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N0 -S1XTEEN?NQ12 6-PAGES TODAY ?outhport, N. C., Wednesday, April 21, 1948 published every wednesdai 91*0 per yea>
mal Flower
ow Scheduled
tanding E v en t Of
ring Season Will Be
Id At Community Cen
Building Sponsored
Woman's Club
System Of Judging
j Awarding Prizes
ill Be Followed With
Several Features
Annual Flower Show spon
ijv members of the South
Woman's Club will be held
Wednesday afternoon, and
arrangements indicate that
ar'S 'event will bid fair to
all previous efforts.
Robert B. Thompson is
al chairman of the flower
and a large number of
members are assisting her
Dmmittee assignments which
e every detail of the ? ex
lowing is a list of classes
ss i, perfection of bloom: a.
flower, any variety; b.
flower, any variety.
ss II. artistic arrangement:
irge living room; b. small
room: c. dining table with
s; d. dining table without
e. mantle: f. bed tray: g.
nal; h. wildflower; i. minia
j. coffee table: k. largest
flower collection; 1. floor;
ivelty; n. children's arrange
ss III. potted plants: a.
nng: b. non-flowerlng.
t of town judges have been
ed for the show, and an at
ive list of prizes has been
ted for distribution to win
; this really is a flower
saiii Mrs. Thompson this
our greatest need is for
number of entries in the
m iivi?ior? With un'1 ly
spring weather. I believe we
a splendid opportunity to
! to year's show a wonder
iccess, and I hope that more
[e than ever before will en
exhibits this year."
Brief Newt
ie regular meeting of the
pport Lions Club will be
Thursday at 1 o'clock at the
Riunity Building.
ldim. new home
t and Mrs. Merritt Moore
I started construction of a
home near the residence of
ar.d Mrs. H. T. St. George.
acks Cafe building is now
g completely overhauled and
?deled. When it reopens
tly it Is expected to present
neatly improved appearance
i former days.
Wording to Principal Martin
toan, the new teacherage at
^accamaw school will not be
lv for any time the present
"?. The teachers will be able
M\'e in when school resumes
September, however.
party from Kanapolis here
-a>" on a fishing trip caught
ai?e Muefish and some other
while out on the boat of
' Donnle Watts. The blues
f ,,ery plentiful, but with a
northeast wind blowing that
tiley just wouldrrt.' strike
?Whitley of Howell's Point
s that a Kanapolis party,
2 ^ Rev- R- V. Argo,
, pounds of nice fish
at the Point Friday. This
6 northeast wind was blow
largest fish caught
* s'x and three fourth
young Brunswick coun
all of the Freeland com
% enlisted in the army
the past week. They are,
F. Bennett, James D.
* and Prmce E. Brady. None
""ro haw seen service be
'? according to Lieut. Charles
"a'kus, commanding officer of
Wilmington recruiting ata"
^ Russ and Bennett volun
i for the army air force and
J Picked the coast artillery,
*0r defense, as hi? branch of
INSPECTION?One of the mobile inspection lanes of the North Carolina De
partment of Motor Vehicles is located this week at Shallotte and will be moved to
Southport Saturday for operation here the greater part of next week. All motor
! vehicles must be inspected during 1948.
Inspection Lane At
Shallotte This Week1
Set Up At "Y" Intersection
Opposite Shallotte High
School And Will Operate
Through Friday
Location While Here To Be
At "Y" Intersection Of
Long Beach Road With
Highway No. 130
Brunswick county automobile
and truck owners were having
about the average run of luck
with the N. C. Motor Vehicle In
spection Lane according to J. S.
Edgerton, superior of L#ne No.
28 which was placed In operation
yesterday at Shallotte at the
"Y" intersection opposite the
high school.
Of 65 privately owned vehicles
inspected opening day, a total of
130 were rejected. "As usual"
said Supervisor Edgerton, "the
j chief cause was improper, ad
justment of headlights. This is a
'defect which usually is easy to
j In addition to tht 65 private
vehicles inspected opening day,
! 27 school buses went down the
| The lane will remain at Shal
lotte through Friday, and will
move to Southport Saturday,
where it will be set up at the
i "Y" intersection of the Long
(Beach road with Highway No.
'l30. It will begin operation here
on Monday and will continue in
service through Thursday.
