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    [he Mot ^?ven
IjjniDSwick County
pi Special
J Of State
I ;; Session Will Con-1
In Raleigh ThursKf
for Purpose Of En-1
mjnt Social Security
Itfslition I
L Re Will Work Strenf
nent Of |
f jOj Provic!:' liberal- |
I |y For Cit./ens
I the I
Is -: - to iush '
kit insurance/
s hen Gov-1
an unex?T'.
-vneral as?
* convene at
* " 'iming
t the Nov#;
ction will
r Brnnswick county
the lower
re R. E.
" v v -t his atti-i
f. ' -- den in line
r, . s . .il Security
scntelle destreneously
; ' .. i! provisions
.'x :i cade tor our needy
jj..... ha I no idea'
few clays.
v . . the underis
a special
f i special pur(
. It should not
week or ten
j .. : _ session
J.i y." he con-1
j ; iiscuss prob
(1 Brunswick
1. . I v 1 not intro-1
" tng Brunsc
riaily without
j . . people gener-j
jfoie Bits |
Of Big News |
V?! Events Of State,
Lie; and World-Wide
blerest During Past
l - i: .ice of love or
' unanswered:
if dm early on
tit se who might
t :t i -:i kept tight- j
r- - 'fiinet minis-'
S ;' ?,: mble in fori
. morning, prior
if. meeting of the
r.- i o . -lions, to hear
Pr Minister Stanley
i it of his long
1 with Edward and
g's brothers at
ice-sheathed Fort
j lay night. If
' an who says
?v . as king wed
n Wallis Sim*
'.ay from the
r-f it a final an5"'
' - ng that the,
- his love, he,
i* . y that answer j
t i cabinet and
' 'j
0-pound lion
r~' ously injured
* [' - i l performer at
' ":: Theater, late
?'-y while the audience
"ri on horrified. She was
' le Hamiter.
[toer, who carried herj
" and v.conscious from
- in which she
** before seven lions. Hie
i (1 in their
hied to move.
Moore, gangling i
is executed at1
J4' Maon Friday for the
lleien Clevcn t
rely innocent"
1" a killed,
delegation of
? ' t'l'i commissioner of
toll Tuesday!
litio'-.i-. for a stay of'
' ' -Moore, three ne-1
Ashoville inV
that they sus- j
man of the |
I'hey did not
t. it was in-1
ne had not
j associated
e ^f| two women,
j* 0 hired Moore
! kindling for
th Gill for.
until an
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L. ..
Under the social security i
states which have failed to c
ply with unemployment insura
provision by the January 1 de
line, stand to lose insurance be
Estimates have fixed No
Carolina's share of the bene
at upwards of $2,500,000.
Want ive L
Timber 7
Demonstrations To Be Ci
ducted In This Corn
For Purpose Of Showi
Value Of Cultivation
Landowner's Only Oblif
tion Will Be To Maintai
For Period Of Five
Five locations are wanted
timber thinning demonstrations
Brunswick county, according
County Agent J. E. Dodson. '
extension service and other ag
cies will take over plots of t
ber land located on main hi
ways ranging in acreage fi
two to five acres each, mark
trees that need to be taken <
make arrangements for hav
said trees cut into cordw
lengths and corded on the pr
erty. the cordwood it is unc
stood, to belong to the owner
the land to be used as he chc
The owner of the land will s
an agreement withl the state
North Carolina to use all reas
able precautions to keep fire
the property and will not use
allow to be used any timber
the demonstiation plot for a I
iod of five years. The object
of course to show by demonsl
tion that it pays to thin tim
and keep the fires out. A s
able sign will be placed at e
demonstration calling it to
attention of the public.
This work will be done by
following agencies co-operati
the North Carolina Departm
of Conservation and Developm
and the Emergency Conserval
Work in promoting and condi
ing timber stand' improvem
demonstrations, in which C
' * f 11 rn i aVi nrl
tauur aim luuio an,
the E. C. W. from camps un
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Marriage licenses were iss
during the past week from
local office of Register of De
to the following couples: J
Briggs to Laura Williamson, h
of Wilmington; Elbert C. Ph<
to Gertie Fulford, both of Sup;
One Man Crew 1
One Man
On account of the need c
one man to handle the tillc
while others arc making o
furling the sails, anythin
bigger in sail than a rowboa
is a difficult proposition fo
one man to handle.
