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jjrunsvvick County
^hghtno. 4s
embers Of The
iltaington PCA
, Meet Tuesday
Serves Brunswick,
Jder And New Han?r
unswick members !
unurged to attend (
nncr In Wilmington On
22y 7 Will Be lmpor- j
^. As Complete Rei
Of Year'. Work
^ Will Be Made
, invitatioiTiTTxtended to all
I _ : ,1. rt/uintv t H
Kgrs of Krunswiviv wu..v ?
[. the annual meeting of the
Ejngton Production Credit,
ra?on at the courthouse in
Engton on January 7, it isj
Ecced bv Elizabeth T. Mat- \
[ secretary of the associa-:
E Wilmington Association
t peader, Brunswick and
J Hanover counties. Every
Ker who has borrowed money
Krfi the association is a
Colder and is expected to
Ed this annual meeting of j'
holders which is held for
purpose of hearing a com-1
E report on the year's work j
be organization, the election
titers and the transaction of
[ other business as may come i
Ere the body.
E'e will be delighted to have ]
[farmers who are not stock- '
Ers also attend the meeting," !
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little Bits
I Of Big News I
lews Events Of State,
ation and World-Wide
I Interest During Past
Iflt' Year
[ America greeted 1936 Tues- j
yT night with a rip-roaring
Btlcome perhaps unequalled
nee the sponteneous celebra- j
B? that heralded the end of;
Be World War. From Hamlet!
Bcity the lid was off?either 1
Bfoffictal proclamation or rip- j
B"1 teem its moorings by en
idebrants. Every- were
calling it: j
night since the j
s ion
i'as the last day |<
ig 1936 auto tags
gal time limit, but i
are about half a,
and trucks run-'
in the State and i
iterday the State ji
le Bureau had rely
79,541 pairs of
plates sold, record
siness was expec- j
depots Tuesday, j<
no extension of ji
used the Governor, ji
tain Farmer and I'
se Salesman Mc- 1
'o help tardy mot- i
ever, licenses will |
New Year's Day, v :
ite holiday. <
leous relief from 1
of angina pectoris
ite cure for the dis- ,
were claimed TuesJohn
C. Krantz, Jr.
versity of Maryland,
t which he read to j
lean Association for j
icement of Science,
he said, is a drug
richlorethylene, one
timeter of which is
nto the nose when
and heart compresngina
pectoris, begin,
relief within one secice
and freezing tenv1
'ay over the East,1
1(1 niuch of the Mid'
Monday following a ;
^at took at least 17 j
1 caused millions of:
m property damage, j
the heaviest death
* 'h the South, where I
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A. Good Newsp
Southport, N.
Be Speaker J
kson Day Dinner
Registration To jj
n 1 rail ivr l
J. J. Barney Will
At Local Jacl
Being Made
For Important Democrat-1
ic Rally Here Next Wed-'
nesday Evening; To Serve
Turkey Dinner
R. I. Mintz, President Of
Young Democrats Club of
Brunswick County, Has
Appointed Committees
For Occasion
Brunswick county Democrats j
are looking forward with a great
deal of anticipation to the local
Jackson Day Dinner, which will
be held Wednesday night, January
8. in the Junior Order hall.
A turkey dinner will be served
at 7 o'clock by members of the
local chapter of the Daughters
of America. A part of the pro- "
ceeds realized from the sale of 1
tickets will be paid into the nat- J
ional fund to defray campaign
expenses during the coming year, j
J. J. Bumey, of Wilmington,
district solicitor, has been secured
as the principal speaker for the j
occasion. This feature of the pro- j
gram will take place immediately
after dinner. At 10 o'clock President
Franklin D. Roosevelt will
speak over a nation-wide radio
hookup especially for those attending
Jackson Day dinners
every where. Radio facilities will c
be provided for this speech. F
Particular interest is centered v
in this coming speech by the c
president, for it is generally be- c
lieved that it will mark the opening
gun of the 1936 political cam- F
paign. He will have a special
message for members of Young | Democrat
Mrs. J. W. Ruark, of South- j 1
port, has been appointed chair-1"
man of the committee in charge !
of arrangements for the dinner; j
M. B. Watkins has been appoin-!
ted chairman of the program
committee, and Mrs. J. A. Russ, .
vice-president of the Brunswick
County Young Democrats Club,
has been named chairman of the
ticket sales committee.
