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^sixteen 6-PAGES today Southport, N. CM Wednesday, May 5thTl948 published every Wednesday per yea?
ake-Up Occurs
, Organization
County Officers
y'ln Charge Of
^Service Account By
nf Commissioners
jction __
i Tax Rate Is Set
*, $1.55 Per Hun
^ oTthe board of coun
!Lsion?rs tossed a bomb
fiZ the official organiza
a'the county here Monday
wtien three of the most
?-? Of County Audi
J c st. George were as-,
i other officials.
P jorgensen. county tax
? V3S directed to assume
Mies of purchasing agent
rje countv and was directed ,
Lie the debt service ac
. Jf the county, including
Ktirement of this account.
w ordered that Mrs. Res
(jatlev. assistant to Ml. St.
? : r'the past several years,
preferred to the office of
ax collector effective May
D. Robinson, now serving as
i jeputy and jailor under
Itt Walter M. Stanaland. was
sole custodian of county
fr effective May 4. It was
&il that Deputy Sheriff
cor. is in full charge of all
at the courthouse, county'
aru the county building at
It \r l the jail: and oversee-1
i commissioners appointed!
Irsersen to collect the 1948
itvv, and a tentative rate for i
us set at $1.55.
i other matter of routine
bs was a reduction in the
t ? of 18-acres of land own
t H Scull in North
swnship. This valuation
* at $420.00. which appear
>4e commissioners to be in
nth listing of other proper
that section.
i regular meeting of the
tort Lions Club will be held
K'*' at 1 o'clock in the
;ty Building.
*'? Soil Conservationist C.
Eer and Mrs. Potter are
i? toiay for their old home
fesoma. where they will
a three weeks vacation,
?ill return about May 20.
"each at supply
1 Fred Hlntz of Wilming
*11 preach at the Supply
!* church Sunday morning
''clock. The public is cor
"vited to attend this ser
" ?f framework for the big
'Wset building that is to
warehouse and also pro
taiporary office quarters
^ pEA at Shallotte is now
buiMing will be ready
* ^-netime this month. It
'?* lot adjoining the Shal
G- Bragaw was in
^?on Saturday and Sun
Went to attend the un
I a monument to the
#or war dead. Her son,
^archill Bragaw, was
? Washington and his
^ amo"g the number in
the monument.
vf B,JS scrv'ce through
. and Longwood has
^"tinued until the Gris
ti S?lclier Bay road is
?? Paved. The grading is
?"'I the soft dirt
.?vcl difficult over
? ? hus now follows
1Hce a" the way be
,.j Port and Whiteville.
?fr, , ''a.ves. Winston-Sa
lty .. ?l thc Standard Oil
V i , Jersey, is here
^-'""king after the re
:orr? "rk on the Robin's
In Ch he recently
1 It H aR interview this
^ ".pv^'V'S stated he was
eovp' ? ,pr'ng and would
fei 0f Frank Warren
*, warren, Pa? is here
"?Jes this week.
O.K.?The boys of Motor Vehicle Inspection Lane No. 28 are shown going over
the fire truck of the Southport Volunteer Fire Department Thursday. Chief of Po
lice Otto Hickman is at the controls, and a few minutes later drove off the ramp with
a blue sticker on the hood of the 1922?Model-T Ford.
Little Symphony Will
Play Two Concerts
Famous Organization Re
turning To Brunswick To
Give School Children Op
portunity To Hear Good
Enthusiasm And Efforts Of
Mrs. E. H. Arrington Is
Largely Responsible
For Appearances
In County
Brunswick county music lovers
heard the Little Symphony of the
North Carolina Symphony under
the direction of Dr. Benjamin
Swalin this year for the first
time, and two children's concerts
nave tfeen arranged for Tuesday
and Wednesday of next week.
