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?^sixnEN no. 13 S-PAGE? today Southport, NTC., Wednesday, July 7t"hTl948 published every wepnespai h.?o pek tea*
u Smith Submit#
i L,U Semi-Annual Re
& To Members Of
Of County Com
mon?? _
<RT0% home
Health Nurse Has
'"La Many Honors
Recent Weeks
her last semi-annual,
first half of this
W retiring on June 30
*g smith, county health |
regret at leaving
1 wountv and the pleas
t S derived through
* with each board of coun
ters J"rmg a period
J, quarter of a century.
, months ago Mrs. Smith
J, to her health and
that she needed a rest. ^
Ration was accepted
'Z>t bv the county corn
ers and Brunswick people
Since her resignation;
^jered Mrs. Smith has re- ,
iaany honors from the
i laong whom she has
i Among the events held
" vas a county-wide picnic
ug 3each a week before her
prt. She also received a
Svcj Bond from the Shal
? ,1/ciub and another that
pdiased through contribu
ij( friends in all sections.
laves Southport next
t return to her former!
-t Sumter. 5. C.
Inttg is Mrs. Smith's last
;tie county commission-.
irerr.g the period from Jan
o June 30 of this year:
rel 430 visitors at her
fc: vaccination or advice
te matters.
[K 201 homes, made 20
to schools 10 trips out
mnty. 1? visits to hospital,
jj to county home, 18 con
es -itth county officials. 12
kci; with doctors, 9 ty
i: :.:s held. 2.480 typhoid
i. s. 207 babies given
km and whooping cough
i children given small
uconation, 6 pre-school
i sead. 276 pre-school child
.teiied clinics. 4 trips to
Jsiatortum, 10 trips to see
idealists. 5004 miles driven
ittnag from her work in
Kdt county. Mrs. Smith
B 'iat the step is being
great reluctance, and
s will greatly miss her
?fcughout this section.
Kkww just how to thank
*ho has been so hap
woperative throughout
I have spent in my
1 are in Brunswick county,"
*&? nor can I tell the peo
a' ~uch I appreciate the
" 3?y have paid me during
' ?km. Ill just have to
? F-it to say Thank You'
ill and to say 'Goodbye,
W Bless You.' "
M tfStut
i fctty Jo Fulcher left
iCamp Millstone where
P "tend 4-H Camp.
L MUliken of Shallotte,
r '? playing the Hawiaan j
rjWr.tly entertained the
L"* R?tary Club at one
r*Ww meetings.
(j,100*?0 tarn full of to
~ ^.Vh the curing was
in completed belonging to
i^.t.r.e of Shallotte was
S?t ?[ hhallotte was
{ ?7 fire Sunday after*
k,.1 J^ntiac coach, be
h-,..'^ells was stolen
in front of the
?V ' Aas ^covered late
**n in Wilming
. ' * - Wilmington
febocn arrested,
^ "le ^aibab of
[V,? tArnoI<J yesterday,
l 1 ievw^er of Norwood j
% nt,;en and a half,
erel- Others in!
pe ^?nalu Berger. j
jLj???8 Parker and
S??er- ^ made
.SL^t the fact
to i . Wlnds forced
Port early. I
HARVEST?On farms throughout Brunswick county
at this season workers are busy bringing tobacco in from
the fields to the curing barn. Above is shown a comely
lass wKo is driving the home-made tobacco slide for the
day. *j
Skipper Involved In
Incident Visits Home
Captain Rudy Gray Of SS
Martin Behrman Spend
ing Some Time At Old
Hotne In Brunswick Coun
ty i
Controversy Centered About
Ownership Of Cargo
Being Shipped From
Indonesia During.
Now spending sometime at his
old home near Holden Beach,
waiting orders to resume com
[mand of his ship, Captain Rudy
Bray, formerly master of the
,S. S. Martin Behrman,. still gets
a laugh but has not lost all of
| his irritation at the seizure of his j
ship and cargo by the Dutch, I
nearly a year and a half ago.
