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Southport, N. C., Wednesday, February 23, 1949 published every wednesda* $ per y
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All The Time
]outhport Boys, Leland Girls
Winners In County Tourney
inort Boys Triumph
JTuland Friday With
Ld Girls Turning The
^|es On Southport Girls
jd Girls And Wacca
0 Boys Declared Win
^ of Sportsmanship
Trophies This Year
and Leland teams
"ad dominated play in this
x all season ran true to
.j the Annual High School
(rtail Tournament last week
Southport boys defeating Le
g to 20 on Friday night
tlM championship in their
^ and the Leland lassies
,? the crown in their sec
,t turning back the South
prls 38 to 14 in Saturday
i finals.
, form chart could not have
followed more closely. South
boys held a 2-1 advantage
leland in games played dur
Ste season and thus entered
mimey ?s favorites. The Le
prb merely kept their clean
'for the season unsullied,
eolation winners in the girls
m were the Waccamaw sex
rto scored a 34-29 vietory
over Shallotte. Third place
i for the boys were the Boli
tois who defeated Shallotte
I Saturday night.
r the second year in succes
Richard Bendle of South-'
won the free-throw cham
fcp for the boys. He made
Ion 23 of 25 attempts. Win
to the girls was Amelia Kir
of Shallotte. Each of these
ss will receive an attractive
lv from Stanleys Jewelers of
nagton. whose Brunswick
ly representative,. D. D. Has
?roiisors th? event amially.
t Uie conclusion of the games
rt?y night trophies were
rded the championship teams,
Ifore gold basketballs were
r*d players on the winning
? and miniature silver bas
tls to players on the run
c teams. Winners of the
Imanship awards were the
?4 girls and the Waccamaw
l These honors were awarded
C. Herring, Southport at
Khport boys won their way,
It finals by winning Thursday j
Shallotte by a score of 39 j
j Shallotte had emerged from |
today's first round play by j
over Waccamaw 30-17. |
laid by Bolivia 31-18;
slay afternoon to gain their I
lin the finals.
||ud girls defeated Shallotte!
?20 Thursday to qualify for
liaals after the latter team J
I nmped on Bolivia 29 to 15 ,
Rsday. Southport girls gain-.
Mr finals berth by virtue,
?27-19 victory over Wacca
* i
tonox serious
^ condition of Sheriff Walter
foialancl. who has been con- ?
I to his home since suffering
?we heart attack 10 days)
*iU is considered serious,
"istors are being allowed to'
??rday. February 22, was
^ Washington's Birthday,
**< the birthday of George
??gton Walton of Southport.
man, who called at this
* ffl company with his son
'* Bryan Dosher of Kelly,
? had cause to celebrate.
tentative Odell Williamson
'Monday that a public hear
* his proposed oyster bill
* Wd before the Commercial
Committee in the hall
* House of Representatives
'"clock on Thursday, March
**? interested parties are ln
* attend.
. w'l Mrs. Joseph Willctts
^ *UI Creek community had
j tfawberries out of their
.Patch for Washington's
I -v Tuesday. This was not
I* ?atter of two or three
k?JI0'JS berries either, be
l '-"?v picked two full quarts.
; r?pOrt that ..lluui tViMM is
County Champions
girls came through as expected
In the Brunswick County Bas
ketball Tournament finals Sat
urday night to keep their per
fect record for the season.
Shown back row, left to right,
Mrs. Barbara Oraig, coach; Les
sene Ganey, Patsy Ganey, Aze
lea Lewis, Patsy Lewis, Pauline
Williams, Evelyn Evans, Mildred
Lewis. Front row, left to right:
Elsie Peterson. Martha Medlin,
Donna Skipper, Daisey Ganey
and Christine Hewett.
CHAMPS?Champions in the
boys division was the South
port team. Back row, left to
tight: Elliott nickman, Billy
Do*her? LeRoy Stanley, Harold
Spencer, Robin Hood. Seated:
Gene Russ, Tommie Bowmer,
Richard Brendle, Bobby Spencer
and G. W. Fisher. Coach H. T.
Sanders Is seated in the fore
ground. (Wilmington News Cut)
Championship Gives
Place In Tournament
Southport Boys Earn Right |
To Represent Brlinswick
County In Class B. Elimi
nation Tourney
Coach Sanders Believes His
Charges Will Have Good
Chance Against Compe
tition From Other
Their victory in the finals of j
the Brunswick County Basketball
Tournament Friday night made
the Southport high school boys
eligible to participate in the Dis
trict Two Class B tournament to
be held .in Magnolia early in
This is the next step in the
race for the State Championship
for high school teams in the Class
B division. The Magnolia tourna
ment is one of four which will
be played in Eastern North Car
olina among county championship
quints. Winner at Magnolia will
play champions of a similar tour
nament scheduled for Massy Hill,
and the winner of this engage
ment will go to Durham to par
ticipate in the State Championship
play-offs the second week-end in
While the Southport boys have
confined their season's play prin
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Fiddlers Play
In Convention
Leland Lions Club Sponsor
ing Annual Event Friday
Night Of This Week In
High School Auditorium
Te Leland Lions Club will hold
its annual Fiddler's Convention
this Friday night, at the Leland
high school. Through this con
vention the Leland Club offers to
the public an evening of good
entertainment, as well as an op
portunity to help some worthy
Leland boy or girl continue their
education, in some institution of
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Hit And Run Show
Coming Monday
Commenting on the "Hit and
Run Driver" picture that he is
to show in the auditorium at
the high school here Monday
afternoon at 5 o'clock, State
License Examiner Hudson says
the picture is one of the best
he has ever seen.
