North Carolina Newspapers

    !>st Of The News
\11 The Time
rtE TEN NO. 1
,(ration In
jnty Closes
bis Saturday.
Wishing To PartiIn
Either The
cratic Or RepubliPrimary
Must ReThis
Week ^
[ion Books Will Be
it Voting Places
unty Up To Satr;
Next Week
For Challenge
marks the deadline <
ation of voters for the ^
l June 4, and all citiig
to participate in the
i that date must be !
ered before the end of '
mary in Brunswick '
be of unusual interest j
for Republican candieveral
offices will seek j
on the rival tickets of
candidates who will .
in the usual manner.
May 28. is challenge ''
iturday, June 4, is the *
primary election. ?
itration books will be
:h voting place in the
Saturday, May 21, and
iys this week may be
- ? ~ fAoi/Ionna nr nlqpp
IBound at uic i50i????v ? i
If business of the registrar in (
lis respective precinct.
| Hoods Creek: Mrs. Geo. O.
Kay-lord, Registrar; G. W. Lenfcwn.
(D) Judge; L M. Jacobs (R)
| Leland: R. C. Holmes. RegisItrar:
S. A. Sue (D) Judge; Dex- '
Iter Raynor (R) Judge.
I Town Creek; W. C. Savage
(Registrar; J. N. Sewell (D) I
Judge; J. H. Mills (R) Judge;
(Geo. R. Foulke, Jr. Clerk; D. R.
Loiinson, Jr. Clerk.
T Bolivia; L. J. McKeithan, Registrar;
D. L. Mercer (D) Judge;
IH. L. Willetts '(R) Judge; Mrs.
[a. R. Mercer Clerk. I
| Southport; Mrs. Lillian Caison c
Registrar: Thomas St. George *
(Di Judge: Lester Davis (R) 8
Judge: W. S. Davis Clerk; W. I
H. Walker Clerk. v r
Mosquito: J. E. Gilbert Regis- 4
trar: Johnie Swain (D) Judge; r
Elwood Clemmons (R) Judge.
Supply. Charlie Caison Regis- x
trar; Edgar Holden (R) Judge; r
Gilbert Brown (D) Judge. c
Secession: S. O. Hewett Regis- ?
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[Little Bits ||
| Of Big News !
News Events Of State, |
- W a a ??r* I _
| Nation and Wona-wiae
Interest During Past
I Transferred
I Major Ralph Millis, for the
past two and a he If years United
State district engineer at WilBmington.
has been transferred to
Teaneck ,N. J., War department,
orders Wednesday provided, acMcording
to an Associated Press
Washington dispatch. His suc
cessor here has not yet been an nounced.
Major Millis said he has
not yet received official word of
Ittie transfer but had previously
been informed he might be assigned
to duty as instrrotor of
national guard engineers.
lConvicts Recaptured
Three condemned convicts ]
who escaped before dawn
I Tuesday from the Richland
(Columbia) county jail were
recaptured the same afternoon
and tonight several |
niiies north of here. George
Wingard, 19, of Columbia,
I and Herbert Moorman, 41, of
I Detroit, Mich., were taken
I about sundown after a 300I
yard chase along a creek .
bank and two hours later
I Clayton Crans of Rochester, J
-1"'- Y., was apprehended in
I 'he satjne vicinity. The trio, J
who \..,<med their way thrI
0|'gh a foot-square hole made ,
by bending a heavy iron bar
to a jail window, are under
sentence with three others to .
die for the slaying last Dec- .
ember 12 of guard Captain ,
J Win Sanders in a spectacular
attempt to escape from ,
'he state penitentiary, I
I Historical Record <
I ^ 162-year-old Loyalist ac- I
count of the battle of Woores \
IbT!k' where a force of 1,100 pa- t
'""Is defeated 1.600 tories and I
gained control of North Carolina ]
Veteran Public
Official 1
? *P.
Berg, with Many Years |
Of Service In U. S. Public
Health Service Behind
Him, Will Quit Active
Will Continue To Fill Job
As Anesthetist At Brunswick
County Hospital
And Will Be In Real
Estate Business
J. Berg, who has been identified
with the U. S. public health
service for about forty years,
aril lretire Friday of this week.
Mr. Berg was in the government
service before he came to Southsort.
