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    S Most Of The News
* AH The Time
Me?Oi Shrimp
&at Derby Has
jHet With Favor
f^Ln Every Side Has Come
,^Bcourageinent That Indi^^ ?a,ej
That This Event
fan Bc Staged Here Sue fuTATIVELY
^Libility Of Making This
Kg Annual Affair Is Stujied
With Enthusiasm
Py Interested Ones
idea of staging a Shrimf
perbv as principal feature
K gala Labor Day Week-end
has met with general
Hp, and plans are moving
to make September 3-4-5 a
K,.; climax to Southport's
season and a fitting inHg&ction
to fall fishing.
its event is a natural in sever
respects. In the first place
^ .yp-irt is the only North CaroH
town which features shrimpH
as a leading industry. NaH
]v enough, the season will
be moving into its busiest
Kdod about September X. This
^Katis that the local fleet will
H-; hv numerous upstate
^ftsts that come here each fall
-V?M K? ??onA than
IHitj tfKTC Slll'um wv v
kindred speedy, able crafl
L;v and anxious to enter a
Eestaged on Sunday when there
E nn poasibility of interfering
E, their regular week's work
swe shrimp boats are built
L fte most part with the idea
E making them sea-worthy and
I there seems to be little
Litwr.ent in prospect for spectaEn
at a race between craft ol
Efc type. Forseeing such a conCbo-..
\V. B. Kcziah, who oriEntei
the idea, has suggested
bit one of the features of the
Ilia be that spectators be permitIted
to trie as passengers on conBstirf
boats. That thought is
Iteri to top from the point of
hse-o - Interest
I Thm 1 e event still
[ft :n 9f formative stage and
[toe ire many angles to be
Itnuffttened out. For instance,
[toe is the matter of prizes,
lien there is the question of
classifying and handicapping the
tats so that the race will give
pry entrant a chance to win.
u of this can be ironed out
Italy at a mass meeting of
t owners, and promotors of
p event probably will call a
deference of these men within a
is days.
Little Bits
Of Big News
I Wi "vents Of Stat*,
I Nstion and World-Wid*
I Interest During Past
Jtatt/ Transfers
Georgia Growers had tobacco
I in excess of marketing quotas,
I ind North Carolina farmers
I aad quotas larger than their
I tobacco crop Monday, but the
I Agricultural Adjustment AdI
ministration remained adament
? its policy of "no lump transI
fers of quotas between states."
The way was left open for
I individual growers to buy and
I sell "quota pounds," however,
I st prices to be fixed by agreeI
sent of the individuals, or at
4 mmimum of five cents per
I Vota pound if the deal is
I bandied through a warehouseI
aan. This transaction simply
I aeans the farmer who grows
I ?ore than his quota of tobacI
? may purchase the right to
I his excess tobacco from
I pother farmer who produces
" - than his quota.
O'Daniel, a flour dealer
Htm, Cra?^ politics wide open
l)a? 8 hl!lbllIy band- apparently
Biy ?osen Texas' next Governor
B.t'cvv ' Maur.v Maverick, ardent
Dealer, was seemingly de
jrn! Saturday's democratic
Two other incumbent
pftt.,ntatives. one praised by
Roosevelt, were left
Otfe tabu'ation of returns
Cosib, the man with the Ten
lbrinfa'Jments P'atf?rm and the
IW to w m?untain nousic, appearI
^ a!Ve c,lnched the democraI
k?.ft,,"atorlal nominee over a
I krty, le!d of e,even toes- The
I to ei-M n?minat'on is tantamount
?otion in Texas.
I ^cide f *Ta
flare-lit scene of hyste
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T. '?
On Battel
S|>* ^1 Bh^K^ J* m
) m '.i ?*:': ':-j/. . 4-' J
, A >-^ ' V _ ' ; * ': ' ;/ : " 'V
" ' '<
' ; <* ^
I - $'tM
; **
-Ti t ii ii ri ii -i I
ROOKERY?Battery Isli
place for herons, and a movei
[ this body of land protected a
Producers May
Limited Mi
Poundage Allotment. Fori"!
