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volume ten NO. 2
Interest Grows Ij
I In Fishing Out
I In Gulf Stream
No Party That Has Made,
The Fifty-Mile Trip To'
The Warm Waters Off
I Southport Has Returned
I Empty-Handed
many specimens
i have been taken
Bfiaracuda Have Been Tak-'
I en On Every Trip; Am
berjack And Sailfish
Hooked; Tuna And
I Others Sighted
I The past two (lays have clear- '
I -Mated that big game!
fuh of all sorts abound in great
I near the gulf stream
B ,?ff Southport. ready to furnish j
B equal to that which is
If::: Florida.
B Sunday the Stiver Spray of
fl ngton. Captain E. M. GodB
it went out and brought in
H<:\ liiifc baracuda, weighing1
B '.0111 IS to 25 pounds: three large
B in and a number of bigj
B~ :0m el. Most exciting of all.
: f. H Coleman of the party
I a huge sail fish which!
I his wire leader and got!
I,i>v after ten minutes of fierce j
-.niggle. Three times the huge
I :.;h broke entirely clear of the
B-.jter. shaking its head in a fran-!
i;.; effort to dislodge the hook.1
I The whole party had a good view
r: it on all these occasions and
B-jvv said it appeared to be fully
. long:. It was about
By yards from the boat when it
kit the water.
Monday the Silver Spray, argu
rented by the Sea Duke of CapI
!a:n Merritt Moore and the Sea
. : Captain Scott, both of
Southport. went out with large
parties aboard. There were too
cany for trolling, according to!
Howie ir. the partly.
I The Sea Duke brought in 24 ,
tore fish, including one 38-pound
erjack and 12 baracuda. The
Silver Spray party had nine fish, j
rest of them being baracudas i
I an-J dolphins. Captain Scott's
H party brought in eight.
IfEittlc Bits |
I Of Big News
I News Events Of State, I
I ; Nation and World-Wide
| Interest During Past
I Week
I Chinese Hold
Japanese battered Chinese
H lines with heavy land and naval
guns Tuesday, but failed to
crark the resistance barring
their inland drive in the
Shanghai sector. Despite a savage
onslaught which began
at sunset Mondav night and
raged almost ceaselessly into
this morning, the Chinese stood
fast to punish their foe with
withering machine gun fire.
Blazing fires lighted the whole
of Shanghai's northwestern
I Sow We'll Tell One
Several waterspouts formed
in the ocean off Beaufort inlet
Tuesday when the wind
shifted from southeast to
northwest and oldest residents
recalled the one which burst
25 years ago and sprayed the
town with fish. One of today's
spouts tail ended in the ocean
near Fort Macon and swirled
like a serpent for a mile before
it reached a heavy bank
black clouds. Fishermen
termed it a "mullet shift",
saying similar spouts in the
Past resulted in better fishing.
I Hack To School
The majority of North Carolina's
950,000 school children
will troop hack to classes this
week, swinging State-provided
textbooks and resuming their
school careers in greatly improved
buildings and under
more efficient methods than
'bey left three months ago,
state Superintendent Clyde A.
Erwin said Tuesday. Many
^hools in Piedmont and western
North Carolina already
nave opened and students in
'he East will join a continues
back-to-school stream from
now until October 1. Superintendent
Erwin explained that
schools in the East opened
ater in the fall and closed
ster in the spring because
Joung boys and girls were
needed on the farm. Some
snctly urban schools in the
ast. inculding those of the
'-apita] City are opening this
13 4-PAG
HsBF \ *
ed on Battery Island, The bir
the Little Blue Heron. These
seasons, acquiring their adull
the late summer 01 meir sei
their white feathers they t
Snowy Egrets, the differences
average observer.
Battery Island 1:
As Bird Bre
At Certain Seasons Of The |~
Year The Trees At Battery
Island Are Filled
With Beautiful Birds
Egrets Of Various Kinds
Raise Over There; Once
Were Near Extinction
Because Of Plume
To the casual observer the
cedar trees on Battery Island
seem to have changed to magnolias.
Apparently they have
large white blossoms nearly
covering them.
