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E TEN NO. 28
arks Ef
lans Fc
In, Making It! j~
i That Number Of 11
Will Go Beyond
pectations ; IOR
f Entertainment To
Dances Each EvAt
High School
asium; Dinner
Saturday Night
on from every quarter I
1 the efforts or South- j
is in completing plans j
nthport Regatta, spone
Carolina Yacht Club,
sville. which will be
Thursday. Friday and
f next week,
of the South Atlantic ;
!ng Association have taken |
uthport races to heart from
?ry beginning, and every
able offer of aid and coophas
come in along: with
try planks that promises to
ho total entry list far beearly
expectations. Last
ivas more than twenty, inall
the leading boats of
sociation, and every mail
in more entries,
ess in his efforts as chair- j
the invitation committee.
Keziah has written more
tree hundred personal letd
the response he has re- ,
from these clearly indicates f1
i coming regatta will draw
of visitors here for the E
iy race program. S
nor Clyde R. Hoey will tl
Thursday for the races, _
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tie Bits
}f Big News i.
i Events Of State,
on and World-Wide
erest During Past
W eek D
Aon a
sident Roosevelt told '
"apermen Tuesday he
nominate a successor to
iate Justice Willis Van
iter, retired, in time to
senate confirmation beadjournment
of congress.
, I,,-, rnorl "
in- nssuvuticu * i cw ivH? ??v>.
iMthorilativcly that the presi- ^
icnt has before him between .
5fi ami 70 names and is endea- =.
miing rapidly to weed them g(
fin in order to avoid a recess
ippoiniment if possible. But ^
:h<re is no expectation that ^
this piocess can be completed
within a week or even two c;
reeks, indicating the president r{
iocs not expect adjournment ^
within three weeks. tj.
i , ! I*
ane Falls \?
Submarine S-13 reported to i
he navy department Tuesday , t>1
hat it had found two bundles j T1
of mail and an uninflated rub-1 ^
*r lifeboat in the wreckage of j
i Pan American-Grace Air- _
rays flying boat which sank I j
iff Panama Tuesday. The mail , Ii
minded 52 letters. Other arti- j
les salvaged included: Two (
life preservers in a sack, five
eat cushions, three head rest ;
cushions, one metal foot rest,
"ne container of ice cream,
one nig 10 feet square, and
lumerous broken pieces of the
'lane. None of the 14 pasangers
and crew members
I'as located. All are believed
Two men and a woman kid-,
'aped Donald Horst, two and
1 half, from the back yard of;
'is home Tuesday and five!
mnutes later telephoned a
'emand for $5,000 ransom |
** his mother, Mrs. Otto
Hirst. 30. wife of a well-to-do |
Intel owner and song publish- j
lr- One of the men and the j
voman fought fiercly with j
if's Horst and a maid. Doro-!
hy Mehem, to carry the bewildered
child from the yard
0 a small blue sedan in which j
he other man was waiting to 1
"'ve them away.
>n From A1
forts To C<
>r Sailboa
This Yacht Is Wei
- ' /
^MISCHIEF?William I3mme
ave a lot of. local well-wishers j
akes off in the opening day's
Regatta. The Wilmington man h,
out h port on several occasions
he course.
Company Now S<
For Construct
lability Of Representati- .
ves Of Southern Kraft j gp
Corporation To Purchase
Land Causes Postponement
f ro
.pplication Has Been Made
To Engineer's Office For i
Permission To Construct | naj
On Waterway $
\ CiO*
The news story in last week's . Sa,
iper regarding the Southern i cha
raft Corporation starting a! ,.or
in Smith nnrt was a ivaj
tilling nuvn ul ,
ifle premature. Information was fer,
ven Sunday to newsmen from tow
hat was considered a reliable a|0
mrce that construction opera- j
ons would start the next day. i ,.ra
he story was based on this in- sev
irmation. j fro|
It appears that efforts were!
