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AJ1 Oie Time
Officials Dec
JHold Soutl
I Race At V
flowing Success Of Last P
H year's Regatta Southport f
I Residents Had Looked ^
I forward All Season To I
I Jailing Regatta "
\V. Scheper Writes W.
Keziah That A Cornel
pillec Reported Favorably
On Beach
Course in
>- a letter this week to W. B. lei
<>f the South- W]
Oiv:e Club. F. W. Scheper, se
E-olore of the South Atlantic ev
HfsofctmE Association, stated that
^1. . irial race will be ,dU
I in
,ch- op
year the Southport regatta by
. : tonal affair stag- M,
:.'lina Yacht Club, g
I Wilmington. Southport citizens (b
officials of that bo
in their power br
rnake the visit of the yachts- bv
i "Mowing the races t0
, announced that the
-f the South Atlan- fa
v --ociation would be
. this year at Southport. fa
I Two weeks ago the Carolina br
- Club held a local race on an
Banks channel gg
II,. , , rrmo-i.Te Scheper and otL
representatives of the South a
Att.r.tiC Regatta committee at- wl
with the idea of invest!- on
Intins the possibilities of the yo
J at Wrightsville for the sa
Lsacation races in August. His
uaouncenient followed that visit, wl
PC! wing is a portion of the ta
letsr from Commodore Scheper: an
At the annual meeting of the
grotb' Atlantic Regatta Associa- mi
to held in Beaufort some wl
iwis ago a resolution was po
adopted that a committee be ap- hu
poratti for the purpose of look- fa
the course at Wrights-jhe
I r.'.'e 5- h with a view of deterI
if same, would be suitable to
I ' "s Regatta. bu
In confromity with the provi- in
r/r.j nf this resolution a com- th
rr.tee fmm the Association visit- ha
e: Wrightsville Beach on last in;
Sunday ami went over the course. ' tU
While the-course at Southport offer?
certain advantages over the mi
Wrightsville course, it was felt da
k :ie committee that the course Ri
|t Wrightsville would be suitable wl
to hold the 19.';8 Regatta.
It is a policy of the Associa
.' develop and create interest i
S yachting along the entire I
tooth Atlantic seaboard and.
'here possible, to hold regattas
rr. different places each year. The
fi'Tmodations at Wrightsville
Beach are somewhat better than . i
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Little Bits
Of Big News ;of
H x?'
I Hiwi Event* Of State, j
I Nation and World-Wide I ov
I Interest During Past pr
Week Fc
B Furors Plan
I The Bittrr issue of govern- Jn
ment reorganization appeared ^
I likdy tonight to nlay a major ^
I 10 1938 Campaigning. M,
I President Roosevelt made plain m.
I pn sa conference Tuesday ^
I >!ternoon that he had not abI
aiKioned the idea of revamp- j,0
in? the executive branch of an
the government, despite his
I <>n the issue at the
session of congress. The je{
puHir wants a reorganization .
h'1". he said. He predicted that
one would be enacted, to put
"it government on a business- r.
I on
B'Jf Gettysburg ?c
A new generation of fight- So
I - men, deploying on ground ed
' "rr a nation's unity was reI
^'ahished. showed their eldI
forebears Monday how
I , war would be waged.
I j 1t's 162nd anniversary of
^ncan independence 3,000 i
I J;-'1 ar army troops with the Pr
I '*est in military machines i 10
11 w parade before the ]
"timed hut watchful eyes of sel
I m 'tllp t)an(' of men wl10 brav- on
canister and grape, the thi
t and shell of 75 years Ci
This was another of the wl
I "'"spiring spectacles of the I mi
I 2noo"'0,'E last rf,union of the|G
veterans of the Union be;
1 ""federate armies. The Jo
ir 'iay Ingram brought on-1 El
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ide To
i Atlantic
amily Reunion
)bserved Sunday
embers Of Sellers Family
Gathered Sunday At The
Home Of O. B. Sellers,
At Supply, For HomeComing
Members of the Sellers family
Brunswick county gathered
mday at the home of O. B. Sel-s.
