North Carolina Newspapers

    M) pilots mailed t
in Krunswic!
Rfouiity this week
NO. 43
wL Methodist
Benchers For
Hunty Charge;
Hurl For All Methodis
^marches In This County
Koged As New Assign
Were Announcer
Ms Here From Lilling
//here nc _
ted For Past Four
?; TheTRep C*
Jones To Burith
annual meeting o
i Carolina conference c
odist Episcopal churcl
5 brought to a close a
irch in Wilmington o
: i o'clock with Bisho
Kern, of Greensbon
e list of appointment
ninsr year.
tents of the Wilming
are as follows:
ide, presiding elder.
I'. R. Stevens; Brunt
t. J. K. Worthingto
turgaw, C. A. Jone;
eek, E. L. Stack
M. W. Lawrence
F. Munns; Elizabet)
is; Fairmont, J. I
?on-Kenansville, F. I
rland, T. VV. Lee
N. Philips; Jacksor
s, H. L. Davie
\ G. Vickers; Luir
, X. B. Strickland
J. Andrews; Rose
Thompson; Scotl
-ong; Shallotte, W
Southport, E. A
1 R. e. Atkinsor
Pauls. J. W. Harrell; Swans
a C W. Barbee; Tabor Cit;
1 Johnson; Town Creek, .
bnr.or.: Wallace-Rose Hill, I
Ibr.ess Warsaw-Magnolia, M
Ijteville, J. H. Miller; Wi
(tor.. Epworth. O. L. Hatha
t Fifth Avenue. H. L. Her
is: Grace, F. S. Lowe; Trir
Walter Patten. Conferenc
lor. secretary, F. S. Lov<
ens Conservation Corps, F
Pr.ce. Superannuates, D. A
Rii J. M. Lowder, J. F. Usn
H. Biggs, J. H. Frizzell.
le Reverend Hall, who ha
t assigned to the Southpor
p. has preached for the pas
t years at Lillington. Befor
t time he filled the pulpit c
Epworth Methodist church i:
If Reverend C. A. Jones, out
? pastor of the local Meth
t church, is being sent t
k Reverend Harmon, nev
aer at Town Creek, is i
& pastor at Shallotte.
ittle Bits
Of Big News
Events Of State,
Jon and World-Wide
Merest During Past
of Greece came
, Monday after 12 years
, wit a stormy weiB?6
for the returned monB?
dosed on a sharp note
Bk&ppointment when he
B*i to make a specific gesB^of
amnesty to political
V* bemonocled sovereign,
B? ftrlier was swept off his
W*-'A flung aloft on the
B^tera of wildly cheering
Brands, issued a political
proclamation from
W palace.
J? China Clipper brought
5*? mail through from
BJ^u Sunday to these
Jaw-Pacific islands, half
BJ^Point on an 8,000 mile
B?4e seaplane is inaugB^S
between California
? Manila
BJr 8le?k 25-ton flying
Br%hted here at 2:01 p.
covering the 1,323
KT !fom Honolulu in sli Jjjfunder
nine hours, an
B^> ?f about 147 miles
Registrars To
Aid In Signing
Aged Citizens
Number Of Citizens Have
Consented To Serve As
Registrars In Order To
Make Matters Easy For
This Is Only Preliminary,
According To Frank Sasser,
Superintendent Of
Public Welfare, But
Information Is Important
A number of residents of
Brunswick county have agreed to
serve as registrars in conducting
a survey to determine the number
of elderly people who are eligible
for an old age pension, according
to Frank Sasser, superintendent
of public welfare. Following
is a portion of a letter
from Mr. Sasser, in which he
gives the names and address of
several of these registrars:
"The people whose names appear
below have the necessary
registration forms and are ready
to proceed with the registration.
I would like to ask the people
who read this to advise any old
person they know to examine this
i list and select the person nearest
to them and then go to the home
of that person where his name
and the other information desired
may be placed in the proper
"In next week's paper I will
i advise the people in North West
township and Town Creek township
to whom they may go for j
"People in Smithville township
| who live nearer Southport than
, [they do Supply or Bolivia may
call at the office of tv.e 'superintendent
of welfare any time after
Monday, December 1st. Following
is a list of registrars:
J. B. Atkinson, Bolivia.
Carl Ward, Bolivia.
