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    I|D0 pilots mailed to
Lders in Brunswick
/County this week J
w^eeight no. 42
e Basketball 1/
medule Drawn
tjjp By CoachesjK
Held Last Week
K Bolivia To Plan A!
Kiel Between High i
/School Teams Of Thep
murnament AT E
A Games Will Be Payed i
K Indoor Court Either
Kt Southport Or Wac
camaw; Schedule Is
For Both Girls ln'
I And Boys
~ n"inc. I ^
Km school coacncs w f
? county schools met last &
K at Bolivia and drew up a w
Ejuie of games between high ^
K teams of the county for
coming season. 0
kns call for two games be- h
WL each team in the county w
- the regular playing sea
giving each team eight gam- ?
gainst opponents from Bruns- ^
county schools. Plans for a g(
Kgamer.t to be held at the j.
M, 0f the season will be anKfgames
will be played at ?
Kftport or at Waccamaw where _
mod courts are available.
schedule is for both girls'
boys' teams.
His as follows: ^
He 4. Leland vs. Shallotte at
^ a.r.a'.v ; Dec. 6, Bolivia vs.
Htma'.v at Waccamaw; Dec.
Hiiiiia vs. Southport at SouthHi;
Dec 13. Leland vs. ShalH
at Southport; Dec. 18, Le
vs. Waccamaw at Wacca- .
Br: Jan. 3. Southport vs. WacBar
at Waccamaw; Jan. 7,
Bed vs. Southport at SouthB.
Jan. 10, Bolivia, vs. Shal
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little Bits
I Of Big News J
Hews Events Of State,
fation and World-Wide J?
? . a
Interest During Fast a
_ 11(
B in
or Sale |n
I An offer to sell his body for , s>
I medical experiments for $5,- a
NO was made by Woody Mur- a,
H nhy. 23. of Warren, Ohio. Job- p
a and suffering from tuberIslosis.
he said he would leave <
lis mother the money should |
mother Love
H A little gray-haired mother,
taubled by her wayward son, F
I mortgaged her farm home in
H Georgia to raise $1,000 for
Ifces so her boy and his fril?L
found guilty in the Wilson
I bounty Court Monday oun un
Awful possession of firearms,
Bvrald not go to the road. The ^
Hteg men, T. N. Norris, of
Oklahoma, and T. Marshall 1(
*hichard, in addition to being
Swd a total of $674.20, were b
l*?tenced to the roads for two Q
;*ars, the judgment being sus- ^
I on condition that they ) j
% out of North Carolina for n
years. 0
W Nation ,a
I fepanese dispatches said ^
I night an independent P
*tion in North China would b
I * created this week under the !a
I ;rct!0n ?f the Japanese i'
I-5' This large new nation, j ^
I ^ reP?rts asserted, would j * '
a11 economic and finan-1a
I st ^tions with the Chinese
?onai government at Nan- u
I j?f and 86615 to promote corI
iJeIati0na air?ong North
I "* JaPan and Manchoukuo. j
I * '" ^?')el peace prize will
15ittlarde<1 this year- *he com- p
I v. announced Tuesday. tl
I Sm the committee de- ir
^ n? ^dividual merited the n
I Htvin & Stand haa taken on ai
k0 occasions. Among b<
I ha /u^6sted for the award st
I kiwtl!> ror Haile Selassie of J rr
I^Hteh bUt members of 016 D
I -I'" exPlained recently
I ^ tr 6?bad not 1)6611 sent in 'K
^ns deadline for nomi- F
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Movie Actor Wa
At Fort Ca
andolph Scott Came T?
The Fort As Member O
The 5th Company O
Charlotte, North Carolim
ittle Information Concern
ing Him While In Camp
Here Available After
17 Years; Is Now
A Real Star
Randolph Scott, one of th
ewest leading men to appear i
loving pictures for the R.K.C
:udios, was stationed at Foi
aswell during the World Wa
s a member of the 5th Compan
nd several ladies of Southpor
hen asked about him this weel
ly that they remember him.
The only actual record tha
ould be discovered concernin
is encampment at Fort Caswe
'as his signature on the con
any register, which he signe
s George R. Scott. Those wh
new him when he was statioi
3 at the fort say, however, tha
e was known as Randolph Scot
The fact that he was statione
oro Hnrina thp war WAS Hifimi
red recently from a bibliogri
hical sketch of the actor. H:
arents live in Charlotte, but h:
Work On I
Making G
Vinding Shell Walks Hav?
Hauled In; Shrubber
And Equi]
The WPA project for
iquare is coming along n
nents already have been
The shell road which formerl
in through the grove in fror
f the old school building ha
een taken up and the shell use
) build winding walks throug
le park. The road will be closei
Plans for beautification includ
lanting shrubbery and flowei
nd woods mould and rich so
re being hauled in.
