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Southport, N. C., Wednesday, June 30th, 1948 fUBUSHED every wednesdaj per yea*
fliers Listed
Flower Show
'field At Bolivia
- T<Th<>? D?"
Cc# Clubs And Drew
0' rEcSEmeBmbers
j To Make This Reg?
*Lt on Calendar Of
% Women Act.v.t.e.
In Brunswick
n?<r Show sponsored by
*E ?.??' 1 Horn.
/^ration clubs was held
**7, at the lunch room at
'Jailer faring been called
ft several years during the
*d immediately following. |
Lll interest was shown by
-*fived from all sections,
^county, and the club w-om
^rtjKd an interest In hav-1
, program added to the t
Lj,, of activities.
2^,? is a list of names
ifi. ^Perfection of Bloom
^Ven: 1st pnie, Mrs.
Zfbelm; 2nd prize. Mrs.
--fof Bloom (small
1st pnze. Mrs. Garland
* 2nd prize. Mrs. Eph
? jmfori. .
\'tlstic Arrangement:
jiving room. 1st prize. Mrs.
I u?g; 2nd prize. Mrs. Jesse
living room. 1st prize,
, a L Russ; 2nd prize, Mrs.
jr P.eid.
table with dishes, 1st
j Mrs. Foster Mintz: 2nd
( Mrs. Zelma R- Hewett.
(M table without dishes,
.srae, Mrs. Joe T. Ramseur.
IpriK. Mrs Mary Long.
X!? table. 1st prize, Mrs.
m Mmtz.
Itioir. 1st prize. Mrs. G. L.
2nd prize. Mrs. Joseph,
p.- .jI 1st prize. Mrs. Zelma
ftwett. 2nd prize, Mrs. J.
tor arrangements, 1st prize,
i Jesse Purvis, 2nd prize,
i G. L Skipper. i
K (tower. 1st prize, Mrs. |
in- Panford. 2nd prize, Mrs.
k Robbins.
M tray. 1st prize. Mrs. J. J. j
?rc 2nd prize, Mrs. E. W. (
fcSf 1st prize, Mrs. Mary
?r 2r: prize. Mrs. Ruth Kye.
frt arrangement, 1st prize,
s 0. C. Burton; 2nd prize,
G. L Skipper.
ta ill. Potted Plants: 1st
* Mrs. Earl Hewett; 2nd
Ulrs W. E. Stanaland.
>SS Rev. Fred Hiritz as the
s-'? preacher, there will be
Ns at the Supply Baptist
Sunday morning at 11
^ Md again at 8 o'clock
evening. The public is
?My invited to attend these
?? Barber of Charlotte, va
to?? with his family at
*? Beach last week, caught
Wy four and a half pound
trout. Nice as this fish
11 ?ne pound pompano
& hy his daughter, Miss
8? Barber, was iust as pleas
1 seagoing turtle, weigh
!!:?W 300 pounds, was caught
Holden beach strand Fri
'aght by K. G. Mace, Jr..
'1 mmpanion. The big crea
* an? waddling ashore at 2
** ? the morning and the
waiting for it. The
from Lillington.
r'E \RMsTR()\(, HERE
P* ftank M. Armstrong, of
Patent Judge of the 15th
pT' aas purchased one of
s!-*r-.ght cottages at Long
IJJudge Armstrong,Mrs.
(ad their son and
^ Moved in yesterday.
?Kitig here adds to the
.Prominent families who
up Long Beach.
viu- game
|L??W Sandfiddlers, a
ion t comPnsed of play
's?. . 13 years o? aSe
t " Shallotte boys of
?2m age ?rouP tomorrow
afternoon at 5 o'clock
I?*1" diamond in South
t *ill mark their second
* season, Southport
opening encount
IMPROVEMENT?The recent local improvement
which overshadows all others so far as upstate visitors
are concerned is the complete face-lifting received by
Mack's Cafe on the Southport waterfront. This has been
a favorite place for tourists and sportsmen for years.
