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m Brunswick County
mfor Highway I
f 130 Is Assured
^legation From 3runawick
Mcounty Appeared Before
Ktate Highway CommisHJion
Friday In Morehead
Hving Will Begin In This
Mounty At Highway No.
* ? Will Go To
JU ft?,u * ?
H ward Whiteville
^legation of Brunswick
Hr:y officiate and citizens ap ./,
Friday before the State
^Ehway Commission at More-1
City and were assured that j
H. ithport to White- |
H, highway ' 'ill he paved imBj,'*
delegation asked that the
H ...... extended from an
ith highway number
H.-;- where the hard surface
was stopped.
H it highin
is a definite
H< ;?e least five miles
BLj be completed.
Waynick and
H embers of the commisH
the project.
from this
H . Mintz. S. B.
Sentelie, Sam J.
Peterson. Mr.
H the matter beH>
the board Arrangements for
re made by Mr.
H - with others has been
for more than a year to
H s iefinite action on this ,
delegation of Columbus citi-1
appeared before the comHsior.
earlier in the day, ask-1
ieration of the same)
Hi However, the Columbus
HgJton asked that the work
Hd near Whiteville and come
B u a.v
little Bits !
| Of Big News
Hews Events Of State,
Hlation and World-Wide
I Interest During Past
I Week
V J0!"'11 bemer Farnsworth,
Hourtmartialed from the American
Navy nine years ago forj
scandalous" conduct as a
Hieutenant Commander, TuesHay
pleaded not guilty before I
' S Commissioner Needham I
ft mage of betraying naval
Hecrets to the Japanese and j
Has jailed in default of $10,-1
HOO bond.
meads Guilty
I Alvin Karpis, once the most
ought criminal in the nation
had boasted he would
ever be taken alive, muttered j
ft subdued "yes" Tuesday, to
ftdmit his guilt to the $100,000
3 Ti-kidnapping of William
ft m, st. Paul banker. His
ftlea provided a dramatic openftig
for what was to have been
ft s Federal Court trial on the
ft ' charge.
wlief From Heat
I The heat wall encircling the
ft i lie West was crumbling
ft lay under an onslaught of
Showers from the Northwest
ftnd a mass of cool air mov
ng in from upper Michigan,
tichigan was the first heattricken
state to return to
lormal temperatures. In two
ours the temperature dropped
ix degrees at Detroit and was
xpected to fall to 70 from a
?ak of 1C2. There was heavy
am at Lansing and more was
xpected throughout the state, j
Any chance of a successful j
ontest of the July 4 Demonic
primary was eliminated j
' the State Board of Elec?ns
Monday when it denied
PPeals from two unsuccessful i
1 iates for a general, sumam
investigation of the elec-1
uatinued on Page Eight.)
Tennis Courts At I
I Commnnit
I ? SCisP^^
of the Southport Community
of busy activity each afterr
five players engage in their '
out-of-five" to determine wh
Tennis Courts
Enjoy men
Local Players Have Had
Important Part In Getting
Courts In Condition
For Playing
Materials Used Were Chosen
With View Of Their
Remaining In Good
Condition For Several
Years To
Southport residents have been
playifig on the new tennis courts
for some weeks, and their efforts
have done much to put the courts
in good playing condition.
The tennis courts are a part
of the recreation and park project
being carried on here by the
Works Progress Administration.
They have been designed and
constructed scientifically so that
they will last for many years. [
Wood was used in the building
of the back-stops since even the
most heavily galvanized iron
rusts in Southport's sea air. Cedar
saw-dust has been packed
around the base of the back-;
stops to prevent the wood from
The courts are a part of the
WPA project which includes the |
beautification of Franklin Square
and the building of the new com-1
munity center. Work has been
moving forward rapidly on the j
completion of the project?The
tennis courts from the east end
of the park, with the new community
building and Franklin
Square to the west. Work is expected
to resume on the com-1
munity building sometime in the
near future.
Farm Home Week
To Be Valuable
To Present Representative
Cross Section Of Agricultural
Activities Of
North Carolina
The program for Farm and
Home Week at State College,
July 27-31, will present a representative
cross section of agricultural
activities in North Car-!
It has been designed to show
farmers and farm women not
only what is going on in the
State, but also the value of improvements
that are being devel-1
oped in all aspects of farming
and rural life.
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Aged Citizen Is
Claimed By Death
Asa Cox, 80-year-old Southport
citizen, died Saturday at his i
home here following an illness
with pneumonia. He was well
known here.
The deceased is survived by one
sister, Mrs. Maggie Nichols, of
Southport. His wife died a year
Funeral services were conducted
Sunday afternoon from the j
Trinity Methodist church, in
A. Good News
lY Southport, >
{ear Of
y Center Building
vo tennis courts at the rea
Center Building are scene
loon as more than twenty
'two-out-of-three" or "three
o shall play.