But Captain Marshall Par
ker, sailing from Philadelphi
to Florida, evidently does no
believe in this fact. He ar
rived at Southport Sunday i:
his handsome little 24-foo
sloop and so manipulated hi
craft as to make a mos
graceful three-point landin
against the side of a Iocs
dock where he moored he
safe and snug without ar
'' - i *r x
A Goo
Civic club wai
Be Resumed For
- Active Service
I Ho Officers Other Than
Advisory Board And Executive
Secretary, W. B.
Keziah, To Fill Latter
List Of Undertakings Includes
Most Important
i Developments Being
Considered In This
Southport now has an active
! Civic Club that is giving promise
of functioning smoothly, sponsoring
or otherwise aiding in all
matters that may be of benefit
! to Southport and Brunswick
I county.
Outside of the executive secreI
tary and a board of advisors
there will be no officials. The
club will operate something like
a Rotary Club, one man to serve
on the advisory board being se?
lected from each business or industry.
The first meeting of the
?ct, organization was held Monday
on" | night at the office of W. B.
nee' Keziah, who will serve as execuad
tive secretary. Only the eight or
ne- 1 nine men who have already been
I selected to serve on the advisory
rth 1 board were present at this meetfits
ing. A general meeting will be
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. r
hinning Project
Alfred Newton, Southport
man, had a narrow escape
from death by drowning early
TS Sunday morning when he was
pulled from the Water down
fa-' near the railroad dock by
n I night policeman M. R. Lewis,
! William McDonald and Will
According to the story Newfor
I ton told his rescuers, he had
I in been possum hunting with a
to | party of friends and was rerhe
| turning to Southport in a skiff,
en-1 which overturned a short disim
tance from shore. He managed
gh-1 to reach the pilings at the
om railroad dock and was clinging
the | there when help arrived.
>ut,1 His cries attracted Policeing;
man Lewis, who was patroling
ood his regular beat in the busi op
ness section.
Heavy Holiday
ion- Mail Problem
Patrons Of Local Postoffice
Urged To Co-operate In
H'g Making Work Of Postal
ira. Employees Easier
Again this week patrons of
acl, the local postoffice are remindthe
ed of the annual Christmas mailing
rush, and attention is called
the to a number of things that will
ng: make service better and the work
lent of the postal employees easier,
lent Several boxes are available at
tion the postoffice at a nominal sum
jet- for the month of December. The
* ~? 1?? vwoWo if nnoQihlp
lent use U1 d OUA manco lb j/uuw.?.v
:cc for the boxholder to get his mail
by any time of day, whether the
der window is open or closed. It is
well to call at the post office
several times each day, according
to Postmaster L. T. Yaskell, to
ued cluttered with mail,
the | keep the box from becoming
eds The W. B. and S. mail bus
ohn I has begun making extra trips
oth with the mail, and from now
dps until Christmas will run as fast
ply. i (Continued on page four)
Enough, If The
Knows His Sailing
if * His boat is the Tarojam,
r 24-feet in length, with a ten
r foot beam. Her one little
g j cabin was a delight to the
.t | eye for neatness. In addition
r j to being bedroom, parlor and
kitchen it housed a nifty little
12 horse power motor
a j that gives the craft a cruist
j ing speed of eight miles per
- i hour at such times when it
n | is not expedient to use the
t ample spread of canvass with
s | its 35 foot mast,
it ; When the young captain
g was asked how he made
tl i sail and steered the boat
r alone he spread both hands
i- outward, palms up, and gazed
sidewise to heaven.
- iAlu La. ..... - iifjt
id Newspaper I
Southport, N. C., W
Facts Regarding.
