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h^ME TEN NO. 1
ftints To Value j
ft Tourist Flood r
ftto This State
Bziah Says That Every
^Hjtizen Of County Must
Hiealize Value Of The
Annual Tourist Flood To
ve them all a
good time, he says
^ arn All The Points Of InBrest
And Show Tourists
How To Reach Them,
I Hospitality Chairman
^S'Everv citizen of Columbus
H..:v must surely realize what
annual flood of tourists into
Brth Carolina means in econoH
a!;il social returns. Therefore,
one should look upon every
^Er:st as a friend, to aid and
Bist them in every way possiH
Give them all a good time.
Hnv the in how we people who
H,, in this great country the
H,r round can be as friendly ,
Hi hospitable as the old South
B$ the reputation of being." W. B. ?
^Eziaii. vice-chmn. of the Gov- *
Hior's Hospitality Committee Hr
today said. f
"Learn all the points of local
^ ercst and how to reach them.
a guide to every traveler.
the tourist business your
H-iness bv making the vacation
|| any one more enjoyable. Keep- J *
|- in mind the value of the
| en. let us remember
I fable of the horse whose
fct.-r was too careless to reEcf
a loose shoe. This beautiI
- trv is the horse on whom
B are collectively riding: to new 1
Bights of progress and pros- tl
Britjr. aril the tourist trade is ^
lo important shoe, about which,
| we are careless and inatten- 1
Be. will delay the rider from a
Itaining the goal. S
l it is not merely a commercial
Ijective that we. the people of
Ininswick county would achieve 0
L the successful, conscientious _
lltivation of the yearly gatherfg
of people from all part of ?
le country lor these visitors will *
Iject new life and spirit and n
leas into our daily existence, ?
lid should they make their ?
omes here, they will become
ital cogs in our social, as well ^
b economic machine. ,
Besides being courteous and
greeable let the good people of n
lr section interest the visitors J?
ith stories of folklore and of i
le pioneer days of North Caro- ] e
la. We have a heritage of
1 1 ' ? -i u i I c
Ieacn 01 us snuuiu uc puuw
ntcresting history that "
bo told. Visitors will enur
customs and your dia- d
hey will also enjoy trips ?
ur beautiful country and
1 the splendid residential ^
us make this country a .
for home seekers capital j
ndustry. Acquaint them z
ir great religious centers, g
repeat, let's make the E
business our business."
tic Bits ?
)f Big News 1
i Events Of State, g<
on and World-Wide E
erest During Pest w
<nn Paid ?
eral hundred persons who ^
assembled at Princeton, .j.
0 search for kidnapped E
s Bai'ey Cash, Jr., dis- ^
d tonight upon request of n
"ederal Bureau of Inves- ^
on and the parents of the ]e
'ear-old child. It was fear- g
1 demonstration would g
en the abductors who ^
the pajama-clad boy from
ather's apartment house .
c Miami-Key West high- c
Saturday. Cash reported
id, early today the $10,ansom
Pound ?
? ?
wire-bound body of cl
mssing Peter Lcvine? S
hands an ^ct missing b
found and identfied by
ives Sunday night on the f
of the estate of Louis
on Davenport Neck.
Island Sound. The body
ardly more than a mass
'imposed flesh and a few o
but Detectives Edwin f
m and Michael Lynch E
nough of the lad's cloth- c
maincd to make identin
possible. Helmer Stro- o
a yacht captain em- o
by Mrs. Iselin. was h
atinued on page 4) t1
. jL
| TH1
!: ''F'lSL j||Ji I
more than ever this
?ut on the party boat of Ca
iouthport Girl
Dies Suddenly
liss Jeanette Cranmer Died
Friday Night At Home Of
Her Parents, Judge And
Mrs. E. H. Cranmer
A sudden heart attack suffered
0:30 o'clock Friday night at
lie home of her parents was
ital to Miss Jeanette Cranmer,
7-year-old daughter of Judge
nd Mrs. E. H. Cranmer, of
The family had returned home
nly a few hours before from a
isit with Mr. and Mrs. E. H.
iranmer, Jr., of Shreveport, La.,
nd the young girl was reading
i bed before - retiring for the
ight. Her mother left the room
nly a moment before the and,
nd was summoned back to her
aughter's bedside by her final
asp for breath.