The Martin Behrman had sail-;
ed from Batavia to Singapore and j
j put In at a Dutch port. She had
aboard a cargo, the ownership of
which was in dispute by reason
of administrative or government
changes. The Dutch sent an arm
ed guard aboard the ship to
seize it and the cargo.
Captain Gray, exercising his
rights as' an American citizen
commanding an American owned
vessel, defied the boarding party.
The forceful language he used in
'telling the Dutch that they were
i pirates and several other things, j
attracted international attention. I
Nevertheless, yielding only to,
armed force, he went ashore,
I leaving his ship in the hands of
the Dutch, but not abandoning!
lit. The Dutch unloaded the car-!
i go, but meanwhile Captain Gray;
i from his hotel was letting the
world know about it.
The seizing of the ship creat- [
. ed such a stir that the Dutch
finally reloaded the cargo aboard
I the vessel and after 33 days
'Captain Gray was told he could
return to his vessel and get the
h . . . out of there, or words to
that effect.
He was not held a prisoner
ashore. The ship was simply seiz
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Sumbits Report
On Vets Work
Veterans Service Officer
Makes Report Of Activity j
During Months Of May!
And June; Calls Atten
tion To Services
For the months of May and
June Cecil Edwards, Veterans
Service Officer for Brunswick
county, has made the following
report of activities through his
Received 124 letters, mailed out
106; had 9 long distance calls;
had 308 Interviews, made 22 field
trips, discussed 56 educational ]
matters, 3 employment cases, 19]
readjustment allowance cases, 78 j
compensation and pension cases,
2 loans P. L. 346, 2 insurance, 1
hospitalization, 103 legal or busi-1
ness advice cases, 44 miscellan- j
eous matters.
Relative to the services done by|
his office Mr. IMwards points out
several matters that veterans,
and other interested parties J
should keep in mind. He says: :
| "Veterans of the recent wari
who have never applied for their j
terminal leave allowance have j
until Sept. 7, 1948, ill which to j
make application. All who are
eligible for terminal leave pay
should inquire at the office.
"Veterans on job training or
on the farm training program
and who have not received the
correct amount of subsistence
pay per month should contact
the office and have corrections
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Will Build House
All In One Day
Robert L. Jone?, local con
tractor who has built more
homes on Long Beach than any
other man. Is assembling ma
terial with which to erect a
beach cottage In a single day's
Recently there has been
owners about securing the ser
vices of a builder who could
give them fast and economical
construction. This one-day house
idea will be the local contrac- j
tor's answer to these prospec
tive home-owners.
Jones has placed orders for
everything necessary for the
building of a 5-room cottage,
and there Is a possibility ttoat
Friday of this week will be set
as the date for this all-out ef
fort by a corps of workman.
Southport Boy"
Fatally Injured
Edwin W .Dosher, Jr., Died
Tuesday Morning Of In-!
juries Suffered In Fall |
While Playing Sunday J
A tragic death occured at the'
Dosher Memorial Hospital Tues
day morning at 5 o'clock when
Edwin W. (Dickie) Dozier, Jr.,
died as the result of internal in
juries sustained in a fall while
at play with other young boys
Sunday evening.
The boy was regarded as one!
of the best-all-round youngsters i
of Southport, and news of his J
death was a general shock.
The son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed
win W. Dozier, Dickie and sev
eral other small boys were play
ing late Sunday afternoon. They
were chasing each other and
while running at full speed the
boy slipped and fell, striking his
chest on the cement curbing. He
was able to get up and appeared
for some time not to be seriously
Hemorrhages set in and he
was rushed to the hospital where
it was found he was suffering
from a ruptured spleen and other
internal injuries. An operation
was performed without avail, and
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Elect Buys Lot
H. P. (Pat) Taylor Buys
3uilding Lot At Holder*
Beach And Makes Plans
For Constructing Cottage
H. P. (Pat) Taylor of Wades
boro. Democratic nominee for
Lieut-Governor, purchased a resi
dential lot at Holden Beach Mon
day. It is said that he contem
plates the immediate construction
of a summer home there. The
lieut-governor-elect will make a
fine addition to the fact grow
ing list of Influential citizens who
are purchasing property on the
Brunswick county coast.