As a result of the enthusiasm
of one person, Mrs. E. H. Arring
ton, who organized a Southport
Symphony committee after hear
ing the orchestra in Wilmington
last year, enthusiatic supporters
of the drive for funds raised the
quota for an appearance of the
Little Symphony. But, since the
J weather cheated the community
1 out of the scheduled children's
concerts, the organization is
making a special trip down next
week to fulfill that obligation.
| It all started last spring when
Mrs. Arrington and her daugh
ter, Pat, boarded a bus from
Southport to Wilmington. They
were going to hear the Full Sym
phony appearing in Wilmington
that evening. Mrs. Arrington
knew the departure of the last
bus out of Wilmington through
Southport at night was entirely
j too early to give her and her
friends time to hear more than
a small portion of the concert.
I Proving herself to be a good
persuader, Mrs. Arrington con
vinced the sympathetic bus driv
er that he could hold his bus an
| extra half hour that night so a
few Brunswick county people
could hear and enjoy some good
I Weeks after the Wilmington
concert. Dr. Swalin received a
letter from Mrs. Arrington tell
ing how much she and her friends
had enjoyed the concert but how
they had regretted leaving before
it was over. She wondered if it
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Longwood Lady
Dies At Home
Mrs. Mary Eliza Russ Pass
es At Home Following
j Period Of Failing Health
I Following a long period of fail
ing health, Mrs. Mary Eliza Russ
died at her home at Longwood
last Tuesday night. She was 66
years of age.
Burial was in the Mintz ceme
tery near Shallotte, Thursday af
ternoon. Rev. J. R. Carter offi
ciated at the funeral services.
Surviving are two sons, Mar
vin B. Russ of Wilmington, and
Alton J. Russ of Ash; six daugh
ters, Mrs. George Ward of Clar
endon, Mrs. J. D. Bellamy of
Wampee, S. C., Mrs. Bennie Dun
can of Clarendon, Mrs. Lennon
Leonard of Ash, Mrs. N. W. Min
tz of Wilmington, and Mrs. Doro
thy Carter of Chadbourn; a sis
ter, Mrs. Seymour Ray of White
ville; three brothers, B. I. Jen
rette of Clarendon, John Ellis
Jenrette of Ashe, and H. D. Jen
rette of Leland; and 18 grand
Fire Truck Passes
New Auto Rejected
! When it was learned that !
I the Southport fire truck was t? i
be taken out to the Motor I
Vehicle Inspection Lane Thurs- I
day for its test run a number
I of local well-wishers were on I
hand to see if the ancient but I
honorable vehicle could pass j
the test.
It did, and the group cheer
i ed as though it were some
1 thing of a personal triumph.
But this noise was as noth- J
! ing when compared to their j
jeers after a member of the j
group chose this ji*jrticular !
i time to test his 1&47 sedan of j
! popular make and design?only
! to have it turned down. (Edi
j tor's Note: It was ours!)
Ferry Resumes
Service Today
Visitors To Holden Beach
During Past Week-End
Encountered Difficulty In
Getting Passage Over In
land Waterway
An employee of the State
Highway Commission repair
force, advised early this week
that the Holden Beach Ferry
would be back in service today.
Scheduled to be taken out Mon
day of last week for three days
of repair work, the ferry was not
taken out until Wednesday. In
stead of being out only three
days, today marks a full week
during which cars have been un
able to get across the waterway.
Assuming that the ferry would
be repaired and operating again
over the week-end, or not know
ing that it was -out, a great
many people have been subject
ed to a lot of extra work and
inconvenience during the past
week. A lot of home owners
coming down from up state
brought building materials with
them or had ordered them sent
in from this and adjoining coun
ties Such material had to be
either hauled back where It came
from or places for storage had
to be found where it could be
unloaded and left until the ferry,
resumes operation. Then it will
have to be reloaded in order to
reach its destination. |
John and Kemp Holden who
.operate the J. & K. bath house,
j pavillion and cafe, were all in j
i readiness to open up for the
' past week end. Much of their j
I supplies were stopped from corr.-i
ing in by the lack of ferry ser
vice. John Holden stated to a
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Brunswick Has
Turned To Soil
Field And Garden Crops
Hold Interest Of Citizens,
Of County As Planting
Operations Near Comple
With nearly all of it planted,
up and growing, the Brunswick,
county corn crop is said by farm-i
ers to be looking exceptionally,
good. This early it is hard to get
any figures relative to the acre*!
