FEBRUARV 10, 1937 ?? B Mrs. Horace Woodside, of Bal- j 1 eie\on. {jmore Md.. is visiting at the B home of Mrs. R. T. Woodside. ^m'- ' , r,- Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Weeks and consist- children, of Wilmington, spent! n.ul can- last week-end here with relatives. . , , is favors. Ralph Frlnk. of Washington. mat V at- p p. visited his sister, Mrs. W. , H?: " F. Jones, last week. the contest . . B v,i" Ormond Butler, who has been B spending the past sis weeks here H-<3 evening with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. 1$ ( ; . a "> Sutton, yr q Hutlcr. left last week for Hr - thittp. Mil- New York, where he has employ T ment. B " Susie Sel- , * . i.rwis. Irene. Mta-Q Vonmt TTnn/1 ?o *?!?*: 4-i~~ \\ ntson, Iv- jIr and Mrs George What ley Hn K Mckoithan. at their home in St. Augustine. ; v A- Lc<lford- Florida. .r.w.s Hilda " L Blown. Mi-s. John Full wood and son, Bfj. V - ' Livingston. wj,0 j,ave been visiting Mrs. Eth el Fullwood for the past week, j f t D returned to their home in WilH-iliS SfC':' ' '' " mington Sunday. This Family II- Miss Elizabeth Watson return ,_\ Hewett an- ed Tuesday from Mebane, where Ht 5'k . twins, a boy she visited friends for the past v The boy was week. Byi. p - and the gir! * * * Miss Xadine Smith, of Laurintwo babies burg, has been spending several " i la Chadwick, days with Mr, and Mrs. D. M. By. of j; = s. B. Frink. Davis. CarolinaI 1 III I ' 1,1 |l|lll 'III A LOVE F; M TWAHfilE l u y'lPPAY^ Wm ROCKED I Mac MURRAY WW; A NATION! SLADYS / * - - SCANDAL! B, ^ || SWINDLE! ^ 1 / : I life'' ^ "EBRUARY I; FEBRIARY I 15-lfi-l? i U 1MMJ i II ' r GOOD MU. itiiiIm U hackney wagons?(Both one m I Seth L. Smith $ whiteville, n. g. ! NEWS 1 ! BRIEFS j i WITNESS M. B. Watkins was a witness | in New Hanover County Recorder's Court Monday. IX RALEIGH Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Ruark spent the first of this week in Raleigh, where the former was on business. ??. . REMAINS ILL Friends of Pack Tharp will regret that he is still seriously ill at his home here. OPENS SHOP A. B. Thomas has opened a jewelry business in the building next to the old Hood store. LECTURER J. C. Patton, of Elon College, lectured the local Masonic lodge last week. BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT Mr. and Mrs. Charles Parker announce the birth of a daughter Tuesday at the Brunswick County Hospital. NEW LIGHTS New electric lights have recently been installed in the Baptist church here, which are a great improvement. Harry Aldridge, city electrician, Installed the lights. BENEFIT SUPPER The laides of the Baptist church are planning a chicken salad supper to be given on Tuesday, February 16th, in the vacant Lindsey building next to the pressing club. VISITOR P. A. Yaskell, of Bellville, N. J? spent Saturday here visiting his brother, L. T. Yaskell. With him was a friend, James Cham- j, bers, of Brooklyn, N. Y. They1 left Sunday for Florida. SEASON CLOSES Local sportsmen are looking , forward with genuine regret to Monday, February 15, which , marks the close of the bird season. SAILS George Watson, who has been , visiting his mother, Mrs. Ida , Potter Watson, for the past several weeks, sailed from Wil- ; mington Tuesday as third assis- ; tant engineer aboard the freight- ; er Santatecla. bound for Tampa. ORGANIZE LEAGUE A community league has been . organized by colored citizens of Southport. Herbert Brown is president, Ephriam Swain is secretary and John S. Frink is the treasurer. The purpose of the organization is for mutual uplift ind co-operative citizenship. , i Vernon: "Gran'ma, if I was nvited out to dinner somewhere, ] should I eat my pie with a , orl: ?" , Grandma: "Certainly, Vernon." , Vernon: "You haven't got a ( lieee of nie around the house , Jiat I could practice on, have ,'ou, Gran'ma?" I LES | I ( I 5 j id Two Horse) | f :C?. | THE STATE POR' Beautiful Yacht Stops Over Hen Arlis, beautiful 126-foot moto cruiser of R. L. Sullivan, of Phi ladelphia, stopped over here 01 Tuesday while making the out side passage southward. Thrown er and a guest was aboard. The Arlis is one of the few private yachts that are armei for cruising in the West Tr.die; and other points where tt-oubh is likely to be encountered. Sh( carries a one-inch gun mountct on her forward deck. Local Chapter Receives Thank: Official recognition