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Southport, N. C., Wednesday. June 9th, 1948 published every Wednesday
91.50 PER YEAfc
aril AppoWs
>unty Nurse
for Brunswick
o Kara Adams Nam
dffw* M?",h ?'
L. Matte" 0f Busi?e"
k "f of By Commit
** Monday
of the board of coun
',. ?wncrs in session here
f minted Miss Barbara
county nu"e. succeeding
. g smith, who is retir- \
end of this month.
. ams will be paid a1
j J235.00 per month and
^ mlie when traveling j
j Walton, clerk to the
'ms directed Monday to j
Governor R. Gregg Cherry j
[ commissioners do not |
special term of court for
Lat?. A request for the |
?3 made by Solicitor Clif- ,
Moore at the conclusion |
jlay term, and last week
, t Court Sam T. Bennett'
'jjvsed that Charles L. Cog-1
Ma been assigned to pre
a special session be
ts July 12.
truest was forwarded to
Site Highway and Public
b Commission requesting
tins body take over the
tunning from the J. H.
K! place to the Shell Point1
o Lockwoods Folly.
cssaon was granted the
ni Erosion Service to use
t space on the second floor
It musty building at Supply,
t budget estimate for the of
of the county agent was
[pred. and following a joint
Cr.j with members of the
?nek county board of edu
*1 ?n ;?>' auioii was taken
be budget estimate for the
i of education.
Brv Ballard was granted
usta to pay back taxes on
"ere? in the James Ballard
E. Weston was granted
rjscr. to pay 5130.00 on his j
t the balance to be paid at
ate of $25.00 per month.
t the full amount has been
he 3 to receive a deed from
?1 Arnold of Southport ia
work on a 55-foot
trawler. Fred McDonald
& Holder, Beach community
most of the construct
' Olive Holden Newton is
this week attending
of the Grand Chap
- E. S Mrs. Newton is
Matron of the Live Oak
ter No. 179 at Southport.
*?'' return home Friday.
"?"XING from TEXAS
* Md Mrs. H. M. Baker
?Mwn are returning home
from Waco, Texas.
! spending the past
^eks while Mr. Baker
? vacation from the South
?Ptist church.
yK Godfrey. instructor
.J''1 at State College dur
? Pwt session, has gone to
Ike v 00 Minr'?tott Beach,
t H e * river near New
,be an Instructor
a *nr? the summer. Mrs.
, baby are at their
?nox ??LE SCHOOL
"?lies Branch Baptist
b n^r Shallotte, is spon
hfiri CaUl>n Bible School
! V-,.' al the church begln
?5*mornm?-june nh
Sis , anfi ending Sunday
?Wl^ss 2?th. All children,
Ifiss f Garrett and daugh
?ay (. ogen Garrett, left
th,v eswnt City, Fla.,
H:,W.e'e ca"ed due to
' r-"f.v Paul Patience.
1 Garrm r'0l'J grandson of
18 be Was electrocuted
*! ?jf rn* into contact with
^ wtl'le playing Sunday
Mule That Goes Up
Is Hard To Get Down
L. C. Brown Lost A Fine Mule, But His Troubles Had
Only Begun When He Found Him Again
Having been a woods boss for
lumbering interests before the
days of tractors and trucks, L.
| C. Brown, Longwood farmer and
business man, knows sometRing
about mules. Meeting a newspa
per man this week, Mr. Brown
[inquired of him: "Has anybody,
told you about my mule?" The I
newsman had heard of folks, in-,
eluding a superior court judge, I
using Brown's Mule all their j
lives; but he had not heard this!
Encouraged by the Interest,
Mr. Brown went on. "My big
mule disappeared last week and
we could not find him. He just
disappeared without leaving a
trace. We hunted for him most
of the night and half of the next
day. He is a valuable animal and
I did not want to lose him.
Search as we did, we could not
find a single clue to his where
abouts. I had finally about de
cided that he had been hijacked.
"Then, along about noon, I
heard his braying, as a mule will
bray when h$ begins to get
hungry. We traced the sound and
found the mule had gone into
my two-story tobacco packhouse.