In announcing {lis retirement
'rom the public health service,
Mr. Berg said that he planned
to continue his active work as
inethetist at the Brunswick county
Sometime ago he purchased an _
nterest in the Stevens Agency a
md he plans to devote consider- n
Turtle-Egging S
Ushered In
NparHv Bea-I r
ch Locates Huge Turtle
While She Still Is Ashore
And Get Plenty Of Turtle
Eggs?But Read On
fot Even The Excitement
Of A Turtle-Egg Hunt
Could Keep In The
Tide, So It Was AUNite
The turtle-egging season was
itficially ushered in Monday n!;sht
vhen a local beach party found
i turtle ashore, located the nest,
,rot plenty of eggs?but spent
nost of the night aboard a boat
hat was high and dry in the
nud flats.
Mr. and Mrs. Bingo Burris _
cere hosts to a number of Wil- ft
nington and Southport friends *
in the expedition, which left the
lock at 7 o'clock aboard Captain
lulan Watts' E. M. Lewis. The
lestination was the beach near
Jorncake Inlet, and the outgoing IV
rip was made without incident.
The party was carried ashore
>y Leon McKeithan, assistant to
Skipper Watts, and the turtleigg
hunt was on. Scarcely had
he party traveled a mile up
he beach in the direction of cj
2ape Fear light before the tell- ^
ale tracks of an inbound turtle
vere discovered in the sand. A cj
ihort search revealed the mother*
?"v f Vio nortv ?
urtie on ner ixeav, ou v**? ^ u
vithdrew to wait until she had H
satisfied herself that she had in- j
aired the existance of the next
feneration of young turtles.
It was a long wait, and the
ligh tide was constantly getting tj
ower. Before the turtle had de- ^
:ided to call it quits and return
:o her patural habitat, the water n
n the creek was at a questionible
low level. t ^
With the party safely aboard, j
Captain Watts decided to have ^
i try at the homeward trip; so .
le took off. Most of the trea- 1
:herous, winding cshannel was
last when a high sand bar rea- ^
:hed up and grabbed the bow of j.
:he boat, and farward progress
?me to an abrupt halt.
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Mew York Paper 4n
Interested Heref<
<ew York News Wants To ?
Know More About Gulf .
Stream Prospects Off I
Shore From Southport
The News, New York's Picture
Newspaper, has become interest:d
in Southport and her Gulf
Stream and other fishing. SunJay
morning W. B. Keziah, of
the Civic Club, received a letter
from Fred Fletcher, editor of
'Outdoors" on this publication.
Mr. Fletcher stated he was very
anxious to know all about the
local fishing. He wanted to know
how far out the fishing was?
Were there suitable boats, a good
inlet from which to go out and
the species of Gulf Stream fish
that have been taken here.
The Civic Club has supplied
ill of the requested information
and a great deal more. Mr.
Keziah anticipates that The News
vill send a cameraman here in
he near future, when the Gulf
3tream fishing get really started,
from the fact that literally hun(Continued
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A Goo*
Retires Friday
: ' V/ ?;." :
,, ,?jw ' 'ii|H
'BBPPM'' MMV"' fW'f"
r;W$pi' ' x jMsp-fd
' litf JH
ble time to the real estate busiess.
eason Is
Monday Night
New Surfacing
Proiect Starts
Paving of the four and
one-half mile stretch of improved
highway between
Shallotte and Whiteville began
Monday in the Shallotte
end of the line. Unofficially
it was reported that
completion of the project
would take about a month.
This section of highway
No. 130 was graded about a
year ago and since that
time has been allowed to settle.
Another section of the
highway, in the vicinity of
Old Dock, is being graded
now in preparation for paving.
Vogram Given
For Club Work
Irs. Marion S. Dosher Announces
Program For
Home Demonstration Club
Work For Ballance Of
In announcing her schedule of
ub meetings for the next week,
[rs. Marion S. Dosher calls at.ntinn
to the following schedule
Winnabow Club will meet at
le regular time with Mrs. A. P.
i'enry, instead of Mrs. W. H.
horpe as was scheduled.
Boon's Neck Meeting will be
ostponed until Monday, May 30,
ecause of the County Federaon
Meeting of Shallotte on
lay 20.
The demonstration on sewing
lachine attachments which was
:heduled for June 1, in Wilming)n,
will be postponed indefiniter
due to the County Council
feeting in Southport on that
At meetings this month house
jrnishings teachers will give a
emonstration on "Refinishing
urniture." Short talks will be
lade by the dairy teachers on
le subject "Handling Milk in
le Home." Local 4-H leaders
fill explain plans for conducting
H club work during the Sumler
The following schedule is given
>r the remainder of the month,
Thursday, May 19, Winnabow
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Local Boat Res
Carrier Pigec
Outward bound and at a
point two miles off shore the
sport fishing boat "Buddy" of
S. I. Burris, Captain George
Floyd, yesterday answered a
SOS and rescued a storm
swept carrier pigeon.
