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    I \lost Of The News
I All The Time
Serious Effc
a Made To C
I Taxes Due
^fciiceable Increase Noted
|n Amount Of Taxes Col
|ected From July Thru
October This Year Over
made in back taxes
B:jreclosure Notice Have
geen Started By County
I Attorney In Clearing
Op Bunch Of Old
Tax Accounts
- llections from July
iber 31 this year
H v3.Ki12T greater this year
- they were last, according
secured from the tax
is an Increase of eighH
h-tenths per cent
. . : r.:ent tax collections over
according to the figI
. : !i showed S7.507.26 col
: 6 compared to 513,v
this year.
; collections for 1936
.. . -- > oq as romnared with
In - ?x
the same four
Erctlis period this year.
I ibis concerning the serI
nt to clear up many of
I tax accounts due
be dispelled by
K last week County
I S B. Frink started
I. closure notices pre-.
tjt?y to making the final sale
I perty described for
I : .xcs.
J This, he said, is just the fore
I other suits that will
I to a close within the
I (eks unless taxes are
Little Bits
Oi Big News
News Events Of State,
H&lion and World-Wide
Interest During Past
- , . *Press
Five newspaper reporters who
sr. week decided that Brady Iredell county negro,
tonld serve a life sentence in
rsor. instead of being executed
" tile murder of a white man.
Saturday that apparent lack
? "'Icr.t'o of premeditation cau -
them to reach their decision.
HU::er,ce was convicted of the
of Clyde Edwin, a bro"
of a county official of Irc-1
and Governor Clyde R.
and his parole commissionI'
: n Gill had studied the
Has for months.
BDqk'h To Business
I gislation, with econ|
"v trimmings, was virtually
BMonday to provide the idle
restless congress "with the
ial session's first real task.
H',:' the senate listened to the
cadences of its first femB^*
filibuster, the agriculture
Nmittces of both houses reprogress
and promised to
H p control bills ready for
n this week. Thcpre"t
economy impulse bobbed
both committees during the
Ito write a $500,000,000 limi "
upon the cost of the proH'
:ar.d veto proposals that the
I Processing taxes be revived
' ' it in part.
I M ry Kirk Kaffray bcH
* 'hf bride Thursday of Er';'1
A. Simpson, the divorced
H ' her childhood chum,
H ' Duchess of Windsor, Balti
?.M'ike the former Wallis
Wield, who after her divorce
London ship broker,
' '1 England's . abdicated
I card VIII, Mrs. Raffray
1" nearby Fairfield with
'Pwn for the wrddilig.
B^r'/iV Barker
l\irolc Revoked
l'arkcr, aged Bruns
county woman who was
H,ctc'i on a liquor charge at
Btjrt term of court, is
lifli. " t0',S 0t the 'aw
? ''cing granted a parole.
I.jj out at the county home.
.. is being detained for
w?atwn of hcr onEinaI
H;; and pending her trail
Bit' ?r'tv'' charge cf violation of
I " exhibition law.
>rt Being
Collect The
ThisCouny :
k- I
J. E. Carr Will
Quit City Posts
?; . T
Popular Auditor And City
Tax Collector Has Ten- '
dered His Resignation,
Effective December 31;
Will Be In Business Here
J. E. Carr. for the past seven]
years auditor and tax colector lts
for the city of Southport, has er
(tendered his resignation, effective T1
j December 31. 'n
! Mr. Carr in his statement to s.8
| members of the board of alderj
men said that he planned to go m;
into business for himself in South- Vf
! port, and desired to be relieved ^
I te
I of his official duties on the last
! wi
| day of this year. Iiz.