In announcing plans for the
program, Mr. Mintz says that he '
hopes that as many as possible 1
will attend the dinner. Those who j ]
are unable to be away from (
home for that long are urged to g
come after dinner to hear Solicitftf
onrl nlhpf lrtPJll RDPfl.W- I __
-J- r
ers before the president comes .
on the air. L
Announce Navy
Quota For Month J
The navy recruiter at Wilming- j t
ton announces that he has receiv- c
ed information from the officer j
in charge at Raleigh, that the j
December quota of 56 first en-! q
listments in the rating of appren- i a
tice seamen has been completed! f
and that the quota for the month
of January will be 48 men for j,
this recruiting district. This dis- f q
trict comprises the States of j q
North and South Carolina. )j
Young men to be eligible for q
enlistment must be, citizens of I j<
the United States between the I <3
ages of 17 and 25, unmarried and j
without anyone depending upon j
them for support, must have! ^
completed at least the seventh
grade in school, must be of good j
moral character, with no police [
or juvenile court record, must be c
able to pass a satisfactory men- il
tal and physical examination and n
have parents consent if under 21 il
years of age.
Young men who are interested r
in a naval career are invited to ?
apply at the navy recruiting sta- [ ti
tion located in room 337, U. S. t
Custom building, Wilmington. j c
Survivors Of The g
Late Duncan Beck f
Duncan Beck, 41-year-old far-! j
mer of this county, who died
Sunday morning, December 22,
in the Brunswick county hospital
leaves the following relatives to
mourn his passing: j r
Four brothers, Albert and Joe t
Beck, of Winnabow, and Alec and t
George Beck, of Bolivia; three I
sisters: Mrs. Rowena Lewis, Mrs. r
Lula Lewis and Mrs. Lena Lewis, r
of Bolivia; three half-sisters, Mrs.I f
Bertha Watson, and Miss Annie
Cola Beck, of Winnabow, and
Mrs. Nellie Creech, of Southport;
his stepmother, Mrs. Jane Mercer t
of Winnabow; and a number ofii
neices and nephews. |h
fcnd Ibis Week \
-ist Of Brunswick Citizens f
Eligible For Old Age c
Pensions Will Be Com- r
pleted And Sent In This a
Week 11
A list of Brunswick county }
:itizens eligible to receive old age c
tensions will be completed this t
veek and sent in to Raleigh, ac- 1
tording to Frank M. Sasser, the s
:ounty welfare director. p
Work in connection with com- I
ileting this registration has been t
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Colorful Ch
Trees Bea
First Prize For Most Beautifi
By Harry Aldridge
The town took on a fesi
(loliday season as citizens em
;ree decoration contest spons<
man's Club.
First prize for the prettiest*
growing tree was won by Harry
Lldridge, who decorated the com-,
nunity tree on the garrison. The 1
udges awarded the prize for the
lest porch tree to Mrs. E .M.
A fruit cake, donated by the
loyal Bakery, was given Mr. Al- i
Iridge as first prize in his di-1
ision. Honorable mention went,
o Miss Vera Swain. A pineapple '
ake, donated by Mrs. George P. ,
lowey, was awarded Mrs. Hall. '
lonorable mention went to Mrs.
J. G. Ruark. Honorable mention
,lso went to Mrs. W. S. Dosher
or home decoration.
Others who entered the grow-1
ig tree contest were: Mrs.
Tiomas St. George, Mrs. E. H.
Iranmer and Mrs. R. W. Davis,
r.; the porch tree contest: Mrs.
larl Mangum, Mrs. C. Ed Tay- !
>r and Mrs. T. H. Biles; home I*3
ecoration: Mrs. W. H. Hood. jl
Radio Installed |J
At County Home t
Inmates of the Brunswick j ounty
home received a real vis- j ]
t from Santa Claus on Christ- J eve when a new radio was j
istalled for their enjoyment.
Funds for this purpose were i
aised by Mrs. R. L. Johnson, J
iouthport lady, who has worked
irelessly for the past few weeks
o raise money for this worthy
Mrs. Johnson wishes to express
ler appreciation to citizens of
Iouthport and Brunswick county
or their contributions.
