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^S1XTEEN^ Na 6 8-pages today Southport, N. C., Wednesday, Ma7l9thT1948 published every wednesdai *\m per yea?
iciaw Finals
pinence Friday
End May 27th
^ j ?tin? Exercises
[<??? To C lost
<&Pi F
By Rev* "
' old Stevens
, .."^The commence
? V:;.."wu1 begin at Wac
0I1 Tuesday even
f u\ O'clock at the
? twrtum when the
#1 tade and high school
Dort- L- **
^11 be presented m a W
1 Harold Steven? of the'
r' 'Bible College will de
" ie baccalaureate sermon to;
f ?< a"I their guests Sun-,
. . May 23. at 3
t'V"the school auditorium.!
iv evening. May 25.,
^ exhibition;
Li V held at the school;
' sponsored by the
cecal departments. Agricul-j
, goir.e Economics, and Corn
ul Education. ;
siivs and exhibitions will be
the front halls by I
kr. school and adult classes.
ywH be awarded to the
"secorst?- and third place win
' fashion show will be given
Sk home economics girls,
?ill be followed by a pro- ?
sponsored by the F. F. A.,|
A ar.d commercial clubs. I
?r show will be given by
tier the program in the audi- i
open house will be held'
.. of the classrooms, with ?
fj sponsored by each room. |
__ Day-The Open Road?a;
wish a gypsy setting will be
Wednesday evening. May
8 o'clock. All members j
ser. >r class and other
0 will be featured* in the
final exercises will be held
stay evening. May 27, at 8
1 with Dr. Henry G. Bed-,
president of Flora Mae-1
k! College, delivering the
j address. Principal |
t C. Freeman will award j
fcsas ar.d medals.
members of the senior f
are as follows: Levey:
Roscoe Hughes; Tal-'
Lr.tle Raymond Ludlum;
Mintz: Eaiiie Smith; An-1
to Bennett: Joslyn Bennett; j
Callahan: Madeline Evans;
Formyduval; Geraldine
taval: Janis Gore; Ruby
L'lena Hewett; Norma Jean l
J( Jacqueline King; Lela
Sag: Marie Leonard; Mild
k"e Bert Milligan; Annie
Ina Mae Simmons; Lina
Stanaland: and Earline Min
Re mascots are David Stana
Ka Carol Jean Bennett.
P J R. Edwards, pastor of
[ i Methodist church in
n*>rt for two years about
M?i suddenly in Roanoke
Ps yesterday morning, ac
* to reports received here.
tor Ll'XCH
jailers of the Woman? Aux
r ' St. Phillips Episcopal
P *??! serve- lunch each day
v>" during the present term
f '" They are using the
^ - flext door to the tax of
, Annie May Woodside left
for Memphis, Tenn.. to
' ?^ ??nrls. She will also attend
*^rr- Baptist Convention,
' er return trip will come
i r'sboro f?r a reunion of
L'ass at Woman? College,
"5? 'if Xorth Carolina.
P? and Mrs. Victor P.
their sport fishing
. ? ''.'a. have returned to
after spending the
N-'f SLtUart F'a- Bad wea
>ttf, r things resulted in
if ' p("'r season in Florid?,
^ Captain Lance.
Bf. _" tes:ular meeting of
t,. ' - County Board of
'K (h held at the of
Titi . c''Unty superintendent
1 ?tli VaC iy 26' at 8 o'clock,
take the place of the
% ? r1"1^ for the first
' m June.
CANDIDATES?The political race in which the
greatest Brunswick county interest is now centered is the
contest between Odell Williamson, left, and Edward
Redwine, right, for the Democratic nomination for mem
ber of the House of Representatives.
Carlyle Promises To
Back Drainage Work
Candidate For Nomination
As Seventh District Con
gressman Says Project
Important in Agricultural
Believes In Federal Aid
But Not In Federal Con- j
trol Of Schools; Would
Aid Shrimp Industry
"If you will elect me to represent
your district in Congress then I
promise to align myself with the
experts who know what should
be done to reclaim thousands of
acres of fertile farmlands in this
section of Southeastern North
Carolina," declared F. Ertel Car
fyia Monday as he defined hid
position with regard to the Wac
camaw River drainage project.
