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iwnsw'ick County
fffBTEHT wo. 2
jnaland Case j
[gds Here When.
K0| Pros Taken
tr JuTge Of Bruns5
County Recorder.
*rt Required To ReliU
from Office As Of
fv 30. 1942
Growing Out Of In
"Lnij Are Dropped
i. Consideration Of
This Action
, pros was taken by the
'/the 20 bills of Indictment
Lf Walter M Stanaland last
' ,,v upor. condition that
'Zir judge of the Brunsr;;:.,tv
Recorder's court re- ,
that office and upon (
'vther condition that he pre;
claim against Brunswick ;
a for back salary,
h Drought to an end a case .
rtch there was tremendous
l- interest and one which .
miiA for a time last Wedrj"
morning to bring forth
, sensational developments.
Ljing is the judgment rendito
Judge Leo Carr, who pre Her
the two weeks Septeminr.
of court.
-s cause coming on for trial
jJaj heard by the undersignand
it appearing to the
p that the defendant has re- (
(This office as Recorder for
1 .-urine the present term of
I office which expires the first i
ksv in December, 1942 and
I further agreed not to make
, cam against the County of
jjtick for back salary for
(M by him from May 20,
C until the first Monday in (
ax- 1942: '
toi the Court having heard a ^
W pernor, of the evidence and (
k of the opinion and finding
II fit: that the public interest .
A * test served and the ends ^
i,? will be met by the entj
if the judgment hereinafter j
B St: j
H i therefore, in considers- t
i * oe aloicoiiu agreemen'. ^
i testation, ordere-i. adjudg-l.
DC decreed by the ijourt that '
Biraciial actions against the
I defendant. Walter M. StanaI
in directed to be and are
Bj Ml prosed."
It the County Commissioners j
Htwswick cov ty. South port,
;C '
1 hereby ter er to you gentletny
resignation as Judge of ,
I scorde 's court of Bruns- .
B wintv. effective as of May!
-12 'or the unexpired term'.
' I m now holding."
fc\g the term six divorces
f granted: Delores Agnes
1 Moore from James Patrick ;
e: Ruby Morris from Ru- ;
ft Morris: Alma L. McCain vs. ;
t S. McCain: Alfonso J. Green !
James L. Green: Robert W.
vs Hazel B. Holden. j
Bellamy was convicted on
I? of burglary and was giv- ;
tiy bong was given 12
this judgment being su- 1
upon condition that the;;
tat remain of good behavior j'
years, during which period.'
s t0 be on probation. 1
*a avil action Man ley M.,1
w Vs Concordia Fire Insur-i
?? the court denied the de-'i
^ is motion to re-tax the,
jY'a!? ''!CC Gwyn vs. W. ;
e my was continued by conk
action of O. W. Messick
? Hern and J. P. Hand it 1
".'Mged that the plaintiff :
^ r 810.59 and interest from '
teu from fbe former. A
Hi-/ nor''sult was taken as
Uwood Farmer
passes Suddenly
Pjj Harrelson, 57, Propent
Long wood Farmer
I .,(d Suddenly On Satur- (
1 jFuneral Rites Sun1
pOR city. Sept. 24.?Fun-,
trices for Donald Harreltj''
prominent Longwood,
P^ck county farmer, were
C-T.qay afternoon at 2:30
F* at the Longwood Baptist
L; Burial was in Garrell'
?t Iron Hill. I
KT Harrelson, former
Kpm longwood church,
tc I
were J. W. Joyncr,
SJ^rrcison, Leon Mills, Alec.
C,. '"s BarnhiU. Dr. J. A.
F ^coll? and Harold StephI
Hj 1
F, Harrelson died suddenly
KJ* morning at 1:30 o'clock
K* * Heart attack. |
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1 TH1
'IfyV '
to the Captain of the Port
Coast Guard Service. His on
so in the Coast Guard, ha1
severaJ months ago.
Dave Ross Giv
???- \
Chairman Of Brunswick
County Board Elections
Defines Rules To Be Followed
By Service Men
Ml Regulations In Regard
To Casting Ballot Furnished
In Statement
From Ross
"Due to the fact that so many
>f the voting populace are in the
irmed forces, in defense work or
iway from his or her voting pre:incts
engaged in private industry.
it is the duty of the members
of such persons' immediate
family to see that the proper applications
are gotten to them in
tVne that they may be returned
in time to be cast as absentee
otes in the General Election to
be held Nov. 3rd this year," said
Dave Ross, chairman of the board
>f elections, this week.
