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    M^^H ,
l\lost Of The News
AH The Time
hujme ten no.
I To Atten(
I Regatta
Hjjcations Of Incomplete
Entry List Are Thai
There Will Be Betweer
Forty And Fifty Boats Tc
hading winners to
race at southporl
Hvcrnor Clyde R. Hoey T<
Home Down to Southport
Aboard the Cutter MoI
doc Thursday Morning
^B'hat promises to be the big
three-day program in thi
II Southport win com
I Thursday afternoon at
I ..hen the first race of th<
f s thport Regatta, sponsor
Ibv the Carolina Yacht Club
ffrightsville. gets underway.
I . lown the river fron
fcmingrton to Southport aboari
T Modoc. Governor Clyde F
Lv is scheduled to fire th pun that will send bet
Lr forty and fifty of th
test sailing craft in Soutl
tar.ric waters skipping ove
Er twelve mile course in ques
bo entry list passed th
rtv-five mark Monday, and i
? definitely known that i
rcp of Charleston boats tha
c not been entered was en
tie here. It is customary fo
l:r boat owners to wait unti
i last irinMe t? scrd in thei
In- blanks so the Thursda;
wing entries probably swcl
! total beyond fifty.
Beautiful trophies for first an<
oiid place winners in each o
i six events were being cn
ived the first of the week
tv will be brought to South
1 Thursday to be displayed il
local show window.
Vhile the sailboat races eacl
r program, an interestinj
(moon will be the drawini
d for the thousands of visitor
feted here during the three
nd of entertainment has beei
hi Thursday evening there wil
a buffet supper at Ft. Caswe
en by the Carolina Yacht Clu
honor of the visiting yachts
I day evening at Cam
?re will be a dinne
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: Bits
Big News
events Of State,
and World-Wide
st During Past
i'alker Taylor, 72, on
most prominent insui
lerwriters in the Stat
the Cape Fear Hot<
afternoon a few mir
er he had left a meel
he Wilmington Rotar
men were killed toda
e other persons wer
in the crash of a
Air Lines plane int
line erected overnigli
5 Daytona Beacli, Fl<
t of lightning instani
1 four attractive dai
of Mr. and Mrs. .
tester of Creedmoor a
o'clock this afternoo
ey sought shelter unc
ister of bushes durin
n shower.
I pproval
irst successful step i
years of effort to s(
deral funds for th
ion of the Grea
Mountains Nation!
as taken today whe
ate passed a bill cai
"43,265 in federal func
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, 29 16-PAGES TODi
i Yachting
This Week
; i
3 People Of Maco
; Ask Arrest Of
; Dangerous Man
P Urge That Special Effort
t Be Made To Recapture
i Melvin Mintz, Who Has
t Been Terrorizing Com- '
1 1 ' ;1
Some Reports Say That Es- <
1J caped Convict "Rides Up
fj And Down The Road jl
Shooting His Pistol"
-' Protesting against what one 1
1 j woman Monday termed "a crying !
, shame," citizens of the Maco
BI . , I'
g community in Brunswick county.
j have wired Governor Clyde R.
s Hoey, in Raleigh, asking that
special efforts be made to ren
j capture Melvin Mintz, escaped
" The telegram expressed anxiety
over the presence of Mintz in
b ! the community, the governor said
in an Associated Press dispatch.
"The prison division has taken
P all possible steps to effect his
r recapture," the governor was
quoted as sayi"g, "but naturally
not even the citizens of the
m * * * 1 au' u'horn Via is."
,neignDoriioi/u WW S.?
Residents ol :c Maco section
said Mintz h terrorized that I
community foi the past several
weeks, some reports telling of his
"riding up and down the highway
shooting v. ildly."