He , will assume the manage- j ch
I ment of a local insurance agency. I*0
Mr. Carr said that he will conwl
tinue his duties as secretary of m,
the Southport Building and Loan j ro
Association. (da
During his term as city auditor | pr
and tax colector Mr. Carr gained I a
the respect of all with whom he TI
1 came into contact, and he was izl
(easily one of the most popular sti
| public officials in the county. tic
| or
E. M. Hall Will r
Remain As Pastor E
Man Who Has Served For
Past Two Years As Pastor
Of Trinity Methodist
Church Is Assigned This I
Charge Another Year
The Reverend E. M. Hall, who I
j for the past two years has serv-1
J ed as pastor of Trinity Methodist
church, has been returned here J
I for another year. j fa
Only one change resulted from (he
I the assignment of minsters at af
I the annual conference of the of
1 Methodist church held last week wi
in Raleigh. The Reverend C. N. re
I Phillips, who for five consecutive j da
i years was pastor of the Methjodist
church at Hallsboro, has wi
; been given the Shallotte charge. w<
The Reverend W. A. Cade re- of
j mains as presiding elder of the wj
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Letter From Ne\
Renews Friei
The wholehearted, coopera|
tive and friendly spirit
shown by the Carolina Yacht
I Club of Wilmington during the
past summer went very far
to stimulate and encourage
| friendly relations between
Wilmington and Southport. I
This fact was recognized the |
past week by Robert Strange,
the new Commodore of the
Yacht club, and one of the
most outstanding public spirited
citizens of Wilmington.
Two weeks ago Mr. Stj
range was elected Commodore,
succeeding Walter W.
Storm. Commodore Storm's
administration fathered the
big race of the past summer
and Mr. Strange, as
a member of the club, was
one of the most active of the
many who contributed to the
success of the event.
Commodore Strange, writI
ing W. B. Kcziah of the Civic
Club the past week, called
attention to the wonderful
cooperative work in putting
I over the first gTeat regatta
and establishing the fact
: STi
A Good
The trawler, Ray Stubbs,
Captain James Arnold, went
nto fresh shrimping pastures
VIonday and captured a tropical
cow fish. The bovine was
promptly presented to the
southport Civic Club and this
organization promptly named
t Susie.
Unlike the barnyard cow,
Susie has six horns, four of
Ihem being abaft the binaele,
Iwo evidently being rudder
fuards. The two forward horns
%urmount the pilot house, just
over the lookouts. In place of
lair and hide, Susie has a
frame covered with a bone-like
mbstanee. Her tail is the only
flexible thing about her and
the evidently used it as a rudler
while navagating around.
lave A Look At
Holiday Menu
For Camp Boys
oys Of Camp Sapona Will J
Profit From Annual Cus- 1
torn Of Uncle Sam In 1
Providing Bountiful Re- past
For His Men
i i with i
Udimsgiviiit; i/iuubi .
Ml The Trimmings Will
Be Served The Boys At
Noon Thursday At
Camp Sapona
A tradition as old as the Army
self will be "carried on" at evy
Army Post and CCC camp
lursday noon when every man (
the fighting forces or Uncle
im and the lads In the CCC
down to a meal fit for a king. "]
According to an announcement
iule by Major General George
in Horn Moseley, Commanding
e Fourth Corps Area, the quarrmaster
has contracted for and
ill deliver to the various organitional
messes, some 11,750 '
oice turkeys weighing from S t
21 pounds each. c
The company mess sergeant,
10, under supervision of the j
ess officer, provides three well funded
and balanced meals per e
y on a daily allowance of ap- ](
oximately 50 cents a man, has
lot to be thankful for an
lanksgiving Day. Congress, real- f
,ng that an Army fights on its y
omach, has provided an addi- c
)nal allowance for each man g
i Thanksgiving and Christmas,
hen "Chow Call" is sounded t
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Excitement Is
Fatal To Man \
jsse Cox, Of Exutn, Died u
Instantly Wednesday Afternoon
While Witnessing
Heated Argument At .
Jesse Cox, 56-year-old Exum
rmer, died instantly from a
art attack suffered Wednesday
ternoon as he sat on the steps
the Shallotte Trading Co. and *
itnessed a heated argument that
suited from a case tried that
,v in Recorder's court here.