The Lumberton attorney was
making an address before a gath
ering of Brunswick county voters
in Southport during the noon re
cess of Superior court.
"If we can put these waste
lands into productivity," he con-j
tinued, "we will have done some
thing definite toward making the 1
7th Congressional District out
standing as an agricultural sec
tion. One of the projects nearest
j my heart is to see this the ban
I ner aigricultural district in the
two Carolinas, and in order to be j
I able to do this, we must reclaim j
j that lost land."
Mr. Carlyle declared that iie
| and members of his family look j
upon Brunswick county as their J
i "second home" pointing out that
since 1941 they have spent as
j much time as possible at their
cottage on Long Beach. "As a
matter of fact," he recalled, "it
was these trips that I have made
through the district which fos
tered my desire to serve in Con
The congressional candidate de
clared that agriculture is the
backbone of the 7th Congression
al district, and he promised that
if he is successful in his quest
for the seat in Congress being
vacated by Hon. J. Bayard Clark
that he will be found on the side
of those who seek to enlarge, to
expand and to protect the farm
er and his interests.
Mr. Carlyle also touched brief
ly upon the matter of education,
declaring that he felt that our
goal should be that North Caro
lina should be second to no state
in the matter of education, and
he declared in favor of Federal
assistance, while holding stead
fast to the matter of States
He spoke a word in favor >ii
the shrimping industry, which he
(Continued or. page 2)
Strawberries Add
To Farm Income
Farmers In Various Parts
Of County Realized Good
During S?a?on Now Cos
Returns From This Crop
I With the strawberry season
J over, County Agent J. E. Dodson
j says that there has been no
I check-up on net returns, although
prices were very good,
j T. T. Ward, of Longwood, is
said to be the largest grower in
; the county. He had eight acres
I in the New Massey strawberry.
, W. E. Avant, also of Longwood,
stood about next to Mr. Ward in
j i Continued oo Page 62
Car Thief Run
Down By Owner
Stealing a car from its i>ark- !
icg place on Greenfield street
in Wilmington Sunday after- |
noon, Edgar Dudley, Wilming
ton man wliose car Dudley
took, commanded anotsher car J
and set out after his own. The
Parker car with the negro I
driving is said -by State High- j
way Patrolman J. C. Pierce .
to have taken the ditch on first J
one side- of the road then the !
other for several miles.
Parker finally got ahead, j
stopped the fleeing man and
took him and his car back to
Wilmington. Dudley wa* ar
rested there by Wilmington po
lice and was held under a thou
sand dollar bond for trial.
Service Officer
Given Support
Delegation Appeared Be- j
fore Board Of Commissi
oners Monday In Behalf
Of Continuing This Work
In County
A delegation, including Sheriff j
Walter M. Stanaland, appeared j
before the board of county com-j
missioners Monday to urge that
the Veterans Service office for,
Brunswick county be Included in
the new budget. Board members
promised to make provision for
this service if it can be fitted in
to the budget without the neces
sity of increasing the tax rate.
J. M. Williams was given the
approval of the board for ap
pointment as oyster inspector for
Brunswick county and this re
commendation forwarded to Capt.
John Nelson.
The sum of $20.00 was added
i to the blind fund of the county.
A resolution was passed to the
effect that the debt service fea
ture of the changes ordered two
weeks ago affecting the office of
the county auditor shall not be
come effective until the end of
this fiscal year.
REA Will Move
To Quonset Hut
New Temporary Quarttrs
For REA Office At Shal
lotte Will Be Occupied
By First Of June
The Brunswick REA expects to
move into its new temporary of
fice in the large quonset building
now under construction by the
first of June. The building, erect
ed for t*se as a warehouse, Is
about completed, except for the
temporary office quarters. The
location is near the Shallotte
school building.
i E. D. Bishop, manager of the
corporation, said Saturday that
if nothing came up to delay mat
ters the REA would be operating
from the temporary quarters by
the first of next month.