The bird at a point two
hundred feet on the port side
of the fishing craft, made
its own distress signals. The
crew noticed it beating its
wings mightily, vainly attempting
to rise from the
water. Floating, but unable
to swim, it was evidently
trying to reach the boat. The
Buddy put about and headed
back to pick it up, the
mate standing in the cockpit
with a bailing net as
the boat rolled close up. The
Jaflding pet was not peeded#
J News paper In
Southport, N. CM Wed
Great Interest Is ]
Being Shown In
The Baby Show
Event Will Be Staged Next ^
Thursday Under Sponsorship
Of Members Of
Circle Members Of Trinity
Methodist Church
Cards Have Been Placed ,
In Two Drug Stores And 1
Votes For Popularity
Of Babies Are Pouring
There is considerable local interest
in the Baby Show which ,
is being sponsored by circle mem- lr
bers of the Trinity Methodist hi
church next Thursday. hi
Already voting is in progress d|
for the selection of the most a<
popular babies in town, and the
official voting places are the two ?
drug stores. .
The following babies have been
entered in the contest: Patsy
Burris, Harriett Corlette, Dannie
Danford, Roy C. Daniel, L. Clark
Fergus, Jr., Robert Galloway, s|
Dannie Harrelson, Gloria Lee 0
Hewett, Jaque barling Larsen,
Mary Anne Loughlin, Dickie Mar- ?
shall, Mary Minta Mintz, Ger- J3
, trude Gause McNeil, Charlene
, Newton, Jerry Newton, Herbert
Oberjahnn, Elizabeth Parker, ?
11 Charles C. Parker, Mary Ann | ?
i kuss, rsiine oanuers, ii aiicy juiic
Swann, Joe Elwood Swain, Billie
Watts White, Karen Marie ?
Swann, James Walton Willis,
Julia Elizabeth Wolfe, Joe Anne P
Sutton, James Marion Lewis, ^
Peter William Larsen, Bruce H. '
Ludlum, Joseph Your.g, III.
Capture Stills ?
In This County
Federal Alcohol Tax Unit e
Officers Staged A Sue- j si
cessful Raid In Bruns- t<
wick County Monday, v
Capturing Two Stills J
Two stills, one in full opera- r!
tion and the other being fired li
up for a run, were seized in the l?
Pheonix section of Brunswick L
county Monday morning by fed- P
eral alcohol tax unit operatives N
from Wilmington.
Three negroes taken in the two f<
raids were bound over to federal
court in $300 bond each
following hearings before U. S. j D
Commissioner Porter Hufham. ti
At one still, agents said, they d
arrested Mose Robbins and Heze- J;
kiah Cobb. They seized 35 gal- 2,
Ions of whiskey and 400 gallons ir
of fermented mash. a
At the other still, agents said, n
they arrested James L. Cobb, who n
had several hundred gallons of j
mash and was preparing to make
a run. c:
Useful Gifts ?
Hospital Day a
Visitors At Brunswick Couni
ty Hospital Thursday J
Afternoon Brought Varie- jj
ty Of Useful Articles
A number of visitors called at | |
the Brunswick County Hospital ^
Thursday, bringing useful gifts
. for the institution.
Among the articles received
i were pillow cases, sheets, wash
cloths, bureau covers, table cov- S
. ers, towels and a tea wagon,
i The doners were Mrs. J. Berg,
Miss Annie May Woodside, Mrs.
> C. Ed. Taylor, Mrs. James M.
Harper, Jr., Mrs. Price Furpless,
i Mrs. B. J. Holden, Mrs. E. R. j
Outiaw, Mrs. J. A. Dosher, Mrs. j
R. L. Jones, Mrs. H. H. Thomas, h
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scues Tired
in From Waves >
for as the prow of the boat t
glided alongside the bird, \
with a half jump and half I
flight managed to rise from c
the water and reach the for- c
ward deck. 1
By the time the crew got c
forward it was already asleep c
on the deck. In a couple of e
hours it was aparently entire- t
ly recovered, drinkihg and r
eating ravenously of everything
given it. It was evi- 1
dently blown from its course I
by the recent storm and be- J
came exhausted in its efforts J
to reach land. The right leg J
has a metal band with <
288 AU 37 MAC. On the (
left leg is a sealed rubber i
container with the numerals (
217T. The oird will be liber- '
ated Friday. J 1
A Good Comr
nesday, May 18th, 1938
lower Show To |
Feature Meeting "
Of Federation
!ounty-Wide Flower Show
Will Be Held At Shallotte
School Friday Afternoon
Preceeding Evening
nteresting Program Has
Been Prepared For The
Evening Session Following
The Show In
The County Federation Meetig
4-H club service club and
ome demonstration clubs will be j
eld at Shallotte School on Friay,
May 20. The public is cordilly
The Federation features a c
ower show beginning at 4 o'clock, tl
. picnic supper at 7 o'clock and n
short program of entertainment
t 8 o'clock. Mrs. Estelle T. n
mith. Dist. agent, will be chief peaker.