Sniirrp Cif
tin Southpori
A daring rescue of the fishing
boat Aita I) and her party
of seven was effected Sunday
night off Wrightsville
Beach by Captain William
Wells and his brother, Charles
of Southport.
About 5 o'clock in the afternoon
the pleasure craft lost
her anchor while out at the
fishing grounds. Returning to
shore, the boat lost her rudder
as she reached the bar.
Captain Frank Brown attempted
to steer with an oar, only
to have his craft climax her
misfortune by losing her propellor.
Distress signals attracted
the attention of people on the
beach and the Southport men
set out after dark in their
boat, the Summer Girl, and
succeeded in towing the helpless
boat into dock. The rescue,
completed at ,8:80 o'clock,
drew warm praise from residents
of the beach.
Farm Bureau To
Be Explainec
Representative Of Alabama
Farm Bureau Will Speal
Friday In The Shallott
School For The Benefi
Of County Farmers
Howard Gray, representativ
of the Alabama Farm Burea
will address the farmers of thi
county at the school building i
Shallotte, Friday morning, Jul
17th at 10 o'clock.
Mr. Gray is an Alabama farm
er and looks after quite a larg
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n.^iinn Peon ^
riuaimg i icp vj
Annual 1
The beautiful blue-hulled
schooner, The Indra, a veritable
prep school afloat,
made her annual visit to
Southport Friday on her way
North. Last year the boat
remained over here for about
10 days.
Aboard her were the skipper
and his wife, Mr. and
Mrs. William McD. Pond, and
ten students, who are learning
the art and thrill of sailing
while the rudiments of
elementary education are being
instilled in their minds.
Tied up at the Wells dock,
the craft, which is 72 feet
long with a beam of fifteen
feet and a draught of eleven
feet, presented a neat picture.
Her white sails furled and an
awning stretched over the
after deck, she drew the admiration
of spectators.
For three years the Indra
has been the floating home
of the skipper and his wife
and the location of the Pond
School of Cambridge.
Until 1934 Pond and his
wife conducted the exclusive
paper In A Goo<
I. C., Wednesday, July
WPA Program I
Resumed After
A 3-Weeks Rest &
All Brunswick County Projects
Resumed Operations
Except Community Building
In Southport
Announcement Of Resump- ^
tion Of Work Made Following
Conference Of
Workers At Fayetteville
j Work began on four WPA pro:
jects in Brunswick county Thurs-1
! day. Sewing rooms, the road pro-1 C
: ject, the school library project, j,
the Malaria control project and r
the clerical project are to begin a
r i operation after a three weeks lay j
off. Work on the community j 1(
S building in Southport will resume j e
as soon as materials arrive. \ r
!"j Crews of men began last week j
on the Southport cemetery and f
- the school building at Supply. c
The resumption of the Works 0
'Progress Administration Program
was announced at a meeting held j
j in Fayetteville. Engineers, time- s
I keepers, paymasters and super- t
irienro of tl-OmAn'Q Wrtrk 1H thf^ ?
_ ' V IOVSI O n viiivo u .. v... ... ^
_ fourth WPA district met in the s
district office to receive instruc- i
tions to put 3,200 people to work \
in the ten counties of the district. |
"The WPA is now prepared to j
continue with the great program
of public works which it has1
been carrying on since last fall." j
Robert D. Caldwell, district di
rector, announced. "With the new 1
allotment of funds we shall carry
on the projects which have
been begun, and in the pear future
we shall institute n$w projects
of similar value to the communities
and the people i-i them." 1
Commissioners In
Special Session
Members O f Brunswick |
County Board Of Commissioners
Award Auditing
Contract To W. C.;
Raines Co.
Members of the Brunswick i
I County Board of Commissioners [
in special session here Monday j
JI awarded the contract for the
-11935 audit of the county's ac- j
| counts to the W. C. Raines Co., j
I of Tarboro. D. R. Hollowell, of "
I!Greensboro, has held the contract .
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Attend Session
5 In Thomasville
e 1
t The Rev. and Mrs. B. R. Page |'
and family and Miss Mary Joe |
Nunn have returned from Thorn- I
e | asville where Mr. Page attended
u ! a meeting for associational mods
I erators Thursday and Friday,
n | M. A. Huggins, secretary of
yj the Baptist State Convention, '
presided over the session, which F
i- was attended by moderators from j.
e fifty of the seventy Baptist As- f
j sociations in North Carolina. | e
ichool Makes j
Visit To Southport?
school on land. Then the j o
traveling urge won the upper
hand and the Indra was la
bought. f
Since that time they have la
conducted a continuous
school. Each winter they [g
take the boys from coastal , a
j towns and sail to the Cari- a
bbean sea, where they spend j n
30 weeks. Each day the ship d
is hove to and lessons stud- jfi
ied, after which the ship is
. put under way again and the 1
lads turn from scholars to <
sailors. In the summer a
Northern cruise is taken.