"For this reason I am herewith
citing such articles and sections
9f the absentee balloting law was
passed by the General Assembly
sf 1939 and which was not amended
by the 1^41 session of that
"The first requisite to voting an
absentee ballot is that he or she
is duly registered on the registration
books of the precinct or ward
in which he or she desires to
"The second is that a proper
request in writing be delivered to
the chairman of your county
board of elections not before the
4th day of October or later than
November the first in this present
year by the voter or a member of
his or her immediate family, that
is to say his lawful wife, his brother,
sister parent, or child only."
"The .above is contained in
chapter 159 of Public Laws of
1939 and sections No. 1 and No.
2. The Chairman of the county
board of elections upon receipt of
the proper written application
shall issue the ballots with the
certificate required by the application
and shall either deliver
to the voter in person; by mail;
Dr to the members of his or her
immediate family making the
request for some to be mailed by
them to the voter.
"The voter upon receipt of
same shall immediately go before
an officer having an impres
sion seal and, under oaui, xin m
the proper forms signing them
before the officer have the impression
seal placed thereon and
return by mail in the envelope
prepared and furnished by the
chairman along with the ballot
for that purpose.
"If a voter is in the armed
forces of the United States the
signature of his commanding officer
or any commissioned officer
of the Branch of service of which
he is a member as a witness shall
have the same force and effect
of the jurat of an officer with
a seal.
"I wish further to call the attention
of officer with impression
seals who are called on to witness
signature on absentee certificates.
"Section No. 11 chapter 159 P
L. 1939.
"Any person authorized to administer
oaths who wilfuly signs
a certificate that any person has
subscribed and sworn to an affidavit
for use in obtaining an absent
voters application as absent
voters affidavit or any other purported
affidavit refered to and required
by the act when as a matter
of fact he has not administered
the oath to such person, shall
be guilty of a misdemeanor and
upon conviction shall be fined not
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A Good
S. B. Frink, left, is assistant
of Wilmington in the U. S.
ly son, Malcolm, right, is airing
volunteered for service
res Rules
ing Absentees
Long Walk Leads
i To Church Sunday
Three members of Co. A.,
104th Infantry, of the 20th
| Division, on Sunday morning
during the wee hours were do
ing outer patrol duty near
' Southport, according to Rev. F. 1
J. Hdward, local Catholic rector.
They began valuing at three
o'clock in the morning in order
to reach Fort Caswell at
6:30 to get a Navy boat to
take them to Southport to attend
mass at eight o'clock.
A _ in.
Community hit
Being Planned
Women Of Town Creek
Home Demonstration Club
Are Purchasing Community
The topics of first aid and home
nursing are gaining importance
among the Home Demonstration
Club members of this county.
The Town Creek Club met Monday
afternoon with Mrs. Carl
| Galloway and plans for purchas'
ing a community sick chest were
' formulated. Mrs. G. L. Skipper
'gave the treasurer's report and
I the club voted to use money from
I the treasury for buying the needed
articles for the chest. Mies
Sallie Betts Knox reported to the
; club her findings on the prices
of the necessary articles for the
chest and she was asked to make
' the purchases for the club. After
the regular business of the club
was completed the .Home Agent,
Miss Eakes, gave a demonstration
ion first aid in the home. All the
club members took part in this
demonstration and learned many
I types of bandages, their uses and
how to tie them.
The hostess, Mrs. Galloway,
served sandwiches, hot tea and
cake. The attendance was better
J than usual and all active members
were present. These members
are Mrs. E. V. Evans, Mrs.
lOdell Evans, Mrs. Furman Gal|
loway, Mrs. Carl Galloway, Mrs.
D. R. Johnson, Miss Sallie Betts
Knox. Mrs. W. W. Knox, Mrs. G.
i L. Skipper, Mrs. Robert McDougall,
Mrs. Pet Walker, Miss Bes|
sie Ottoway and Miss Genevieve
I Eakes.
!Piano Recital At
Training School
There will be a piano recital
given at the Brunswick County
Training School Friday night,
September 25, at 8:00 o'clock
featuring Royel Howell, daughter
! of Rev. J. B. Howell, of St. James
A. M. E. Zion Church.
I The guest artist of the pro|
gram will be A. R. Howell, teacher
of the Brunswick County Train'ing
I The public is cordially invited
to enjoy an evening of music.
[ There will be special seats for
?white patrons.
Bolivia Group
\ Holds Meeting
The Woman's Society of Christian
Service of the Bolivia Methodist
church entertained the parents
of the# men from the com,
munity who are in service with
the army and navy.