A man name. Skipper, uniden-1
tified except that he lives at
Maco, was reported to have
, phoned the New Hanover prison |
camp this morning to report he
had Mintz cornered at a liquor
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.? Sasser Gets Job
;j In Fayetteville
Brunswick County Welfare
Officer Undecided Whether
To Accept Position
As District Employment
y j
c I Frank M. rasser, Brunswick
county welfare officer, has been
offered the position as head of j
? the district employment bureau j
in Fayetteville, but is undecided
about giving up his position here
to accept that w<jrk.
Mr. Sasser was in Raleigh
j Tuesday for a thorough investigation
of the matter, and it was
I.' believed that some definite announcement
will issue following
j his return here.
lt, Mr. Sasser has been welfare
n officer of the county since July,
j. j 1933. Prior to that he taught
g school at Shallotte.
Revival Services
At Shallotte Church
n An evangelistic team composed'
5- of W. F. Pledger and E. H. Lowle
man, from the school of Religion
it of Duke University, will assist
il the pastor of the Shallotte Methn
odist church in a revival which
r- begins Sunday night, August 15.
Is j Services will begin promptly
at eight o'clock each evening. |
Come and bring a
A Good
Youth Coi
Brunswick Co\
J. E. Dodson Became Interested
In Bee Culture While
On His Father's Farm
And Has Retained This
As His Hobby
Mr. Dodson Believes Green
Swamp Area Is Fine For
Producing Honey;
?? ? Ti T?
1 hinks ine raimoio
Should Keep Bees
County Agent J. E. Dodson hns
for many years had as his hobby
the interesting and profitable business
of raising and keeping bees.
He first became interested in
the study as a small boy on his
father's farm, and has for the
past fourteen years kept bees
on his farm in Brunswick county.
He now has about fifty hives
which he has turned over to his
son. Jack, to look after. Last .
year he produced over two tons
of honey from these hives, in I
spite of the. fact that it was a I
bad season. The honey was mark- 1
eted out of the state.
Mr. Dodson believes that the j
raising and keeping of bees could I
be conducted profitable on a large 1
scale in this section due to the i
abundance of honey producing <
plants and trees that grow here, 1j
such as black gum, holly, gallberry,
alder, maple and many 1
others as well as a large variety I
of lowers. Tiic Green Swamp is I
deal in this respect, as are many i
other sections of the county.
Good Prices M?
Of Whiteville
Farmers Well Pleased With
Prices Paid For Tobacco
At Opening Day Sale
Held Tuesday
Average Price of $25.00
Per Hundred Received
For Tobacco Offered
BffSi Eor Sale At
Tobacco farmers from a sweeping
radius congregated in Whiteville
Tuesday to receive an average
of $25 per cwt. for their
golden weed, to give Whiteville
' toward her 25,- I
a guuu ?
000,000 pound goal this season,
and to hear their Governor, Clyde
R. Hocy, offer them felicitations
on their toil and courage which
had brought so much new wealth
into existence.
Sales Supervisor M. S. Smith1
roughly estimated that more than
750,000 pounds had been sold I
from the floors Tuesday night'
before the sales were blocked.
He estimated a million and a
quarter pounds on the market. <
The second sales were not'
reached according to Smith.
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The Local Legi
\Has Received
ing of the American Legion i
Auxiliary of Brunswick county,
Post 194, presided over
by its new president. Mrs.
S. B. Frink, it was officially
announced that this unit had
won two department citations
for its work during the
past Legion year of 19361937.
One is a certificate showing
that the unit has paid
all its obligations and also
contributed a little to all optional
funds. The other is a
certificate stating that it
has reached its membership
quota, having doubled its original
The delegates, Mrs. Frank
Sasser and Mrs. S. B. Frink
brought these papers back
with them from the Convention
in Durham, and plans I
O THE 1937
News paper li
Southport, N. G., W
y Ta:
unty Agent
d Bee-Keeper
. 'I!
Several Brunswick county
armers depend entirely on beekeeping
as a means of making a
living. D. P. Mintz and Layton
Mintz, two farmers of Ash, depend
on bee kcepr.ig and hogs
or their cash income. One 4-H
joy last year reaped eighty
lounds of honey to the hive, vvhi:h
he sold at eight-cents-perjound
f. o. b. his home.