So sudden was the passing of
fiss Cranmer that Saturday
lorning found citizens of South-1
ort stunned by the shock of
eath that had so quickly claimd
its youthful victim.
The deceased was the youngest
hild of Judge and Mrs. Cranler.
She was a member of this
ear's senior class of Southport
igh school and received her
iploma less than a month ago.
he was unusually popular with
lembers of the younger set of
he community.
In addition to her parents, she
i survived by two sisters, Mrs.
I. H. Arlington, of the Canal
one, and Mrs. R. I. Mintz, of
outhport: and by three brothers,
!. H. Cranmer, Jr., of Shreveport,
.a., Pearce Cranmer, of Raleigh,
nd Morris Cranmer, of Southort.
Funeral services were conductd
Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock
rom the Trinity Methodist chuch
by the Reverend E. M. Hall,
Schoolmates of the deceased
rved as pallbearers. They were:
gan Hubbard, James Hood, Edard
Taylor, James McKeithan,
an Early Wells, Victor Barteli,
Gene O'Brien and Elliott.
The body was laid to rest in
je family plot in the Southport
jmetery, and the bank of beautill
floral offerings was handled
y girls who were recent grauates
of Southport high school,
hey were: Louise Niernsee,
orothy Jones. Jane Shannon,
lyde Swain, Evelyn Autry, Norla
Johnson, Anna Katharyn
arrett, Marion Frink, Susie Sel:rs,
Norma Johnson, Helen Dean
utton, Lucy Anderson, Margaret
;artells, Ester Mae Potter and
Irs. Ivan Ludlum.
iouthport Lady
Receives Honor
Mrs. J. W. Ruark has been apointed
by the Worthy Grand
latron. Mrs. Alice Culpepper, to
?rve as grand page at the grand
lapter meeting of the Eastern
tar, which will be held in Elizaeth
City June 13-15.
~)ne Case Before
Recorder Judge
Graham Holly, white, was the
nly man tried Wednesday beore
Judge John B. Ward in
irunswick county Recorder's
He was convicted of reckless
peration and was given 90 days
n the roads, this sentence be-!
ug suspended upon payment of i
be costs and a fine of $25.00.
A Gooc
lotfaer Good Cat(
-Greensboro sportsmen are *
year. Above Is a fine catci
ptain Bob Wagoner.?(Cut
Captain James
1^ rt W AT ?
Tf miuiawi
Decision Of One Of Three
Men In Race For State
House Of Representatives
Cause Shake-Up In County's
Hottest Race
If His Followers Switch
With Him To Thomas'
Support Will Probably
Mean His Nomination
Captain James B. Church announced
Monday that he is withdrawing
from the race for the
Democratic nomination for House
of Representatives. In making hisi
statement of withdrawal from
the race Captain Church said
"Personally, I will support Mr.
Neil Thomas."
Thomas is one of the candidates
seeking nomination to the house.
R. E. Sentelle is his opponent,
and this three-cornored race was
developed into one of the most
heated in the history of the coun-1
ty. Captain Church was making
an appeal for the dry vote .and
the general opinion was that a
second primary was inevitable.
It is believed that if Captain J
Church carries the vote of his
suporters to the aid of Thomas,
this will give the Shallotte man
a marked advantage over Mr.
Sentelle. his more experienced
Captain Church's statement follows:
"in view or me circunisuun-ca
which I will not mention in detail,
I feel it best to withdraw
from the June Primary as a candidate
for the House of Representatives.
X wish to sincerely
thank all my friends and supporters
for their efforts in my
behalf. Personally, I will support
Mr. Neil Thomas."
"James B. Church"
Funeral Held
For Mrs. Watts
Funeral services were held last
Monday for Mrs. Annie G. Watts,
who died at her home here following
a prolonged illness.
The last rites were conducted
from the Trinity Methodist church,
with the Rev. E. M. Hall in
charge. Interment was made in
the Southport cemetery.
Mrs. Watts is survived by two
sons, Howard Watts, of Southport,
and Sam F. Watts, of Staten
Island, N. Y. Two sisters,
Mrs. G. D. Robinson, of Southport,
and Mrs. Mod. McLamb, of
East Rockingham, and two brothers,
Neil Galloway, of Whiteville,
and Frank Galloway, of Bolivia,
also survive.