This unusual sight is caused .
by several hundreds of birds j roosting
in them. The island is j J
a nesting place for rive aum-1 ent
varieties of herons. The birds,
called locally cranes, squawgans
and several other names, have
been making the little clump of |
woods on this island their breed- C
ing ground for several years now. j
The species represented are I
I the American or Great White Egj
ret, the Snowy Egret, Little Blue
i Heron, Louisana Heron and the
black-crowned Night Heron.
The Great White and Snowy
Egrets are the most beautiful'
of our native wild life. These 0
are the birds that were only p
j saved from extinction by the in- s
tervention of the Federal Govern-; c
ment. During the breeding season ii
both varieties have showers of1 p
I plume-like feathers growing from r
| their back. These are the aigret- j e
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Waterspout Makes
Near The Caj
People on the river front i
i in Southport Thursday morning
witnessed a rare sight.
A large waterspout formed
over the ocean back of Fort
Caswell and was visible for
! about ten minutes before
drawing back up into the
cloud formation of which it
was a part.
While by no means an unusual
sight on the ocean,
waterspouts are seldom visible
from Southport. In fact,
there have been only three
sighted in the past fifteen
I or twenty years.
There was a great mass of
dark clouds back of Caswell
from which a dense curtain
of rain was falling. From
this cloud-bank the spout descended
to nearly the height
| of the tree tops. The whirling
motion was plainly visible
and, no doubt, the people
at the Fort and Oak Island
got a close view of it.
Pilot Robert Thompson,
! ST t
A Good I
erv ?
1 1
| Jul
* J^m j
:p:<>agM| wee
J|H the
! i
pictured were photograph-;ten
ds shown are the young of|P??
birds remain white for two
; nlumage of slaty-blue in -
cond year. While wearing Ji
ire readily mistaken for
; being unnoticeable to the
5 Famed iM'
:eding Ground
Announcement was made j
Wednesday that Dr. L. C. Furgus
would continue to serve
Company 427 CCC as contract te(.
suregon and that no reserve j
medical officer will be assign- j
ed this camp. I p
This rescinded the order re- D'
ccived last week from head- j Ag
quarters of the Civilian Con- j j
servation Corps stating that |Ro
Dr. Furgus was to be relieved I (
at Midnight September 3. That |SQr
official communication spoke mo
favorably of Dr. Furgus and (.|{
his services, so it was no sur- j j
prise when a decision was J gjj,
reached to retain him a't the ! (
local camp. Ge
Invitation Sent
To Fort Brage "
ieneral McClosky Urged 3
To Allow Soldiers To
Come Here For Vacation!
And Fishing Trip; Com-'
panies Have Come In
Past M
Recalling that on two previous
ccasions Southport has had the i
leasurc of having companies of I
oldiers here for a ten days rest ]
amp during the fall when fishig
was at its best, the South- ^le
ort Civic Club has written Gene- *
al Manus McCloskey, commandr
at Fort Bragg, asking that he w
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Appearance |
pe Fear River Bar S
ivho was bringing in a CI;
tanker at the time, said that zw
it was a very large spout rel
and was causing great distur- An
bance in an otherwise calm
sea. The tanker was not
much more than a mile away E1
from it, and those on board
could get an uninterrupted
view of the whole thing. The
center of the storm was on (
the bar near the Whistling Thi
buoy. me
These inspiring spectacles ine
are caused by the same me
weather condition as the ter- o'cl
ribly destructive tornadoes 1
of the middle west. In fact the
a waterspout is a tornado on for
the sea. me
The darkness of the funnel Ne
is caused by particles of dust or
and other debris in the tor- sch
nadoes and by water being I I
sucked up in waterspouts. mo
If it were not for the dust edi
or water the funnel would na'
not be visible, since it is only sti'
a vortex of swiftly whirling the
air currents. Clu
' - T ?
