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    m0 Pilots mailed to
readers in Brunswick
I County this week
m0MEElGHT NO. 39
an Exonerated
/Of All Blame la I
I Death Of Child >
kroner's Jury Finds Acci-1
g lent That Occurred At I
I Jackies Creek Bridge On
Afternoon Of September
| 3 Unavoidable j '
f)rawn-Out Hearing Con-I
mjucted Here Thursday j
Afternoon And Evennr?"
II in? DC1*-'* ^ ~
^ A. Northrop
following a formal inquest!
L here Thursday afternoon and [ Q
L a coroner's jury return- jk
Li a verdict which completely ex-|h
Uted J- R- Bender ?f a o:
mum for the truck collision, ^
E, occurred near the Jackies I
K bridge on highway number jxj
Ln the afternoon of Septem-;t(
L 3 resulting in the death of S)
L rhree-vear-old daughter of|0)
Z and Mrs. Edgar Willetts of fi
kbrsbo'iv. . , w M. A. Northrop presiL
over the inquest and the fol- F
Ljjff citizens served on the e]
Lv'price Furpless, foreman,
Eard Brendle. H. C. Corlette, j"
tt Dosher, Hoyle Dosher and {
0. H. Hoiden. jy
driver of the other vehicle
lirci was involved in the colfcn
with Bender's gasoline
tick was W. J. Collins of Winutoiv.
Drivers of both trucks!
bd been placed under ?1.000 5
lond to assure their appearance j
it the investigation.
Counsel representing parties |
rho were riding in the Collins j
tak included VV. K. Rhodes, Is- t
ic C. Wright, Emmet Bellamy, j c
< Wilmington and R. E. Sentelle i j
t Southport. R. W. Davis and I
1B. Frink, local attorneys, rep- 1
esented Bender. , 1(
Or. the stand Mr. Collins testi- j
M that he left his home early
a the morning of September 3 d
b earn- a load of wood and pro- f'
nee to Wilmington. As he was &
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Looking Over j
The Headlines I
News Events Of State, *
Nation and World-Wide t
Interest During Past v
Week f
Wednesday t
Justice Willis James Brog- a
died Tuesday night at his !
Iwe in Durham . . He was ti
^ years of age and was one j s
' the most popular members , tl
* the North Carolina Sup- j e:
** court . . . The heavy t
maintaining her army
ju Ethiopia has materially cut 11
* told reserve of Italy, ac- j J
Ming to reports in the morn- j
*5 Papers . . . Following up
action of Monday when he
J* ,roops seize the officers of
State Highway Depart-1 jy
Governor Olin D. Johnchar?e
of "early $2,'W
of highway funds Tues,
Herbert G. Gulley has
. designated by Postmaster (
icral James A. Farley to be j
(uarge of raising funds for)
Sorts m0Cratic campaign In ^
' Carolina . . Assistant ?
lUArnr.,. r\ _ fl
1? ueneral Angus D. MC- ^
o! Washington, has re- ^
JW his position to return to
Carolina, where he will > ^
over the practice of the ^
* lames H. Pou. r
^Ports corning Tuesday from C
i jV? indicated that Premier
j^Uni is beginning to be
?"ied over the status of the i
I J* between Italy and EthiopI
'' International ostracism
I sl0?ness of military
1ST in Ethiopia were asI
<*, as Princ'l,al reasons . . c
I Soots'10' ^'in ?* 'l0l,nson, *? t
IH *-ar?lina, startled the r
I ^ 'fu' south Monday when h
I u')on stnte troops to h
I hv ,K'ntro1 of the State High- 1
I hta tm,""t Tho 55th C
I Utn' ??n?lave of the Grand t
W&Dder>' uf the Knight t
Iv, 01 Sorth Carolina was
?. Urin? the first part of t
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Jncle Frank Gord
School For
Old Darkey
Taught For Fifty Years
With out Interruption; ;
Has Served Many Different
Vas First Colored Man To
Teach In Brunswick County;
Is Now The Oldest
Man Of His Race
Living In Southport
After battling against over- i
helming odds to secure an edu- i
ition for himself, Uncle Frank i
ordon, venerable Southport darey,
has devoted more than a
alf-century teaching in the colred
schools of Brunswick counf.
