North Carolina Newspapers

    I The Pilot Covers
I Brunswick County
Wourt Is A
I Rapid
1, Charge Made To'
I The Twelve Month Grand
I jury Hearing Bills At
I This Term
Ending Of Criminal
Kocket Court Will AdI
|ourn Until Monday
I When Civil Term
I Begins
; was Labor Day,
I Brunswick coun
Superior Cou:t got underway
I Tuesday) morning,
' :ny L, Stevens of
K . ling and Solicitor
Burgaw prese
. ket. Tin- present
Jury is a twelve-month one;
I rged by Judge John'
gurney the spring term.
. St made no formal
the body, and except'
I udge ami the Solicitor'
B . hey were glad to be
I re no formalities to'
I from getting down j
B.; ' Moore said last night
;h good progress made
~ - he expects to finish '
: ...aval docket by j
E3day r.ight. One murder
... to be tried as is a ,
S - if the grand jury J
: bill. Bobby Sellers, ,
s :lv white man. with ;
<pe on a 13 year old ,
of Court Sum T. Ben- j
!:: n.. lost night that he ex- i
case would come up j
ay. i
several cases that ,
: , i yesterday the
to: k shows the following ,
c ering matters that j
.-... jp : were disposed of or ,
tr.ii? attended to: !(
?.:--.y, non support. t
p;ss I anil defendant or-j t
under S300.00 iiond ,
e-tttxe- j
larceny; IS months j
! L' I, larceny; 3 to 5
t. Cat.- under probation for; I
y.-tis : i required to make''
an. I pay costs of case. '
A 1. 1'otter, assault with j
an: prayer for judg- '
ici for two years on j
" that defendant convey '
. - : their home, free from '
- : - ihat he pay $12:50 j
ctif'.y : : the support of their
h: pay all taxes on
w c<t by the couple belt
the May term, 1946. of
tr. He v.- s also required to
i the costs of the case.
Hudson, chunk driv!
r resisting arrest; plead
s ?... v to drunk driving, con- .
ling arrest ana rca
fine of $50.00
? cosU of the case.
Flashes i;
- <
PRE-MEDICAL STUDENT 1 Brooks Ward, son of '
rmd Mrs J. B Ward, of Ash,
iter: th> University of North ?
lr- na > week as a pre-medi-1
student jl
sa? Cle'rimons of Shallotte't
tober tfith has been t
' ? the nnnual cleaning of the r
T': Ct'i'tery. near Shallotte.',
^"':vc "f people buried there'
an who arc interested are .
To help.
Err" L Marlow. of the '
/ ' Corps, is spending three '
t7s '*ith his mother, Mrs. A.
j*Mow, at Shallotte. He serv- 1
France and Germany and 1
[feting to o on overseas
y occurs 1 forces in Japan. jj
I -lie Grissettownj 1
' former deputy 1
nstable, has been ?
chief of police at It
H. entered upon his 1
K ptember 1 Ha is a lull 1
to reports received
Iiss Evelyn Autry, deputy. 1
of deeds for Brunswick <
shortly receive her l
:a|:Se from the WAVES und.t
G'Jr:-. to her work here. She^
L5v;v': - leave of absence;!
K. ."' r ist ? .vhUe she was in 1
] TH1
f Progress
Honorable Discharge ji
From Nurses Corps
Captain Eleanor Niernsee who
enteied the service about three!
and a half years ago and served ]
in Australia, New Guinea and the
Philippines, with the Johns Hopkins
Medical unit, received an '
honorable discharge from the ser- j
vice at Foi t Bragg on Monday. |
She entered the 'service as a
Lieutenant and was later promoted
to Captain in recognition of her1
ability and service at the field
hospitals. She will rest here at ,
the home of her mother, Mrs. j
Frank Niernsee, before returning {
to he profession of nursing.
SAL Advertises jj
North Carolina ;
Across Nation1
. i:
Railroad Company Running a
Advertisements In News t
papers In Key Cities Of t
North And Middle-West f
As a continuation of long ^ t
established policy to boost the ]
territory it serves, the Seaboard1 j.