Sale Of 1938 Tobacco I
/"*?*nn Nftt Yof A vn 11 a Kip ll
But County Agent Willij
Iseue Permit
Three Days Notice Must Be
Given That Official And
No Cards To Be Issued
Until August 2nd
The poundage allotments for
individual growers of flue cured
tobacco are not available, but
any producer with an acreage allotment
for tobacco who wishes
to sell on the early markets before
he receives his marketing
card can notify the county office
in writing three days before he
wishes to market his tobacco and
a tentative marketing card will
be prepared which he can get by
calling at the county agent's office.
The operator should call at the
office in person as he will have
to sign for the card. This card (
will permit him to sell a limited 1
number of pounds per acre and
his card for the remainder of his
quota will be issued as soon as
final calculations can be made. (
Cards are not to be issued un- j
til two days before the market
opens. j
C--L C? f
ri5H IT) kJUUld I
Republican Race ;
Chas. M. Trott Was Host t
Friday At Fish Fry Held 1
At Brown's Landing; En- J
thusiasm Was Prevalent c
-~ e
A few of the Brunswick county
republicans met at a fish fry
given at Brown's Landing, near 1
Supply, Friday evening to dis- 1
cuss plans for the forthcoming j
general election. The enjoyable i
i affair was given by Representa- I
tive-nominee Charlie Trott. After .
hearing representatives from all ,
sections of the county speak, the
chairman predicted the election ?
of the entire Republican ticket
next fall. Chairman Jenrette appointed
George Cannon, C. P.
' Willetts and Herbert Potter as
the publicity committee. Other
business matters were discharged.
Among those attending the
meeting were: Chairman C. H.
' Jenrette, Committeemen G. E.
Brooks and 0. C. Andrews. W.
J. Sellers, McKinley Hewe't, F.
L. Inman, R. J. Sommersett, Bob
Inman, C. P. Willetts, F. M. Norris,
W. A. Kopp, F. T. Clemmons,
1 0. R. Johnson, O. P. Holden, Mr.
Stallings, Henry Maultsby, H. M.
' Potter, Mrs. J. C. Potter, R. S.
Willetts and daughters, Mr. and
Mrq. G. H. Cannon and daughters,
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Lewis,
Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Robbins, Mr.
. and Mra Wash HoldcY Mr. and
Mrs. C. M Trott and|fchers.
A Good
ry Island \
a' " *
I 3
^JMjl . . .
ind is a famous nesting
ment is now on foot to have
s a bird sanctuary.
i . y~i i
irketing Cards ;
Marriage Market .
Has Dull Season '
For some reason there
seems to be very llttJe de- _
mand for marriage licenses '
at the office of Register of
Deeds R. I. Mintz, and only
eight permits to wed were
Issued to white couple during
the last quarter. Furthermore,
there has been only
one license issued during the /
month of July. d
Register of Deeds Mintz 1
says that he is at a loss to ^
account for this slack busi- s
ness. He suggests that the
summer Is a mighty dull time j
and that sales may pick up ,
along with farm finances Jp
with the opening of the to- g
baceo market. Then, too, he r
suggests, the people may be ^
too busy with their farm ^
duties until after the harvest
season. p
" i F
Strange Birds a
7 ? ^ L rt'? rf St 4- It 0 ^
riULK 1 Ugc;?? !/? J
In the current issue of The t
hat, bulletin of the North Caro- j,
Ina bird club, is the following: j.
"On the Orton Plantation on g
Tune 14, while looking: out of my ^
vindow over a little plot of
jround which was planted in
ye this spring, I saw the followng
birds feeding together: Bob- J
vhite (3 pr.); Mockingbirds (2
>r.); Mourning Doves (2 pr);
Cardinals (2 pr.); Summer Tanajers
(1 pr.); all of these as well .
is I could guess were mated pairs, j
Vt the same time, within a period j
>f ten minutes, I saw flying over B
l Bald Eagle, a Great Blue Her- 1
m, a Little Blue Heron, Osprey,
American Egret, and possibly a g
Vater Turkey. I am not certain ^
ibout the latter, for while they r
ire quite common over the pond, 1;
hey do not usually fly over here." o
Rain Here This
Was Lighter'
Southport residents who believe
that they have just
cause to claim that this past
week-end was the rainiest
they remember probably will
be loath to believe that the
rainfall was considerably
heavier in other sections of
the county than it was here.