REA Office Moves
Into Own Building
For First Time Since Orga
nization Brunswick Elec
tric Membership Corpora
tion Occupies Own Build
Meanwhile, Attention Will
Be Centered Upon Ex- j
pansion Of Distribution ,
For the first time since the cor
poration was organized and began
serving Brunswick, Columbus and
a portion of Bladen and Robeson
counties, the Brunswick REA at
Shallotte is now occupying its
own quarters.
With the construction of a
large office building pending, a
new steel warehouse has recently
been completed near the Shallotte
high school. Convenient and at
tractive office quarters have been
arranged for temporary use in
this building and all office work
era moved in during the past J
After getting settled down in
i the new quarters the corporation
1 is planning to push its expansion
j projects with all possible speed.
Several hundred miles of new
i lines are being built this sum
| mer and fall.
Brunswick county comes in for
a good part of this expansion
works -which also included the
(new office building and the ware
i house just completed.
Construction Of
Road Important
Streets Being Expanded On
Holden Beach; Need For
Start On Two Beach
Properties Below Holden
Dr. R. H. Holden who owns a
[big block of the beautiful Holden
[Beach property, has a shovel and
' two dump tractors at work laying
off some new roads and street.
Some of these roadways will ex
tend from the present main roads
to the inland waterway, where
Dr. Holden has docks for the ac
ommodation of yachts and other
boats. .
The main road is also being
extended further down the beach.
Oyster shells and mud that was
thrown up from the inland water
way by dredges is being used as
1 a road foundation.
Dr. Holden has also started
construction on what will be a
modern cafe and dinging room
on a block on which the new
' roads are being built. The upper
floor will contain a number of
appartments for rent.
In an interview Saturday with
D. D. Bruton of Chadbourn and
i Jim Kyle of Fayetteville, both of
these beach property owners were
keenly Interested in the need of
a road. It is being suggested
that the road down through
Holden Beach be extended on
through the Robinson Beach and
the Bellamy and Robinson
i Beaches. ...
Both of these beaches are with
out roads, except down the strand
from Holden beach at low tid-.
Eight or more fine homes are
down on these beaches with no
way to get to them except down
the strand. Many other homes,
I (Continued On fage b'ourl
Christmas Gard
Comes In June
Hoyle Hinsou, Shallotte man,
rweivpd a Oiristmas card from
Laurinburg last week. If it
were not for the postmark and
the "Christmas, 1947" on the
card he would have thought
somebody was starting their
Christmas mailing early.
The card was sent from
Laurinburg by Mr. Hinson's
Dec. 16, 1947. It arrived at its
destination on June 22, 194#. Just
where it has been since it hail
its stamp cancel!- 5 'he
above date i? kind of puzzling.
The card was in good condition
and showed little Indication of
having been somewhere in the
mail for six months and six
Lengthy Docket
Tried In Court
! Variety Of Cases Settled
Before Judge W. J. Mc
Lamb In Recorder's Court
Here Wednesday
A variety of cases were dispos
ed of here in Recorder's court
Wednesday before .fmlge W. J.
with the following entries being
W. L. Hutchinson, possession,
fined $15.00 and costs.
German Evans, failure to stop
when entering highway, costs.
Will Gay Adams, Jr, speeding,
not guilty.
Marshal Dewey, speeding, capi
Lois Johnson, non support, con
tinued under $300.00 bond.
Glenn Wilson, larceny, con
tinued to June 30th.
Ralph L. King, assault, con
tinued to June 30th.
Clyde Norman McLeod, speed
ing, capias.
Lucas Llcyd Martin, speeding,
fined $15.00 and costs.
Aldus S. Krierda, speeding,
Avery Overton G&rris, speeding,
fined $15 00 and costs.
Haskell M. Irvin, transporting,
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Shrimp Showing
Up In Quantity
Quality Of Product Is Not
So Good, But Is Reported
To Be Improving; Five
, Houses Operating
Southport shrimp catches ran
I to as high as 20 bushels Monday,
'pronounced increase over the take
last week, the top catches were
11 bushels to the boat. In size
'the shrimp were described as
fair, slightly larger than those
i taken last week.