* at Supply, in the first of
lat is expected to become a
ries of annual home-coming day
Devotional exercises were conicted
under the spreading oaks
the front yard. Following an
ening song there was prayer
the Rev. Luther Williams,
ethodist minister, of Elloree,
C. There followed a sermon by
e Rev. T. F. Johnson, of Winnaiw,
who used as his text Heews
11:18. Closing prayer was
Walter G. Phelps, of Wilmingn.
The table erected in the yard
r the purpose of spreading
nch was found to be inadequate
r the" bountiful supply of food
ought in the picnic baskets, so
i extension was made and all
thered around for the repast.
An interesting preliminary was
tribute paid Simeon Sellers.
10 celebrated his 78th birthday
; that date, and a group of the
ung gathered about him and
ng "Happy Birthday."
Then came the dinner hour
ren all gathered around the
ble piled high with fine food
ivi nic iw (.licit ncai i o tumciu,
After dinner came the enrollent
of guests present, after
lich C. Ed. Taylor, of Southrt,
spoke with considerable
iraor and interest of the Sellers
mily in Brunswick county as
has known it.
Mr. Phelps, of Wilmington, then
ok an opportunity to pay triite
to O. B. Sellers, who was
charge of arrangements for
e day. Mr. Sellers, he testified,
d played a major role in bringZ
him into the fold as a Chrisin.
A poll was next made to deterine
the oldest person in attennce,
and this honor went to
chard D. Sellers, of Shallotte,
io was over 81-year-old of age.
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ounty Council
Meeting Is Held
teresting Demonstrations
re Given For Benefit Of
Club Women At CountyWide
The Brunswick County Council
Home Demonstration Clubs
5t at the Eastern Star recrea>n
hall in Southport Thursday.
Mrs. Joe P. Verzaal presided
er the business session. She
esented a skit entitled, nepon
ir District Meeting."
The Editor of the State Port
lot gave suggestions to the
ub reporters on the most imrtant
points to cover in club
ite-ups and manner of writing
rs. Cannon was elected "County
porter?Home Management was
iected as the major project for
e next two years, and Miss
itnie Whisnant explained the
iin objectives. Mrs. Dosher,
me agent, presented the minor
ojects. Plans were made for
uncil and federation meetings
d a nominating committee was
Miss Whisnant, of State Colfe,
Raleigh, gave an interest?
demonstration on "Re-Uphosring."
Following lunch Miss Sallie
ooks, Raleigh, presented a demstration
in making cottage
eese and its use in the menu,
ilivia, Exum, Leland, Town
eek. Phoenix, Winnabow and
uthport Clubs were representat
the meeting.
ocal Preacher
In Installation
There will be no service in the
esbyterian church Sunday, July
The Rev. J. R. Potts has been
Iected by the Presbytery as
e of a commission to install
i new pastor of the Morehead
ty Church. The commission
II be composed of the following
nisters and ruling elders: Rev.
A. Wilson, D. D? Rev. J. Rort
Phipps, and Rev. J. R. Potts,
Iin Hall and Prof H. L. Joslyn
Jers. Rev. Potts is to preach
j sermon.
? - - - J
A Gooc
Closing Week
For Vacation
Bible School
Record Attendance Continues
During First Part Of
This Week And Encouraging
Progress Is Being
Public Is Invited To Attend
Program Which Will Review
Work Being Accomplished
By The
The Union Dally Vacation Bible
School is now in the midst of
its second week, and the eyes of
students and teachers are truned
to Friday night when there will
be a commencement program to
which the public is invited.
There will be a display of hand
work and of articles made by the
boys, attendance certificates will
be awarded and the program will
present a review of the work done
in Bible school.
At the end of the first week
the Rev. A. L. Brown, principal,
announced the following statistical
figures in connection with the
school. There are 61 boys enrolled,
62 girls and 15 members of
the faculty; a total of 139. The
largest attendance was 130, while
the average daily attendance was
Last year the largest daily attendance
was 109.