The corporation will construct
a modern brick office building as
soon as possible. The office will
be on the same lot as the ware
house and will be quite an addi
lion to the business life of Shal
lotte although it is across the
river and not inside the corporate
limits of the town.
Class Ds^y Will
Start Closing
Exercises Here
Senior Class Play Under
Direction Of Mrs. J, T.
Denning Will Be First
Feature In Local Com-1
Baccalaureate Sermon To
Be Delivered On Sunday
Morning At 11 O'clock
Hour By Former
Members of the senior class et
Southport high school will pre
sent their class day exercises on
Friday evening at 8 o'clock to
usher in the commencement sea
son. This will be a play under the
direction of Mrs. J. T. Denning.
On Sunday morning at the 11
o'clock hour the Rev. Jerry New
bold, a. former pastor of South
port Presbyterian church and a
member of the Southport school
faculty, will deliver the bacca
laureate sermon.
The commencement program
will come to a close on Monday
evening with an address by F.
Ertle Carlyle, prominent Lumber
ton attorney who is solicitor of
the 4th Judical District. Diplo
mas and awards will be awarded
at this time.
Following are the members of
the senior class: Mrs. Barbara
Hayes, Mrs. Otelia Simmons Car
rier, Mrs. Sue Fredere Bayard,;
Mrs. Janice Arnold King, Mrs.
Dorcas Watts Parker, Blanche
Weeks, Hermine Dosher, Eliza
beth Varnam, Doris Swan, Joyce
Lancaster, Herbert Swain, Jack
Swan, Joe Cox, Jimmie Cox,
Billy Smith, Jimmie Smith,
Bobby Sellers, Carol Brock.
6ig Cannon Is
Added To Scrap
Scrap Iron Drive For Bene-!
fit Of Southport Baptist'
Church Building Fund
Takes In Civil War Relic i
Among the old iron salvaged'
and sold this past week by Rev.
H. M. Baker and the hard work
ing bunch of Southport boys who
are doing quite a bit in the way
of raising funds for . the new
Baptist church, was a four and
a half ton Civil War cannon. .
The gun was dug out, or un
covered, by the boys and Mr.
Baker on the Thompson McRack
an farm, where it has been buried
since the Civil War. Lying in a
little valley, getting of the gun
out to where it could be loaded'
on a truck presented a big prob
Overcoming this difficulty,
Odell Williamson of the William
son Motor Company at Shallotte,
volunteered to donate the power
of his wrecker. The four and a
half ton gun was lifted fairly
easily and once on high ground
the boys had very little trouble
loading it on a truck and hauling
it to Wilmington.
Although the price of the gun
for scrap has not been stated,
it is figured out that the nine
thousand pound piece of iron
made a neat little addition to the
building fund.
Finals At Leland
To Close Friday
The senior class play will be
presented tomorrow (Thursday)
evening at 8 o'clock at Leland
high school and on Friday the
graduating exercises will be
The baccalaureate sermon was
delivered Sunday afternoon by
the Rev. Russell Caudill, with
special music by the Sunset Park
eMthodist choir.
There are 12 members of the
senior class: Johnny Burris,
Alonzo H. Gainey, Jr., Samuel
Arthur Sue, Jr., Barbara Bor
deaux, Dorris Field, Glorious Ja
cobs, Betty Jo Long, Peggy
Lewis Betty Mintz, Delores Pe
terson, Gloria Potter, Clara Wil
liams. Diplomas also will be
awarded to Garland Bordeaux and
Alton Raynor, whose work was
completed while they were in the
River Road May
Get Federal Aid
For Completion
Bids Being Asked For Ad
ding Eight Miles Of Pav
ing From Other End,
Winding Up At Lilliput
Reliable information is to the
effect that the River Road be
tween Southport and Wilmington
will shortly become a Federal
aid project. Months ago the State
News Bureau made acknowledge
| ment of the importance of this
I road by designating it as Route
9 on the tourist maps.
