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-unswick County
[are Office /
*ins Work On
cial Security d
Staff Of Department [
es It Necessary That)
Matters Proceed j
ly In Considering j
i Desiring To Recei;nefits
Under Any
il Security Head
ould Await His
Welfare Department will
reiving applications for}
assistance and aid to dechildren
and aid to the
s week.
i have been sent to
idividuals whose cases
dy known and for whom
ins will be filed immevith
the welfare board,
artment wishes to reit
only those people who j
?ived cards come to the,
thin the next week or so j
nail staff of the depart-1
1 - "* t"" to Isondlo I
IBTiOIU Win 11UI UV auic iu itauuiv
1 great crowd of people at one i
Bimo. The work will progress as j
hapidly as is humanly possible, _
as soon as possible workers
Ivi'I go out into the county for ?
purpose of receiving appli- j V
Rations from people who have not|
heretofore received aid from the;
welfare department. Mother's aid j
Bases, blind cases, and the most]
Extreme old age cases are re- R(
I ving first attention.
I In order that the Social Secuft-ity
progrm may be given undivided
attention during the next
ew weeks, it has been decided i
fco .iiscontinue the distribution of|Q
rlothing made in sewing rooms
temporarily except in extreme
Emergency. It is requested,
kherefore. that people refrain j .
roni coming to_ the office fori 1
Ihe sole purpose of seeking clo- j
(thing until further notice, as it
kill require the time of the enkirc
staff of the department to
handle Social Security cases.
| th
[. co
Little Bits
Of Big News |
News Events Of State, wj
Nation and World-Wide I n*
Interest During Past In<
Search For Flyer t1
? *- '? ? ? TTorhart _ r
I ine searcn ior ahiciw tt
shifted to a desolate stretch of
I coral reefs south of the Equator
Tuesday as the sea hunt for the 71
I lost flier passed its 100th hour ''
without a trace of Miss Earhart
I and her navigator. Fred Noonan.
^BThe U. S. S. Colorado was orderled
to change its course and m(
southward toward Winslow Qr
| Banks, a treacherous uncharted
at. a about 200 miles south of wj
iHouland Island, in the belief that |ev
M Miss Karhart may have been for- ^
I ced down on a tiny island last j j
Friday on her flight from Lae,
I New Guinea. an
I n itc
I Detectives picked up the old, ca
Kingsburg Run district of Clcve- ?
I land Tuesday night in search of p
I the maddened killer whose tenth
I victim - beheaded and carved into
| half a dozen pieces?was found
I in the oily Cuyahoga River. Ten
I times within the last three years
the detectives have started away
I from a torso bearing the marks
I of a surgically skilled slayer
and nine times have wound up
with no solution?no clues of
I value. The last victim, a tower- ,
'"g. powerful man weighing be
tvveen 180 and 190 pounds, was
I Bryant Trial
fames N. Bryant, Wilmington
11'Jnmberman, went on trial in
federal court Tuesday on charges
I ?f evading income taxes aggre
sating $3,300 on net income to
tailing $67,000 during the years
WO. 1931, 1932 anci 1933. The
morning session of the special
I "5rm was consumed in arguments
ICn the defense motion, first to
I fUash and then to sustain a de^ murrer,
and in selecting the jury. 1
Prosecutors demanded the life
IS (Continued on page 4.)
1 , 4-PA.
7arewell Dinners
Honor Oi
utch Dinner Given Wednes
And Beer Supper At <
Dr. W. S. Dosher was
guest of honor at a Dutch
dinner held Wednesday night
at Caswell Beach just three
days before his departure for
Boston City Hospital for 2
year's study.
After guests had enjoyed
a bountiful dinner, L. T. Yaskell
took over as master of
ceremonies and called upon
each person present for a
brief expression in keeping
with the occasion. High tribute
was paid the personal
popularity and the professional
ability of Dr. Dosher
by the town's leading citizens.
who wished him every
possible success in his new
work. Dr. Dosher responded
with a few words of opreeiation.
During the meeting a motion
was made that citizens
present send a telegram to
Dr. J. A. Dosher, at Oteen,
expressing their regret that
he could not be-present, and
wishing for him a speedy recovery.
