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pilot Oners
Idrunswicfc County
Most of The Newt
All The Time
(ports Made On
a Achievement
png The Year
J*, Woman s Club, Re
ft, Accomplishments
? -ne Meeting This
** \v'i!l Be Musical
wram To Be Presen
U On May 28th At
Methodist Church
k jouthpoft" Woman's Club
* Il3t business meeting of
i ?ar on Wednesday af
' i the library. Mrs. H.
i George. president of the
Lducted the meeting. One
f*mb*r. Mrs Sam T Ben"
Lowing the accomplish
L of the club during the
L,, Mrs. St. George spoke
L T B. and Crippled Child
aivcs. the support of the
through librarian's salary,
arcer drive, the collection of
L 30 filled pocket
k :hc flower show, the con
tows to headquarters, Sallie
*a^ Cotton Loan Fund, the
p Art Fund and the Christ
, contest* She thanked the
ga committees for the work
t mve Jone during the year
wised the club for the
a* in attendance.
ti James M. Harper, Jr.,
j:-:-".-elect, read the follow
owmlttee appointment?, and
newts for the year 1948
tasce Committee: Mrs. E. H.
pgtor, chairman: Mrs. R. C.
pi Mrs. Harry Weeks: Mrs. i
t- Brown. Mrs. Felton Gar
; Mrs F. SI. Burdette and
I Davis Herring.
jtnare Department: Mrs.
L Lewis. chairman; Mrs. M. I
San :*rs. Mrs. Prince O'Brien,1
J T. Denning and Mrs. Roy'
E Home Department:
L L J. Hardee. chairman;
I Dallas Pigott, Mrs. C. G.
lit Mrs R. B. Thompson,
k K. T. St. George. Mrs. Dan
ks.r. and Miss Corinne
He Welfare Department:
Jce Young, chairman; Mrs.
p: Leggett. Mrs. Bill Hyatt, |
X M Hood and Mrs. S. B.
L |
a: Department: Mrs. Dal-'
Bptt, chairman: Mrs! J. T. i
c... Mrs. Bryant Potter and
? H. C. Corlette* I
it Department: Mrs. H. B. |
t chairman: Mrs. James
' a.": Mrs. E. J. Prevatte.
:-r*-'.mal Relations: Mrs.
5 Butler, chairman: Mrs. I.
I ??ells and Mrs. George Y.
fercan Citizenship: Mrs.
Cranmer, chairman; Mrs.
t; Ruark and Mrs. H. W.
bics:*)n: Miss Annie Mae
chairman; Mrs. Helen
JP* and Mrs. F. M. Niernsee.
* Books: Mrs. Paul Mes
^ E- J. Prevatte conducted
quiz which was won by
Harper, who received a
PWtef as a prize.
Annie K. Vitou and Mrs.
Harper served refresh
k- meeting of the year for
J" tvi" n<>t be on the third
? ?<*> of this month, but
- JeW instead on Friday
? May 28. at which time
'Program will be given
Methodist church.
Mrs F. M. Burdette
t an,i Va' at'r,n in Greenville,
Pb'i 'V1"' hc is away his
being handled by Dr.
' r- of that city.
W .^''taPP?'r'ted summer
C, a.r .an" M?. H. T.
Wttelv L""? Beach was
^siorntf '^ed by fire Sat"
"eipiB.. " c cottage was
timc and the
is unknown.
Wu'1, was moved in
ky ?1'',|en Beach road
apCrJS. now engaged in
k to two brid
r This out (Juring the
j* roUte .mad 13 the main
F^ne? den Beach
S^irby ' Paved road from
to the ,)cach ,s
ENTRANCED?Boys and Girls of Brunswick county schools who heard the
Little Symphony concert yesterday afternoon or this morning were delighted with
their first close-up of classical and semi-classical music. The above scene is typical of
their reaction.