for the fine response of Brunswick couney citizens during the recenl flood emergency drive was received last week by local officials from Red Cross Headquarters ir Washington. The Brunswick county feat ci raising funds equivalent to eighl times its quota was paiticularlj outstanding. Baltimore Man Visits Southport E. J. Bray, prominent Baltimore man, who was recently contacted by the Southport Oivk Club, spent Saturday prospecting various properties near hcr? with a view to purchasing c small estate ar.d making his per manent home here. Mr. Bray was accompanied or his prospecting trip by Allen Ewing, of the Civic Club. It is understood he will return here fai further investigation in April. Little Dam a fie Caused By Cold So far the damage resulting from the cold weather last week has been slight. The lettuce crop seems to have been the principal victim. Despite the fact that many fruit trees were in full bloom, it is not believed that the fruit had set; and it is thought that the crop will be uneffected by the unseasonable blooming. SPEAKERS As features of the Race Relations Day program at the St. James Colored church next Sunday, R. W. Davis will address members of the Sunday school it 2:f!0 o'clock in the afternoon and G. V. Fesperman will speak it the evening service. Special music will be presented by the Melody Quartet, composed of James Davis, LeRoy and Ephriam Swain and Raphael Parker. Thirty-Nine LotMarine Corps Duty Thirty-nine more young men ivill be given an opportunity of mlisting in the United States Marine Corjs during February at the Marine Corps Recruiting District Headquarters, Savannah. 3a., according' to an announcement by Captain A. C. Small, officer in charge of recruiting activities in the South Atlantic States. The Marine Corps offers great opportunities in education, athletics and travel. Men selected 'or service must be between 18 ind 25 years of age, not less than 56 inches in height, single and in excellent physical condition. Any young man desiring deailed information concerning enistment should write the Marine 3orps Recruiting Station, Post Office Building, Savannah, Ga. Superintendent Is P.-T. A. Speaker Superintendent H. M. Roland, of the New Hanover County school system, was the principal speaker at the Parent-Teacher Association meeting held Thurslay night in the high school luditorium. Rain, which poured lown about the time for the meeting to start, held the crowd lown. The speaker stressed the importance of beginning child trainng at home, showing how this vould enable the teacher to do nore in his work of citizenship raining. Refreshments were served by VTesdanies G. D. Robinson and r. VV. Jelks. Reduce Bond For Donald Skipper Bond for Donald Skipper, beng held in the Brunswick county ail for the fatal shooting of Toward Scott, was reduced Monlay from $7,500 to $4,500 by an irder signed by Judge Henry A. 3rady. When he was brought to jail ollowing the shooting Skip>er was denied privilege of bond, mt later it was set at $7,500. Dionne Quintuplets Play At The Amuzu Feature attraction this week at he Amuzu theatre is "Reunion", itarring the Dionne Quintuplets, Said to be the best production n which the five little ladies lave appeared, local theatre goirs are looking forward with ileasure to this showing. r PILOT, SOUTH PORT, N. C. ? " ?^U-LJ H M O * 1 17 enable the Commissioner to asm|30O<11 rorm certain whether the taxes for p \y j r? 1 which the employer is liable are r ror wage Kecord correctly computed and paid." Regulations No. 91, Mr. Parker i Already Unscrupulous Ag- >lnted out- a,so says: ents Are At Work Sell- "Records of employers?Every ! ing "Special Forms" For employer liable for tax shall keep flaking Wage Report On accurate records of all remunSec:al Security Returns eration paid to his employees af1 Some unscrupulous or over- ter December 551. 