Mattress Donated
To First Aid Room
Friends of the Southport school
ecently have donated funds for
he purchase of a mattress for1
he first aid room. According to
Principal C. A. Bedford, this i
oom is sadly in need of another
nattress, and any help from
fiends will be appreciated.
Miss Clyde Bryan, member of
he Southport school faculty, visted
Cuba during the Christmas
>aper In A Goo
C., Wednesday, Janus
Expensive Purse I
Net Off Captain
Lost Last Week
^ost When Purse Boat Cap- F
sized As Menhaden Boat
Was Coming In Saturday
Night With Big Catch
FOR OVER $1,500 p
?ocal Menhaden Fleet Has ^
Been Bringing In IJnusually
Large Catches For
This Time Of The
Year Recently
The expensive purse seine oif
he local menhaden fish boat, the t
Captain, was fost Saturday night j '
chen one of the purse boats caplized.
A search was conducted all
lay Sunday for the net, but with- J a
>ut results. A new seine of this j \
ype costs between $1,500 and j o
11800. I j p
Fishermen thought for a time j e
here was a good chance to re- i
:over the sunken net. It had a' c
ed weight of 400 or 500 pounds , a
>n the end, known as the "torn." i c
It was thought that the weight | c
if the "torn" would keep the net
rom being carried away by the z
:urrent. t
In spite of the fact that Chris- v
nas usually is supposed to bring f
in end to menhaden fishing for t
he season, catches during the a
>ast few days have been the p
argest of the year. On several f
lays the catches were so great i
hat the fish more than filled the 11
lold, and were piled on deck. On i
teveral of these occasions, the 2
>urse boats have been towed in 1
>ehind the larger vessels, in order t
;o do away with unnecessary t
veight. 1"
ristmas :
utify Town j
til Growing Tree Was Won
, Who Decorated
tive appearance during the1
tered the annual Christmas
ored by the Southport WoCIVIL
' Q
The January term of Bruns- ^
wick county Superior court for ?
the trial of civil cases will I c
convene Monday, January 6. j.
Judge R. Hunt Parker, of Roa- j
noke-Rapids, will preside. 0
The outstanding case inclu- r
ded on the court calendar, j r
which is printed elsewhere in c
today's paper, is that of A. G. I
Myers, et al. vs. the HaleBea- j
ch Corporation. 0
~ FIRES j ?
The fire department has had jv
everal calls in the past week s
mt no great damage was done. '1(
' ^
"he fire department requests j
veryone in ramy weather to jt!
mm out their chimney and then I v
n clear dry weather there will j c
te less roof fires from sparks. jw
Prolonged Freezing
Month Of Typica
Brought to an end with
me lungesi arm mint severe
cold spell experienced here in
years, the month of Decern- ^
ber goes on record as a period
of typical winter weather.
The cold spell began on
the Friday before Christmas,
low temperatures prevailed
during Saturday and the
early hours Sunday. Sunday
afternoon and night brought
a rain and freeze which proved
a dangerous menace to
driving on the highways.
The ice disappeared Tuesday,
but the thermometer continued
to hover about in the
low twenties throughout the
remainder of the week. Older
c-'tizens declare that the
weather during this spell has
been the most severe experienced
here since the winter
of 1917.
One explanation for the
continued low temperatures
d Community
ary 1st, 1936 PUBLISH
Jttle Damage
Recently From Forest
rires From October 15 To j \
December 1, 1935, Cov- ji
ered Only 106 Acres Before
Being Put Out By i
-ounty Fire Warden Dawson
Jones Calls Upon
Citizens To Be Careful
Not To Set Out
Forest Fires
Forest fires in Brunswick coun-1
y were held well in check dur-;
n gthe period from October 15 j
0 December 1, 1935, according to
, recent report of County Fire
Varden Dawson Jones. In spite j
f the fact that 17 fires were reorted,
only 106 acres were burn- i]
d over. I
The majority of the blazes, acording
to Fire Warden Jones, j 1
ppeared to have been set by j 1
areless hunters. Two were inendary
Fire Warden Jones asks citi- j
ens of the county, especially j
hose who hunt, to co-operate F
nth him and the fire fighting
orces of the county in keeping
he menace from forest fires at
1 minimum. Reasonable care will |
iractically do away with forest |
ires, he said. L.