Little Symphony
Back In County
For Concerts
Children's Concert Played
Yesterday Afternoon At
Shallotte And This Morn
ing At Bolivia
The Little Symphony of the j
North Carolina - Symphony Or- j
chestra was back in Brunswick i
yesterday and this morning, and
an estimated two thousand school
children thrilled to the music of
this fine organization.
Yesterday afternoon students
of Waccamaw high school travel
ed to Shallotte to pack the high
school auditorium to overflowing
as the orchestra played the first
of its two free concerts for child
This ? morntng Leland and
Southport students made the trip!
to Bolivia, where the orchestra;
made its second appearance in]
two days.
The musicians were under the j
direction of Dr. Benjamin Swalin,
who quickly put his youthful au
dience at ease and set about his
business of demonstrating that i
good music can be ea3y to hear.
Interpretive remarks by Mrs.,
Swalin carried the boys and girls
along the musical journey in
company with ihe orchestra, and
the kids seemed to particularly
enjoy their in*?oduction to the
various instruments.
I Members of the orchestra were1
guests of Mrs. E. H. Arrington
at a picnic at Long Beach yes
terday afternoon, and last night
they stayed in the Johnson Tour
ist Court at Bolivia.
Hospital Day j
Observed Here
Members Of Hospital Aux
iliary Serving Refresh
ments To Visitors; Re
port On Chicken Salad
This is Hospital Day at Dosh
er Memorial Hospital, and mem
bers of the Hospital Auxiliary
are welcoming guests and serv
ing refreshments to friends and
The benefit chicken salad sup
per served Friday night was a
success in every way, and this
resulted from full cooperation
and generous donations of food
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Mrs. Sanders Is
j P.-T.A President
High School Glee Club Ren
ders Enjoyable Musical
Program At Final Meet
ing Of School Year
Mrs. M. R. Sanders has been
elected president of the Southpoi
' Parent-Teachers Association for
next year. succeeding Mrs.
Thompson McRacken.
. Serving with Mrs. Sanders will
be Mrs. E. H. Arrington, vice
president; Mrs. Otto Hickman,
secretary] and Mrs. R. C.
treasurer. ..
At the final meeting of the
year Thursday night the program
was presented by the high school
glee club, under the direction of
Mrs. J. T. Denning. The follow
ing numbers v-^re included.
'?Sweet and Low," chorus; Ken
tucky Babe", chorus; Sparkm
Peggy Jane," Stuart Arrington
and Iris Newton; "About Katy,
chorus; "Lullaby," chorus,
Over Three Hundred
Vessels Now In Basin
Brunswick River Lay-Up
Basin Has Second Largest
Number Of Vessels Un
der Control Of U. S.
Maritime Coirmission
With More Ships Coming
In Daily, Prospects Are
For Between Four And
Five Hundred
Brunswick county is now har
boring the second largest num
ber of ships based anywhere un
der the control of the U. S. Mari
time Commission, as the Bruns
wick River Basin now holds 314
vessels, mostly Liberty type
The fleet on the James River
basin near Norfolk is said to be
the only one larger than the
fleet on the Brunswick River On
the James River basin arc 440
vessels, according to a report
from Washington during the past
The number of ships in the
Brunswick basin is expected to
increase to over 400 in the near
future. During recent weeks they
have been going through South
port at a rapid rate. One or two
have been spending almost every
night here in the harbor, while
others went straight through in
the early mornings.
In addition to the men em
ployed on tne eight or nine tugs
that ply through the Southport
harbor from the basin to the
bar where they meet and tow in
the freighters, nearly 400 more
are employed on the basin. Most
of these are engaged in main
I tenance work, keeping ships
j painted, machinery oiled, etc.
Waccamaw Man
Dies Wednesday
Hiram Jerome Formyduval
Died At Home Following
Cerebral Hemorrhage;
Funeral Services Thurs
Stricken with cerebral hemor
hage Tuesday night of last week,
Hiram Jerome Formyduval, vete
ran of World War I, died at his
home near Freeland shortly after
noon last Wednesday.
