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j B,(t Of 1 he News
m The Time
mjLes Plans
Wetter Home
R Observance
Marion S. Dosher Is
Riv Chairman And It
hjjir Plan To Make a
W.L'p Program a Big
R. Of That Event
Kmanv ways
f0r cooperating
R Field Of Service Is
R^ In Suggestions
R) Have Been Made
RjMrs. Dosher
Marion S. Dosher is j
chairman for National
KiVffn. and she brings the
statement to citizens of
in soliciting their coEpaulme
Smith, of Raleigh.
Oiairman of Better Homes
Ijgys "Let's advertise North
L the cleanest state In
iBrunstvick county is to cenL
;ts bit to this campaignLi
room for much cleaning
to the above slogan will
U a reality. It will require
[ efforts. Here is an oplitj
for adults and children J
public and in private enter- J
to assist.
etizens begin now and work I
s all agencies there should |
iKejed improvement in this
K by April 30. Churches,
stores, filling
E. office, lunch rooms,
I highways, yards,
K barnyards, vacant buildEd
lots, burned down ruins
[ r other places will after
Ktnities. It may consist on
p neral cleaning up and
ft: of trash. Then again it
I painting, building,
ftx lawns or foundation
e'ry much of which could
tire from local woods, imI
urks and playgrounds,
Esg educational window disI
clearing hihgways of unit
signs. i i
I.; campaign would include
I that promotes health,
I citizenship, happier homes
I family relationships, more
I everywhere, greater comI
fetter management and
ferity recreation,
pe and business improvek
might be exterier or inr
Educatio- 'icipanight
be I mons,
be and tal ~, . libr[displays
of material on Betimes.
window displays, est
posters, tours, contests, etc.
Itch of the above will you
Let's enter this campaign~
Homes in America?and
i observe Better Homes
i April 24-30."
ittlc Bits
Of Big News
|?i Events Of State*
ition and World-Wide
Interest During Past
Wt? limit y
H-e United State Tuesday
^B?essed the Japanese govern?'t
t2.214.007.36 for deaths,
csonal injuries and property
H^age resulting when Jap '?s
bombing planes attack^ Jand
sank the United States
B-nboat Pa nay in the Yangtse
f r last December 12. A fornote
demanding payment
F this amount of indemnity
B-J damages was delivered to
' Japanese foreign office in
tayu today by American Am^Bjssador
Joseph C. Grew upon
H*1"ded instructions from Secre *?
cf State Cordell Hull.
V'' trained nurses?sisters?
found beaten insensible on
^ ^tskirts of Montgomery,Ala.,
Wy and a physician said an
teen made to ravish
:d as they looked
::rs 50 yards from
Vaughn road late
two women lay
ed and bleeding
night in a driving
ider storm.
' Ferries
nmcr will see the
I ferries in North
id the final fulfill:
1921 highway act
>r the connecting of
scats by the most
reported delegates
'uesday night after
conference between
!i Albemarle AttWi
ofl 44 _
Arrival Of Sprii
Start Clea
"As a result of the interest
that has been aroused by
the Civic Club and cooperating
agencies, Southport will
show a surprising awaken
ing this year. I think it is
up to all of our folks to
start out right now and be
able to take advantage of
the opportunities that will
be offered," said Mayor John
Ericksen in an interview yesterday.
The paint brush should be
applied liberally on all sides,
houses and business buildings
should be repaired, grounds
should be looked after and
everthing possible should be
done to welcome the visitors
to a clean, friendly little city.
In this connection, said the
Mayor, Woman's Club can be
a very helpful factor. In
fact, the Woman's Club is
the organization to which
the lead in such work bePolitical
Pouring In T
Plenty Of New Candidates
Make Announcement This
Week And Other Announcements
Are Expect-J
Frink Decided Not To Enter
Race For Solicitor
And Will Concentrate
On Senate Nomination
Political developments in Brunswick
county during the past
week were featured by the announcement
of several new candidates
and an undercurrent rumor
of several others who are expected
to file.