The Bolivia-Antioch
lub will present a short play 1
nd musical numbers will include
solo by Mrs. Harry Corlette, of
outhport, a Male quarted from
ongwood and Group singing. _
Service Club Officers will pre- ide.
Everyone is invited to bring
long a basket and join the fun. i
1UD exnioits supplementing W1C||
'lower entries will be as follows: |
.sh, a tray for a sick room, ~
Ixum, floral designs; Tiland,
osters featuring flowers; North
/est, a collection of Native
hrubs and evergreens, labeled;
'hoenix, Odd and Unusual Conliners
with flower arrangements,
outhport, a miniature garden;
hallotte, A luncheon table; Town
Ireek, recommended literature on
lowers and home beautification;
/innabow a collection of wild
lowers, labeled
General chairman of the flowr
show is Mrs. J. E. Dodson, asisting
on the following commitjes
are: House, Mrs. Lillian Olier,
chairman, Mrs. Ernest Parer;
Posters and placards, Mrs.
. E. Dodson, chairman, Mrs. BurIss
Russ; registration, Miss Sale
B. Knox, chairman, Mrs. Charis
Russ; arrangement, Mrs.
acy Bennett, chairman, Mrs.
reston Henry, Mrs. Carl Ward,
[rs. Henry Verzaal. /
Entries will be made in the "
jllowing classifications:
Class A Artistic
1. Roses, Sweetpeas, Poppy,
iaisy, Zennia, Verbena, Nastur- I
um, Larkspur, Petunia, Snap- j B
ragon, Phlox, Gladiolus, Cape
asmine, Lilies, Shrubs, Others;
. arrangement suitable for dinig
room; 3. arrangements suitble
for living room; 4 arrange
lent suitable for hall; 5. arrangelent
suitable for porch. ^
Class B. Perfection of hloom: ^
Roses, pink, red, wnite, yellow, ^
ream, verigated; Sweetpeas, anual
perennials; poppy, single, h(
ouble; Daisies; Coriopses; Zen- .
ia; Verbena; Nasturtium: Phlox; "j
.arkspur; Petunia; Snapdragon; f
lladiolus; Cape Jasmine; Lilly? lr
ny variety; others.
Class C. Potted plants; ?
1. Non-flowering plants, any
ariety; 2. Flowering plants, ?
lactus: Geranium; Begonia; Oxa- b
s; Lillies; others.
Wen Of Church J
To Meet Sunday ?
ipring Associational Meet- n
ing Of Brunswick Baptist o
Association Will Be Held e.
Sunday &
The spring associational meet- f<
ng of the Baptist churches of the f<
Srunswick association will be
eld at Mt. Pisgah church Sun- lay.
May 22, at 3 o'clock. The
purpose of the meeting is I
o get the pastors and laymen
ogether to discuss matters reating
to our church work in the
issociation and make plans for
he improvement of our work, so
ir as possible. The pastors from
he churches in the association
vill discuss special topics in the
>rogram indicated herewith and
ipportunity will be given for dis,'ussion
of any phases of work
n the association, by any presint.
All members of the Baptist
ihurches, or members of any oth;r
churches of any denominaion,
will be welcomed at this
Program topic is: "Every Man
Unlisted in the Work of the
jord", 3 o'clock song and praise;
1:10, Jesus Taught Men; 3:30,
lesus Gave Men Work to Do;
t:50, music; 3:55, Work that Men
Dught To Do, 1 In Our Churches
15 minutes); 2 In our communties
(15 minutes); 4:25 How
3an We Enlist Our Men To
Serve? 4:30 music; 4:50 Will our
tlen Answer the Call? ,
r Pit
For Coroner
? H
andidate for the Demoratic
nomination for Coroer
in the Democratic prilary
on June 4.