^ews paper In
Southport, N. <
ldge Spears Is C
Jnable To Hold B
Term Of Court t
rist Taken 111 Saturday R<
Dn Way From Whiteville
To His Home In Durham
\nd Is Advised By Doc:or
Not To Hold Court
nutes Of Clerk Of Court C<
low That Term Was I
\djourned After Being
, telegram received here Satay
afternoon by Clerk of j ar
rt B. J. Holden informed him | co
t Judge Marshall T. Spears, at
eduled to preside over a one- Ti
:k's term for the trial of civil j tir
?s, would be unable to hold Jr
rt. Following is the text of je<
Was taken ill on way home j tic
n Whiteville yesterday. My i th
sician has advised me not to W
1 court next week. Regret un- Si
i to be able to be with you. j w<
"ernor's office advises that no bo
jr judge available to hold ibu
r court. Judge Marshall T. th
ars." |ra
he minutes in the clerk's of- j
show that the court was to
neil, and adjournment was j 'n
en because of the illness of |
juuge. |
'his means that the September jst
m probably will be indefinitely jis
tponed, unless there is a call n{
a special term of court. I P
J Si
iiry List For p
October Term
>mbers Of Board Of Com- | _
missioners In Session
Here Monday Drew Jury
List For Criminal Term
"he members of the bo 'rd of
inty commissioners in regular or
slon here Monday drew the p;
y list for the October term j a(
Brunswick county Superior | th
irt for the trial of criminal I re
;es. Judge Marshall T. Spears, j tr
Durham, will preside over the' jf
m. ni
following is the jury list: |o(
N. Evans, C. D. Carlisle, C1
G. Carlisle, L. N. Babson, H. i fa
Jenrett, H. J. Formy Duval, fc
i. C. Woodard, B. D. Bennett, J c
bert A. Little, Freeland. ss
3. A. Lewis, David R. John- w
i, W. H. Tharpe, O. D. Clem- U]
ins, T. M. Danford, Quincy w
immons, Bolivia. lo
J. S. Chadwick, R. O. Lewis, 01
3. R. Hewett, C. G. Roach, w
orge A. Swain, Ralph Clem- tl
ns, Supply. oi
A W. Moore, W. B. Varnam, i w
Jthport. ! pi
M. McLamb, Wampee; G. pi
Ennis, Leland; Oliver R. Litt- C
Bolton. e<
? hi
eiovea woman i*
I ^
Dies At Homeg
. r . 1
rs. Annie Missouri New-1 J
ton Died Wednesday J
Night At Her Home Fol-I
lowing Attack Last Week
Mrs. Annie Missouri Newton, J
oved resident of Southport,
d at her home here Wednesf
night at 7 o'clock. Her death
s ascribed to an heart attack
iich she suffered several days
rhe deceased, who was 80 years w
age, is the widow of the late
lius Newton, Cape Fear river 'r
ot. She has been an invalid a
several years, but had main- c|
ned a bright, cheerful outk
upon life.
She is survived by one son, j
fde Newton, of Southport; and
0 daughters, Mrs. Z. E. Mur- J jj'
I, of Wilmington, and Miss
nie M. Newton, of Southport.
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irst Service Club
Meeting Thursday
I u
)n Thursday, September 9th J
t County Service Club will j
et at the home of Miss Paul-1
Lewis at Winnabow. The I
eting will begin at 8:001"
rhis is the first meeting of!01
Service Club since it closed
the summer months. All v<
mbers are urged to attend. in
w members are invited, boys Ul
girls who have finished high te
tool. o(
Meetings wil be held once a
nth, at night, and will be both er
icational and recreational in
,ure. Boys and girls who are |dt
1 in school are asked to join,at
4-H club?not the Service I"1
ib. jn<
A Good Comi
Wednesday, Septei
Officials Attended
lighway Meeting
leld By Powell
agister Of Deeds R, I.
Mintz And Members Of
Board Of County Commissioners
Attend Meeting
ounty Board Asked To
Vame Other Projects To
Be Given Preference In
Future By Highway
Register of Deeds R. I. Mintz,
id members of the Brunswick
unty Board of commissioners
tended a division highway meet i
lesday in Whiteville, at which I
ne Commissioner A. F. Powell,
heard petetions for road proits
in his district.
The Brunswick county delegain
declared their preference for
e completion of the Shallottehiteville
hardsurfacing project,
milar action was taken several
:eks ago by members of the /
iard of commissioners in Colum- !
is county, so it is believed that .
is work will be advanced as i
pidly as possible.
The local delegation was asked 1
designate certain other roads
the county for improvement
r the highway forces.