19.16. for scrzealous salesmen and business vire3 Performed for him after > concerns are working a wage re- sucl1 llatc- ?llch rncoids shall , ... show with respect to each em cord "racket' against employers. , ployee_(1) the name and adI G. R. Parker, Regional Director, dress of the employee and the Region IV, Social Security Board, account number assigned to the warned today. Mr. Parker said: employee under the Act, (2) the ! "Reports reaching the office of occupation of the employee, (3) , tnp ttegionai Director ot Kegion i me loiai amoum (including any IV, comprising the District of J sum withheld therefrom as tax Columbia, Maryland, North Car-,or for any other reason) and date ' olina, Virginia, and West Virgin-!of each remuneration payment ' it, indicate that many employers and the period of services cover are being imposed on by over- ed by such payment, (4) the ' zealous or unscrupulous salesmen amount of such remuneration : and concerns seeking to sell one payment which constitutes wages ' cr another bookkeeping or wage subject to tax (3ee sections 311 record system. I (a) and 1101 (c) of the Act and "Some of these systems are articles 14. 15, and 13) and (5) - represented as official systems, the amount of employees' tax Others are said to be the sys- withheld or collected with restem approved by the Social Sec- pcct to such payment, and if uiity Board. The fact is that no collected at a time other than the official system has been devised time such payment was made, f or approved by the Social Sec- the date collected." urity Board. Any statement to the contrary is a misrepresenta- Eastern Carolina farmers are tion. arranging to have their brood "Each employer is free to fol- sows farrow on clean ground low his own system of book- where hogs have not run during keeping and record-keeping, pro- the past year as a method of vided the system complies with controlling parasites in pigs, the very simple regulations of the Bureau of Internal Revenue' Sweet potato growers in Camof the United States Treasury den and Currituck counties will i Department." purchase a truck load of certiMr. Parker called attention to fied sweet potato seed from gro- j Regulations No. 91, Bureau of In- wers on the eastern shore of Vir tcrnal Revenue, which read in ginia. part: > i "No particular form is pres- Five 4-H club members of cribed for keeping the records re- Johnston county have purchased quired by this subdivision. Each 2,000 baby chicks to be fattened ' employer shall use such forms and shipped co-operatively as and systems of accounting as will broilers. FOR BETTER MILEAGE USE jj SHELL || !! Gasoline and Oil ! M >| i! If you haven't had your automobile com- j ) ( |j{ i< pletely lubricated with SHELL lubricants you ;; 1< iij 11 have a new treat in driving performance. j | )( | j| Hood Service Station j )( SOUTHPORT, N. C. 1 H i! I NOTICE! ! Second Call F >< )< || I will be at the places listed for the purpose of collecting 1 | S one of the places listed below || port. Appointments in North I! ships will be met by Deputy C jj H. (). Peterson's Store, February 2 * I elnnrl?Ronrk's Store. February 2 )! G. T. Rohbins Filling Station, Febr jj Winnabow, February 22nd j j W. D. Lewis, Store, February 22nd jjf Bolivia?Mintz Store, February 22n ) j Beck's Store, February 22nd j Supply?Kirby's Store, February 23 jj Varnum's Store, February 23rd jj Roach's Store, February 23rd ! Shallotte, February 23rd ! Grissett Town, February 23rd |[ Hickman's Cross Roads, February jj Longwood, February 25th j j Ash Post Office, February 25th ! Freeland, February 25th jj Myrtle Head, February 25th jj Exum, February 25th jj Makatoka, February 25th I & K. Mi ) n, ?_?? PAGE 3 -sb -i?1?1L1JJ i l I 1? ivan 3 a ik foreci.osvke sai.f. of ubafc ?? rlil i rl:lr ij estate moktoa<;e Under and by virtue of the power _ PHP c < i t? EVu.* r-hnioo Jot^ ;? ? sale contained In that eertalff ^ 1 cnoice !Ot^ in mortgage deed made and executed bjr the outskirts of Southport. Pric- w. C. Armstrong and wife, Florie__ ed from $50.00 to $250.00 each. * M. FARGUSOX. 2-10-* of .May, lt?19, duly recorded In Book? ! Xo. 33, at page 12. in the office 9f.<ff w ? 4 7 p the Register of Deeds of Brunswick 04 ff A B Sh County, to which reference la hereby I j ii \1 r\ Bj Lj , especially made, and sold mortgage deed having been dulv assigned by J. \V. Yatc-. Trustee, to II. O. Peter?-* SALE OF KEAI ESTATE loon. Default having been made in ... ' - . . the payment of the indebtedness I n.lor ami l.y virtue 01 the pn.s.r ,1(.s(.Hbe<|. the im.lerelBiie<l K~."J or sale contained ir. a certain nunl- it. ivtersen. assignee, will offer for.