The Indra is now bound for
New York, Maine and Nova
Scotia for the summer cruise. ' t;
I There are few lessons to be :w
studied now, as the summer a
is the vacation period with w
the exception of those cases jw
I where members of the crew >
need a little extra tutoring. tl
Eight of the boys are from w
j Charleston, two from Savan- h
nah and one from Alexandria. o
Va. They seem to think the jfi
life on the broad open seas a
| is the greatest of all. it
d Community
15th, 1936 publishe
C. St. George
Commander 01
?? *?
Members Of Brunswick
County Post Number 194,
American Legion, Voted
Unanimously To Retain
Him As Head Of Organization
)ther officers
A. B. Watkins And J. W.
Mills Named Delegates
To The State Convention;
F. M. Sasser
And R. O. Johnson
Members of the Brunswick
jounty Post Number 194, Amercan
Legion, re-elected by unaninous
consent R. C. St. George
,s post commander.
During the past year the local
egion organization has prosperd
under his direction, and many
lew members have been added.
Jefore rising to the position as
lost commander last year, Mr.
St. George served faithfully in
ither official duties.
Elected to serve with him are se
'ohn Ericksen, M. B. Watkins
ind J. V. Gore, vice-comman- wi
lers; J. J. Loughlin, adjutant mi
ind finance officer; S. B. Frink, ,of
lervice officer; Charles Trott,
Prince Is Princi
Members of the U. S. Coast
and Geodetic Survey, under the
command of Lt. Commander
R. P. Eyman, have spent the _
past week in Southport mak- j
ing preparations preliminary
to the actual location and
marking of the obstructions P'
and snags in the shrimping 1
In keeping with the purpose
to employ local tabor so far
as possible in conducting the
survey, bids have been asked
for two boats to be used in pr
towing a wire for the location
of snags. The person awarded 3C
the contract must deliver the 'e
boats ready for operation be- te
fore July 20, and it is assum- ine
ed that most of the work af- j
ter that time will be outside.
Number Of Cases *
Before Recorder S
"ighting Apparently Was lo(
The Greatest Cause For UI1
Defendants Being Called in:
Before Judge Joe W. Ru- fri
ark Last Week ne
A' number of cases of minor dr
a?! - -1 1 : Clf
mportance were meu uere m,
Recorder's Court last Wednesday
iefore Judge Joe W. Ruark as
ighting appeared to be the great- ?
st cause for trouble. n
William Lewis, colored, was
ried for reckless operation but f
udgment in the case was reser- i
ed until this week.
The case against Bill Hardy j
.nd Dick Thompson, white, for "
n assault with a deadly weapn
was nol prossed.
Bill Hardy, Herbert Thompson
nd Dick Thompson, white, were
ound not guilty of making an' ]
ssault with a deadly weapon, ne'
Sip Allen, colored, was found re<
uilty on a charge of making an crc
ssault wit ha deadly weapon bu
ssault with a deadly weapon
oads. This judgment was suspen- j pr<
ed upon payment of a $10.00, bui
ine and the costs. O.
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! i
sasser Attends "ec(
Welfare Meeting
Frank Sasser, Brunswick coun- "J,
Y welfare officer, spent last _J
reek in Chapel Hill where he ZJ
ttended the annual institute of |
relfare workers. The meeting j 1
ras headed by Mrs. W. T. Bost.' die
Chief topic for discussion was 11
he new social security program, i
rhich was thoroughly explained, foi
Ir. Sasser stated that in his j tor
pinion this was the most bene- Ne
icial meeting of its kind he has mc
ttended since assuming his du- ter
tes as welfare officer. ew
; Re-Elected C
f Legion Post
|ni| vy >% i
F,i \
J % ?ESB
w^ AE s
^^B "JB ^B|B ir
afi EWlWl |Ci
IB ^BflHSj ti
bh^^P^a jefSmifll c
Boj-'r- JPBBHSB c
- a
rgeant-at-arms; A. H. Marshall,! r
aplain; F. M. Sasser, child *"
Jlfare officer; L. T. Yaskell, I p
embership chairman; publiciay 1 p
ficer. R. O. Johnson.
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pal In ;
rtroom Scene E
rince Jafar Devlet-Muraz, "
Exiled Russian Prince, n
Showed Resentment Dur- e
ing Cross Examination t
Thursday By Attorney S. p
B. Frink a
. h
~ . a
rince And His Companion ''
iVere State's Witnesses iv
In Trial Of Harley ?