H. M. Shannon was
instructed to word the mes1:
v_ -L
^aiUUIlcL 1 Ctcil
Sponsor Rac
epresentatives From Here
Met On Thursday Night
With Regatta Committee
And Members Of Board
Of Governors
ivitations Already Are Beng
Mailed To Boat Owners
From Norfolk To
Miami; Expect Many
Four Southport citizens, two of
em members of the steering
mmittee appointed at a meetg
here last week, attended a
eeting in Wilmington Thursday
rht of the regatta committee
id members of the board of
ivernors of the Carolina Yacht
As a result of the meeting it
.11 be the responsiblity of the
embers of the yacht club to
sk after the details of the
ce, the proper classification of
e boats, etc. The matter of
suing invitations, entertaining
lests and providing prizes will
up to citizens of Southport.
lis will be the first annual rcitta
to be staged here, and no
fort will be spared to make
(Continued on page 4.)
ill Return To
Town This Week
The Rev. E. M. Hall, who with
smbers of his family has been
a two-weeks vacation, will rern
to Southport this week and
11 hold regular morning and
ening services at the Trinity
ethodist church Sunday, July
While on their trip, the Rev.
d Mrs. Hall and son, John, vis,'d
their other son, Edgar, who
spending the summer at a
mp in Canada as one of the
mp physicians.
American Legion i
In Line
According to a letter re- [
ceived from Charlotte from
Miss Arelia Adams, the Nor- |
th Carolina Department sec- !
retary of the American Le- j
gion Auxiliary, the Auxili- |
ary to the Brunswick County j
Post Number 194, is in line J
for a department citation.
This means that the local
unit has paid its state and
national obligations for the
year 1936-193?, (amounting
to seventeen dollars); has J
reached its membership quota
for the term ending July
25, 1937; has had the required
number of meetings, officers
and committees; and in
addition has contributed to the j
state and national work of j
the American Legion Auxiliary
in the following fields;
Rehabilitation (of disabled
Veterans'; child welfare, education
of World War Orphans,
central fund (monthly
contribution for the noncompensated
veterans in the
hospitals,) and the memorial
library for patients at Oteen.
This accomplishment is j
A Goo
lGes today South
Given In
F Dr. W.S. Dosher
;day Night At Caswell Beach
Damp Sapona Thursday
The beer supper at Camp
Sapona Thursday evening
was an occasion thoroughly
enjoyed by all present. Plenty
of beer, with every imaginable
accessory, was served;
and credit is due chief ;
mess sergent Louis Dixon
and his helpers for the efficient
manner in which the
guests were pleased.
Dr. Dosher has served as
contract sergeon for the local
CCC camp since it was
first established, and Dr. L.
C. Fergus has been named
to take his place. The dinner
was therefore in the na- j
ture of a dual celebration;
to welcome Dr. Fergus as
well as to bid godspeed to
Dr. Dosher.
Ensign K. R. Cotton served
as toastmaster for the
occasion. Guests were welcomed
by Lt. John W. Sample,
commanding officer, response
was by mayor John
Ericksen. Brief speeches were
heard from a few guests. The
final speech was made by
Dr. Dosher.
t Club Will
es In Southport
* : I
! . 1
Fire was discovered in the
C. .1. Newton grocery store
on the waterfront about 9
o'clock Monday night and considerable
damage to the building
and stock of goods resulted
before the flames were extinguished.
The loss was covered by insurance.
It is not known how the fire
started. The store was not
open Monday afternoon, as a
I half-holiday was observed for
the Fourth of July. A large
holiday crowd flocked to the
scene of the fire, which was
| quickly brought under control
by local volunteer firemen.
Chief Of Police
Suffers Stroke
Hook Moore Has Been In
The Brunswick County
Hospital For Past Week
Following Stroke Of Paralysis
Suffered Last Tuesday
Hook Moore, Southport's popular
police chief, has been in a
serious condition at the Bruns- |
| wick County Hospital for the j
past week following a stroke I
suffered last Tuesday night. His |
right side is partially paralized. J
His condition showed some improvement
over the week-end, !
and he was carried home from |
the hospital Tuesday.
Moore has been chief of police |
here for the past several years |
Iand is one of the most popular I
law enforcement officers the city}
ever had.