-,? gage to Amanda l>. Davis. bearing sale af public auction to the highest date of the _'S;h day of April, ll?:*J. balder for cash at tlie courlhousft^j niul duly recorded in Book r?3, page door in the City of Southport. anu_ 404, records of the Register of Deeds tin county of Brunswick, on for Brunswick t'<-unt>. I> null h... Saturday. February With. 1337. ?? Ing been made in the payment of the at 12 o'clock noon, the following desindehtedness secured by *aid mort- .iiho-1 piece or parcel of land lying gage, and the power ot : ale contained and being in Brunswick County, therein, thereby beeom'ng absolute. C.. and bounded and described as fol-' the undersigned C. D. Gore. Kxecu-,lows. to-wit: tor of tlie instate of Amanda D. Adjoinin gthe lands of Green Lewis, Davis, will offer for sale, t subject it a Is. ,r> rf to accrued taxes attaching thereto) a; I Beginning at the mouth of a small' 1 the courthouse door in Southi>ort. drain white it makes into middle r.ruiiswick County, North Cnrolinn. 011 1 Swamp, runs up said drain with / Friday, l-Vbruarj -?i. 1!?37. Green Lewis' lino to a slake and at 1 ': > "* noon, the following piece, t pine about 98 polos; thence south panel or I??t of land, situate. lying ahout 85 poles to Middle Swamp, and hcing in the County of Itruns- thenee <1ov.fi said swamp to the bew irk. Slate of .North Carolina, . a l ginning, enntaiulng 10 ai res, more or More specifically described as fol- less, and being same land convoyod 7 lows: to said \v. c. Armstrong by A. c. Beginning at a marked pine tree Willing ami wife, a* will more fully at Lee 1 tuck's Landing in Town appear by reference to Look No. Creek, ami runs thence South f?f? <|e- page 53X, records of RruimwioK grees. west 35G0 feet to a stone mar- County. ked "PLC" in an old road: tin m-e Paled and posted, this 13th davMO north 75 degrees west 1105 l'eet to a of January, 1937. a small branch to a stone marked ii. <>." PKTFRSOX, Assignee. ? "PLC."; thence south 2 degree- 3n S. it. Frlnk, Attorney for Assignee. 3200 feet to a stone 2-10c marked "DLG"; thence north 70 de- > grees west GOO feet to a stake; then- F.XECTTRIX NOTICE <e north S3 degrees west 4S3 feet to Having qualified as executrix of a stone marked "PLC"; thence north the estate of Henry Calloway, de<Jon degrees west 490 feet to a stake; eased, late of Bruiiswh-k county X. thence to the low water mark at the c.. this is to notify all persons hav- ^ mange cro.-.-ing lin es ieeK ami ing <l.-.tms against tile estate of salt! tlume with the nuamierings of ived to exlilbit them to the unllfce's Creek in a Northerly direction tier- gmd .it Supply. X. C.. on or to Town Creek; thence with the var- in Our iiaist <iay of I>eremhop ions meanders of Town Creek to the 1937. or this notice will lie pleaded , beginning, containing 1023 9-10 aires, in bar of their recovery. All iiersons'Hmore or less. indebted to said estate will please The undersigned reserves the right make immediate payment, to reject any bill not considered rea- This lGtli day of January. 1937. satiable. HATTIK C.ALLOWAY. Executrix Posted, this the 7th day of Janu- of Henry Calloway, Peceased. 3-17c ary, 1937. ?' I c. D. GORE. Executor i Subscribe to The State Port. r-. * Btatt of Amanda D. Pavl,. Pjiot_S1.5o year. 1 , - "i ' ' !1?ggB . / MM WHEN YOU BUY THE Games of chance may be all right in their r "" Kx\p/~~~?* ' 1 place?but why risk your money when you GT lit buy razor blades! Ask your dealer for Probak t'Z ^ Jr.?produced by the world's largest manu- If0 t?'| facturer of razor blades. Here is known I ^ JL.' ' quality?a double-edge blade that gives you I' one excellent shave after another?and sells ! 3i at 4 for lOiil Ask your dealer for a package Ift "" of Probak Jr. blades today. RRor SM>ESH1? : A PRODUCT OR THE WORLD'S LARGEST BLADE MAKERS V ' ?r^l936 lies ! ; ; ? I* below at the times designated I'7' 536 Taxes. Please meet me at 1;{ J or pay at my office in Southwest and Town Creek Town- |>r" ollector M. B. Watkins. ['Z ) >0 I ,2nd, 10 to 10:30 A. M. | r';v 2nd 11 to 13:30 A. M. - \ uary 22nd 11:40 to 12:30 A. M. j * 1:30 to 2:00 P. M. j Kl 2:30 to 3:00 P. M. i f d 3:30 to 4:30 P. M. J'"' ' 4:45 to 5:30 P. M. rd 10:00 to 11:00 A. M. 11:30 to 12:00 A. M. |*t 1:00 to 2:00 P. M. 2:30 to 3:30 P. M. 4.on t;-nn p m I\iH I IVU tv f A i,?A? 25th 10:00 to 10:30 A. M. 11:00 to 11:30 A. M. j 12:00 to 12:30 P. M. i 1:00 to 1:30 P. M. | ?'"i ' 2:00 to 3:00 P. M. ^ J 3:30 to 4:00 P. M. jlnrrr 4:30 to 5:30 P. M.. i 9* , f, Tax Collector :f ? ban ^ ?g

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