Grading of the four-mile .
retch of highway no. 130 that
being prepared for paving is
laring completion, and it is ex- [
icted that hardsurfacing will ben
within a few days.
Vospects Good
r .. i i r
ror Liocai ^anip
eassuring Information Is 1
Received Regarding The
Plans To Maintain CCC
Company At Southport
Recent rumors that -Camp Sapla
might be abandoned have apirently
been laid to rest, and
:cording to reliable information
lere will be no readjustment or
ilignments of camps in this dis-1
let until the first of January,
then. Should it then be found
icessary to dispense with one
the camps in the district, the 1'
loice for removal will hardly ,
ill on Sapona, according to in- |
irmation received the past week.
In a letter to W. B. Keziah j
ongressman J. Bayard Clark j
lid "I realize the extent to I
hich Brunswick must depend ,
pon its timber resources and I 1
ant the camp to stay there as
mg as it is possible to keep
le anywhere."
The Civic Club secretary had
ritten Mr. Clark pointing out
lat 80 per cent of the land area
: Brunswick was classed as ]
oodland and that during the .
ast few years of forest fire
rotection and control, in which '
amp Sapona has so ably assist-!'
i, much valuable young timber '
ad started to growing. The re- 1
loval of the camp would remove '
luch of the protection from both'
lis young timber and future i1
rnwth <
Timber Worker !;
Fatally Injured
im Long, Of Old Dock, ,
Dies After Being Hit By i
Limb From Tree He Was 1
Cutting Near Crusoe Island
Jim Long, 50-year-old timber!
orker of Old Dock, was fatally,
ijured Thursday at 1 p. m. when i
limb fell out of a tree he was I
itting near Crusoe Island and
:ruck him on the head.
He was carried to the Columas
County hospital where he
,ed at 9 o'clock that night. His |
ead was badly crushed and he j
ever regained consciousness after j
eing struck.
Long was in the employ of J.1
. Smith, 306 S. Madison St. j
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Superintendent Beck
On Inspection Trip
Supt. H. L. Beck, in charge of
le Charleston District, U. S.
ighthouses, was here Thursday
l an inspection trip, on board J
le tender Cypress, one of the
;ssels used in his district. Visitig
the Garrison Building, now
sed as the home and headquarxs
for M. F. Mollycheck, keeper
' the Cape Fear river lights,
apt. Beck made the following
itry in the inspector's book:
"Much good work has been
>ne at the kepper's headquarters!
; Old Fort Johnston. No special j
structions were ever given as'
>ne were necessary." j
r pil
riber 8, 1937 publish
; , ;> .: :.:
working?Grading wc
roadbed for the hardsurfacin
the Shallotte-Whiteville high1
The machines used for pourii
have arrived at the Shallotte
Second Deep S<
Of Season Goi
Mr. and Mrs. Valle I'redcre
ami two children, three grown
ilogs and thirteen hound pups
spent the past week-end with <
friends in Columbus County.
Mr. Fredere is forestry foreman
at Camp Sapona. About .
a month ago his registered
Walker hound hitch became
the mother of 18 pups. With
a demand for food that far (
exceeded supply, the mother
received help from a foster
mother of another breed; and c
the pups prospered. - . <
When Mr. and Mrs. Fredere
and family got ready to leave ?
for their week-end trip, the c
problem of what to do with s
their dogs was solved by pack- v
ing them all into a trailer and v
carrying them along. | '
~ ~ ~r
Cars Burned As \
Train Derailedr
Five Cars Of A. C. L. [
Freight Burned Thursday 'j
Near Maco In Brunswick
County When Derailment ci
Occurs I
Five cars of Atlantic Coast t
L,ine freight train No. 227 were ?