Meanwhile, one of last week's
stories drops out of She picture
since S. B. Frink, of Southport,
has definitely decided not to
enter the race for district solicitor
against David Sinclair and
Junius Powell. Frink will stick
to his original announcement for
the State Senate.
Henry D. Williams, of Shallotte
Village, if the fourth man
in the race for sheriffs nomination.
He is a member of the
school board of the ShallotteLockwoods
Folly school and is
a World War Veteran.
E. D. Bishop, of Shallottc, will
seek the nomination as judge of
the Brunswick cour.ty Recorder's
court. M. B. Watkins is the only
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Discuss Placing
War Marker Here
Marker In Memory Of
Troops Stationed ' At
Deep Water Point Dur-1
- ? - I
ing War Of 1S1Z win
Be Erected Here
Mrs. J. Sidney Cooper, .of Handerson,
was in Southport Monday
to discuss with Mayor John
D. Ericksen the placing of a marker
in memory of the troops
stationed at Deep Water Point
near Southport, during the War
of 1812.
Mrs. Cooper is president of the
state organization of descendants
of veterans of the second war
with England. With her Monday
was Miss Ettie Brown, of Flora
MacDonald College, and Mrs.
Wayne Spender, of Wilmington.
Permission will be asked of
Major Ralph Millis to erect the
marker on the garrison grounds.
Plans call for an impressive ceremony
in connection with the occasion,
which has been tentatively
set for April 13.
A more definite announcement
will be made later.
May Stage Out
At Southpo
The Civic Club hopes to
stage an outboard racing regatta
at Southport on April
10th. Commodore John Anderson
of the Carolina Outboard
Association at Wilmington
was written to Sunday
and querried as to the
probabilty of his boys being
able to appear here on that
date and conditions under
which they would come.
Under Commodore Anderson
the association, last year,
achieved notable distinction
in aquatic sporting events.
A lot of finfe young men
compose the association and
they own pome speedy craft.
j I
A Gooc
tig Will 7
n-Up Program
The Civic Club has a
Chamber of Commerce program.
Its work has all been
along the lines performed by
a Chamber of Commerce. It
has never sought to intrude
on the duties and priveleges
of the Woman's Club, but it
has stood by ready to extend
any possible aid and cooperation
that the Woman's
Club might ask for.
The Woman's Club and the
people, of Southport, should
begin now to encourage cleaning
up and painting up. The
encouragement will be more
effective if example is mixed
with it. The willing and
anxious should begin operations
at home and then
carry on.
It is not just organization
efforts that Southport needs
now. The individual cooperaC
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dates Are
'hick And Fast
Clark Files
For Congress
Congressman J. Bayard
Clark, veteran representative
from the seventh congressional
district, filed yesterday
with the state hoard of elections
for the democratic nomination
to succeed himself.
Mr. Clark was elected in
1928 to succeed Homer Lyon,
of Whiteville, and has represented
the interests of his
constltuants faithfully since
that time.
Mr. Clark was unopposed
for the nomination in 1936,
and no candidate has an
nounced against him for the
primary in June.
To Conduct Free
T. B. Clinic Here
Dr. R. T. Jenkins, of State
Sanitorium, To Be Here
First Four Days Of Next
Week To Examine Patients
Dr. R. T. Jenkins, member of
the medical staff at the North
Carolina state sanitorium, will be
in Brunswick county for the first
four days of next week to hold
a tuberculosis clinic. His headquarters
will be in the county
health office, and there will be
no charge for the examinaion.
Mrs. Lou H. Smith, the county
nurse, urges everyone who has
been exposed to an active case
of tuberculosis or who shows any
sympton of the disease to take
advantage of this opportunity to
* rv-.alrn Jin PYS TY1
nave a spcwiauoi. ?
ination free of charge.
The days are Monday, Tuesday,
Wednseday and Thursday, March
28-31, inclusive.
College Lads And
Lassies At Home
Spring Holidays Bring Welcomed
Vacation To Boys
And Girls Off At Schools;
Several Here For Week
Several college students, taking
advantage of the annual spring
holidays, were at home for the
week-end. Four Louisburg College
students will be here all this
In this group are David Watson,
Dan Walker, Helen Dean
Sutton and Lucy Anderson.