He was born and reared in
Brunswick county, one of the
sons of the late Tobias and
Armacie Formyduval of Wacca
maw township.
Burial was held in the family
cemetery at 2 o'clock Thursday
; afternoon, following services at
the home.
Surviving are his wife, Mrs. P.
M Williamson Formyduval, three
daughters. Mrs. Teva Sellers of
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Planning Fish Fry
For Redwine
| Shallotte friends of Edward H.
Redwine are planning what they
i say will be the biggest fish fry
ever held in the county. The
event will be staged at Shallotte
Village Point on May 21st ana
everybody is invited. Owing to
the fact that -fish have been
scarce, they are setting the event
'far enough ahead to make sure
that the ocean will provide
'enough fish in time. They began
buying, cleaning and freezing fish
I last week. ,
Report Made On
Auto Inspection
J. S. Edgerton, supervisor of
Motor Vehicle Inspection Lane
j No. 28, reports that while his
[ equipment was operating In
| Brunswick county during the
j last week in April 278 vehicles
I were inspected at Shallot te and
148 vehicles were inspected at
At Shallotte tiiere were 146
rejections and at Southport 84
vehicles failed to pass their
first time through the lane.
Most of these rejections were ,
because of minor defects wfiiah '
later were adjusted, and a total
of 194 vehicles at the two
! places returned and received
their blue sticker.
Lane No. 28 will return to
\ Shallotte on June 22 and to
| Southport on June 29.
Commencement Is
Now Underway
Baccalaureate Sermon Will
Be Delivered Sunday Af
ternoon At Leland; Other
Features At County
The consolidated schools of
Brunswick county are entering
upon their commencement sea
son, and Leland leads off Sun
day with the baccalaureate ser
mon. This will be delivered at
j 3:30 o'clock by the Rev. Russell
' Caudill. Music will be furnished
! by the choir of Sunset Park
Methodist church.
The finals program already is
j underway at Shallotte with one
piano and voice recital having
already been given and another
scheduled for tomorrow (Thurs
day) evening. The glee club pro
gram, featuring children from the
I fourth through the 12th grades,
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Murder Cases
On Docket For
Trial Next Week
i Capt. E. I. Conway To Face
Trial On Charges That
Injuries Inflicted By Him
Resulted In Death Of
Two Men Will Be Tried
For Fatal Stabbing Of
Bolton Man At Road
house Near N^vassa
The May term of Brunswick
county Superior court will con
vene here Monday for trial of
criminal cases with Judge John
J. Burney of Wilmington presid-1
Clerk of Court Sam T. Bennett
reported yesterday that a total of
65 cases are docketed for trial,
with two murder charges head
ing the list.
The greatest interest is center
ed in the case against Capt. E. 1.1
Conway, fleet captain at the j
Brunswick River Lay-Up Basin,
who faces trial on charges that
Injuries inflicted by. him upon the
body of the late Sheriff John G.
White resulted in the death of
that official. Capt. Conway is
under bond of $5,000.00.
Another murder trial in wsich
there is considerable interest -is
that of Marion George McDonald
and Johnnie Martin Davis for
the fatal stabbing of Leslie B.
(Happy) Watson at a roadhouse
in Northwest township in. March.
Clerk of Court Bennett calls,
attention to the fact that mem
bers of the Brunswick county
grand jury are expected to be
here for the opening session of
court Monday, even though none
of these jurors have been sum
moned. The Brunswick county
grand jury is a year-round job,
he points out, and men selected
at the January term still are on
Committee To
Help Umstead
D. B. Frink Will Serve As
Chairman Of Group
Which Will Have Charge
Of Umstead Campaign In
A committee of 18 members,
with D. B. Frink of Shallotte as
I chairman and Paul Fodale of
i Southport as secretary, has been
i named to handle the campaign
'of Senator William B. Umstead
!in Brunswick county. Senator
: Umstead is seeking to succeed
[himself in the upper house of
! Congress, representing North Car
l olina.