Of Brunswi
Clues Furnished By Will I
May Result In 1
Of I
Clues furnished by Will Inman,
one of the victims of a
band of men who waylayed
him on the night before
Thanksgiving and gave him
a flogging, may lead to the
discovery of the band of selfappointed
disciplinarians who
paid their first official visit
to Brunswick county on
that occasion.
On the same night that
the Freeland man was carried
over the Columbus county
line and whipped, Jesse
Cox, another resident of that
section also was flogged by
the band, whose chief complaint
against the pair appeared
to be that they did
not take an active part in
the church and Sunday
school affairs of their community.
On the night before
Thanksgiving, Inman said
that he was at the King filWill
Begin Work
At Caswell Soon
Letter Received This Week
From Mr. Chase States
That Plans Call For Early
Thanking him for recent articles
in the state press regardir?cr
hot salt well at Fort
,' Caswell, Mr. S. O. Chase of
1 Chase and Company, owners of
I Fort Caswell, wrote W. B. Keziah
i of the Southport Civic Club Monday
of this week.
Referring to the Caswell property,
Mr. Chase said: "We hope
to get under way at once with
[some of our reconditioning work.
We will start off with a small
force and will expand as is necessary."
At its meeting Monday iight
j the civic club instructed Mr. Keziah
to write Mr. Chase, urging
J him to employ local labor as
| much as possible and to carry
| on the operations on such a
scale as would insure the place
being ready for the occupancy
jof visitors the coming summer.
It is thought that with summer
(homes and hotel facilities available
at Caswell several import'ant
conventions can be obtained
for the coming summer. Incidently,
it may be mentioned that H.
]H. Thomas of Southport, repret
sentative of the owners in the
I development, is highly optimis|
tic regarding Fort Caswell's fujture.
Vestry Elected
For St. Phillips
Mayor John Ericksen Made
Senior Warden; Charles
L. Stevens Emeritus Senior
On Sunday night, December
;6th, the regular annual meeting
[ for the election of the Vestry
! of St. Philip's Episcopal church
j was held, and the following were
'nominated and elected the Vestry
for the ensuing year, beginning
iwith this advent season: Fred
I Smith, W. G. Butler, John
. Erickson, Will Styron, H. B.
! Smith, Jas. E. Carr, Charles L.
Stevens. The Reverend A. H.
Marshall, rector of the parish,
j presided.
The rector having the appointing
of the senior warden for the
, j ensuing year, named John Erickison.
The junior warden will be
| named by the vestry at its first
j meeting. Dr. Marshall named as
(emeritus senior warden, C. L.
[ Stevens.
Tobacco Short
r. r?
course turning
In Anticipation Of Short
Course To Be Held During
January Full Description
Will Be Given Over
The Tobacco Short Course,
which will be held at State College
January 18-22, is expected
to attract hundreds of North
Carolina growers, to Raleigh.
Dr. J. B. Cotner, professor of
plant breeding at the college,
will give a full description of
the course and its purposes and
aims on the Carolina Farm Features
radio program Saturday,
(December 12th.
Farm leaders, knowing that tobacco
is the State's leading cash
[crop, have stamped their approvContlnued
on Page 8)
. , -
n A Good Coi
Wednesday, De<
ick Men Revealet
nman, One Of The Victim
The Appresension
' ling station near his home.
A carload of men drove up
and asked for him. When he
went out they pretended to
be looking for liquor, and
asked him to go with them
to find some. He refused, and
went back into the station
and remained there with the
crowd for a couple of hours
before going home.
When he was about a
quarter of a mile from his
home, he said that he saw
an automobile parked beside
the road with some men apparently
trying to patch a
tire. They stopped him, and
one of the men stepped up
beside his car and asked if
he had a pump or a jack. As
he did, he drew a gun, and
reached inside the car and
turned off the switch.
