!
War. I
Citizens Fund
Growing Daily
R. O. Johnson, chairman of the
Citizens Fund Committee, appoin- j
ted for the purpose of securing j ^
money with which to defray the
necessary expenses of the Brunswick
County-Southport Port Commission,
reports that donations
ire coming in daily.
The huge thermometer erected
Dutside the office of the Port
City Civic club indicates the in- \
urease in funas as memoers or i
Jie committee work toward their | \
joal of $1,000. Latest reports are! I
:hat funds have passed the $400 j
End Of Jen: ette Tri
That Of Fair
Most of the spectators in I
the court room Saturday
night were under the impression
that the Jenrette trial
was drawing to a close 11
years to the day after the
famous Stewart murder case, i
But this was not a fact.
Both cases were tried during
the October term of
court, both cases were concluded
on Saturday and the
verdict of the jury in both
cases was returned on Sunday
morning; but the Jenrette
trial ended on October
6, six days short of 11 years
after the Stewart case.
The jury in the Stewart
trial returned its verdict on
Sunday morning, October 12,
1924. Judge Henry A. Grady,
who presided over that term
ordered the Sheriff to open
court at 9:30 o'clock Sunday
morning in order that the
verdict might be received.
The Stewarts were found I
id Community
ber 9th, 1935 publish
? IS NOW []
oss the parade ground. The
en. Below left: View down;
cers residences. These hous:
Looking east from the top
low right: A view of other
r is the only resident of this
enough modern homes for
'ear Guarded
ical Fort Caswell
North Carolina was slow about
seceding from the union and
caused a great unrest among her
coast citizens, who were afraid ]
\ V> a Fodoral CnffDrnmont urould
occupy Fort Johnson and Fort
Caswell, these forts commanding J <;
the main entrances to the Cape h
Fear River. Fort Caswell was a |
bastionel, masonry fort of great ?
strength and was in good order, ?
but had no mounted guns. In this i
section the secessionists were in j ^
the majority, and early in 1861 v
the "Cape Fear Minute Men" |
were organized under the com-, j
mand of John Hedrick.
On January 10th Major Hedrick
and his men descended on j c
Fort Johnson and took possession
sf all supplies. That same after
noon Major Hedrick took twenty |
of his command, reinforced by
Capt. S. M. Thurston, commander
nf the Smithville guards, and a
number of his men and citizens
Df Smithville, now Southport, all .
acting as individuals only, and *
proceeded to Fort Caswell across
the bay, where they demanded
and obtained surrender of the
fort from the United States sergeant
in charge. This was done
before North Carolina seceded
from the Union. g
By an order from Governor (
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Prisoners Taken '
To Penitentiary'
411 Prisoners Sentenced n
Last Week By Judge Wil-1
liams To State Prison
Were Taken To Raleigh f;
Sunday ! E
All prisoners sentenced last j C
veek by Judge Clawson h. Wil- j 1
iams to the state penitentiary 1<
vere taken to Raleigh Sunday to I
>egin their sentences. ii
In addition to the new prison- j
(Continued on page five) [ n
- 1 C: ! T~ I*
lai ommar i u
ious Stewart Case"
J hi
guilty of first degree murder W
and a few minutes later
Judge Grady pronounced the
sentence which later sent | j
them to their death in the
electric chair in the first
father and son execution in
the history of the state.
Solicitor J. J. Burney, in ai
his argument to the jury Sat- L
urday night, said that the u
Stewart trial had been con- S
eluded exactly 11 years ago
to the day. j tl
Mention of the conviction | fi
of C. W. Stewart and his son, ti
Elmer Stewart, recalls the ! tl
story, said to be an actual
fact, that the moment that j1
the verdict of the jury was 11
announced in the Brunswick o
county courthouse, the horn
on an automobile in Wilming- t
ton belonging to Leon Geor- \ d
ger one of the men for whose a
murder the Stewarts were c
convicted, began to blow j \
without being touched. i ?
Local Coolir
Opened Foi
On Monda
A county - wide teachers
meeting was held Saturday *morning
at the Bolivia school
at which time Miss Annie Mae p
Woodside, county superintendent
of schools, discussed a
few of the plans for the year's
Principals from all of the
schools in the count}' reported
a large enrollment and there ,
was hope that several additional
teachers might be secur- ^
ed. k
Another meeting will be held |?
some time before Christmas,
the date and place to be an- P
nounced later. k
Two Apply For ?j
Truck Franchise 5
State Utilities Commission
In Raleigh Monday Heari"
Petitions From Two Com- h,
panies To Operate Motor u
Line 01
Members of the State Utilities, w
Commission in Raleigh Monday; la
leard the arguments of two ap- ?'
ilicants to operate a motor ex-1e(
iress line from Southport to Wil- te
nington. !e:
H. M. Shannon appeared in be- ai
lalf of the W;:mington, Brursrick
and Southport railroad. A fc
epresentative of the Pierce- tc
formy Duval Motor Express, of .
fallsboro, asked for a franchise "
wer the same route for that
ompany. 11
Official Report ;*
Of Grand Jury '
~ # : t;
Fudge Williams Praised The ti
Members Of That Body d
For Faithful Manner In
Which They Discharged a
Their Duties |fl
After hearing the report of the 81
frand jury made Friday, Judge li
Clawson L. Williams thanked the | ^
nembers for their services and C(
>raised them for the faithful
nanner in which they discharged j
he duties entrusted to them.