The appointment of the com
mittee was announced this week
i by State Manager Joe T. Car
i ruthers. In addition to Frink and
Fodale, the following Brunswick
[men are on the committee:
| Charles E. Cause, Southport;
I Louis Hardee, Southport; John
|W. Stanley, Ash; Ross McKee,
? Leland; John Beck, Shkllotte; S.
IT. Bennett, Southport; D. L.
Ganey, Leland; John B. Ward,
Ash; Henry Williams, Shallotte;
James Chadwick, Shallotte; Fos
ter Mintz, Bolivia; Bill Wells;
Southport; C. C. Hewett, Bolivia;
R. C. St. George, Southport; Ern
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We were rather surprised the
'other day to note that a good
friend of ours had erected him
1 self a barbed wire fence right
alongside the shoulders of one of
jour highways, this without any
! wooden pannel above it. In the
(hope that he will notice this and
I correct his mistake before some
i officer comes along with a war
irant' for his arrest, this is to re
mind him that it is against the
law to erect such ungarded fen
ces along avenues of travel.
J. G. O'Quinn of Calabash?and
that is the most westernly sec
? tion of the Brunswick county
coast line?was reminding us
[Saturday of the fine fishing they
have down his way. At this time
I of the year it begins to get bet
ter every day. This week Mr.
.O'Quinn was inviting us to come
| clown and see for ourself. After
some argument as to whether he
could meet us at Shallotte or Ed
ward Redwine could take us from
that point?both wanting to do
the job?we agreed that we would
come down to Shallotte some
day this week and go on to Cala
bash with Edward.
Mrs. M. L. White of Shallotte
dropped in at the office to see
us one day last week. We had
not been getting around her part
of Shallotte as much as she
seemed to think we should. To
make amends, we went around
Saturday and visited her and Mr.
White for awhile. Mr. White has
not been so well lately, but he is
just as chipper as ever in spirits.
We approached Tom Hewett of
Supply Saturday. He appeared
kind of peeved that his paper
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Wreck Of Blockade Is
Good Spot For Fishing
Visitors To Holdens Beach Make Bee-Line For Wreck Of
Civil War Vessel For Good Fishing
Although it has never received
much publicity, residents of the
'Holden Beach community and
thousands of visitors from up
state are always ready to claim
that the best fishing spot along
the coast is the wreck of the
Confederate Blockade Runner,
Ranger, which lies directly in
front of the hotel at Holden
Some of the residents claim
that the Holden Beach road was
built where it is because, before
the dredging of the intracoastal
canal, visitors and nearby resi
dents headed right down through
Lockwoods Folly township;
straight for the wreck of the j
The hull of the vessel is barely j
covered at low tide. At such
times men and women can walk
out and fish just beyond the
wreck, where the fish gather as
the tide recedes. When the tide
again comes in the sportsmen
can stand on the beach and
easily cast to the wreck.
When the Ranger was beached
! to escape the Federal gunboats,
residents of the beach section are
'said to have waded out and sav
| ed many valuables before the
'ship gradually went to pieces. It j
is said that Bud Lancaster, liv
, ing in the Holden Beach com
munity, has some silverware that
his people salvaged from the ves
sel. A little search would prob
ably reveal that quite a number
of Lockwoods Folly township
homes have various articles sal
vaged from the ship.
According to John and Kemp
Holden, who operate the Holden
Beach bath house, lunch room
and store, the wreck is especially
good for sheephead, drum and
blackfish. A boat is never need
ed. In fact the wreck is right at
the breakers and a boat could
not be used except during high
tide and in the calmest sort of
weather. This fact that a boat is
neither needed or can be used
makes the wreck all the more at
tractive to fishermen from up
Menhaden Fleet Being
Made Ready To Fish
Next Stop Is
Mayor's Court
Twenty-six drivers, most of
them Southport folks, were
tagged with a summons Tues
day afternoon, requesting them
to appear in Mayors Court and
explain why they neglected to
stop at the Howe Street and
Moore Street intersection. This
is a regular N. C. Highway
stop |>oint, but dozens violate
it dally.
