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sixrEEN NO. 16 54-pages today Southport, N. C., Wednesday, July 28th, 1948 ioc per copy published every Wednesday tuo per yeaa
Golden Weed Enroute To Auction Floors In Whiteville
This street scene, caught by the camera of Baldwin- Don't mistake this as indicating a market "block." This
[;.to Studios, shows the various types of vehicles photograph was taken two years ago and was plucked fr
id o bring tobacco into the warehouses of Whiteville. | om the unused file for use today.
gy Suggestion
)f Polio Clinic
lo Be Protested
ird Of Aldermen Hold
jpecial Meeting For Pur
?se Of Passing Resolu
ion Protesting Idea
jtion Of Polio Clinic Or
alescent Hospital In
Seen As Threat
To Beach Expansion
be of Fort Caswell as a polio
|k or convalescent hospital as
tested last week in one of the
i? newspapers has drawn of
ii notice from Mayor Hubert
foingsten and members of
i hard of aldermen for the
(of Southport.
lie testation passed by raem
l of this body at a special
Kit? mi Monday given official
ta to general protests from
tas of this immediate sec
l While there is no disposi
I to have anything but the
Itteatment made available for
fefie paralysis sufferers, it
I !<en pointed out that no
"4 or other resort area should I
totfag is the text of the!
tor. passed unanimously by
**a of the board of alder
fc view of the fact that Fort
at Southport has been
in the press as a pos
IContinued on Hage Four)
West and his popular
orchestra have been en- (
P 'or a dance Saturday)
h st the Sea Shore Grill at
H Beich.
* M Mrs. Henry Belle of
Ntoro are on their annual
at Long Beach. Their
Miss Marie Belk, re-'
on the Winston-Salem
J?' is spending part of the
* them. I
i~ Mintz. Jr., of Shal
hft Saturday night for
^fk to attend the Nation
L*rjl Convention that is in
?is week. He is the del
jiv 'torn the ahallotte Lion?1
^,,J excursion
^ < arc being nla(jc t0 run
, ? * S. excursion to Man
I ^ the week end of Aug- j
? bus will leave South
* ?' morn'"K of August 14 I
l^f^^ers will have an op- j
to see the I-ost Colony ,
PL on Saturday evening.1
Lk,,"r tr'P win be made on;
' "ternoon. i
Pulp wood Company
Is Successful Bidder
Auction Results
In High Prices
A "partial answer was sup
plied to the question of just
how valuable is business pro
perty in Shallotte last Satur
day when three lots with a
rotfd frontage of 210-feet
brought $11,000.00 at public
auction sale.
The successful bidder was
Mr. Berry, representing Canal
Wood Corporation. He was
given spirited competition by
R. D. White, Sr., who was high
bidder on another piece of pro
perty which adjoined land al
ready owned by him.
The sale was a part of the
proceedure in closing out the
estate of the late H. T. White.
Edward H. Redwine, young
Shallotte business man, was
the auctioneer and did a very
j fine job.
Sport Fishing
Continues Good
When Weather Permits
Boats To Operate Results
Have Been Very Good
There seems to be no doubt
about good fishing off Southport,
tHe only difficulty being the pre
valence of contrary winds which
have held the boatmen inside re
On Sunday a party fishing
with Hulan Watts in the "Idle
On" caught 8 baracuda, 2 amber
jack, 2 dolphin and 3 binita. In
cluded in the party were Ballard
Garner, J. C. Parker, H. F. Per
center, L. G. Begor, Fred Ma
han, Joe Simon and C. D. Kirby,
all of Wilmington. On Monday a
party headed by Mike Felis of
j Wilmington caught 52 trout and
A Long Beach party fishing
aboard the Botfly Sunday caught
60 blues before noon. The next
day a party headed by Willis
McMurray of Shelby caught 50
bluefish in one-half day.
1 A party including J. L- Coley
and son, Jimmie, Bob N. Johnson,
Frank Ricks and V. G. Bartlett
; of Wilmington caught 96 bl"e?
land mackeral aboard the Kiabab
i with Captain James Arnold Sun
day. On Monday his party includ
ed Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Cone and
I daughter, Nancy, and Mrs. B. fa.
I Bates of Greensboro. They had
i 35 bluefish and 6 baracuda. The
Tuesday trip for the Kiabab had
R. M. Griffin, T. M. Ross and
David C. Staton of Marshville
aboard. The catch included 76
blues and mackeral, 3 baracuda
i and 5 dolphin.
I The Joy, With Captain George
I Gregory, had Mr. and Mrs. O. F.
.Patterson, Jr., of s?nfor ?g
I Sunday and the party had 88
j bluefish. A morning trip on Mon
I day netted 45 blues -for Mr.