This evidently is true, for
in Wilmington the precipitation
Sunday, Monday and
Tuesday was 7.35 as oompared
with the 4.39 inches recorded
by the local weather bureau
observer for the three-day
In Southport Sunday's rainfall
was the greatest for a
single day with a recording
of 1.35 inches. Wilmington
bowed 3.05 that day.
m i
News paper In j
Southport, N. CM Wedr
School Leaders Es
In Meeting This (
Week At Boone
iupt. Of Education Wood- R. 1
aide Left Tuesday To At- C
tend Second Annual ei
School Conference N
dany Eminent Speakers
Will Be Heard On Two- Esti
Day Program; Clyde De
Erwin Presided nr
Miss Annie M. Woodside, Supt.
f Public Instruction, Brunswick
ounty, left Tues. to attend the r
econd annual state-wide confer- 0f
nee of city and county school Tues
uperintendents under the aus- for ]
>ices of the State Dept. of Public (jet,t
nstruction which opened at aum]
he Applachian State Teachers' now
College Tuesday evening and con- ;n 8
inue through Thursday. Ai
State Supt. Clyde A. Erwin will 0n ]
ireside at the sessions, which will 00 t
?e attended by school heads from ice i
ill parts of North Carolina. said.
John W. Studebaker, United "sed
. bone
States Commissioner of Educaion,
and Lieutenant-Governor wyj
Vilkins P. Horton will be the 0{ f
>rincipal speakers, both to be ja
leard at tne oanquet weane&uay 000
ivening. Well-known figures in wi]]
educational, civic and welfare af- ^
airs of tne State will be heard rate
it the other sessions. the
Registration for the conference as ,
legan Tuesday evening at 7:00 year
)'clock; and Superintendent Erwin cour
ailed the first session to order sIigj
it 8 o'clock. Dr. D. B. Dougher- men
y made the address of wel- ounj
:ome. The topic for the evening each
neeting was "Health and Welfare ]ow_
n the Public Schools"; and spea:ers
were Dr. Carl V. Keynolds,
State health officer, and Mrs. W. [Ml
r. Bost, State welfare director.
Campers Given
Fine Recepticr
[Yoop Of Boy Scouts Here
From Kenedy Home, In Ni
Kinston, Find Shrimp port
House Better Quarters dele*
Than Tents Bapt
Despite the floods up-state. Pat at I
Llderman and Hardy Loftin, lea- atter
!ers at the Kenedy Missionary ferer
Saptist Home at Kinston, arrived by c
ere Monday witn 10 of their the
Soy Scouts to go into camp be- St
ide the big waters. the
The boys are Gibbs Moore, term
ohn Abernathy, Billy Buchanan, visec
Libert Harrington, Frank Crock- inter
r, Clyde Crocker, George John- also
1 r 1 11 /-% -1. XT O ;
on, mamittii onjtucr, in . xici- W1 ,
ing, Chris Creech, Oliver Moss, as I
"homes Crawan, David McKee, Mite
liarles Flynn and Glen Wilder. Poin
Through the courtesy of Sasa Tli
'odale, the boys have not been betU
mt to the necessity of erecting wj,el
,nd sleeping in their tents, Mr. man,
"odale donated the use of his
irge packing house on the river ?_
8 sleeping quarters. This couresy
was appreciated, as the nn
leavy rains did not make campng
out in tents altogether desir,ble.
Mr. Fodale has also been A C
>elpful to the boys and their
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Big Bluefish I gain
Catch Monday here
til s
The best commercial catch of ..