In addition to Edgerton, mem
bers of the crew coming here in
clude Garland Nobles, J. W.
| Evans, Hoke Smith and Roy
Varied Docket
Heard Wednesday
Numerous Cases Covering
) Variety Of Offenses Dis
posed Of Before Judge
W. J. McLamb Last Week
I A Variety of cases were dis
posed of before Judge W. J. Mc
Lamb here in Brunswick county
Recorder's court Wednesday, with
, the following disposition being
J made:
j Nero Cause, reckless operation,
not guilty.
I Daniel Leroy Rich, reckless op
eration, posession, $25 00 fine
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Deadline For
Altering Plans
| Brunswick county farmers who
want to make a division or com
bination of farm for the pur
pose of obtaining the AAA bene
fits, should attend to the matter
by May 1st at the AAA office in
Supply. This is the date for the
clearance of the 1948 program
Secretary J. J. Hawes says that
supherphosplate is now available
through his office. Eligible farm
ers should apply at the office in
Supply for a purchase order. This
order is to be presented to the
deal with the deposit the faimer
i? reauired to make.
Dawson President
State Teachers
, Brunswick county was repre
sented at the North Carolina
Education Association meeting
in Asheville last w eek by Coun
ty Superintendent J. X. Den
ning and five faculty members
from the various schools.
These include: Mrs. Dcnnbig,
Souttoport; H. C. Stone and
Miss Edith Breedlove. Shallotte;
Sirs. Madge Smith and Mrs.
Blanche Long, Leland.
Brunswick county citizens
are particularly interested in
the fact that A. C. Dawson, of
Southern Pines, tile new presi
dent, is the same man who has
officiated at the ]>ast to Bruns
wick County Basketball Tourn
aments. He is very well
known in this section.
Aged Resident
Passes Friday
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Plato
Died In Dosher Memorial
Hospital; Deceased Was
91-Years Of Age
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Plato, 91
year old resident of the Lebanon
community in Town Creek town
ship, died here in the Dosher
Memorial hospital Friday morn
ing. She had been a patient there
for several days.
Mrs. Plato, a native of Michig
an, had beer, residing in Bruns
wick county for many years. She
is survived by her husband, Al
bert Plato, and by a daughter,
Mrs. Leon Overheul. of St. Peter
sburg. Fla. Two grandchildren
and two sisters also survive.
Burial services, delayed to
permit relatives to reach here
from distant states, are being
held this afternoon at Lebanon
Baptist church with Rev. H. M.
Baker of the Southport Baptist
church in charge of the services.
The burial is in the cemetery at
Clarice Holden
Contest Winner
Declared Winner For Her
School In Essay Contest
Being Sponsored By State
Clarice Holden, Shallotte 1 ? -
year-old student of the Shallotte
high school has been declared the
winner of the first round of the
1918 Cooperative Essay Contest
sponsored by the N. C. Cotton
Growers Cooperative Association
and the Farmers Cooperative Ex
change for rural boys and girls
throughout North Carolina.
Writing on the subject, Far
ming A Challenge To All," Miss
'Holden won top school honors
'among competing students at
Shallotte school and will compete
against winners from other rural
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Jury List For
May Term Court
Drawn By Board
Other Matters Of Routine
Business Disposed Of
Monday Before Board Of
County Commissioners
Chief among the business dis
posed of by members of the
board of county commissioners
here Monday was the drawing of
a jury list for the May term of
Brunswick county Superior court.
Other business included giving
endorsement to a couple of roa%.
petitions. One called for improve
ment of the Turnpike .road from
its intersection with thte hard
surface road at Silent Grove,
thence to Long Point. The other
was for the improvement of the
Howells Point road. Hie pe.tition
(ers in this case have all agreed
'to grant a right of way if only
| the State will take over mainten
ance of the road from Highway
No. 130 to the point.
Dwight McEwen and Davi3
Herring have agreed to serve as
delinquent tax attorneys in help
ing the county attorney bring to
judgment suits for taxes which
will go out of date after this
year. A fee of $5.00 each is be
ing granted for bringing the
suits, plus 10-percent of the total
amount of taxes and costs, pro
vision for a commissioners fee
if sold and a fee of $5.00 for
drawing a deed. Where the pro
perty advertised is bid in by the
county, only 10-percent of the
total amount of taxes will be
charged. Provision will be made
to pay these costs from penalties
and interest collected from these
The commissioners agreed to
sell the E. V. Evans land to
E. L. Krahnke for the sum of
Following is the new jury list:
M. C. Gore, Mrs. J. I. Milliken,
Mrs. Lloyd Phelps, J. B. Long,
Mrs. R. L. Coleman, Miss C. L.