Here's Anothe
To Omil
Frank L. Johnson, of
Statesville, and his chaffeur,
Fred Lawrence, came in Saturday
night for one of their
frequent summer fishing trips.
They were accompanied by
C. C. Foster, also of Statesville,
president of the association
of Bald Headed Men, of
Racine, Wisconsin.
They chartered the Bowmer
boat for Sunday and
a good catch of mackerel,
blues and some trout.
They would, it is thought,
have done much better if it
had not been for Mr. John
I News paper Ii
Southport. N. C.t W
?>' ' Hi
. fnn-rwi|^
coming to Southport for theii
1 recently taken by a party
courtesy Greensboro Daily
B. Church
* As Candidate
f Comity
Office Moved
The office of County Agent
J. tj. uouson nas uwn moved
from the building across
the street from Geo. W. Kirby
and Son store at Supply
into the old lodge building
on the same side of the road
near the Lockwoods Folly
The old quarters became
too cramped for the comfort
of the farm agent's office
with, the beginning of the
new farm bill and an order
was issued by members of
the board of county commissioners
directing Mr. Dodson
to secure more adequate office
housing facilities.
Dolphins Taken
Near Southport
Gulf Stream Fish Are Landed
By Party Aboard
Watts Boat While Trolling
For Blues And Mackerel
A Durham party out on the
boat of Capt. T. H. Watts
brought in the first dolphin
catch of the year Saturday. Oddly
enough, the eight dolphine in
the catch were iaxen wnne uie
party was trolling for ^mackerel
only a short distance off shore.
Dolphins, mackerel and other fish
brought in by this party ran to
about 150 pounds in weight.
Those in the party were, John
i B. and W. H. Nichols, Jr., George
Role, C. W. Whitley, A. J. and
C. B. Weatherly, T. A. Anthony
and I. G. Harris. The party made
only a short trip out, not taking
any lunch with them. They
returned to Durham that af ter(Continued
on page 4)
To Present Play
Friday Night
"Miss Topsy Turvy" or "The
Courtship of the Deacon", a
three-act comedy, will be presented
at the Bolivia school Friday
night, June 3, at 8 o'clock
for the benefit of Antioch Baptist
Those taking part in this benefit
performance are Annie Lidc
Gilbert, Odell Smith, Mary Garner,
Mrs. F. W. Spencer, Bill
Brown, Raymond Gilbert, James
|T. Gilbert, Carl Ward, Jr.
r Pleasure
t While Fishing
son endeavoring to uphoid
his reputation of being the
champion tobacco chcwer of
North Carolina.
"Two Quid Frank," as he
is sometimes called, is alleged
to have kept a large area
around the boat polluted with
tobacco juice. TTiis rendered
the fish dizzy and unable to
clearly see the bait and lures
of the other fishermen. Mr.
surer of the North Carolina
Soft Drink Bottler Association,
and he is credited
with never drinking anything
but coca-cola, )
n A Good Com
rednesday, June 1st, 19^
Mrs. Smith Gives
Schedule Given
For Vaccination
Mrs. Lou H. Smith, County
Nurse, Will Start Vaccination
Schedule Next
Week And Will Cover
Entire County
iAlso Gives Advice To Par'
ents Of Children Who
Enter School For First
Time Next Fall
In announcing typhoid clinic
scheduled for the year, Mrs. Lou
H. Smith says:
Don't forget to get the inoculation
against typhoid, and
see that the babies take toxoid |
to prevent diphtheria. Please take |
your pre-school children that are ;
entering school next fall to your
doctor or to the county nurse
for the smallpox vaccination.
We will be at the following
? places to inoculate against ty.
phoid and diphtheria:
Tuesday. June 7: Arichie Evans
filling station at 8:00 o'clock:
i Supply, Kirby's store at 9:00
' o'clock: Prospect Baptist Church
at 10:00 o'clock: Mt. Pisgah
Church at 11:00 o'clock; Mr. Gus
Holden's home at 12:00 o'clock;
Boone's Neck, Mrs. Johnnie Robinson's
home at 1:00 o'clock;
Mr. Jesse Roach's store at 2:001
o'clock; Sabbath home at 3:00!
| o'clock; Mr. Lee Galloway's home, |
Varaam's Neck, at 4:00 o'clock;
Mr. Harry Varnam's Store at
5:00 o'clock.