There was some feed on the
ground flocr and after he had j
eaten all he wanted he had climb- j
ed the long inside stairway and
made himself a private apart
ment, 12 feet from the ground. |
The stairway is in the form of an
'L' running up to a platform
from which another flight of
steps goes up to the second floor
of the building. The mule abso
lutely refused to come back down
those stairs even though I tried
everything I could think of to
persuade him. I
"Knowing that a mule under
stands cussing and as there were
no sailors handy, X sent some
negroes up to talk him down. It I
did no good. That mule did not
have the least idea of leaving his
second floor apartment. "The
crowd was growing larger all
the time and some of the folks
> (Continued on page four) i
Week'End Business Is
Thriving at Long Beach
Crowds Flock To Popular
Beach Resort During Past
Week - End With Pros
pects Good For Entire
All Business Places Are
Open And Ready For Big
Rush Of Beach Visitors i
For Next Three Sum
mer Months
For week-end visitors to Long
Beach there,, could be no doubt
that summer has come, nor that
this is destined to be a banner
year for this popular resort.
The popular beach resort, seven
miles from Southport has start
ed things with a bang. Nearly
every cottage Is full-up for the
summer and those that are not,
engaged are in good demand. The |
end of this week will see about j
everything full, except a dozen!
new homes that are still in vari
ous stages of construction.
Many other homes are about
to start.
For the Saturday night open
ing dance at the Long Beach pa
vilion Gene Tomlinson and Carl
Watkins, the new owners and
operators, both popular young ex
service men, have secured Virgil
West and his orchestra. West, a
local favorite and boasting one
of the best dance bands in this
section, has always drawn a big
crowd. The outlook for Satur
day night is the biggest of all,
Tomlinson and Watkins are clean,
energetic young fellows and are
setting out to play their part
towards developing the beach.
They are not selling beer at the
pavillion lunch room or snack
bar and are assuring their pat
rons that they will do everything
possible towards maintaining a
clean, orderly recreational cen
ter. Their lunch room and snack
bar will also have their formal
opening Saturday night.
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Shallotte Man
Passes At Home
Charles Robert Tatum Died
Sunday Following Illness
Of Only One Week; Bur
ial Services Monday
Charles Robert Tatum, well i
known resident of Shallotte, died
at his home Sunday morning. He
had been ill for only about a
week and his death was attribut
ea to hemorrhage of the brain.
Burial services were conducted
Monday afternoon at the Chapel
Hill cemetery at Shallotte. Rev..
H. B. Bennett, of Shallotte, of-1
Active pallbearers were Rob-.
ert Hawes, Woodrow Russ, Rothy (
Cheers, Bryan Hewett, Earl Hew-,
ett, and Harrison Canady.
Mr. Tatum is survived by his |
wife, Daisy Gray Tatum of Shal
lotte; two daughters, Ella Gray j
Tatum of Baltimore, Md., and
Mrs. Mabel Tatum of Shallotte;'
three sons. Edgar H. Tatum of:
the U. S. Army in Bedford, Mass., I
Charles E. and Harry R. Tatum '
of Shallotte; four brothers, Ralph,
Edgar, Julius and Fletcher Ta-|
turn, all of Elizabethtown; two,'
sisters, Mrs. J. D. Ellis and Miss
Hester Tatum, both of Elizabeth
town. J
James McKeithan
Going To Moscow
Master Sgt. James McKeitfo
an has been spending several
days at Southport with his
mother, Mrs. A. T. McKeithan.
He will leave on June 17tih for
Russia, where he will be sta
tioned the next two years or
This Brunswick county sol
dier, enlisting: several years be
fore Hie beginning: of the war,
has continuously made a -fine
record In the service. For the
past two or three years he
has been in the recruiting ser
In Russia he will be station
ed with tlie American Embassy
at Moscow.
Fishermen Had
Big Day Sunday
Unusually Fine Catches Of
Bluefish And Mackerel
Reported By Boats Out
From Southport For Sun
day Fishing
Boats out from Southport Sun
day made some of the best
catches of blues and mackerel
that have been brought in this
Captain Victor P. Lance with
the Moja reported a catch of
225 bluefish 'and 32 mackerel. His
party was composed of Mr. and
Mrs. W. C. Tucker of Raleigh;
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Phillips, Cary;
Harold Kelly of Raleigh and
John Hamilton of Greensboro.
Donnie Watts with the Botfly
reported 278 bluefish and 62
mackerel. The Watts party was
Dr. Rod King, Dr. R. T. Ron
ner, Fred Orrell and Maynard
Wilson of Wilmington and W. H.
Pitt, of Alexandria, Va.