Railway is advertising North s
Carolina across the nation during p
September, L. R. Powell, Jr., and j
Henry W. Anderson. Receivers of ^
:he railroad, announced today. The p
id will be displayed in North c
Carolina newspapers, in daily a
rapers throughout key cities of d
:he North and Middle West and y
n various business mflrawnps Tn n
Fortune, the feature is an all- fi
:olor, full-page spread. ! w
Theme of the copy is that IJ
Vorth Oirolina will now devote I1'
ler energies to attaining even Is
r.ore substantial agricultural, edu-i*'
:ational and industrial progress
:han she accomplished before ?
IVorld War II. In peace time,u
mrsiuts. the ad continues, the t|
riendly and forward-looking peo- [ (
lie of a great state will go "back
:o progress."
Stating that future opportuni-jc
:ies for North Carolina are un- a
imited. the ad is attractively!
lighlighted by rich color. A to-1 s
xicco barn, surrounded by grow-1
ng crops, dominates the fore- j ^
'round where workers among the s
jreen tobacco stand silhouetted j w
igainst distant factories. An in- j ti
set of the Capitol building and j
lie State Seal complete the illus- a
Big Damage Suit 0
Being Continued2
Action Asking $20,000.00
From Wilmington Hospit-(l
al Continued Monday By"
Agreement Is
The twenty thousand dollar P
iamage suit brought by the ad- o
ninistrators of the estate of i
3arney Lewis against the James a
A'alker Memorial hospital will d
lot be tried at next week's term s
if civil court By agreement of
ittorneys made here Monday the | tl
:asc was continued until the j ti
spring term of civil court. jc
The administrators for Lewis p
ire suing for damages as a re-1 c
lult of the death of Lewis while I tl
le was volunteering for a blood j,
.ransfusion in the hospital last a
'ear. It is alleged that due to' q
he carelessness ? and negligence J g
>f one of the doctors and a
lurse at the hospital he was con- c
lectcd up with a machine that a
lumped air into his veins, causicute
embolism, from which he 1 1
lied. j J
Other civil actions for damages j
ire slated for the spring term)
if court, having been filed too j
ate to be docketed for next
veek's term. One is the case in J J
vhich Sheriff C. P. Willetts is
he defendant in a $10,000 suit
or allegedly injuring Jerry Danord,
a ten year old boy, with his
:ar, last spring. Another suit
'ecently filed for the spring term | h
s one wherein Dr. L. C. Fergus j s<
iske $1,000 from Mr. and Mrs.jn
iViley Well3 for allegedly wrong- [T
:ully causing the death of a dog j n
belonging to the plaintiff early a
his year. b
John B. Warth, Jr., of the
tfaval Reserve, who was stationed e
it Fort Caswell during the early w
xirt of hte war, has been made tl
:hief motor machinist's mate fi
iboard the aircraft carrier Bon u
Homme Richard, in the Paoific.'o
tfrs. Warth is the former Miss J n
Jetia Arnold of feouthpoit. 'tl
A Good
Home Agent Sees |
Great Need For
Storage Places
Farm Women Need Better
Facilities For Storing The
Foodstuffs They Preserve
During Summer
They Are Handier With
Nails, Saws And Other
Tools And Should Construct
Visiting many homes in Brunsvick
during my first seve:al
nonths as home demonstration
igent, I have learned that much
ood has been preserved during
he summer months. As we
tnow, the canning season is not'
ret over. It is encouraging to
enow that such a tremendous
imount of food has been put
iway and is being saved for Winer.
It is fairly certain that
lespite the war being over food
vill still be scarce this winter
ind every bit saved between now
ind frost will come in handy in
he homes before another spring
irings with it a vegetable and
iuic viup.
In this county very little in 1
he way of fruits has been dried,
"his is because of the climate and
he humidity being too great to ]
tore dry foods, unless they are
laced in airtight containers.
I have noted with gratification
hat all of the housewives are
roud of the foods they have anned
this year, and they have
right to be. It is an almost
aily occurance for some house- .
rife to boastingly tell me of how '
lany quarts and gallons of
sodstuff she has put up for the
/inter. The greatest general
roblem at the present time seems
o be the lack of facilities to |
tore away such food. Most oft
he ladies are having to store
heir canned goods in odd corners, j
ince they are not gifted in the
se of nails, saws and hammers,
: seems to be a responsibility of
he men folks that better storage
icilities be arranged. j
An adequate and attractive
torage place can be provided by
areful planning and the use of
small amount of money. Wheth-I
r the storage space be an out- j
ide building, a celler, or a closet, j
; should be located near the
itchen. It must be cool in
ummer and frostproof in winter,
hich means that it must be
iehtlv constructed.