Thursday. June 0: Ward's farm
at 9:00 o'clock; Mt. Olive Church
at 10:00 o'clock; Bolivia at 11:00
o'clock; Mill Creek at 1:00
o'clock; Pine Level Colored
School, River Road, at 2:00
o'clock: Marsh Branch School at
3:00 o'clock.
Citizens can get inoculation in
the county health office any Wednesday
during the year.
Edgar Hall Now
Full-Fledged M.D.
Has Completed His Work
In Medical School Of
University Of Pennsylvania;
To Interne At U.
S. Marine Hospital
Edgar M. Hall, Jr., son of Mr.
and Mrs. E. M. Hall, has arrived
home from Philadelphia,
Penn., where he has just completed
work for his M. D. degree
at the medical school of the
University of Pennsylvania.
The young man will visit his
parents "during the month of
June before beginning his internship
on July 1 at the U. S. Marine
Hospital, at Baltimore, Md.
Young Hall attended N. C.
State College, in Raleigh, for one
year and later graduated from
Duke University. The first two
years of his course in medicine
A ? J- /VI i TTIll ?4.
were laxerj at imapei nm ai. cue
.University of North Carolina. His
final two years were taken at
the University of Pennsylvania.
Layman Meeting
In Wilmington
Important Institute For
Church Officers To Be
Addressed By Dr. Geo. L.
Dr. Geo. L. Morelock. secretary
iof the general board of lay activi:
ties of the Methodist church, is
. to be in Wilmington for an institute
of church officers and members
June 5, 6, and 7, according
; to an announcement by the Rev.
W. A. Cade, presiding elder, and
W. A. McGirt. lay leader, of the
1 Wilmington district.
! Dr. Morelock has a message
that will be inspiring and instruc1
tive. He is perhaps the best ini
formed and most influential leader
in Southern Methodism, and
is a gifted speaker.
The first meeting, Sunday
night, June 5, will be a union
service of all the Wilmington
churches of the Methodist deno'
The sessions of the institute
will be held at Grace Methodist
Church, Wilmington, each of the
three evenings at seven-thirty
o'clock, and will be open to the
Pastors, Stewards, Lay Leaders,
Officers of the Sunday School and
Woman's Missionary Societies,
and young men and women who
will soon be leaders in the Church
will drive in to the meetings from
Southport, Whitcville, Lumberton,
Elizabcthtown, Burgaw, Wallace,
Clinton, Kenansville, Jacksonville,
Richlands and intermediate points,
to hear Dr. Morelock June 5, 6
and 7 at 7:30 each night.
AjR. J
% .
r pii
Two Southport
Boys Graduate
David Watson And Dan
Walker Were Members
Of Graduating Class At
Louisburg College This
David Watson, son of Mrs.
George Y. Watson, and Dan Walker,
son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Walker, of Southport, were members
of the graduating class at
Louisburg College this year.
Watson was outstanding in student
activities, being a member
of the basketball team for two
years and captain during his senior
year. He also was a member
of the tennis team for two years.
In addition to his athletic accomplishments,
he was sports editor
of this year's college annual.
Walker made the second highest
scholastic average in his class
and was salutatorian. He also
was secretary-treasurer of his
class, was literary editor of his
college annual and was a member
of this year's tennis team.
Helen Dean Sutton, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Sutton,
graduated from the business department
of the school.
Southport Bab;
Revival Services
At Baptist Church
A series of revival meetings
that has been in progress
at the Southport Baptist
church will come to a
close tonight.
The meeting began last
week, with the Rev. A. L.
Brown, pastor of the church,
doing the preaching. It was
his plan to have a visiting
preacher deliver sermons throughout
this week, but the
services of no suitable man
were available and Mr. Brown
has delivered the sermons
throughout the meeting.
