F reel and Boy Receives Honor Paul Kermit Inman, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Inman, of Free land, has recently been elected vice-president of the Student j Christian Association for next1 year at Elon College. Young Inman is a member of the Senior Cabinet, is a member of the Dr. Johnson Literary So ciety, a member of the Spanish Club and is a member of the col lege choir. He is majoring in business administration. FOR CONSTABLE (SMITHVILLE TOWNSHIP) As the first candidate to file with the election board for the Democratic Nomination for Constable of Smith ville township, this is to state that I will appreciate the yote and support of the voters in the Democratic Primary Election of May 25th. RICHMOND FULWOOD SOUTHPORT, N. C. Bird Club Meets During Week-End ! Two-Score Members Of The North Carolina Bird Club Visited Points Of Interest ; In Brunswick Saturday Forty or more members of the North Carolina Bird Club spent Saturday at Orton, South port and Bald Head island. Most of the party was composed of ladies with a few men and a fair sprinkling of boys. They re ported a most interesting time, despite one or two minor inci dents. At Orton one of the ladies fell into the pond and suffered a wetting. Part of the party was taken to the island from South CANDIDATE FOR HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES I have done the best I could to travel about the county and to meet as many people as possible since I announced my candidacy for the Democratic Nomination for Member of the House of Representatives, but I know that there are a lot of you folks who still don't know me. Well, I'm just a plain country boy who is seeking the honor of representing his home county in the North Carolina Legis lature. I haven't had any previous political experience, and I am under no obligations to any group nor faction. If you will nominate and elect me, I promise to go to Raleigh and make an honest, conscientious effort to make you a good Representative. EDWARD H- REDWINE Democratic Candidate For Representative port through the courtesy of the i Coast Guard. Twenty-seven others went on a private boat, which ran aground and marooned them for two hours until the tide came in and floated the craft. Return ing from the island, the rudder 1 of the boat went wrong and it sprung a leak. It was beached in three-feet of water and the men folks aboard and some of the ladies waded ashore. Others were b. ought in on a skiff. Water Available For Ice-Making Fine Flow From Nsw Well At Shallotte Ice Plant Has Started Citizens Hoping Again For Own ! Waterworks The Heater Well Company, of | Raleigh, which has been boring [ a six-inch well at the plant of I the Shallotte Ice Company, struck a surprising heavy flow of clear and pure water at a depth of 284-feet last week. No actual test of the flow has been made, but the well company estimated the flow over the top of the piping at 100-gallons per minute with the water remark ably clear and free from impuri ties. The clearness of the water is causing a lot of Shallotte resi dents to look with longing to the time when they may have a waterworks system. The ice plant is now about fin ished and D. D. Bruton, Chad bourn man who owns and will operate it, states that he will be making ice by the first of June, provided there is no unexpected j delay in getting some parts of ; the machinery. Most of the [ machinery has already arrived. Mr. Bruton will move to Shal lotte in the near future. VOTE FOR w. s. (BILLY) BRUT for CONGRESS Your present Congressman has been in office nearly Eighteen years. THAT'S A LONG TIME. He has received over one hundred and seventy - five thousand dollars as salary. He has received over one hundred and twelve thousand dollars for office expense. That is a lot of money, but not enough for Mr. Clark. On June 7th, 1945, he voted for and helped to pass a bill allowing himself an additional three thousand dollars per year as personal ex pense, free and exempt from all taxes, this, in addition to his $10,000.00 salary and $9,500.00 office expense per year. HOW MUCH EXEMPTION DO YOU GET? Mr. Clark has done much for himself, but what has he done for yoii and the Seventh Congressional District ? IT'S TIME TO CHANGE Vole fata (BEY) BRITT For CONGRESS ( This Space Contributed by Friends) Extension Made In Draft Rule / Selective Training And Ser vice Act Is Extended; Only Childless Men Be tween Twenty and Thirty To Be Called The Congress has passed and the President has approved legis lation extending the selective training and service act as amended to July 1, 1946, and in cluding provisions prohibiting the induction of father and restrict ing indication to registrants twenty to thirty years