D...J D.k RA
ooraer oeii ivi
Begin Sa
. ^
Dates For Openings Fixed I
At Meeting Of The U. S.
Tobacco Association In
West Virginia Friday
President Of Association
Says That Wage-Hour
Bill Will Prove Burdensome
To Leaf Tobacco
The tobacco markets of the
South Carolina belt, will open
ion Thursday, August 4th, it
was decided Friday at the
annual convention of the United
States Tobacco Association at
White Sulphur Springs, W. Va.
Decisions with regard to the
openings came alter long hours
of discussion by the sales committee
and the association as a
Dates for the opening of the
other markets of the country are
as follows: Georgia, July 28;
South Carolina, August 4; Eastern
North Carolina, August 25th;
Middle Belt, September 13; Old
Belt, September 27, and the dark
fired belt of Virginia November
There had been considerable debate
in local circles as to just
when the tobacco markets of this
belt might be opened. A diversified
opinion among tobacconists
was that the markets would open
either on August 2nd or August
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S. I. Burris Buys
Wilmington Store
S. I. Burris, promminent Southport
seafood dealer, announced
Tuesday the purchase of the
Robert C. Fergus retail market
in Wilmington.
This will give the Southport
man a retail outlet nearby for
much of the seafood that he buys
at his dock in Southport.
The purchase price involved in
this business deal was not disclosed.
Official Returnsprecincts
Hoods Creek 28
Leland 18
Town Creek 28
Bolivia 46
Smithville 106
Mosquito 19
Supply 32
Secession 97
Shallotte 144
Frying Pan 83
Grissett Town 47
| Shingletree 63
Longwood 25
Ash ? 78
Waccamaw 16
Exum 45
Total 875
In A Good Com
Wednesday, July 6, 1938
Increase Number
1 Of Teachers In
County Schools
I Addition Of Agriculture
Department At Waccamaw
And One Additional
High School Teacher
Adds Two To Faculty
Two Members Added To
The Faculty At Shallotte
In Addition To Instituting
George Reid
Faculty additions will be made
at two Brunswick county schools
this year as a result of teacher
allotments announced last week
by Miss Annie May Woodside,
county superintenaenc of schools.
At Waccamaw there will be a
new department of vocational
agriculture, the first in Brunswick
county. In addition, one new
i member has been added to the
i regular high school faculty, mak"
ing the total number of teachers
^ at Waccamaw this year 18.
r In the Shallotte - Lockwoods
Folly schools the faculty increas'P
es from 25 to twenty-eight. In"e
eluded is a George Reid teacher,
0- to be paid by the George Reid
e- Foundation as head of a new de'g
partment in home economics,
n. At Southport attendance figu
1 News paper
Southport, N. C., ^
' .? >\? .> : ^
Marlowe, superintendent i
the Highway Prison cam
at VVhiteville, is shown hei
proudly exhibiting the 7
pound shark which he r
cently landed at Holden
Beach in Brunswick Cou
ty. "It's the best meat
ever tasted," comment*
Mr. Marlowe.
arkets To
les August 4tl
L .
Puts Stop To
Moving Building*
Captain I. B. Bussels, representing
the owners of the
pro|>erty leased to the U. S.
government as a site for the
CCC camp here, tacked up
signs forbidding trespassing
Friday, July, and operations
of dismantling and removing
buildings came to an
abrupt halt.
The property was leased
from year to year at the
rate of ?1.00 per annum.
Captain Bussels says that
there was a verbal understanding
that all buildings
and improvements should go
to the property owners at
the expiration of the lease.
Agter the camp had been
moved from here work soon
began on moving the buildings.
All except one barracks,
the foresters quarters
and the officers quarters were
removed before the July 1
deadline, when he lease expired.
Wilmington Is
l-To-0 Winne
One Unearned Run In 61
Inning Decides W e I
Played Baseball Can
With Wilmington A1
Star Aggregation
One un-earned run in the six
inning decided the baseball gar
played here Monday afternoi
between Southport and the W
mington all-stars, an outfit cor
posed of members of the vario
teams in the city league.