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Marketing Will
Be Theme For
County Meeting
Farm Specialist Will Be In
County To Discuss Mat
ter At Series Of Meetings
Throughout Brunswick
County Agent J. E. Dodson
Urging Farmers To Show
More Interest In Mat
ter Of Marketing
With a recognised need for
better marketing facilities for
Brunswick county farm products
and the hope that some sort of
action will be taken, County
Agent J. E. Dodson has arranged
a series of meetings beginning
Tuesday of this week and contin
uing through all of next week.
The services of Clarence E.
Pike, marketing specialist at
State College, has been secured.
He will discuss cooperative mar
keting at all of the meetings.
The slogan will be: "Let's quit
selling most of our farm crops
and livestock on out-of-county
Both business men and farm
ers are urged to attend these
meetings. All meetings will be
gin at 8 o'clock. The schedule is
as follows:
Thursday, April 22, Wlnnabow
post office.
Friday, April 23, Bolivia school.
Monday, April 26, agricultural
building at Supply.
Tuesday, April 27, Shallotte
sch school.
Wednesday, April 28, Hick
man's Cross roads.
Thursday, April 29, Waccamaw
Friday, April 30, Exum.
All who are interested in this'
rapidly spreading movement to
have Brunswick county markets
for what Brunswick county pro
duces are urged to attend and to
invite friends to attend the meet
ing nearest their homes.
Benefit Supper
For Auxiliary
Funds Being Raised For
Purchase Of Commercial
Size Electric Range For
Dosher Memorial Hospi
Members of the Auxiliary of
, the Dosher Memorial Hospital
will sponsor a chicken salad sup
I per at the Community Building
i in Southport on May 7, the pro
j ceeds to go toward paying for
la commercial size electric range
'that is a badly needed piece of
equipment for the hospital kit
, chen.
!? Miss Oorinne Greene, home
demonstration agent, and Miss
| Ruth Patterson, superintendent of
! public welfare, have agreed to
'deliver chickens and eggs which
, friends of the hospital through
out the county may wish to don
ate for the supper. Full cooper
jation will result In a successful
event that will help greantly in
this worthy cause.
Attention is called to the fact
that Hospital Day will be observ
ed on Sunday, May 12, and at
that time friends of the hospital
are ihvited to make a special ef
fort to visit the institution. Ar
rangements are being made to
serve refreshments.
Six days after it was announc
ed that the State was taking
over Fort Caswell as a State
Park a letter from Glendale,
California, addressed, "Fort Cas
well Park, U. S. 29, Southport, N.
C.," was placed in our mail box.
It waa a circular inquiring about
Motor Courts. Postmaster J. B.
Russ placed it in our mail box
with the remark that at the pre
sent time he did not know who
else was to handle such stuff.
"I'd rather miss getting my hat
than to miss getting the State
Port Pilot." This was a remark
from Clerk of Court Edwin O.
Faulker of Henderson when we
met him on the street while he
suid Mrs. Faulker were visiting
here last week. He had never been
to Brunswick county until two
years ago. Since then he has
been a consistent subscriber of the
paper and very much interested
in the things that go on down
| A local grandmother and a
young lady who works in one of j
the stores here are pretty much
alike with respect to 'size. In ad
dition they often dress much
alike. We were waiting to take
our mail from the box the other
1 morning. The grandmother wasJ
standing just in front of the box
with her back turned. Although
we noticed her hair was slightly
gray, and were surprised there
at, we took it as a matter of
course that she waa the young
woman. Hitting her on the back
of the head with some envelopes
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Contests Loom For All
Nominations In Coming
May Primary Election
Official Figure? Reveal That 44 Person? In Brunswick
Countv Now Suffering From This Disease
An estimated 10,300 men, wom
en and children in North Caro- [
lina are suffering from cancer,
Miss Marion Frink, Brunswick |
County Commander of the Am-|
erican Cancer Society, declared
here today.
Of that total, approximately 44
are in this County she estl
Her statement was based on a I
comprehensive national survey of!
the number of cancer deaths and'
j the number of new cancer cases;
| that are being discovered each j
I year.
The survey showed that there!