Mr. Taylor's brother, Wayland
Ward Taylor, of Chadbourn, also
purchased a residential lot at
Holden Beach Monday. His fam
ily spent last week at the beach.
Like his brother, he plans im
mediate construction of a home.
Both of the Taylor's are un
derstood to have real estate hold
ings at Ocean View, Va., but
say they prefer to. build their
summer homes at Holden Beach.
The Taylor's are nephews of V.
L. Ward, who has been a resi
dent of Holden Beach and vicini
ty for several years. j
Loan Rate For
Tobacco Higher
Than Last Year
Agriculture Department An
nounces That Farmers
May Borrow 3.9 Cents
More Per Pound On Flue
Cured Crop i
Rates On Various Grades
Of Leaf Expected To
Range From 14 To 65
Flue-cured tobacco farmers
will be able to borrow on their
1948 crop at an average of 43.0
cents per pound, or 3.9 cents
above the figure for last year,
the Agriculture Department In
Washingon has announced.
The new loan figure is based
on 90 cents of parity as of June
15. Parity is the government-esti
mated cost-of-living for the farm
er and the cost of producing the
W. P. Hedrick, marketing
specialist with the State Depart
ment of Agriculture, said his de
partment had been notified of the
new loan figure, and also was
told that the schedule of rates
by various grades would be an
nounced later. They are expected
to range from about 14 to 65
The U. S. Agriculture Depart
ment said that all CCC price sup
port loans will be made available
to cooperating growers during the
1948-49 marketing season for
each specified type of tobacco
through farmers cooperative and
other responsible organizations.
Minesweeper Is
Purchased Here
rMS 39/ FurchM^d ' Last
Week By BrunswicE Nav
igation Company And
Will Be Converted Into
Menhaden Fishing Craft
Please^ with the performance
of the two mine sweepers, pur
chased a year ago and converted
into menhaden fishing vessels,
the Brunswick Navigation Com
pany has purchased another, the
Y. M. S. 397.
R. F. Plaxco, general manager
of the company, states that the
new boat will arrive this week
from Virginia and will be con
verted into a fishing boat as
speedily as possible with the work
being done here at the factory.
The boat was purchased from the
Virginia State Highway Commis-;
sion which purchased it from the
Navy with the intent of using it 1
as a ferry boat. Finding another I
craft more suitable for conversion
into a ferry, the highway com
mission decided to sell the 397.
Like the Plaxco and the Bruns
wick, the new boat is 136 feet
in length and is in fine condi
tion. It is powered by two 500
horsepower diesels which will give
it a wide range in search of
fish and the ability to get them
home long distances without
spoilage. TTie Plaxco and Bruns
wick, identical boats, are capable
of making 17 or 18 knots per
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War Hero
of Mrs. Bertie Turner of Supply,
whose body recently was return- j
ed to this country for interment j
at Oak Grove Baptist Church. ]
He was killed in France on July
6, 1044. f
Growth Of REA
Is Remarkable
From Modest Beginning,
Brunswick Rural Electric
Membership Corporation
Now Serves 3,000 Homes
With only about 800 patrons
in 1940, the Brunswick Electric
Membership Corporation is now
serving 3000 homes and will be
linked up with 5000 when the
extension project is completed in
the early fall.
This has been a remarkable
growth, hard to understand when
it is considered that instead of
running wiring in thickly placed
homes in towns and cities, the
Brunswick REA has had to cover
much of three counties, connect
ing only with scattered farms,
communities and small villages.
The 5000 homes that th? REA
3 serving or preparing to serve
will represent more population
than i? found in a City of 20,000
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Watts Boats In
Luck Fishing
? n
Both Idle On And Botfly
Brought In Good Catches
During Past Weefr As
Fishing Parties Here In
Starting Tuesday with a! party
of Whiteville men including W.
F. Dyer of The News Reporter,
the two party boats of V- H.