Ike Robinson and Joe Ruark,
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board Race
>rt Next Month
hope that they can be
brought here for April 10th
or some other early date.
The big Southport harbor
will afford an ideal course
for the swift little boats, and
should the planned event for
next month be held, and
proves to be a success, the
local sportsmen hope to
stage a big outboard event
later on in the year. The
local organization believes
that if a full-fledged regatta
can be decided on for later
in the year sportsmen from
all points up and down the
coast can be induced to enter
aat map**.
1 News paper Ii
Southport, N. C., W
Willful Waste
Of Forests Is
Scored By Jones
The County Forest Warden
Dawson Jones Cites Facts
And Figures To Show
Loss That Is Being Incurred
By County
Most Of The Forest Fires
In Brunswick County In
Past Month Has Been
Caused By Carelessness
Or Design
Last week's rain brought only
temporary relief from the serious
forest fire situation in Brunswick
county, and County Forest
Warden Dawson Jones renews his
plea for consideration and cooperation
from citizens of the county
More acres have burned over
since March 1, according to Warden
Jones, than during any other
period since he became head of
the forest fire fighting corps of
the county.
"Spvornl thousand dollars worth
of Brunswick county timber lands
have gone up in smoke since the
first day of March," said Warden
Jones yesterday. "This
means the loss of tax values that
it will take years to regain.
Records show that this county
lost $1,500,000 in tax values prior
to 1934 because of forest fires.
Since that time, due to forest
fire protection, a fine growth of
young pines has been started.
With this new growth of young
timber tax values are on the increase
at the same time the owners
are having dollars added to
their property value. Much of
the 1934 loss has been regained.
"In the past 18 months approximately
150-thousand acres of
Brunswick county timber lands
have changed hands. Much of this
property formerly was classed as
a burden on the tax books, but
it now is held by companies who
not only pay their taxes, but are
improving the value of the property.
"I quote from a recent letter
received from E. A. Sterling,
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Three Delegates
At Convention
C. Ed Taylor, Of Southport,
Served On Platform
Of Republican State Convention
At Charlotte
Last Week
Three Brunswick county delegates
attended the Republican
State Convention in Charlotte last
Tuesday and Wednesday, and C.
Ed. Taylor, Southport attorney,
served on the platform committee.
Others who made the trip to
Charlotte were C. M. Trott, of
Bolivia and D. R. Johnson, of
A carload of delegates from
the lower end of the county was
expected to go to Charlotte, but
plans for the trip failed to materialize.
Discuss Need
For New Hotel
Expressions From All Sides
Indicate That Erection Of
Modern Hostelry Here
Would Help Southport
For months the need of a new
and modern hotel of 50 rooms
for Southport has been talked on
every hand, and the talk has not
been confined to citizens of
Southport. Up-state citizens are
unhesitating in their assertion
that such a hostelery would
make Southport
What is more, they believe that
Southport offers the best hotel
opportunity in North Carolina.
It would have a big year-round
patronage, attracting thousands
of people and their presence
would enhance the value of every
piece of property in town.
The trouble, so far, is that
there has been much talk without
any concerted effort towards
bringing matters to a head. Believing
that something can at
least be started, several interested
citizens are asking for a mass
meeting at the Brunswick county
courthouse Thursday night, April
1st. i
All property owners and all
business interests of the town
are asked to be present or represented
at this meeting. The
need of a hotel will be frankly
discussed and an effort will be
made towards arriving at some
plan to interest experienced hotel
people and capital in providJPoBttowetf
on ftgt i)
i A Good Comi
ednesday, March 23, 19i
B, g
wksl^JM 1
B. J. HOLDEk'?Incum- ^
bent, is seeking the Demo- o'
cratic nomination to succeed
himself as clerk of s
court for Brunswick coun- f,
ty. Mr. Holden is rounding p
out his first term of office, ii
c imiiiua jl 1
ruur uijuicu 11
In Auto Wreck
One Woman Admitted To ' Brunswick
County Hospital
In Critical Condition (
Tuesday Afternoon Fol-j
lowing Wreck
Mrs. C. L. Knowles, of Richmond,
Va., was admitted to
Brunswick county hospital here
critically injured, while three
women companions were treated
for minor injuries after their automobile
overturned on the Southport-Wilmington
highway near
Bishop's store yesterday afternoon.