1 Rapidly increasing interest on
j the part of New Jersey and New
York plant growers in the lands
j along this road is adding to its
importance. Unlike most of the
! strictly coastal lands, most of
i the soil that lies along the River
i Road is very fertile and with the
land immediately along the river
having many beautiful home
sites, a wonderful development is
assured once a road is built
through. < *
* An extension of the paving for
a distance of eight miles from
the upper end of the road to
wards Southport, extending to
Lilliput creek, will be contracted
within the next 30 days if favor
able bids are secured. In an in
terview with one of the highway
engineers this past week he stat
ed that the River Road had been
investigated from all angles, and
from the standpoint of develop
ing resources, it is regarded as
one of the most important roads
in the county.
Early Paving
Now Indicated
Predicted That Actual Pav
ing Operation On Holden
Beach Road Will Soon Be
One of the state highway en
; gineers, interviewed here yester
day, said that it was his under
! standing that the actual paving (
I work on the Holden Beach road j
I will begin within one or two[
(weeks. Most of the grading Is
' said to have been completed. |
The actual time of starting the]
paving, he said, is of course de
pendent on the contracting firm, I
|E. W. Grannis Company, of Fay
jetteville With the splendid equip
(Continued on Page Six)
We had planned to go fishing
i Thursday morning. The Wednes- j
day issue of The Pilot had to be
put in the post office and on'
board buses before we could, j
start. That was finished by 4
o'clock in the morning and the
next thing preliminary to the!
trip was to awaken Sam Bennett, |
who was to be our fishing com-J
panion. Awakening Sam was
easy. By previous arrangement J
we just dialed his telephone num-|
ber and left him to guess what
it was all about. He guessed all j
The Brunswick county pitcher
plant, second in interest to the
venus fly trap, received a lot of
notice in Charlotte during the
past week. Cal Newton, native
Southport man, in business in
Charlotte for many years, car
ried some of the pitcher plants I
home with him and displayed
them in his window. The result
was a feature story on the front
page of the Charlotte News, the
story being accompanied by a
large front page picture. The;;e
Pitcher plants are found by the
millions in Brunswick county and
they probably go a long way to
wards lessening the insect prob
lem. The pitcher plants are in
nowise related to the Venus Fly
Trap, although both are carnivor
Getting up at 4 a. m. Friday,
we went freshwater fishing with
Acting Postmaster Bernice Russ.
Reason for the earliness was that
he had to be back at the office
before the mail came in. For our
part, during the short time we
were out, we caught a nice little
mess of fish. The mail man got
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Murder Trial Begins This
Morning In Superior Court
Conway Case Tomorrow
Party Out From Here Sunday Sighted Blues Running
From 8-lbs. To 12-lbs. Near Lightship
Fishing for blackfish off the
Frying Pan Lightship Sunday,
the Bill Jr., of the W. S. Wells
fleet, came in with a thousand
pounds of blackfish and snappers.
The fish' were unusually large and
all were caught In a day with
hand lines.
An interesting occurance to
Capt. Dan Early Wells and his j
party was that while fishing for
the blackfish a huge school of
blueflsh rose up all around them.
They came up to feed on a school'
of herring that was near the
surface. For more than an hour j
the water around the boat liter
ally boiled with the leaping blue
fish, as they broke surface and
ofter sprang two or three feet
out of the water.
The fishermen say that this
school of blues covered several'
acres of water. The most in
teresting thing was their huge
size. Wells and the others all
claim that they must have weigh
ed between eight and twelve
pounds each. So far as they
knew, the fish were 'not moving
in any direction, they just rose
up to feed on the herring and
when they had gorged them
selves they settled down again.
