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^ sixteen NO. 15 S PACES today- Southport, N. C., Wednesday, July 2l7l948 pubushed every wedmespa. ?uki per yea*
btion's Youth
Jo Start Draft
|? Late August
wil| Be Registered Ac
#w" To Age Groups,
jE With Those Bom
In 1^22
less Procedure Is Out
r Bv Selective Service
^Headquarters In
ve Service headquarters i
ton this week announ-j
rtneral outline of the rou
followed in the draft
Jl which will get underway,
J^HSJuw will be approxi-:
j/as follows:
V will register by age
pick your date out of:
; jge groups and wait:
-at 30-Registration of
?Krr. after Aug. 30. 1922.
^ 31-Sept 1 Those born in
2-3-Those born in 1924.
W i or Those born in
jpt 5.j_Those born in 1926.
- 10-ll-Those born in
L 13-14 -Those born in
st 15-16?Those born in
1- IMS Those born before
t i? tr. 1930.
r,< rorn on or after Sept.
IS will register on their
Say or ?ithin five days af
Oc registration date, you re
it the local draft office. You [
1 carry along birth certi
[fi arA such, although they
be asked for later.
Tou fill out a simple form, 1
Biv answering five or six
Cons Attach fingerprints and j
. It should take only a few
C? aithough this depends on
tfieencjr of your local draft
Go home and wait. A week j
c iays after you have regis- j
i jou will receive a ques-1
?re from your local board. J
icm: get aiarmed. It's noti
Plesi'er.ts' greetings calling'
0 the colors, it's just a ques-1
kt qaesti r.r.aire gets person-.
isa ?r you all sorts of ques-1
1 such as your marital sta-1
'-<*? nrr'n money you make
sc. It'll take a bit more
iti"? this one out. You do
t then send it back to your
I board.
classification is determin
V 'Jus bit of paper, which
? o your local board's file.
the army decides it
k 31.741 men during the
? say. November. Your
& is notified that its
~ Li 11 men The local men
K through their files. Theyi
C* ?vour questionnaire. May- \
decide you're one ot the
"^ey tell Washington.
nr-"? the last war. you got
-??j?r when you registered, i
men in Washington pull-i
fibers out of a fish bowl, j
. .." on draftees that way.) j
F?> get a greeting from the \
f set your affairs in or-1
take a physical and
p soldier:
^ Purvis prominent Wac
?* township farmer, lost a
1 'f* tobacco barn full of his
'aring of tobacco by fir?
? ''f the numerous shrimp
43 at the Holden Beach Ferry
* decked by the Coast Guard
h!"* Thus >s a routine pro
to see that all is well with
ind various equipment.
J*0 TO MKIT " |
' ^pilar annual meeting of j
Carolina Board of
I 'twn am! Development
1 r'r held in the administra- j
?iir,z 0f ,hc section Base
City July 26-27-28.
J?f "\m\oed~
7*s- coons and deer are said
v? My damaged the melon
E? River Road, espe
' tiose of E. H. Sheppard,
I v. \ J' tomato plant grow
^ ?heppafri who has been
| <lt!l his tomato growing
S tki.C,>m'ng on from New Jer"
Week to market his
WELCOME?Churches of Southport are following
their regular schedule during the summer months, and
all of them extend a cordial invitation to beach residents
and visitors to attend services. Above is shown Trinity
Methodist Church, of which the Rev. L. D .Hayman is
Cooperative House
Boon To Fishermen
Cooperative Packing House
At Holden Beach Ferry
Being Used By Seventeen
Boat Owners
Biggest Obstacle To Opera
tors Is Shallow Depth Of
Water On Lock woods
Folly Bar
Cooperative marketing of
shrimp and fish by the producers
apparently has worked out in a
very satisfactory manner at the
fishermen-owned packing house
on the intracoastal waterway at
the Holden Beach Ferry.