Beck For Driving
While Intoxicated
An exiled Russian prince was: ^
incipal in a stirring courtroom j
ene enacted here Thursday af- j
rnoon when he became infuria-1
d at the questioning of Attor- \
iy S. B. Frink and accused the
cal barrister of being "a liar."
The heated exchange almost
ecipitated a personal conflict,
it the would-be participants S
ere restrained and order was j
lickly restored.
The nobleman was Prince Ja- jj
r ueviei-iviuriiz, suiuu ?i a m?e
Russian family, who was sparing
as state's witness in the c
ial of Harley Beck, of Shal- Ja
tte, charged with driving while a
ider the influence of intoxicatg
liquor. The trial resulted
am a collision which occurred r
ar Shallotte Tuesday night a
len Beck was alleged to have ^
iven his automobile into a vehi-1
; occupied by the prince and a 0
mpanion. The prince testified' ^
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lew Reason For j;
Keeping Records'
rill Be Means Of Proving
Compliance With Provisions
Of New Soil Conservation
Farmers participating in the
w farm program need to keep
;ords of the soil-conserving,
>ps they grow and the soililding
practices they carry out.
The records will be a means of
mng they are entitled to soil-)
ilding payments, said Dean I.I
Schaub, director of the State j
liege extension service.
Se pointed out that it is parularly
important that farmers
;p records showing the acrea(Continued
on page 8)
Irs. E. J. Skipper
Hes At Maco Home
Mrs. E. J. Skipper, of Maco, I
id suddenly Sunday night at1
o'clock at her home.
Surviving are her husband; [
ir sons, Rozell, E. J., Jr., Clini
and Carl; three daughters,
Hie, Inez and Verona; her!
ither; six brothers; three sis-!
s and seven nieces and nephs.
lost Of The News
All The Time
$1.50 PER YEAR
ireat Interest Being
Shown In
Sunday Schools
liss Zula Rogers, Sunday*
School Field Worker, Has
Been Conducting Series
Of Training Schools
nnouncement Made Of
Future Plans For The
Next Few Weeks; Continued
For the past several weeks
liss Zula Rogers, field worker
f the State Baptist Sunday
chool Board, has been conductlg
a series of study classes at
lurches in the Brunswick Bapst
This week she is conducting a
lass at the Mill Creek Baptist
hurch. Attendance on the first
ight was 137. Other Brunswick
issociation churches reached with
Sunday School training class
ecently are: Antioch, Chapel
fill. Cool Run, Friendship, Jenings'
Branch, Mt. Olive, Mt.
'isgah, Sabboth Home and Boon's
Neck Mission.
Through the co-operation of an
nthusiastic and consecrated band
f helners Miss Rogers hones to
arry this work into the other
en churches of the association
his week.
As a climax to this work in
Srunswick county there will be
n association-wide Baptist Traiing
Union Institute conducted at
he Mount Olive church on Wedesday,
Thursday and Friday
venings, July 29-31. All associaional
officers, general directors,
residents and junior-interrnedite
leaders are urged to .'Ctend.
"he public is cordial# lny.ted /
From August 2 through Aug-*
st 7 has been designated as the
ssociational-wide Baptist Trainig
Union study course week. If
workers are desired for local
hurches Daniel Johnson, of Boivia,
should be notified.
Announce Wage
Scale For WPA
Vages Under New Program
Will Vary From 16Vz
Cents Per Hour To 80
Cents Per Hour For Skilf
1 t I
iea Laoor
WPA wages under the new
irogram in Brunswick county
rill vary from 16 cents an
iour for unskilled labor to 80
ents an hour for professional
nd technical workers, it was
.nnounced at district headquarers.
The monthly security wage will
emain approximately the same
s under the old program. Thua
nskilled laborers will work 128
ours a month for a total wage
f $21.12, while intermediate or
emi-skilled laborers will work
00 hours a month for a wage
f $30.00. Hours for skilled worers
range from 68 for bricklayrs,
electricians, construction
jremen, iron workers, plasterers,
lumbers and stone carvers to
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Tide Table
Following is the tide table
for Southport during the next
week. These hours are approximately
correct and were furnished
The State Port Pilot
through the courtesy of the
Cape Fear Pilot's Association.
High Tide Low Tide
11:14 a. m. 5:02 a. m.
11:30 p. m 5:22 p. m.
5:50 a. m.
12:08 p. m. 6:23 p.m.
0:25 a. m 6:44 a. m.
1:03 p. m. 7:32 p. m.
1:23 a. m. 7:44 a. m.
2:00 p. m. 8:40 p. m.
2:26 a. m. 8:47 a. m.
3:03 p. m. 9:43 p. m.
3:33 a. m. 9:46 a. m.
4:07 p. m. 10:42 p. m.
4:40 a. m. 10:42 a. m.
5:09 p. m. 11:38 p. m.

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