The case that was being argued
is that of two Stout men, who
;re found not guilty of charges t
timber theft. The elder Cox p
is not involved in the row, f
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v Commodore I
idly Relations
that Southport was the s
logical place for such big c
events. He predicted a wonderful
event for 193S and f
gave his assurance that f
Southport's friends up the
river would be with us then (
and thereafter. 1 j
When in the course of cv- f
cnts Commodore Storm was r
replaced as head of the Wil- c
mington organization, South- (
port people were greatly
pleased at the choosing of
Mr. Strange as his sue- ,
ccssor. In the regatta tinpast
summer Mr. Strange,
and J. Lawrence Sprunt were
both tireless workers, giv-1
ing liberally of both their
time and money . Both of I
them earned the lasting i
gratitude of Southport people, t
"We arc with you in 1938". \
So wrote Commodore St- I
range in his letter to Mr. t
Keziah. These six words
convey the most gratifying
assurance that Wilmington \
and Southport will, have a ]
great regatta at Scuthpcrt <
in 1933. I
News paper I
louthport, N. C., We
PROUD?Lord of the
gobbler during these brisf
,akes his place as the cent
Farm Program T<
Senefit Consume]
Well As Farmei
Adequate Supply Of Food:
Curbing Fluctuation C
Supplies And Conserve
tion Of Resources Cor
stitute 3-Point Argumer
The Welrafe Of The Cor
sumer Vital Point In The
New Proposed Federal
Farm Program
The consumer, whether he iiv(
n town or on the farm, has
hree-foUI interest in the agr
ultural conservation program.
First, he wants adequate su|
ilies of food and fiber to suppl
lis needs, said E. Y. Floyd, AA
xecutive officer at State Co
Second, he wants these su|
dies to remain stable year afti
'ear, avoiding as far as possib
Irastic shortages such as droi
ftt years bring.
Third, he wants to know thi
he ability of agriculture to pri
luce adequate supplies in tt
uturc is being conserved throug
rise use of the nation's land ri
Achievement of these goal
iMoyd said, is not only in tt
OllSUmer s mu:iL'?i, uui ii. to ait
n harmony with the objectivi
if a sound farm program.
Production cannot be stabilize
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Six Cases Are
Tried In Cour
Average Day's Session Dii
posed Of Wednesday B<
fore Judge Joe W. Ruar
In Recorder's Court
Six cases of more or less ii
erest were disposed of here i
tccorder's Court Wednesday b
ore Judge Joe W. Ruark.
R. L. Stout and Clyde Stou
ehite, were tried on charges (
arceny, but were found n<
James Green, colored, ws
ound guilty of making an a
lault on a female. His scnteni
if three months on the roads wr
luspended upon payment of t!
Lester Benton, white, wr
ound not guilty of charges <
also pretense.
LcRoy Wanictt and Adria
Jalloway, colored, were four
fuilty of charges that they r
used to assist an officer
naking an arrest The amoui
if the cost Jjras remitted to tl
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Prominent Men
Expected Her
It is understood from a re]
ible. source that Mr. Morri
blinder and president of U
lation-wide plan banks, will con
;o Southport on business th
vcek. He will probably fly he
roni New York, accompanied 1
.wo of his associates, Judj
Diompson and Mr. Schloss.
