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jnmsvvick County
| C <
J# ^
Jewest And
In U.S. 1
Visit 1
Fear River ?llot W,U
fii Craft Tomorrow
tig And Will Bring
fr ln? To Government
,fl,&poCt B?r
Jcer5 And Members
pf Crew Assured
jtor; at'-.i Brunswick county
are easterly awaiting
j.;;. tomorrow morn
I Finest Sub
Mavy Will 1
To North C
Primitive an
nitive and the picturesque
tering days of early Americ
:ounty, but they are rapid
juilt from sticks and clay
;eeh in the picture upper ]
ight shows a log tobacco 1
South port, and bottom, an
Fog On River
Week Hant
everal Ships Have Been
Forced To Remain In
Wilmington Until Fog
Bank Lifted From River
hipping Has Been Heavy
For Past Ten Days As
Fertilizer Materials Begin
To Arrive From
Foreign Ports
Heavy fog banks which have
ung low over the Cape Feai
iver practically every day for
re past two weeks have proved
serious handicap to river striping.
Several boats have been forced
) delay their departure from
Wilmington, rather than risk a
own-river trip in dense fog. Inoming
boats have been anchor:1
on their way to Wilmington
>r the same reason.
rm- - lirovm WPflthPT
ine unuauai^v nut...
hich has prevailed during the
ast two weeks is given as the
rincipal reason for the heavy
)gs. The atmosphere has been
armer than the water, causing
apor to rise.
At this season of the year,
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fosephus Daniels
Here To Welc
The Southport Civic Club
dose not expect to get everything
it asks for. Mixed with
its disappointment at having
failed to get Ambassador Josephus
Daniels, former Secretary
of the Navy, here to
assist in welcoming the U.
S. S. Perch, the club is gratified
at the friendly words
written by Mr. Daniels in
response to the invitation.
Writing from Washington
last Tuesday Mr. Daniels
"Your letter was forwarded
to me from Raleigh and
I apologize to you for not
answering it sooner. I appreciate
more highly than I can
tell you the honor you do
me and wish it were possible
for me to be with you
upon the occasion of the coming
of the newest and largest
submarine of the Navy
which is due to be in Southport
on the 14th of January.
I always have been much in
j [v(:( Sum's submarines
'. . t a North Carolina
, i; expected to arrive
in the morning.
I w:ll boarded by a
.... : the Cape Fear Pilot
She will be brought
c rite-: at the Government
s - r.t Of the garrison
iJr'r John Ericksen has ap(. _
3 committee to join in
a welcome to officers
lacbers of the crew. Int
j; :ty officials and repn:
; from the various or
-5 of the city. Another1
is in charge of enterEt
vt.ich includes a dinner i
j. : for the officers (
i a-c. Friday night for (
in of the crew.
s.'-.-' the iarge number of s
a io came to Southport "
ir l*. S. S. Raleigh was '
::y officials are making ?.
id take care of another Captain
Charles i
the State Highway I
e promised his co-opi
. is commanded by
> ; G. Crawford, formerly
sr.- : the Raleigh division t-"
S. Navv recruiting ser!
He -. v.-eutive officer is Lt.
El S art. Two other offith
lieutenants, junior
I I 'I hey are M.
i'-es and A. J. Shade. C
s?p was built at the Elec3-i
ery and was launfev
h. 1936. She mounts S
: c. ar.J has a length of
hi ar.d a beam of 25 feet
r- che is of 1230 tons and
i f .a draft of thirteen
~~ h
rctle Bits tr;
Of Big News p
*? Events Of State, y
^lion and World-Wide d
Merest During Pa?t Cl
Week f<
j? w
?Power p.
lent Roosevelt Tuesday p
ki Congress for authority f<
Organize the entire ad- w
utration branch of the vi
:>J States government, and j
w.fer upon him the supexecutive
power intended _
to the Constitution. With .
f request, he submitted a |
a for an executive shake-1 *
^paralleled in American j
designed to smash the
4 system, move more than
1 separate agencies into line l
fed the 10 boards which, j
,fcl. threaten to become a,
*hh branch" of govern- j
tcco Report
rfh Carolina produced
sso.000 pounds of tobacco j
w at S105.r)04.000 in 1936.
f'deral-state crop report-;
service said Tuesday, com
with 577,455,000 pounds,
at $117,443,000 producThe
seasons avc|5
Price through January 1,
'' was S22.65 per hundred;
or $1.93 higher than
j-.fason. Producers sold
J S34 pounds this sea-1
It Y? ?nIy kt per cent of j
?e.i i pounds, mar-1
' daring the 1935 season.