The fishermen, using hand
lines, were not equipped to make
an effort to capture any of
them. The blues will only strike
at a trolling lure.
No sport fishing boat has been
in the area where this school
was sighted this year. The crew
of the Bill, Jr., expressed the
belief that some gulf stream
bound boat is going to strike
things big: In bluefish some time
in the near future.
Frink Again Named
To Lead Democrats
Week-End Rush Of
Fishing Parties
u -
Southport swarmed with fish
ing parties Saturday night and
Sunday, all anxious to secure
boats and go outside. More
than half of them were unable
to get boat accommodations. A
Fayette vllle party Saturday
night appealed to a representa
tive of this paper to aid ttiem
in finding a boat. They said
that every boat here that would
go out was taken.
This proved to be tile case.
Fayettevllle folks had to go
home empty handed Sunday
Like overfolks were reported
for Shallotte (Point, Holden's
Beach and Howell's Point.
About all of the large and
small boats at those places
that would take parties were
At Holden Beach and How
ell's Point, the folks who were
unable to secure boats are said
to have found some pretty good
spots for fishing from tlie
U. S. Dredge Is
Heading South
Lyman, With Southport and
Brunswick County Men
Largely Comprising Her
Crew, Heading For South
With most of its crew made up
of Brunswick county men, a mat
ter of local interest Is that the
U. S. Engineers Dredge Lyman,
now working in Florida, will go
to South America in August.
Present orders are for the vessel
to be gone about four months,
returning to the United States in
This will not be the first over
seas trip for this dredge or for
(Continued On Page Four)
Service Crew
Working Here
Southern Bell Telephone
Company Workers Busy
I n s t a 1 I in g Equipment
Which Will Make Expan
sion Possible
A good sized Bell Telephone
Company force is now spending
.ten days or more here stringing
new phone cables and suspension
'cables to provide additions to the
present phone service. With a
large number of new phones hav
ing been installed during the past
year, it is said that the number
would have been much greater if
the facilities had been sufficient
to take care of the additional
| While no announcement has
been made, it is understood that
the local plans call for enlarge
ment of the present service here.
At the same time the additional
(Continued on page six)
All Democrats In Good
Standing Named Dels
gates To State Conven
tion Meeting In Raleigh
Opportunity Given Each
Candidate To Appeal To
Support F rom Voters
, n.e*ent At Conven
tion i
D. B. Frink was reelected
chairman of the Brunswick Coun
ty Democwtlc Executive Commit
tee Saturday afternoon by a vote
of 9 to 6 over Walter M. Stana
j land, the only other candidate
I whose name was placed in nom
ination. Two members of the com
mittee were not present for the
I vote.
Plans were made to have
Brunswick county strongly re
presented at the State Conven
tion in Raleigh tomorrow (Thurs
day), and upon motion of J. W.
Ruark, seconded by W. S. Wells,
the county organization voted
(that all Democrats in good stand
ling be made delegates.
The remainder of the meeting
was taken up with the matter
of introducing candidates for the
various offices and giving them
an opportunity to say a few
words in behalf of their candi
dacy. Hargrove Bellamy, Wil
mington man, was the only one
of the three Congressional can
didates present, and while he de
clined the opportunity to make a
political speech, he spoke inform
ally to the voters and solicited
their support in the coming prim
ary election.
Candidates for county offices
present at the convention in
cluded the two contestants for
Judge of the Recorder's court, W.
J. McLamb and A. H. Ganey;
the two candidates for member
of the House of Representatives,
Odell Williamson and Edward
Redwine; A. J. Walton, candidate
to succeed himself as Register of
Deeds; Dave Ross, J. Worth Stan
ley, candidates for member of
the board of county commission
The convention secretary made
announcements of the candidacy
of other contestants and W. S.
Wells and E. J. Prevatte made
brief talks endorsing Senator W.
B. Umstead and J. M. Brough
ton, respectively.