Watts, the Botfly and tfte Idle
On, have been both busy*: and
successful. ^
The Whiteville party fished
aboard the Idle On and ($fr>e in
with a nice catch of 12jfj large;
blueflsh. In addition to Djtor, the
party included W. M. Bojtice, A.
C. Yarborough, Ross Davfe, H.
H. Dannivant and H. E. Harri- j
Clyde Kendall and party of
Salisbury were out Wednesday i
and caught 4 cero, 2 dolphin, lj
baracuda, 6 albacore and 100-lbs. j
of large sea bass.
The Fourth 6f July trip had a'
party headed by Mr. Ferabee of
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Our i
"While I have not yet started
developing Ocean Isle, I like all
[that home building stuff you are
putting in the paper," said D. (
Stowe Crouse, Myrtle Beach real-|
tor who owns the island at pause
Landing. Mr. Grouse amplified his'
statement by adding that tlye on-|
ly way to build up a place is
for the owners to build. "From
J what I know of them," he. con-1
tinued, "there are hundreds of
the finest sort of people owning
building lots at Holden Beach,
Long Beach and Caswell Beach.
|Thc beach strands of Brunswick
codnty are not excelled anywhere.
The playgrounds only need deve-j
loping and the folks who have
bought building lots have great
er power for developing than any
body else."
| Watermelons are now coming
in generally and it appears that
Bennie Price of the Bethel church
[community slipped one over us in j
some way. He has been supplying
the local market for two weeks
and our impression was that they
were Georgia melons. That is,
we supposed that until one of the
store keepers told us that they
were home-grown products.
Red Barber of Charlotte and Long
Beach had a birthday, Sunday,
July 4th. He celebrated it by
going fishing with us the second
time this year. Mrs. Barber and,
Peggy told us to be careful with j
Red, it was the 4th of July in
addition to being his birthday-and
he was still young.
It is generally known that to
bacco marketing is hot work,
especially for the auctioneer. Jim
mie Wolt, one of the ace sellers
of the weed on the Fairmont
market when it is in operation,
has been conditioning himself for
this seasons work. All , spring
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Measurements Show
Width Of Strand
Broad Beaches, Gradually Sloping, Feature Places
Along Coast Of Brunswick
With the results typical of
what Is to be found on all of the
beaches on the Brunswick coun
ty coast, D. Stowe Crouse of
Myrtle Beach, S. C., owner of the
Ocean Isle property at Gause
Landing, has brought this paper
some interesting figures relative
to the strand at his beach.
The Crouse measurements show
400 feet of strand from the high
tide to the low water mark at
Ocean Isle. By sending a ham to
wade in the surf with a measure,!
Mr. Crouse further ascertained
that from the low water mark to
a depth of 5 feet, at low water,
the distance was 170 feet.
Since the average rise and fall
of the tide is not over 4 feet on
this coast, the Crouse measure
ments Indicate that at high tide
a bather can wade upwards of
400-feet without getting in water
over five feet in depth. At low
tide he can go 170 feet without
getting over the 5 foot depth.
It is believed that measure
ments at Holden Beach, Long
Beach and Caswell Beach, whlcl^
are being obtained, will tally
closely with those at Ocean Isle.
These figures will illustrate a
very, important point that Is be
ing contended for the Brunswick
county beaches. They will sh?w
the gradually sloping nature of
th^ strands from high water
marks on out into the ocean.
It is pointed out that the wide
strands leave a beautiful expan-t
sive playground. Most Important,
of all, the gentle slopes eliminate
too dangerous surfs that creata,
undertows, dangerous to bathers, I
It is not impossible for the fool-!
hardy to drown anywhere that
there is deep water. The point 1?'
that the waters of the Brunswick I
beaches are as safe as those!
found anywhere, and safer than
those found at most places.
Miraculous Escape
For Plane Occupants
Brunswick Boys
Playing Good Ball
Three Brunswick county boys
are playing a prominent role In J
keeping the Columbus County !
American Legion baseball team
of Wtalteville In a contending
position for area honors.
Billy .McDowell, little south
paw first baseman, is playing
his second year for the Colum
bus county juniors, and In ad
dition to his steady work at the
Initial station, has been hitting
the tall at a good pace.