*h*ar farmers
h-trS of North Carolina I
kg, ttlcir say on the to-,
tConti 'r't'act fsi'l next week.
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e st
A Goc
3ay First
arolina Port
d Picturesque
JHHU lifciS'ft^iiiiiiiiN''"" s*Sl
LYS?Still a little of the priwhich
characterized the pion:a
may be found in Brunswick
ly vanishing. Clay chimneys,
with such log cabins as that
left, may still be found. Top
iarn in process of erection at
ox-drawn wagon.
During Past
licaps Shipping
It is likely that no town of
similar size in North Carolina
boasts of more fine bird dogs
than does Southport. In fact,
there are times during the offseason
when the dogs become
somewhat of a nuisance.
But not so this week.
One of the principal features
of entertainment planned for
' officers of the PERCH is a
bird hunt Thursday. Two prominent
state officials plan to
join the group, which will be
1; divided into parties by Captain
I. B. Bussells, dean of local
' bird hunters. A local sportsman
will be with each group.
The day win De cnmaxeu i
with a supper served in the
officers mess at the CCC
Members of the Auxiliary of
: the Brunswick County Post 194,
American Legion, are making an
effort to secure furniture for the
i Legion room in the community
icenter building. They are asking
.for donations of odd chairs,
| smoking stands, etc.
Unable To Be
ome U. S. S. Perch
terested in the port of Southport
and that section of our
State, and it is a genuine
I disappointment to me and to
my wife that we must deny
' ourselves the pleasure of being
with you.
i "I am to be at Raleigh
for the inauguration of Gov|
ernor Hoey and I have an
engagement here with the
President the Monday following.
and shortly thereafter I
must return to Mexico. Your
suggestion that we could
drive over to Fort Caswell
appeals very much to us.
j Many year ago I visited that
I Fort and know its historic
interest. The fact that the
batteries are named for my
wife's brother, Ensign Worth
Bagley, deepens our regret
that we are denied the pleaI
sure. I hope the next time
' we come home we may come
to Southport and Fort Caswell.
Sincerely yours,
Josephus Daniels".
- -- ? - - ?
UiU oon ur lVir. /inu mrs.
C. N. Hewett, Of Shallotte,
Instantly Killed In
Wreck Sunday Night
Ncuman Hewett, 16-year-old
son of Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Hewett,
of Shallotte, was instantly
killed Sunday night in an automobile
accident which occurred
on the Shallotte-Whiteville Highway.
Young Hewett was said to
have been driver of the automobile
which failed to make one of
the sharp curves in the road. His
i companions, Henry B. Usher and
I Carl Piggott, also of Shallotte,
were brought to the Brunswick
| County Hospital for first aid
i treatment.
The car turned over several
i times and came to rest bottom
I side up in the highway.
I Usher succeeded in crawling
[out of the wreckage and in free!
ing Piggott. He was unable to
; free Hewett, however, whom he
j said was living when he attempted
to extricate him. Usher made
[his way to a filling station near
(Ash, where he obtained aid.
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Local Fishermen
Have Good Luck
Fishing from over the 18-mile
rocks or banks Saturday afternoon
Hullan Watts and three
companions made the nice catch
of 1409 pounds of fish in three
hours time. The banks were not
located until 2:30 o'clock and the
(boys wound up their tackle and
[quit as darkness gathered. All
the fish were taken with hooks
and hand lines.
The above mentioned banks or
O vr? uortf Hiffinilt fnr the
j 1 UUfVO U1 v r J V...VV?.
{fishermen to locate, whole days
often being spent in fruitless
sounding for them. Captain
Watts and his companions put up
a flag, by means of an anchor,
to serve as a temporary marker.
>d Newspaper I
Southport, N.
