^ 1 *We 2 ~~ ~~ vrs I dH I mir *11 ad Thanksgiving Dinner In Japan j Sgt. Avon Hickman, a First j - Cook with an Infantry company! ? sent home a copy of the menu "to whtcli the men of his com- in jiany sat down to in Japan on November 22nd. The Sgt. en- Kc tered the service in February, an liM3. and has spent the past sev- ho 'oral months overseas. He is the t)i, soil of Mr. and Mrs. Forney H. t|tl itickman. of Bolivia, arid states Hi he is in hopes of getting home w ^'sometime tlie first of next year. tl) Hickman said: "I am sending til( .this menu to my liome town paper, so that eve ybody could siee cri what we had to eat in Japan on thi Thanksgiving Day. U'e are all of thanking God for it, and the ones that helped get it to us. We a:e in ..looking forward to next year in tic hope that every one of us can ra' eat' Thanksgiving dinner In our Nc 'homes with our loved ones." The wj menu included:, roast turkey, ley gravy, sage dressing, mashed po- fin t-itoes, buttered peas, vegetable t'u s dad, celery-orange.', apples me!- s'g rns, mixed nuts, ft nil ;ni pcath < 1 i ie, bread-butter and o angeade. !y I'MBwr-rr -see "? ? SBEir aden 8 Vr r If I FIRST N t ; Member Member Feder SAFE DEPO: j COMPLETE F 1 Savings allll IINSTALLMI MC I I Night I j 75 I Mules 4 I TWO CA I ? A A * .1 jusi nrriveu. I I wcrk, 4 to 5 ye; || to 1,2&0 pound I | the money at I I I pick your muh Also a La \ "The Custom -CM S.LF I W1 capitali By Thompson THOMPSON GREENWOOD o Vorth Carolina Politicians Ate h "In, At. Eye On Pat Hurley. P ibassador to China who came mc huffing and puffing ove. . state Departments P?llC> 111 'l , Orient. They believe that J irley, who was Secretary of ar under Hoover, is attempting h win support for a tace for ; piesiilency in B, Although many State Oeiao ils don't think too highly of > fene.al ability of Secre.arj State Byrnes, they feel that irley is just letting on steam ^ an attempt to attract attenu which he seems to be domg Lher well. But T^ere Ia One ,nh Carolina Boy Who Will Al* h ivs Feel Grateful To Pat Hut, This young man-one of the P est anywhere?was in Oiina h ring the war on an unusual as- f< frnnent and while there he was , with a serious offense o 1. Ch'ncee government. Some o TEts-f -V-Et ssa 23Sffi?a?B limf qi : ? 11 \j kj [ationfll whitevill Of Federal Reserve S a! Deposit Insurance SIT BOXES ? F ianking service Checking Account ENT ... COMME iRTGAGE LOANS Depository Se; Kscy-zsaagn?? mm m i RS cf Fresh Y< Ai! broke and ars old and weighii s. You can buy mi FULLER'S. Come ? ^rnm this nirp sp! kr 4k A V*ua M44V MM w w va rge Stock of Bridles, C lames and Harness. er Makes the Terms i >H or TERf uller & Bri HIITE VILI LETTERS Greenwood f the officials wanted to thro' im in jail for life and one o ,vo wouldn't have minded aeein im hanged. The boy knew h ws innocent. His friends kne> e was innocent, but the Chines ;lt otherwise, and they seeme etermined that the good old Ta [eel boy should be punished. Th ffense can't be named here, fc . would identify our hero, but [ntilar crime in this State woul ling the defendant a term c .om two to 10 years in the pen sntiary. The boy berame del erale, and finally he decided t any the matter directly to An assador Pat Hurley. He wtol curt note to the Chinese o: icials, and within a week th oy was fiee to go on with th .oject of aid to China. Nc e is back home planning to stud ar the ministry. Within five years he should r ne of Western North Carol .'.a utstanding ministers. ggtftmmam 1|| II I I MIT T BfflK E ystem Corporation AD orwT roucn nis nanci. Ho found t he had a little field mouse company. Well, he immediately beca attached to the little fellow, him in his pocket, and made pet of him. He carried him ri along with him through Frai over into Germany, and right into Berlin. They became f ll friends, and both became used r battles. They got tougher the time. Finally, the Ma: was transferred back to L don. He took the little mo with him in his pocket. T] were battle-scarred veterans. One night in London the 1 rine was in a pub having a b The bar tender was a surly s of fellow, and for some reason kept throwing insulting rema at the Marine. Finally, the m mannered American could st no more. He stood right up the bar tender and told him he made one more remark?j one more?he would tear him pieces^ right there. "Yep. just open your mouth- once mi and I'll smash your face," e the Marine, and the more talked the madder he became, was boiling." Just