Seventeen boat owners from the
association. From these 17 coop
erating members committees of
three are appointed at frequent
Intervals. These committees lpok
after the business of purchasing
needed equipment, selling the
product and employing the pack
ing house labor. They sell to any
body, wholesale and retail, shar
ing the profits at the end of
each week's work.
During the 1947 season this
cooperative house is said to have
brought its membership $10.00
per bushel for the shrifnp pro
duced while private owned houses
all along the coast were paying
One thing that troubles these
cooperating fishermen is the dif
ficulty of getting their Jaoats in
and out of the Lock woods Folly
Inlet. This outlet from the in
tracoastal waterway is shoaled
very badly and the boats can
only get across while the tide is
full or nearly so. The changing
time of the tide each day forces
the boats to often be late in get
ting out or in returning from
work early. If they are caught i
outside at low tide by stormy:
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Visit At Beach
And Buy House
Roanoke Rapids Couple |
Like Long Beach So
Much They Purd??6?!
Cottage There Last Week
While it can hardly be said to'
be unusual for anybody to buy a
home or buy a lot with the In
tention of building one, there is
still a bit of interest in the fact
that W. A. Thome, of Roanoke
Rapids, bought one at Long Beach
this past week. i
Mr. Thorne is vice-president of.
the Roanoke Rapids Bank and |
Trust Company. Neither he nor
Mrs. Thorne had ever been to
Long Beach, but they had heard
a good deal about the place and
late in June Mrs. Thorne wrote
and managed to get Charles Trott
to rent them a home for the first
week In July.
The Thome's came down on ^
schedule, spent their week at the,
beach and Mr. Thorne hunted |
high and low until he found a
cottage that the owner would,
sell. When their time was up ui|
;the rented home the TTiornes
! straightway moved out and into
the one they had bought.
In a way of speaking, they
came to stay a week and be
came Brunswick county property
owners and regular residents of
Long Beach.
i Mrs. Thorne said this week
that she I? now such an ardent
Long Beach fan she has interest
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No Beer And Wine
Election In 1948
There will be no beer and
wine election in Brunswick
county this year.
In a telephone conversation
Tuesday afternoon with Attor
ney General Harry McMullan,
G. C. McKeithan, chairman of
the Brunswick County Board of
Elections, was advised that
there is no time during the re
mainder of this year when the
provisions of the law may be
met. He declared that he would
forward a written, opinion on
this matter to the election
board chairman today.
The law governing -these spe
cial elections provide that no
vote on beer and wine may be
called within a 60-day period
of either a general election or
a primary election. Other re
quirements are that 30-day no
tice be given of intention to
hold an election, and the regis
tration books must be opened
according to the laws govern
ing registration prior to a gen
eral election or primary.
Trawler Rescued
By Coast Guard
Craft Of W. S. Wells Fleet:
Swept Into Shoal Water!
Off Bald Head Island
Monday Afternoon
Shrimping Monday afternoon
in rough seas the boat San Jose
of the W. S. Wells fleet was
swept into shoal water off Bald
Head island at a point near the
Cape' Fear lighthouse. After be
ing tossed about by breakers, the
boat became waterlogged before
she could be pulled off.
With the Coast Guard lifeboat
from Oak Island unable to get
near the distressed craft because
of shallow water, Nathan Reaves,
one of the Guardsmen, swam
about 600 feet from the lifeboat
to the trawler. Ke carried a light
line with him and with this a
heavier line and finaliy a hawser
was gotten aboard from the life
Walter Lewis, ENC. in charge
of the lifeboat, told newsmen that
they had to pull on the San Jose
for about 45 minutes before she
slid off into deep water. She
was towed into Southport safely,
but dangerously near the sinking
Aside from damage to her die
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Improvements At
Bolivia Lumber Co.
The Bolivia Lumber Company
has recently spent several thou
sand dollars overhauling and in
stalling new equipment at the
main mill at Uclivia. Included in
the new equipment is a big cir
cular saw and a band resaw mill.