Furney W. Miiiigan, snanoiie.
Mrs. M. E. Gore, Ash.
Isaac Phelps, Ash.
Robert Miiiigan, Justice of the
Peace, Ash.
J. Dorsey Babson, Freeland.
David Ross, Freeland.
Haywood Clemmons, Supply.
Dennis Hewett, Supply.
"I would like to repeat what I
said in my last communication in
this connection: This registration
is a study of the old age situation
in this county. Signing one
; of the forms mentioned above
does not commit the government,
either federal, state or county,
to anything. We hope that an
old age pension will be possible
for everybody who is eligible for
it sometime, but this study which
iwe are making now is only an
investigation, and an effort the
I government is making to find
out just who is eligible and how
many old people there are in the
! county who ought to be helped
in this fashion."
Man Injured In
Sunday Shooting
Conley Milliken Shot Sunday
Night By Foy Smith;
Conflicting Reports Of
The Shooting Given On
Monday I
J Conley Milliken, white man of
the Ash community in this counj.ty,
is a patient in the Brunswick v
county hospital where he is suf- fering
from gun shot wounds in
his left shoulder, said to have
been inflicted Sunday night by
Foy Smith, a neighbor.
According to reports of the
shooting received Monday morning,
both men had apparently
been drinking and engaged in an
argument during the afternoon.
The shooting occurred at about
8 o'clock in the home of Smith's
Another report is that the
shooting was purely accidental
and happened when the two men
were examining a gun which
they planned to use Monday to
go deer hunting.
Up until Monday night, no
warrant had been sworn out.
Miss Annie Mae Wood side and
Mr. C. L. Stevens were visitors
at Waccamaw high school last
Friday in the interest of the Red
Cross work.
4 Good Newsp
Southport, N. C
9E??|} tfflf
Si' s- ^
On Thursday of this we<
celebration of Thanksgiving
started in 1621 by the Pilgrii
the custom started more thai
by our forefathers has beer
spirit of thankfulness that pr<
been lost.
We, today have a thousa:
ful for than did the Pilgrims
cept our blessings as a matte
the fact that they come from
little band at Plymouth expn
May we all find time thi
the reverence of the Pilgrin
Peace and Plenty.
Shrimp Catc
Been Good
Saturday Was Off-Day But 0
Local Shrimpers Bringing
$1.25 B
Cool weather and calm seas 1
past few days, except Satur
shrimping fleet and catches h
R. E. Sentelle, Southport at- jsi
torney, was wearing his hand j*1
in a sling the latter part of 0
last week as a result of in- n
juries received when he stum- 0
bled and fell while giving
chase to a deer Thursday. tl
According to his story of p
the chase, Mr. Sentelle had q
one right fair shot at the t,
deer, and knocked him down, tl
As he ran toward this prey, ic
the wounded animal struggled
to his feet and managed to
draw away. Fearing that he fj
would lose the deer, Mr. Sen- tl
telle shot again, but the deer j
kept going. I r.
Hurrying after his query, [ -*
the Southport attorney stumbled
and fell, sticking two
pieces of burnt stubble in his
hand. When he regained his I ^
feet the deer was gone and J ^
the dogs were unable to run
him down. q
News crowded out this week re
rill appear next week. vi
Visiting Fishboat 1
One Of Famoi
Hie Shamrock, unusually >
trim little fishing vessel, cal- |
led at Southport Thursday j
for supplies and for some
time several local citizens ]
were under the impression
that the craft was one of the
line of sailing vessels used
several years ago by the late '
Sir Thomas LJpton, famous 1
Irish sportsman, in a vain 1
effort to win the sailing I 1
championship for England. J
Inquiry revealed the fact 1
that the visiting Shamrock
was built for a sailboat, but
was never owned by Sir 1
Thomas Lipton. i
This is only one of the 1
many Interesting boats to i
aper In A Go<
Wednesday, Novi
juimg ]
;k all America will join in
day, a custom that was
ms at Plymouth. But while
1 three hundred years ago
1 continued, much of the
smpted the celebration has
nd times more to be tKfenk,
but we have come to.acr
of course, losing sight -of
the same God to whom4he
:ssed their heartfelt agj^res
Thanksgiving day to feel
1 Fathers for the God of
? ' t
:hes BSve .