Auction Sale
Goes Off Well
Report Received That Shal
lotte Point Land Sale Sat
urday Afternoon Resulted
In Many New Purchasers
The auction sale of 100 build
ing lots at Shallotte Village Point
I Saturday faternoon is reported to
have been a big success, with
jail but a few of the lots being
sold at substantial prices. State
Highway Patrolman C. J. Pierce
stated that he estimated the
crowd at about 250 people.
Most of the buyers of lots are
.(Continued on Pace 6)
Two Defendant? In Cue
Growing Out Of Fatal
Stabbing Of Le?lie (Hap
py) Watson Will Face
2nd Degree Count
True Bill Returned In Con
way Case And Trial Set
For Tomorrow; Numer
ous Cases Are Set
Trial of Marion George Mc
Donald and Johnnie Martin Davts
for the fatal stabbing of Leslie
B. (Happy) Watson was schedul
ed to begin this morning in
Brunswick County Superior court.
Solicitor Clifton L. Moore stat
ed yesterday that yie defendant*
will be charged for second degree
murder. John J. Burney is pre
Trial of Capt. E. I. Conway for
inflicting injuries resulting il\
the death of the late Sheriff
John G. White will begin to
morrow morning. A true bill in
this case was returned by the
grand jury Monday.
Another true bill returned by
the grand Jury resulted In the
arrest yesterday of Willie Belton,
colored, and Curtis Robinson,
white, on charges of fornication
and adultery.
Loftin Clemmons heard an 18
months road sentence from which
he had been on probation invok
ed by Judge Burney, who added
a total of eight months more on
three other counts, making a
total of 26 months the defendant
must serve on the roads.
James McMillan was given 31
days in the county jail for con?
tempt of court.
Frances J. Williams waived ap
pearance on a drunken driving
charge and was fined $50.00 and
Jfcimdwii -Keeves and English
Jackson were convicted for
breaking and entering and lar
| ceny. Reeves was given 12
.months, suspended upon payment
I of $50.00 restitution to the prose
cuting witness; Jackson was tax
ed with costs. Each was placed
on 5 years probation.
Roderick Sellers was found not
guilty of obstructing a public
The following four defendants
were acquitted on charges of
drunken driving: Reed Smith, Is
aac C. Rich, John Haley, Dan P.
i Williams.
Hospital Day
Brings Gifts
Visitors And Friends Show
Appreciation For Dosher
Memorial Hospital In
Practical Way
I Visitors to Dosher Memorial
Hospital brought many practical
gifts when they visited that In
stitution Wednesday as a part of
Hospital Day observation. Sheets,
pillow cases, towels and wash
; clothes were the principal items.
Among the donars we?-e:
Miss Annie M. Newton, MrtM
'C. Ed Taylor, Miss Annie Louise
St. George, Mrs. Cronley_ Ruark,
Mrs. A. L. Llnd. Mrs. ""Merrltt
Moore, Mrs. W. C L.elnert, Clyde
j Newton, Mrs. George M. Step
hens, Mrs. Grace Dosher, Mrs.
Grace Jones, Mr. and Mrs. K.
Tobiasen, Mrs. Thomas Larsen,
(Continued on Page Eight)
Ash Resident
Dies Thursday
Mrs. Mary Ann Bainet Dies
Following I'.lness Of Four
Weeks; Funeral Services
On Saturday Afternoon* '
Following a four-weeks illness
In the Dosher hospital, Mrs. Mary
Ann Baines, wife of G. W. Baio
,es, of the Ash community, died
Thursday morning. She wa| j 43 -
years of age.
i Funeral service? were held Sat
urday afternoon at 3 o'cloek
from the Soldier Bay Baptist
| church In Waccamaw township.
Rev. H. M. Baker of the South
port Baptist church conducted"
the services. Burial was in the
Smith cemetery.
| Surviving besides her husband
are two daughters. Misses Beat
rice and Lillie Mae Baines; three
sons, Eugene, Isalania and Starl
ing Baines.
' Active pallbearers were, Macy
| (Continued on Pag? Eighty

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