1 Stokes and party, and the follow
j (Continued on page six)
Representative Reports That
Property May Be Used
As Pulpwood Loading
Site If Bid Is Confirmed
i Location Of Loading Dock
At Shallotte Will Save
Much Hauling To
Present Site
With respct to the use of the
jH. T. White lands in Shallotte,
'purchased Saturday by the Canal
[ Wood Corporation, G. C. Berry 1
of Little River, S. C., agent for j
| the Canal Wood Corporation,
stated that it was his understand
ing that the lot is to be used
for pulpwood storage and ship
ping, when and if some slight
deepening of the channel is m^de
on the Shallotte river.
These plans, of course, are
contingent upon confirmation by!
the court of the sale. Below this
tract' of land the river is con
siderably straighter and deeper,
according to Mr. Berry. Still, if
some slight dredging work is done
it will be possible for tugs to
move two or more pulpwood
barges down the river to Shal
lotte. Villlage Point and the In
tracoastal Waterway at one trip.
The company previously oper- j
ated from Lockwoods Folly River)
at Supply. From that point it
was difficult to get more than
one barge to the canal at a time.
At Supply, too, the rather marshy
land at the loading ramp made
it difficult to get through with
trucks. A year or so ago the
company built a large loading
dock on the Cape Fear river in
this county, opposite Wilmington.
Heavy shipments of pulpwood
are made from this dock but
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Beach Visitor
Dies Suddenly
Ernest G. Grossett Died
Monday of Cerebra Hem
orrhage While Launching
Pleasure Boat
Ernest G. Grossett of Green
ville. S. C., died suddenly Monday
at Holden Reach, and Coroner
John G. Caison who was called
for an inquest ascribed cerebral
hemorrhage as the cause.
| Grossett had been helping
launch a pleasure boat, and as j
the craft slid into ihe water, he;
attempted to leap aboard. He j
fell backward, got up and walk-J
ed a short distance and sat down. {
A moment later he toppled over
1 dead.
j A doctor on the beach was call
ed, but examination revealed that
!Grossett had died instantly. The'
doctor offered cerebral hemor- j
,rhage as the probable cause of'
death. j
The deceased was 32 years of.
age and was vacationing at Hoi-1
'den Beach with his wife. Thef
body was returned to Greenville!
for funeral arrangements.
Name Selective
Service Board
For Brunswick
The committee charged with
the responsibility of naming a
selective service board for
Brunswick county yesterday an
nounced the following of J. E.
Carr and Dan Harrelson, South
port, and Floyd Kirby, Sup
ply, to serve as members of
this body.
All of these men are vete;
rans, and Harrelson is a vete
ran of World War II.
Mr. Carr was a member of
the local board during the late
war, having replaced the late
H. M. Shannon, who died while
serving as a draft board mem
The new board has not had
time to organize, and no an
nouncement has been made of
their plans for registration for
the draft next month.
New Principal
For Waccamaw
W. C. Stephenson Comes To
Waccamaw From Camer
on School Where He Has
Been Principal For Eight
W. C. Stephenson, principal of
the Cameron school in Moore'
county for the past eight years j
and with several previous years
experience as a principal and
teacher, has been elected head,
of Waccamaw high school at Ash. I
Mr. Stephenson succeeds Mar-,
tin C. Freeman, who resigned the I
principalship at Waccamaw in or
der to accept asimilar position
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Five-Hour Sales
Day Will Begin
At Nine OTlock
Large Crowds Expected To
Throng Markets In
WhiVville, Tabor City,
Chadbourn And Fair
Carnival Spirit Prevails
Five Days Ahead Of Big
Event; Boiled Peanuts
Farmer enthusiasm reached a
new high this week as final pre
parations were being made to
open Border Belt markets next
Here in Columbus County, the
markets of Whiteville, Tabor
j City, Chadbourn and Fair Bluff
were ready to listen to the chant
of auctioneers and tobacconists
were anticipating prices equal
to the banner year of 1946.
The tobacco rainbow took on a
more brilliant hue as reports
came from the Georgia-Florida
markets that the average was
holding well above 50 cents per
pound. This section of the Bor
der Belt normally gets from four
to 10 cents above the Georgia
Even five days ahead of the
opening date, market towns were
'taking on a festive air and
(throughout the week it was easy
to sense the opening just around
the week end corner.
Boiled peanuts made their ap
pearance last week end but ven
dors were awaiting the crowds
which signal first day auctions
before enlarging their supplies.
They will be on hand in every
warehouse Tuesday and even the
most fastidious market visitor
will travel down the tobacco line
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Shallow Inlet
Hampers Boats
Lockwoods Folly Fishermen
Unable To Take Advan
tage Of Two Or Three
Good Days Last Week
Reports from the Holden Beach
fishermen is that very few of
their numerous boats were able
to get out through their shallow
inlet during even the three days
that the ocean was not too rough
to work last week. A number of
their boats made the trip around
by Southport in order to fish.