I An informed musical program
I was enjoyed, after which the hostesses
served ice cream and cake
to those present
I News paper In
Southport, N. C., Wed
Report Of Grand B
Jury Submitted
To Judge Carr
Most Of Report Deals With Fil
Inspection Of All The
Schools Of Brunswick
Complete Report Made By Mi
Members Of That Body V
At Conclusion Of Their
Follow ,ng is a report of the
grand jury which met in connec- 1
tion with the current session of arj
Brunswick county Superior court: hel
"We the Grand Jury of the tisl
September Term, 1942, Superior the
Court of Brunswick County con- '
vened at the courthouse in South- ass
port, North Carolina, on Monday, Ca
September 14th, 1942, respectful- L.
ly submitted the following report: al.
"County Home: Everything in chi
good condition except filler boxes po:
in bath room and outer covers on oul
steels in toilets needed. the
"Court House: Found in good tal
condition. the
"County Building; In fair shape ma
except for one pane of window L.
glass needed in hall. > ga
"Arthur Dosher Hospital: In see
very good condition with the ex- Br
ception of a small leak in Room in
No. 7 and repairs needed to he:
plumbing and doors. du
Prison Camp: In good condition. I
"County Jail: East rooms on he!
Jower floor should put in order
for occupancy. Repairs of fence {{
as recommended on a former visit
not yet made.
"La Savannah (Colored): In
need of steps in front and one
new window and five panes of
glass. pi
"Cedar Grove (Colored): Cords
* Ti.ia
in iwu wuiuuwo uivncu. -? nw
pumps need repairing.
"Shallotte School: A new building
or an additional class-room
needed. The class rooms in the
old buildings are unseverable. Bus- an'
ses are in good condition. About bei
ten commodes need covers. th<
"Leland (White) School: Cover mf
of septic tank needs repairs. Outside
drinking fountain in need of cla
repairs. Two leaks in auditorium. "?
Elutive light in fourth grade room
out of order. Some provision for
having water in first-grade room rcl
needed. Several grates in furnace cl'
need repair. 101
"Leland (Colored) School: Six me
new desks needed and seven at
desks in need of repair. All new
toilets needed. Folding doors need. ani
repair. Roof leaks all over. Two
windows panes needed.
"Phoenix (Colored) School;
Folding-door need repairs. Two
leaks in 1st grade room. Steps
needed repair, New toilets need- ?r,
ed. J01
"Northwest (Colored) School:
Folding-doors need repair. Twen- 0
ty new desks needed and six desks
need to be repaired. New Steps ^
needed. Seven brick pillars need
repair. Three panes of glass need- ne
ed. New toilets needed. an
"Southport (Colored) School: 8
In good condition with exception
of some small leaks in gymnasium
need repairs. Two Or three stoves
need some repairs. One window
pane needed. .... J
"Southport (White) School: V/
In good condition except for some
slight repair need to plastering
in hall.
"Battle Royal (Colored) School:
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E. H. Smith Is .
Laid To Rest
Southport Man Died In Do- al
sher Memorial Hospital t0
Following Brief illness i
E. H. Smith, 50-year-old resident
of Southport, died at. Dosher
Memorial Hospital Friday morning
following a short illness. by
Funeral services were conducted
at 2 o'clock Saturday after- ic?
noon from the home by Rev. A. L.
Btown, assisted by Rev. R. S.
Harrison. The body was then carried
to Longwood for interment
in the Smith family cemetery.
Active pallbearers were Harry
Aldridge, Butler Thompson, Lindsey
Robbins, C. P. Willetts, Char- an
lie Knox and James M. Harper, lh
Honorary pallbearers were C. Ed ra
Taylor, J. W. Ruark, F. L. Lewis, W
Fred Burris, W. T. Fulwood, R. cr
C. Daniel and G. E. Hubbard. ad
Surviving in addition to his wife St
are the following children: Mrs.
J. B. Cochran, Miss Josephine mi
Smith and Dan Smith. Southport; sa
and J. E. Smith, of Washington, wi
His mother, Mrs. D. J. Smith, of lit
Longwood, also survived, along du
with two brothers and four sis* hit
tern. FJ
I :
A Good Cor
nesday, September
aptist W.M.U.