Chief of Police Otto Hick
man handled out the summon*
in this case and probably sav
ed some motorists the stiff fine
that will result when the High
way Patrol and other officers
begin to crack down and send
offenders to Recorder's court.
Increasing Work
At Vet Office
Report Of April Work At
Veterans Service Office
Indicates That More De
mand Is' Being Made For
Work among the veterans in
Brunswick county is growing
more active and the needs of
such work is becoming more pro
nounced as the veterans them
i selves see the need of it, reports
Cecil Edwards, Veterans Service
Officer for Brunswick county,
who is finding himself confronted
with more and more of a task.
During April, according to his
report, Mr. Edwards received 49
letters and wrote 40 in relation
to the work he is doing. During
the same period he held 159 in
terviews and had 6 long distance
calls and telegrams.
He made 12 field trips and 28
educational trips and had one
on-the-job training program. Six
cases of Readjustment Allowance
were handled ?nd 41 persons saw
him about compensation and pen
sion. Three matters of Loans, P.
L. 346 were handled, one case of
insurance and one case of hos
! pitalization, 3 cases of farmer
| training came up and legal or
I business advice was given in 39
j instances. There was 36 miscel
; laneous matters.
In an interview this week Mr.
I Edwards stated that a veteran
|was in his office Monday morn-,
: ing, wanting some information
| and advice. He stated that since
? his discharge from the service
his health had been failing and
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Herring Elected >
Lions President
Southport Attorney Sue- i
ceeds B. L. Furpless As
Head Of Local Civic Or
ganization At Election
Davis C. Herring, Southport
attorney, was elected Thursday
to head the Southport Lions Club
i during the coming year. He suc
ceeds B. L. Furpless.
| Named to serve with him are
:Dan Harrelson, first vice-presl-l
| (continued on page two) I
Gifford Being Recondition
ed Following Fire Which
Practically Destroyed Her
Last Winter ,
Powerful Boats Will Be
Ready To Begin Opera
tions With Greater
Range And Capa
? city
The Gifford, local menhaden
boat that was almost completely
destroyed by fire last fall, is be
ing rebuilt by the Brunswick
1 Navigation Company into better
i shape than ever for fishing.
I The burned-out hull was
brought from the insurance com
pany and work of rebuilding has
been ni progress about all winter
at the factory. At the same time
Manager R. F. Plaxco of the
Brunswick Navigation Company
has been keeping another force,
of men making alterations and|
overhauling the Plaxco, Bruns
I wick, John M. Morehead and W.
? P. Anderson.
For speed and ability to make
long cruises for fish and bring
them in before there is danger of
their spoiling, the Plaxco and'
Brunswick are about the most
powerful boats engaged in the'
menhaden industry on this sec- j
| tion of the coast. Both are con
verted U. S. Navy minesweepers.
The recent alterations are said
I to give each of them hold ca- (
pacities of over half a million
fish and they can load many I
more fish on deck.
Captain J. B. Church, veteran
Southport fisherman, is said to j
j be slated to command the Gif-J
! ford when the rebuilding is com-1
Ipleted. He is being transferred,
from the W. P. Anderson, and |
i John Shelton will succeed him
jon that vessel. Merle Hood will
I again be in charge of the John
M. Morehead of the Plaxco has
not been learned, but he is un
derstood to be from Virginia. Re
ports are that the fishing is ex
pected to start up ab?ut the
Opposes State
Inspection Law
Odeli Williamson, Repre
sentative In Last Session
Of North Carolina Gen
eral Assembly, Opposes
This Bill
Odell Williamson, who voted
[against the inspection law when
Jit was passed In 1947, says that
| if he is nominated and elected he
will support legislation to do
[away with or suspend the in
spection of motor vehicles until
such time that new vehicles and
parts become available.
| Williamson pointed out that
| the law will force people to spend
more money on their old equip
ment to get it through inspection
'than they can turn around and
'sell it for. With ??his t.-ing the
lease, he thinks the inspection
should be withheld. He said he
i is in favor of the purpose of the
law and 'that is the safety fea
'ture! but he feels it unfair to say
j to the people that they should
spend more money on that car
than it is worth or walk because
they can't buy a new behlcle.