Now past his 79th birthday,
'ncle Frank was active as a!
;acher until the end of the
:hool term in 1934. His period *
C service extended through fifty-j
ve years, and fifty of them 1
ere in unbroken succession. ]
Times were hard when Uncle i
rank attended school. His moth- 1
r was not able to provide lunch ]
Suggestion f
In Name 1
iouthport Lady Appeared
Last Meeting And Sugge;
Named For Dr.
At a x*ecent meeting of
he Brunswick county hospiti
hange the name of the ins
)osher Hospital." The suggei
>ort lady who said that she
l number of other Southporl
3 PT D C head and 10 pt lead..*
The lady, whose name was not
isclosed, called attention to the I
ict that Dr. Dosher has been a
reat force in securing the hosital
and that his reputation and
rofessional standing gives charcter
to the institution as it now
tands. She declared that it was
er opinion that his continued
nterest and attachment to the
nedical staff is an added value i
o the hospital.
In making this presentation,
he lady declared that there was
10 desire to reflect discredit upon
he present name of the Brunswick
county hospital, but, in conideration
of what Dr. Dosher
>as done for the hospital through
is years of valuable service, she
uggested that it would be emilently
appropriate and fitting
hat the hospital might be known
s the J. Arthur Dosher hospital.
The trustees gave polite and
houghtful attention to. the preentation
but it was pointed out;
hat the board has no jurisdiction j
ither in asking or seeking that!
he change be made.
^ew Men R ;port
At CampSapona
Majority Of The 40 New
Men Who Reported Last
Tuesday At Local CCC
Camp From Columbus
Forty new men arrived last I
'uesday at Camp Sapona to be- j
in service in the local unit of j
le Citizens Conservation Corps,
he majority of the new men are '
-om Columbus county. j<
The first two weeks in camp is i
eing given over to what is
nown as a conditioning period, j
luring this time the men are (
iven thorough physical examina- (
ions and are vaccinated against i
ontagious disease. They are also i
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Prize Dance For j
Benefit Of Radio i
n T T/xhnortn who IS
IVLlEf, fl. u. uviui?v<?| ...? - .
onducting a campaign to raise J ;
unds with which to purchase a 11
adio for-the Brunswick county 1
ome, wishes to announce that a i
enefit dance will be staged next j
\iesday night at the Port City
,'asino. Prizes will be awarded I
he winners of a dancing contest i
o be staged at that time. ji
The use of the Casino isI
hrough the courtesy of J. E.
.'oleman, manager. t
A Good Newsj
Southport, N. G,
Ion Taught
Fifty-Five Years
'or her children, so he usually
spent the noon hour looking for j
icrap iron, rags and other junk
:o sell to a local scrap dealer. If
pickings were good, uncle Frank)
lsed the money he received to j
juy cheese and cakes which he
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'or Change
Of Hospital
Before Board Of Trustees
sted That Institution Be
the board of trustees for;
al a proposal was heard to
;titution to "The J. Arthur
stion was made by a South-!
represented and spoke fori
; citizens.
Last Wednesday afternoon
Charles Greer, employee of the
local relief office, and Parker
Howey went fishing for a
couple of hours in the river a
short distance from the pilot
tower. The men returned with
two drum, one 17-pounder and
one 26-pounder, which Mr. ,
Greer had landed.
Logically enough, the fishermen
wanted a picture of their
catch and several snapshots
were taken. Both were bitterly
disappointed, however, when j
they learned that not a one
of the pictures was any good, j
Mr. Greer was a good sport
about losing his chance for
photographic evidence of his [
fish story and said cheerfully '
enough that he would catch '
another one. He went out by |
himself for a little while Simday
afternoon and came in
with another drum, this time
a 36-pound specimen.
He is taking no chances of I
missing a picture of this latter
catch and has the fish on
cold storage until he sees a
finished print.