Thousands of dollars worth of
loney goes to waste in this section
annually, according to Mr.
Dodson, because an insufficient
lumber of bees are kept to gath(Continued
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ark Opening
Weed Market
Like the bird with the broken
pinion, one of the thousands
of martins that flit
over Southport will never
soar so high again.
Surmounting the humirru
foot tower in the Garrison
that is used for hoisting the
weather flags, is a weather
vane with a steel arrow.
Monday it was noticed that
a martin had empaled itself
upon this point and was?
and is still there, high
In the sky, dead. Riding
around the wind that turns
the vane, the bird may head
to the east and may head to
the west but it never will fly
A clean-up campaign has been
in progress in Southport during
the past two weeks as citizens of
the town began to get ready to
entertain their guests at the 1937
Southport Regatta.
on Auxiliary
Two Citations
were discussed for framing
At the last regular meetand
hanging them. It was
also announced that Mrs.
Frank Sasser had been elected
Seventh District Committeewoman
to succeed Mrs.
II. B. Edwards, of Wilmington.
whose term of office has
The members were urged
to take all the silk rags
they could contribute to the
home of Mrs. Ed Daniels,
who is in charge of collecting
and sending to Oteen
materials for rug weaving.
All members were also
urged to write to their Congressman
and Senators urging
them to support the Universal
Service Bill known
as the Sheppard-Hill Bill,
and the Widow's and Orphan's
i A Good Comr
ednesday, August, 11, 1!
x Rati
bbing Two
Confession Is I
Received From Youthful
One Of Two Boys Wanted
For Breaking And Entering
Orton House And |
Adams House At The
Oaks Plantation Is Now j .
In Jail
Obtained $125.00 In Cash'
; And Several Valuable [
Articles In Raids Made
At Two Plantation
Edgar Henderson, 21, of Rcids- j ;
' ville, is in the Brunswick county |
jail and officers are searching j
for Thomas Motley, also of that j.
|city, who Henderson named as j /
his accomplice in breaking and j ^
entering the Adams home at The j |
'Oaks Plantation and the SpruntI'
home at Orton Friday.
Henderson was placed under
arrest Saturday by Deputy Sheriff
M. A. Northrop, when the
young man was seen standing on
,'the t l of the Orton pier dragg'
ing ihe bottom for some sunken
I object. Henderson claimed that T
i he was trying to recover his boat *
but the Deputy was suspicious t
and brought him on to South- S
port. A partial confession was t
obtained from him by Sheriff J. A.
Rue3, and deputies Dillon .
Ganey and Charlie Skipper. *
Sunday morning the officers *
were notified of the robbery at
; The Oaks. Investigation revcalj
ed the loss of $125.00 in cash
several valuable guns, articles of _
clothing and some field glasses.
| Confronted with this evidence.
Henderson made a complete confession
of the robbery.
He said that he and Motley
came down to Wilmington Thursday
on an oil truck with the
idea of going fishing. After loafing
around one of the oil docks
all day, they stoic a boat after
dark and started down the river.
Spying the boathouse and landing
at Orton, they tied up for
the night. Friday morning they
isct out in search for food and
came upon the unoccupied Adams
home. They broke in and stole
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Light Session
Before Recorder
Or?lv Three Cases Were
Disposed Of Before Jud- i
ge J. W. Ruark Here On
Last Wednesday In Recorder's
A light session of Recorder's c
court was held here last Wednes- o
day, as only three cases were a
disposed of before J. W. Ruark. a
Albert Moore, white, of Leland,
plead guilty of operating a motor j li
vehicle on the public highway, h
while under the influence of in- o
toxicating liquor. He was fined g
fifty dollars and costs of court, n
or sixty days on the road. His a
driving license was revoked for d
ithe period of one year. c
j Frank Gross, white, of Delco, p
| who recently ran into Patrolman j Hugh
L. Sloan, and knocked him
down with a motorcycle near Na- J
| vassa. plead guilty of violating
j rules of the road. Judgment was ,
I suspended upon payment of costs J
I of court.