Past Week
Ither Days Last Week Saw
In Large Hauls; Paying
iave combined to make the
day, ideal for the local
ave been unusually good.
In all, there are around 140
nrimp boats fishing for the
even dealers in Southport.
outhport residents and visitors
,:1-- *? ?~ l?vir.?Aooa/l iinfb tVlfl
line axe nupicoocu nmt wiv
ight of the little boats as they
ead out to sea at daybreak each
lorning. Their twinkling lights
oming in across the harbor after
ight resemble the flight of outf-season
The shrimpers probably will
link that is a pretty sissy comarison,
for their's is no easy life
letting up and preparing their
reakfast before day, working
irough the daylight hours, unlading
their day's catch after
ark?its a man's job.
These men appear to be satised
with the prevailing price of
leir shrimp?$1.25 per bushel.
ro Stage Boxing
Bouts At Camp
A series of boxing and wrestig
bouts will be staged next
uesday night at the local CCC
imp between boys enrolled at
imp Sapona.
The bouts wil lbegin at 7:30
clock and will be staged in the
creation hall. The public is inted
to attend.
rhought To Be
is Sailing Vessels
pass through Southport during
the past few weeks.
Every fall hundreds of yachts
belonging to wealthy residents
of northern cities stop
here on their way to Florida
tor the winter. Many of these
braft make the trip down
this far through the inland
waterway. They go outside
here down to Georgetown,
then back inland. When the
weather outside is unusually
rough, the boats tie up here
Tor several days.
Last spring the Vanderbilt
yacht, Alva, spent a day In
the local harbor. So far this
season there has been no caller
here to rival the splendor
of that floating palace.
id Community
ember 27, 1935 publish
Final Appeal To 1
County Citizens
For Membership \
C. L. Stevens, County Organizer,
Appeals To Citizens
Of County To Remember
Unfortunate Be- .
fore Thanksgiving
| Again Calls Attention To A
I Vast Good Accomplished J
Annually by the Amer- j
ican Red Cross And ,
Asks For More j
Members I
With the annual Red Cross roll j
j call drawing to a close on I
iThanksgiving day, C. L. Stevens,!1
' membership organizer for Bruns- j
jwick county, makes the follow-j,
ing appeal to citizens of this i j
county to lend their financial j
Isupport to this movement: |,
"This week with its great an-1 j
nual Thanksgiving Day rejoicing!,
|and public and private recogni-j,
tion of the bountiful blessings of!]