For State Citation
something of which a small
unit may justly be proud.
At the regular monthly
meeting for July the retiring
president, Mrs. Frank
Sasser, stating that she wished
to leave a good foundation
for the new administration,
devoted most of the
time to review of the purposes
of the twenty departments
of the Auxiliary.
However, two new appointments
were made: Mrs. L.
T. Yaskell, chairman of the
music committee, and Mrs.
John D. Ericksen, chairman
of the Fidac committee. Fidac
is the only world-wide I
organization of all the World 1
War Veterans on the allies
A request was made for
contributions of silk cloth of j
any color, old hose, socks,
neckties, dresses, or anything
else of silk?to be sent to |
Oteen to be woven into rag
rugs by the patients well enough
to take part in occupational
therapy. Members and
others willing to contribute
will please leave material at
Mrs. S .B. Frink's home.
d Newspaper Ii
port, N. C., Wednesday
Board Reverses
Stand On Home
Agent Question
i _____
Office Reinstated Thursday,
July 1, By Commissioners
At Request Of Representatives
Of County Club
This Action Was Taken At
Meeting Of June 25, At
Same Time Other Matter
Was First Acted
Members of the board of county
commissioners voted Thursday
to reinstate the office of county
home demonstration agent after
they have passed a unanimous
resolution on June 25 to discontinue
the work.
Thursday's meeting was attended
by representatives for ,
home demonstration clubs from '
all sections of the county and
by the district agent, Mrs. Estelle
T. Smith. Ladies who spoke before
the board were Mrs. Smith
Mrs. eorge H. Cannon, Mrs. Joe
Verzaal, Mrs. Frank Mintz, Mrs.
J. D. Johnson an dothers of the
delegation present. Mrs. Verzaal
spoke over the telephone.
Rural policemen for Brunswick
countv will be discontinued after
July 15 by action of the board
inits meeting on June 25.
Members of the board met in
a half-day session Monday and
are in session again today.
Busy Day For
Court Officers
Court Docket Was Last
Prosecuted By R. W.
Davis Before He Turns
Duties Over To C. Ed
Several cases of minor imj
portance were disposed of here
in Recorder's court last Wednesday
before Judge Joe W.
The docket was the last to be
prosecuted by R. W. Davis, who
has served as solicitor for the
county Recorder's court since the
resignation of G. V. Fesperman.
Mr. Davis recently declined the
offer of permanent appointment
by members of the board of
county commissioners, who named
C. Ed Taylor to succeed him.
The lineup is the county court
is now just as it was several
years ago when J. W. Ruark
was appointed by a Republican
board to serve as Recorder, for
Mr. Taylor was the prosecutor
at that time.
J. W. White, white, pleaded
guilty of being drunk and disorderly.
Judgment in the case
was suspended upon payment of
the costs.
Carl Walden, Obie and Eddie
Sellers, white, were bound over 1
to Superior court under $600.00
bond each on charges of robbery.
The two Sellers provided bond,
but Waldcn is still in jail here.
In another case Obie Sellers was
found guilty of operating a
motor vehicle without proper
state license. Eddie Sellers was
found guilty of cursing on the
highway. Both men appealed
their case to Superior court upon
being taxed with the costs. ,
Otto Gause, colored, pleaded '
guilty to charges that he refused
to aid in combatting a fire. .
Judgment in his case was suspended
upon payment of the
Darrell Lee Bowen, white, was '
found guilty of violating the rules
of the road and was required to
pay the costs in his case. 1
Clarence Smith, white, was tried
on charges of making an assault
with intent to kill. Pro- ;
bable cause was found, and the '
defendent was bound over to Superior
court under $700 bond, '
which he gave. He faced this '
charge after being named as the
man who fired point blank at
Woodrow Formy Duval, deputy
game warden, several Weeks ago,
inflicting painful injuries.
Publisher Here For
Two-Day Visit
J. C. Macklcn, of Myrtle Beach,
owner of the big Macklcn stores,
also editor and publisher of the
Myrtle Beach News, was a visitor
at Southport Monday and
Tuesday, while his yacht, the
Sophie, is on the railway of the
Brunswick Navigation company.
Different from most newspapermen,
Mr. Macklen is very versatile
in other lines of endeavor.