The old school building will t
3rn down and the place where
ow stands will be used for ti
onstruction of playground equij
lent. This will include swing
ee-saws, giant-strides and oth(
musement features for tt
chool children and other Soutl
ort youngsters.
CCC Boys Turn
To Basketbal
'rospects For Strong Teai
At Camp Sapona Ar
Unusually Good; Coac
Fat Marr Has Severt
Men Working Out Dail
Reports from Camp Sapona ii
icate that a strong basketbs
earn is in the making at tl
>cal CCC camp.
a sriuad of fifteen men hai
"" ~"a
een going through daily worl
uts for the past two weeks ui
er the direction of coach F?
larr. Included in the group ai
len who have played on juni<
ollege and high school teams.
The first games of the seasc
re scheduled for this week. C
Wednesday night the boys wi
lay the Waccamaw high schoi
:am in their school gymnasiui
nd on Friday night the men wi
jurney to Rose Hill for a ganr
'ith the high school. The W. 1
team of Wilmington will pla
ere Thanksgiving night
Outstanding candidates for th
:am this year are: Woodan
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fragment Causes
Loss Of One Ey
Marshall Fullwood, of Soutl
art underwent an operation fc
le removal of an eye last wee
i a Savannah hospital. The op<
ition was performed followin
a injury received several day
ifore when a flake of iron rus
xuck Mr. Fullwood, who is
lember of the crew of the U. I
redge Comstock, in the eye.
Mrs. Ethel Fullwood, Mis
atharine Fullwood and Joh
ullwood, all of Southport visJ
d the injured man while he wa
i the hospital.
A Good Newsj
,AY Southport, N. C
s Stationed
swell During War
n j
). birthplace was given as some j
"t I town in Virginia,
ir j Scott's movie career began
y|several years ago when he play-)
t, ed roles in western pictures. Outc,!
standing performances in these
pictures gained for him a part
it'as one of the leading men in
ig i "Roberta," one of the most suc11
[cessful musical comedies of rei
J cent years. Since that picture his
d services have been in constant
10 j demand.
l- One of his latest pictures is
it "She", which plays the latter part
t. | of this week at the Carolina
id theatre, Wilmington. The fuzzyr
looking head gear he is wearing
i-! in the accompanying photograph
is ) is a part of his costume in one
is | of the scenes from that show.
3ark Project
1 T> -
uuu irrugrcss
? Been Laid And Sod Is Being
y Will Be Planted Later
pment Added
the beautification of Franklin
icely and noticeable improvemade.
'e4 Local shrimpers had a good
! day Monday and shipments
I from Southport Monday night
)e ' were larger than on any pre^
I vious day this season. Prices
(e I being paid for the shrimp are
( some. higher than those paid
g ; earlier in the season.
Faced with a shortage of
* labor for heading the shrimp
I before icing and packing them
for shipment, several local
j dealers have been hauling
! shrimp pickers from out in
I the country for this work.
? Duck Season To
n Dnnn Nnv 90fll
j? V/|iVll 11WT IdVlu
Duck Hunters Are Looking
y Forward With Great Inv
terest To Opening Day
jl Of Season For Waterie
;e Raleigh, Nov. 18.?Streaming
t. down the sky in ever-increasing
j. waves, migratory waterfowl are
it arriving in North Carolina to the
re delight of hunters who will take
)r the field for this type of game
Wednesday, November 20, the
,n opening day under state and fed>n
eral regulations,
ill Observers have reported to J.
31 D. Chalk, state game and inm
land fisheries commissioner, that
H many species of ducks and geese
ie j have arrived in various parts of
^ i the state in larger numbers than
y on similar dates in several years.
| While the national crisis for
ie waterfowl has not Been passed,
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Ruark Delegate
To Convention
Word was received here this
t- week of the appointment by G**)r
ernor J. C. B. Ehringhaus of J.
k W. Ruark, Southport attorney,
>. as delegate to a special meeting
g | of the National Rivers and Hara
i bors Congress, to be held in New
it Orleans, December 13 and 14.
a The delegates must bear their
3. own expenses.
Among the other delegates
is named by the governor were W.
n H. Sprunt, Alton Lennon, L. T.
I-j Moore, W. B. Campbell and Har,a;
ris Newman, of Wilmington, and
J. Bayard Clark, of Fayetteville.
laper In A Go<
Wednesday, Novei
Ash Club Women
Win First Prize
For Year's Work
Fine Record Of The Ash
Club Was Made Possible
Through The Co-operation
Of The Members
And Their Leaders
Includes Things Done To
Improve Homes In The
Community, Efforts
To Stimulate The
Social Life And
Charity Work
At a recent meeting of the
Brunswick county council of home
demonstration clubs the Ash club
[won first place for doing outstanding
work during 1935. A
steam pressure-cooker, donated
by Mrs. Ada W. Foster, former
jhome agent, was awarded the
winning club. The Exum club
was second.