Error Comedy
Lost Saturday
Hectic Baseball Game Goes
To Wilmington Coastline
Team On Local Diamond
By Score Of 13 to 9
The Coastline baseball team
from Wilmington handed the
Southport boys their first defeat
~e 4u" ooooam r\vy thp lnoal dia- I
U1 LUC occ*ov?s* *-??? ?,
mond Saturday afternoon by the
score of 13 to 9.
Numerous errors, weak pitching
and loose playing contributed
to the downfall of the local
nine. The visitors offered a smart,
well-drilled team whose only apparent
weakness was pitching. I
The Coastline boys were away
to a four-run start in the first
inning, but Southport got one
of these markers back in their J
half of the frame. In the last
of the fourth inning Southport
shoved over six runs to take a
7 to 4 lead, which was shortlived.
The visitors managed to
add to their total in every inning
thereafter until the eighth and
Two games are on tap for
Southport this week. Wannanish
is scheduled to play here Thursday
afternoon after being rained
out last Thursday. On Saturday
afternoon the strong Ivanhoe nine
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Northern Bees
After Wintt
The newest type of Northern
tourists who come South to enjoy
the balmy winter weather
arc capable of making this section
much sweeter by their visit.
The yare also capable of stinging
anyone who unsets the decorum
of their lives.
The tourists we have in mind
arc?bees. They have little affection
for the rigid Northern climate
and apiarists arc each year
finding it more and more profitable
to send their hives South
for the winter.
Some of the 1100 Northern colonies
which enjoyed the mild climate
this year in eastern North
Carolina gathered honey in Brunswick
county and mingled with
bees of soft-spoken accents who
said perhaps "you all", "yas, suh"
and might even have accused the
Northern bees of being damnyankees.
The Northern bees might
have retaliated by calling their
Southern friends "rebels". But
perhaps they did not stop to
wave "the bloody flag" but con
Voters To N
In Primj
For Sheriff !
I i
.' il
J. A. RUSS?is seeking the
Democratic nomination to
succeed himself as sheriff
of Brunswick county in the
I primary election Saturday.
y Show Is
Checks were mailed last week
to winers of the annual fall and
winter garden contest for Brunswick
First prize of $5.00 went to
Mrs. J. E. Dodson, of Ash, and
second prize went to Mrs. Carl
Ward, of Bolivia.
The purpose of the contest is
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Return Home
:ring In County
tented themselves with gathering
nectar from the Dixie flowers
and agreeing that they all enjoyed
reading "Gone With The
"Apiarists who are bringing
their bees into North Carolina
find that their winter loss of
bees is materially less because
of the mild climate and since
spring comes much earlier here,
the bees have ample time to
build up into strong colonies beI
fore time to move them back
j north for the honey harvest",
says Dr. David L. Wray, associate
entomlogist of the State
Department of Agriculture.
With the "tourist bees" wintering
in Columbus County and
other sections of the state, the
entomology division of the department
has made rigid inspections
to prevent the spread of
the dreaded disease of young bees
known as foulbrood.
North Carolina itself is regarded
as a "substantial honey pro|
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e ??
Dickie Marshall Won Popularity
Contest For Boys
And Patsy Burris Was
Winner In Girls' Division
Originally Scheduled For
Last Thursday, Cool, Inclement
Weather Has
Necessitated The
The oft' postponed Southport
Baby Show wil! be staged this
(Wednesday) afternoon, the weather
Originally scheduled for last
Thursday afternoon, cool and Inclement
weather has caused postponements
from day to day. However,
from all reports delay has
not dulled interest, for fond parents
have used the intervening
time making better and more attractive
The popularity contest held in
(connection with the show was
| won by Dickie Marshall son of
Mrs. Josephine Marshall, in the
bovs' division and Patsy Burris
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. I.
Burris, for the girls. Runner-up
for the boys was Clarke Fergus,
son of Dr. and Mrs. L. C. Fergus,
while second place winner
for the girls was Gertrude Cause
McNeil, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Gus McNeil.