I [
Com. Of Modoc
Says Vessel Not
To Be Dynamited
Mount Dirfys, Which Went
Aground On Point Of
Frying Pan Shoals, To
Be Left Intact Where She
Contention Of Local SportsI
men Was That Wreck
Will Afford Feeding
Ground For Trout
Without Proving
"They won't blow up the ship,"
this definite assurance was given
relative to the S. S. Mount Dirfys
;by Commander J. F. Farley, of
the U. S. Coast Guard cutter
Modoc, in a letter to the Southport
Civic Club the past week.
TVm Piifia CI nh hod iifrittnn
X11C VI V 11/ V1UU IIUU i<> ikbvn
Commander Farley asking- that
the ship be allowed to remain
as it is. The club asserted that
! in its position it would not be
a menace to navigation and that
jit would afford a valuable fishiing
spot if left where it is.
Commander Farley wrote: "In
] reply to your letter of December
; J 30, 1936, you are advised that
i the Commanding Officer agrees
fully as to the desirability of
' | leaving the S. S. Mount Dirfys
| as is, and with the reasons you
' J set forth. In the event of any
strong agitation to destroy the
[vessel a further argument against
I it would be that this wreck would
| only be a menace during the
| hours of darkness when no small
j boats are ever in that vicinity
ahd large vessels would not be
as much endangered by the
wreck as by the shoal; in addition
as long as this wreck shows
above the water it provides an
excellent navigation aid to mark
the outer tip of Frying Pan
i Shoals."
Further referring to the absence
of need to dynamite the Mount
(Continued on Pago Six)
Shallotfe Boy
Dies In Wreck
Neuman Hewett, 16-Year*/f__
K 1 KA
n A Good Com
C., Wednesday, Januar
] !
County Official
Asks Waynick's
Reply On Road
Register Of Deeds R. I.
Mintz Seeks Some Definite
Answer Before
Thursday Evening, When
Group Is To Meet In
Brunswick County Official
Rebukes State Highway
Chairman For Refusal
To Give Official
An invitation was received j
here this week by four Brunswick
county officials to attend a'
i meeting of the Whiteville Rotary
Club Thursday evening for the
purpose of discussing steps to
further the cause of the improve-; I
i ment of the Whiteville-Southport
j highway.
In a final effort to have some j
j definite information to present at
the meeting, Register of Deeds
R. I. Mintz this week addressed
another letter to Capus M. Waynick
asking for some statement
, relative to the project. I
The letter follows:
January 11, 1937.
'Mr. Capus M. Waynick, Chms.,
[State Highway and Public
Works Commission,
Raleigh, North Carolina.
Dear Mr. Waynick:
We are very much disappoint(Continued
on page 6)
Many Interested
In Yacht Races
Yacht Regatta Being Planned
For Next Summer Is
Certain To Attract En-1
trants From Distant
Several interesting communica-1
tions regarding the proposed1
yacht races to bo held in Aug- J
ust have been received recently.!
Some of the letters came from
members of Yacht clubs from;
quite a distance, and were direct-i
jed to the Southport Civic Club, ,
(which is fathering the undertaking,
with the active support of ,
the Carolina Yacht Club of Wil- j
mington. ! \
Returning a letter that the j,
I Civic Club had received from |.
I parties in Maryland iacnung as-L
j sociations, Henry L. Taylor, of j
j Wilmington, one of the most act-!,
! ive boosters of the local regatta, I,
said: |j
"I certainly am glad to note
that you are keeping interest
stirred up in the regatta, for we
are looking forward to it our!
selves with a great deal of pleai
Committee Will ;
Meet Thursday
; . 1
County Farm Debt Adjust- 1
ment Committee Will,.'
i Meet At The Brunswick <
County Courthouse Here 1
Thursday Afternoon At 2:00
O'clock j|
A meeting of the local Farm '
Debt Adjustment Committee will
be held in Southport, Thursday,
January 14th, according to an
announcement by Jesse Murray, |
County Supervisor in charge of
the Rural Rehabilitation Program
of the Resettlement Administra|
tion in Brunswick county. The
(Continued on page 6)
Magazine Editor
Offers Co-operation
Stating that he is quite fa- j
; miliar with Southport waters, W.!