say somcth now, and I'll pick you up . throw you through that p] glass window and when you h landed in the street I'll be there waiting for you. I'll your face in the pavement, beat you until you are black blue." The mouse was huddled d in the Marine's big pocket, he "wasn't missing a word, felt proud of his buddy, and was angry, too. He crawled of the pocket, looked up at bar tended and said, "Yeah, that goes for your d n'd cat, too." Chances Are That Presid Truman isn't having much t to devote to his piano these di j but a former Governor. J. C. j Ehringhaus, entertains him j and others these long wir I nights with his excellent tak j at the piano. It's apparently a uttle-knc fact that Former Governor ringhaus can practically make piano talk. In fact, he plays weddings and that sort of th I Tom Bout, veteran newspa] man, Is plenty good on the gu and when Ehringhaus was C emor, Tom used to go around the Mansion frequently to fori team, Governor Ehringhaus pltng along on the piano Tom plunk-plunking or. tho gu * -v \JIV lYLdi1 : FOR ALL s Solicited RCIALI rvice mmmmmammmmmmmmm mam mm mnaMiMiMW 75 Mules 3ung Mules ready for ig from 1,050 are mule for in now and ection. Hollars, it Fuller's" ASother Vs w. r- . i- ? THE STATE FOR " j The Recent uiAH? Of Cor. g re , man R. L Doughton ha? rene ed rumors that he may not : 'for re-election. He Is now ( again after having been confii - at his home and at a Washii ton sanitarium for three wee y Somebody here in Raleigh s ir the other day that the able chs g man of the Ways and Means Co e mlttee would like to see St; tV Senator Hugh Mitchell of Stat ,e vlile succeed him when he sti n down. However, in st folks se r to think that Hugh is much m interested in this little idea tl ie anybody else. " if You Are Having Tiou ^ Finding Rabbits on your autu 1 hunts this year, blame it on ,f fox. Chatliam County, for '* stance, used to be noted for 5" big rabbit population, but C. 0 Lutterloh, cliief of the feed ( i- seed insoerto.s of the State ] :e partme.it of. Agriculture, rema f- ed last week that Bi-er Fox 1 i0 made off with the haies in Ci le ham. Similar stories are com in f.om other sections of .. State. Down on the coast the i . p'anes stationed around Ficieni ;. Hertford mid Eli.?bsih City, keeping the wild gore? away, _ is said. Several State offic have boon down, cr.d retur 1 feeling low and lonely and emr handed because of those "d blamed alt planes." The Wildlife Association wh is being organized tbraughout Slate (it now has chapters about S3 rountics) has a m< be-ship of 10 000, and is putt out a news letter which- n shortly be expanded into a re lar monthly magazine. Col Leonard, smart and persona editor of "Southern City" h in Raleigh, is helping with publicity. You can look for I gioup to have a big say-so the activities of the Departm of Conservation nnrl rievelnnnii or some department spring from it, in future years. Raleigh Is Full Of Wake Foi Alumni, and there was quite bit of elation here last w when the Demon Deacons tv selected for the Gator Bowl Jacksonville, Fla., (or New Yei Day. The Wake Forest team tough. In fa t, Coach D. Walker said early last fall t he wanted his boys to be tough on the playing field a< certain Marine. Walker tela that this Marine was already big, tough, brawny fellow bef he went into the Marines. At they had drilled him in all ki of fighting for two years, he \ ready for almost anything, participated in the landing North Africa, and he w through that battle, and then moved thfaugh Sicily, alid iho' into Italy and fought with others tin .c. Before the Noi andy invasion, he was transfer to England, and he blazed av into France, getting toughoi* the time. But he had a s heart, and one cold, dark, ra night as he was huddled in foxhole, he felt something wa T PILOT, SOUTHPORt, N. C. ~ N. C. Market Plan j ,? Is Used As Model1 ig- j ks; Pattern Based On State i au Plan To Be Submitted To l''* 48 States m ate RALEIGH ? Agriculture Commissioner Kerr Scott has diselos8P8 ed that the Governor's Conference 6,11 Committee In Washington is now orc developing for submission to the !an 48 states a farm produce marketing plan patterned after the 5 e North Carolina Marketing Authoritv Art. the in. Sdctt and other officials of jta the S-atc Department of Agricultu:e have participated in a series Jncj of Washington meetings looking to the adoption of the bill, and rj._ the commissioner is hopeful that lias ma^ be Icat|y for distribution