If commercial insulation is not j
vailable pasteboard may be tack-' 1
d on the walls, floors, ceiling
nd doors. The place must be
ne that will be dry at all times, j
It must also be well ventilated
f fruits and vegetables, other
ban those in airtight containers,
re to be stored.
The size of the room naturally
epends on the amount of can- j
ed food the family needs and1
hould keep. If the room has J
indow shades should be used to \
re vent the sunlight from dis- I
oloring foods in glass containers, t
lie storage space should contain t
dequate, well braced, shelves of s
esirablc depth and height for if
torage of all types of containers. ]
Lets get busy and demand of j
lie men folks their cooperation'r
o the extent that we arc provid- u
d with adequate and attractive
laces In which we may store our
anned foods. Its value is such
lat it deserves better attention,
istead of just being left around
nywhere. Much food that reuired
a great deal of lahor to
ather from the trees and vegeable
gardens is often spoiled beause
it does not receive proper
ttention after being canned.
Men Still Leave
For The Service
lien 18 To 25 Years CMd (
Still Being Called By p
Draft Board, Office Now ?
Closed Saturdays if
No orders to cease sending men, ii
ave been received by the local
elective service board since Japan J
lade its first move to
he board is still sending young ;c
len of the ages between IS to 25,11
p.d apparently this practice will c
e continued for some time No e
len over 25 years of age are be- t
ig taken. t
Beginning on the first of Sept. t
mber and acting in accordance
rith orders from headquarters, t
he local board is now open only j ti
ive days each week. On Sat- j t
rdays the office is closed and no, t
ne is available to attend to1 v
lattefs relative to the draft on f
kat day1. ' [a
1 News paper li
Southport, N. CM Wei
Two sons of Mrs. Lucy
the service of their country,
now taking his basic training
lie entered the army April 2;"
M., 2-c, is a mail clerk at Poi
been in the Navy three years
Lexington Net
Building A
Mr. And Mrs. Joe Sink 11
Among The Several Who; J
Have Started Construe-1;
tion At Nearby Beach
Long And Caswell Beaches
Will Present Great Attractions
To Those
Who Learn Of g
Them s
Although building priorities "
lave not yet been lifted, several
lew homes have been started at
xing Beach since the war ended, i .
'lans for immediate construction;
if others arc said to be on foot, j
Several months ago a group of
ipstate men bought 47 choice 1
rater front building lots. In- j
ormation this week is to the ofect
that they have already re- t
old more than half this number ^
0 parties who plan early building
if cottages.
In addition to these resales the p
iwners of the Long Beach pro- f]
lerty, which embraces several
niles of ocean frontage, are said t
(Continued on rage 3)
Bolivia Man To I
Be Discharged?
\nother Of The McDowell u
Boys To Return Home'p
Shortly; Six In Family In
A dispatch from Seymour I r
tohnson Field at Goldsboro, ad- p
'ises that Pfc. Claude C. Mc-' n
)owell has been transferred fromjd
hat point to the Separation Cen-jt'
er at Fort Bragg, where he will li
hortly be honorably discharged f
rom the Army Air Forces. h
He entered the army on .lune C
>, 1941, and went overseas three >
nonths later as a cannaneer in I
1 Coast Artillery Unit. 1-Ie served I
(Continued on Page Four) 'h
When the Navy evacuated Fort u
Caswell as a Section Base the s
dace was far from given up. A f
rood sized garrison has been and j
s still maintained there, with a
lobody being advised as to whatje
s the ultimate plan, if any. | c
Then along in the spring the ti
Lrmy moved a good sized group f
if men in, the Army men being si
in detached service of some aort.: h
t is understood they are aiding y
ivilian experts n isome sort of j
xperiments. Nobody has asked ti
hem'just what, since it is no- n
lodys business to know, even if a
here is no war bow. jo
But, with the wars both over,1 n
he Army and Navy at Caswell tl
lave a little time off for relaxa-'c
ion now and then. Especially p
hen. Likewise, the codes under ti
I'hich newspapers have operated n
or the past three or iXour years!