irried on through Sunday by j
presentatives of the corporation , /j
i acquire the land on which
ley planned to build in South-1 i
)rt, but no arrangement was
;ached. Mr
The corporation expects to I secor
lild a dock near town, however ! ers i
he U. S. Engineers office in j for t
rilmington has already been ask-1 signc
(Continued from page two) the <
Modern Jean Val
Turn Holine
Jesse C. Walker, whose j he
strange record of crime and ; noi
repentance was climaxed in COi
December by a parole from pei
the Oklahoma State Peniten- noi
tiary, told a reporter from usi
this newspaper Wednesday fer
that he now stands ready to nei
do the Lord's will. 1
Walker is visiting friends no
and relatives in Columbus j acl
county for a few days. wh
Asked if he meant that he tht
planned to take up evange- j wo
listic work, he declared that Ja<
he will enter the field where i coi
he can be of the greatest me
service. He said that he is a ed
member of the Holiness def
faith, and that he plans to j sto
attend each service in the j wa
camp meeting series to be | '
held for the next few days i reS
at the camp meeting grounds j to
on the Whiteville-Tabor City I an<
In talking with Walker it i ing
was impressive to note that | fifl
'"". T1
A Good
)AY Southpor
11 Sides
)mplete 1
t Races
1-Know Here c
i j
:V ;'v . I
i A
% - ' "!
. . v
I I!:
W$ 1 lf"
;1 gg :
&Bk$- w
WZ& > i': ' to, v-Vv
-*?e |,
; ;' ** "v i
- 1c
T :n
rson's Class A entry will J C(
next Thursday when she in
race of the Southport s<
as had his boat down at J
for a practice run overjr
I 3
seking Site |
ion Of Dock;
, r,
["he sensational Syndicate fl
ni Beaufort, S. C. with a ''
ord of having won nine w
es this year, may arrive in v
ithport for the regatta next J;
sk on the same tow line ;
,t brings in a dangerous j
tl, the Geeehee, of .Savan- e
i, (ia.
ending his entry of the
>chee, l'rank McSwenney, of
?> 1/ !..U 1
>aiinan, wrote ?v. i>. mv.ian.
lirtiian of the invitation J
nmittee: "In a moment of
ikness Bill Scheper has ofed
to come to Savannah and
r the Geechee to Southport
ng with the Syndicate." I
toth boats are Class "A"
ft and will fight it out with
eral others for the same
sign Positions n
On School Faculty *
and Mrs. W. S. Morgan, a
id and seventh grade teachn
the Waccamaw high school
he past two years, have re- j~
;d after being re-elected for
:oming year.
Ijean Will .
ss Evangelist 1
avoided use of the pro- 1
un "I." Asked about his '
itinual use of the first
rson plural of that projn.
he explained that in
ng the term "We" he re- a
red to his personal part- y
ship with God. y
Walker said that he saw jj
point in tracing again his
Livities as a criminal,
ich dated front the time y
it he shot and fatally t
unded the late Sheriff fc
;k Standland, of Brunswick ;l]
inty. "I never was as [ l
an a man as I was pictur- '
to be," he said in his own 11(
ense. "The more times my ai
ry was told the blacker it
s painted." t?
'The Lord," he said, "is fr
ponsible for my decision cl
return to North Carolina \A
1 give myself up after be- , S,
; a free man for nearly ; m
:een years. Several times j te
vte 1
News paper In
t, N. C., Wednesday, A
Whiteville Man E
Named District F
lovernor Hoey Names A.
F. Powell As Third District
Commissioner Succeeding
Robert Grady
Appointment Of Powell To T
Commission O c c as i o ns
Much Rejoicing In
This Section Of The
1 I
Governor Hoey Thursday after- ent
oon appointed A. F. Powell. Jr.. dai
f Whiteville. as a meir.oer of to
ie State Highway and Public nee
forks commission succeeeding I riv
.obert G. Johnson, of Burgaw, | fin
ho resigned to become director i an<.
f the penal division. I bai
The appointment of Mr. Powell, tw<
ho is a Whiteville merchant, : ing
nd business man, as third dis- j 1
ici commissioner, occasioned i the
inch gratification by local people 1 apj
hen they learned of it. I wh
The new commissioner has long | loci
ten prominently connected in j J
,'hiteville and this section of the fea
ate. He has been interested in fea
re affairs of the state for a gra
ing time, and his appointment Ha1
icets with popular aproval. | the
Mr. Powell is a native of this' pul
xmty, having been born and I "
:ared in Whiteville. He is the1 in
3n of the late Mr. and Mrs. in
. L. Powell, of this city, and j cou
rior to his father's death was j Cai
ssociated with him in various ass
usiness entcrprizes. dep
In recent years, Mr. Powell blil
as taken his place in the busi- 1 pos
ers world, and is one of the me
aciers in the building of White- lie
iilc. He has large real estate I ha!