ilues so far this year was made
rtonday morning by Captain
)onnie Watts and his boat, the J^arr
3va Mae. The catch comprised
400 pounds of extra large fish. n
Captain Parris Willis has also
lade several fine catches of lar- T,
:e fish during the past few days. 1 *
"he present activities of the com- y
nercial boats points to extreme- f
y good sport fishing from now
?Week-End J
Than Believed "
With approximately four scho
and one-half inches of rain not
in the course of three days it sam
would seem that July would gett
be well on its way toward ed
establishing a record for face
rainfall. This, again, is a her
wrong assumption, for July's T1
total so far is only 6.07. use
Although there were numer- resp
ous reports of flood and flood be i
threats in other sections of blen
the state, no alarm was felt with
in any section of Brunswick es w
county. The flat country in ed i
this section of the state does out
not lend itself to impound- A
ing flood waters to the point sent
where there is serious danger. and
Then, too, it -takes a Jot of be )
water to saturate this thirs- cour
ty, sandy soil. _ _ year
\ Good Comr
lesday, July 27, 1938
[planation Of
Condition With
Regard Bonds
[. Mintz, Clerk To Board
If County Commissionrs,
Says That County
low Is Current In Debt;
mates Reducation In
ibt Service Requirelents
From Tax Dollar
During Coming
I. Mintz, clerk to the board
county commissioners, said g
iday that the refunding plan f]
Brunswick county's bonded in- ^
edness finally has been con- jj
mated and that the county
is current for the first time _
t the present time there is ?
hand approximately $30,000,- J
0 be applied to the debt serv- ?
ind sinking fund accounts, he
Half of this amount will be
to purchase county funding
Is early in the fall, provided ?
market is satisfactory. This ?
materially reduce the amount
)rincipal to be paid in January.
1 estimated that between $40,and
$50,000 worth of bonds
be retired during the fall,
intz said that the estimated
for the debt service fund for
current year will be 75 cents
compared with 85 cents last
It will be the policy of
ity officials to hold the rate
itly above the interest requirets
so that a substantial am,
of the bonds may be retired
i year while the interest is
n i .
ne ueiegaies
Attend Meeting
thport And Mill Creek
aptist Church Both Repesented
At State Baptist
raining Union Assembly
ne delegates from the SouthBaptist
church and one
fate from the Mill Creek r
:ist church attended the State
,ist Training Union Assembly
Udgecrest this month. They
ided study courses and conices
and services conducted po
lutstanding preachers and by lai
summer workers. w
udy was carried on during
morning, but during the af- jUI
>on everyone enjoyed super- nc
i recreation which included vv<
esting and active games and
trips and hikes to the points r
nterest in the vicinity such D
iltasuma, at sunrise, Mount
hell, Chimney Rock and
t Lookout.
ie trip did much to inspire on
>r work in the churches pj.
i the delegates returned and jg
y others are planning to go
he convention next summer.
lose attending were: Miss
le Mae Woodside, Mrs. Tom sl
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me-Delco Wins si<
From Southport Wl
ie Acme-Delco baseball team L.
ed a victory over Southport E'
Saturday afternoon in a a.
e fought on even terms un- Hi
t wild ninth inning rally by ar
visitors. l<
ie locals meet the baseball he
i of the U. S. E. Dredge _
stock here Saturday after
ixtbooks Have
Seen Distributed
ior Problems Of Distriution
Was Settled Last
'ear And Only Replacelent
Books Must Be Pased
Out This Year
pening pf Brunswick county
ols early in September does
carry with it this year the
e burden of responsibility of
ing the school books distributto
the various schools that
d Miss May Woodside and
assistants last season,
ie more than 40,000 books in
last year already are at the
ective schools where they will
ised, and the distribution prol
this year is concerned only
l sending out books for cours'here
the text has been changind
for replacements of worn
mong the new books to be
out is a set of typwriting
book keeping books that will
used in the new commercial
se which is to be offered this
' at Shallotte.
Shrimping Fleet1
Be Lar^
. ' ' ' V i *
: ; ' V.
> .. ' - f> r--'.''.f
.* ?
flSWBBWftrfc * *"** * ill
' .". > ?* e
ENTRANTS?The shrim]
ood start, and by Septembei
eet of boats here for the ft
ire taken last year that sho
ned up at a local dock. It is
f more than a hundred en
outhport Shrimp Boat Derby
Article Describe
Colony On
Board Will Meet
Here On Friday
Members of the county j
board of education and the
board of county commlssioners
will meet here Friday In
special session. The principal '
item of business expected to
come before members of
these two groups is the 1938
Preparation of a budget
estimate has been in the
hands of County Auditor R.