I are more than four cancer vie- j
tims alive in various stages of |
the disease for each death that;
cancer causes.
"About one out of four of the i
victims will die within J2
months," Miss Frink said. "A se
cond will die within two years, a
third within three years and a
fourth within four years.
"Only a small percentage of
those who develop cancer are be
ing saved in spite of the fact
that 30 to 50 per cent could be
saved through early treatment
with x-ray, radium or surgery.
They are lost because they wait
until too late for medical treat
"To save as many as possible
of the 30 to 50 per cent is one of
the main objectives of the Am
erican Cancer Society. And the
first step toward that objective
Is to arm people with knowledge
of the early symptoms of cancer
and to have them obtain medical
treatment without delay."
Between 800 and 1,200 of the
more than 2,500 deaths that can
cer caused in North Carolina last
year, Miss Frink said, were
"needless deaths" that probably
could have been prevented if vic
tims had obtained adequate treat
ment early enough.
Little Symphony Will
Return To Brunswick
Former Resident
Wins Jack-Pot
Reginald Turner, former
principal of Shallotte high
school, h latent recipient of
one of the fabulous radio "jack
pots" and last week won prize?
totaling in the neighborhood of
Mr. and Mrs. Turner and
ttieir four children now live hi
Winston-Salem where he Is
employed with the Veterans
I Administration, and following
I his successful identification of
J the "Mystery Tune" over a
j National radio network, the
Turners were besieged with
telephone calls from well-wish
ers. ,
Mr. Turner?with the con
fessed assistance of some of his
friends?was able to dig Into
his musical memory to success
fully identify a tune entitled
"Visions Of Salome." Having
outguessed the master of cere
monies on this radio show, now
he wants someone to tell him
how to do the same thing to
the income tax collector.
Committee For
Broughton Named
Campaign For Senate Seat
Will Be Handled In This
County by Precinct Chair
Judge Jeff D. Johnson, Jr.,
State manager for former Gov
ernor J. Melville Broughton in
his campaign for the United Sta
tes Senate, today announced the
appointment of the following as
a committee in Brunswick coun
E. J. Prevatte, Southport;
Henry Hickman, Shallotte; Nor
man Bellamy, Supply; Mrs. Floyd
Kirby, Supply; James D. Bel
lamy, Shallotte; Carl Ward, Bo
livia; Mrs. Lucille Frink, Shal
lotte; Miss Olive Mercer, Bolivia;
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Senior Play At
Leland Friday
The Senior class of Leland
high school will present their
class play on Friday night, April
23, at 8 o'clock in the high
school auditorium.
"Which Shall He Marry?" is
the title of the play and the
characters are: Mrs. Randolph,
mother of five girls, Glorius Ja
cobs; Elaine Randolph, the beau
ty of the family, Barbara Bor
deaux; Susan Randolph, the
brains, Doris Field; Patience Ran
dolph, the good angel, Betty
Mintz; Frankie Randolph, the
athlete, Peggy Lewis; Mary Jane
Randolph, the youngest and plain
est girl, Gloria Potter; Magnolia,
the colored cook, Clara Williams;
Mrs. Hinmari, a lawyer, Delores
Peterson; and Dick Evana, an
eligible young man, Gerald Skip
Concert Scheduled To Be
Played At Shallotte On
Afternoon Of May 11th,
And On Morning Of
May At Bolivia
Return To Brun?wick Made
Necessary As Result Of
Postponement When
Organization Was
At Southport
Mrs. E. H. Arrington has been
! informed that the North Caro
lina Little Symphony will make
two appearances in Brunswick
county during the second week in
May, with children's concerts be
ing scheduled for Shallotte and
The Shallotte concert will be
played on the afternoon of May
11 at 2:30 o'clock. Orchestra
members will travel to Bolivia,
where they will spend the night,
the entire facilities of the John
son Tourist Court having been
engaged for their use.
1 NAt 9:30 o'clock on the morning
of May 12 the second concert will
be played at Bolivia high school,
and members of the orchestra
will remain at Bolivia for lunch.
These two engagements are
make-good dates made necessary
because of cancellations earlier in
the season due to bad weather.
The Little Symphony was to
have appeared at these two
schools for a children's concert
at the time it appeared in South
port, but Brunswick county
schools were closed' due to bad
weather, and it was necessary to
arrange a later engagement.