It is said his trip has to <
vith the inspection and poEsit
surchaae of a conadeable tra
>f lar.d to be used as club pr
In A Good Con
dnesday, Noven
barnyard has been the statel>
c, fall days, but tomorrow he
:erpiece of the nation's festive
) Pickerrell Gets
r Data Regarding
' I *""" "'9 a
r Aid For Tenants
s, County Rehabilitation Sup
?f [ ervisor In Charge Of Th<
i-1 Program For Aid T<
i-1 Tenants Makes Statemen
Tenant Purchase Loam
?- Will Be Made To Aid
Tenant Families In The
Purchase And Improvement
a C. D. Pickerrell, County Re
i- habilitation Supervisor in cnargi
of the Rehabilitation program o
> the Farm Security Administra
ly tion in Columbus, Bladen, Bruns
A, wick and New Hanover countie:
1_ has received from Regional head
quarters an announcement listin;
I the names of the newly appointee
J" State FSA Advisory Committee
;r and explaining the new federa
le program to aid farm tenants,
j. The state committee, nominat
ed by FSA Regional Directo'
George S. Mitchell, Raleigh, anc
3_ appointed by Secretary Wallace
lc to assist in carrying out the ten
I, ant land purchase loan progran
j,. in North Carolina is as follows
Dr. Clarence Poe, Editor, Pro
s grossive Farmer and member o
le the President's Committee 01
Farm Tenancy, Chairman; I. 0
's Schaub, Director of Agriculture
J Extension and Dean of the Schoo
, j of Agriculture, State College, Ral
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Baptist Leaders
t Close Conventior
Session Of 107th Annua
J Convention Came To A
^ Close At Wilmington Oi
i Thursday After Success
ful Meeting
'n With Robert N. Simms, of Ral
cigh, the 107th annual Baptis
State Convention came to a sue
t ccssful close Thursday, after i
' three-day session in which ovei
' 1,000 delegates heard presents
3 tions by about 60 Christian lead
ls Meetings were held in the Firs
f* Baptist Church in Wilmington
:c with the Reverend Sankey Lei
18 j Blanton as host pastor. Dr. W
101L. Potest of Wake Forest wai
| originally slated to preside, bu
18 a recent stroke of paralysis pre
vented him from doing so.
However, President Potest sen
111 his address to the convention
'd and it was read by Pastor J
c" A. Easlcy at the session Thurs
in day morning. In it Dr. Potea
it declared, "The obligations o
ic Christians to- love one anothe
as brothers and to cooperate ii
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j Truck Will Make
c Rotnids For Trasi
ii- A regular schedule has beei
is. drawn up for the city truck t
ie follow in gathering trash and re
ie moving it from the city,
is On Monday and Thursdays i
rc round will be made of the firs
jy ward; on Tuesdays and Friday
;e trash will be removed from wan
number three. On Wednesday an*
Jo Saturdays the truck will gathc
ile up rubbishh front ward two.
ct Citizens are urged co put thei
o- trash in containers, and not t
just pile it near the sidewalk.
r pii
tiber 24, 1937 ^us
Visitors at Camp Sapona
this week missed the presence
of the company moscot, for
Soapy, a dog of uncertain parentage
but of unquestioned
toyalty and devotion, is dead.
Soapy came here with the
first group of men from the
camp at Hiawassee, Ga., and
he was king of the animal
kingdom out at Camp Sapona
for the past three years. His
headquarters were near the
i kitchen door, and no canine
1 visitor dared challenge his
j rifcht to the first nor the juciest
morsal that was tossed
j out.
There are several heirs apparent
to the throne vacated
hy Soapy, but it is doubtful
that any of them will have
the hardihood to fight for the
supremacy attained by the old
Survey Crew Of
Camp Sapona Is
: Wnrldncr nn Man
- 9 r
I Survey Crew Composed Of
' j Boys Of Camp Sapona
Has Spent Several Months
Compiling Data For
Map Of Brunswick County
. Through Use Of This Map
: It Will Be Simple Matter
> To Locate Fires And
11 To Determine Fighting
I For well over a year the survey
crew has been working on
5 a map of Brunswick county which
will show the type and class
of timber, roads, foot trails, farms
fire breaks, buildings, and all
I places from which water is available.
including rivers, small streams,
. ponds, and wells.
