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    m0 PH?ts mailed t
laders in Brunswic
| County this week
l-J Audience
Ward Lecturer
I Saturday Night
I Henry C. Oberholse 1
fDelivered Interesting II
/nitrated Lecture On The
Habits And Environment
I jjf \Vi/d Birds
Ijes And Short Moving
Wpicture Used To Show
a lives And Habits Of
ff Wildlife; List Of
I Menaces Given By
I Speaker
a Oily a small audience attendee
JL illustrated lecture presentee
itoJdsy night in the Southpor
too! auditorium by Dr. Henr
"v"'">'ser, noted ornitholo
iOberholser said that du
, growing scarcity of water
^ Xorth Carolina, the mat
; conservation is the majo
m in this state. He declar
at the purpose of his lec
ras to show the true statu
, waterfowl and to consec
a his audience a desire t*
t wild life.
raah the use of slides Di
ils'er showed the habits am
lment of waterfowl, par
lv the migratory birds,
atinued on page eight.)
ociation !s
o Meet At AsJ
lay Session Of Th<
tiswick County Baptis
jciation Will Be Hel<
October 23-24
-day session of the Bruns
rnnty Baptist Associatioi
held at the Friendship
church near Longwood o:
lay and Thursday, Octob
tiding figures who wil
t in the program are Di
ireer, manager of th
ille Orphanage, the Re\
'age, of Raleigh, note*
:r. and Dr. H. H. McMii
Vagram, a missionary b
ing is the program fo
day meeting:
lay?Morning SessionDevotional?Rev.
F. F
0:15 Enrollment of mes
10:30 Moderator's mes
15 Co-operative program
u Huggins: 11:15 Orph
Icu un page live;
ing Over
Ivents Of State,
and World-Wide
it During Past
s day
ivy's new golden-wing'
ne XP3Y-1 established
>p flight record Tilesa
flight from Panama
wla, California, a dis3,387
miles ... A
in for Italy said TuesItaly
was prepared tc
'n in Europe if necesi
Meanwhile, Italian
ontinued their rentless
in Ethiopia ... A
uprising which occur'day
and Tuesday had
1 of several American
owns uneasy . . The
'ge of the morning palled
with football fore*
the major teams ol
ion come to blows to
ie -national champions.
uieement was made on
that the constitutiontho
AAA program and
* project soon will be
b> the United States
e Court ... A major
r-v Was made Monday
1 the aid of the world's
telescope when it was
wed that there appar'Oo
end to the stars . ,
?' the heavenly bodies
Were estimated to lie
Hied on page Eight)
Sunday Si
| Enterl
; Interdenominational Sunda]
t School Convention To Bi
In Session Here Sunday
Interesting Program I
The annual Brunswick Count;
r Sunday School Convention will b
held in Southport Sunday at th
Trinity Methodist church. Thi
will be an all-day meeting an
will begin at 9:45 o'clock i
the morning.
J. A. Bodine, president, and C
j Ed Taylor, secretary, of th
Brunswick County Sunday Schoc
Association have been busy fo
t the past three weeks working ou
y plans for an interesting prograr
for the occasion.
W. R. Dosher of Wilmingto
e will lead the singing, which is t
j be the opening feature of th
_ j program: the scripture readin
r and prayer will be by the Re\
1 erend C. A. Jones. Following thi
. | there will be a short addres
g by the Reverend J. D. Withrov
_ j At 10:25 o'clock there will b
3 special music by a local choi
and Claude Jones. At 10:3
. o'clock there will be a discussio
j group conducted by the Reveren
Shuford Peeler of Salisbury, stat
president of the Sunday Schoc
At 11:20'o'clock delegates wi
re-assemble for a business sessioi
A+ +V?i?s timn (lttonrlonro will Vi
j l> UllO W111V UVbVUVlUuw nut M
checked, reports will be mad
and committees will be appointee
J This meeting will be followed b
an address by the Reverend Pee:
er on "Personal Evangelism I
b Building Community Life". Bene
t j diction will be by the Reveren
i C. A. Jones.
At the noor hour a picnic lunc
' will be served in the grove c
-; the church yard. Local Sunda
a School workers are in charge c
p preparing the picnic dinner.
q j The afternoon session convene
t. at 1:45 o'clock with a song sei
(Continued on Page 8.)
IG. T. Reid 1
Members Of Brunswick <
Committee Met Saturc
| Successo
Members of the Bruns
1 j cutive Committe met Satui
! named G. T. Reid, of Wini
- as a member of the Countj
-1 Mr. Reid ran third in a fiel
| of six in a preferential vote i
the June primary in 1934. Claud
: Gore, member of the board, an
Mr. Rourk, who recently resignec
were the two leaders in the pri
mary vote.