He employs some sixteen clerks
in his large store and operates
luxuriant fishing and party boats
for the patrons of Southport's
big neighboring resort.
i A Good Con
U July 7th, 19.
Dr.W.S. Dosher
Goes To Boston
To Specialize
Popular Young Southporl
Physician Left Saturday
For Boston City Hospital
For Two Year's Study
Is Wilmington Man, And Is
Graduate Of Medical
College Of Virginia; Is
Already Here
Dr. William S. Dosher, popular
young physician, left Saturday
for Boston, where he plans
to study for two years at Boston
City Hospital and specialize in
gynocology and obstetrics.
Dr. Dosher, who is a native of
Southport, has been practicing
medicine here for the past four
years. He has been contract surgeon
at the local CCC Camp since
it was established, has served
for the past few months as county
physician and as acting assistant
surgeon of the local U
S. Public Health office.
While in Boston he will serve
as a teaching fellow at Tuffs
Medical College.
Dr. Dosher has turned his practice
over to Dr. L. C. Fergus, ol
Wilmington, who also will serve
as contract surgeon for the CCC
Camp. Dr. Fergus is a graduate
of the Medical College of Virginia,
and was interne at a
Reading, Pa., hospital and at
James Walker Memorial Hospital,
Wilmington. He and Mrs
Fergus are occupying the olc
Dr. J. A. Dosher home, in Southport
Dr. M. H. Rourk, of Shallotte
now is serving as chief of stafl
at the Brunswick County Hospital,
as county physician anei
as acting assistant surgeon ol
the local office of the U. S
Public Health service.
County Schools
Open September 1
Members Of County Board
Of Education In Meeting
Here Tuesday Named
Day For Opening Ol
Fall Term
Members of the county board
of education met Tuesday morning
in the office of the county
superintendent of schools and decided
to open the sehoolr of the
county on Wednesday. September
While the greater part of the
meeting was devoted to a discission
of routine business, particular
stress was laid upon the
matter of safe transportation.
Attention is called to tne law
governing- the speed at which
school bus (3 r a/ be operated.
"It sha'l be unlawful for any
person to operate or drive a
school ous loaded Willi children
over the public roads of Ncrl"
Carolina at a greater rate of
speed tha.i 35 miles per hour."
Bid Rejected On
Paving Project
A bid submitted last week for
grading, surfacing, and structurjs
on 3.4 miles of road between
Shallotte and Old Dock in Brunswick
county were Friday declared
too high, and Chairman Frank
Li. Dunlap and W. Vance Baise,
ehief highway engineer, were
empowered by the highway and
public works commission to act
rn the bid.
Dunlap said that the bids on
die project were considered too
ligh. F. D. Cline of Raleigh
made a bid of $70,297.94 for
"oadway work and Kiker and
fount of Reidsville one of $1,570.50
for structures. Low bids
>n 10 other road projects were
Make Trip From J
A Self-C
Mr. and Mrs. Marsden
Brinkman and son, Paul, of
Kisko Park, Mt. Kisko, N.
Y., arrived here last week
for a visit with his father,
Captain Sam Brinkman, making
the trip from New York
in a trailer built by Mr.
The former Southport boy
operates an oilburner service
concern in Mt. Kisko. He did
practically all the work on
the trailer by himself, working
at the job for more than
two months during his leisure
time. It has long been a
hobby of his to tinker with
mechanical devices, but this
is his first venture into the
57 publi:
Retiring Comm:
And N<
i '
i I .4 j?gh ^ _^0*
L. T. Yaskell EU
Of Brum
: .
fourth celebrated
at fort caswell
Monday night brought back
^ooHA/itlniio nf hi- iri.nn tlovu
icujimuuiii ui 'j~h"llv' 17
I at Fort Caswell to citizens of
. J .Southport.
From where once came the
shock ami deafening explosions
of heavy guns in target practeie,
Monday night brought
I the flare of giant rockets, can
i dies and otherwise brilliant
fireworks displays.
Mixed with this there sounded
across the water the denonations
of dynamite and the
blasts of giant firecrackers as
the folks at North Carolina's
coming summer and winter resort
let is be known that they
were celebrating the 4th of
I July.
