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    lost Of The News
V AH The Time
umeten no.
fenmissioners In |
feci: S ess ion
fee On Monday
I Res ution Instructing
il C- Russ To Obtain Sur us
Commodities for DisHbution
To Relief Clients
N. A. Sinclair Has
S? Assigned One Week..
rm Of Civil Court,
$ut Judge Cranmer
May Serve
^fcbers of the Brunswick
v board of commissioners
here Monday in a special
H?. their chief business be
draw a jury list for the
term of Brunswick county
H-jor court for the trial of
Hirt will convene on Monday.
20. and Judge N. A. SincHhas
been assigned as presiI
jurist. However, it is the
opinion of court officials
judge E. H. Cranmer may
Hiie over this court.
Bn'.bers of the board passed
Hrder instructing C. C. Russ,
Hir.tendent of public welfare,
Bobtain such surplus comodi?
?"?iiohlo nnH not. nro- I
atr a??..? c _
1 in surplus quantities in
Ksaick county to be distri
to such clients as are eligiKo
receive them throughout
entire county."
Knowing is the jury list drawn
I \V. Lennon, Leland; Elbert
H;>>. Supply: W. T. White,
Hlotti : J. J. Ludlum, Shallotte;
H. Milliken, Leland; W. W.
- Ash: Allard Clemmons,
H:a: R. Galloway. Supply;
Ic Thompson. Southport; N.
^ /onard. Bolivia: Marvin SelShallotte:
J. M. Chadwick,
^ shallotte; T. A. Henry, LeH:
E D. Edwards, Ash; Grover
Com. Shallotte; V. E. GalloH.'Supply:
Kenneth Cook, Le
R. E Grissett, Shallotte; J.
H Supply; W. B Wade,
^fepurt; ^acy Bennett, Shales
J. T. White, Leland; Albert
H<: Supply; W. L. Leonard,
little Bits
I Of Big News
lews Events Of State,
Biation and World-Wide
Interest During Past
tf.v Unite
I The general assembly of the
'resbyterian Church in the
.'nited States finished its prinBipal
business at Meridian,
MHiss., Dy forming a new eumHnittee
to negotiate with the
B'resbyterian church of the U.
B A. on plans for merger. The
^Roverning body of the SouthBrn
church also accepted the
8-38 vote of the church's presBiyteries
against re-entering
he Federal Council of ChuBches
of Christ in America,
rom which the Presbyterian
lurch in the United States
Bvithdrew in 1931.
I Wallace
Bpening the Fourth annual
Bwbeny festival here tonight,
II Wllllllll Graham A. Barden,
Bxew Bern, praised President
Bsevelt as a factor in America's
ntenance of peace with the
B of the world. The fourth
Bua' festival was opened with
Rrowd of 1,000 in attendance.
Bnts are scheduled all week,
B Governor Hoey and other
Bbles scheduled to appear on
W'tfr Death
I Former United States SenaMarion
Butler of Elliot, is
epnrted near d$ath at WashBngton
sanitarium, Takoma
Md., where he has been
patient for several months.
Bj'rs. Butler said physicians
ad given up all hope for her
B*Usl,and, one of the Staters
Outstanding political figures
Bvhr' served in the Senate from
to 1901 as a member of
be Populist party. "The end
s very near", she said, "but
n 'use such as this it is hard
B? tell ". The critical turn in
BIr- Butler's illness, resulting
rom a kidney ailment, came
B^st after the celebration of
B"3 "5th birthday last Friday.
Portrait Of Dr.
Unveiled Bi
Painting By R. O. Johnson
Was Presented Friday
Night As Open House
Was Held By Members
Of Pythagoras Lodge
Masonic Building Recently
Has Undergone Extensive
Repairs And Improvements
WPA Project
Dr. D. I. Watson, for sixty
years a member of the masonic
order, was honored by fellow
members of the Pythagoras lodge
Friday evening as they unveiled
his portrait which recently was
completed by R. O. Johnson,
local artist.
The occasion also gave visitors
an opportunity to see the
improvements made in the building
through a WPA project. Mr.
Rogers, of Wilmington, district
WPA official, was present and
made a short talk .