Mrs. Knowles suffered a spinal
fracture, a severe scalp wound
j and numerous skeletal fractures.
jHev condition was , pronounced
! "unsatisfactory".
I The others, who received bruisj
es, lacerations and abrasions,
were Mrs. Sheffield Parsons, Mrs.
J. W. Rother'c and Miss Virginia
Mrs. Rothert, who was driving
the car, told hospital attendants
she lost control of the machine
when something went wrong with
the steering apparatus. The car
left the road and overturned.
The party was returning to
Richmond after a visit in Char- I
leston. | [
Blue Mold Found
In Tobacco Beds>
Says Plants Should Not Be |
Transplanted Until Fully j
Recovered From Blue'
Mold And Have New
Roots i
?1 V
Blue mold is striking at North 0
Carolina tobacco plant beds again, c
but not all of the trobule is due s
to this disease, said Dr. Luther c
Shaw, extension plant pathologist
at State College. C
In some cases, the "sick" plants c
are suffering from the results o
of di^ weather, cold, magnesium s
deficiency, or damping off. o
The plants do not have blue
mold, he said, unless there is a o
pale blue, powdery or moldy de- d
velopment on the leaves. But
when these symptoms are found, v
it is time for the grower "to get o
Light applications of nitrate of v
soda stimulate growth and hel?|V
the plants throw off the effects t
of blue mold. Seveial light applications
are better than one v
heavy application. Too much nitr- 11
ate of soda is dangerous.
Plants from infected beds sho- c
uld not be transplanted to the
fields until they have fully re- c
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Here's A Preset
Is Good For1
Want a prescription for
dropsy? Well, here's one that
J. J. Arnold, of Bolivia, found
among some documents more
than a hundred years old
which belonged to his greatgreat
grandfather, James
As a preliminary course
the prescription recommended
"Calomel and galop as a
cathartic; repeat until the
water is drawn off. While
the medicine is operating
j. jj-e the following drink:
"Take two quarts of apple
vinegar, put twenty nails
(tens) in it and let it stand
t\tro days. Then add one
baod tuti ot Wftcksw*e root,
r pii
38 pubu:
Committeemen At
Work Adjusting
Tobacco Bases
bounty Agent J. E. Dodson
Says That Every Possible
Effort Is Being Made
To Have Allotments
Ready Around April 1
Vhen County Allotment Is
Announced From State
Headquarters Soon Will
Know About Individuals
County Committeemen J. O.
.ennon, B. R. Bennett and Sam
Bennett are working tirelessr
in the office of County Agent
. E. Dodson adjusting bases for
Dbacco acreage under the rules
f the new farm bill.
Their's is a tremendous responibility,
and they are using a
lir, impartial method of comuting
tobacco allotments for the
ldividual farms. When their
Waccamaw St
V^UUlll^ i/cuoi
New Method For
Electricity Bills
Electric power hills for
users in the city of Southport
for the month of March
will be figured at a new rate,
but don't he fooled when you
get your first glance at this
month's hill.
The reason ? There also is
a new system for sending
out niortthly bills. Instead of
allowing a 20 percent discount
from the bill rendered,
statements will be sent out
net. For example: If you have
been escaping with a minimum
charge, your bill for
March will be $1.44. But
there will be no discount
front that amount, and you
must |>ay on or before April
10th or a twenty-percent penalty
will be added. If you
havent paid before April 25
your current will be discontinued,
and it will cost fiftycents
to be re-connected.
Most Defendants
Must Pay Costs
Vith Minor Causes Claim,
ing Most Of The Court'i
Attention Wednesday
Judgement In Most Case:
Was Suspended
<- 0000 tried before Judge Johr
5. Ward here in Recorder's courl
Vednesday were mostly of a minir
nature and in every case exept
one the judgment was supended
upon payment of th<
That was the action in whicl
lalypso Johnson, colored, was
onvicted of assault. His sentence
f thirty days on the roads was
uspendea upon payment of a fins
if $10.00 and the costs.