Shrimping Boats
Make Trial Trips
Local Fishermen Making
Effort To Discover Early
Appearance Of Shrimp
Off Coast Of Brunswick
With practically all of the
boats in the Southport area hav
ing recently undergone a com
plete overhauling of rigging, ma
chinery and painting, a few have
been making regular trips outside
and bringing in small catches of
The amount of the catches is
expected to increase steadily from
now on. Likewise more and more
boats will be going out. Early
summer should see a big fleet of
the craft at work.
The term big fleet is applicable
in two ways. TTiere will be a lot
of the boats and they will be
mostly big craft The Southport
shrimp fishing boats will average
much larger in size than any
other shrimp fishing fleet North
of Florida.'Most of them are real
seagoing craft, able to go any
distance and stay there.
Adding to the big fleet of big
boats that worked through last
season, -eight or ten more big
craft that have been acquired by
various interest? will shrimp here
this summer for th? first time.
Both Democrat* And Re
publican* Put Out Full
Slate Before Deadline for
Filing Saturday After
Democrats Have Eight Can
didates To File While Re
publicans Have Nine
Men To File For
There will be a contest for
each place on the Democrat and
Republican tickst In the May
Primary this year as a full field
of candidates filed with G. C.
McKeithan, chairman of the
Brunswick Courfty Board of Elec
tions before the deadline Satur
One candidate, Roney W.
Cheers, who filed for the Demo
cratic nomination for member of
the House of Representatives, has
announced his withdrawal from
the race, leaving this a two man
contest between the same pair of
young veterans wno battled It
out for the nomination two years
Following is a complete list of
For county commissioners;
Democrats, R. L. Rabon, G. O.
Jones, G. B. Ward, W. Herbert
Brew, B. C. Williams, Davt4
Ross, J. Worth Stanley and Fred
For county commissioners: Re
publicans, Chas. M. Trott, I. E.
Reynolds, H. H. Maultsby, Paul
J. Klutz, Lonnle Evans, E. Dan
ford, F. M. Norris, Manley D.
Smith, George B. Swain.
For Register of Deeds, Demo
crats: "A. J. Walton, James H.
Galloway; Republicans, W. Ra
leigh Btbson and B. A. Russ.
For- Recorder, Democrat*, W.
J. McLamb and Lonnie Ganey;
Republicans, B. G. Simmons and
W. A. Kopp.
For House of Representatives,
Democrats: E. H. Redwine anfl
Odell Williamson; Republicans,
James B. HewetJ and Jack King.
For Bo aid of Education, Dem
ocrats: J. W. Chadwlck, George
Earl Thompson, Sam Joe Frink.
Republicans, N. V. Simmons and
Wingate Swain.
For constable In the various
townships: Democrats: Ulyssea
Williamson, Ulysses Granger,
Drew Long, J. E. Long, Willisja
H. Todd; Republican*: Alton J.
Russ, Luther White, Frank Rab
on and Lester E. Gore.
For Justice of the Peace In the
various townships, Democrats; A.
W. Smith; Republicans: T. L.
Long, J. Wess Stanley, Lewis
Cleyon Evans. M. B. Etheridge,
W. C. Wilson, H. D. Jenrette,
Herbert Gray and Earl Long.
Plant Producer
Looks For Farm
Long Island Man Interested
In Acquiring Small Farm
In Area For Use In Pro
ducing Plants Of Various
Milton Lindner, New York
truck grower who came to Bruns
wick county this year to grow
his early plants for his Long
Island truck farms, is so pleasid
with the results obtained here
that he came to Southport this
week end Is looking around to
find a small farm that he can
buy for the purpose of using
it to grow his yearly supply or
In an interview this week Mr.
Lindner stated that he coutd
grow his plants here and put
them out on the farm on Long
Island two weeks or more earlier
than would be the case if he
grew them i-. hot houses on Long
Island. In addition, growing
plants for many acres of truck
crops in hot houses is too ex
pensive a procedure. He can get
better plants here and get them
cheaper than he could grow them
on his truck farm.
He said that several other
New Tork truck farmers have
expressed Interest in the plapts
that he grew here this year, and
have asked where he grew them
and the possibilities for growing
plants here. Mr. Lindner appar
ently thinks that a lot of N?1"
Yorkers and people from "thy
states will turn to Brunswick
plant production when they
certain the local possibility* 7
Mr. Lindner, if he ttndr a
place, may build or he may
a place with a building
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