The main purpose of this map
is to locate forest fires and help
? to determine the best way in
which to combat the flames. All
fire towers will have a copy of
this map. By it the exact loca3
tion of the fire can be determined.
Since it shows the type
J ! and class of the timber some|
tiling of the nature of the fire
" can be determined, and the fighters
will know the kind of equipment
to take with them. Since
roads, streams, farms, firebreaks,
J etc. are shown they can tell how
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L I ' '* - :
Japanese Bishop
j Will Speak Here
1 Special Thanksgiving Night
l Service Will Be Held At
8 O'clock In St. Phillips
Episcopal Church
The Rt Rev. Shirly Nickols,
Bishop of Kioto, will be in charge
of a special Thanksgiving night
I service at St Phillips Episcopal
church. Services will begin at
8 o'clock.
1 Bishop Nickols is one of the
i outstanding scholars of the oriI
ent and has been remarkably
successful in the work of the
Episcopal church. He is expected
to tell of his contacts in
. Japan, and in the light of the
I present crisis this will be of
. unusual interest.
t Members of all the churches in
P South port have been invited to
. this service, and the pastors of
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' Many Southbo
j Stopping <
Yachts are now moving
southward at a rapid rate.
During two days last week
' a total of 37 boats put in
at Southport, most of them
t for the overnight stop. At
f the rate at which they are
r coming along now. persons
n well acquainted with waterfront
conditions are predicting
that there will be twice
as many boats stopping here
t this year as last.
I And last year was no
slouch in the number of
a boats passing through. Well
0 informed people say that
there were twice as many
as during previous year.
1 Most of the boats coming
t in now arc relatively small
s craft. The really big boats
d will be here the month of
rl December. In addition to the
r many big power craft, some
of the biggest and fastest
r pleasure sailing vessels in
o the north will be tying up
at Southport docks during
Are Set F<
M. M
sit* x 9
n|p^ I
' '\r
Dr. Watson Is
81-Years Of Agi
No Formal Plans For Birth
day Party Today Fo
One Of Southport's Bes
Loved Citizens, But Th
Odds Are There Will B
Today is the eighty-first birtl
day anniversary of Dr. D. I. Wa
son and although there are r
plans for a formal celebration i
honor of the occasion, it is
; safe bet that many of his friem
will call at his home during tl
day and evening to pay their r
spects to one of Southport's be;
beloved men.
Yesterday the venerable doctt
said that a turkey dinner ws
to be the extent of the day
festivities. Only members of tl
immediate family and the Re
A. L. Brown were to be guest
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Wilmington Man
Killed In Wrecl
I Anson C. Edwards, Jr., Ir
stantly Killed Saturda
Night On Highway Nea
Leland When His Aut<
mobile Was In Head-0
Anson C. Edwards, Jr., of Wi
mington, was instantly killed Sa
urday night in an automobile ai
! cident which occurred near Li
; land when his automobile ws
in a head-on collision with
machine driven by Dr. C. A
Flowers, Lumberton veterinariai
I Dr. Flowers was also seriousl
injured, and is a patient in tt
James Walker Memorial Hospita
' Chief among his injuries- is
broken arm. Others hurt ai
I Wila May Home and Virgin:
; Potter, of Leland.
' Coroner John G. Caison sa;
that an official investigation in
the wreck will be conducted i
soon as Dr. Flowers and tl
' two girls are able to appear i
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iund Yachts
Dvernight Hen
the next few weeks.
Among the officers and
crews of the boats that
have been passing, extreme
interest is being manifested
in the proposition and effort
to get a yacht basin at
Southport. Men big in the
business of the nation have
been promising their hearty
support in the undertaking.
They say Southport will become
a great mid-way stopping
point for yachts making
the southward trip in
the fall and returning northward
in the spring.
Another source of local
interest is the big game
fishing off Southport, and
the assurance of development,
through the publicity medium,
among sportsmen. Many
luxuriant big game boats
that cater to sportsmen are
planning to stop at Southport
for the summer and cooperate
m every way in the
development of big game
fishing here.