Defendants who were recipients
if the standard judgment for th(
lay were:
George L. Worth, white, whs
ras guilty of violating the rules
f the road.
Anderson McKoy, colored, con
icted of passing a school bus
rhile the latter was stopped or
he road.
William O. Johnson, white, whs
vas guilty of exceeding the loas
Imit on his truck.
C. G. Phillips, white) who was
onvicted on a similar count.
E. F. Skipper, found guilty ol
Iriving a motor vehicle with de
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iption That
What Ails You
One of star grass, one of
camamile flower, one of
wormwood. Let it stand four
days, then stew it Add one
quart of rum, one pound of
sugar. Bottle it up for use.
Take a common wine-glass
full three times a day."
It appeared that this prescription
was given by Dr. A.
C. Tolson in 1850.
Several tax receipts, some
dated as early as 1807, an
ancient warrant, a church
letter and other interesting
documents are included
among the old papers. All
of them were prepared before
the days of printed forms,
for each of them is written
in long band.
seeking the Democratii
nomination for sheriff. Ii
the 1936 primary he \va
runner-up to Sheriff J. A
Russ, who also is a candi
date this year.
udents Are
:ing Champion:
'Victory For Both Teams Ii
First Round Last Tues
dav FnllnwpH Rv Dou!)ll
| Victory Yesterday Bring
Each School In Brunswicl
County Participated In
The Elimination Series,
Which Took Two
Debators of Waccamaw hig
school cinched the Brunswlc
county championship yesterda
when they scored their secon
double victory within a week.
Both the affirmative and nega
tive teams won last Tuesday i
their debates with speakers rc
presenting Bolivia and Lelam
Both Leland teams lost, wit
Bolivia's affirmative scoring th
only victory for that school.
Yesterday afternoon the Soutt
port high school affirmative tear
lost to the Waccamaw nega
tive, the Waccamaw affirmativ
defeated Shallotte, and the South
port negative defeated the Sha:
lotte affirmative team.
Help For Those
1 Seeking Paymenl
i Those Who Believe The
! May Be Entitled T
- ? < IT
1 Lump-Sum rayment un
; der Old Age Insuranc
Plan Should Make Ir
' "Any person who believes h
may be entitled to file a clair
' for a lump-sum payment unde
' the old-age insurance provision
; of the Social Security Act ma
1 obtain official advice and assist
' ance in filling out the few simpl
forms required absolutely free c
1 charge by calling at or writin
to the Wilmington, North Care
lina Field Office of the Soci?
1 Security Board," George W. Jel
' frey. Manager of that office, ar
nounced today.
The attention of the Wilminp
' ton Field Office has been calle
1 several times recently to the fat
that some claimants believe I
' necessary to employ an agen
1 having legal training, to assis
them in filing their claims. Fr<
5 quently, the fees charged by sue
agents have amounted to a ver
r large part of the lump-sum pay
ment involved. "This is absolutt
ly unnecessary," Mr. Jeffre
pointed out, "since the Board
field representatives are especia
ly trained to assist the gener:
public in the preparation of thof
. claims".
[ Two types of lump-sum paj
ments are now being made: (1
Persons who arc now 65 years <
age and who have received wage
from covered employment sin<
January 1, 1937, and before the
reached 65, are eligible. It shoul
be remembered that such cniplo;
ces need not retire from covei
cd employment before filing
claim fo.- this lump-sum paymen
and (2) Families or estates <
persons who earned wages i
covered employment after Jam
ary 1, 1937, and before the
death, are also entitled to fi
claims for lump-sum payment
Full information regarding mi
thods of filing claims for thei
payments, as noted above, can 1
obtained from Mr. Jeffrey at 1(
Custom House Building, in Wl
tsiagtofl, Norti}
The Pilot Covers
Brunswick County
* $1.50 PER YEAR
I Judge Cranmer
To Hold April
Term Of Court
Spring Term For Trial Of
Criminal Actions Will
Convene Here Monday,
April 11, With Resident
Judge In Charge
Grand Jury For This Year
Also Will Be Drawn Out
Of List Prepared For
This Term; Others
On Petit Jury
Judge E. H. Cranmer will preside
over the April term of court
for the trial of criminal cases
which convenes here Monday,
s April 11.