With its other planing mill at
, Navassa and a large number of
ground saw mills working at
various places the mill now has
a big daily capacity.
This company is owned and
operated by Felton Garner of
Long Beach and Southport. Mr.
Garner moved to Brunswick from
| Greensboro several years ago and
resided at Bolivia until three
years ago when he built and be
came a regular year-round resi
dent of Long Beach.
1 ' /
Residents Of
Brunswick May
Use New Clinic
Cancer Detection-Diagnostic
Clinic Has Been Estab
lished In Emergency
Quarters Of Wilmington
Purpose Of This Clinic Is
To. Make Possible Early
Detection And Treat
ment Of Cancer
Citizens of this county are' in
|vited to make use of the Cancer
iDetection-Wiagnostic Clinic which
opened April 27th in the Emer
gency Quarters in James Walker
Memorial Hospital. It is under
i the Cancer Control Division of
the State Board of Health and a
| committee of doctors from the
New Hanover Medical Society.
The clinic is free to any resi
dent of North Carolina 40 yeafs
of age and over. The hoiirs are
from 12 o'clock until 4 o'clock.
The Detection Section is from 12
o'clock until 2 o'clock. Persons
wishing to be examined are urg
ed to be as early as possible
since the first is *.o enter at 11:30
o'clock. The Diagnostic Section is
from 2 o'clock until 4 o'clock.
Persons referred to this clinic are
urged to be ready by 1:30 o'clock.
In the Detection Clinic an ex
amination is made of the five
main points in the body where
cancer seems to strike most
often. If any suspicious lesion
is found the patient is asked to
enter the Diagnostic Clinic
where a group of doctors will ex
amine, consult and diagnose. The
director of the clinic will write
or call the patients' private phy
sician concerning the findtngs.
Any person wishing informa
tion about the danger signals of
cancer is urged to write the Can
cer Information Center. On Tues
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Warehouse Plans J
Taking Shape
No Definite Announcement
Can Be Made Of Project
At This Time But Exper
ienced Tobacconists In
With the names of some prom-i
inent tobacco men interested in i
the building of two warehouses j
and the establishment of a mar-|
ket at Shallotte not yet avail
able for publication, R. D. White.
Sr., pioneer Shallotte business
man, predicted Saturday that two
warehouses will be built and will
be in readiness for the 1949
marketing season.
According to Mr. White, there
are no" financial difficulties In
the way. The proposition is that
expwienced tobacco men will
build and operate the warehouses.
To make the establishment of
the market something of a com
munity undertaking they will in-,
corporate and will offer 25 per-1
cent of the stock to Shallotte
citizens or tobacco growers. They,
will personally put up the re
maining 75 percent of stock.
The above is understood to be
a brief outline of the plans that
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Mintz Commander
Legion District
Former Commander Of
Shallotte Post American
Legion Receives New
Honor At Long Beach
Meeting Friday Night
Harry L. Mintz, Jr., past com
mander of the Shallotte Post Am
erican and retiring vice-com
mander of American Legion Dis
trict 10, was elected District
Commander Friday night, suc
ceeding Chas. M. Trott.
The new head of this legion
district is a veteran of World
War II and is a member of the
Forty and foght. He is engaged
in the mercantile business at
Supply, and his home is at Shal
The district meeting was held
at the Long Beach Pavilion. A
dinner was served visiting legion
naires and their guests at 7
o'clock, and the business meeting
followed at 8 o'clock.
J- George Tomlinson of the Acme
Delco Post was named vice-com
mander for the district and Mike
Leon of the Wilmington Post was
elected delegate to the National
Convention at Miami.
The meeting endorsed W. K.
Stewart of Wilmington for alter
nate national coVimitteiman and
Louie Parker of Elizabethtown
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Church Group
Makes Donation
Members Of Girls Auxiliary
Of. Mt. Olive Baptist
Church Send Gifts To
Dosher Memorial Hospit
Dosher Memorial Hospital re
ceived this week a gift of num
erous useful items from members
of the Girls Auxiliary of Mt.