Five houses are buying, J. A.
'Arnold, Lewis J. Hardee. Dallas
Pieott W. S. Wells and Paul
Fodale. About 39 boats were out
'Monday and a substantial increase
< in the number is expected each
'lav Should there be a continued
'increase in the daily boat produc
tion and also improvement in the
Quality, both of which are ex
acted. a sizable fleet will be
working out of Southport in an
Iother ten days._ _1_
Inspection Lane
Operating Near
Here This Week
Motor Vehicle Inspection
Lane No. 28 Set Up Near
Southport For Operation
Through Saturday
Supervisor Warns Against
Waiting Until Last Min
ute For Having Vehic
les Inspected This
Mortor Vehicle Inspection Lane
No. 28 set up for business Mon
day at the intersection of the
beach road with Highway No.
130, and throughout the remain
. der of this week will operate
at that location.
Supervisor J. S. Edgerton wish
es to urge Brunswick county
j motorists to speed up the rate
of having their vehicles inspected.
'He points out that while there are
| approximately 4,000 automobiles
I and trucks of various kinds in
[ the county, only 600 of them
have thus far been inspected.
"This is going to Crete a last
minute rush with which we will
be unable to cope," he said Tues
day. "The law requires that all
motor vehicle be inspected one
time during 1948, and or.e-half
of the year already is gone."
Supervisor Edgerton also point
ed out that the law requires that
farm trailers be inspected. There,
is no charge for this type of |
i conveyance.
The lane operated at Shallotte
the last part of last week and |
during that period approximately
.'i00 vehicles were inspected, with j
j about 50-percent being rejected j
i because of some minor defect. In j
i most instances, Edgerton said, |
j these were corrected and the
vehicle returned for approval. ;
Southport Wins
Upset Victory
Humble Strong Spofford
Nine Sunday; Will Play|
Three Games During j
Holiday Week-End
An underdog Southport base
ball team blasted the high and
| mighty Spofford Spinners Sunday
afternoon afternoon by a score
j of 8 to 7, with relief pitcher
|Clark fanning the last man with'
the tying and winning runs on i
Jimmy Radcliff started for
Southport and pitched good ball
for the first six innings. At that
point the little right hander tired
and gave way to Clark, who
struck out six during his three
innings stint.
Stephens, Southport center
fielder, led the locals at bat with
a double and two singles in four
times at bat. Webb also had three
hits, two of them doubles, in
j five appearances, while Fisher
added a triple for his five times
at bat.
i An interesting week end pro
gram is in prospect for local
fans. On Sunday the Cape Fear
League schedule calls for South
port to play at home, and on
'Monday a double-header has been
arranged with a strong indepen
dent team on the local diamond, i
Honor Man
J. E. KIRBY, Jr., son of Mr. '
I and Mrs. Elbert Kirby of Supply,,
' recently graduated from the Elec-.
trician's Mate School at San Di-1
ego, Cal., as honor man in his |
class with an average of 97.20.
Bible School
Session Comes
To Close Here
Commencement Exercises
Held Sunday Morning j
During Church School i
Hour At Trinity Method- ?
ist Church
The Daily Vacation Bible
School which has been in ses
sion at Trinity Methodist church
throughout the past 10 days
came to a close Sunday morning
with appropriate commencement
exercises for the girls and boys |
who attended.
r The Rev. L. D. Hayman, pas-|
tor, served as superintendent of
[the school, which had an enroll-1
ment of 53 children. Of this num- j
her, 41 qualified for. certificates. [
?Following is the program pre-1
sen ted Sunday morning: Two J
songs. "I Read In God's Dear i
Book" and "O, Who Can Make1
A Flower," by the kindergarten ;
group; "Achievements of the;
(Continued On Page Four) j
Alabama Man
Visits County
J. B. Gore Returned To!
Brunswick Recently For
Visit With Members Of
His Family
Leaving Brunswick county in
1891 for Hurtsboro, Ala., where
he has lived nearly all of the
time since then, J. B. Gore has
concluded a visit to his sisters
and brother, Mrs. M. L. White,
Mrs. Corine Parker and D. L.