An informal program was pre- _
sided over by C. Ed Taylor, mas- tr
ter of the lodge, who called upon di
Mayor John Ericksen, J. Berg,
and R. W. Davis for short, imnrnmntn
talks. Following a mus
ical interlude during which the se
Reverend A. H. Marshall sang se
"When You And I Were Young S
Maggie", Dr. Watson made a J.
humorous talk. After the por- N
Politics In Spotli
. . *"
Contests For Nomination on f~
Both The Democratic
And Republican Tickets
Are Waxing Warm Entering
The Home Stretch DEMOCRATS
Complete Schedule Of
Speaking Engagements
For Both Parties Is
Given For The Coming
Brunswick county voters, traditional
for the seriousness with
which they take their politics,
are in the midst of one of the
warmest battles of recent years.
Interest is added through the
fact that this year Republican
candidates will be named in the
primary, and for four places on _
that ticket there is a spirited r
rivalry in progress. *
But the heat of that battle 1
won't touch the Democratic pri- |
mary. There are countless rumors
that seldom have flared up
in public meeting, but large au- "
diences have greeted the candidates
at each speaking engage
1.? if
ment to witness me lucnuinD,
there were to be any.
Chief interest this week is
centered in the Democratic meeting
to be held in the courthouse
Friday night at 8 o'clock. A
large crowd is expected to at- n
tend this meeting. It
Other Democratic speaking en- nr
gagements scheduled for the V
week are: Hickman's Crossroads sl
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To Play 2 Games p
Here This Week:
Two More Gaines Wej
Added To Southport's I
Credit During Past Week j
With Wins Over Ivanhoe
And Acme-Delco
The Southport baseball team
carried their season's record along
to three victories during the past I
week with victories over Ivanhoe
last Thursday and Acme-Delco
Saturday afternoon.
Tomorrow afternoon Southport
will play the Wananish team on
the local diamond, the game beginning
at 3 o'clock. Saturday
afternoon the Atlantic Coast
Line team, from Wilmington,
will meet the locals here at 3:30
At Ivanhoe the locals ran into
Hart ell a fire-ball pitcher who
had them fanning right and left
until he went wild in the fifth.
His lack of control accounted for
Southport's 10 to 9 victory. The
game was pulled from the fire in
the last of the ninth when Nelson,
Southport center fielder cut |
off the tying run with a perfect
peg to the plate.
The local team functioned
smoothly Saturday afternoon to
win over Acme-Delco by a score
of 6 to 2. Spencer pitched a steady
game for Southport, allowing
but three hits.
Games have been scheduled for
the Jocal diamond for Thursday
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: st
A Goo
j The Mason:
' >.- gy tor
^ >* in
.4;.,-. m Mfc* *1
. ? 1
KiJK Jfl
' Br*5 ; " fl
' I
:'; "i
" IfRfes
ait had been unveiled, the ben?
ction was said by the Reveren
.. L. Brown.
Members of the Eastern Sta
irved punch and cake. Thos
Irving' were: Mesdames H. H
t. George, J. R. Hood, and I
Holden and Miss Lottie Ma
ght Of
Interest Now
Winnabow Girl
Is Health Queen
Catherine Willett?, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Adrian
Willetts, of Winnabow. was
crowned Brunswick county
Health Queen Friday night
at the Woman's Federation
meeting at Shaliotte. This
was the third straight year
that Miss Willetts has won
the health title.
The health queen will go
to Lumberton Tuesday to
compete in the contest for
the championship of this district.
If she wins there, she
will be eligible for the state
contest, in Raleigh.
(ridge Collapses
Under Log Trucl
/alden Creek Bridge Cai
es In Tuesday Afternoo
As Log Truck, Driven B
Joe Spencer, Manages 1
Pull To Safety
Joe Spencer, of Southport, hs
narrow escape Tuesday afte
oon when the truck load <
>gs which he was hauling 1
till proved too much for tl
/aldfen Creek bridge and thi
tructure caved in just as h
ehicle pulled to safety.
R. M. Wolfe, local Standai
lil distributor, was directly b
ind Spencer with a load of ga
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Here's A Pre\
That Will En
The Carolina Yacht Club,
of Wilmington and Wrightsville,
will have a trio of crack
Class A boats in the big official
South Atlantic Association
races at Southport August
11, 12, 13Th. This is according
to Commodore Robert
Strange, who was seen by
the Civic Club secretary in
Wilmington Friday.