Sonny Galney, Leland high
school star, le. ?HP of the most
dependable pitchers on the
Whlteville squad, and on Thurs
day night of last week went
the route in a 14-fnnbig tie
with Laurinburg.
Tommy Bowmer, Southport
boy has played several games
in the outfield for White vlile
and figures prominently In the
stretch drive of the Columbus
county nine.
Duke Basketball
Coach Is Visitor
Jerry Gerard And Party
Fishing Aboard Mojai
Monday Reported Very
Nice Catch
Jerry Gerard, basketball coach
at Duke University, made the
prize catch of the week while
fishing from the Moja of Capt
ain Victor P. Lance on Frying
Pan Shoals Monday.
Mr. Gerard got 10 blues, 2 bar-|
racuda and a 25-pound cabio. |
Others in the party with him
aboard the Moja were Ray,
Greggs, Raleigh; C. H. Delake,
Tarboro; S. C. Brawley, Durham;
and E. T. Howard, Raleigh. They
brought in a fine catch of bar
racuda, mackerel and bluefish, In
addition to the catch made by!
Mr. Gerard.
The Duke coach said he had
made several trips out with Capt
ain Lande this year and last.
Each trip he likes the Frying Pan
Shoals better. For real fishing he
says he knows of no better place
on the coast than here along
Brunswick county.
He expects to make several
more trips here this summer be
fore the University reopens for
the fall term.
Demand Grows
For Builders
Beach Property Owners
Anxious To Secure Ser
vices Of Contractors Cap
able Of Doing Turn-Key i
Interviews within the past few
days indicate that there is a
growing demand on the party of j
beach property owners for con
tractors who can buy building
material wholesale and turn out
finished homes as specified ' in
the contract and without there
being a multitude of incidentials
to make the finished job double
what the original plans called for.
Scores of lot owners at Long
Beach and Holden Beach are pro
fessional men, doctors, lawyers,
etc., who would like to build
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Passenger Plane Does A
Ground Loop Saturday
While Attempting Land
ing On Dry Sand At
Damage To Plane Figuring
In Holden Beach Mishap
Estimated At $7,000
By The Owner
"Nobody hurt, nobody scared,
. loss about seven thousand dol
I lars."
That iS the way Guy M. Turn
er, owner of the Turner Flying
Service in Greensboro, put it as
j-he surveyed the wreck of his j
new five-passenger Howard plan?
at Holden Beach Saturday after-!
The plane had made one of its
jfrequent trips in from Greens-j
boro.' Previously it had always
landed and taken off with ease
;from the strand at low tide or
'half-tide. Coming in Saturday
I with Mr. Turner aboard and Mr.
land Mrs. Fred Reed of Greens
jboro as passengers, the plane ar
rived at high tide.
With the approval of Mr. Turn
er, the pilot, Lemar Jones, at
tempted to land despite the haz
zard. The right wheel of the ma
chine struck the soft, dry sand
and the machine did a ground
j loop. The pilot and passengers
all found themselves sitting on
i their heads in the fraction of a
j second.
i With the exception of the
cabin the entire fuselage of the
plane was smashed, as were the!
; wings. One propeller blade was
bent but the engine was apparent
ly not damaged.
i None of the occupants of the!
machine received the slightest in-j
Jury, either physically or to their
nerves. When a representative of
this paper arrived a short time
after the crash. Mrs. Reed, a gray
hafted lady, asked him If he had
a monkey wrench, so that she
could get a souvenir.
County Native
Dies Thursday
E. L. Clemmons Died At
Myrtle Beach Where He
Moved Four Years Ago
i From Brunswick; Funeral
i E. L. Clemmons, 84-year-old
resident of Myrtle Beach, to
which place he moved four years
ago from Brunswick county, di.ed
Thursday morning. He had been
ill for a long time. His wife died
just three months ago.
i The body was brought here to
Antiocti Baptist church, between
Southport and Bolivia, Saturday.
Funeral services were conducted
there with Rev. Jasper Hinson of
Myrtle Beach and Rev. E. W.