lat- l> the states by the latter part i?g oi Janua.y. the Ih pointing to the necessity for improving marketing facilities xir. throughout the nat.on, Commison, sicne Scott said that "it costs ;.fe aba-..' $1,500,000,000 each year to distribute the piuit and vegetable ials supply of the United States?for ! which the grown, receives only ity- SI.COO 000,000, Out of every dollar ad- consumer pays for these produets, the grower iecoives only ,-ch 40 cents. By far the g. eater tj!ft amount of this ('retribution cost in is inuried after the produce Mll. leaches the city limits where it jn? is to be consumed." According to Scott, terminal .,' j. iri'A kets in many large cities have not been suijfctanCally imjljlg proved for many decades. and C) ~ eve -increasing Quantities of fruits tilc and vegetables arc moving ljjj. through those markets and taxin ing them far beyond their capaent Cit-V;nt He said that high rental fees in? while the depiession raged outside and all but came in cst through iiie windows. For months, a this was about all the amusement eP'1 Ehrir.ghaus could wring out of e,e his existence. However, despite 111 :11 that Kh'inghaus went through ir s -3 Governor, he emerged with a !S lea . unembittered feeling toc .vard those who had such little 'w' ratience when he was doing as overything possible to prevent this 5 a ;tatc's entire financial structure * ,'rom pulling apart at the seams. a Norman Cordon, Tar Heel basore 'tor so *rom Washington, is a nephew |lc... of J. C. B. Ehringhaus, and the vas former Governor deiights in hearing Cordon, now with the Mctroon politan Opera, on the radio on ej]t Saturday afternoons. About two: he weeks ago he sang in La Bohome p .". end d'd a magnificent job of it. the Nmv football is out of the ?R1 way you may be able to hear red *in^_ ; fay BESaBnaBREBBBSBRHDBHM all ave old . Xf/ . ~^r. lent ^M?)ISEL(5)J^ ime -. , ,' ly9i Make your reservation now lo B. Pennsylvania Tires... the top <j self pose tread, super test cord carca No better tires made today fa K If It IS S I Blacl a a ripand itar flgaKHHHHBBHBHBMHMH P If you ^ We I terials . / i and n r a set of new, long-wearing 1 uality tires with the dual par- rf. . 88, and sapcr presstire curing. ? r passenger cars and track*. lervice On Tires You Need is bervio ire being paid for "hulks pf i produce is piled wildings that would in some 1 on t},e sidewal :ases be torn down except for the . ,, ana is left on iroduce business. ,, . -v. ? wise handled in Congestion is so great that lours are required for trucks to ner> saiti Scott move through the markets, and p ? ------| Whot do you s< (Remember the old saying about the man who "couldn't see the forest for the trees"? I Lots of people are like that. All they see is trees. Others look at the forest and see it filled with books, magazines, newspapers. They see the raw materials of many great industries which depend on pulpwood, ?q ravon and plastics. They see car | tons and boxes, and many other I J p\ /7 Cot This A I I ^ you know some a Ir Jr AJ the service, or out < X^Wf A / looking for a future 1 II A income and a good li and send it to him. I/^ifrh? Maybe his big opp LJsC JOHN B. WARD FRANK C. LENDON CLEMMONS H. O. PET1 DON'T WASTE PRECIOUS TIME WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER l2 B ; high In the stores. ATTENDED "\\TDDI\f; Iks, in the gutter, Cpl. Evelyn Autry' v.. H .. Waves at Camti r trucks, and other- ?P Perry, ya ute week er.it t . u an improper man- ^ M|. ^ ^ hr,* and attended th- we nv?c Jane Shannon '" ^Vj^B I products manufactured from pulpwood. I H They see jobs and wealth. Security for H the workers and prosperity for the entire fl community. And if this forest wealth i-; I properly harvested, it will increase in I value in the years to come. H Xl 1 1- .... l i J^ets taue anouier iook at. our woo:is Let's look at the trees and see the opportunities that lie within. d Out? SpMBM ian getting out of of war work and ^K*TiTH!WM^l(rn?lrfjB that offers a good cut this ad out ortunity lies right LENNON vIIUEEEMI/ iRSON V*-. j?*/ CUT TOP QUALITY WOOD ?3 fOUAUTV Wff >?'?? | wpcNHSYLVAN!/i tire service r> i OIQCR I I JERVICE STATION I WHITEVILLE I ^7 I can't ^et a certificate for new I -let us recap your pre&ent tires I have plenty of best quality ma* I i on hand, modern equipment I lenty of experienced help?I ood, quick service. I ... Drive To?- I O? i!_ I e otauuu ? I

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