The jury list has been drawn,
ar.d is published below. From this
group of men will be selected the
s grand jury for this year, and the
other men on the liA will serve
- as petit jurors for the coming
Following is the jury list:
Richard Bartels, Southport; I).
A. Caison, Winnabow: T. A. Caison.
Supply: D. B. Edwards, Ash;
R. A. Bennett, Jr., Ash; E. L.
| Gore, Ash: M. L. Watts, Shullotte:
S. O. Hewett, Supply; D.
L. flower, Iceland; ri. d. bhi1
nett, Freeland; B. F. Long, Free
land; Dalls McKeithan, Ash; A.
8 W. Phelps, Shallotte; L. W. Clems
mons, Southport;Dayton MeLamb,
Shallotte; J. H. Milligan, Ash;
J. W. Sellers, Supply; G. T.
Rourk, Shallotte; R. R. Hewett,
5 Southport; S. V. Russ. Southport;
George MeLamb; Shallotte; Mart
shall Roach, Supply; R. Lee
Clemmons, Supply; P. L. Swain,
Bolivia; C. C. Roach. Supply;
B. H. Piggott. Shallotte; M. R.
Hewett, Shallotte: Estcs L. Vereen,
Freeland; W. L. Hewett,
Shallotte; W. E. Avant, Longwood;
John Galloway, Supply;
k A. B. Willis, Shallotte; W. C.
y Willis, Shallotte; R. W. Beck,
ci Ash: C. R. 8ellers, Supply; S. i
K. Milliken, Ash; A. T. Lewis,
Bolivia; R. B. Hawes, Shallotte;
L" J. O, Lennon, Bolivia; J. D. Mcn
Keithan, Ash: R. S. Milliken, Ash;
M. A. Phelps, Ash; F. T. Pierce,
' Shallotte; W. H. MeLamb, Shaih
lotte and Jess A. Purvis, Ash.
; Shifting Shoals
e Affect Fishing
' Short Cut Through Shoals
Off Corn Cake Inlet Is
Filling Up, But New Passage
Is Opening Up
tWith present shrimping operations
being confined to east of
the Cape Fear shoals fishermen
have been noting with concern
^ that the slough through the Cape,
0 just off Bald Head island, has
'* practically filled up this past
e winter. Thev sav that boats can
i- now only get through at high I
tide. J
However, another slough has I
e been rapidly opening at a point >1
n some distance further out. Opin- i
r ion seems to differ as to whether
s the old one will continue to close
y 1 and remain closed, or a pcrmanent
new order is being established
e by nature.
,f It is anticipated that should
g the old slough close up boats
,. will have to make a considerably
il longer trip around through the
new opening, whenever they det.
sire to get above the cape and
do not care to take the Corn
r. Cake Inlet passage. On account '
d (Continued on page 4.)
:t '
I Tide Table
h Following Is the tide table
y for Southport during the nest
week. These hours are approximately
correct and were fury
nished The State Port Pilot .
8 through the courtesy of the
Cape Fear Pilot's Association.
II High Tide Low Tide }
t~ Thursday, March 24
2:03 a. in. 8:51 a. in.
3:45 p. m. 0:10 p. in.
:s Friday, March 25
:c 3:03 a. in. 9:49 a. m.
y 3:17 p. m. 10:12 p. ni.
Saturday, March 26 :
1:07 a. m. 10:39 a. in.
a 1:18 p. m. 11:01 p. in.
Sunday, March 27
5:07 a. At. 11:25 a. m.
n 5:10 p. m. 11:47 p. m.
j. Monday, March 28
ir 5:56 a. m.
]e B:22 p. m. 12:09 p. m.
s Tuesday, March 29
e_' 6:38 a. m. 12:83 a. m.
3e 6:50 p. m. 12:51 p. m.
Wednesday, Marrh 30
n 7:18 a. ni. 1:18 a. m.
Ij. 7:33 p. m. 1:32 p. nv !

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