.re now abolished. Netedy cares:
ii A Good Co
dnesday, September
* '.tWigner,
of Bolivia, are ii
Pvt. Wilbur F. Wigner ii
at Camp Gorden, Georgia
i, 1945. Leltoy Wigner, S.P
t Hueneme, Calif., and ha;
vspaper Man
X Long Beach
Eight Star Vets
Redeploy Men
'rivate Ben Ringgold Wh<
Participated In Four In
vasions With Tunisia-To
Alps Boys Returns Soon
Pfc. Benjamin Ringgold o
louthport is among the eight
tar battle veterans of the Tunis
t-to-the-Alps fight. With th
imphibious Forces he participat
d in four invasions and sine
ictory came he has been reap
ag continued glory as a land
He and his comrades, dcspit
he fact that all were well ove
he 85-point status, went to haul
ng men and material for the As
embly Area Command, right af
cr VE-Day. At such work the;
rive 10 and 12 hours steadil;
ach day to speed the redeploy
sent of the men in France, li
iress dispatches they have beer
eschibod as "unselfish soldiers.
A recent report received b;
his paper indicates that Privat
'inggold has now finished witl
his task and is rcudy for hi
wn return to the United States
le has been in the army abou
ix years, having enlisted lonj
efore Hitler's mad dreams o
onquest began to take shape. H
s a brother of Mrs. Clifton Arnoli
nd Mrs. Bessie Cullis of South
or t.
Coxswain Leon McKeithan ha
eceived his discharge from th
lavy. Leaving his ship which i
ow in Tok/o Bay, he set ou
irectiy tor nome ana win arnv
oday. Mrs. McKeithan and Uiei
ittle son arrived here yesterda;
rom South Carolina, where the;
ave been living with her parents
Coxswain McKeithan is a son o
tr. and Mrs. Charles McKeithan
le was serving on the U. S. S
,anier at the time of rcceivin;
is discharge.
rtiat the newspapers or anybod;
ays about what the Army am
tavy is now doing.
In natural sequence to all til
bove it just happened that sev
ral of the boys at Fort Caswel
ame around last night and toda;
a release some remarks abou
ish and fishing "and ships an.1
hoes and sealing wax," whici
ave been on the taboo list fo
This time, for example, the;
Did of seeing great schools o
uillets, the fish so thick tha
ea gulls could not alight in th
cean to drink. The boys hai
ever seen anything like it. Sine
he east wind is blowing witl
haracteristic chillness, it is sus
ected that there was mucl
ruth in the story. The mullet
rove with the wind.
Durisj- spare thhe the toys az<
(Continued on Page Four)
r pil
5, 1945 ~~
] Commissioners
Rule Tax Sales
To Be In August
1 Beginning With 1945 Levy
Yearly Advertising And
Sale For Taxes Advanced
One Month
Action Will Permit Early
Preparation For The
Succeeding Years
In accordance with a resolution
introduced by Commissioner J.
N. Sowell, and approved by the
unanimous vote of Commissioner
A. P. Russ and Chairman O. P.
Bellarmy, it was ordered Monday
that beginning with the 1945 tax
5 levy future lax certificate sales
3 would be held on the first Monday
in each August, instead of
the first Monday in September,
* as is now the case. This means
s that next year and in following
years the tax sale advertisement
" j will be carried in the paper in
I July and sales will be made on|
| the first Monday of each August.;
At the Monday meeting the
j report of Mrs. Lou H. Smith,
county health nurse, for the
[ month of August, was received
and approved. Several minor j
routine tax matters were disposed,
" | of before the board adjourned at \
I noon, because of the Labor Day
| holiday.
1 Club Meetings !
- For September
Miss McLamb Announces
( Schedule For the Month;
Plans For A Good-4-H
Club Year
_ i During the month of September
e Miss Alene McLamb, the home
. demonstration agent, will organize
three clubs. These are at
| Mill Creek, Ash, and Hickman's
' Cross Roads. The topic for disc
cussion among these and other
r j clubs during the month will be
"Better Buying" in relation to
' Miss McLamb will begin 4-H
^ Club work again right after the
^' schools open this week. With
"1 County Agent Dodson cooperating, I
1 plans are now being made for a
' good year in 4-H club work. The iI maAf.!
nisi nivciiiig wm uc a tan intti/ling
for the purpose of having a
e dress-apron review, to determine
1 the best made dress and best I
s apron in the county. The winnets
will make a dress and an
t apron to be used in compction
? at the District Review, which is
f to be held in Lumberton later in
c the fall.