Harrison Faircloth was riding
with Inman, and both
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Light Session
Before Recorde
Only Four Cases Settled 0
Wednesday Before Judg
Joe W. Ruark In Recoi
der's Court
Only four cases were disposi
of here in Recorder's Court la
.week before Judge Joe W. Rour
Arthur and Chester Holli
; colored, were tried for perjur
Probable cause was found, ar
the defendants were bound ov<
j to Superior court under $21
Following a hearing on tl
matter, it was ordered that tl
truck confiscated in connectic
(with the Marshall McDowell ca
be delivered to james uuntnuti
I the Raney Chevrolet Co.. since
I appeared to the court 'mat the
parties had no knowledge th;
(the vehicle was being used f
the transportation of liquor.
Dock Byrant, colored, wi
found guilty of driving witho
| an operator's license but jud;
,'ment against him was suspendi
without cost to the defends
when it was shown that he no
,has his proper license.
C. L. Smith, white, tried se
eral weeks ago on a charge
assault and non-support had h
case dismissed without cost
the county, except officer's fee
Christmas Seals
Are Progressin
Mrs. Annie K. Vitou, Wf
Is Chairman Of The Sa
es Committee Of TI
Woman's Club This Yea
Encouraged With Resul
The annual sale of Christmi
.seals in Southport is off with
jbang this year and Mrs. Ann
;K. Vitou, chairman of the Chris
mas seal sales committee of tl
| Southport Woman's Club, is e
couraged with the results so f:
j obtained.
Local citizens are being urgi
to use these little health stam]
on all their mail from now uni
[Christmas, business and person
j letters as well as upon Chris
.mas cards and packages.
Mrs. Vitou once more calls a
[tention to the fact that sevent;
[five cents of every dollar remaii
at home, and that fifteen p
cent of the remainder remains
North Carolina to combat tube
: culosis.
! White Christmas
Program Planne
A white Christmas, the then
of which will be giving inste;
[of receicing gifts, has been pla
1 ned for the Presbyterian churc
This special program for the o
jcasion will be held at 7:30 o'clot
Christmas evening, and everyoi
is invited to come and bring
rift- tn he nlaced in the mansrc
IB"- r
planned as one of the attractioi
of the decorations.
Long Vacation
Of The School
The Christmas holidays for tl
schools of this county will beg
this year on Wednesday, Decen
, ber 23, Tuesday being the la
day of school before the vacatic
period. Schools will not reopt
until Monday, January 4.
j Arrangements are being mat
| to give the teachers their fourl
j month's salary checks before thf
leave for their homes to sper
j the holidays.
:ember 9, 1936 P"BL1'
Judge Cranmer
f Hears Oath Of
County Officers
Local Resident, Judge Of
Superior Court, Presided
At Impressive Installation
Ceremony Monday
AH Officers Sworn In Save
One Commissioner And
The Coroner Were Incumbent;
Many Citizens
Attend Ceremony
Judge E. H. Cranmer made an
impressive talk here Monday as
he administered the oath of office
to county and township officers
elected at the November
3 election. The installation ceremony,
held at 1 o'clock, was well
attended by citizens from the
county in town for this occasion.
Officers taking oath were: R.
I. Mintz, register of deeds, and
his deputy, Miss Gladys T. Dozier;
J. M. Roach, Sam J. Frink
? and John B. Ward, county com(Continued
on page four)
r Yacht Owners
Get Coasi
:e| ? !j
Again this year members of
k. i the Southport Woman's Club
is, I is sponsoring: a Christmas tree
? | lighting contest in an effort
j to have the city decorated for
" I the Yulctide season.
Two prizes will be awarded.
One will go to the person hav!
ing the most attractive living
10 Christmas tree; the other will
le I be awarded to the person with
>n I the most attractive cut tree.
In seasons past this tree1(7
i lighting contest has caused
considerable lrwM interest, and
some beautiful results have
been obtained. It is urged by
3r club officials that citizens cooperate
again this year.
? Interest Grows
In Boxing Bouts
of | Boys Of Camp Sapona Aids
I ready Working Out With
to | Their Eye Centered Upon
:s. Star-News Tournament In
From all present indications
Southport and Brunswick county
? will be well represented at the
?5 Star-News boxing tournament,
which is to be held in Wilmingl0
ton during the week of January
j. 10. This event promises to be the
le best sports attraction in this
section during the winter season.