Durned Thursday morning near J
Vfaco in BrunswicK county after t
the train had derailed en route 3
from Wilmington to Florence, S. s
C. All the crew of the 50-car t
train escaped. i s
The engine itself did not leave
the tracks, and only five of the t
cars actually left the tracks. t
Fire broke out in two tank \
cars loaded with gasoline when j
the valve on one of the cars ;
was broken. Until 8:30 o'clock 1
0 Vvlo7n annrnxi- 5
p nuay jiiuimug c* uhhk ?c-i?
matcly 150 feet high spouted in- I
to the air like a huge blowtorch. 1
rhe accident occurred one mile -1
south of Maco on a straight fill. {i
When the cars derailed, one of 1
the tank cars rolled down the j 1
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All's Well That Er
Even In C
The dance Thursday night
in the Community Center
Building was one of the best
held here in recent months,
and everyone had a mighty
good time. Thanks to the
management of Ed Weeks,
every detail of the arrangements
went off without a
single hitch.
But this happy occasion
was made possible through a
series of fortunate misunderstandings.
Several days ago Ed Weeks
received a letter from an
orchestra leader in Charlotte
saying that his band would be
through this section about
the last of August and offered
for a modest guarantee
to play for a dance at
Ed Weeks wired at once,
accepting the proposition. He
soon learned that the orchestra
had done radio broadcasts
from Charlotte, and he
began to advertise the band
to everyone he met. When
the uosters arrived he learned
that he had booked a colored
?g r
* i
y-. w?*~
? o
?rk and preparation of the F
g of a four-mile section of t
way is nearing completion, t
ug the hardsurface already 1
end of the project. J1
sa Expedition l
es Out Sunday 5
rrip Will Be Under The a
Auspices Of The Dolphin s
Club, Of New Bern, But '
Will Number Members t
From Wilmington
IM.V_.Ln 1 i l\ll i
. '
Profiting By Experience Of f
That Expedition, Fisher- 1
men Will Be Prepared /
To Make Big Catch
The second big game fishing '
,'xpedition of the year will leave! (
Southport fdr the Gulf Stream I.
:arly Sunday morning and ac-1
.ordlng to present indications, |'
;ome sixty or more sportsmen i1
vill make up the party. The trip :
fill be aboard Wilmington and '
jouthport boats.
A party composed mostly of J
nembers of the New Hanover
Wishing Club made a trip from '
Southport to the Gulf Stream two '
veeks ago and caught 24 barauda,
a number of amberjacks, ] j
io one in the party having lines J'
trong enough to hold the big (
ish. One fisherman lost upwards :
if $25.00 worth of spoons and '
dugs, and numerous costly lines.
The trip to be made next Sunlay
is under the auspices of the ,
Dolphin Club of New Bern. This
irganization has members all .
hrough the state and in Virginia.
Heretofore it has made a
'early fishing trip to the Gulf
Stream with Morehead City as
he point of embarkation. This ]
rear the decision was made to
lail from Southport, with Wilnington
as the point for the aslembling
of the party.
In addition to the members of
~ .1-:_ u it !? I
,ne l^nipillll v^iuu, ic ia unuvi aiuuu 1
:hat many other sportsmen from ,
arious points in the state will .
join the party in Wilmington or (
it Southport and make the trip.
3. F. Ozment, of the Wilmington, and T. I. Watkins, of
;he Gregg Hardware Company, in
Wilmington, are handling the ar angements
and these gentlmen
ire to be in Southport today to
ook after the securing of boats.
It is probable that a fleet of 10
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ids Well
omedy Of Errors
Came Thursday night and
the orchestra. The leader
stopped in the colored section
and inquired for Ed Weeks
Somebody told him that Ed
worked at the barber shop,
but that the dance was to be
held in the upstairs of the
Community Center Building;
so the men went on over
there and got ready to start
the dance.
The crowd was slow to ar- |
rive, and two numbers were j
played before the first couple 1
was on the floor. Two or
three more partners came in,
and the expression on the
face of the orchestra leader
grew more and more puzzled.
Finally he went over to
the doorkeeper ajid said, "I
thought that I was going to
play for a colored dance to- I
night. All the people I see I
are white folks." Only then
was it known that EM
thought he was negotiating
with a white man, and that
the orchestra leader believed
that he had been corresponding
with a colored promoter. ,
The Pilot Covers B
Brunswick County 9
$1.50 PER YEAR 9
iVhiteville Mart I
Pays High Prices I
For Good Weed , I
-ocal Market Should Have
No Trouble Reaching 25 I
Million Goal, Officials B
Believe; Strong Offer- B
bounty Markets Report An - B
Influx Of Tips And Poor- B
er Grades Which Tend fl
To Pull Down The K
Market Average B
During the past few weeks,
Vhiteville has proven itself to
e a grade market; although the J |^H
rcat quantity of poorer grades
f weed and tips have pulled the
verage down, the better grades *1H|
f tobacco have brought excellent '
rices. B
The sales remain heavy, more
obacco having been sold to date
han was sold last year by Sept.