Spencer was in top form ai
pitched a beautiful game f
Southport. On two occasions 1
was in a tight spot, but sa
for the sixth he pulled hims<
out without trouble. Only s
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-Second Primary
>> 3 a J?
Ill f f
O 05 > h S
38 29 34 42 11
129 46 95 99 31
233 40 212 96 141
78 54 68 64 51
254 67 295 116 238
16 24 9 10 2c
22 39 11 27 2c
106 120 84 81 101
48 124 72 154 37
101 102 87 121 51
44 75 16 22 7C
83 134 10 47 91
19 43 3 25 IS
74 87 3 22 21
27 40 10 48 . 12
18 54 10 48 12
1290 1076 1071 1086 96S
j res fell only two or three short
v of qualifying the school for an
extra elementary teacher. If parents
will start all of their chil?
dren of school age to school on
the first day this fall it is likely
that attendance figures will at the
end of the first month justify an
L addition to the faculty of 11.
11 Leland will lose one of her
twelve teachers, while at Bolivia
? the number of faculty members
remains the same at 12.
Last year there were 49 colorj
I ed teachers in the county and
for next year the number has
~~ been reduced to 48.
Seven Cases In
County Court
{Busy Day Before Judge
John B. Ward Wednesday
Following Week's
Postponement During
Superior Court
Seven cases were disposed
here in Recorder's court Wednesday
before Judge B. Ward as
several cases that were postponed
from the previous week were
James Davis, colored, pleaded
guilty to charges of larceny and
he was bound over to Superior
court under bond of $500.00.
James Cromartie, colored, pleaded
guilty to charges of operating
a motor vehicle while under
the influence of intoxicating liquor.
He was sentenced to 90
days on the roads and his driver's
license was suspended for
90 days.
Howard Bellamy, white, pleaded
guilty on a similar charge
? and he was required to pay a
fine of $50.00 and the costs and
his driver's license was revoked
th for one year.
J. The case against J. C. Crouch,
,e white, charging larceny was nol
U_ prossed without cost to the
The case against Elsie Lewis.
colored, lor making an assault
ne with a deadly weapon was dis3n
missed without cost to the counil
n. Oscar Nelson and Henry Gainy,
ug white, pleaded guilty to charges
of larceny and were each given
30 days on the roads. Their senor
tences were suspended upon payhe
ment of the costs and upon the
ve further condition that the defen,lf
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iix ????????????
Comstock Now
- Working On Bar
The U. S. E. Dredge Somstock
arrived last week from
Georgetown, S. C., and now is
engaged in dredging operations
at the Cape Fear river bar.
It is not known just how long
she will remain here.
Jenrette Is
Seriously Hurt
Clarence H. Jenerette, prominent
Brunswick county citizen,
was seriously injured Tuesday
morning in an automobile accident
near Grissettown.
Jenerette was headed toward
Southport when a small child
started to cross the road in front
of his machine. He swerved his
car to avoid hitting the child and
ran into a tobacco barn. His arm
was badly cut and the automo|
bile that he was driving was
badly damaged.
r pii
Official S<
Returns <
And Sta
Roland Mintz
Has Notified Members Of
County Board Of Elections
That He Demands
That His Name Appear
Upon Ticket This Fall
Bases His Contention Upon
Message Received By Local
Men From Chairman
Of State Election
J. Roland Mintz, who was second
high man in the second primary
race for county commis_
. , ? 4 J x: ~ A
sioner Saturday, nas nomieu
Chairman G. T. Rourk, of the
Brunswick County Board of elections,
that he is demanding that
his name appear on the ballot in
the general election in November.
He claims that he is the rightful
nominee, and says that if J. M,
Roach is declared the nominee
hee will appeal to the state election
It is the contention of Mintz
that the 969 votes received by
Roach in the June primary was
120 votes short of a legal nomination.