The Pilot Covers !
Brunswick County I
r $1.50 PER YEAR I
Teachers I
3r Pleasant I
zing Holiday I
1 Will Get Their Pay Check# fl
Tomorrow On Eve OF I
Departure For Holiday H
Vacation From Their H
School Duties B
Christmas Holidays This I
Year Will Begin Thurs- I
day, December 23, At S
Noon And Will Ex- H
tend To Jan. 3
This will tinly be a thankful H
season for Brunswick county B
school teachers, for Wednesday, H
on the eve of their two day B
Thanksgiving holiday, they will B
' receive their third month's pay B
I checks. 9
According to Miss Annie May B
Woodside this month's payment B
to teachers, janitors and truck B
drivers will total over $13,000.00. H
School will be out Wednesdav B
afternoon at three o'clock and B
will not reconvene until Monday B
morning. M
Miss Woodside says the Christ- B
mas holiday season will begin B
| Thursday, December 23, at noon B
_ and school will not be resumed B
| until Monday, January 3. 3
The fourth month of school H
work will have been rounded out H
L before the Christmas holidays be- fl
t gin, and another happy note is B
I uHSftrl (n t ho hnliSnu ui:],nn for IKS
the teachers in that they will rcceive
their pay checks before
"" they leave for their homes.
e On Hospitality
Committee List
l0 J. W. Ruark, Of Southport,
j Has Been Named Chairman
Of Brunswick Couna
ty Hospitality Committs
tec; Wilf Name Helpers
e-j The Governor's Hospitality
st Committee has been expanded to
include every county in North
jr Carolina as a result of the apis
pointment by Governor Clyde R.
's Hoey of 100 county chairman,
le who in turn will appoint the
v. members of the county hospitas.
lity committees. Joe VV. Ruark
was appointed chairman of the
Brunswick county committee.
Kach county hospitality committee
will cooperate with the
I Governor's Hospitality Committee,
r which is composed of all the
? ; members of the State Board of
Conservation and Development,
in attempting to arouse a greater
v degree of interest among the
* people of the state in showing
1 real North Carolina hospitality
to all who come here from other
n states, either as tourists or per!
manent residents.
Governor Hoey and those who
have been cooperate with him
| in the state advertising campaign,
are convinced that the
state should do everything posLS
sible to induce visitors to return
* to the state again and again and 'H
' that they will not become "re- H
J1' peaters" unless the people they H
^ come in contact with while here H
'j0 the first time show a spirit of H
a hospitality and friendliness. He H
^ J feels that while the advertising fl
| program now being pushed by H
the Department of Conservation H
,. and Development will bring tens H
t I of thousands to North Caro- B
ls lina who have never visited the B
state before, it will be dependent B
lg upon the people with whom these B
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Tide Table 11
3 Following is the tide table B
fur Soulhport during tbe next Hj
week. These hours are appro- H
\imatel.v correct and were fur- B
rushed The State Port Pilot
through the courtesy of the B
1 Cape Fdar Pilot's Association. B
High Tide laiw Tide B
111)1. TABLE B
Thursday, November 25 B
2:00 a. in. H:l.? a. in. H
2:18 p. in- 8:18 p. in- H
Friday, November 28
2:50 a. ni. 0:19 a. m. H
3:18 p. in- 0:11 p. in.
Saturday, November 27 Bl
1:10 p. in. 10:33 p. in. H
Sunday, November 28 H
1:58 a. m. 11:08 a. m.
I 5:18 p. m. 11:20 p. H
Monday, November 29 H
6:06 p. m. |U
Tuesday, November 30 ifl
6:27 a. m. 12:05 a. m. H
6:50 p. m. 12:12 p. m. 9
Wednesday, December 1 9
7.06 a. m. 12:50 a. tn. JB
7.29 p. ni. 1:26 p. m. H

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