The success of the Ash club is
attributed to the fine co-operajtion
of the 16 members. So faithjful
were they in attending meetings
throughout the year that
their average attendance was 12.
Mrs. D. B. Long, the food leader,
deserves special credit.
Members of the club are: Mrs.
M. B. Crawford, president; Mrs.
J. A. Purvis, vice-president; Mrs.
James Purvis, secretary; Mrs.
Lois Formy Duval, treasurer;
Mrs. S. K. Babson, Mrs. D. B.
Long, Mrs. William Matthews,
Mrs. ti. rtay, jvirs. j. k. oimmons,
Mrs. Maggie Long, Mrs.
W. J. Purvis, Mrs. Delia Smith,
Mrs. Iredell Long, Mrs. Dalton
Simmons. Outstanding
achievements of
the club during the year include:
Making 750 garments; about 2,500
quarts of food canned; 10,000
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[Funeral Services
For Dr. Goley
Throng Attended Service
Held Wednesday Afternoon
At Methodist Church
In Shallotte; Burial In
Hundreds of friends and former
patients of Dr. W. R. Goley attended
the brief funeral services
held last Wednesday afternoon
at the Methodist church in Shal[
lotte before the body was carIried
to Durham for burial Thursday.
Dr. Goley died last Tuesday
night in the Brunswick county
hospital as the result of a hearl
attack. He had come to the hospital
Tuesday afternoon to receive
treatment for a throat infection.
The Rev. R. N. Fitts was in
charge of the services. Masons
attended In a body and the Junior
order was represented by officials.
The deceased was a member
of both of these fraternal organizations.
Among those in attendance
were several hundred school children
who were present to pay
their final tribute of respect to
I Dr. Goley.
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High School Lassi
Of scarcely less local significance
than the startling
upset of Carolina last Saturday
by the Duke University
football team was the 26 to
13 defeat handed members of
the Soutbport high school
faculty Tuesday night In a
basketball game with the
high school girls.
Boasting a much heavier
and more experienced team,
the faculty sextet apparently
was odds on favorite to show
the local lassies a thing or
so about the game as it was
played In days of yore. But
this dope sheet was compiled
without consideration of the
sure-fire passing attack and
sharp shooting by the high
school girls.
To name a single outstanding
star for the high school
would be an injustice to
other members of 'the team.
True, Hickman accounted for
3d Community
Tiber 20, 1935 publish
Two Views Ov<
The City 1
- ....... .
Above is a view of t
I toward the business distrh
1 tower. Below is shown a v
The inland waterway may
The Final I
In Inlan
Completion Of This 35-Mi
Will Provide Inside Pa!
Two dredges met in tl
I Myrtle Beach Monday afte
j in the inland route along
i cut away.
Seven sewing rooms situated
in six communities in Brunswick
county have been open11
ed, giving employment to more
t than a hundred women.
At Southport there are two
sewing rooms, one for the
| white women and one for the
colored. There also is a c?I'!
ored sewing room at Leland.
rj Others for white workers are
: located at Lanvalle, Bolivia,
Shallotte and Ash.
j Miss Mary Ruth McQueen
j is supervisor for the county.
[\ Leland Seniors
I To Present Pla
"Miss Blue Bonnett," a musia
, comedy, will be presented nea
! Tuesday and Wednesday evening
11 in the Leland high scnooi auai
Itorium by members of the Senio
! class.
ies Upset
s In Exciting Gam<
18 points for her team, but
fine passing gave her the
ball time after time in scoring
The work of the high
school defense was a thing
at which to maryel. Watson
managed to drop in five field
goals and three charity tosses
for her team's lS-point total,
but the fans are still
wondering how two forwards
like Taylor and Cromartie
j were completely stopped ior
the evening. The former turned
In a whale of a floor
game?spending fully half
her time falling down or getting
up; the latter played a
nice one-handed game.
The sturdy guards for the
faculty broke up play after
play with their stonewall
defense as Hood, Ledford,
Hinton and her substitute,
Parker, turned in their game
of the year.
Of Southport
7 " " " j
V?Q ^ifir nf .QmifViriArf. lonlrinc
11V/ V1VJ1 Vi. k/V UU11J/V/1. v . w ...--?
3t from the top of the Piloi
iew of the residential section
be been in the background.
.ink Is Cut
d Waterway
le Link Expected By March
tsage From Trenton, N. J.
ie intracoastal waterway nea
rnoon as the last link of lan<
the South Carolina coast wa
-* Col William G. Caples, Unitei
States district engineer of Char
jleston, was aboard the dredg
'Margate as she took up the las
25 feet of land which separate
two sections of the 35-mil
stretch along the Horry count;
coast. Completion of the 11-mil
job on which three dredges ar
now working, scheduled for Mai
ch 4, will make available th
| entire waterway from Trentor
N. J., to Floirda, by which sma
! vessels may travel in landlocke
I water the entire way.