oldings in Whiteville and sur-jolii
bunding territory. I thr
Up until May. Mr. Powell had as
ir the past 12 years been a j fur
lember of the board of city al-1 sta
trmen, the only political office i ing
jr which he was ever a candi- per
ate. In the May election, he
as one of the two candidates i thr
-ho did not offer for re-election, i cia
be other being his kinsman. Dr. it
1. C. Sadler. I wh
In the appointment of Mr. Pow- on
11 as commissioner from the ; sov
bird district, the people of this i pre
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).iun|mnn Unvf V
fdiruiiiiciii tiui i i?j
In Road Mishap
)eIco Man Knocks Officer Sii
Down With Motorcycle
And Is Arrested By Deputy
Sheriff Dillon Ganey
State Highway Patrolman'
lugh L. Sloan was painfully but.
,ot seriously injured early last1 '
'riday night when knocked down ter
i the highway near Navassa by I f?r
motorcycle. !
Frank G^oss, of Delco, rider of Go
he motorcycle that knocked the Soi
latrolman down, was arrested by tr'!
)eputy Sheriff D. L. Ganey, but J
,-as permitted to go to a doctor !Wl
or treatment of injuries he re-jC01
eived in the accident. C01
Deputy Ganey said Sloan had USI<
topped an automobile in the | P?'
ighway near the entersection of I err
ae Navassa road. After he had lnf
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Brunswick County the
Man Died Monday ^
Richard T. Wililams, 62, died *
t the heme of his sister, Mrs. .oi
ola Bragdon, near Leland, early
tonday afteinoon after a long '
Surviving are his wife and two n
aughters, Mrs. Leo E. Sykes, of r*
,'ilminglon, and Mrs. George "1
runnell, of Washington. D. C.; fj
nir sisters, Mrs. Vola Bragdon,
ad Mrs. Thomas Simmons, of (
eland; Mrs. J. G. Savage, and saj
Irs. M. R. Barnes, of Wilming- ( far
>n: and two brothers, J. M., in
ad I. O. Williams, of Leland. ser
Funeral services were held yes- rcq
rday afternoon at 3.30 o'clock t coi
om Woodburn Presbyterian L
lurch with the Reverend Mr. 200
'ithrow, assisted by the Rev. H. less
Strickland, officiating. Inter- ers
ent followed in the family ceme- wit
iry near Leland. tra<
. '
V" 7 - ' - ' W .-v^
A Good Com
ugust 4th, 1937
rs To C
xpecting First
'unds For Social
Security Checks
oney Expected This Week
For Payment To First Of
Blind Applicants; Funds
For Old Age And Dependent
Children Later
e Covering The County
'o Visit Those Who Are
Unable To Come To
The Office Of Wei
fare Superintendent
''rank M. Sasser. superintendof
public welfare, said Tuesf
that he is expecting funds
cover the first payment to the
:dy blind of the county to are
this week. Money for the
it payment to the needy aged (
1 the dependent children pro>ly
will come in about the
mtieth of the month, accordto
Mr. Sasser.
["wo case workers are out in
county this week taking the
ilications of the needed aged
o are unable to come to the
il office. I
following is a summary of the
tures of the public assistance
ture of the social security p;oim
that was prepared by S. J.
wkins, field supervisor from I
state board of charities and'
>lic welfare:
The public assistance feature
Social security is no new thing;
North Carolina. All of the
inties in the state of North j
-olina have been attempting to 1
ist the needy aged person, thei
lendent children and the needy
id person in so far as it were
isible. Participation of govern:ital
agencies in rendering pubassistance
to needy persons
i been practiced in North Carla
for the past several years
ough what has been known
the mother's aid fund. This
id has been set aside by the
te to assist counties in carnnmhnt'
r\f ftp.
AUI" tl I1IIIKCU liumwvi w.
idont children.
The funds appropriated for the
ee assistance programs in so1
security arc very limited and
is very probable that persons
0 have not had to depend uppublic
assistance as their reirce
will not be eligible for the
>gram in its early stages. The
(Conntinucd from page 2)
(odoc May Have
Hoey On Board
nee Governor Hoey Will
Be Coining Down To
Southport From Wilmington,
Suggestion Is Made
That He Be Passenger
On Cutter
fhe powerful Coast Guard cut-'
Modoc which is to be here |
the regatta next week along
h another cutter, may bring
vernor Clyde R. Hoey to I
uthport when she makes her i
p down from Wilmington. j
governor Hoey is to speak at
"ightsville to the association of j
inty commissioners and acintants
on August 11. On Aug- j
: 12 he is to come to South t
for the regatta. As the Govlor
and the cutter will be com-1
! down at about the same time,
suggestion has been made bv
! Southport Civic Club to the1
nmander of the Modoc that
1 Governor be allowed to
imb his way down on the boat
d send his car overland.