of age, in clusive. Pursuant to the provisions of the above amendment local boards will not issue an order to re port for induction or preinduction physical examination or forward for induction or for preinduction physical examination or forward for work of national importance any registrant who has not yet reached his twentieth birthday. The liability cf persons eight teen to sixty-five to present themselves for registration re mains unchanged. Registrants eligible for deferment under exist ing selective service regulations, including registrants twenty-six years of age and over and fathers of any age, shall continue to be deferred. Calls will be filled with men classified in a class available for service in the age group twenty through twenty five. Local boards are directed to forward for preinduction physical examination all registrants aged 26 through 29 who are non fathers and who the local board believes may qualify for military service under existing physical requarements and current occupa tional deferment policies, except registrants classified in C class I-G and Class I-C discharged. , Registrants forwarded under the above directions may be for warded for preinduction physical examination without changing their present classifications. If after preinduction physical ex aminations they are found quali fied for military service, their cases sholl be reopened and re considered. Eighteen years old still register on their 18th birth day. Membership Of Wildlife Club New Organization At Hick man's Cross Roads Has Membership Comprised Of Leading Citizens The membership of the Hick man's Crossroads Wildlife Club which was organized last week includes some of the most re sponsible men in that section of the county. The membership roll includes the names of the fol lowing: L. P. Hickman, T. H. Mintz, Dayton McLamb, O. P. Bellamy, R. B. Hickman, L. D. Benton, H. E. Hickman, M. D. Anderson, W. E. Stanaland, H. M. Hickman, Odell Williamson, J. B. Smith, W. E. Bellamy, Grover Hickman, W. J. McLamb, Obbie Long, L. H. Benton, Ramond Hudson, G. L. Hickman, F. M. Norris, Clinton Bellamy, W. M. O'Quinn, A. W. Bellamy, Fredrick Hickman. Ginni DUTCH LHP 5HinSI.ES Choose a rugged shingle that's built for long wear. "Fortified" to fight wind, sun and rain byU-S-G quality manufacture. Made in beautiful blends or bright solid colors. Ask for estimate. POLSTON-COURTNEY, Inc Vg-Block West Of Court House Square / WHITEVILLE A STRONG VOTE NOW MEANS A BIG VOTE IN THE FALL... Saturday, May 25th, will be Primary Election Day. Brunswick County is offering a fine array of Demo cratic candidates from which the voters may make their choice. We urge all men and women Democratic Voters to go to the polls on that day and show their good citizenship by helping nominate god Democratic candidates to serve the people of Brunswick. DO YOUR BIT IN CHOOSING A strong Democratic vote in the Primary Election on May 25, can be put down as indicative of an even stronger one in November. YOU and all Democratic voters should go to the polls on May 25 and do yur bit by helping to name good candidates who will make good officials when they are elected in November. ALL SHOULD VOTE All Democratic men and women should go to the polls on May 25 and cast their ballots for their choice of candidates. For your guidance a copy of the official ballot is printed as a part of this advertisement. Study it in advance and go to the polls prepared to vote for the men whom you think best qualified to serve your interests and those of the people of Brunswick county. (This Advertisement is paid for by Citizens who Believe in Democratic Government for Brunswick.) * r SAMPLE BALLOT Official Democratic Primary Ballot For COUNTY OFFICERS INSTRUCTION TO VOTER 1. To vote for a candidate on the ballot make a cross (X) Mark in the square at the left of his name. 2. If you tear or deface or wrongly mark this ballot, return it to the registrar and get another. For House Of Representatives (Vote For One) ? ODELL WILLIAMSON ? EDWARD H. REDWINE For Sheriff (Vote For One) ? 0. W. PERRY ? JOHN G. WHITE ? FRANKIE WILLIAMS ? D. L. GAINEY For Judge Recorders Court (Vote For One) ? JESSE A. PURVIS ? H. A. (Lonnie) GAINEY ? W. J. McLAMB ? J. WORTH STANLEY For Commissioner (Vote For Ttaee) ? ROMEY LEWIS ? R. PETER ROBINSON ? BOYD ROBINSON ? 0. P. BELLAMY Q W. S. WELLS ? M. B. CHINNIS ? WRENT MINTZ ? J. N. SOWELL ? L. C. TRIPP Q STEVE I. MINTZ For Coroner (Vote For One) ? JOHN G. CAISON ? W. E. BELL For Member Of Board Of Education (Vote For One) ? L. H. REYNOLDS ? HENRY D. WILLIAMS Q JOHN L. STONE Primary Election, May 25, 1946 Chairman Brunswick County Board of Elections.

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