Relative to the needed improve
ments on the Lockwoods ' Folly
Inlet, Col. G. W. Gillette, execu-1
tive director of the State Ports
Authority, wrote Bill Grady at
Holden Beach, last week:
"For the information of you
people in that vicinity, I will state
that I am presenting to the De
(Continued On Page Four)
Inquiries about Brunswick
county from people living at dist
ant points are no new thing
to us, but this week we were
slightly staggered at the request
that came in written on a post
card that is smaller than our
own U. S. post cards. The re
quest was for illustrated matter
of Southport and Brunswick
county?reasonable enough. The
thing that staggered us is that
it took $1.80 postage to bring
that card to us. It was from
Rev. D. Leslerc, La Senaine,
Averbode, Belgium. If it took a
dollar and eighty cents eo get
his card to us, how much will
it cost to get a lot of folders to
Alex Shirey, of Philadelphia,
Pa., stopped us this week to tell
us that he looks forward with
interest to each Saturday, be
cause on that day the postman
leaves him his State Port Pilot.
,Mr. Shirey has never resided in j
Brunswick, but he recently bought
the old stifner place on the River I
Road above Southport. He plans
to move there some day.
I Recently news stores told of a
game warden shooting and ser
ously injuring one of four men
! found hunting deer illegally at
night. Warrants were Issued
charging the warden with as
sault and the case is still pend
ing. One angle of the case is
closed, however. This week Re
corder Judge R. E. Harrelson at
(Continued on page four|
January 29,1949, Set
As Date For Beer- Wine
Election In Brunswick
Tragedy Narrowly
Averted At Holden
Fitchett Family Of Dunn Involved In Rough Expjerience
With Storm-Tosted Breaker?
Carl E. Fitchett, Sr., promin
ent 53-year old Dunn business
man had a narrow escape from
drowning during an attempt to |
rescue two of his children from (
the angry ocean at Holden Beach
last Wednesday afternoon'.
Heavy winds from the west had
been blowing for ten days or j
more. Even the Brunswick county i
beaches that are seldom disturbed]
by winds were in a very rough |
condition. Mr. Fitchett was out I
on the beach and saw his ten |
year old son, John Fitchett, get!
caught In the rough breakers.
Mr. Fitchett's daughter, Mrs.
Hope Fitchett Hall wen right in 1
after the boy and found herself
also in trouble. Mr. Fitchett, who
is in pdor health, followed be
hind her. He grabbed the boy
and with him in tow was going
i after Mrs. Hall when he, too, got
into trouble.
A moment of smooth water be
tween the breakers and Mr?. Hall
found her footing and succeeded
in pulling: both her father and
brother to safety.
Mr. Fitchett In his already
weakened condition rcslting from
poor health -swallowed sb much
water and otherwise sustained
such a shock that he was uncon
scious following this experience.
I He has sinoe been taken to Duke
Hospital at Durham for treat
ment for shock and hia previous
unsatisfactory health condition.
The Fitchett family spends a
great deal of their time at Hold
en Beach. All three of the princ
ipals in this near tragedy are
well known and highly esteemed
my many Brunswick county peo
Shallotte Lions To
Help With Legion Hut
Prices Advance On
Hospital Service
At a meeting of the board of
trustees of Dosher Memorial
hospital Tuesday night a de
cision was reached to advance
the rate for hospital rooms
about 20-percent.
The new scale places wards
at $4.50 per day; semi-private
rooms at $5.50 per day; and
private rooms at $7.00 and
$7.50 per day. Previously the
top price for private rooms had
been $6.00 per day.
The decision to advance the
rates was reluctantly made,
and the governing board of the
local institution had clung dog
edly to its old scale despite
rising prices. This represents
the first chance in rates since
Varied Cases
Before Judge
Moat Of Cases Disposed Of
Before Judge W. J. Mc
Lamb Were For Viol*- j
? tions Of Traffic Regula-j
tions i
A variety of cases were dis
posed of before Judge W. J. Mc- [
Lamb here in Recorder's court J
last week, most of the charges
growing out of traffic violations, j
The following disposition was j
Andrew McGhee, reckless oper-,
ation, fined $25.00 and costs.
W. S. Wells, Jr., speeding, fined
I $5.00 and costs, ten days stay.
Ben James McNeil, reckless
[operation, continued to July 28.
[ David Small, manufacturing and1
possession, six months on roads, |
suspended on payment of a fine
of $100.00 and costs and good!
behavior for two years.
George R. Reynolds, speeding,
R. W. Stone, violating beer law,1
not guilty.
Roy Gore, drunk on highway, j
$10.00 fine and costs.
Spencer Samuel Strickland, |
reckless operation, fined $10.00
and costs.
Nat Isreal, reckless operation, [
continued owing to defendant be-,
ing in hospital.