Gore, at Shallotte.
Raised near Shallotte, Mr. Gore
studied telegraphy, served with
the Atlantic Coast Line at Con
way for a time and then went
to Alabama. He- was the first, and
for a time the only, white man
living in Pittsville, Ala. He was
there for a year and then when
the Seaboard Air Line got its
road finished on into Hurtsboro,
he moved on there and continued
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Sometimes the humble little
shrimp is the subject of interest-1
ing stories, not all of which are
lucid in all of their details. This j
week Ed Marlowe, Southport man,
who is now working on the U.
S. Dredge Lyman, sent us a copy|
of the Houston, Texas, Post. It
carried a story originally writ
ten for the Des Moines, Iowa,
Register-Tribune tfy Ries Tuttle.
Some Brunswick shrimpers may'
get a kick out of reading how|
Mr. Tuttle described the opera-,
tion of the try net. He said:
"Shrimp lying in the mud jump j
as the bottom of the net dis
turbs them and they pop into j
the bag of the net. A 'feeler' line
runs from the bag to one of the]
crew who can feel the shrimp
hitting the net. When' he is satis
fied a good sample has been col
lected the try net is hauled
We are maintaining pretty
close contact with the beaches
in Brunswick county and the
more we see of them the more
we are convinced of the tremen
dous part they are going to play
in the development of Brunswick
county. Already we have had a
number of inquiries regarding
farm lands and business oppor
tunities, the writers of these let
ters having had their interest
aroused by the proximity to the
finest and safest bathing beaches
on the Carolina coast. But for
several weeks we have been suf
fering over one thing. Since early
in May our beach property own
ers and others interested have
been flooded with requests for
the renting or leasing of cottages
for a week, two weeks or a
month sometime during the sum
mer or fall. Except for instances
here and there created by unex
pected developments, all vacancies
were long ago taken up. Unless
(CcnUnued on pagt 4).
Block Plan For Sale
Of Property Pays Off
Purchase Of 750-Foot Blocks On Long Beach Has Result
ed In Sale Of Lots To People Over State
Two years ago, with building
restrictions still not entirely lift
ed and with material still pra- j
ctically unobatinable, the owners
of the huge Long Beach property
hit upon an idea that is sure to
result in continuous, substantial,
The company had around fif-'
teen thousand acres of very at-1
tractive land. This included an
ocean frontage of about 1 miles
in one continuous strand, except j
for several hundred building lots'
that had been sold.
So, on both sides of the high-!
way the company offered to sell j
tracts a full city block in size to
influential and desirable resi
dents who would build homes for
themselves as soon as possible.
Having their own lot of whatever
size they desired, the purchaser
would have fifteen or more sur- J
plus lots that they could sell to
friends, relatives or others who
would make desirable neighbors
on the block.
This plan is bidding fair to
work out well towards the devel
opment of Long Beach. i
More than a hundred people |
bought full city blocks. These
purchasers reside in a wide area, I
covering several states. Many
have not yet been able to make
any progress towards developing
their block. A considerable num
ber however have made some pro
gress and a few have gone at the
undertaking with the utmost seri
ousness and are finding their ef
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Carlyle And Johnson j
Backed In Brunswick:
Report Official
Election Returns
Hoods Creek I 36
I 174 i
Town Creek
Southport, 1
Southport, 2
Mosquito .... j 4 j 9
Supply I 15 15
Seacession .. I 28 9
Shallotte .... j 911 40
Frying Pan ..) 531 34
Grissettown I 86: 12
Shingletree .. 147] 26 163
Long wood j 391 5 j 40
Ash ! 95 421 76
Waccamaw .. | 181 10
Exum i 24 J 15
TOTALS j 1078J 532;
87 1
6 i
17 I
12 !