The Carolina of James
Sprunt, which met with several
small mishaps last year,
will be in the hands of a
crew that will know her
whims and fancies better
than they did last year when
she was a new boat. She
is really a speedy sailer, but
like a new automobile, she
could have done much better
last year if she had been
balanced off and gotten better
acquainted with her crew.
The Mischief of Captain William
Emmerson will also be
better broken in to her crew
this year. She is a. splendid
boat. Still untried is the
Pirate of Captain John Colluici.
This boat is a brand
new one and, what is more
she is an exact duplicate,
down to the last inch of line
and sail, of the sensational
Syndicate of Beaufort, S. C.
d News paper Ii
Southport, N. CM W
River Survey
? Will Be Made
On Waccamaw
Congressman Clark May
Succeed In Getting Preliminary
Examination Of
Waccamaw River With
View Of Flood Control
Preliminary Examination Of
River Will Be Effected
If The Measure Now
Before The Senate
Congressman J. Bayard Clark
has advised this newspaper that
he succeeded in getting the flood
control bill which passed the
House Thursday so amended as
to authorize a preliminary examination
of upper Waccamaw
River with the view of flood
control and relieving a situation
about which he has had many
letters and petitions.
In a telegram addressed to the
_ editor of this paper, Mr. Clark
said all questions as to naviga^
tion must necessarily be handled
by separate legislation.
This message will be welcome
>r news to hundreds and thousands
e of people in Brunswick county,
P. and will vitally affect large ex5.
panses of land adjacent to the
,e Waccamaw river in both Colum
bus, Brunswick and Horry coun_
Two months ago a request
from Whiteville was forwarded to
Mr. Clark asking that he do
what he could to effect some
J improvement of the upper Waccamaw
River, which in the past
few years has become clogged
? with logs and debris.
The request asked further that
Mr. Clark use his best effort to
see if it were not possible that
_ something could be done about
making this river navigable to
small craft as far as Reaves
Ferry or New Britton?it being
navigable as far as Conway r
Mr. Clark then advised that
he would do what he could in
this direction, especially with the
view of keeping the river from
flooding the outlying territory.
The measure which passed the
House Thursday has been sent
to the Senate for consideration.
Following is the amendment
which Mr. Clark has offered:
The head of the Waccamaw
River is Waccamaw Lake, Co(Continued
on page 4)
Revival Service
i Now In Progress
r. Two Weeks Revival Service
n Began Monday At Southy
port Baptist Church With
~ A I Rr/vurn Hn.
O 1 lie nt? i-*. u. viwnn
ing Preaching This Week
l?i A series of revival meetings
r- is in progress this week at the
3f Southport Baptist church, with
to the pastor, the Reverend A. L.
ie Brown, doing the preacning.
it Services are being held each
is evening at 8 o'clock, and the
public is cordially invited to atrd
e- The meeting will extend thrs
oughout next week, and present
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riew Of Boats
ter Yacht Races
The Syndicate carried off
pratically all class A honors
in events last year. This year
it is expected, the Wilmington
Pirate will give her a
run for her money.
In Class B. Wilmington will
also have greater strength.
Henry L. Taylor and James
I Mettz are going over the
Queen Mary. In addition to
various fixings, she will have
a complete new suit of sails,
giving many additional square
feet over what she carried
last year. Another marked
Class B. entry from Wilmington
will be the former
High Tide, of Beaufort, S.
C. This boat has been purchased
by the Huggins Brothers
since the last races and
this year she will go under
the Carolina Yacht Club
flag. Various other good boats
will add to the Wilmington
entry of Class B. craft.
The C. and D. entries and
the moth type entries from
Wilmington will also be large.