C. St. George, who is expected
to have the facts and fig- f
u res ready Friday to lay be- t
fore the governing board. s
While there has been no t
official statement made in e
connection with the tax rate s
for 1938, due to the rrvatma- 5
tlon of property there is a s
general feeling that the ex- t
istlng rate of $1.75 will be I
lowered. S
)nly One Case In T
Recorder s Court *
Only one case was finally dis- 1<
sed of here in Recorder's court v
it week before Judge John B. a
ard. r
Jake Moore, colored, was ad- 1
Jged not guilty of charges of r
m-support. Several other cases v
;re continued. c
*oone's Neck
Club Meeting <
The Boone's Neck Home Demstration
Club met with Miss'
ithryn Hewett Friday, July
Mrs. M. S. Dosher, home agent, 1
ive a very interesting demonration
on cottage cheese and
ive out lesspn sheets to each
le present. A recreation sesjn
was held and refreshments F
;re served by the hostess. ii
Those present were Mesdames t
M. Roberson, Willie Caison, 0
irrett Hewett, M. S. Dosher and r
. W. Hewett, Misses Julia Mae t
ewett Madeline Robinson, Irene c
id Olenda Robinson, Ersell' s
wis, Lottie Mae Hewett and j b
istess, Miss Kathryn Hewett. '
4any Fishing P
Trying Th'
A lot of parties are coming
in and are making pretty
fair catches of trout, blues
and mackerel. The presence
of menhaden scattered everywhere
along the coast below
Southport has prevented the
big blues and mackerel from
advancing on the shoals in
large numbers'. They prefer
to cluster around and feast
on the menhaden but they
will be on the sport fishing
grounds in numbers any day
now. This belief is inspired by
the fact that commerical
boats have been making
pretty good catches out there,
all their take being of good
Among the parties this
week, Dr. Ivan Proctor,
Raleigh; Dr. George Johnston,
Wilmington, and Dr. R.
A. White, of Asheville, made
a pretty catch Saturday from
the boat of Captain H. T.
Bowmer. The catch included
48 fine blues and many trout
and mackerel. A larger party
out at the same time and
composed of R. J. Menring,
mi 1
tc In September '
? - 9 ^ J
JL**- -'ifl
ping season is away to a
r 2, there should be a full <
ill fishing. Above is a pic- <
iws a number of the boats <
from this group that a list '
trants is expected for the j
;s Heron
Battery Island,
Jfficials From State Museum
Were Visitors Here
Recently And Made Interesting
Discoveries Relative
To Birds
)fficial Believes That Colony
Should Be Easy To
Protect, Located As It
Is In Plain View Of
N. C. State Museum
There is always a thrill in apiroaching
any heron colony for
he first time. One wonders what
ipecies will be found nesting, and
he comparative abundance of
ach, particularly if the colony
ihould contain egrets of either
ipecies.. And the thrills were not
tbsent' when Harry T. Davis, of
he State Museum, Allen Keen, of
laleigh, Waters Thompson, of
Southport, and the writer landid
on Battery Island, near South>ort.
N. C? on June 13, 1938.
Battery Island, which may be
ibout two-thirds of a mile in
ength by about half that in
;ngth consists mainly of saltwater
marsh, with a sandy ridge
ibout an acre and a half in area
tinning almost paralled with the
stand's northern shore line, the
idge being pretty well covered
nth a dense growth of scrubby
edars and yopon, the former
iredominating; and in this dense
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louthport Man
Given Write-Up
n July Issue Of Shell Progress
Appeared Write-Up
Of Burris Interests On
Southport Waterfront
The July number of the Shell i
"regress, a monthly publication 1
ssued by the oil company, con- |
ained a very flattering write-up '
< S. I. (Bingo) Burris. Mr. Buris
is the local representative of
he company and the write up
overed his varied interests, con- '
isting of boats, gas and fishing
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" ?
eir Luck Here
R. Hill, W. Eilerman, H. Grierson,
J. A. Hyland, J. P.
Dooner, J. B. Hamilton, W.
McDow, and C. M. Shigley,
all of the Dow Chemical company,
at Wilmington, had
their operations hampered by
too many lines for trolling.
They actually took less fish
than the party of three on
the Bowmer boat.
Greensboro folks on the
boat of Captain Bob Wagner
made a catch of 250 pounds
of bottom fish one day. The
party" was composed of H.