Following is the report of this
'State of North Carolina,
Brunswick County. I 8<
In Superior Court i ri
Co the Hon. Clawson L. Williams, tl
Judge presiding: : 8<
"We, the Grand Jury for the P1
all term 1935, Superior Court of
irunswick County, convened at e<
he courthouse in Southport, N. P'
I., on Monday, September 30th,
935, respectfully submit the fol- oi
>wing report: j m
"We examined 14 bills, return- ai
lg 12 true bills, 2 not true bills. cc
"We have made three present- as
lents. We have examined the ?
Durthouse and found it in excel-; ~
nt condition and well kept. I
"We have examined the county!
Lil and found it in good condi-1
on and well kept.
"We have examined the county ^
ospital and find it clean and
ell kept, though in need ofj
(Continued on page 8)
j \
Mrge Enrollment I <
For Local School ]
Attendance figures made avail- '
ble this week by Principal C. A. 1
edford show that there is an
nusually large enrollment in the '
outhport school this fall.
The total number of pupils in
le grammar grades is 282. The
irst grade,. Miss Clyde Bryan
eacher, is unusually crowded,
here being 62 pupils in this room.
In the high school there is a
otal of 102 students with the
0th grade having an enrollment
f 32.
At least one new teacher is
ladly needed to relieve the crowled
conditions in the lower grades
ind Miss Annie May Wocdside,
ounty superintendent of schools,
vas in Raleigh Tuesday to see
ibout this matter.
Vlost Of The News
All The Time
$1.50 PER YEAR
Lg Plant
r Business
ty Morning
efrigerator Truck Left On
Monday Night With First
Seafood Products From
Southport Plant Of N. C.
Fisheries, Inc.
lant Now Specializing In
Shipping Shrimp; Large
Part Of Products Is
Being Sold To Grocers
Ready To Be
The Southport plant of the
forth Carolina Fisheries, Inc.,
egan operation Monday and
lortly before midnight the first
ruck load of seafood to be preared
there moved out for marets
in the piedmont section.
Chas. E. Gause, manager of
he local plant, said last night
hat he was highly pleased with
he results of the first two days
perations. Bad weather made it
npossible for any of the boats
> make unusually large catches,
fotwithstanding this fact, two
uck loads of iced and packed
sh and shrimp were prepared
>r shipment on Tuesday.
Most of the shrimp have been
eaded and packed in ice fr>- every
to retail merchants, some
1 the shrimp were boiled and
icked and packed in gallon cans
hich were buried in ice. This
tter method is for the delivery
fresh shrimp ready to be servi.
Mr. Gause said that this lat r
plan for handling shrimp is
cpected to prove very popular
nd he says that within a short
ire many neop! - who nevgr be>rc
servea'ahrfh'ip will add them
> their regular menu.
The rapid refrigerator truck devery
service of the Fisheries or- *
inization makes it possible for
lerchants far from the sea coast
> sell fish and shrimp the day
fter they are caught.
At the present time from 60 to
5 people are employed at the
lant picking and shucking the
irimp. These workers are
rought in from out in the coun/
in order not to interfere with
le pickers who work for the inependent
Mr. Gause says that as long
s there is a steady demand for
-esh products, the canning equiplent
will not be used. Should a
urplus of fresh shrimp accumuite
here they will be shipped to
iorehead City and kept there in
old storage.
Hwo New Courses
Proving Popular
WAmp owinnmiw anH nnhlif*
;hool music, included in the circulum
of the Southport school
lis year after an absence of
;veral years, are proving highly
apular with the students.
Miss Myrtle Taylor is the home
:onomics teacher and she has 42
ipils in her department.
Miss Mae Ledford is in charge
public school music. She is
aking plans for a glee club of *
ound 40 voices and in addition
inducts class voice, and serves
i instructor in violin and piano.
Tide Table
Following is the tide table
For Southport during the next
iveek. These hours are approximately
correct and were furnished
The State Port Pilot
through the courtesy of the
Cape Fear Pilot's Association.
Sigh Tide Low Tide
Thursday, October 10
5:40 a. m. 11:58 a. m.
8:01 p. m.
Friday, October 11
6:30 a. m. 0:17 a. m.
6:53 p. m. 12:50 p. m.
Saturday, October 12
7:18 a. m. 1:04 a. m.
7:42 p. m. 1:41 p. m.
Sunday, October 13
8:06 a. m. 1:52 a. m.
8:32 p. m. 2:31 p. m.
Monday, October 14
8:53 p. m. 2.38 a. m.
9:21 p. m. 3:21 p. m.
Tuesday, October 15
9:42 a. m. 3:26 a. m.
10:11 p. m. 4:11 p. m.
Wednesday, October 16
10:32 a. m. 4:18 a. m.
11:04 p. m. 5.04 p. ra.

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