lj peace and plenty to our people ,
! calls for more than just the per- ,
Jsonal acceptance of these com- ,
| forts. It is the season of all ,
! times of the year when every ]
lone should look beyond their in- <
dividual preservation of health ]
Lad welfare, to see that others ,
ffitertfr' enoigh to protect them ]
'ffininst cold and hunger. I
''When you join the Red Cross,
. | ffcu are helping those who need \
[help. Red Cross services are t
yours to give. This is the time of ]
.annual Roll Call. Join now. Let1,
the Red Cross be your agent for j
[alleviating the suffering of your(
less fortunate neighbors. |(
"This Thanksgiving season ap- i,
jpeal is made with the hope that (
the people of Brunswick county j
j will come forward at once and! i
I Wnmp members of the local i
Red Cross Chapter. While everyI
thing just now has the appear-1
Jance of good cheer; while hun-,
J dreds have been helped through
the Federal Relief and through
HOLC and perhaps in other Federal
aids, these outside aids will
not long continue. How are the
local charitable organizations
provided to meet any disaster of1
this community ? Blessed in the j
past and serene and comfortable i
kt present, calamity can arise
j without warning and must be
i met promptly in order that it'
' may not increase. Personal suf-1
ferings call for immediate atten-j
j tion. Have you made your annual
membership good, and so contributed
to possible needs of your;
neighbors who may be visited by j
' some affliction, which you as a [
[neighbor may not be able to alle-ii
viate. |i
"Since the general purpose of <
jRed Cross is to alleviate and ;
iprevent human suffering its programs
are both curative and edu
cational In nature. Included i
among its services are public
health nursing and instruction in
home hygiene and care of the
sick, instruction in first aid and
in water life saving, civilian home j
service and emergency relief, and
j Junior Red Cross. In addition,
'there are the organized volunteer
i services, which include the production
of garments for families
and individuals in need, the transcribing
into Braille of books and
magazines for the blind; canteen o
and hospital service. ^
"Therefore, let this business of: F
being part of this great Red 11
Cross association be made a mat- 1
ter of deep concern, so much so o
that every one shall join. By so h
doing make this Thanksgiving n
day one of a personal interest h
and by such action, look to the n
future in case troubles come, and a
the money may be on hand to u
succor those who are in distress. G
"In behalf of the American
Red Cross, the greatest of the 8"
world's charitable organizations, a
this appeal is made to the people ^
of Southport and Brunswick P
county. c<
High School Teams ^
Defeat Shallotte
The one-sided victory of the a
South port boys basketball team w
over Shallotte here Friday night
came as an anti-climax to the &
11 to 10 victory scored by the al
local lassies over the visiting hl
girls from the same school.
The margin of victory was
provided by a successful foul
shot made in the final seconds ai
of the game. M
Bolivia Boy Is 1
Hit By Bullet
Voodrow Harvell Wounded
Sunday Night During A
Shooting Scrape In Which <
His Uncle Was Slain
Woodrow Harvell was wounded
n the side Sunday night when
i pistol bullet, intended for his
incle, French Lewis, struck him. ]
-?wis died a short time later in
i Wilmington hospital where he
vas taken after being shot by ]
Mex Buie.
The shooting took place at the
jewis filling station between Wilnington
and Carolina Beach and
followed some earlier trouble be;ween
the two men. Buie is reported
to have been shooting at
lis wife, a step-daughter of
Lewis, when the latter grappled ,
vflh him for the pistol.
Following is the story of the
shooting as told a representative
?f The Pilot early Monday morning
by young Harvell:
"The first time he came out
,vas about 8 o'clock," he said,
speaking of Lewis. "He came out
md showed up at the filling j
3tation. He went on up to the
louse with Jack Core ... he
went to the house and went in
md talked to Mrs. Lewis and
jot to sassin' her. She grabbed
jp her baby and went and told
Lewis. Buie came in by the back (
loor. Lewis ordered him out . . . ,
le pushed him out. They (Buie) j,
md Core) got in the car andi;
eft. They said they were going
h the police station. I,
"After they left someone called j
die station several times, but ,
hey wouldn't answer the phone
because they thought it was him',
md they didn't want to talk toj ]
lim. I
"About 11 o'clock he came back i.
Jown and came in the back door, i
\s he walked in he pulled a gun
>ut and told them not to move.
3uie's wife ran out the front door
with him behind her and they
vent around the filling station.
[ ran out behind them. I tried
x> get close to him but not too
;lose because he had a gun. Buie
vent in the back door behind;
lis wife. As he did Lewis got j
jut of bed and walked in the ]
lall, and Buie ran right into his
arms. Buie shot him. I came up
closer at the back door and as I
iid a bullet struck me. I started
turning around and saw Lewis
falling. I went out the front door
and he (Buie) went out the back
joor. I started to call the police
and as I did he came up and
said, 'What you up to? Don't,
you do anything.' All that time i
tie had his gun in my face."
The last thing he saw of Buie,
tie said, was when he ran across
the road.