Irving Brown and Martha Broj
wn, colored, were found guilty of
: an affray upon each other. Judgj
ment was suspended for one year
I upon condition of their good behavior
and payment of costs.
Makes Application
To Build Wharf
I Application has been received
jby the U. S. Engineer office in
! Wilmington from George W
Brooks, Sr., of Shallotte, for peri
mission to construct a wharf on
the intracoastal waterway at
Any objections to the work ,
must be filed before August 16. j
r pu
The Undefea
_ ? ' ' ~ .^MSBS
leaufort, S. C., is undefeat(
ition this season. She will bt
trinjr of victories here this
hat there will be plenty of <
Schedule Ann<
Farm Tour (
The hundreds of fresh
water ponds in Brunswick
are full of frogs, huge croakers
with propelling appendages
for jumping that make
a most delectable meal. A
large number of these ponds
are near Southport, and they
are often visited with profit
to the sportsmen and disaster
to the frogs.
it. I Rurris.
.Il\>liua,f ""h"1 " r
Sain Watts nad Lawrence
Sellers went out to one of
these ponds and brought in
47 pairs of frog legs. They
say the season Is just beginning.
and they aim to do better
next time.
411 an Was Modest
About His Clothing
A long string of racing yachts,
lulled by a power boat, came
lown the river Sunday, on each
f the boats rode a man who
cted as a sort of conductor and
.11 were wet to the skin.
On the hindmost tow was Alan
Emerson of Wilmington and
e was holding to a stay with
ne hand and with the other he
rasped a sail firmly about his
liddle. "Throw that sail away
nd help get the boat to the
ock", called out somebody. "I
an t", said Allan, "I've lost my
Bumper Cropi
Make Fox F i
While it is generally known
that more foxes per square
mile may be found in Brunswick
county than in any other
section of the state, Mother
Nature recently threw a
note of depression into the
fox stock market.
Two weeks ago when 13
sons and daughters, mostly
sons, arrived to bless Mollie,
Walker fox hound of Vallie
Friderc, it was discovered
that the maternal filling station
did not have enough outlets
to supply the wholesale
and almost continuous service
So, a plain houn' dog who
had lost her children was
tains j
m Homes 1
ted Syndicate 1
idicate, Class "A" boat from
jd in South Atlantic compe- c
! the favorite to continue her c
week, although it appears ^
opposition. j
Dunced For
3f The County!'
Schedule To Be Followed 1
By Farmers In Their
Visit To Various Sections
In Order That As Many j
As Possible Will Join In ^
Extension Forester Will
Give Demonstration In 1
Estimating Timber ;c
Measurement That
Should Be Of 5
Great Benefit ,
In order that farmers may: a
make their plans to join the coun- i
fv fnrm four to be made Friday,r
j later in the day, even if they j1
miss the start, County Agent J.
; E. Dodson has prepared a sche- (
dale to be followed. .
R. W. Graeber, of State Col- j
' lege, will be in the party from J
the time it starts at 9 o'clock, |,
and will give a series of demons-,
trations on the proper thinning
of timber tracts, estimations and c
other information valuable to
land owners who may be plann- J
ing to sell or a part of their
Following is the schedule: 9 '
I o'clock at Foulkc timber de-i
monstration near Winnabow; at '
10:30 o'clock the Mercer de-j
monstration; at 12 o'clock the!