Charlotte Men
Have Good Luck
Member Of Party Aboard
Moja Yesterday Wasj
Companion Of Sportsman
Who Made First Trips To
Gulf Stream From Here
Getting 180 large bluefish and
10 mackerel while fishing abdard
the Moja of Captain Victor P. j
Lance yesterday called to the
mind of Karl Ginter of Char
lotte the pioneering gulf stream
fishing that Dr. F. P. Summers
and he engaged in here in the
late 1930's.
Often Summers went alone
with Capt. T. H. Watts and vari
ous mates. More often Ginter was
his single companion. In scores
of trips to the gulf Summers
was never known to take more j
than two companions. Those fel
lows really brought in fish.
Dr. Summers, a chemist, is
now in New York. This was
Ginter's first fishing trip here
since 1939 and he stated it was*
also the first real fishing he has
had since that time. His com
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Drivers Exam
Causes Rush
"C" And "D" Drivers In
Last-Minute Rush Mon
day As Last Day For
Tests Arrived
Monday, the last day on which
the "C" & "D" drivers could ap-1
ply for examination and new li
cense, saw the biggest crowd of
any day since the examinations
began. The examiner and Patrol-j
man C. J. Pierce, who did the'
test driving, had to work all day
and it is probable that a consid-:
erable number of operators failed
to get their papers.
Beginning with the first of
July parties whose names begin I
with "E" and "F" will take their
turn at the examinations. The
last minute rush that the "C"j
and "D" drivers got into should1
be a cautioning measure to the
"E" and "F" folks. Apparently,
it does not pay to wait until the j
last day or near that to apply
for the licenses.
Voters of This County Gave
Strong Support To Win
ning Candidate For Con
gress But Were Wrong
On Governor
Former Commissioner Of
I Agriculture Gains Demo
I cratic Nomination By
Big Margin Saturday
Brunswick county Democrats
supported a winning candidate
for congress and a losing candi
date for governor Saturday as E.
Ertle Carlyle was given a 2 to
jl majority over W. Kerr Scott.
I Voters throughout the district
j rallied to the support of the 7th
i Judicial District Solicitor to give
;him a big lead over the Wil
mington wholesale druggist. Car
lyle had 26,207 votes to 16,178 for
Bellamy. In Brunswick county
the vote was 1,042 for Carlyle,
544 for Bellamy.
The voters of Town Creek pre
cinct hold the distinction of be
ing the only ones to support the
winning candidate for governor,
as Brunswick went for Johnson
by a vote of 1,078 to 532. How
ever, throughout the State Scott
piled up a 40.000-vote majority
to win the Democratic nomina
tion. which practically assure his
election in November as the next
Governor of North Carolina.
Good Fishing
Reported Here
Parties Out F rom South port
During Past Week Have
Had Very Good Catches
For This Season Of Year
. t
Sport fishing, particularly just
offshore among the bluefish and
mackerel, appeared to be break
ing good the first of this week
with fine catches being made
and an abundance of fish being
reported. I
Sunday Captain Victor Lance'
of the Moja reported a party of
Pat Dugan, Bob Bradish, Fay
etteville; Bill and Ronnie South
ward, Richmond, Va.; Walt Thiel
and Rich Thiel of Fayetteville,
getting 140 blues and mackerel
and two large barracuda. Other
big barracuda were hooked and
the fishermen were unable to
hold them.
Friday Mr. and Mre. Glen'
Frazier and a party from Seuth
port were out on the Moja with
Captain Lance and got 28 large
Thursday Mr. and Mrs. J. T.'
Wilkinson and party from Scot
land Neck were out with Captain
Lance and got 44 bluefish. This
trip had been planned for the
gulf but the weather was too
rough. (
Monday evening Capt. Hulan
Watts of the Idle-On reported W.