!Pate of Wilmington officiating.
Mr. Clemmons was a member of
the First Baptist church of
Myrtle Beach.
Surviving are Ralph Clem
mons, Bolivia, Thurston, AUard,
and Qulncy Clemmons, all of
Myrtle Beach, Dewey Clemmons,
of Wilmington, Everette Clem
mons of High Point, Mrs. Cath
erine Vaught, and Miss Eloise
Clemmons, of Norfolk, Virginia;
Mrs. John Cox, of Wilmington,
Mrs. Jewell Swain of Myrtle
Beach, and Miss Carrie Clem
mons, of High Point. Beside? 20
grandchildren and six great grant
Beer Petition Is
Presented Here
To County Board
Document Bear* Signatures
Of Almost Twice Num
ber Of Qualified Voters
Required To Call Election
Commissioners Piss On i
Other Routine 'Matters c
Of Business At Post- j)
poned Session
?? ??
A petition calling for a special J
election to decide the question of
the legal sale of bper and wine
in Brunswick county was pre
sented Tuesday to member* of the
board of county commissioner*.
The commissioners held their
first of the month meeting one
day late due to the fact that
the first Monday fell on July 5,
which was being observed as a
The petition presented to the
board bore the signature of 12M
registered voters, almost twice as
many as were required, and the
documents were delivered to th#
commissioners by T. T. Ward and
Dave Ross.
Following is the text of the pe
titions; "We, the undersigned, re
gistered voters of Brunswick
county who voted for governor
in the 1944 election, request that
an election be held for the pur
pose of submitting to the voter*
of Brunswick county the question
of whether or not wine or beer
Or both shall legally be sold in
Brunswick county."
After consulting with County
Attorney E. J. Prevatte to de
termine that the petitions were in
good legal form, the documents
were ordered turned over to the
Brunswick county board of elec
tions for action required by law.
A petition was approved fol
requesting the State Highway
and Public Works Commission to
approve the addition of a 3-mlle
stretch of road to the state high
way system. It runs from Mt.
Piagah to a point of intersection
with U. S. No. 17 3 miles south
of Supply at the Foot Cumbee
Oleta M. Clemmons was grant
ed permission to pay 1947 and
prior year taxes for $400.00, due
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New Missionary
for Association
Special Meeting Of Bruni?
wick Baptist Association
Sunday Resulted In This
Action; Organization To
Back Beer Election
At a call meeting of th?
Brunswick Baptist Association
Sunday afternoon at Chapel Hill
Baptist church, Shallotte, the
Rev. W. R. Morehead of Wingate
was elected associational mission
The Rev. Mr. Moorehead sue
ceeds the Rev. George White,
who resigned to accept a regu
lar pastorate. The new assocla
tional missionary will reside. In
this county, probably at Bolivia.
Other business of the group In
cluded the passage of a resolu
tion to support the movement for
the beer and wine election. Mem
bers of the executive committee
were charged with the respon
sibility of throwing the influence
of their organization behind the
movement. These men Include: H.
M. Baker, moderator; Floyd
Hickman, Dennis Hewett, H. L.
Clemmons, B. R. Bennett and
Garland Bordeaux.
The inspirational message was
a missionary sermon preached by
the Rev. J. R. Allen.
Interests Turn
To Water Sport
Goldsboro Man Has New
Sailboat In Which Much
Interest Is Being Shown;
Leonard Davis Trie*
With a prrtty 19-foot Marconi
rigged boat, R. W. Powell, Jr.,
of Goldsboro and Caswell Beach
Is setting out tb revive local In
terest In sail boating. Getting in
terested In sailing while he was
a student at Harvard, Bob is
now spending about all of his
spare time on the Mermaid tn
Southport and Caswell harbor.
R. W. Powell, Sr., one of lihe
owners of Caswell Beach, la Just
as interested In sailing as his
son, although R. W. Jr., is th*
most active in finding opportuni
ty to be on the water.
A?roac*ng W. B. Keziak
(Conttoued on Pstfs ?)

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