t is understood that the Moe
may moor at the U. S. Eneers
dock here, through the
idness of Major Ralph Millis,
io is in charge of the Wilmingoffice
of the Engineers.
armers Comply
Vith Farm Program
bounty Agent J. E. ifodson
's that SO per cent of the '
mers who signed work sheets
connection with the soil con- '
ration program have sent in 1
uests for measurments for I
>ast week measurements for 1
farms were completed, and
i than 10 percent of the farmwere
found to be out of line I
h the provisions of their con- !
:ts. ,
r piL
Southport Man
Frank M. Sasser, Former |
Commander Of Brunswick
Legion Post, Was
Elected District Commander
At Durham
I n s t a 1 1 a tion Ceremonies
Will Take Place Sixty
Days From Election
And Mr. Sasser Will
Ask That They Be
Held In Southport
Frank M. Sasser, of Southport,
who last week was elected commander
of the seventh district
of the North Carolina Department
of the American Legion, is
a former commander of the local
post, having succeeded S. B.
Frink in 1932.
That same year Mr. Sasser was
named vice-commander of this
district, and since that time has
served for two years as child1
welfare officer and as chairman ~
on Americanism for the Bmnswick
County Post.
M. B. Watkins, past post com- jw
mandcr, and leader in affairs per-, tl
taining to the Legion, was elect-1 S
ed at the Durham meeting as rr
vice-commander for this district, h
Brunswick Com
Will Make Fa
Lt. John W. Sample, commanding
officer at Camp Sapona,
recently received official <
notice that he has been reassigned
to this camp for a
second six-months tour. .
Since Lt. Sample came here
to take charge of Company
427 several months ago, noticable
changes and improvements
have been made. These j
changes elevated the rating of
the local camp from sixtli
place in a seven-camp sub-dis- 1 c
trict to first place within the
course of three months.
-? . I c
Commissioners In d
Regular Session t
Members of the board of coun- (c
ty commissioners held their re- 1
gular first of the month meet- ?
ing Monday. A good part of the j,
day was devoted to a discussion r
of matters pertaining to the bud- s
get. ,:a
Other routine business was dis- j u
posed of.
Gracious Lettei
IFrom Yach
From W. W. Storm. Commodore
of the Carolina Yacht
Club, of Wilmington, the following
gracious acknowledgement
of an invitation to attend
every event of the coming
yachting regatta was received
this week:
"Mr. W. B. Keziah, Chairman,
"Invitation Committee,
"Southport, N. C.
"Dear Mr. Keziah:
"It is hardly necessary to 1
express to you my keen and
most grateful appreciation of
the invitation to attend the
Yacht races to be held in
your splendid city in August.
My plans are being definitely
determined so that
the extreme pleasure of witnessing
practically all the
scheduled events may be
"As usual, Southport is doing
its accustomed gracious
and friendly act in inviting |
your neighbors to enjoy the
festivities in connection with j
the yacht races. t
"The Carolina Yacht Club
has considered it an unusual
privilege to cooperate with I
our friends of Southport in
the general arrangements for
the August event. We be
,0T i
Elected 1
District Head
iMlttflir mBmH '
?-? : rr
The installation ceremonies for | a|
fficers for the seventh district c?
ill take place 60 days from I'!
leir election, according to Mr.
asser, who says that he will fj
lake every possible effort to
ave them held in Southport. 1)(
" l';
nty Farmers
irm Tour Soon!0
four Will Be Conducted ?
Under The Direction Of a
County Agent J. E. Dod-j1
son And Extension Spec- w
ialists From State College a
)n Eve Of Opening Of
New Market For Timber |
Products, This Will Be I
Good Time To Learn
Tree Measurement
A farm tour of Brunswick
ounty will be conducted Friday V
tugust 13, by County Agent J.1
3. Dodson, who will have R. W.
Jraeber, extension forester of j
itate Colege, with him for the
A special effort will be made
o show farmers who make the
our the value of timber as a j w
ash crop, and each of the five' jc
imber-thinning projects in the cj
i- -. ...ill k/, oiaitnd \jf ? drtlP
UUJlly Will Lie VIOILCU. KM. L?l? J-(
ler will bring with him measur- J ^
ng instruments and other equip- |
nent that will be used to demontrate
to the farmers methods for "
ccurately determining the amo- f.
nt o ftimber in a givfn tract
with which our tender of help "
Received *
it Club Offical ci
lieve that the willingness S(
and assistance was accepted, ,
is an indication in itself of 1
the fine characteristics of
your community. Certainly,
the long existing friendly
feeling and pleasant understanding
between Wilmington
and Southport will be ce- !
mented as a result of the
event soon to be held.