Olive Baptist church at Bolivia.
President of this group Is Miss
Doris Lee King and the counselor
is Mrs. Lindsey Clemmons.
Included in the list of gifts
were 16 table scarves; 2 wash
clothes; 12 ash trays; 12 juice
J. J. Loughlin, manager of
the hospital, was warm in his ex
pression of appreciation. "Not
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Couple of weeks ago Bill
Probst, Standard Oil distributor j
of Concord, came around to tell
us he had s<Jld his home at
Myrtle Beach, bought a lot at'
Long Beach and .was going to!
build there. His explanation was
the fine beach and the equally;
fine fishing that backs it up.
This week we received through
the mail from Concord, from the j
Probst Brothers, one of the nicest
pencils we have seen in a long
| time. They also sent along a
screwdriver. We bfelieve we are
more or leSs expert in the use
j of the pencil, but vye are much
'mystified as to what Bill expects
I us to do with the screwdriver. j
Dr. R. J. Hyatt of Southport
has all other outboard motorboat
1 owners beat, going and coming.
Some years ago the doctor in
vented something for the R. J.
Reynolds Tobacco company. We
forgot just what it was, but it
I may have been the curl in the
tail of the camel. Anyhow it pays,
dividends and our good friend j
the doctor is retired from every-1
thing except going fishing. And
he always gets back. For his i
power he has two brand new five- j
horsepower outboards. Either one |
will both go and return. He uses j
one to get to his favorite fishing
hole, back of Long Beach, and
the other to bring him home.
i Former chairman of the board
of county commissioners O. P.
BtSimy broaght us a 52-pound
watermelon this week, free grat
tis for nothing except from the |
goodness of his heart. That melon (
had great latitude and longitude. ?
I It was what is known as the
| Georgia Rattlesnake variety, but
Georgia folks can't grow them
of a size and luclousness com
parable to the ones that Mr. Bel- J
lamy and other Brunswick farm-,
ers grow. Not having any family
of our own, there was no hopej
of our being able to eat that
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Gus T ravis Tangles
With Rovin' Reporter
? '
City Slicker Columnist Engages In Fast Verbal Exchange
With The Pilot's Own Keziah
Gus Travis who conducts a
daily front page column, for the
Charlotte Observer, was inter- J
viewed at Holden Beach Satur- [
day. Mrs. Travis and the baby
were likewise interviewed, and
| they were just as brilliant as
Mrs. Travis stated that coming,
down to Holden Beach from Char-1
lotte for their two weeks vaca-j
tion, they put the baby pen in the
traler and filled it with cante-1
lopes. When they arrived they
found that the cantelopes had all
rolled out and were lost, but the j
baby was safe in the car.
According to Gus: "Edna, the
colored cok, landed an 8-pound
catfish her first day at the
After the visiting fireman had
confirmation from Edna, he went
"The next day she hooked a
bigger one and was dragged into
the surf, losing rod and real."
This was also confirmed by
Edna who-turned white when the
visitor remarked that it must
been a shark Instead of a catfish.
"Well", said Gus, "I tried to
duplicate Edna's feat and I dis
located my shoulder trying to
cast half way across the Atlantic.
I have been having Dr. Rourk
of Shallotte to treat me every
day since I came here.
"Holden Beach is grand," he
continued. "Why even the doys
like it. The Travis dog struck
up acquaintance with five gir>
friends during his first two dt
"Mrs. Travis had a new bathing
suit given her by Mrs. Mary
Gould of the Beach Shop in Char
lotte. When she put it on her
own dog kept sniffing around at
her suspiciously. He didn't know
At this point Mrs. Travis re
tired with dignity. She reappear
ed shortly modeling the bathing
suit in question. "Now," she ask
ed, "do you recognize me?"