.' Already the boys of Camp Sapona
are working out with the
as idea of getting into top condition
a before the bouts begin. Coach
ie Fat Marr has a number of scrap|t_
pers who have had experience in
le the ring, and it is expected that
n_ he will enter a complete team.
ir Last week Editor Lamont
Smith, of the Wilmington Star,
was down here talking to the
_g boys about the coming event. His
til trip crystallized interest in the
a] bouts, and it is likely that several
local boys will decide to
y. Is Illegal To Mail
Alcoholic Beverage
in Postmaster L. T. Yaskell has
r- asked this newspaper to inform
its readers that it is strictly illegal
to send any intoxicating
liquor through the mails. The re.
ceiver, as well as the sender, is
(I liable for prosecution, according
to the Southport postmaster, and
ie may be sent to prison, may be
id fined, or both.
l Captain Tommie
a Has Inte
13 Captain Tommie St. George,
veteran Cape Fear river
pilot, returned Wednesday
from a 10 day trip to West
S Palm Beach, Florida, a voyage
which he made as pilot
ie aboard the yacht Heilander,
in owned by a Mr. Roaraback,
a- of Sanford, Connecticut,
st Captain James L. Ford, an
>n old friend of Captain Tom:n
mie's, was the yacht's master,
and the veteran pilot dele
clared that his trip was one
th of the best he has had in
:y all his years of experience,
id The jorney south through 1
the beautiful inter-coastal
Most Of The News
All The Time
$1.50 PER YEAR
?unty Board
Senior Members Of County
| Board Elevated To The
Chairmanship At Organization
Meeting Held On
Board Held Short Session
Monday Afternoon And,
Failing To Complete
Its Business, Was In
Session Tuesday
Members of the board of county
commissioners in session here
Monday afternoon elected J. M.
Roach, senior member of the
bodv. chairman. He succeeds H.
J. M. Roach
Of The Co
Recognizing the need of hot
shower facilities at the local
gymnasium, a movement is on
foot to schedule a double-header
basketball attraction to
1 raise money for this purpose.
As one feature of the special
program an invitation is
being extended the Bladenboro
high school girls to play a
Brunswick county team here,
rhe Bladen county lassies
were winners last ydar of the
Star-News tournament in Wilmington.
On the same bill it is expected
that a team from the city
league in Wilmington will
come here to play the Camp
Sapona five.
With the opening of the
county schedule here this week
the need for quick action in
this matter is more apparent,
if the showers are to be provided
for use this winter.
; Will Help
f Guard Cutter
? ???
'Sign Petition Addressed To
Treasury Department
Asking That A Suitable
Boat Be Based At Southport
Need Is For Cutter To Maneuver
In Inland Water
way And At Other
Shallow Places
Although a movement that is
j already underway may bring the
! desired results, three letters having
been received from Washington
the past week, Southport's
Civic Club has an iron in the
fire that will soon be red hot for
another attempt, if It is needed,
to get a medium sized coast
guard cutter based at Southport
for the protection of shipping on
the Cape Fear River, the IntraCoastal
Waterway and along the
Starting out Friday the club's
secretary has boarded every
yacht, tug or other vessel that
has tied up at any of the South]port
docks. To the captain or
j owner it is being briefly explained
that there is need of a medium
sized cutter here, and they
are asked to sign a formal letter
I to the Treasury Department, ask|
ing for such a vessel.
The results are surprising and
are affording much gratification.
Not a ships officer or owner has
j hesitated for an instant about
signing the letter. Several of
them have gone much further
,and expressed indignation, which
.they coupled with offers to write
i Washington asking for the basing
of a cutter here.
H. E. Foster, of the big yacht
Elgra, of Greenwich, Conn., said
Sunday that he had been hung
I up on a reef for 24 hours. He
was thoroughly indignant at the
lack of service to aid the waterway
and river craft and said that
(Continued on page four)
Local Attorney
In Flowers Case
Representative R. E. Sentelle,
Southport attorney, has been asked
to join counsel for defense of
Dr. Ralph Flowers, Winston-Salj
em dentist who was convicted
' several weeks ago of stealing
Representative Sentelle stated
that he is investigating the mer]
its of the case before he decides
what to do. An appeal is pending
! before the North Carolina Supjrcme
St. George
resting Trip South
waterway was made in leisurely
stages, according 'o
Captain Tommie, who .as
rielip-hted with the chanr'ng
j o? - - I
I scenery.