"It is a matter of gratification
to us as well, that
Southport will receive a wide
and favorable degree of publicity
from these races. Your
community is richly entitled
to same. We feel confident
that the kindness and
thoughtfulness which Southport
is now exhibiting to j
others will be returned many (
fold to your community in
substantial and material results.
"Again thanking you on
behalf of the Carolina Yacht
Club for your very gracious |
and courteous attitude, and I
with assurance that you may
continue to command us as
you will in this and other
matters, we are with all good
"Faithfully and sincerely
"W. W. Storm, Commodore,
"Carolina Yacht Club." j
The Pilot Covers
Brunswick County
$1.50 PER YEAR
fisheries Will '
Be Operated By ,
Convict Labor (
lorth Carolina State High- j
way Commission In Sess- ]
ion Thursday Arranged
For One Year Lease On
Fishery At Holden's
Ian Is To Use Products
Only Within The Prison
System Of North Carolina
As Part Of
Prison Diet
Members of the North Carolina
tate Highway Commission in
ssion in Ra'eigh Thin "day urmgi
d tor the lease of a comorrial
fishery at Hotrion's Oca en
i be operated by convict labor.
Fran* L. Dunlap, chairman of
le commission, said a year's
asc had been taken on a coinlercial
fishery at Holdon's Beach
jout nine miles from a orison
imp at Supply. This fishery will
obably commence operation on r
convict labor shortly after
ugust 1 to supply prisons with
Hendricks Phelps, experienced
ach fi."h?inian, will t>e employed
> serve ns captain of the fislirg
and his experience in ^
his usin . t ) ; ' I vied l.o tie Jj*>
iv.V.abio in an., ag a stress a
f the undertaking.
The lease included the fishing
ite, said to be one of the best
n the coast, the seins and boats
nd the houses for the men on
he beach.
Dunlap said the season's catch
ouhl probably tie sailed down
nd preserved to use as meat
l the prison camps during the
inter. Its products will be used
nly within the prison system,
c said.
ilect Principal
For Southport
V. R. Lingle, Of China
Grove, Elected Tuesday
Night By Local Committee
To Fill Position Held
Last Year By C. A. Ledford
?' D T incrln of China GrOVe.
ras named Tuesday night by the I
>cal school committee as prin- I
ipal of the Southport high school m
>r the coming year. He succeeds I
I !. A. Ledford. I
Mr. Lingle has taught for the I
ast four years at China Grove, I
nd for several years prior to I
flat in his home county. This
rill be his first position as prin- I
He is a graduate of Lenoir- I
hyne College, Hickory, and has I
ttended several sessions of the I
'Uke University summer school. I
With the naming of the prin- ' 9
ipal, only one other faculty vac- I
ncy now exists at the local J
Tide Table j
Following is the tide table
for Southport during the next C
week. These hours are appro- II
ximately correct and were fur- |l
nished The State Port Piloi 9
through the courtesy of the I
Cape Fear Pilot's Association. I
High Tide Low Tide I
High Tide I m li?lt I
Thursday, August 5 I
6:30 a. m. I in. I
6:48 p. m. 13:33 p. in. I
Friday, August 6 I
7:17 a. m. 1:30 a. m. B
7:34 p. ni. I:p. in. I
Saturday, August 7 M
8:03 a. m. 3:06 a. m. I
8:17 p. in. 3:17 p. m. I
Sunday, August 8 9
8:47 a. ni. 3:50 a. m.
9:00 p. m. 3:03 p. m.
Monday. August 9 H
9:30 a._ m. 3:30 a. m. ' I
9:43 p. hi. 3:47 p. ni. 9
Tuesday, August 10 I
10:14 a. m. I :<?H a. in. 8
10:34 p. m. I:.'P a. in. I
Wednesday, August 11 I
11:00 a. m. 4:46 a. m. 9
11:09 p. m. 5:13 p. m. I

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