5 Raleigh Visitor
Believes In City
James Hatch, Of Raleigh,
Came Here For Weekj
End Three Years Ago
And Has Been Back At
Every Opportunity Since
"Why don't you folks advertise
and acquaint up-state people
with the wonderful fishing that
Southport has to offer. I think
it is the best to be found anyI
where, and your whole section a!
bounds in possibilities. The only
trouble is that the up-state folks
do not know what we have here."
"There is a big future for Souj
thport and Fort Caswell. Things
! are bound to develop in time.
The development will come all
I the more rapidly 11 you lei ioma
j know what is here. I don't think
(!you should just sit around and
wait for them to find it out."
j The above was the substance of
an interview with James Hatch,
j formerly with the State Museum,
I in Raleigh. Mr. Hatch spent a
I short time here three years ago
,and acquired much liking for the
I town and such a deep seated beilief
in its future possibilities that
he has been coming back at every
opportunity. Accompanied by
Mrs. Hatch, he spent from SaturIday
until Monday afternoon here.
j J. H. Russ was one of the
I men called for jury service at
i the Federal court in Wilmington
(Tuesday as trial of J. N. Bryant
: for tax evasions got undenvay.
I He was not called on the jury.
lew York In
'onstructed Trailer
I realm of "a house on wheels."
He says that he had no
trouble at all with the trail|
er until he went for his license.
Then he learned that
he had overlooked the very
important item of providing
proper brakes. When he learned
that brakes would have
to be installed before his
trailer could take to the
road, he also did that job
by himself.
Still pretty fond of his
latest hobby, Mr. Brinkman
has spent a part of each day
since he has been here mak(
ing little changes and imI
provements on his outfit be|
fore the return trip begins.
Legion Head
...'. I T|*j
icted Head
ivick Legion Post
Plorfmn Of O f f i roro Cai*
Brunswick County Post.
Number 194 Held Thursday
List Of Other Officers Elected
At Legion Meeting
Thursday Night; Delegates
To State Convention
L. T. Yasml was ele.-'.od ii-n-1
mander of Brur.sw ek County j
Post Nurioe" 191 Ainericaa l-e- j
gion, Thursday evening, succeed- j
ing R. C. St. George who has
j headed the organization for the (
past two years.
j Other officers elected were: j
1st vice-commander Roland Min- [
! tz; 2nd vice-commander Jack
1 Potter; 3rd vice-commander J.'
Willie Mills; service officer M.
B. Watkins, adjutant J. J. j
Loughlin, chaplin A. H. Mar- J
shall; executive committee S. B. J
Frink, John Ericksen and Jim !
L. T. Yaskcll, M .B. Watkins, !
S. B. Frink, Frank Sasser and j
W. C. Linert were named del- j
cgates to the state convention
in Durham July 25-26-27.
For Good Port
Contractor Here During
Past Week Sees PossibiliI
ty Of Future Development
Of Shipping Facili-j
O. V. McGee, constructural!
steel contractor of Monroe, has
been spending the past ten days
at Southport, erecting the new
j water tank at Fort Caswell. The I
work in which Mr. McGee is en-1
gaged takes him over much of
the state, as well as into other i
states. He has just recently com-1
pleted the steel work on the new
post office building in Wilmington
and he also placed the structural
steel roof for the Raney
Chevrolet Company building.
During his stay here Mr. McGee
became thoroughly sold on
Southport and Fort Caswell. In
an interview with a representa- j
tive of The Pilot Saturday night, j
he said:
"I think Southport one of the (
finest places for development of
shipping that there is on the
North Carolina coast. Good roads
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Award $125 In 4-H
Poultry Project
The Southern Planter farm j
magazine of Richmond, Va., will j
award $125 to the North Caro- j
lina 4-H club members making!
the best records in poultry this!
year, L. R. Harrill, 4-H club leaj
der at State College, has announced.
The winning boy or girl in j
each of the five extension dis- j
tricts of the State will receive'
$25 in cash, Harrill explained.
These prizes are offered as |
part of the campaign to stimu-'
late interest in better poultry j
production in North Carolina.