Leland Boy In I
The U. S. Navy1
The navy recruiter at Wilming- J
:on announces that William Des-1
nond Anderson, graduate of the
Leland high school and the son j
)f Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Anderson, I
>f Leland, was enlisted in the
lavy on October 16th.
He was accepted at the Wilmington
station in July and sent
? Raleigh for enlistment, headjuarters
of the recruiting service
in the Carolinas. Immediately
after his enlistment he was
transferred to the Naval Training
Station at Norfolk, Va., where
le will receive approximately
four months training before being
assigned to a ship of the
U. S. Fleet.
The Raleigh district has been
assigned a quota of 60 men in
the rating of apprentice seamen j
for general service for the month j
of November.
There were any number of1
small and large yachts passing
through Southport harbor this
week. Some stopped overnight,
others going on through the canll.
>aper In A Goot
Wednesday, Octob<
Two-Day Meeting I
Held By Baptists
Of This County u
Brunswick County Baptist
Association Held Annual
Meeting Wednesday And
Thursday Of Last Week
At Friendship !pi
B. R. Page Was Re-Elected 1
Moderator And John ;
Jenrette Is Re-elected
Clerk And Treasurer
Of Organization
A two-day meeting of the af
Brunswick County Baptist Asso- m
ciation was held Wednesday and p(
Thursday of last week at the w.
Friendship church near Long- m'
wood. Eighteen of the 20 church- w]
es which comprise this association
were represented at the fri
meeting. YV
During the business session, the
Rev. B. R. Page was re-elected yC
moderator and John Jenrette was ig
re-elected clerk and treasurer.
Principal speakers for the first W(
day of the meeting were Dr. m:
Charles E. Brewer, president of jj.
Meredith College, who spoke on ] ar
"Christian Education"; R. D. ev
Covington, treasurer of the Mills i m.
Home at Thomasville, who gavejm(
a history of the orphanage; the
Rev. Charles Howard, who represented
Campbell college; and af
the Rev. J. M. Page, of Raleigh,
who spoke on the "Temperance ar
Movement in North Carolina." q.
During the program for the
second day, M. A. Huggins, secretary
of the Baptist State Mis- "1
sion Board, spoke on "Enlistment I"
of Membership of all Churches in
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Page AncTFrink
Lion And Lamb
Bladen County's Fiery Representative
V/as Week- ,
End Guest Of Represen- tS,
tative R. E. Sentelle
Representative U. S. Page of
Bladen county, Mrs. Page and y
their daughter were week-end ~
visitors in Southport, guests of F
Representative R. E. Sentelle and
Mrs. Sentelle.
Monday morning Bladen coun-;
ty's stormy petral met Senator
S. B. Frink with whom he had
several bitter exchanges during
the past session of the legislature
and the two engaged in j
friendly conversation for some j
While there has been no offi-1 ]
cial announcement, it is generally!
rumored that Page plans to seek
the Democratic nomination for
the North Carolina State Senate
during the next primary. t
All Teachers Join
State Association
Announcement has been made
of the one-hundred per cent
membership of Brunswick county
school teachers to the North
<"* ? A ooftninfiAn
UdrUllIltti ?iUUCauuu Aoouciauun. i
The Southport faculty was the | Cc
first to have a completely paid-1 in;
up membership. j ov
Skipper Bura Tho
The Woods W
S. B. Frink, B. L Mintz
and LeRoy Burns fell prey
to the romantic appeal of the
autumn woods Monday, so |
they purchased hunting licen- 1
ses, and shortly after noon i
hied themselves away in I
search of squirrels. i
Upon reaching a likely bit i
of woodland, the three men i
seperated after agreeing to i
meet again at an appointed I
hour. Skipper Burns was i
wending his way through the i
woods when he suddenly ]
came upon a still. The skipper
decided that was no
place for a squirrel hunter?
especially in view of the fact
there was a possibility for
being mistaken for an armed
officer of the law by the
jealous owner of the still.