7. A number of very high sales
ave been made on the market '
fist week. Over 100 farmers av- B
raged over 40 cents for their B
rop and some grades have sold
s high as 60 and 75 cents.
There has been a great influx
>f trashy tobacco on the market
'he farmers who have been hold- B
ng their quality weed, however, H
ire urged for their own good to fl
;ell it as soon as possible, as past
ecords show that the better } I^B
trades tend to drop in price after 1
he Eastern Belt markets open. Bj
Over three and a half million ' II
rounds of tobacco were sold on
he local markeb this week. fl
Some of tne better saies re:orded
on the amrket last week j 3
ire: Inmon and Duncan, 216 lbs j
it 42c; Judge Mllliken, 220 lbs at I
16c; M. C. Stcpphens, .156 lbs |
it ,15c; J. K. Barnes, 162 lbs at
it 49c; G. G. High, 50 lbs at l|H
Whiteville warehouses sold 500,)00
pounds at an estimated av- . iH
jragti of $2.1 cwt on Thursday."' I |H
One nice lot of wrappers sold for ' H
560cwt straight sale. Friday's .
sales were 800.000 pounds at an f
iverage of $21.50cwt. Immense v
quantities of common leaf and I
turned tips pulled the average j jj^B
price down. There were more i
baskets during the week than in H
my previous sales, but poundage ivas
below average. H
Tabor City: 125,000 pounds
lold Thursday at an estimated '
iverage of $28.45 per cwt. Frl- ' M
lay's sales were 246,000 pounds i
it an estimated average of $25 ?
per cwt. H
Fair Bluff: Approximately 135,- , B
(Continued On Page 3) B
Revival Meeting I
To Begin Monday 9
Series Of Evangelistic Ser- 1 mB
vices Will Be Conducted I
Next Week At Trinity j fl
Methodist Church 1 B
A series of evangelistic services^ H
will be conducted next week a<^ Bj
rrinity Methodist church with | H
the Rev. O. L. Hathaway, pas- 1 H
tor of the Epoworth Wesley |
:harge, in Wilmington, doing the ;
preaching. B
Services will be held each eve- U^l
ning at 8 o'clock, and the public - B
is cordially invited to attend. H
Next Sunday has been set aside * LI
as orphangc Sunday at Trinity ! HB
Methodist church, at which time $ Jufl
a special offering will be taken j I
for the Methodist orphanage, in IB
Raleigh. The sermon will be del- |B
ivered by the pastor, the Rev. E. ' jB
M. Hall.
Tide Table I
| JjH
Following is the tide table j H
for Southport during the next | t l
week. These hours are appro- ' !:B
ximately correct and w ere fur- If B
nished The State Fort Pilot fl
through the courtesy of the k IjB
| Cape Fear Pilot's Association. j BJ
! High Tide Cow Tide ' [JB]
Thursday, September 9 ( |9B
111:08 a. m. 4:50 a.m. B
11:25 p. m. 5:21 p. m. *> B
Friday, September 10 B
| 11.50 a. m. 5:28 a. m. J HB
6:10 p. m.
i Saturday, September 11 Jt B
12:09 a. m. 6:12 a. ra. B
| 12:35 p. ip. 7:08 p. in. ,B
1 Sunday, September 12 B
12:57 a. m. 7:14 a. m. r B
1:23 p. m. 8:16 p. in. B
Monday, September 13 B
1:50 a. m. 8:26 a. m. I iSB
2:14 p. m. 9:18 p. m. j B
Tuesday, September 14 fl
2:51 a. m. 9:28 a. m. fl
3:14 p. m. 10:11 p. m. R fl
Wednesday, September 15 iuj H
3:58 a. m. 10:22 a. m. 4 fl
4:17 p. m. 10:58 p. in. B
i?? fl

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