James Arnold with the Kaibb
brought in 300 blues and macker
el. No report was received as
to the names of the persons
forming his party. Basil Watts
with the Idle-On reported that
he got out very late and his par
ty only got 82 large bluefish and
mackerel. David Adams wfth the
Patricia got 200 blues and mack
Several other boats were out,
including some from Wrightsville
Beach and Wilmington. No re
ports have been received as to
who formed the parties or the
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Few Openings
In Veteran's Glass
Schools that do not have their
quota filled will be permitted to
enroll new trainees on July 1-8
up to, but not to exceed, the
quota assigned to the school
January 1, 1948.
Bolivia school for veterans will
be open June 14th from 2 o'clock
to 5 o'clock to fill out training
forms so that the advisory com-|
mittee can pass on their eligi
bility before July 1. !
New enrollees will be restrict
ed to those veterans who (ire
now farming and have a satis
factory farming situation. Vete
rans who decide to farm on or
about July 1, but do not now
have a farming program In pro
gress, wiil not be eligible.
Leaders Hear
Discussion Of
Health Problem
Dr. Wm. P. Richardson,
Representing State Board
Of Health, Outlines Plans
For Enlarged Service
Believed That Working
Agreement May Be
Reached With Officials
Of Adjoining County
Leaders of various Brunswick
county activities met Friday
evening at Bolivia for the pur
pose of hearing Dr. Wm. P.
Richardson, representative of the
State Board of Health, discuss
the matter of enlarging the pub
lic health services of Brunswick
Although a county nurse has
been employed for Brunswick for
the past several years, this fails
to give Brunswick an official
connection with the State agency,
and leaves its citizens without
the protection of the Board of
Dr. Richardson outlined the ser
vices of an organized health pro
gram and attempted to show the
far reaching effects of having it
operate in a community. He then
discussed means by which Bruns
wick might become a cooperating
county, and pointed out that at
present this is one of only six
North Carolina counties who do j
not have at least a part-time
health officer.
One plan suggested by Dr.
Richardson is for the establish
ment of a part-time health of
fice through cooperating with one
of the neighboring counties. This
could be accomplished, he said,
by arranging for the services one
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Photographer Is
Visitor Friday:
Johnny Hemmer Paid Fly
ing Visit To This Com
munity, But Had Camera
Along And Took Some
State News cameraman Johnny
Hemmer was at Southport Fri
day, and as he always has his
'camera with him he made quite
a number of pictures while here
I to be added to the News Bureaus
collection of publicity pictures.
| Among the scenes shot were
pictures of Whittlers Park; the
Lewis Spaulding boat building op
erations for Lewis Hardee; grave
stones in the old Southport ceme
tery, shrimp boats and Mack's
new cafe building.
I Mr. Hemmer arranged with W.
B. Keziah to return in July for
scenes to be shot at Howell's
Point, Holden Beach and Shal-1
lotte Point. This trip will prob-1
ably be made by boat, unless it
happens that the New Holden |
Beach road has been completed j
by the time.
i Any tips about interesting pic-,
ture scenes with story matter be-j
hind them at the above mention
ed plates will be appreciated by
Mr. Keziah, who will arrange for
the places and spots to be visit
DISCUSSION?Shown above are Representative J. Bayard Clark, Senator Wm.
B. Umstead and J. P. Quinerly, farm agent of Columbus county, as they conferred
recently in Washington about the Waccamaw River drainage project. Recent favor
able developments indicate that a preliminary survey will be made of this work
sometime this year.
Mack's Cafe to Reopen '
For Business Friday
County Half-Way
In Auto Total
Of the 100 counties in the
state, Brunswick is 26th from
the bottom In the number of
automobiles registered. The
number accredited to Brun
swick by the North Carolina
Vehicle Registration is 2,986.
Clay county , has the smallest
number of cars accredited to
any one county, only 640 be
ing credited. Guilford county
stands at the top with 46, 755
cars and Mecklenburg is a
close second with 45,944.
The total registration for the
state is 859,037 automobiles,
trucks and trailers and 24,461
miscellaneous motor vehicles.
Beach Ferry
Is Overtaxed
Two-Car Ferry Over Inland
Waterway Unable To
Keep Up With Amount
Of Traffic To Beach
Despite the fact that new road
construction is forcing all travel
to use a sandy detour, the two
car ferry at Holden Beach could
hardly keep the line of cars
going to and from the beach Sat
urday afternoon and Sunday.