A member of the club stated
Friday that they meant to
take the races seriously this
year and were going in to
win some of the prizes against
the boats from Florida,
Georgia and South Carolina.
i A Good Comn
ednesday, May 25th, 193
Auxiliary Units I
In County Plan ~
Sale Of Poppies 'f
Poppies Will be Sold In \
Every Section Of Bruns- )
w-ck County Saturday m
By Members Of American :
Legion Auxiliary
Poppy Became The Flower
Of The Dead During The
World War; Flowers
Made By Veterans m
Poppies are blooming this ^
week at the headquarters of H
Brunswick County Post No. 194
Unit of the American Legion
Auxiliary at Southport, as the I
little red memorial flowers which
the people of Brunswick will I
wear in honor of the World War I
dead on Poppy Day, May 28th, |
were being unpacked. The poppies
were received from Oteen
where they were made by dis- _
abled veterans for the auxiliary. 0f
"Honor the World War dead e(.
and aid the war's living victims, rj(
is the meaning of the memorial
poyyp," said Mrs. Bond. "The ^
poppy, which bloomed so strik- w
ingly among the trenches and bat- ?
tie graves in France and Bel- ri
gium, became the flower of the Jj
dead during the war. Ever since
the war it has been worn in all
English-speaking countries annually
as an individual tribute to ?
the men who gave their lives in ?
the conflict. >
"The little red flower takes
! acitrnifmatiop frnm fhp fact
UUUCU Oigiuiivuovv
that it is made by the war dis- |_
abled, and that it contributes to
the welfare of the disabled men
and the dependent families of
veterans. Everyone who wears a
poppy on Poppy Day not only
is showing' remembrance and
honor for the men who died in
the war, but is giving help to
those who still are bearing the
burdens of the war in suffering,
privation and lost opportunities,
i All contributions made for the
| flower will go to support the
rehabilitation and welfare work
of the Legion and Auxiliary which
means so much to the disabled
veterans and the families
of the dead and disabled.
The various auxiliaries of Columbus
County are making great
efforts for a successful Poppy
Day this year and are hoping
that everyone will catch the *1
spirit of the day and will join J
with them in honoring the dead
and aiding the disabled.
Four Marriage
Licenses Issued s'
Four couples have obtained
marriage licenses from the office
of the Brunswick county Register
of Deeds during the past few ed
days. W
The contracting parties are W
Miss Ida Mae Watson to Haaiey
Watson, both of Leland; Miss
Norma Lee Brown to Chas. M. jj(
McDowell, both of Bolivia; Miss gi
Dicia Mae Johnson, of Elizabeth- ea
town, to Houston Sellers, Bolivia;
Miss Lelia Smith to Edgar Bab- gi
i son, both of Ash. a
Tucker Will Be w
Bolivia Principal
Glenn Tucker, member of the it
New Hanover high school faculty, fe
has been named principal of the
Bolivia high school succeeding B. w
R. Page. J;
The latter will be retained as vi
a member of the faculty, how- sl
ever. cc
Beach Road Is I
Closed This Week *
The road to Caswell Beach is
closed this week while members
of the bridge crew of the State
Highway Commission repair the
bridges at the inland waterway.
A new barge is being emplaced
at the drawbridge, while
new piling and new decking is
being put down on the stationary
It is expected that this work
will require about ten days.
Camp Buildings
Being Removed
All hope that some of the CCC
camp buildings would be permitted
to stand seems to have been
in vain, for during the past few
days one after another of the
structures has been torn down
and hauled away.
The .name of Mrs. Edna Bell
was inadvertently omitted from
the fist of donors to the Brunswick
County Hospital on hospital
day*' ?
m B
Bolivia, recently assumI
his duties as R.F.D. car>r
from Bolivia. He is the
rnngest carrier in Brunsick
rhursday Is Di
Three Times Is
Out?They Hope
" I
When the local volunteer
fire department paid a midmorning
visit to her home
Monday .Mrs. W. C. Reece
ho|>es that the "what hap|>ens
twice will happen three times"
spell was broken.
Just before Christmas in
1935 the fire truck made a
hurried trip to put out a roof
blaze at the Reece home. Almost
exactly two years later,
during the past Christmas
season, the roof again was
discovered on fire. Monday
morning there was the third
?and the Recces hoj>e the
final?call to put out a roof
hree Cases In
County Court
tort Session Of Brunswick
County Recorder's Court
Held Wednesday Before
Judge John B. Ward
Only three cases were disposI
of here in Recorder's Court
ednesday before Judge John B,
Hester McCoy, colored, was
,im,i cniiitv on charges that he
""" O V -w
>erated an automobile without
:ense and of assault. He was
ven thirty days on the roads in
ich case.
Alex Porter, colored, was found
lilty of making an assault with
deadly weapon and was giver
1 months on the roads.