aKe but the general opinion,
^Continued on Page 6), 1
Artesian Well
Water Analysis
Is Interesting
Hot Water Well At Cas
well Sure To Be Major
Point Of Interest In Case
Reservation Is Opened To
With the probability that the
deal between North Carolina
Board of Conservation and De
velopment the Navy may be com
pleted, with the state getting
possession of Fort Caswell and
using it as a part of the Moun-I
tain-Seashore park system, it is
certain that the famous but un
developed mineral well at Cas
well will be one of the centers ol
Inquiries about this well are
being constantly j^-ived. it?1'
eating general interest. In view
of this fact an analysis of the
water is of considerable interest.
This analysis shows parts per
million. It is as follows:
Slicon Dioxide, 5.6; iron, 8.4;
calcium, 598.0; magnesium, 40.0;
sodium and potassium, 6.343.0;
bicarbonate, 1.037.0; sulphate ra
dical, 27.0; chlorine, 10.400.0;
salt, 1.6 percent-58 pel-cent more
than seawater; winter tempera
ture 96 degrees Fahrenheit, sum
mer temperature around 92 de
grees Fahrenheit.
The above water comes by ar
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Mrs. Jesse Long
Passes At Ash
Funeral Services Conducted
At Soldier Bay Baptist
Church Sunday By Rev.
Z. G. Ray
Following a long illness Mrs.
Jesse Long died at her home
near Ash Friday night. She was
34-years of age.
Funeral services were conduct
ed by Rev. Z. G. Ray at the late
residence Sunday morning at 11
o'clock. Burial was in the Sol
dier Bay church cemetery.
Mrs. Long is survived by her
mother, Mrs. Mary E. Smith, her
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Cancer Drive Is
Short Of Quota
As End Nearsl
Less Than One Hundred
Dollars Of A Three Hun
dred Dollar Quota Has
Been Contributed Thus
Citizens Of Brunswick Urg
ed To Send In Voluntary
Contributions To Meet
County Goal
Although the American Cancer
Society drive for funds was sche
duled for the month of April
only, the appeal is being con
tinued in Brunswick County, i
where less than one hundred dol- j
lars of a three hundred dollar I
goal has been raised to date.
This poor showing in Bruns
wick has greatly disappointed
County Cancer Chairman Harry
L. Mintz, Jr., of Supply, andj
County Commander Marion
Frink, of Southport, who had an
ticipated a far more generous re
sponse in a county where there
are approximately 44 active cases
of cancer.
The drive officials were greatly
encouraged last week by the
news that the first free Cancer
Detection Center in North Caro
lina was being opened in Wil
mington and was easily accessible
to Brunswick residents.
This evidence of the practical
value of the Cancer society ap
parently Jiad little effect on
Brunswick citizens, however, Mr.
Mintz said, disclosing that very
few contributions have been re
ceived during the past week.
"Please do not wait to be con
tacted personally," Miss Frink
urged, "but mall your contribu
tion now to Harry L. Mintz, Jr.,
County Cancer Chairman, Supply,
N. C."
Waccamaw Plans
May Day Program
Elaborate Plans Made For
Festival At Waccamaw
School Saturday After
noon Of This Week
Students of Waccamaw high
school will stage a gala May Fes
tival Saturday afternoon, with
the program scheduled to begin
^t 1:30 o'clock. This will be
the first May Day program ever
(staged at this school, and from
a modest beginning plans have
expanded into an ambitious un
dertaking which will include stu
dents from each of the 12 grades.
I Geraldlne Formyduval will be
j May Queen with Talmadge Little
j as May King. Chief attendants
(will be Roscoe Hughes and Joslyn
! Bennett.
i Phoebe Russ and Ogel Babson
j will be crown bearers.