Charles Clifton Lazette, drunk
driving, no operator license, con
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Members Of Shallotte Po?t
American Legion Were
Guests Of Lions Club At
Last Regular Meeting
With United Effort On The
Part Of Citizens Of Shal
lotte Community Erec
tion Of Hut In View
The Shallotte Lions Club was
host at a supper for the Shal
j lotte Post No. 247 American Le
Igion at the Anchor Hotel, Shal
I lotte Point, at the last meeting.
A large number of the Legion
members were present.
The keynote of the gathering
was the need of action towards
raising the remainder of the ne
cessary funds and the erection of
the American Legion Hut that
the Shallotte Post has been en
deavoring to build for some time.
In sympathy with the above
undertaking, the Lions Club ar
ranged the supper and pledged
its support to the Legion. E. D.
Bishop, past president of the
'Lions Club and the community
j feel a growing sense of Indebted
ness to the American Legion
j boys. They feel that everything
possible should be done towards
contributing to and building the
[new home for the Legion.
Mr. Bishop said that he per
sonally felt that the least any
family in the area could do was
to make some sort of a financial
contribution towards the building
and thus show their appredsUon
of the ex-service man.
The Legion Poet at Shallotte
was organised in October IMS,
immediately after the war in the
Pacific ended. The group form
ing the membership was compos
ed of the men first released from
active service. Ernest Parker wa?
elected the first commander and
D. Carl Andrews the adjutant.
During 1946 the membership
increased to 134. During this year
various means were used to raise
money for a building fund that!
the men hoped to see grow to a
point where they could start con-J
struction. This building of the
home has been the dreant of
every member since the organiza
tion was formed.
For the year 1946-47 Harry L?
Mintz, ?r? served as commander
and D. Carl Andrews continued
as adjutant The dreams of a
horpe for the organization con
tinued and the building fund
slowly mounted.
For the past year 1947-48, R.
(Continued On Pafs jfour)
Ruling From Attorney Geti?
era! Reveal* Law Which
Prevent? Holding Election
Any Time This Year
Board Will Take Action On
Ba?i? Of Petition Presen
ted Recently Before
Board Of Commissi
The Brunswick County Board
of Elections met yesterday In
Southport and set January 29,
1948, as the date for the vote on
the continued legal sale of beer
and wine.
January 1, 1949, was set aJ
the opening date for registration,
with registrars to be at the poll
ling places on that date and also
[on January 8 and January 15.
I January 22 has been set as chal
lenge day. The same Judges who
serve for the general election will
(serve fat the special election.
I Recently when papers bearing
| about twice the required num
ber of signatures of qualified vot
ers was presented to the board
of county commissioners ask
ing for an election the matter
was immediately turned over to
the election board. Tme board
| in turn proceeded to call the re
quired election. August 28 of this
year was set as the date.
Before anything could actually
be done it was discovered that
there was a 1947 law governing:
elections which would not per
mit the election being held on
August 28 or any other date be
for the November election.
A ruling received Thursday by
election board chairman G. C. Mc
Kelthan from attorney general
Harry McMullen in Raleigh 1?
being published below.
SUBJECT: Wine and Beer
Election; Time When Same May
be Held.
"Mr. G. C. McKeithan, Chair
"County Board of Elections,
"Shallotte, North Carolina.
"Dear Mr. McKeithan:
You inquired of me over the
telephone as to the time when
elections on wine and beer may
be held in your county and the
notice required to be given a*
to the election.
"The law which authorlzM
these elections is Chapter 1084
of the Session Laws of 1947. In
Section I, Subsection (f), it pro
vides that no election shall be
held persuant to the provisions
of this Act in any county with
in sixty days of the holding of
any general election, special elec
tion, or primary election in said
county, or any municipality there
"In subsection (e) it is pro
vided that thirty days puMI4
notice shall be given of any elec
tion called persuant to the Act.
(Continued On Page K our)
Brunswick Man
Taken By Death^
William Ben Inmafk Found
Dud On Road About
One-Quarter Mil* From
His Homo
William Ben In man, 53, WM
found dead ?bout 6:30 o'clock
Saturday on a road about one
quarter mile from hi? home near
Shallotte in Brunawlck County.
He vu returning from a flatting
trip and died of natural cauae*.
I The Brunawick coroner repoft
ed that r.o tnqueet would be lwdtf.
I Funeral service? were held
{Monday morning at 11 o'clock at
i the graved de in Da via Cemetery
in Shalkitte Townahip.
I Surviving are hia wife, Xrt <
Effie Stanley Inman; four aeaa,
Rotha, Abner, RuburrU and
Elmer; eight daughter?. Lota,
.Marie, Xllier. Glenn, Lute Mak.
raye and Dianna Inman, u|
Mrs. Lorene Cheer*. J

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