Mr. Rourk served as chairma:
, of the board from the time h
took office until his resignatior
| so one of the first matters o
hnsiness at the next meeting wil
I j be that of reorganization.
This meeting will be held to
; night (Wednesday) in the offic
j of the county superintendent o
- schools.
Big Day At Mill
l| Creek Church Sun
1; Promotion Day exercises wer
,; conducted at the Mill Creel
J Baptist church Sunday.
i The program began at II
i j o'clock at which time fitting
11 and impressive ceremonies wen
I conducted for the Sunday schoo
I; by Superentendent Ephriam Dan
i; for and other teachers and Sun
! day school workers.
At the 11 o'clock hour the pas
tor, the Reverend B. R. Page
r used as his text "Laborers To
i gether With God." At the con
, elusion of the sermon enrollmen
! cards were filled out and re
j turned in an every member can
1 Beginning at 2:30 o'clock th<
Baptist Sunday school conven
' j tion was held, with the Reverenc
1 Z. G. Ray in charge. At 7 o'clocl
'' an impressive installation cere
mony was carried out for officen
i of the Baptist Training Unior
' with the Reverend Mr. Page anc
' E. J. Johnson in charge.
iThe old high school building ir
Franklin Square is to be torr
down in the near future.
A Good Newsj
DAY Southport, N.
chool Will
tain Visitors
* !
S 1
i ' * > ^ " *
e rAnm-occiBCin !C
ii Good Fisherman
le Congressman J. Bayard
i. j Clark Was In Southport
y Friday Morning And
1- Spent Week-End Fishing
nj On Bald Head Island
<1' Congressman J. Bayard Clark
; proved Saturday that he is no
h ; mean fisherman when he hooked
if and landed a 36-pound channel
y bass.
if I Congressman Clark and Postmaster
Wilbur Dosher, of Wilis
mington, arrived in Southport
> | Friday morning and left that af(Continued
on page 8)
Nfamed To
U. L. Rourk
County Democratic Executive
lay Afternoon To Choose
r To Rourk
iwick County Democratic Exe day
afternoon at Supply and
labow, to replace U. L. Rourk
r Board of Education,
The birth rate in Brunswick
111 county during the month of
e September was exactly four
' i time as great as the death
f rate, according to figures an"
nounced this week by Mrs. Lou
I H. Smith, county nurse.
! During the month there were
e 29 white births and 19 colored
f births, a total of 48. The white
deaths for the month were 8
and the colored 4, a total of
Only 19 of the new arrivals
* were delivered by physicians,
f,1 while midwives reported a to
. tal of 23 deliveries during the
j To Attend Red
Cross Meeting
J. Berg and C. J. Stevens are
- planning to go to Fayetteville
i tomorrow to attend the regional'
-1 conference for Red Cross work- !
j ers.
11 Mr. Berg is Red Cross chairman I
- for Southport and Brunswick <
; Making Plans For
i Hallowe'en Party
Members of the local chapter;
|J of the Eastern Star are planning j
j a Hallowe'en party, to be held j
in the Army and Navy build-1
ing on Friday night, October 27.
, The evening will be complete j
i with spooks, goblins, games and
aaper In A Goc
C., Wednesday, Octo
Statistics Show
That Brunswick
Is Progressing
Figures Compiled By Cen- j
sus Bureau During 19351
Farm Survey Indicate
Gains In Practically j
Every Farming Operation
Number Of Cattle Doubled
And Increase Has Been |
Made In The Number
Of Hogs And Amount
Of Corn, Hay, Tobacco
Sweet Potatoes
The number of cattle has dou-1
bled, and Increases in hogs, corn, i
hay, tobacco, and sweet potatoes
are shown in the last five years
for Brunswick county, North Carolina,
in figures for the 1935
Farm Census released by William
L. Austin, director, Bureau of the
Cattle increased 1,396 head bet
tween April 1, 1930 and January
1, 1935. Almost half of this in!
crease was in cows and heifers
1 two years old and over. Hogs in1
creased slightly as did mules.
[ Horses decreased 49 head. The
I livestock on farms January 1,
i 1935 were 2,584 cattle, 9,079
i hogs, 1,300 mules, 203 horses and
248 sheep.
Corn increased 23 percent from
1929 to 1934, or to 11,472 acres,
hay and sorghums for forage 61
per cent, or to 4,537 acres, sweetpotatoes
18 per cent or to 2,417
acres, and tobacco 16 per cent, or
j to 1,534 acres. Minor increases oc|
curred in oats and Irish potatoes.
Land from which crops were
harvested totaled 23,574 acres in
1934, and 27,405 acres were used
tor pasture. Ail land in tarms
amounted to 173,239 acres. The
average size of farms was 8.3
Few Whale-Shark
In This Section
Specimen Found In Cape
Fear River Near Southport
Last Year First Ever
Reported This Far North
In a paper prepared by H. H.