Roach was second high
man, and when L. C. Tripp filed
for the second primary he specified
that he was running against
Mintz, who was third in the
Payne And Tu
Lives For IV
Department Of
Health Unchanged
Members of the board of
county commissioners in regular
session here Monday
decided that Brunswick county
will be unable to expand
the personnel of the health
department because of lack
of sufficient funds.
Recently a representative
from the state board of
health appeared before the
board of commissioners and
explained provisions for expansion
in cooperation with
a district health officer.
The commissioner passed a
resolution to pay Recorder
J. B. Ward $75 per month
from the time he assumed
his duties until July 1. From
that d ate his pay will be at
the rate of $100.00 per month.
Southport Nine
Win ? l.nsp 1
? f mmrn, mmj MWW A
Games Against Leland And
Dredge Crew Added To
Win Column; Coastline
Boys Gain Victory In
Wierd Contest
Southport defeated Leland
Thursday afternoon on the former's
diamond by a score of 31 to
15 in a free-for-all comedy of errors.
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Huge Shark Is
Landed On S
It takes a lot of muscle,
science, skill and everything
you have to bring a 355pound
shark alongside a boat
or dock with nothing in the
way of tackle except an ordionary
casting rod, reel and
E. H. Best, of Erwin, did
just that early Sunday morning
while waiting to go out
on a fishing trip with a party
from Erwin and Wilmington.
They were aboard the Volushia,
of Captain E. L. Kra|
hnke. The boat was tide up
at the pilot dock and Mr.
Best idly baited his hook with
a piece of salt mullet. He
did not have to wait long
for results.
Somewhere down in the 21feet
of water the shark
struck. The fisherman's first
idea was that his hook had
become fouled on a submarie,
or a floating submerg-....
.ed log. There was just a slow
.and relentless pull that bade
5Cond Prim
Show Gain
naland Arc
Will Contest f
Of J.M. Roach
K>, ; |
? r
? ? r
first primary. !
A ruling receiveed from Chair- ,
man Lucas of the State Board ^
of Elections by R. E. Sentelle f
last week just before the election
i stated that "In opinion three ,
candidates, Roach, Mintz and ,
Tripp, should be on your ballot (
Saturday." Believing that he had ,
been lawfully nominated in the
: first primary, Roach had waged \
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? ,
mer Pay With j
lurder Of Penn 1
* " !
Desperadoes Who Spent j
Much Time In Brunswick
County Died In The Le- .
thai Gas Chamber Friday jj
Payne And Turner Both j
Die Without The Bravado
Which Characterized
Their Checkered
Bill Payne and Wash Turner,
who made their headquarters in ]
Brunswick county for several s
months last year while they en- '
joyed the doubtful distinction of '
being the state's most notorious (
criminals, went to their death in j
the gas chamber at central prison (
in Raleigh Friday morning strip- (
ped clean af all the glamour of .
their lawless lives.
Silently, with Hps grim, John
Washington Turner, 37 and the ]
younger of the pair, went first. (
He entered the lethal gas cham- .
ber at 10:30 and was dead at |
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Tobacco Barns 1
In C.nuntV ?
JL* W? WW * ww ?_- v ^ ,
Two tobacco barns were razed i
by fire in the Grissettown sec- <
tion during the past week. H. A. <
Mintz, who had just completed a ,
new barn and installed the oil ,
burning system, lost his barn j
Tuesday when the oil tank ex- ,
The other barn to burn belonged
to S. J. Frink.
Hooked And
outhport Dock
fair to break the rod, certainly
the line.
But Mr. Best had done
some heavy fishing somewhere.
He knew how much
that rod would stand. He
braked his reel and plied his
rod for all the resistance
that either would
stand. After a long period
of grudingly giving out line
he was able to slowly take
it back in and keep it. No
one clocked the performance,
but is said to have
been a full hour after the
shark was first hooked before
it was worked alongside
the Volushia and there somebody
gaffed it. Lines were
slipped over its head and
with much exertion on the
part of half a dozen men It
was hoisted to the dock.