Meeting Held
At Mill Creek
fty-Fourth Year Of Organization
Observed At Annual
Meeting At Mill
Creek Last Wednesday
rs. W. D. Briggs, State
V. M. U. Secretary, Was
Principal Speaker;
Made Impressive
rhe Baptist Women's Missionr
Union annual meeting was
d last Wednesday at Mill
;ek church. This year marks
! fifty-fourth year of the Bapt
Women's Work Auxiliary tc
! Southern Baptist Convention
rhe meeting was opened with
lociational Superintendent, Mrs
rl S. Ward, presiding. Mrs. M
McRacken conducted devotion
Associational officers ant
lirman made very inspiring re
rts. Each W. M. S. presiding
tlined briefly the work done it
i past year. Alt reports ant
ks given had the theme o;
t meeting "Lighted that w<
ty Lighten," in them. Rev. A
Brown, of Southport church
ve a wonderful and hear
irching message. Mrs. W. D
iggs, state W. M. N. Secretary
her message gave a heart t<
irt talk after which she con
cted an open conference.
Next annual meeting will b<
Id with Lebanon church.
Victory Pig"
Program Starts
an Sponsored By Production
Credit Association
Will Be Followed Ir
rhe pigs of Brunswick, Pendei
d New Hanover counties ?r<
ing /'iizVU foi action i
; Axis in a "Victory Pig" move
:nt being sponsored by the Wll
ngton Production Credit Asso
.tion, officials of the Associa
n announced today.
Under this plan, according t<
B. Rivenbark, Association Sec
Ary-Treasurer, a "Victory Bi|
jb" is being organized in th<
ritory with farmers becoming
imbers who pledge to designati
least one pig as a "Victorj
j." This pig to be sold latei
d the proceeds invested in Wai
nds and Stamps,
lohn R. Morris, President 01
: Association, declared that thii
ib is open to all farmers whet
r members of the Associatior
not, and that farmers shoulc
n in this movement to en
irage the purchase of Wai
nds and Stamps. 5a r men
luld be willing to invest th<
iceeds of one or more pigs ii
nds, as their sons, brothers, 01
ighbors are in our armed forces
d it is up to us to that monei
provided to assure. an ampli
pply of guns, tanks, planes an<
ler materials essential to th<
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aution Given
On Registration
iters Who Hope To B<
Able To Cast Ballot Mus
Be Properly Registerec
In Person
Dave Ross, chairman of thi
unswick county board of elec
ins, reminds voters that person
registration is a prerequesit
voting in North Carolina.
"Therefore if your name is no
corded in the registration book
your precinct, you will not b
lowed to vote in any eiectici
til it is.
"You cannot register by proxj
mail or by telephone.
"Therefore the law allows scrv
? men and others who will b
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olivia Boy
Gets Promotion
Hirman H. Leonard, son of Mi
d Mrs. N. B. Leonard, of Bo
la, has been promoted from th
nk of private to corporal at th
aycross Army Airport, Way
oss, Ga., where he is serving a
ministrative clerk in the Unite
ates Army Air Forces.
Lt.-Col. A. L. Schroeder. Com
inding Officer of the Airpor
id Corporal Leonard's promotio
is based upon his soldierly qua
ies and attention to militar
ity. Corporal Leonard receive
9 basic training at Sheppar
eld, Teaxs.
23^ 1942 '? "
Wells Retains
As Reg
' Meeting Here Yesterday
Naming Successc
[ The Register of Deeds foi
Brunswick county is W. S. Wells
lieutenant (j. g.) in the U. S
Naval Reserve on inactive duty.
This statement in made in th<
1 interest of clearing up a series oi
actions and counter-actions dur
i ing the past week that has hat
the citizens Of the county busil;
debating one of the hottest issue!
to come up lately in county af
When Wells appeared before th<
board a week ago Monday ant
, asked for a leave of absence fo;
I the purpose of accepting a com
, mission in the navy, he asked tha
his wife be named to serve dur
, ing his absence, or to completi
his un-expired term. This wai
( granted by a vote of two to one
Chairman J. M. Roach being
against this move.
I As a result of the general out
] cry against this action, a specia
meeting of the board was caliei
, Thursday, at which time the ac
J tion of the board was rescindei
j as to the naming of Mrs. Wells
f Basis for this action was tha
, the Monday meeting had beei
held at Wells' home, and that i
could not therefore be considerei
? an official meeting. Miss Luc;
Anderson, deputy Register o
: Lumber Regu
County Set For
State Black-Out
* in TV DUVon AkoimMOn nf
?< U. Di9iiu[i? ciiaiiinaii v?