The visitor could not see how
County Schools Will
Open On September 6
Only One Polio
Case In County
Dr. F. M. Burdette, Bruns
wick county physician, report
ed today that thus far only one
case of infantil? paralysis has
been reported from Brunswick
The victim is a child from
Northwest township, who was
carried directly to James Wal
ker Memorial Hospital in Wil
mington for treatment.
Dr. BuiMette advises parents
to exercise sensible precautions
during this period when polio
is prevalent throughout much
of the State. He advises that
children under 16 years of age
be kept out of public places,
and he advises parents to in
sist that their children avoid
ing fatigue.
"There is no cause for
panic," declared Dr. Burdette j
"and there seems to be no need
for quarantine if our people
will exercise good judgment."
Montreal Man
Planning Trip
Inquiry Received Here This
Week F rom Official Of
Canadian City Indicates
Interest In Section
The fact that Long Beach and
other beaches in Brunswick coun
ty are becoming widely known
was demonstrated Monday when
W. B. Keziah of Southport re
ceived a letter from an official
of the city of Montreal, Canada.
The letter was from the City
Planning Department of the City
of Montreal and was written by
Pierre Boucher, assistant direct?
or. He mentioned Long Beach and
expressed interest in other beach
es. His letter, in full, was as fol
"Dear Sir:
It is my intention to spend my
vacation in September on the
Atlantic Coast in North Carolina.
I would therefore be much oblig
ed to you if you would send me
illustrated and descriptive litera
ture on Long Beach and other
beaches in the vicinity of South
port, including a map if you have
any available.
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Editor Griffin
Local Visitor
Clarence Griffin, editor and,
general , manager of the Forest
City Courier, was a week end I
visitor here. Mr. Griffin, who is1
a director of the North Carolina
Department of Archives and His-'
tory, is visiting historical spots
in the state. He is accompanied i
by Mrs. Griffin.
A caller at this office, Mr.
Griffin said he was on the first
vacation that he had had from
his newspaper work in 25 years.
He added that he had not been
to Southport during the past 25
years, so it would appear that he
has spent a part of all of his
vacations during the past 25
years at Southport.
He left Monday afternoon for
New Bern, continuing his visits
to historical spots.
Opening Day Fall* On First
Monday In September,
Giving Full Week For
Straightening Out For
Resignation Of Martin J.
Freeman At Waccamaw
Creates Vacancy Ex
pected To Be Filled
At a meeting of the board of
education here at the office of
County Superintendent of schools
J. T. Denning Thursday night,
Monday, September 6th was de
finitely set as the opening date
for all white and colored schools
in Brunswick county.
During the past dozen years
or so the opening date has usually
been set for a Wednesday or j
Thursday, and very little class
room work was done during the
remainder of the opening week.
With respect to principals of
the white schools, Supt. Denning
states that there is still a vacancy
at The Waccamaw school. This
vacancy is expected to be filled
shortly from several applicants
for the position of principal.
At Leland, Holland Manning
will again be in charge as princi
pal; H. T. Sanders will again be
at Southport; Bolivia will have a
new principal. In Talmadge Page,
a native of Sampson county, more
recently teaching at Kitty Hawk.
H. C. Stone, head of the Shallotte
school for several years, will again
be there.
At the Thursday meetihg of
the board N. C. Newbold, head of
the Division of Negro Education
with the State Department of
Public Instruction in North Caro
lina, was present to discuss mat
ters relative to negro education.
R. L. McDonald, with the de
partment that loks after the
transportation of school children,
was also present. He has been in
the county for a week, arranging
for schol bus routing.
New Buildings
For Shallotte
R. D. White And Sons Of
Shallotte Planning To Be
gin Work At Once On
A Modern Brick Store
r- _______
R. D. White and Sons, R. D.
White, Sr., Jack White and R.