Edgar Babson and Lelia Smith
hite, pleaded guilty to charges
fornication and adultery
ldgement was suspended wher
was determined that the dendants
have married.
Left over from the previous
eek's trial was the case of J
Bowen, white, whb was concted
of assault. Judgment was
ispended upon payment of the
Jankers Provt
Fair To Midc
Officials and a friend or
two of the Waccamaw Bank
and Trust company gathered
at a point just beyond the
Cape Fear bar at Southport
last Friday afternoon for the
purpose of instituting economic
pressure against the
trout and mackerel that
abound out there.
Cashier Prince O'Brien of the
locai bank insisted on having
lunch for all at the Miller
Hotel, and this lunch being
set for one o'clock, the
natural and logical result
was that the E. M. Lewis,
with Skipper Holand Watts
in charge, got away from the
dock at something after two
in the afternoon.
Fishermen are always inclined
to be lazy, it being a
requisite of good fishing. This
bunch of bankers were more
so than usual, as they were
on the outside of a good meal
and the sun was hot Nobody
could blame the Civic Club
Brunswick Men
Asked To Attend
Forestry Meeting
Subjects Of Vital Interes
To The General Publi<
Will Be Discussed A
Meeting In Wilmington
Jones Asks That A1
From Brunswick Who Can
Attend The Meeting
Make It A Point To
Do So
The forestry meeting for th
Southeastern District of Nort
Carolina which is scheduled t
be held in Wilmington May 26t
is open to the public, and farmeri
timber owners and aawmlllers e
Brunswick county, as well as a
others, have been issued a coi
dial invitation to attend the meei
ing, Dawson Jones, Brunswick fir
warden said this morning.
The meetings are being spor
sored jointly by the N. C. Fores
try Association, the state fores
ter, and the State College ex
tension service, with the coopers
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ay For
tort Baby Show
Parade Will Begin At Fou
O'clock Tomorrow Aftei
noon In Front Of Con
munity Building A n
Wind Through Butinei
Popularity Contest Is A'
tracting Spirited Voting;
Other Winners Will
Be Selected
Mothers and nurses of tlrfrt;
two of Southport's prize-seekir
babies will tuck in the little col
testants tonight with a final ai
monition to get their very be
beauty nap, for tomorrow is tl
day for the Baby Show.
The parade forms at foi
o'clock in front of tlie Commui
ity Center Building, and fro
thence will wind its way th
ough the down town business di
trict and back through Frank!
' Square. Mrs. H. T. St. Georj
' will be in charge of the parad
which will include the Southpo:
high school band.
Voting in the popularity coi
test has been spirited this wee!
~ 1 *"? 1 ft
witn fatsy oumtw icaum6
girls and Dickie Marshall shov
ing the way for the boys. Tt
polls close for voting at noon i
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Check-Up Made
: Of Mid-Wive
| Representative Of Stat
i Board Of Health Was I
Brunswick County Lai
Week For That Purpos
Miss Flora Ray. representati\
l of the North Carolina Stal
Board of Health, was in Brun:
wick county last week assistir
i Mrs. Lou H. Smith, county nurs
, in making a complete check-t
of active mid-wives in this se
i tion.
s According to Mrs. Smith, thei
(Continued on page 4)
sToBe Just
lling Fishermei
secretary for not entertaining
any expectations of getting
a good fishing story out
of them on their return.
But, as a matter of form,
the boat was met on its return.
Gl^nn F. Strole was
first encountered, carrying a
shark with much aplomb.
Then came ashore J. N. Coburn
with two gulf stream
perch, each about 3 inches in
length; Morrison Formy Duval
had nothing but his rod
and reel. Dr. R. C. Saddler
carried a pleased smile and
nothing but; Wayland Lennon,
of the Fairmont branch,
appeared far more distinguished
than he really is. Mine
host O'Brien wore a fairly
well satisfied expression as
he preceded Oliver Nelson,
who acted as porter, and bore
ashore the general catch of
some fifteen or twenty
pounds of fish. At least, they
all had a good boat ride,
The Pilot Covers
Brunswick County
Announce Names
Of Flower Show
\ Prize Winners
t Flower Show Was Chief
e Feature Of County Fedt
eration Meeting Held On
Friday Afternoon And
In Addition To Entries,
Special Exhibits From
Local Clubs Proved To
Be Unusually Ate
o The annual county-wide flower
h show was an attractive feature
of the County Federation meetj
ing held Friday at Shallotte.