More than 50 photographs
were made of the catch. The
other Erwin men in the
party were V. S. Swanson,
J H. A. Best and J. C. Byrd. ,
i I
The Pilot Covers
Brunswick County S
$1.50 PER YEAR
ary I
iy,Tripp J
^ Winners 1
tace Between Watkins And
Stanaland For Recorder
Was In Doubt Until Of- JJl
ficial Canvass Was Made
? E
'iled Up Majority Of 415
Votes Over Sheriff J. A.
Russ In Second Primary
Battle For
Dillon L. Gainy, Walter M. K
Stanaland and L. C. Tripp emerged
from Saturday's second pri- . I
nary battle victorious over their
Leading: the ticket was Gainy jfi|
vho piled up a vote of 1,290 for H
t 415 majority over J. A. Russ, i
ncumbent, who had 875 votes, S
The race between Stanaland j
ind M. B. Watkins was in doubt
intil the official canvass Tueslay
morning:. Up to that time I
t was believed that the two
nen had finished in a dead heat ;
vith 1,068 votes each, with one
>f Stanaland's votes being: in dis- I
>ute. The official canvass gavo BB
Itanaland a narrow margin of S|
i 5-vote maiority. 1,076 to 1,- SI
Tripp secured a 117-vote ma- j
ority over J. Roland Mintz in tha
ace for nomination as member H|
>f the board of county commts- I I
doners. Ti-ipp had 1,086 votes IS
is compared with 969 for his I
Unusual was the total vote 1
:ast in the election. It was be- K
ieved that because there was no I
listrlct nor state race there H
vould be a falling off of interest. M
However, the total number vot- Ijl
ng for sheriff was 2,165, only SI"
254 votes short of the top total :U
:ast in the f.'rst primary for
Superior court Judge.
Peaceful Fourth |
Observed Monday 1
Many Visitors Came To Go ?
Fishing and Were Handi- j
capped By Bad Weather; J
Modoc Fired Noon-Day I
One could hardly dettgihe the I
Fourth of July as a quiet day jfl
it South port From anautical j
standpoint. it was about as H
ough as it could be but all the V
roughness was confined to the H
dements and the sea. Everybody I
lad a quiet, good time, except H
'or the disappointment that many H
:xperienced through inability to fl
'et outside for some of the H
Southport fishing. H
The bank, post office, court MH
rouse and business places were 1:1
dosed. The absence of South- j. 1
sorters who usually go to nearby fl ]
seaches or somewhere for the 4th | j
vas more than made up for by 9 I
the visitors who came in to go fl ]
fishing and found they could not. HI
But, several of them stayed over I j
'or better weather. I
The Coast Guard cutter Modoc hj?i
brought the greatest sembionce I'M
if a 4th of July celebration to H
Southport. Coming down the 1 I
river on an errand somewhere KK
sutside, she entered the South- JH
x>rt harbor at Just twelve "! 8
I'clock and in accordance with
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Tide Table I
Following is the tide table I
for South port daring the next 1H
week. These hours are appro- f I
ximately correct and were fur- 1
nlshed The State Port Pilot j I
through the courtesy of the Mafl
Cape Fear Pilot's Association. H I
High Tide Low Tide VI
Thursday, July 7 ; , I
8:22 A. M. 9:82 A. M. If
4:12 P. M. 10:19 P. M. ID
Friday, July 8 E I
4:18 A. M. 10:28 A. M. SI
5:01 P. M. 11:08 P. M. I
Saturday, July 9 idl
5:02 A. M. 11:10 A. M. |H|
5:46 P. M. fill
Sunday, July 10 i
5:48 A.M. 11:54 A.M. H |
6:28 P. M. 11:65 P. M. Hj|
Monday, July 11 ]
6:82 A. M. 12:89 A. M. M
1:07 P. M. 12;37 P. M. jfl
Tuesday, July 12 1
7:14 A. M. 1:21 A. M. IV
7:1.? P. M 1:19 P. ill. jfl
Wednesday, July 18 I 1
?:55 A. M. 2:01 A. M. 1.11
8:22 P. M. 1:58 P. * 1 y I

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