\dvises That F
Be Ended I
Speaking Dates
For Two Parties
Politics continues to hold
the center of the stage in
the interest of Brunswick
county citizens, and both
the Democratic and Republican
candidates have speaking
engagements scheduled
for this week.
Democratic meetings will
be held Friday night at Leland;
Saturday night at Battle
Royal; Monday night at
Upper School; Wednesday
night at Peterson's store.
Republican candidates will
meet Thursday night at Mill
Creek; Friday night at Leonard
Skipper's store; Monday
night at Maco; Tuesday night
at the schoolhouse at Mt.
Pisgah and Wednesday night
at Gore's store.
bounty Council
Will Meet Here
runswick County Council
Of Home Demonstration
Clubs Will Be In All-Day
Session Here Next Wednesday
The County Council of Home
emonstration Clubs will meet
; Southport Wednesday, June 1,
jginning at 10 o'clock in the
lorning. All Club members will
; welcomed since the program
icludes two interesting demonnations
in which they may be
iteresting. However the officers
nd Foods leaders are urged to
ttend as well as the County
hairman of each project.
"Program planning" is the
leme of this meeting, and will
e followed by a demonstration
i "Re-upholstering" by Miss
auline Gordon, of Raleigh. This
;sson . will not be repeated in
>cal clubs, so any person desirlg
information on re-upholstering
leir old furniture should make
n effort to attend.
Members will spread their picic
lunch at 1 o'clock and at 2
'clock. Miss Mary E. Thomas,
^tension foods specialist, will
ive a demonstration of "Cottage
heese" which will be in the
)rm of a training school for
>ods leaders. Any foods leaders
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Dbject Of This
Skipper H. T. Bowmer,
versatile in his desire to give
service to the fishing patties
that go out on his- boat,
wants all sport fishing boats
at Southport to get together
one day this week, equip
themselves with shrimp trawl
and chains and go out in a
body to search for the wreck
of the Virginia, a huge
freighter that went down
many years ago in about 25
feet of water, eight miles or
more off shore.
This wreck is not chartered,
but once or twice in the distant
past a fisherman has
happened on it by chance and
made a haul that has created
legends that the Virginia is j
the greatest trout fishing
spot on the Atlantic Coast.
A year or two ago a JocaJ |
For Recorder
seeking the nominatioi
for Judge of Recorder'
Court on the Republicai
ticket in the primary, Juni
'aralysis May
^mong Oysters
Dr. Z. P. Metcalf, Stati
College Professor of Zoo
logy, Says That Killin)
? ? ? ttf'tl TV TL
Mud-CraDs win uo i m
These Shellfish Are Host
To Parasites That Threaten
Future Of Oyster
Industry On This
A method for controlling th
sporozoan parasite attackin
oysters in North Carolina coaati
waters has been advanced by D:
Z, P. Metcalf, professor of zo<
logy at North Carolina Stat
Simply kill the mud crat
which carry the parasite, advii
ed Dr. Metcalf.
An account of the parasit
menace to oysters was given th
North Carolina Academy <
Science meeting at State Colleg
last week by Dr. H .F. Prythercl
director of the government mai
ine laboratory at Beaufort. Mu
crabs act as hosts to the pare
sites, which give birth to th
sporozoans, he stated.
Germs are carried through th
water to the oysters, paralyzln
the open-and-shut mechanism t
the bivalves. The oysters are lei
prey to natural enemies and vil
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Name Candidates
For Health Queei
Winner Of Annual 4-1
Club Health Oueen Titl
Will Be Crowned A
Federation Meeting O
The folowing girls were selec
ed by Mrs. Lou H. Smith, Count
Health Nurse, as scoring higl
est in the preliminary 4-H Healt
Lillie Rogers, Odell Smitl
Catherine Willetts. Dorothy R(
binson, Nellie Galloway, Edit
The final examination will t
given by Dr. L. C. Fergus, fre
of charge to the girls on Thuri
day, May 19.
One junior and one senior het
1th queen will be chosen an
crowned at the federation meel
ing at Shallotte, May 20.
Search Is
'ishing Grounc
shrimper strayed out of the
beaten paths with his trawl
and happened up on this
wreck with his net. Of course,
the net got hung on the
wreck and was practically
ruined. However, most of the
beg was finally pulled up,
and it was found to be entirely
full of huge trout.
Captain Bowmer proposes
that the ^wreck be definitely
located and a marker placed
there. He, and other boatmen,
all believe that it will
be a rich treasure for the
sportsmen if it is so found
and marked.