j F. Crosby, editor of the widely
recognized boating magazine
"Rudder," has written the Southport
Civic Club from his office
in New York, giving his assuran- j
ce that he will give every co-op-!
eration in the matter of securing
a Coast Guard cutter at South- j
port for the protection of the
boating interests.
r pil
y 13th, 1937 publishe
City Offices A
City Offices Mo\
Community Ce
The January term of Bruns- q
wick County Superior Court
for the trial of civil actions RE<
came to a close Wednesday
morning after being; in session
'or little more than two days. Old
Except for the fact that
eight divorce cases were dis- j
posed of 011 Monday, there was
little of interest about the
session, which was presided
over by Judge Walter L. ^
Small, of Elizabeth City. offic
The final two cases disposed fron
of were those of Ludlum vs. yve
E. V. Domett, in which judg- fjao]
ment was for the plaintiff, ^uik
and Johnson vs., in cate
which the plaintiff also was ^
winner. There was a demurrer
filed in the latter action.
Pilot To Bring X
In Navy Visitor J'
Cape Fear Pilot Association ding
Will Furnish Member Of beau
Their Organization To coloi
Bring Submarine PERCH T*
To Dock in 1
In keeping writh their unvary- bein;
ing custom of extending every
,, . PER
courtesy that is within their
power to United States naval .
vessels visiting at the ports of fit
Southport and Wilmington, the
Cape Fear Pilots Association
ivill bring in the U. S. PERCH'
rhursday morning without char- j
?e. !
The seven men at Southport Mrs
take turns about at bringing in j d
jach ship. The only deviations G
from this rotation are when a J
(Continued on page 6 j L
Baptist Pastor di*['
Moves To Town homi
The Rev. A. L. Brown and ed t
family moved into the Baptist jeral
parsonage Friday. The- new pas-' Mi
tor of the Southport Baptist ried.
:hurch comes here from Benson. ;fred
In addition to Mr. and Mrs. I Adai
Brown, four children came with Gall<
Jiem. They are Myrtle, Lulu | was
3rey and Bobby. Three other Mi
:hildren, two girls and one boy, but
lold positions in Smithfield.
Shad Season For Norl
lA/n J>ama 57
TT (tin d JUdiaun^m
The state department of | off
conservation and developm'nt, ; coi
in a move designed to pre- dai
vent the "rapid decline in tai
the most valuable specie cf the
fish taken in this state," pas- em
sed regulations today limit- 1
ing the shad season. zoi
The conservation board nel
took up the shad question Ap
late Monday. fro
Rejecting, because of the In
"economic plight of fisher- nel
men", a more drastic regu- an
lation which would have limi- '
ted the season to 30 days, val
the department decided to al- ter
low fishermen to take shad mi'
in pound nets for two and a ted
half months each year. ths
Waters of the state were Th
designated as north and he?
south zones, with long shoal, am
re Moved IJ
S " . I ^
re Into New ?
nter Building"
^ ii
v Quarters For City Of- [J
ices Included On First
loor Of New Building ^
Vhich Was Recently ]?
Completed p
:reation hall 'si
and legion room n
Southport Fligh School p
lilding Has Been Com- r<
letely Renovated And f<
Is Now Being Occu- in
pied ?
le offices of Southport city a
:iarts were moved laet week d
i the old city hall to attrac- n
new Quarters on the first |ii
of the community center h
ling. The city offices are lo- P
J in the down-stairs room on w
right and the room on the
is to be the Legion room. On o
second floor is a spacious re- si
tion hall that may be used a
various civic organizations for a.
tings and social functions. f
lese rooms are in the old h
hport high school building, $
h was completely renovated P
VVPA labor. White columns &
! erected in front of the buil- ]
, which stands overlooking!
itiful Franklin Square like a I
lial mansion. !
ic New Years dance was held ,
he recreation hall, and plans J f
being made to hold the dance ?
g given Friday night in honf
members of the crew of the [
:CH in the hall.