H. Sanders and party from Chase
City, Va., getting 200 large blue
fish. i
Sunday, Ballard Garner and'
a Wilmington party with Captain
Watts got 2 amberjack of about
35 pounds each; 3 barracuda of
20 pounds each; 3 dolphin of
o. 12 and 15 pounds each and
6 bonita, or albacore
an fIUwa,y Dr GCOrge j0hn~"
and a Wilmington party were out
on the Idle-On with Captain
Jrlr* ?d got 4 lar*e amber
jack, 4 large barracuda; 2 dol
phin, 6 bonita and 100 pounds of
large sea bass.
Friday R. R. Lewis and a Wil
mington party on the Idle-On got
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Tobacco Markets
Of This Area To
Open August 3
Fir?t Flue-Cured Leaf Will
Be Auctioned On July 22
When Georgia - Florida
Sale* Begin
Sale* Speed Of 400 Pile?
Per Hour And Five Hour.
Sale* Day Are Con
Border Belt tobacco market?
will open on Tuesday, August 3.
The date was announced late
Tuesday at Raleigh following a
meeting of a 15-man marketing
committee which fixed the sche
dule for all belts and adopted a
number of sales regulations.
The entire opening slate fol
Georgia-Florida?July 22.
Border Belt?August 3.
Eastern North Carolina?Aug
ust 19.
Middle Belt?September 2.
Old Belt and Virginia?Sept
ember 13.
However, August 3, was the
date which attracted the eye of
tobacco growers, warehousemen
and business leaders of this area.
The committee voted Tuesday
to set the sales day at five hour?
throughout the flue-cured artk
and fixed the rate of sales at 400
piles per hour.
While retaining the maximum
weight of 250 pounds per pile, a
tolerance of 50 pounds on grow
ers' sales was allowed. This has
the effect of allowing up to 300
pounds per basket provided th?
tobacco is in the hands of th?
The committee explained that
this was permitted so as not to
penalize growers having piles of
leaf weighing more than 280
pounds but less than 300 pound?.
The tolerance will save
weighing, handling and auction
charges on the overflow from
grades weighing only slightly
more than the established maxi
Fred S. Royster of Henderson
was reelected chairman of th'c
committee and J. B. Roundtree
of Lumberton was reelected se
The committee voted to allow
individual markets to set their
own closing dates and to observe
Labor Day, Armistice day and
the usual Thanksgiving holidays.
It was announced that ware
housemen would hold a meeting
prior to the opening of the vari- '
ous belts to hear explanations
of the marketing regulations and
operations of the Tobacco Stab
ilization corporation. The first
of these meetings will be held
at Blackshear, Ga? on July 10.
The committee requested the
inspection service, tobacco
branch. U. S. Department of
Agriculture to enforce marketing
regulation on all markets.
Calvin Wescott
Dies In Hospital
Well Known Resident Of
Southport Died Following
Extended I lines*; Funeral
Services Thursday After
Calvin Wescott, well known 66
year old resident of Southport,
died last night at the Dosher
Hospital, where he had been n
patient for some time. He had
been in failing health for a num
ber of years.
Surviving is one daughter, Mrs.
Vera McKeithan and two grand
children. He is also survived
by one sister, Mrs. Harry Dosher,
all of Southport.
Funeral services will be held
at Bethel Baptist church Thurs
day afternoon at 3:00 o'clock.
Rev. H. M. Baker of the South
port Baptist church officiating.
Burial will be in the Bethel
church cemetery. Other details an
to the funeral had not been com
pleted this morning.
Baptists Holding
Revival This Week
A scries of revival services are
being held each evening this week
at Trinity Methodist church un
der the auspices ot the South
port Baptist church, whose con
gregation is without the use of
its own church auditorium.
Preaching is being done by the
Rev. J. R. Allen, for 28 years a
missionary to Brazil. The spe
cial song service each evening wj?
being conducted by Clifton A.
Baker, brother of the pastor ??At
the local church. A cordial in
vitation 'has been extended tor
everyone who will to att?n& ^

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