Democrats To -
Meet Saturday
In Convention
Spirited Battle In Prospect
For Chairman Of Demo
cratic Executive Commit*
tee; Present Chairman I*
List Of Precinct Chairmen
Listed; These Men Auto
matically Comprise The
County Executive
The Democrats of Brunswick
county will hold their convention
on Saturday afternoon at 3
o'clock in the Bolivia high school
auditorium. There has been no
announcement regarding a speak
er for this occasion, but thera
is widespread interest in thfs
gathering and a good crowd is in
Election of a chairman of the
Brunswick County Democratic
Executive Committee is sure to
hold the spotlight. D. B. Frink
has held this position for the
past two years and probably will
be a candidate for re-election. It
is not known who other candi
dates for the job of chairman
may be.
According to the plan of party
organisation, precinct meetings
were held Saturday with the fol
lowing men being named sls
j chairman In their respective lo
calities: Paul Brown, Hootlf
Creek; Dillon Ganey, Leland; J.
N. Sowell, Winnabow; Lester
Edwards, Bolivia; W. S. Well*
Southport No. I; S. B. Frink,
Southport No. II; Frank Lennor^
Mosquito; Morton Parker, Sup
iply; Norman Bellamy, Seacesslon;
i I. N. Fulford, Shallotte; Ernest
[Parker, Frying Pan; Herman
[Love, Grissettown; Henry Hick
\ man, Shingletree; Dave Bennett,
iLongwood; John B. Ward, Ash;
I Wrent Mintz, Waccamaw; Ark
sene Vereen, Exum.
As precinct chairmen these
men comprise the Democratic Ex
ecutive Committee for Brunswick
Recorder Hears
Numerous Cases
Variety Of Cases Heard On
Wednesday Before Judge
W. J. McLamb In Bruns?
wick Recorder's Court
A variety of eases were tried
before Judge W. J. McLamb here
in Recorder's court Wednesday,
with the following disposition' be
ing made: Henry Benton, public
drunkenness, costs.
Joe F. Atkinson, operating car
after revocation of license, nol
Wm. Theodore Hill, improper
equipment, capias.
P. E. Walters, reckless opera
tion, continued.
Pasty Hackaway, public drunk
ness, nol pros.
John D. Johnson, public drunk
ness, nol pros.
Ralph A. Gurganus, speeding',
James Paton Barden, speeding,
{2.50 and costs.
Sidney Goodwin, reckless op
eration, $15.00 and costs.
Norman James Knowlaon,
speeding, $5.20 and costs.
Sidney Goodwin, reckless op
eration, $15.00 and costs.
Norman, James Knowlaon,
speeding, capias.
Lois Johnson, no operators li
cense, capias.
Cutman Davis, speeding, capiaa.
Dora Gorp, D. L. Gore, violat
ing stock law, on docket by mis
take after it was sent to 8t?
perior court by J. P.
Cecil Southerland, assault with
deadly weapon, $25.00 and costs.
Roscoe Roosevelt Revock,
carrying concealed weapons,
$50.00 and costs.
Mitchell Tyler, reckless opera
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Elderly Citizen
Dies In Hospital
George Thomas Holden Of
Supply Dies While In His
98th Year; Funetal Ser?
vices Wednesday ,
George Thomas Holden of ttM ,
Supply community, probably
of the oldest residents of Bruna*
wick county, died here at tfct
Dosher Memorial Hospital Wed
nesday morning. He waa 97
years, 3 months and 20 days old.
His death resulted from infirmi
ties of old age.
The body was prepared
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