A 100-foot steel observation j
ii e i.i_ i ? S
ower, uie iourui in uie uuuiity,
s being erected on highway No. b
10, near the Columbus county 1
ine. With lookouts on duty in I c
hese towers at all times, fires ]
iave little chance to make much ?
leadway before the fire fighting *
orces are on the scene. g
Sixty miles of telephone line j
hat has been ereeted to aid in t
ire control also helps bring imnediate
action in case of fire.
Poor May Be In
Bad Condition'
Jnless Those Who Are e
Able Revert To The For-;
mer Practice Of Helping jc
Less Fortunate, May Bei1
Bad iF
"The ERA has closed, the s
VPA is not permitted to grant d
lirect relief, the county is not
.ble to carry the burden of the | c
ild relief set-up," said Frank M. j c
iasser, welfare director for1
Brunswick county, yesterday. !c
Unless those in more fortunate j
lircumstances are willing to go t
?ack to their old practice of carng
for the less fortunate citizens
if their community, there may be
eal suffering among the older, I
esidents of the county and j
ithers who are unable to work.
In pointing out this condition,
/Ir. Sasser urges the humane co- j
peration of every citizen of mlependent
means in Brunswick ]
ounty. The current budget for t
he county was made up in July, jtl
irhile the relief load was being f:
upported by the ERA. This
saves the county helpless to do [ c
mch for those in need. jo
Widows with young children, it]
he aged and infirm, unable to jp
/ork, should be given special 'ti
onsideration, according to the J ?
welfare officer. | p
Spell Ends p
1 Winter Weather '
is the fact that the greater
part of the state is blanketed
with a coat of snow and ice. B
Winds sweeping off this icy bi
landscape has kept citizens of a
this section chilled to the j ui
bone. ' vi
Maximum temperature for pi
the month was attained on te
December 9 when the ther- g<
mometer reached 69 degrees. tj
The low record was on De- tt
cember 27, when a reading
of 16 degrees above zero was
officially recorded.
The month was marked by ol
the large number of clear ti
days, 20; partly cloudy days j\v
numbered 5; and cloudy days ti
6. Total rainfall for the mon- bi
th was 3.97 inches. c<
These figures were furnished
this newspaper through
the courtesy of Mrs. C. Ed
Taylor, United States W'eath- b
er Bureau observer at South- it*
port. w
The Rev. T. H. Biles is|J
astor of the Southport <
laptist church. |
Honor Roll For <
The 3rd Month,
'rincipal C. A. Ledford An- 5
nounces Honor Roll For '
Third Month At South- ,
port School ,
Following is the third month ^
lonor roll for the Southport i
chool as announced this week <
ly C. A. Ledford, principal: j'
First grade, Miss Bryan, tea- j l
her: Billy Bowling, Carl Man- j
um, Paul Ledford, Bess Plaxco, \
Ivelyn Mersey, Margaret One- 1
ee. i'
Second g-,ade. Mi-'X Cw nartie, l<
eacher: Wyatt Gay, Harper Sas- I
er, Annie Lee Evans, Anna 1
llean Galloway, Doris Johnson (
lileen Ledford. I.
Third grade, Mrs. Willis, tea- j \
her: Jessie Lancaster, Eloise j
.ancaster, Leroy Burns, James j
'ales, Jimmy Hornsby, Billie!'
'otts, W. A. Potts, Dorothy Cox, j
Ivelyn Hickman.
Fourth grade, Mrs. Hood, tea- J j
her: Muriel Lee Jones, Glenn I'
<ennon, Hilda Galloway, Mary j
'lorence Moore, Mae Swain, El-1,
ise St. George, Lula Marie j'
Iwan, Agnes Jean Weeks, Clau-1
e Ford.
Fifth grade, Miss Parker, teaher:
Carl Ward, Jr., Frances j
Jox, Peggy Carr.