I, There was an unusually large
number of entries, and in addi'*
tion to these, the special exhi "
bits by members of the local
e clubs were unusually attractive.
Following is a list of the flower
show winners:
Artistic arrangement: Mrs.
Henry Zibelin, wild flowers; Mrs.
J. E. Dodson, sweet peas; Mrs.
l" Robert Wolfe.
Sick room: Mrs. E. F. Gold
ston, Mrs. Henry Zibelin.
Living room: Mrs. Herbert
Russ, Mrs. Henry Zibelin, Mrs.
Beaman Sellars.
Hall: Mrs. Beaman Sellars,
J Mrs. J. E. Dodson.
Porch: Mrs. C. Ed I'ayior, iwr.i.
B. L. Rugs, Mrs. C. O. Ruar: .
[ Dining room: Mrs. E. F. Goldr"
ston, Miss Gladys Frye, Mr. Sigl"
mond Swain.
d Public building arrangement:
is Mrs. Beaman Sellers, Mrs. Henry
Potted Plants: Mrs. Linnle
Hewett, Mrs. Delmas Hewett.
[) Non-flowering plants: Mrs.
Henry Stone.
Perfection of bloom: Roses, .
Mrs. Dan Johnson, Miss Gladys 1
Frye; Poppies, Mrs. John Lan- J
caster; Summer Lillac, Mrs. J. C
E. Dodson; Fever Few, Mrs. E
Henry ZJbelin; Coriopses, Mrs. E. d
C. Woodbury; Lilly, Mrs. Ernest I
Parker; Marigold, Mrs. Furman I
n" Galloway; Ragged Robbln, Mrs. 1
i- Furman Galloway; Petunia, Mrs. (
st Furman Galloway; Larkspur, Mrs. fj
le Beaman Sellars; Nasturstium, Mr. J
Slgman Swain; Carnation, Miss i
Elizabeth Taylor; Daliah, Miss
Jr Brittie Holden, Mrs. John Lancaster;
Gladiolus, Mrs. Charles
m Greer, Mrs. Herbert Russ.
Club exhibits: Exum, Winnas"
bow, Southport.
J," Rock garden: Ernest Parker.
rl Hardware Men
Ji Like Southport
>e So Far As These Fellows
^ Are Concerned Southport
Would Be A Fine Convention
City For Next Year
So far as South Carolina is
concerned, the Hardware Associa
tion of the Carolina's may hold
o its 1939 meeting at Southport. H
? This year's meeting will be held fl
at Columbia, S. C., next year it H
e will be in North Carolina. Scuth- I
n port hopes to have accommoda- M
. tions for the normal attendance
of 200 to 250 members by that n
e time, and will make a bid for H
that meeting to be held here. B
k H- V. Holt, of Burlington, is V
president of the association and fl
~ Hal P. Duvali, Jr., of Cheraw, S. fl
C., is vice-president. The Duvall's ?R
' have been connected with the fl
lp organization since the grandfath- H
er of the present vice-president S
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TideTaMe I
Following Is the tide table 1
| for Southport daring the next Cj
week. These hoars are appro- E
ximately correct and were fur- I
nished The State Fort Pilot I
through the courtesy of the I
Gape Fear Pilot's Association. I
High Tide Low Tide 8
Thursday, May 26 O
4:27 a. m. 10:45 a. m.
5:02 p. m. 11:29 p. m. 9
Friday, May 27 M
5:23 a. m. 11:37 a. m. 9
5:56 p. m. -
Saturday, May 28 H
6:20 a. m. 12:24 a. m.
6:50 p. m. 12:30 p. m.
Sunday, May 29 H
7:16 a. m. 1:17 a. m.
7:44 p. m. 1:22 p. m. H
Monday, May 30 fl
8:10 a. m. 2:10 a. ?n. !
8:37 p. -ii. 2:15 p. m. M
Tuesday, May 31 g|
9:06 a. m. 5:02 a. m. (
9:31 p. m. 3:09 p. m. iSj
Wednesday, June 1 IB
10:04 a m. 3:54 a. ra. IBB
10:26 p.m. -1:04 p. m, H

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