D. White, Jr., of Shallotte, have
their plans all made and the
blue prints fbr the construction
of four new brick stores. Work
will begin within a month, ac
cording to R. D. White, Jr.
Each store will be 30x80 feet,
all under one roof, the building
to have a total frontage of 120
feet. The bflck walls will be 12
inches thick to permit the con
struction of an additional story
or floor some time later.
The structure will be on the
lot now occupied by the Coast
Road Service station, the former
RE^V office and other buildings.
All four of the store rooms
may be rented, according to
young Mr. White, but the present
plans are for one of them to be
occupied by the Coast Road gro
cery and another by an electrical
[ (continued on pagt two)
County Board
Tries To Avoid
Raise In Rate
Two Economy Move* Mad*
By Commiisioners During
Past Week In Effort To
Stave Off Raise In Rate
SET AT $1.50
Commissioner* Give Atten
tion To Road Petition*
And Other Routine
i omy was the guiding fact
auring two meetings of the
board of county commissioner?
during the past week as mem
bers of that body stood firm
against raising the tax rate to
meet rising costs of operation.
The rate last year was 11.55,
and this Is the figure upon which
the tentative budget has been
In response to pressure for the
retention of a Veterans Service
officer for the county, the com
missioners have asked the county
attorney to wiTte and ask the
Attorney General about the legal
ity of making a special levy for
this purpos?. No answer has yet
been receive*.
The. board rescinded a previous
motion that $5,000.00 of the bear
fund expected to be paid this
year into the county treasury be
diverted to the board of educa- ?
tion, and a new motion was made*
that the levy for school purposes
this year remain at 25-cents of
the tax dollar.
The commissioners gave favor
able action to a petition for the
hard surfacing of the road run
ning from the Shallotte-Shallottrf
Village road, thence to Cause
Landing, To Seaside, To Crlsset
town. A request has been for
warded to the State Highway
Commission office in Fayetteville
requesting that this road be
graded and hard surfaced.
The commissioners also gave
approval ?o the re-routing of a
section St the River Road as
shown on a State Highway map
posted In the courthouse.
The sum of $25.00 was added
to the general relief fund of the
Good Fishing
Starts Again
Parties Out From Southport
This Week Have Good
Luck Sport Fishing
With a steady blow from tho
south and southwest all of last
week, sport fishing off Southport
starter up again Monday just as
soon as the weather would per
Following east and northeast
winds, it is sometimes several
days after such a blow before
fishing becomes worthwhile. Such
winds stir up the ocean all of
the way down to its innards and
game fish will not strike In
trashy waters.
The Moja of Captain Victor P.
Lance and the Idle-On of Captain
T. H. Wktts were both on the
gulf stream Monday. Squalls In
the afternoon fvced them to
make a stfort day of It but the
results were good. Tuesday things
were much better but no definite
report on who composed the
parties or the catches made was
available this morning.
For his Monday trip Beptaln
Lance had Mr. and Mrs. B. R.
Carroll, Harvey C. Carroll and
Clarke Carroll, all of Hamlet.
They took 4 barracuda, 2 bonlta,
1 dolphin, 1 bluefish and one
mackerel. One bonita was lost at
the boat.
The Monday party for the Idle
On was composed of Roy Lamb,
Billy DeCover and Douglas Prtd
gen of Wilmington and Tom
Hughes of Washington, D. C.
They boated 12 dolphin, 4 amber
jack, and 2 bonlta's
Fishing Just offshore for blue
fish Tuesday the Botfly ,of Basil
Watts took 6? nice blues. W. A.
Thompson and others from Halls
boro made up the party. ,
Square Dancing
Big Attraction
Crowds Attending These
Events At Long Beach
Continue To Grow; An
other Scheduled For Sat
urday Night
With their first regular Sat
urday night square dance result
ing in the sale of ISO tickets, the
seoond 200 and the third this
past Saturday night running up
to 250 paid customers, Gene Tora
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