J Members of the court will in
| elude Lela Mae King, Mildred
I Lois Babson, Kenneth Ward
! Smith, Jr., Annie Neal Long,
Lois Babson, Kenneth Ward,
(Waddell Long, Katrina Milliken,
|Lula M. Smith, Edward Gore,
jDudly King, Mildred Hughes, Ra
chel Pruitt, Dewey Smith, New
sman Stanley, Bun Stanley, Nevae
j Ward and Oscar Allen.
| Martin C. Freeman, principal
at Waccamaw, announced the
!following 14-item program:
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Same things that please some
women will often displease
others. This week "Pretty Polly,"l
at the Shallotte Soda Shop and I
Cafe, told us she was mad a_t us
because we did not put any
thing in this column about see
ing her playing with soap bub
bles. Same day Rose Marie Hol
den told us we had no business
saying anything about the pin
ups we saw in her room at Hol
den Beach when we were shown
around by her mother.
Freshwater fishing one day j
this week we lost five big bass,'
one of them by his breaking the
line when we tried to lift him in
the boat. Anyhow, plenty of
others came aboard the boat
along with some bluegills and
jacks. Freshwater fishing for
this year is in the order of what
was predicted in this column sev-1
eral months ago. It is the best
in years.
The Shallotte post office has
had a substantial increase in
the business handled during the
past year, according to Mrs.
Ernest Parker, the post mistress.
Now in small but comfortable
new quarters, the post office in
our neighboring town will have
really nice office space in the
new brick building that R. E.
Bellamy and Sons plan to con
struct during the year.
Throughout most of the county
the small grain crop, especially
the spring planting, appears to
be suffering from lack of rain.
The present dryness has also
been bothering tobacco plant3.
Young corn is seldom bothered
by dry weather and the Bruns
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River Drainage Plan
Endorsed By Gillette
Director North Carolina Ports Authority Approved
Waccamaw River Drainage Project In Speech
Col. George W. Gillette, di
rector of the State Ports Authori
ty and former ' chief of U. S.
Army Engineers in this district,
gave his approval to the Wacca
maw River drainage project and
declared it "feasible and econom
ically sound" in an address to
the Whiteville Rotary Club Thurs
day evening.
Touching on the proposal to
divert flood waters of the Wac
camaw by means of a canal 90
miles above their natural outlet,
Col. Gillett eexpressed the opin
ion that the project would not |
adversely affect the fish and
shellfish industry and, on the
contrary, reclaim thousands of
acres of farm lands for produc
tive purposes and prove a boon
to health conditions.
The State Ports Authority di
rector was Introduced by J. P.
Quinerly, a room-mate of the col
onel at State College. Col. Gil
lette recalled that "Joe was vale*
dictorian of his class, while I had
a difficult time getting by."
The speaker listed four objects
for North Carolina, naming in
dustrial development of Eastern
North Carolina, adequate port
facilities, a drainage program
and protection and promotion of
the fish and shellfish industry as
essential to the economic futur?
of this area and the State.
Col. Gillette viewed the pre
sent State pattern as unhealthy
from an economic standpoint,
pointing out that 95 per cent of
the industries in North Carolina
are located west of Raleigh. The
development of ports, he believed,
would go a long way toward de
creasing the disparity between
the East and the West, and at
the same time enable goods and
materials to be sold more cheap
ly in all sections.
Henry B. Wyche, assistant vice
president of the Waccamaw Bank
and Trust Company, and B. Gor
don Lewis, editor and publisher
of the Columbus County News,
were guests of Rotarian Quinerly.
John Krahnke was program
Enlarging Hardee Fish
Packing Building Here
Regulations On
Shrimp Same
Expected changes In shrimp }
fishing regulations did not ma- I
teriaiize when the commercial
fisheries committee of the De
partment of Conservation and i
Development met at Morefoead |
City Monday. The industry was j
left wide open. Shrimping may I
be carried on every day from
i o'clock in the morning until
8 o'clock at night. Likewise,
nothing was done with regard
to size limit.