Taking the path which lay
nearest before him, Skipper
J Community
;r 30th, 1935 publish
Vhiteville Attorm
From Southporl
Greer Was Unconscious j .
When Pulled Out Of The
Water At End Of Swim
From Southport To Wilmington
hinks Nothing of Swimning
Lake Waccamaw
The Five-Mile Way,
Having Accomplished
Feat Some 17
In the cool of a late summer |
ternoon in 1933, an unconscious
an was pulled out of the Cape ,
:ar river at Wilmington. That
is the climax to one of the [
ost daring swim attempt ever j
itnessed in this state . . . the
lish of a twenty-six mile crawl |
om Southport up the river to J
The swimmer was Lee Greer, I
>ung Whiteville attorney, who
well known in Southport.
Twelve hours and 55 minutes
5re required to make the 26;
ile distance between the New
mover and Brunswick capitals,
id he admitted that he used t
ery stroke which he knew in j t
aking the swim, but for the i
ost part employed the familiar
udgeon crawl. 1
The successful feat came only c
ter two unsuccessful attempts j
.d been made to swim the dist- f
ice, and came only after Mr. s
eer had been put through rigid [
vlonday Wj
For Local
ig Catches Of Nice Shrimp
Dealers; Figures
Below Las
Monday was the best
irimpers and several tho
li'imp were shipped that nij
f the good catches during tl
gures for this year are stil
ear through the month of C
The annual fall meeting of (
the County Council of the
Home Demonstration clubs of ,
this county will be held tomor- j(
row (Thursday) at Supply and ]
Miss Marion Smith, county j
home demonstration agent, ur- <
ges that all county and local '
club officers and project leaders
attend this meeting. If
The meeting will begin j<
promptly at 10 o'clock and 1
will last until noon. Matters i
of interest to every club member
in the county will be discussed
and plans will be made I
for the work during the coming
The Southern Bell Telephone 1
)'s. line crew have been replac-1
g old poles with new ones all
er town this past week.
ught That
ere Full Of Stills ;
?? 1
Burns departed, rather hur- S
riedly. ?
The climax to this story f:
came about a quarter of an tl
hour later when the skipper ;n
burst into a little opening,
only to be greeted once more
by the sight of a still. For a
moment he was under the j
' * XI 4- oma OQ_
impression unu uiu uivU ?osigned
him for his hunting
was full of illicit manufacturing
units. However, a
quick survey of the scene a
convinced him that the still n
before him was the same one t;
from the vicinity of which he L
was fleeing. A more leisure- 1
ly exit on the second occas- v
ion ended up at the car
where the three were to t
meet. V
And the anti-climax of this t
yarn is that the three men g
bagged two squirrels betwdfen r
them. e
>.y Swims 1
\ To Wilmington
~ ^ I
; g
raining to prepare himself for ?
he feat. He spent a month train- j
ng for the feat. * !e
The first try came when a j
Wilmington newspaper offered a j
:up to the first person to accomdish
this feat. He was unsuccess- 0
ill in that attempt, and in his t
lecond try, but on the last, which j
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is Big Day !
[ Shrimpers:
Reported By Several Local 1
For This Season i
?r ' ?
?ourt was held here last Wedesday
as only two cases were
isposed of before Judge Peter1
John McRoy, white, was chared
with operating a motor vehile
while he was under the inluence
of intoxicating liquor but
tie case against him was dis-!
Sam Todd, white, was found j
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Legion Meeting
Thursday Night
Commander R. C. St George'
nnounces that an important
leeting of the Brunswick Couny
Post Number 194, American
egion, will be held at 8 o'clock [
hursday evening in the Bruns-'
rick county courthouse.
Matters of special importance
o every veteran of the World
Var will be discussed at this
ime and all ex-service men, re:ardless
of whether they are
nembers of the Legion, are urgd
to attend.
it Years 1
day of season ictv local!
usand pounds of headed
?ht for New York. In spite j(
he past few days, however,
I far short' of those of last;
)ctober. j
Every box of shrimp that is
ihipped from Southport must
jear a government tag. A total j
>f 7,800 of these tags had been j
sold up until Tuesday by the j
Peoples United Bank, which han- j ]
lies most of this business.