Clemmons demonstration, near!
iSupply; at 2 o'clock the timber!]
| demonstration on the C. A. Russ i J
farm; at 3:30 o'clock the demonstration
on the J. R. Mintz |
ifarm. i
->f Hound
utute Slump
i pressed into service. This fos- i j
ter mother is now catering
to the needs of 5 of the , |
pretty little pups, while Mol- 1
lie is administering to the ! j
other 8. The overproduction
consists of 11 males and 2
Both Mollie and the assistant
to her domestic duties
are ignoring all remarks of
visitors to the effect that a
hound dog owned by Capt.
I.' B. Bussells, some years
ago had 17 puppies in one
litter and that all of them
were raised to doghood by
the mother with the same
sort of assistance that Mollie
is getting. j
The Pilot Covers I
Brunswick County I
$1.50 PER YEAR I
"ounty Tax Rate I
Remains At $1.50 I
:or Ensuing Term I
Revision Of Tax Valuation I
Makes It Possible To Co- I
operate With Social Se- I
curity Program With No I
SET AT $70,000,000
tudget Has Been Tentative- I
ly Adopted By The H
Board Of County Co- I
mmissioners For I
Coming Vear fl
The tax rate for Brunswick B
mnty for the next fiscal year B
as set by members of the board
f county commissioners at .SI.50, fl
ic same rate that prevailed last H
car, as they tentatively adopted B
tic county budget at their last
leeting. fl
A revision of the tax valuation fl
f the county made it possible
o provide for compliance with
he Social Security law without
lcreusing the tax rate.
The assessed valuation of the
ounty now is approximately
Sixty cents of the $1.00 breakown
will go to the debt service
und: sixty cents to the current
xpense fund: eighteen cents to
he school fund: ten '-ents to
ioeial security and two "it; for
are of blind.
The current expense fund inludes
operating expenses of the
ounty offices, county poor and
eterans and public health work,
"he school fund is broken down
rdo ten cents for capital outlay
n.l eight cents for current ex10
The budget will be left standng
until August 18, 1037, |>cnd>
ng any changes or revisions.
Brunswick Man
Dies Suddenly
ksa W. Flowers, 59, Of
Town Creek, Dropped
Dead Saturday On Street
Of Wilmington
Asa W. Flowers, 13-year-old
'own Creek firmer, dropped
lead Saturday afternoon at 12:30
I'clock in front of the Hall seed
itorc in Wilmington.
The man was dead when a
lames Walker Memorial hospital
imbulance, summoned by a
lolice officer, reached him. Cornier
Asa W. Allen pronounced
leath due to a heart attack.
Mr. Flowers is survived by his
ather, Fred Flowers, of Town
Ireek, and five brothers, D. L.
?lowers. J. W. Flowers and A.
T. Flowers, of Town Creek; C. T. H
"lowers and N. C. Flowers of I
Vilminpton. I
Funeral services were con
iucted Sunday afternoon at 3 I
j'clock from Piney Grove Metho- I
list church at Town Creek by
the Rev. J. C. Harmon. Inter- I
ment followed in the church
:emetery. I
Tide Tablej I
| Following is the tide table fl
for Southport during the next I
week. These hours are appro- fl
ximately correct and were fur- B
nished The State Port Pilot I
through the courtesy of the I
("ape Fear Pilot's Association. fl
High Tide Low Tide
Thursday, August 13 I
11:45 a. m. 5:35 a. m. I
11:54 p. m. 6:03 p. m. I
Friday, August 13 I
i 6:09 a. ui. H
43:30 p. m. 7:00 p. m. I
Saturday, August 14
| 13:43 a. m. 7:05 a. m. I
1:31 p. m. 8:03 p. m.
Sunday, August 15 fl
1:34 a. in. 8:08 a. m. I
3:16 p. m. 9:03 p. m.
Monday, August 16 H
i 3:35 a. m. 9:08 a. m. H
13:16 p. m. 9:58 p. m. I
Tuesday, August 17 I
3:43 a. m. 10:03 a. m. I
14:17 p. m. 10:48 p. nr. I
Wednesday, August 18 I
4:45 a. m. 10:53 a. m. H
5:13 p. m. 11:35 p. m. I

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