Garden Contest
Prizes Given
Winners Of Brunswick
County Garden Contest
Receive Cash Awards In
Recognition For Good;
The Pilot Covers I
Brunswick County I
$1.50 PER YEAR I
[ominate I
s Saturday I
iry Election I
For First Time In Recent 1
Years Republican Nomi- 9
nees Will Be Named By I
Party Members In Pri
mary 9
Meanwhile, Election Machi< fl
nery Is Set Up To Handle B
Heavy Volume Of Vot- 8
ing Expected Satur- fl
Brunswick county voters, both H
Democrats and Republicans, will H
go to the polls Saturday to no- ?
minate their candidates for the H
general election in November. fl
For the Republicans this will M
mark their first entry into the I
primary in recent years, and n fl
upirked contest has been in pro- fl
gress between candidates for the H
four offices for which nominees H
will be named.
In addition to county officers, H
Democratic voters will nominate 9
a candidate for United States H
Senator, Utilities Commissioner, H
Judge and Solicitor of the eighth H
judicial district. fl
A heated campaign has been fl
in progress here during the past ifl
few weeks, and the race is ex- H
pected to quicken to even u fast- fl
er pace before Saturday's pay- fl
Frank Hancock, of Oxford, fl
seeks to unseat Senator Robert H
R. Reynolds in one of the state fl
races, while Robert D. Grady goes H
against Stanley Winbourn. incum- |fl
bent Utilities Commissioner. H
Solicitor John J. Burney is op- IB
posed by Clifton L. Moore, of 19
Burgaw, for Judge of Superior Hj
court in the eighth judicial dls- 19
Burney's vacated solicitor's post 19
is being sought by David Sin- Hj
clair, of Wilmington, and Junius IjjE
K. Powell, of Whiteville. 9
S. Bur.r Frink will be opposed
by W. S. Wells for the noffiln- HSj
ation to the state senate and 19
R. E. Sentelle and Cornelius Tho- IE
mas will scrap it out for repre- H
sentative to the lower house of H
the North Carolina General As- m
sembly. 9
B. J. Holden, clerk of Superior H
court, is being oposed in his |H
quest for re-nomination by Sam N|
T. Bennett. 9
The race for Recorder's court IB
judge is a three-cornered affair
between Dr. E. D. Bishop. Walter
Stanaland and M. B. Watkins. SB
Sheriff J. A. Russ must beat H
two opponents if he is to be re- 19
nominated. His adversaries are H|
Wrent Mintz and Dillon L. Gancy. H
John G. Caison likewise has H
two men to beat for the coroner's H|
nomination. They are M. A. Nor- H|
throp and Drew Dong. M
Eight men are seeking the
three places on the board of M
county commissioners. They are f"?|
J. M. Roach, Sam J. Frink and
O. A. Lewis, members of the KJ
present board, R. Will Davis, J. fix
Roland Mintz, L. C. Tripp, J. C.
Chadwick and S. C. Gore. 1H
Five have declared their candl- fi|
dacy for the board of education.
They are G. T. Reld, R. I. Phelps BA
and R. T. Woodside, incumbent, ^9
Don Hatrelson and Otho P. Bel
lamy. HI
On the Republican ticket former
aheri f F. L. Lewis is opposed
by R. J. Sommersett and William
Mathews. M
D. R. Johnson and Charles M.
Trott are opponents for their !
party's nomination to the House H
(Continued on Page 4) fl
Tide Table I
Following Is the tide table fl
for Southport during the next fl
week. These hours are appro- fl
xlmately correct and were for- H
nished The State Port Pilot fl
through the courtesy of the H
Cape Fear Pilot's Association. fl
High Tide Low Tide fl
Thursday, June 2 H
11:03 a. m. 4:48 a. m. fl
11:20 p. m. 5:00 p. m. fl
Friday, June S -fl
. a. m. 5:41 a. m. Ilfl
12:02 p. m. 5:50 p. ill. IB
Saturday, June 4 fl
12:16 a. m. 6:35 a. m. jfl
1:01 p. m. 6:59 p. m. IB
Sunday, June 5 tfl
1:12 a. m. 7:30 a. m.
2:01 p. m. 7:50 p. m. jjfl
Monday, June 6 flj
2:08 a. m. 8:24 a. m. fl
2:58 p. m. 8:59 p. m. K
Tuesday, June 7 9
3:03 a. m. 9:16 a. m. jfl
3:52 p. m. 9:56 p. nt. jfl
Wednesday, June 8 H
3:55 u. m. 10:06 a. m. fl
4:12 p. in. 10:18 p. m. ^9

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