Each box contains 100 pounds
Df headed shrimp and, using the)
tag sales of the local bank as a!
oasis for figuring the number of
pounds of shrimp shipped this!
season, the total lies between ,
T50,000 and 1,000,000 pounds.
The price paid this season to!
shrimpers has not fallen below a
lollar a bushel and several boats 1
lave made catches amounting to 1
50 bushels or more a day. . |
Only Two Cases j;
Before Recorder;
. M
Light Session Before Judge <
Peter Rourk Here Last c
Wednesday; Trial Of 5
Two Sampson County
Men Is Set For Tomorrow
A linrVif floaqinn nf Rprnrdpr's
weeK. xnese nours are apprv
xlmately correct and were furnished
The State Port Pilot
through the courtesy of the
Cape Fear Pilot's Association.
High Tide Low Tide
Thursday, October 31
9:43 a. m. 3:24 a. m.
10:16 p. m. 4:23 p. m.
Friday, November 1
10:30 a. m. 4:09 a. m.
11:10 p. m. 5:14 p. m.
Saturday, November 2
11:24 a. m. 5:05 a. m.
6:10 p. m.
Sunday, November 8
0:13 a. m. 6:14 a. m.
12:28 p. m. 7:11 p. m.
Monday, November 4
1:21 a. m. 7:28 a. m.
1:35 p. m. 8:13 p. m.
Tuesday, November 5
2:26 a. m. 8:40 a. m.
2:43 p. m. 9:12 p. m.
Wednesday, November 6 ,
3:30 a. m. 9:46 a. m.
3:46 p. m. 10:07 p. m.
^- w ....... s.*
J V*'
Most Of The News
All The Time
$1.50 PER YEAR
Jlans To Make
Survey Of Aged
In This County
"rank M. Sasser, Superintendent
Of Public Welfare,
Spent Most Of Last
Week At Important
Meeting In Chapel Hill
Meetings To Be Conducted
Throughout The County
Within The Near Future
And Complete
List Of Eligibles
Frank M. Sasser, Brunswick
ounty superintendent of public
welfare, has just returned from
, weeks stay in Chapel Hill
/here he attended the annual
'ublic Welfare Institute, sponsord
by the State Board of Charlies
and Public Welfare and the
chool of Public Administration
f the University of North Caroina.
This session %vas one of the
nost important held in several
rears, due to the fact that the
ecently passed National Social
Security Act was thoroughly disussed
by people high in authorty
in social welfare in the fedral
and state governments.
On the program were Dr.
frank Graham, President of the
;reater University of North Carilina,
Dr. H. W. Odum, one of
he leading sociologists in the
Jnited States, Frank Bane, recently
selected executive secreary
for the board which will
landle the social security activiies;
Dr. Roy M. Brown, of the
cchool of Public Administration.
.Irs. W. T. Bost, State Commisioner
of Public Welfare attended
ill the meetings, presiding over
i numbtA* of thenw,
Followine is a portion of a
etter from Mr. Sasser explainng
plans for an early registra;ion
of elderly residents of the
"As Superintendent of Welfare,
[ am intending to arrange as
juickly as possible for a number
>f meetings in various parts of
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Lieutenant Glenn
Leaves For Home
Lieutenant Ralph Glenn Returned
This Week To His
Home In Concord To Resume
Duties As High
School Teacher
A farewell dinner was given
Tuesday night at Camp Sapona
Tor Lieutenant Ralph Glenn, who
Has returned to his home in Concord
to resume his duties as a
member of the high school facjlty
in that city.
Lieutenant Glenn has served as
junior officer at the local CCC
:amp since May 25. He has made
many friends locally and was unasually
popular with the boys of
die camp.
He has been relieved by Lieutenant
Roy Aaron, of Millen,
3a., an ensign in the navy offi- x
:ers reserve. This is his first asiignment
to CCC duty.
Tide Table
Following is the tide table
for Southport during the next

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