Brimley, curator of the state museum
at Raleigh and printed in
' the August issue of the Elisha
; Mitchell Scientific society journal,
Mr. Brimley says that the whale
shark (Rhineodon Typus) discov1
ered in the Cape Fear river sevI
eral miles below Wilmington last
I June was the first of its species
J to be reported so far north on
1 the Atlantic coast.
J A copy of the paper, reprinted
in phamplet form, was sent to
W. B. Keziah, who gave statewide
publicity to the finding of
the water monster.
In it he tells of the history of
the 50-foot whale shark ashore
near the Quarantine Station at
Southport and its offer to the
j museum. It was in such a dej
composed state, however, that it
i was not accepted.
He writes in part:
"The most noticeable feature
; of this find is the occurrence of
(Continued on Page 8)
Southpcrt Bey Ag
College I
High Point, Oct. 14.?Frank i
Niernsee, of Southport, successfully
defended his tennis
title at High Point college in
the fall tennis tournament
during the past week, by
trouncing Dale Jarrett, of
Thomasville, 6-3, 6-2, 9-7, in
the finals.
The Lanky
sophomore blazed
the early
rounds of the
tourney with
only two gammatches.
racquet eer,
eked out two
games on the champion in
the last set of the semi-final
match. The defender experienced
little trouble with Jar- ,
>d Community
ber 16th, 1935 publish
General Mc<
Attend C
At Cai
First Anniversary Of Estab- i
lishment Of CCC Camp
427 At Southport To Be
Observed Saturday With
Fitting Ceremony
General Manus McClosky, com-!
mander of Fort Bragg, and other j
dignitaries will be present Satur-1
day for the celebration of the |
first anniversary of the establishment
of CCC camp 427 at South- j
This camp was moved here on j
October 19, 1934, from Wiawass-'
ee, Georgia. Fifty-one of the men j
i who were transferred here from j
Georgia are still enrolled at the j
local camp. Most of them are i
North Carolina boys.
An interesting program has
been planned for visitors who at- J
tend the celebration here Satur-'
' day. At 3 o'clock there will be j
an inspection tour of Fort Caswell,
to be directed by Captain
I. B. Bussels, Dr. W. S. Dosher
and Mayor John Eriksen. At 4:30
o'clock there will be a sight-seeing
trip to old St. Phillips church
and the Orton Plantation, conducted
by Postmaster L. T. Yaskell.
At 5:30 o'clock there will be
company inspection and retreat
by General Manus McClosky. Dinner
will be served in the company
mess hall at 6 o'clock with
a program suitable for the occasion.
The day's program will
be concluded with a dance beginning
at 9 o'clock.
Captain Fred B. Leitzsey is in
charge or rne local camp.
Southport 1
! Party Of Leading Officials
Were Down Here Sui
Trout In A
Several leading official
pany arrived in Southport
Greyhound bus and charte
Captain William Wells for i
Two additional teachers have
been granted for the Shallotte
school and one each for Bolivia
and Southport on the basis
of attendance figures during
the first three weeks of this
school year.
One of the new teachers at
Shallotte will be in the high
school while the other is slated
for grammar grade work. The
new teacher at Bolivia will be
| a member of the high school
faculty. J. C. Overcash, who
! tamrht last vear at Leland,
has been secured to fill this
| latter position.
' The extra teacher at Southport
will help relieve the overcrowded
condition existing in
the first grade where there
has been a total of 63 beginners.
ain Winner Of
ennis Tournament
rett in the final match, although
the challenger forced
the final set into extra games.
Niernsee has proven to be
a versatile athlete since en- j
tering the Methodist school
last fall. He made the varsity
basketball squad his first
year, and was an important
cog in Coach Yow's machine
which took second place in
the North State conference
race. With the completion of '
the tennis tournament this
fall, he was crowned tennis
champion for the second consecutive
year, and will be the
mainstay on the Panther net
squad again next spring. He
was also a member of the j1
soccer team last year, and
will no doubt earn a position j]
again this fall. |1
Besides making an excellent
record for himself in the 11
(Continued on page 8) ,'
^losky To
trip Sapona
A }
Workmen are shown adding
the finishing touches to
the new steeple on top of
the Southport Baptist cnurjch
after tney had repaired
! damage caused when light!
ning struck the building
n oATrrwA a 1 nnf vin Q 1
I UUIllig o. iacvcic uiuwuvwi
'storm several weeks ago.
s Gaining
Of Standard Oil Company
iday And Caught 300
Short Time
s of the Standard Oil ComSunday
morning aboard a
red two boats belonging to
i fishing trip outside.
f The visitors were anxious to do
'some trolling, but conditions outside
prevented this type of fishi
ing. Captain Wells carried his
party near the wreck which lies
a short distance off the coast
j and within an hour and fifteen
minutes the party had landed
more than 300 beautiful trout.