W. Hanks, H. L. Phillips, V.
J. Gutherine, Jr., and A. G.
Sunday brought an interesting
party in from Lowell
and Shelby. They went
out on the Fannie Quidley of
Captain Edward Nelson and
made only a small catch of
about 60 or 70 pounds. The
party was composed of K. E.
Sherill, of Lowell, M. M.
Sturat, Geo. A. Johnson and
C. F. Reynolds, of Shelby.
There is a group of fine
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The Pilot Covert
Brunswick County
$1.50 PER YEAR j
Milk Maids Will I
Have Their Turn |
As Movie Stars |
Communication Was Received
Tuesday From Movie
News Reel Man Suggesting
A Cow "Beauty Contest"
Cameraman Has Been Asked
To Time Visit So He
Can Take Pictures Of \
Southport Shrimp
Derby 1
When the news reel camerman jM
:omes to town the milk maids
>f this community will have their fl
:hance to turn movie stars (or a Kj
lay if the tentative plans mapped
out by the director in a 1.1
letter to W. B. Keziah are follow- ^
The movie man has been asked :
to time his visit with the staging
?f the Southport Shrimp Boat H
Derby on September 3. J
In addition to the Shrimp Boat i
Derby pictures the Movietone H
News folks, yesterday, outlined
to the Southport Civic Club secretary
some of their own ideas for
pictures that they wish to stage
here during the course of their i
One idea calls for 25 or more fl
milk cows and a milking contest H
on the beach. The cows can be ]
staked out and the contestants
will be the prettiest girls that I
can be rounded up, all dressed fl
in suits. Just prior to the milking i
contest the girls will have to ]
stage a "bossy beauty contest."
t,acn girl win oe expected 10 employ
any and all methods to pretty-up
her cow, such as brushing
them down, tying ribbons in their
tails, using mascara on their
eyes and mouth, putting nic?
looking sunbonnets, or hats, on
them and arraying them in very
frilly lace panties. The pantle?
should be such as the women
wore in the '60s. The girls may H
use their own ideas to beautify J?
their cows and the cows will be fc
expected to stay beautiful during 8
the milking contest.
Another idea of the picture f
folk is to round up 600 or 600 K
bicycles. A rider must also
be obtained for each wheel and 1V
it is supposed that for this a
huge bycycle race will be arrang- {,
ed on the beach.
A fourth picture calls for two ?
fire trucks or engines to be backed
down in the water and do 9
some pumping for a sham water
battle to be fought by girls in
snappy bathing suits. This is a
rather large order for Southport,
as there are no fire engine pumpers.
However, it is thought that
this difficulty can be overcome
by running hose through the water
from two separate fire_ plugs
to two separate boats on which
the bailing beauty battlers can
be stationed.
Study Class Is
Held On Monday,
Miss Josephine Turner, of Clin- i
ton, conducted a W. M. U. study,
-lass Monday at the Southtx>rt' ft
Baptist church to which mem- fl
bers in this district comprised of
Bethel, Antioch and Southport
were invited. This was an all-day
meeting and at noon a plcnlo ;
dinner was served at the home i
of Mrs. A. L. Brown. About 18 j [
women were present.
While here Monday and Tuesday
Miss Turner was the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Butler.
Tide Table 1
Following Is the tide table I
for Southport during the next. SI
week. These hours are appro- I
xlmately correct and were fur- HI
nished The State Port Pilot I
through the courtesy of the I
Cape Fear Pilot's Association. ?l
High Tide Low TM? I I
Thursday, July 28 a IB
8:81 a. m. 2:21 a. m.1 31 I
8::35 p. m. 2:85 p. u?J uH
Friday, July 29 I
9:28 a. m. 3:10 a. m.? HI
9:43 p. m. 3:21 p. m. gl
Saturday, July SO ill
10:19 'a. m. 8:57 a. m. 11
10:38 p. m. 4:20 p. m. , IB
Sunday, July 81 1
11:13 a. m. 4:45 a. m. J l
11:22 p. m. 5:12 p. m. Ijfl
Monday, August 1 1
a. ra. 5:33 a. m. J,j'B
12:06 p. m. 6:06 p. m. KB
Tuesday, August 2 ' IS
12:01 a. m. . 6:23 a. m IS
1:00 p. m. 7:00 p. m. 1
Wednesday, August 3 I I
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