Sixth grade, Miss Ledford, teaher:
Viva Clemmons. 1
Seventh grade, Miss Watson, J<
eacher: Marion Frink. i
Ninth grade: Edward Taylor. 1
Tenth grade: Thelma Johnson. iJ
Eleventh grade: Anna Taylor, 1
xiis Mae Ward. i
Firemen Spread l(
Christmas Cheer\
Christmas cheer was brought (
o many children and grown-ups c
his Christmas by the Southport v
ire departments Christmas fund. c
Fruit, nuts and toys for the ?
hildren, 9ome cloth and hose for 1
lder ones, some wood for warmti
for others. The firemen ap- ^
reciate greatly the sums con- c
ributed by several local organi- ^
itions and individuals. It is '
lanned by the fire department i
} make this an annual affair, |
nd they will be glad to have i
chers join with them.
schools Reopen
After Holidays
Students and teachers of
runswick county schools were
ick at work Monday following
week's holiday. Because of the
nusually bad weather which preliled
throughout the greater
art of che state, several of the
lachers experienced difficulty in
;tting back to Brunswick counr,
which escaped the brunt of
te cold spell.
The regular monthly meeting
f the Parent-Teachers Associaon
of the Southport high school
ill be held Thursday night in
le auditorium of the high school
uilding. parents ana rnenas are
ordially invited to attend.
Fred Willing, local pilot, has
ought the home of J. D. Sut>n
on South Lord Street and
111 shortly move in.
Most Of The News
All The Time
$1.50 PER YEAR
Foodstuffs Now
Distributed By
Welfare Agency
ieginning Today, All Surplus
Commodities Formerly
Distributed By ERA,
Turned Over To Local
Welfare Agency
Vill Be The Task Of The
Local Welfare Agency To
See That The Foodstuffs
Are Properly
Given Out
Surplus commodities, formerly
[istributed by the ERA, will be
pven to local county welfare agencies
for distribution beginning
ranuary 2, it was announced tolay
by Robert D. Caldwell, dis.rict
WPA director.
The manning of the store ooms
and the distribution to the
eounties will be a WPA project
employing workers from the reief
There will be three distribution
joints in the ten counties of the
rourth WPA District, Caldwell
said. Columbus, Hoke. Scotland
ind Robeson counties receive
;heir commodities Trom the Lumjerton
store-room. A similar store
oom at Wilmington wi'' supply
*Jew Hanover, Brunswick and
Pender counties, while the store
oom at Fayetteville will supply
Cumberland, Sampson and Bladen
"Those of us who are familiar
vith the problems of the poor
'amilies in the counties know
vhat a great benefit these surplus
commodities are," Caldwell
said. "After WPA gets the supplies
to the local welfare agencies,
it win be their ',<*j to see
chat they are given to deserving
people in the counties."
Since the ERA stopped operacions
some weeks ago, the com nodities
on hand and others
vhich have arrived since have
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"?? a n *w I
WrA force Had
Checks Christmas
Members Of Office Staff
In Fayetteville Worked
Overtime In Order To Be
Sure Checks Were Out
By Christmas
Fayetteville, Dec. 30.?So that
iVPA workers in Brunswick
:ounty who were due checks durng
the holiday season might
iave them for Christmas, the filance
department of the district
iVPA office here worked until
'ive o'clock Sunday morning, De:ember
"We have been working nearly
ivery night since the program
jot underway," said Vernon Cotingham,
WPA district finance
iirector, "but this is a new rec?rd.
We feel that it was worth
vhile though because the workers
:ertainly needed their checks,
ind we wanted them to have
hem in time for the holidays."
Workers on projects had three
lays off at Christmas, but those
m the WPA administrative staff
tad only the day itself.
Following Is the tide table
for South port during the next
week. These hours are approximately
correct and were furnished
The State Port Pilot
through the courtesy of the
Cape Fear Pilot's Association.
High Tide Low Tide
Wednesday, December 25
7:04 a. m. 0:46 a. m.
7:34 p. m. 1:38 p. m.
Thursday, December 26
7:50 a. m. 1:31 a. m.
8:20 p. m. 2:23 p. m.
Friday, December 27
8:33 a. m. 2:18 a. m.
a ao _ _ ?
?:uo p. in. o;i?i p. ui.
Saturday, December 28
9:18 a. m. 3:06 a. m.
9:55 p. m. 3:52 p. m.
Sunday, December 29
10:07 a. m. 3:58 a. m.
10:47 p. rn. 4:39 p. m.
Monday, December 30
10:56 a. m. 4:53 a. m.
11:40 p. m. 5:28 p. m.
Tuesday, December 81
11:51 a. m. 5:52 a. m.
6:20 p. m.

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