:l | Regular club meetings for the j
- balance of September and Missj
McLamb's appointments are as!
j follows:
Thursday, Sept. 6?2:30 p. m.;|
s Sept. 7?Training School in Clinc
ton; Sept. 8?office at Supply; |
s Sept. 10?Antioch, 2:00 p. m.;
t Mrs. Melvin Smith, hostess: Sept.
e ll?Exum 2.30. Mrs. D. B. Edr!
wards, hostess: Sept. 12?Asli.j
/ Mrs. Lonnie Evans, hostess, 2:30 >
/ p. m ; Sept. 13?Mt. Pisgah, 2:30
:. p. m.. Mrs. Dora Holden, hostess;
f i Sept. 14?Freeland visits; Sept.
1.115?-office; Sept. 17?Town Creek, i
I. j 3:00 p. m. Mrs. Odell Evans, hos-,
j tgss; Sept. 18?office at Supply,)
Sept. 19?-Hickman's Cross Roads, ]
2:30, Mrs. O. P. Bellamy, hostess;
Sept. 20?Winnabow, 3:30, Missj
Bertha Reid, hostess: Sept. 21?
Leland, 2:30, Mrs. F. O. Sim-'
mons, hostess; Sept. 22?office at
Supply; Sept. 24?Grissettown j
visits; Sept. 25?Boones Neck, i
2:30. Mrs. W. S. Kirby, hostess;]
Sept. 26?Cape Fear, 3:00, Miss!
Thelma McRackan, hostess: Sept.]
27?Supply. 3:00, Mrs. J. J.]
Hawes, hostess; Sept. 28 and 29,]
offirp at Rnnnlv
Operator Taken
; With Big Still
e Policeman Perry And A.T.'
U. Officers Take George
Robbins At Big Steam
Still In North West
j Rural Policeman O. W. Perry
ti and A T. U. Agent Chas. Gray
r! descended on a 150 gallon steam
whiskey still in North West town-]
y' ship Sunday afternoon. Along
f I with the still they captured and
t1 destroyed one 300 gallon vat and
e! 16 barrels of ready mash, a boat;
I and outboard motor, which were
e] being used in connection with the
II operation of the still.
-| Not the least of the capture
a1 made by the officers was George.
s Robbins, white, who was taken j
at the still and was presumably j
e the operator. At a hearing be-j
j (continued on page two> i
,0T [
$1.50 PER YEA# ("UBUS
Open Up
Home On Leave
Capt. Williamson
To Be Discharged
Much Decorated Brunswick
Man May Soon Be Returning
To Private Business
In The County
Giptain Odell Williamson, who
entered service about three years
ago and rapidly rose tp Captain
through distinguished service, has
been spending a month with his
father, J. B. Williamson, near
Shallotte. At the conclusion of
this leave he is slated to receive
his discharge from the army and
plans to reenter business.
Williamson received a number
of medals for his overseas service,
among them the Distinguished
Flying Cross and the French
Croix De Guerre (with Bronze
Star). He was a liaison pilot with
the 30th Infantry Division and
distinguished himself 'uring fighting
in France and Belgium.
The DFC was awarded to Williamson
as the result of his participation
in battle on September
1 and 2.
Not only did Capt. Williamson
fly in advance of the point of the
column to report positions of the
leading elements, strength and
installation of the enemy, conditions
of bridges and roads, but
on one occasion he landed his
small hedge-hopping plane and
went forward on foot to investi(Continued
on page 2)
Decides To Curb
Sales Of Tobacco
Will Observe Holiday Tuesday
Of This Week And
Monday Of Each Subsequent
Week Until Further
On compliance with the decision
of the' Bright Leaf Warehouse
association which met
Saturday in Raleigh, tobacco
markets in Columbus county will
observe a holiday tomorrow
(Tuesday! and each subsequent
Monday until congestion in redrying
and processing plant3 is
This announcement was made
here by M. B. Kibler, Jr., sales
supervisor of the Whiteville market.
following the decision made
in the Raleigh meeting.