The cost of the 35-mile sectio
is estimated by Colonel Caple
to be about $6,000,000, includin
three bridges which cross it. On
' of these, a combination railroa
land highway bridge near Myrtl
| Beach, is still under constructioi
Fight Show At
J Local CCC Cam]
;t Boxing And Wrestlin;
s Bouts Thursday Night A
_ Camp Sapona Create*
ry 1 LI I _ 1 .J
r L-onsiaerauie i u i c c sl
Others To Be Schedule)
Local sports fans were give;
' plenty of thrills last Thursda;
(night at the boxing and wrestlinj
bouts staged in the recreatioi
1 hall at the local CCC camp. Sev
" eral Southport ladies were in
eluded in the audience.
One knock-out occurred durin;
the boxing program, Woodan
disposing of Fields in this man
ner during the second round o
their bout. Stiller won a decisioi
over Whitaker, Sherrill won ove:
Stevens; Broadwell beat Carlisli
and Wagner lost to Matthewsoi
on a technical knock-out foi
other results.
Sherrill scored two straigh
falls over Ward in the first oi
the wrestling bouts while in th<
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Fireman Benefit
From Amusement:
The ferris wheel and merry
go-round now located in Frank
lin Square is here under the aus
pices of the Southport volunteei
fire company. Money realizec
from this agreement will be user
to purchase new equipment foi
the local department
Most Of The News
All The Time
$1.50 PER YEAR
Red Cross Roll
Call Is Making
: Good Progress
During The Week Which
Remains Before Thanksgiving
C. L. Stevens, The
Membership Organizer,
Hopes To Set New Record
Goal Set To Have Every
Room In Consolidated
Schools Of The County
Become Active
Member Of This
i During the week between now
land Thanksgiving C. L. Stevens,
I Red Cross membership organizer
1 for Brunswick county, hopes to
[surpass all records for paid members
of this organization in his
| territory. Results so far indicate
that this goal is well within
reach of enthusiastic workers.
During the past week Mr.
Stevens has visited three of the
consolidated schools of the county
to make talks in the interest
I of the Red Cross. His first objective
is to have every grade in
a consolidated high school beIcome
responsible for a paid membership.
Other members will be
solicited by school children.
? In his talks at the various
t schools, Mr. Stevens has laid
. stress upon the great service
rendered annually by the American
Red Cross. An effort has
been made to impress the children
with the good which may
! result from their small conrnou\
Miss Gwendolyn St. George is
securing members in Southport.
i Wilmington Host
To M. E. Meeting
I Eastern North Carolina
s Conference Of The Methodist
Episcopal Church,
j South, To Be In Session
. There This Week
t With approximately 500 minisd
ters and laymen expected to ate
tend, the North Carolina confery
ence of the Methodist Episcopal
e church, South, will be opened on
e Thursday at Grace Methodist
? church in Wilmington and con
e I tinue for four days.
! Dr. J. H. Barnhardt, pastor of
II the host church announces that
d arrangements for accommodation
of the delegates and visitors have
n been completed. All Methodist
3 churches of the city are coopeg
rating in entertainment of the
e gathering, one of the largest to
d be held here this year.
[e Bishop Paul B. Kern, of
1 Greensboro, who is in charge of
the tenth Episcopal area, will
preside. He is scheduled to arrive
late Tuesday afternoon and a
meeting of his cabinet of several
presiding elders will be held on
J; Wednesday. Many details of
I church business, including the
making of appointments of pasS
tors, will be attended to at this
t time. The seven district heads
i are the Rev. H. B. Porter, Dur;
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i ?
: Tide Table
n Following is the tide table
for Southport during the next
" | week. These hours are appro
ximately correct and were fur>
j nished The State Port Pilot
through the courtesy of the
"I Cape Fear Pilot's Association.
1 High Tide Low Tide
r Thursday, November 21 ?
3:57 a. m. 10.21 a. m.
* 4:12 p. m. 10.25 p. m.
Friday, November 22
4:42 a. m. 11:08 a. m.
. 5:00 p. m. 11.08 p. m.
f Saturday, November 28
5:24 a. m. 11:58 a. m.
5:47 p. m. 11:49 p. m.
Sunday, November 24
6.06 a. m.
6:30 p. m. 12:85 p. m.
e- Monday, November 25
6:46 a. m. 0:28 a. m.
7:11 p. m. 1:17 p. m.
Tuesday, November 20
7:25 a. m. 1:08 a. m.
7:52 p. m. 1:58 p. m.
Wednesday, November 27
. 8:05 a. m. 1:48 a. m.
. 8:85 p. m. 2:40 p Jn.
'audi ririSfrirfTrSifrlialiffittforfi

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