On Thanksgiving day a ty|
pical feast was served aboard
the yacht, he said, featuring
a 17-pound turkey as the
centerpeice for the table.
Despite the cold blasts that
held the greater part of
i North Carolina in its grip
during the holiday week-end,
Captain Tonimie said that
the weather in Palm Beach I
was balmy, and that bathers
j took their daily dip in the
i Atlantic.
O. Peterson, who did not seek reelection
on November 3.
The first official act of the
board after its organization was
the appointment of S. B. Frink
county attorney.
In a surprise move Monday
afternoon Gillard Lewis, elected
to succeed M. A. Northrop as
j Brunswick county coroner, tendered
his resignation Monday afternoon
and recommended that
John G. Caison, second high man
in the primary, be appointed. This
recommendation was accepted by
the board, and Mr. Caison was
(Continued on Page 3.)
Interest In New
Hunting Reserve
According To George R.
Foulke Northern Hunters
Already Are Making
Inquiries; G. T. Reid Is
The Long Chance Hunting Club
a Brunswick county sporting organization
headed by George R.
Foulke of Winnebow and with
its huge hunting preserve situated
only seven or eight roi'es
from Southport, has been receiv- -r
ing inquiries from many northern
sportsmen who are willing
to pay the daily fee for hunting
G. T. Reid. of Winnabow, is
associated with Mr. Foulke in the
project. Mr. Foulke was in town ^
Monday and was very much interested
in the undertaking. Al(Continued
on page four)
Bolivia And Antioch
Woman's Club Meet
The monthly meeting of the
Bolivia and Antioch Woman's
club was held at Mrs. Thad
Johnson's on last Tuesday.
The meeting was begun by
singing Christmas Carols. Busi
4.1 ? 1?4-^-3 Wnb
Ileus meeting euuoiateu tit malting
Christmas presents and ideas
were exchanged among member^
which proved beneficial.
The following officers were reelected
for the coming year: Mrs.
Carl Wa;d, President; Mrs. Frank
Mintz, Vice-President; Mrs.
Frank Johnson, sec. and treas.;
Mrs. George Cannon, recreation
The club is going to have a
Christmas tree at the home of
Mrs. J. D. Johnson on December
The meeting was attended by
the Home Demonstration Leader
Miss Marion Smith, Mrs. Frank
Johnson, Mrs. George Cannon,
Mrs. Alex Mercer, Mrs. Frank
Mintz, Mrs. Foster Mintz, Mrs.
Dewey Edwards, Mrs. Carl Ward,
Mrs. Horace Johnson, and hostess
Mrs. Thad Johnson.
Mrs. Johnson served delicious
fruit cake and hot coffee.
Tide Table
Following is the tide table
for Southport during; the next
week. These hours are approximately
correct and were furnished
The State Port Pilot
through the courtesy of the
Cape Fear Pilot's Association.
High Tide Low Tide
Thursday, December 10
5:01 a. m. 11:22 a. m.
5:20 p. m. 11:24 p. m.
Friday, December 11
5:46 a. m.
6:06 p. m. 12:09 p. m.
Saturday, December 12
6:28 a. m. 0:09 a. m.
6:49 p. m. 12:54 p. m.
Sunday, December IS
7:07 a. m. 0:51 a. m.
7:26 p. m. 1:38 p. m.
Monday, December 14
7:44 a. m. 1:36 a. m.
8:04 p. m. 2:20 p. m.
Tuesday, December 15
8:20 a. m. 2:17 a. m.
8:43 p. m. 8:01 p. m.
Wednesday, December 16
8:58 a. m. 2:51 a. m.
9:35 p. m. 3:38 p. m.

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