Boys and girls who wish to I
compete for the awards must
keep accurate records on their
poultry projects and submit re
ports to their county farm or
Most Of The News fl
All The Time
$1.50 PER YEAR I
Cutting Timber I
Too Closely Is jl
Poor Business 1
County Agent J. E. Dodson |B
Furnished Figures To 'B
Show Percent Of Land fl
That Is Owned By Coun- I
ty Residents |fl
Wise Production Of Wood II
For Sale To Pulp Mills B
Can Be Developed Into IB
Valuable Cash Crop B
For County 9
Distributing Federal Forestry H
Department placards that show IB
the disasterous effects that may
result from too close cutting of
timber for pulpwood, County B
Agent J. E. Dodson, Tuesday,
made a few timely remarks on IB
the local situation. B
"We have", he said, '505:1 ''I ||
acres of land in Brunswick county.
Of this only 170.600 acres II
are owned by farmers ami coun- |H
ty residents. The remaining 1.20,000
acres are the property of IB
absentee landlords and big cor- IHB
porations whose offices or places
or Business are nor in csrunswick
county." M
"This is bad situation. And it flH
bids fair to grow worse. Let to
follow their own plans, the paper
or pulpwood mills would be ^B
perfectly willing for the farmcrs
to retain their lands and J
they would buy the pulpwood IS
from the farmers, as the crops KB
develop, at good prices. But, the Hi
situation is that there arc two
or three miles desiring to acquire
the timber. Speculators or pin- IB
hookers arc taking advantage of |H
this fact and arc buying land *^B
and timber with the objective of ^B
getting the pulpwood mills to |M
bid against each other and take ^B
the whole thing at a price very H|
much higher th; a 1 whirh tb'j^-j^B
original owner received." Bj
"To avoid having to buy from ^B
the speculators the maills arc hav- flH
ing to buy up all the lands they ^B
can acquire and between the mill fl|
buyers and the speculators the ^B
outlook is for the present area of ^B
home owned land to be very ^B
much reduced. At the same time ^B
the area held by corporations ^B
will be greatly increased." B
These Men Have I
Faith In Town jl
Visitor Says That Best Fish- |H
ing On Co-*.st Is Readily Hj
Available At Southport; |H
Likes Port Prospects H
"Southport has the best fish- ^B
ing of any point on the coast I H
know because I have tried it at ^B
many places and I am sure that ^B
every fisherman who has fished B|
here and at other points will |H
agree with me." Bj
It was St. Julian L. Springs, of H
Myrtle Beach, speaking. Mr, JH
Springs was here in company >^B
with his brother, Albert Springif'^B
and both expressed the steadfast ^B
nnininn (hot thn f'ono Vno r ohn.
upilliuii 11 Id I, UK VtlJ/1, A" V.U1 OllVJ- H^^B
als offered b!uc fish and mack- IB
erel trolling, the like of which
was not to be found rlsowhere |H
at any point on either the North
or South Carolina coast. fl
The two Messrs Springs re- 9H
marked to a State Port Pilot re- flR
presentative that their father, Al- JH
bert A. Springs, Sr., was born In
Southport and afterwards migra- 1M
ted to South Carolina, where he JH
(Continued on Page Four) H
? ? ? ? ? i~ m i ill ^Hj
Tide Table 1
Following is the tide table I
for Southport during the next
week. These hours are appro- J
ximately correct and were farnished
The State Port Pilot
through the courtesy of the SB
Cape Fear Pilot's Association.
High Tide Low Tide
Thursday, July 8 M
8:08 a. m. 2:10 a. m. jH
8:26 p. m. 2:18 p. m.
Friday, July 9 HI
9:01 a. m. 3:00 a. m. igg
9:17 p. m. 3:08 p. m. j|BH
Saturday, July 10
9:.>6 a. m. 3:16 a. m. SH
10:09 p. ill. 3:58 p. m. ^B
Sunday, July 11
10:52 a. m. 4:32 a. m.
11:02 p. m. 4:18 p. m. ]H
Monday, July 12
11:45 a. m. 5:18 a. m. j^H
11:53 p.m. 5:39 p.m. | |B
Tuesday, July* IS |B
6:06 a. m.
12:36 p. m. 6:34 p. in.
Wednesday, July 14 U
12:48 a. <;: ">* a.
1:22 p. m. 7:36 p. m. j^H

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