The little craft, if that is the
proper name for it, was shuttling
The nicest home-grown cab
bage we have seen in a long time
were at the Russ Food Center in I
Shallotte Saturday. They were |
grown by Mrs. Brady Long, and
Charles Russ says she has been
putting a lot of them on the
market. A couple of the heads
placed on the scales were found
to weigh eight pounds each. Hicy
were stripped of all the outert
leaves and only the pure white
heads were weighed. Mr. Russ
says that Mrs. Long has brought
in a number of heads that were'
larger than the two weighed
when we saw them.
E. E. Sellers, of Supply, writes
us that when he waa digging his
Irish potatoes he found a bush
that had something that looked
just like green tomatoes growing
on the top. This is the second
report we have had of buds or
tomatoes growing on potato
vines. A couple of weeks ago Al
bert Swain, a colored resident of:
Southport, showed us his potato]
patch and the tomatoes were on(
almost every bush.
The J. & K. store, bath rooms;
and lunch room at Holden Beach |
is now in tip-top shape and op-!
erating for the summer. John J
and Kemp Holden, the owners
and operators, are both young ex-j
service men who were overseas |
for most of the duration of the I
war. They have an especially nice,
lunch room, one of the nicest wei
have seen. Telling Kemp that
Johnny Hemmer, state news bu
reau photographer, was to be
with us early in July for some
picture making, he said: "You
fellows will have to arrange your
trip so that you can be our
guests for luncheon or dinner."
So, we may try that dining room
before long.
After teaching for many years
in various parts of the state and
with the last few in Brunswick
at Leland and Bolivia, O. C. Bru-j
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Free Fish And Spaghetti
Supper Will Be Served
Hundreds Of Visitors Ex
pected For Opening
Waterfront Establishment
Ready To Resume Service
To Public After Under
going Face-Lifting
Mack's Cafe in Southport will
reopen Friday evening with a
free fish fry and spaghetti sup
per after being closed for sev
eral months for a complete
overhauling and repairs. <3. W.
McGlamery. The proprietor is
making preparations to entertain
up to 1,000 guests.
For many years this cafe has
been building up a fine reputation
of taking care of things when it
comes to feeding the public, and
its specialty has always been sea
The building has been com
pletely rebuilt and converted into
a clean, attractive structure.
About 70 persons can be seated
at a time for meals and for the
opening Friday night and there
after an efficiency of employees
will always be on hand to render
prompt service to the public.
During the recent period a
daily question from people up
state has been, "When will
Mack finish his place and re
open?" That question is now an
swered, or will be Friday night
when this popular waterfront eat
ing place will hold open house
preparatory to continued service.
Numerous Cases
Tried In Court
Variety Of Cases Heard By
Judge W. J. McLamb In
Brunswick County Recor
der's Court HereWednes
A number of cases covering
a variety of charges were dis
posed of here in Recorder's court
Wednesday before Judge W. J.
McLamb. The following disposi
tion was made of cases:
Jessie James Cooper, public
drunkenness, 30 days in jail,
judgment suspended for a year
on good behavior and payment
of costs.
Harris Bellamy, intent to rape,
preliminary hearing waived and
defendant sent to Superior court
under bond of $5,000.00.
Cleo Williamson, failure to
dim lights, capias.
Charley Ganey, public drunken
ness, not guilty.
R. L. Stanley, public drunken
ness, 30 days in jail and as
signed to roads, suspended on
condition that he make restitu
tion in the sum of $49.45 for
damage done to jail and pay
Melton Johnson, violating stock
law, nol prossed.
James .T Booth, public drunk
ness and drunken driving, fined
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Supreme Court
Voids S.C. Law
On Shrimping
The Supreme Court today
! unanimously upheld the author
ity of South Carolina to regu
late and tax shrimp fishing In
the three mile Atlantic coastal
belt lying seaward of low water
mark. ? ,
i The court at the same time
struck down a requirement that
all shrimp fishing boats unload
their catch and pack and stamp
them within South Carolina.
It also ruled unconstitution
al another requirement impos
ing a $25 license fee on shrimp
boats owned by residents of
South Carolina and a $2,500 fee
on boats owned by non-resi
The court upheld a state tax
of one-eighth cent a pound on
fresh shrimp taken at sea. (
Chief Justice Vinson wrote
the decision.
Southport Man
Passes Tuesday
?; ?
Funeral Services For Char
les H. Hickman Being Con
ducted Today From Anti
och Baptist Church
Charles H. Hickman, 69-year;
old Southport carpenter and |
farmer, died at his home here j
early yesterday morning. He had
been in bad health for some timei
but only a few of his intimate
friends and close relatives were|
aware of the seriousness of his i
Burial services for Mr. Hick
man are being held at the An
tioch Baptist church this after
noon at 3 o'clock with Rev. Mr.