Fishing inn Sunday for shrimp
Is, however, not allowed. This
is understood to be the only
change from the old order of
Announce Plans
For Cleaning Up
Cash Prizes Being Given As
Stimulus To Property
Owners In Campaign To
Beautify Southport
Citizens of Southport are ask
ed for their support and coop
'? eration during the following year
of the Home Demonstration
club's clean-up campaign. Start
ing May 1, everyone is requested
to clean their property to the
middle of the street and help
beautify by planting flowers and
keeping their property cleaned
The chairman of the street
j committee. M. M. Hood, has
pledged full cooperation of the
city trucks to remove trash and
rubbish. Mayor John Erickson has
stated that his interest and help
could be depended upon, both in
a personal and official capacity.
The superintendent of streets,
R. L. Brindle, will assist in any
way possible.
For the citizens showing the
most improvement in their pro
perty there will be valuable cash
prizes awarded.
The first prize will be $100.00,
second $30.00, third $10.00, fourth
$5.00, and five $1.00-prizes.
Concentration should be given
to the home properties and the
water front, however entrants
should not neglect the vacant
lots which have grown up in
Both rentors and property own
jers are eligible to enter this con
All cleaning and planting or
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Recorder Hears
Numerous Cases
Variety Of Offenses Cover
ed By Docket Tried Be
fore Judge W. J. Mc
Lamb In Recorder's Court
Wednesday was another busy
day in Brunswick county Record
|er's court, with a variety of)
[cases being tried before Judge
W. J. McLamb. The following
disposition of cases was made:
James Patton Barden, speeding,
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Production Of Food Fish!
During Past Winter Indi-1
cates Need For More '
Operations Next Season |
Portion Of Building To Be
Used For Machine Shop ?
And For Repairs To
Parts Of Equipment
Seeing something really worth
while In winter fishing as a re
sult of the operations of a few
boats in February ahd *Mkrctf,
Lewis J. Hardee is now busily en
gaged in doubling the size of his
shrimp and fish packing house at
With the past winter the first
one when the boats tried for food
fish in the gulf stream off South
port, nearly a million pounds of
fish were brought in, this despite
the fact that the boats started
work two months or more later j
than they should have started. In'
addition to this the limited time,
after they did start permitted1
only a small number of boats to
get proper fishing rigs.
With the end of the shrimping
season sometime before Christ
mas, a lot of boats are expected
to turn immediately for four
months or more of trawling on
the gulf for food fish.
This past winter Mr. Hardee
only had unloading facilities for
one boat at a time. Several times
it took all night to get the boats
unloaded and ready for another
trip next morning. With the ad
dition to his building Mr. Hardee
will be able to unload the pro
ducts of two boats 'at a time,
pack the fish and load trucks
twice as fast as he could do
when he was badly crowded last
A part of the addition to his
building will be used as a ma
chine shop and another part for
the repairing of nets. When the
work is finished the local man
will be admirably equipped for
the handling of both shrimp and
Next Wednesday
Is Hospital Day
Members Of Hospital Aux
iliary Planning Benefit
Chicken Salad Supper At
Community Building Fri
day Evening
Next Wednesday is National
Hospital Day, and Mrs. E. J. Pre
vatte, president of the Hospital
Auxiliary, urges every person in
Brunswick county to help make
this the best Hospital Day ever
observed here.
Friends of the hospital are in
vited. The refreshments will be
served in the sun parlor from 2
o'clock until 4 o'clock. Gifts of
money, glasses, dresser scarves,
small trays, sheets, towels, pil
low cases, bath cloths and many
other items arc needed. Every
thing in the hospital has to be
used so constantly that they do
not last long.
The Auxiliary is having a
chicken salad and baked ham
supper on Friday night of this
week at the Community Building.
The tickets are now on sale, and
this supper is being given to help
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Flower Show Is
Declared To Be
Great Success
Visitor* Agree That This
Year's Program Deserve?