Among those on the trip were:
R. T. Haslam, general sales manager;
J. E. Skehan, wholesale
sales manager; C. G. Sheffield,
retail sales manager; E. A. Holbein,
tank car sales manager; D,
M. Cox, manager tires, batteries
and accessories department; J. A.
Donan, advertising manager; A.
: S. Pawling, manager merchandising
department; A. R. Martin,
manager personnel and training
department and G. E. Bubar, operating
Still Destroyed By
Federal Agents Here
Wilmington, Oct. 13.?Alcoholic
Tax unit investigators here reported
yesterday a large liquor
making plant, consisting of five
steamer type stills, located within
a radius of less than a mile, was
put out of commission near a
point on the old river road in
Brunswick county about 15 miles
from Wilmington early this week.
The total capacity of the stills
was 760 gallons with the largest
of 400 gallons. Two were of 100
gallons each and two of 80 gallons.
Four were ready for "a run",
the agents said, and a fifth was
ucuig up:iaww. x uv uiuuuvia tocaped,
however. All the stills were
destroyed, as well as 7,000 gallons
of mash and 18 gallons of
The raids were conducted on
Monday and Tuesday by the ATU
men and it was the first time
in sometime that many stills have
been taken in one locality.
Notice ha3 been received at the
office of County Agent J. E.
Dodson that the cotton parity
payment checks will be ready for
delivery within a few days. Official
notice will be mailed each
grower for whom a check is re-eived
^ ajAH-I|
Most Of The News
All The Time
$1.50 PER YEAR
County Officers
Plan To Attend
Session P.-T. A.
Southeastern District Meeting
Will Be Held Saturday
In Wilmington At
The New Hanover High
School Auditorium
Mrs. J. E. Dodson, President
Of The Brunswick County
Council, Urges P.-T.
A. Officials To Attend
This Meeting
In Wilmington
A meeting of the Southeastern
District of the North Carolina
Congress of Parent-Teachers
Association will be held Saturday
at the New Hanover High
School anditorium in Wilmington
Mrs. J. E. Dodson, president of
the Brunswick county council of
the P.T.A., joins the district president,
Mrs. J. S. Blair, in urging
as many local association memhnra
a a nnccihlo ffi nttPTlH thifl
meeting. It is particularly urgent
that P.T.A. officials attend, says
Mrs. Dodson.
The meeting is being held on
Saturday in order that it will
be posible for the school teachJ
ers to attend.
An interesting program is being
planned and it includes an
address by Clyde A. Erwin, state
: superintendent of public instruction,
Mrs. W. B. Aycock, state
, president of the Parent-Teachers
Association, Mrs. Bess Rosa, parent
education specialist from the
Womans College of the University
of North Carolina, and sevj
eral other prominent officials,
i Luncheon will be served at 1
o'clock with members of the New
Hanover county council serving
(Continued on page 5)
Oxford Singing
Class Is Coming
Singing Class From Oxford
Orphanage Will Present
Program In Southport On
Wednesday Night And In
Shallotte Thursday Night
The singing class of the Oxford
i Orphanage will fill two engage,
ments in Brunswick county next
week, appearing here at the
' Southport high school auditorium
I Wednesday night at 8 o'clock
and at the Shallotte high school
auditorium on the following even,
ing at the same hour.
This group of entertainers has
a reputation for offering high
J class entertainment and their programs
always are favorably re!
ceived by audiences in Brunswick
county. This is the second appearance
of the singers at SiuTI
Dr. W. R. Goley, Hobson Kiray,
J. R. Simmons and George T.
Rourk comprise the committee in
charge of ticket sales at Shallotte.
C. Ed Taylor is chairman
of the local committee in charge
of arrangements.
These programs are being presented
at the request of the
Pythagoras lodge.
| Tide Table
Following is the tide table
for Southport during the next
week. These hours are appro
ximately correct and were furnished
The State Port Pilot
through the courtesy of the
Cape Fear Pilot's Association.
High Tide Low Tide
Thursday, October 17
11:24 a. m. ?:1? m
5:59 p. m.
Friday, October 18
0:01 a. m. 6:" m12:22
p. m. 6:56 p. m.
Saturday, October 19
1:02 a. m. ':11 a* m*
1:21 p. m. 7:55 p. m.
Sunday, October 20
2:02 a. m. 8:14 a. m.
2:21 p. m. 8:51 p. m.
Monday, October 21
3:00 a. m. 9:18 m3:17
p. m. 9:41 P- ,n
Tuesday, October 22
8:54 a. m. 1?*? a. m. ,
4:09 p. ni. 10:28 p. m
Wednesday, October zs
4:41 a. m. 10:57 a. m.
4:55 p. m. 11:10 p. m.

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