*ed Resident
Passed Monday a
i. Ella Gilbert Died Mon- al
ay Afternoon At Home e'
If Her Daughter, Mrs. J. pi
Adams, Following *
ong Illness
rs. Ella G. Gilbert, aged 82, "
Monday afternoon at the L
e of her daughter, Mrs. J. J. e<
ms, in Southport. The deceas- cl
lad been an invalid for sev- ^
years. jw
rs. Gilbert was thrice mar-1o1
The first time was to Al-jc{
Galloway, father of Mrs.
us; the second was to Frank i
>way and the third marriageI ?
to W. T. Gilbert. I |
*s. Adams is the only child,
there were five grandchil(Continued
on page 6)
th Carolina
id By Assembly
the southern end of Dare
inty, serving as a bounry
between the two. Tribu y
waters were placed in
) zones into which they
"ishermen in the southern
ie may take shad in pound
" ?? fakman, 1 fn
ril 15 and with gill neta
m January 20 to April 15.
the northern zone, the gill j
; season will open Februr
15, and close May 1. ,
rhe decision of the conser:ion
group was reached afa
sub-committee had sub- J
tted an unanimously adopI
report recommending | '
it the dates be established,
e sub-committee had held
irings at Manteo, Edenton
1 Oriental. -
Most Of The News
All The Time
$1.50 PER YEAR
[!lark Gives Clear
nterpretation Of
^ension Statutes
lumcr ms Letters And Other
Inquiries Lead To Belief
That General Misunderstanding
Has Resulted
egislature In Session Before
Christmas Enacted
Social Security Law,
Not Pension
Congressman J. Bayard Clark,
f this district, has Issued the
illowing press statement with
;ference to the recent social sell
rity legislation in this country,
1 order that the people may
ave a clear conception of what
i embraces:
Judging by numerous letters
lat come to my office and items
itely appearing in the newspaers
there is much confusion
broad in regard to old age penions.
Recently all employees were
iquired to register under the
ocial Security Act. Many old
eople felt that they should also
agister in order to be in line
jr old age pension, and were
luch disappointed when they
auld not do so. On this account,
nd in trying to find out when
nd where and what to do In orer
to get an old age pension,
lany of these good old folks are
1 genuine distress. It is In the
ope of making the situation
Iain to them that I venture 'to
The last Congress passed an
Id age pension law that is very
imple. It provides that whenever
ny state arranges to pay an oici
ge pension the Federal Governlent
will join in and pay one
alf of it up to but not above
30.00 per month. If the State
rovides $3.00 the Federal Govrnment
will pay $3.00, making
(Continued on page 6)
}erch Command^
io Stranger Here
.ieutenant C. G. Crawford
Was Member Of Committee
From Raleigh Which
Came To Welcome Crew
Of The U. S. S. Raleigh
When the U. S. PERCH docks
t Southport Thursday morning
>r the first friendly visit that
ny United States submarine has
irer made to a North Carolina
art, the commander, Lieutenant
. G. Crawford, will not find
imself among strangers.
When the U. S. S. Raleigh vised
Southport several years ago
ieutenant Crawford was station1
at Raleigh, where he was in
large of the Naval Recruiting
tation. The visit of the cruiser
as one of state and the mayor
Raleigh appointed an official
immittee to come to Southport
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Tide Table
Following is the tide table
for Southport during the next
week. These hours are approximately
correct and were furnished
The State Port Pilot
through the courtesy of the
Cape Fear Pilot's Association.
High Tide Low Tide
Thursday, December 24
3:52 a. m. 10:26 a. m.
4:25 p. m. 10:32 p. m.
Friday, December 25 I
1:53 a. m. 11:23 a. m.
5:26 p. m. 11:28 p. m.
Saturday, December 26
5:51 a. m.
5:21 p. m. 12:20 p. m.
Sunday, December 27
5:41 a. m. 0:23 a. in.
1:11 p. m. 1:15 p. m.
Monday, December 28 *
7:30 a. m. 1:18 a. m.
7:58 p. m. 2.05 p. m.
Tuesday, December 29
8:17 a. m. 2:10 a. m.
8:46 p. m. 2:53 p. m.
Wednesday, December 30
9:03 a. m. 2:58 a. m.
9:35 p. m. 3:38 p. m.

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