Governors of the warehouse association
were told at a public
meeting that an inevitable drop
in prices was in the offing unless
the markets were closed. Some
buying companies already had
started cutting their buying percentages
and drastic cuts were
predicted for next week unless
some sort of slowdown was ordered.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Womble of
Baltimore announce the birth of
a son. Mrs. Womble is the former
Miss Edith Holden, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. E. Holden, of
Chief A. M. Gore, M. M. A?
spent Saturday at his home at
Shallotte on his way to Jacksonville,
Fla., where he will be sent
to sea. He is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. D. L. Gore, of Shallotte, and
has served eight years in the
Navy. George D. Gore, another
son of the couple, has also had
eight years in the Navy and is
now stationed in Florida. He was
serving on the aircraft carrier
Wasp at the time the ship was
sunk by the Japanese.
of Caswell Beach building' lgta
has moved steadily forward. With
jthe prospect of priorities being
lifted on building material in a jS
I short time, many of the purchasers
of the Caswell lots are
expressing their intention of
building cottages in the very near
(Continued on Page 2)
1 Ration Pointers |
I Stamps): V2, W2, X2, Y2, Z2 . . .
; now valid . . . expire September li
Al, Bl, CI, Dl, El . . . now
valid . . . expire October 31.
Fl, Gl, HI, Jl, K1 . . . now
valid . . . expire November 30.
LI. Ml, Nl. PI. Q1 . . . now I
valid . . . expire December 31. ui
SUGAR: Sugar Stamp No. 38
i, . . now valid . . . expires Deci'ember
31. J
I SHOEjS: Airplane Stamps No. 1,
i No. 2. No. 3, and No. 4 . . ?
sew good. . s \
_ . <Ji
Most of The News
All The Time
1 j
k Schools
! All Schools In Readiness
With Exception Of Shallotte
Which Will Open
Monday Morning
Teacher Shortage Of Several
Days Ago Now Largely
Overcome And
Outlook Is Excellent
Teachers of the Brunswick
county white schools are holding
their first meeting of the year
here today at the Southport
school building and it was an
j .i_i_ U.. Mj??
nuunceo una iiiuiinu^ * >y 'i .'
Annie Mae Woodside that all
schools, white and colored, will
open for the fall session tomorrow
(Thursday) with the exception
of the Shallotte school
which will open next Monday.
September 10. The delay is due
to the fact that the new teacherage
will not be teady for occupancy
until Saturday. The
building is not yet completed but
construction has reached such a
stage that the structure can be
occupied at that time. The Shallotte
School will open at 9:30 on
Monday morning and parents and
friends are invited to attend the
1 opening exercises.
A report from Miss Woodside
this morning indicated that the
teacher shortage existing a short
I time ago now seems largely overicome.
Whereas the white schools
' were short around fifteen teachers
1 ten days ago there now seems |
to be a shortage of only three or i
four in all.
Prof. G. O. Rogers, who was
principal, at Whiteville for many
years, heads the Southport school;
Prof. Glenn M. Tucker, who has
been in charge at Bolivia for
j seven years, will be in charge at '
Leland this year; Prof. Henry C.
j Stone is again in charge at ShalI
lotte where he has headed the
school for about a dozen years; J
Prof. J. T. Denning is embarking <11
I on his second year at Waccamaw F|
school anrl Prof. O. C. Bruton, ' J,
who taught at Mt. Olive last year,
is in charge at Bolivia. It is
! hoped that all of these principals
1 will have a complete list of their
> teachers ready for publication in
j next week's paper.
R. E. Bellamy, Shallottc conti
actor who has had charge of
J the construction work on the new
teacherage, originally expected to 11
have the building ready for occupancy
by the 20tt\ of this I
month. Owing to the great need
of the building he has pushed
the work to the utmost and will
have the structure ready for oc- ,!
cupancy two or three weeks ahead
of the expected time. He stated
to the Pilot Monday that lie
i would not have it done this week
i but it could be occupied Saturday.
He also stated that the
other new teacherage at Ash, - ij
for the Waccamaw school, would ,1
be ready for use the latter part
of October.
Miss Woodside stated today
that the Shallotte teacherage h^s
12 rooms for non-rcaident tcucM- >
| ers. All rooms have a semi-private
j bathroom. The principal has a J
; five room apartment and there 13 i
J a large living room, dining room
! and kitchen for the use of the
I teachers.
Many Are Buying
At Caswell Beach
Resort Bidding Fair To
Have Many New Cottages
And Improvements By
Next Season
During recent weeks the sale ;

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