The boats of Bingo Burris,
the Watts Brothers, the Arnolds
and Captain Edward Nelson
are all understood to be
eager to join in the undertaking
to locate and mark the
wreck of tie Virginia.
The Pilot Covers
Brunswick County
t $1.50 PER YEAR
Democrats Hold I
Convention And I
Re-Elect Mintz I
Brunswick County Register B
Of Deeds Is Named To I
Succeed Himself As The H
Chairman Of County Ex- S
ecutive Committee fl
Indication Is That There H
Will Be A Large Delegat- 0
ion From Here At The Jg
State Convention In B
Raleigh M
Brunswick county Democrats I
met Saturday afternoon In the I
Bolivia high school auditorium C
and re-elected R. I. Mintz, Bruns- fl
wick county register of Deeds, to B
- the office of chairman of the 1|
1 Democratic executive committee. H
S Mrs. J. L. Stone, of Shaliotte, B
j was named vice-chairman and B
George P. Ward, of Ash, was H
named secretary. B
Principal speaker for tne oc- B
" casion was W. B. Campbell, city H
attorney of Wilmington, who B
brought a stirring talk to the fl
enthusiastic members of his audi- B
, ence. His address elicited much H
i favorable comment fl
Largely due to the enthusiasm H
. created by Mr. Campbell's talk, H
there was an indication the Bruns- ^b
wick county will be well repre- H
* sented at the Democratic state !H
s convention in Raleigh Thursday,
and it was decided to designate H
all regular Brunswick county De- B
mocrats in attendance at the
convention as delegates. Brunswick
county is entitled to 18
s votes in the convention. H
One item of business transacted
at the convention was a re- M
solution to request each candl.
date for member of the North IB
Carolina General Assembly to JKj
e name the members of the county
board of education next year for
2. 4 and 6 year terms, the ap- IB
pointment being made in const- B
r. deration of-the number votes re)
ceived by the candidates. The re- IB
e solution also asked that no ad- IB
ditional member be added to the 'H
is board. fl
i- H
I Forestry Meet I
In Wilmington I
Meeting To Be For Best fl
Interest Off All Who Are fl
,e Either Directly Or In- B
directly Affected By Our Hj
e Forestry Program 9
g 9
if The North Carolina Fonestry
ft Association, the State Forester's ^B
r- Oft ice, and the Agricultural Ex- BW
tension Service of State College ^B
are sponsoring a Cooperative- ^B
Forestry Meeting to be held at H|
; Wilmington, Thursday, May '26. ^B
The meeting will be held with
-' the cooperation of the Wilming- IB
,1 ton Chamber of Commerce, the
county agricultural agents in the Ifl
nearby counties, representatives
* nf the lumber and nulowood in- j^B
* dustries, timber owners, and far- U
* mers for the purpose of creating
n a broader Interest in the development,
management, and use of ^K
the forest land and forest re- IH
sources of eastern North Carolina. KB
y How we use our timber re- IK
sources is a question of vital ^Bj
h importance to both the economical
and social welfare of all Jjfl
i. classes of citizens alike whether HK
' they be farmers, industrial opera- ^E9
h tors of workers, commer< ",;il men
or professional people. The basic
IC source of income must not dry MB
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J- ; .BB
TideTable 1
Following la the tide table 11
for South port daring the next j H
week. These hours are appro- I H
ximately correct and were far- ill
nished The State Fort Filet IK
I through the courtesy of the |]3E
* Cape Fear Pilot's Association.
High Tlds Low Tide H
Thursday, May 19 [ BB
10:47 a. m. 4:07 a. ni. HSR
11:10 p. in. 4.01 p. m. HH
Friday, May 20 K
11:32 a. m. 5:40 a. m. I^K
p jo. kM
Saturday, May 21 ']K
11:54 a. m. 6:26 a. m. IfiH
12:22 p. m. 6:30 p. m. H
Sunday, May 22 EH
12:41 a. m. 7:13 a. m. C
1:15 p. m. 7:28 p. m. E^K
Monday, May 23 J ^H
1:34 a. m. 8:07 a. m. IK
2:12 p. m. 8:30 p. m. HI
Tuesday, May 24 i^H
2:32 a. ni. 8:59 a. m. I^K
3:10 p. m. 9:32 p. m. 1KB
Wednesday, May 25 HH|
3:28 a. m. 9:52 ai
4:07 p. m. 10:32 pi m.E2S

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