1 the Brunswick County Civilian
1 Defense Council, said today that
arrangements are complete in
almost every section of this
r county for full cooperation with
! the state-wide blackout on
1 ne*l. Tuesday, September 29. ..
The test Is scheduled for
- some time between the hours of
- 7:30 o'clock p. m. and 12 midnight.
Chairman Bishop, Chas. M.
5 Trott, county co-ordlnator, C.
- L. Alligood, commander of the
! local defense forces, and Dr.
- Roy C. Daniel, chief air raid
? warden of Southport, attended
' a state meeting in Raleigh on
r Wednesday and Thursday of
r last week.
; B. & L. Given
; Club Membership
~r Southport Building & Loai
, Association Admitted T<
, Membership In U. S. Sav
i ings And Loan League
The Southport Building an
Loan Association was admitte
this past week to membership i
the United States Savings an
Loan League, fifty-year old na
tional business organization of th
savings, building and loan assc
ciations with headquarters i
Chicago. It joins a group of 3
700 other institutions of its typ
In as many localities which cc
I operate through the League t
advance the general interests c
% thrift and home financing instl
J tutions.
| The local association will parti
cipate in the League's farflun
program which is now chiefl
c concerned with War efforts o
the institutions, incjuaing uie on
mulation of War bond sales an
e the financing of war housing i
areas where privately finance!
(. permanent housing is needed. 1
s will also have part in the League'
e peacetime concerns which ir
n elude continuous modernization c
statutes governing and affectin
savings and loan operation, meel
'' (Continued on Page Two)
c Southport U. i
Program for the week of Sej
I tember 21st.
We are very glad to welcom
f. Mr. D. L. Scudder into our Clu
i. as our new director. We hope h
e will be Just as happy in the clu
e as we all are. Our quiz contes
went off quite successfully lai
a Friday evening, about thirty boy
d contesting. Tom Morgan wo
high score,
i- Monday evening the Servic
t. Men Council will hold their rcf
n ular weekly meeting in the Clu
l- Room at 8 P. M.
y Wednesday afternoon the wive
d of the Service Men with hold the
d regular weekly meeting at ti
club at, 2:30, followed by a eocii
ister Of Deeds
Afternoon For Purpose Of
>r Meets With His
riDeeds, was appointed to fill the
. | office until a successor could be
. named to fill the vacancy.
In the meantime there was a .
5 period of deliberation provided for
f the commissioners to name a new
Register of Deeds, but nothing .
1 definite had been settled by Mon- '
t day. The board adjourned with
31 the understanding that another
-! special meeting be held Tuesday
afternoon for the purpose of ape
pointing a new officer for this
1 position.
r Wells was present at the meet
ing, and when he asked to be
t heard before any action of the
- board was made final, he wasj
e granted the privilege of making
s any statement he wished. Resulti,
ing discussion resulted in the fol*
lowing action:
Wells declared that he had been
- granted no leave of absence, that
,1 his request for one had been tied
i to the request that his wife be
- named his successor, and that
1 when the commissioners rescinded
i. one part, they rescinded both
t parts. The board had no answer
n for this situation, so until such
t time as Wells either resigns, or
i asks for a leave of absence he
y appears to have the privilege of
f filling out his term of office.
ewhat Clarified i
1 Latest Report Received By
County Agent J. E. Dodson
Gives Information
Governing Farmers
| Clear Set Of Rules Cover
ing Softwood Lumber Is {
Set Forth In Late
Release "
"Considerable confusion has
arisen in connection with the recent
conservation Order M-208 re-1
striding the use of certain grades
and kinds of softwood lumber,"
says J. E. Dodson, chairman of
the Brunswick N. S. D. A. War
"After a very thorough study
of the order, it has been interpreted
to mean that the lumber
restricted for use under Order M208
is available for (a) construction
of agricultural buildings,
other than dwellings, and (b) for
the maintenance and repair of
agricultural buildings, including
| "All orders for softwood lumber
to be used for the purpose of
(a) and (b) above will be assignl
ed and automatic preference rat>
ing of A-l-a, effective as of Sep.
tember 7, 1942. By this we mean
that the user may be extended
an A-l-a preference rating byj
d signing the following statement
J on the purchase order for the
n lumber.
d "The undersigned purchaser
,- hereby represents to the seller and
e to the War Production Board that
i- he is entitled to apply or extend
n tlje preference ratings indicated
,- opposite the items shown on this
c purchase order, and that such api
plication or extension is in accordo
ance with Priorities. Regulation
if No. 3, as amended, with the
i- undersigned is familiar.