Place Among Most Out?
standing Shows Staged
By Woman's Club
Out-Of-Town Judges Are
Warm In Their Praise Of
This Year's Edition Of
Annual Flower Show
The Annual Flower Show
sponsored by members of the
Southport Woman's Club war
held last Wednesday at the Com
munity Building, and visitor*
were warm In their praise o f this
year's event. Particularly flatter
ing were the comments of the
out-of-town judges.
General chairman for this
year's show was Mrs. R. B.
Thompson, with Mrs. Dallas Pig?
ott serving as secretary. How
ever, the success of the show re
sulted from the cooperation of
club women and friends of that
Sweepstakes prize winner wa*
Mrs. C. C. Ruark, with runner
up honors going to Mrs. Louis
J. Hardee. Prizes were plants
which were donated for the pur
pose by Orton Nursery and the
Elmore Nursery, at Bolivia.
In summarizing the show, Mrs.
Thompson declared that she
wanted to express her apprecia
tion to all persons who .o.itribu
buted to its success. "Mc bers of
the Woman's Club are pi ud of
our Annual Flower Shov," she
said, "and each year we try to
live up to the high standards of
past exhibitions. It is only
through the fine cooperation ct
our members and friends of th#
club that we are able to main*
tain the flower show as an event
to which we all look forward
each spring. I sincerely thank all
those persons who helped make
the show this year a success "
Class I, Perfection ui tiiooui:
(a) large flower, 1. Miss Lot
tie Mae Newton, 2. Mrs. R. B.
(b) Small flower, 1. Mrs. L.
J. Hardee, 2. Mrs. D. C. Herr
ing, ? 2. Mrs. Otto Hickman.
Class II. Artistic Arrangement: >
(a) Large living room table. 1.
Mrs. Lundy Jones, 2. Mrs. James
M. Harper, Jr., 3. Mrs. Glenn
(b) Small living room table,
1. Mrs. C. G. Ruark, 2. Mrs. R.
B. Thompson, 3. Mrs. F. L. Will
(c) Dining table with dishes,
1. Mrs. C. G. Ruark, 2. Miss
Annie Mae Woodside, 3. Mrs. L.
J. Hardee.
(d) Dining table without dish
es, X. Mrs. Delia Harrison, 2>
Mrs. Dallas Plgott, 3. Mrs.
George Watson.
(e) Mantle, 1. Mrs. F. L. Will
ing, 2. Mrs. H. T. St. George, 3.
Mrs. C. G. Ruark.
(f) Bedtray, 1. Mrs. R. B.
Thompson, 2. Mrs. James M.
Harper, Jr.
(g) Seasonal, 1. Mrs. F. V
Willing, 2. Mrs. H. T. St. George, _
3. Mrs. Paul Messick.
(h) Wildflower, 1. Mrs. Louis
Hardee. 2. Mrs. James M. Har
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Parties Visit .
Howells Point
Good Inside Fishing Has
Served To Attract Large
Numbers Of Visitors To
This Vacation Spot
Howell's Point, where all that
is necessary for some good la-i
side fishing is to charter a row
boat, has been drawing a lot of
people during the past several
days. The catches, according to
reports, have not been large, but
everybody has been satisfied and
has promised himself or herself
an early return when better wea
ther will put the fishing more
in its stride.
Among the people reported at
the Point during the past ftw
oays have been F. M. Fancom
and Mr. Buggs, from Gastonla;
Mr. Linde and a party of four
from Asheboro; V. P. Puttman
and sons and a party of five
from Rutherfordton; Claude Rob
erts and a party of three from
Kannapolis at the Roberts cot
tage; Hubert McCam and a
party of eight from Kannapolis
also at the Roberts cottage; R.
B. Babbington and his sister,
Mrs. Stone, of Gastonia, at the
Babbinton cottage.
Saturday folks began to pull in .
from various points in the state/
by the truck and car lor'
Names of these parties and /
results of their fishing Is /
yet available to the paper.

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