Kent, pastor of the church in
charge of the services, assisted
by Rev. Bennie Price.
Active pallbearers are Joel
Moore, John Caison, Robert
Jones, J. A. Gilbert, Robert
"VVoodside, Ralph Sellers. Honor
ary pallbearers are George Tal
mon, John W. Hewett, Dr. L. G.
Brown, Dr. Fred Burdette, Boss
Leonard, Lewis Tyler, Eldridge
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Deadline Near
For Licenses
Drivers Whose Last Name
Begins With "C" Or "D"
Must Be Examined Before
June 30th For Permit
Folks whose surnames begin
with "C" or "D" have just one
month left during which they
can renew their drivers license.
Folks whose names begin with
those letters will be a subject to
a fine of not less than $25.00 if
they are caught driving after
midnight on June 30 on their
old license.
Mrs. Cora S. Rice, director of
public relations for the Depart
ment of Motor Vehicles, writes
this paper that there are an esti
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Next Wednesday
Date For Flower
Show At Bolivia
County Council Of Home
Demonstration Club* Will
Sponsor Flower Show To
Be Held In School Lunch
Flower Show Committee
Urges That Entries Be
Made By Women From
All Sections Of
Brunswick county Home Dem
onstration Club members have
been making preparations for
the flower show which they will
hold in connection with the Coun
ty Council meeting at the High
school in Bolivia on June 16th.
The flower show committee 1#"
composed of Mrs. W. A. Kopp,
chairman, Mrs. Joe T. Ramsauer,
Mrs. Gilbert Reid and Mrs. J.
J. Ramsauer. These ladies have
worked hard in preparation for
the event. Mrs. Kopp requests
that all flower exhibits be In as
early as possible as the judges
are scheduled to begin their
work at 2:30 o'clock. Hie flowers
will be displayed in the lunch
room at the school.
An extensive list of attractive
prizes are being offered for both
garden and wild flowers. The
show is county-wide In scope and
all who are interested in flowers
are invited to bring exhibits and
display them. Mrs. Corinne Green,
the Home Demonstration Agent,
states that not having flowers to
exhibit should not keep any one.
from attending the show. All are
invited and all are assured of be
ling able to see a most pleasing
variety of flowers.
Mrs. Mary L. McAllister, dis?
| trict agent, will be present for
i the County Council meeting and
j Flower Show. Following the
'council meeting a tea will be
'held. All club members are urg
j ed to attend and to bring their
I friends. The show wiu start at
12:30 o'clock, but the exhibitors
I are again reminded that they
'should bring their flowers before
that time If they are to be pro
perly displayed.
Approve Bids
On River Road
Grading And Paving Con
tract Awarded Towle?
Cline Company; Tempo
rary Hold-Up On Struc
ture Bids
The bid of the Towles-Cline
Company, of Fayetteville and
Wilmington for the paving of
eight miles of the River Road
was accepted Thursday by the
State Highway Commission. It is
understood that the grading work
will begin at once, with paving
to follow as soon as possible.
The project runs from Lilliput
Creek, on. the Orton lands, to
connection with the present four
miles of paving.
At the same time, the highway
commission rejected a bid for the
bridge span across Town Creek
on the same project. This bid,
made by the V. P. Loftis Com
pany, is said to have been re
jected owing to a technicality
and new bids will be received for
the span on June 29th.
The failure of the bridge span
bid to get through will not inter
fere in any way with the speed
ing up of grading and paving
Asphalt Mixing
Plant Set Up
Work Of Resurfacing Por
tion Of U. S. No. 17 To
Be Followed By Paving
Of Bolivia Road
A big asphslt plant is ? now
being set up on the Supply,H9I
den Beach road, a mile south of
Supply. It is to be used for mix
ing the asphalt Tor resurfacing
Route 17 from Supply toward*
Bolivia and also for the paving of
the short cut road from Bolivia
to Antioch church.
Grading work on this short cut
road is well along and it is stat
ed that it will be ready for the
paving as soon as the resurfacing
of No. 17 is completed.
It is expected that another as
phalt mixing plant will be set
up this week or next on the
Holden Beach road, from Rout?
17 at the J. E. Kirby store to
Holden Beach. This road is now
ready for paving. The two plants
will be only about five miles
apart. Different road construct
ing firms have the contracts far
the roads.

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