"In the case of new residential!
i- construction, however, the situa- j
g tion is quite different for the reay
son that Conservation Order Mif
208 does not provide an autoI
matic preference rating for softd
wood lumber to be used for this
n purpose. If a person wishes to use
i, any of the restricted grades of
[t softwood lumber in the construcs
tion of a dwelling, regardless of
i- the cost of the dwelling, it will
if i be necessary that application be
g filed on Forms PD-200 for prioity
t-' assistance to purchase such re- j
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5.0. Club News
)- Our movie this week both Wed\
nesday and Thursday evening at
le 8:30, is "Scotland Yard," Mr.
b Morgan has ;been quite busy makle
ing the posters for the Street
b Dance which is to be held Friday
it 25th at 8 P. M. The street in
it front of the club will be roped
r8 off and lighted with blue lights
n as well as a path leading to the
club where different refreshments
,c will be served. We will have a
P. good orchestra and everyone is
b welcome.
Next Sunday evening at 9:30
;s | the movie is "The Ten, ComIr
mandments" will be shown at the
ie club at which every one is Weill
come also.
Most Of The News
Ail The Time
$1.50 PER YEAR
Service Corps
Development Is
Next On Program
This Undertaking Has Been
Set Up As An immediate
Goal For Civilian Defense
Forces In North Carolina
Effort Will Be Made To Determine
Type Of Volunteer
Service For Which
Applicants Are
The next development in Civil-'
ian Defense will be the organization
and training of a Citizens
Service corps, according to E. D.
Bishop, chairman of the Brunswick
County Civilian Defense
Council this week.
Under a general program of
supplying volunteer workers for
war jobs such as 'conservation,
salvage, sale of war bonds and
stamps, operation of home registration
bureaus, transportation
surveys and welfare work, the
Service corps will detail specific
duties to various groups of the
Brunswick citizenry.
Sample gfoups and jobs include:?
Gardeners, Nurserymen ?training
victory gardeners to prevent
wasteful practices, aid in floral
Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians?teaching
training courses
in simple home repairs.
Painters?helping to camouflage
war factories, oil tanks, and other
enemy targets.
Machinists, Mechanics ? participating
in spare time training
classes for civilian, schoot, and
factory groups to improve efficiency.
Truck, Bus and Taxi Drivers?
enlistment for duty in a system
of emergency transport and information
Retail Merchants?training sales
forces to instruct people in-price
control thpnrv Ipnriino* u/indnu/ - I
displays to advertisement -of civilIan
defense wiUa 'and civilian duties,
using delivery trucks to aid
in scrap collection.
Sales Clerk ? educating public
to facts of price control, shortages,
rationing, and conservation;.
volunteering for civilian defense
office work, information booths,
and the like.
Accountants, Stenogiaphers,
Clerks ? signing up for volunteer
record-keeping jobs in various
community agencies, hospitals,
health centers, housing units,
and similar organizations.
Bankers ? aiding in community"
fund-raising campaigns
and with public speaking bureau.
Grocers, Butchers ? helping in
plans for emergency distribution
of food, and co-operation with
growers, dairymen, cattlemen, and
Domestic Help ? joining nutrition
and home nursing classes for
service with soldier canteens or
day nurseries that will be established
for children of war workers.
Salesmen, Canvassers ? interviewing
applicants for volunteer
jobs, helping in surveys of all .
Other duties have been mapped
and arc available at civilian defense
headquarters for teachers,
clergymen, doctors, nurses, librarians,
lawyers, musicians, artists,
architects, social workers, actors,
engineers, photographers, and men
and women in every skill, or
trade, or profession in the community.
In its finished form, the Citizens
Service corps is scheduled to
utilize the services of every avail- |>
able Brunswick resident to further
the war effort, and to preserve
unity at home.
Regulation Limits
Speed To 40 Miles
Patrolmen Instructed to Report
All Offenders To
The OP A; Offenders Will
Likely Have Trouble Getting
More Gas
Corporal W. W. Carraway, of
the highway police patrol of N.
C. calls attention to the federal
regulation providing a maximum
speed limit for motorists over the
entire nation of 40 miles an hour.
He pointed out' that the speed
law remains the same, emphasizing
that this is an OPA regulation
which limits speed to 40
miles per hour, but highway patrolmen
have instniet?r? to ronArt
any violators of this regulation to
the OPA office in Raleigh, which
in turn will notify the local rationing
boards in each cdunty. In
all probability, violaters (those
who exceed the speed limit) will
"have difficulty'in getting addition(Continued
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