Harvell, who is Mrs. Lewis'
nephew, said he had gone there
to visit and was waiting to get a
way home at the time of the
Recorder Hears
Light Session
Five Routine Cases Disposed
Of In Recorder's ,
Court Wednesday Before i
Judge Rourk; No Road
Sentences <
Only five cases were disposed 1
f here in Recorder's Court last
Vednesday before Judge Peter
tourk. No road sentences were
leted out.
"he case against Cleve Hill, colred,
was continued for a week
1 order that an examination
light be performed to determine
is sanity. He was adjudged by
ledical experts to be insane,
nd will be taken this week to
le colored insane asylum in
Preston Canty, colored, pleaded
uilty of transporting whiskey
nd reckless operation of a mo>r
vehicle. He was required to
ay a fine of $50.00 and the
jets in his case.
The case against Jerry Moore,
)lored, for transporting was nol
Tilden Phipps, white, was found
uilty of making an assault with
deadly weapon and was taxed
ith the costs.
M. G. Parker, white, was found
uilty on a similar count and
Iso was taxed with the costs in
s case.
B. M. Hornsby, R. B. Morse
id Warren Hood were Shallotte
stors Friday.
Most Of The News
All The Time
$1.50 PER YEAR
P.-T.A Speaker
Outlines Duties
Of The Parents
>ays That Room Representatives
Have Important
Part In Promoting Better
Feeling Between The
Parents And Teachers
Field Worker For State
P.-T. A. Spent Last Week
In Brunswick County
And Spoke At Several
Local Meetings
Mrs. A. J. Flowers, field worker
for the State Parent-Teachers
Association, spent last week in
Brunswick county where she
spoke at local meetings In each
of the consolidated schools.
On Thursday Mrs. Flowers
visited the Southport school and
spoke at a call meeting of the
local Parent-Teachers Association.
In her talk, she stressed the
important role which grade representatives
play in bringing
about a better understanding between
the teachers and parents
of the school children. Parents
should be urged to visit the
school, she said, so that they
may see the problems which the
teacher must face. In this way,
she added, parents will become
more interested in neiping overcome
these handicaps.
An important duty of the Parent-Teacher
Association, according
to Mrs. Flowers, is to see
that every parent who has a
child in school become an active
Interested worker for the association.
Each time a new member
attends a meeting, she should
be greeted and made to feel welcome.
Each member should be
appointed a member to some
committee, Mrs. Flowers said, because
a busy worker is a valuable
member of the association.
The biggest need for co-operation
lies in the fact that each
parent knows things about her
child that the teacher does not
know, and vice versa. By working
together, each has an opportunity
to profit by the experience
of the other. *
Principal Host
To His Faculty
Members Of The Shallotte
Faculty, Three Prominent
Educational Workers and
Other Visitors Attend
Oyster Roast
Principal Henry C. Stone was
host at an oyster roast last
Thursday afternoon at Shallotte
Point, given in honor of members
of the Shallotte school faculty
and Dr. J. Henry Highsmith,
Jule B. Warren and John
Bickel, prominent educational
workers in North Carolina.
Oysters were roasted and accessories
were prepared under
the direction of Henry Williams.
Other school principals of the
county and the county superintendent
of schools were invited,
cut were unable to attend.
Tide Table
Following is the tide table
for South port daring the next
week. These hours are approximately
correct and were furnished
The State Port Pilot
through the courtesy of the
Cape Fear Pilot's Association.
High Tide Low Tide
Thursday, November 28
8:47 a. m. 2:29 a. m.
9:20 p. m. 3:24 p. m.
Friday, November 29
9:31 a. m. 8:18 a. m.
10:08 p. m. 4:10 p. m.
Saturday, November SO
10:19 a. m. 4:05 a. m.
11:01 p. m. 4:59 p. m.
Sunday, December 1
11:11 a. m. 5:01 a. m.
11:59 p. m. 5:51 p. m.
Monday, December 2
6:05 a. m.
12:09 p. m. 6:47 p. m.
Tuesday, December 8
1:01 a. m. 7:18 a. m.
1:12 p. m. 7:44 p. m.
Wednesday, December 4
2:03 a. m. 8:22 a. m.
2:18 p. m. 8:43 p. m.

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