The picture has actual Holly
wood actors, showing realistic
accidents and hit and run
scenes. Mr. Rogerson, State
School Bus Examiner, and Pat
rolman J. C. Pierce of Shallotte
will assist in the showing of the
Purpose of this program will
be to give a better understand
ing of the safety program. A
charge will bo made and it is
hoped that a capacity crowd
will turn out, especially drivers
of cars, trucks and buses.
Shallotte Lions
Aid Lunchroom
Organization Continues Ef- J
forts In Promoting Worth
while Undertakings In I
That Community I
Through their various activities
and personal donations the Shal
lotte Lions Club chipped in the
i neat sum of $150.00 to the March,
of Dimes campaign, according to
Edward Redwine, a member of
the organization.
This club is active in all worth
while undertakings in the Shal
lotte community. The club was
very helpful to the Shallotte Post
American Legion in the con
struction of their new hut. The
building is now completed and
presents an attractive appearance.
A formal opening will be held
within the next two or three
At the present moment the
activities of the Shallotte Lions
Club is centering around helping
the lunch room project of the
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Baptists Offer
Nursery Service
The Vara Sellers Sisson Nur
sery Department of South
port Baptist Church Frees1
parents For Church Ser-1
The Vara Sellers Sisson nursery
of the Southport Baptist church
is now completed, equipped, and
in use on Sunday morning.
A near relative of Mrs.Sisson,
a former member, of the church
who died about twenty years ago,
gave the money for completely
equipping the nursery in memory
of Mrs. Sisson who is known to
most people in the county as
Vara Clyde Sellers.
The nursery is equipped to
came for children from the earliest
age to three years, and the
mothers are urged to bring their
children, leave them In the care
of the workers and go to the
classes for their own age group.
It is planned that soon the
nursery will be in operation dur
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Brunswick Listed
In Top Bracket
For Road Funds
Suggested Allocation Would
Give This County More
Than Two Million For
Rural Construction
General Assembly Must Ap
prove Plan And People
Vote Bonds In Special
Brunswick County may get
$2,106,000 worth of new roads if
Governor Scott's road bond pro
posal goes through.
This figure was contained in
a preview allocation submitted by
the State Highway Commission
on Saturday,
The commission's breakdown
would allocate the $200,000,000 on
the basis of the 1940 population,
one-third on area, and one-third
on non-hardsurfaced rural mile
age as of January 1, this year. .
The breakdowns are, of course,
premature from the standpoint
of having any real meaning. The
Governor's proposal must first be
approved by the General Assem
bly and after that, citizens Of
the State must vote the bond
issue fn a special election.
HoWever, the preview serves the
purpose of giving the people an
idea of what they would get if
the proposal is accepted. Bruns
wick would be in the top bracket
in the amount of dollars re
New Hanover would get
$1,220,000. Other counties in this
area were listed as follows:
Bladen, 2,432,000; Cumberland,
$2,712,000; Columbus, $3,288,000;
Pender, $2,080,000; Duplin, $3,060,
000; Robeson, $4,210,000; Scot
land, $1,324,000.'
The entire setup may be chang
ed even if the bond proposal i3
accepted. As much as 10 per cent
| may be held in reserve for ad
justments and this would reduce
.allocations in that proportion.
Incorporation Of
Beach Expected
Long Beach Will Be Incorpo
rated; Warm Week-End
Resulted In Many Persons
Rushing Season
A bill to permit Long Beach to
secure incorporation papers was
placed in the hands of Repre
sentative Odell Williamson Sun
day. It is expected that this
place will be chartered as a town
within the next two Or three
weeks. E. F. Middleton, one of the
owners, recently stated that the
chartering of the resort would
permit real development strides
being taken this year.
A number of people were in
bathing at Caswell Beach Sunday,
acording to Crawford Rourk and
so far as he knew they were get
ting through with it without be
ing troubled by goose pimples.
Luther Holden of Holden Beach
reported like activities further
down the line. Quite a number of
folks tried it there and they seem
ed to be getting a big kick out
of their early swim.
All three places, Caswell Beach,
Long Beach and Holden Beach,
reported their biggest crowds of
any February since their develop
ment got underway.
Mr. Holden reported much
building activity at Holden Beach.
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The early strawberry blooms i
| seem to be worrying growers of i
'this crop in Brunswick county. It
1 takes very little frost to complete
ly kill strawberry blossoms or in
ijure the fruit. Fred Stevens of the
i Magnolia Dairy out on the River
[road has a pretty large acreage
iin the berries. This week in the'
| Stevens field we noted a number
' of sizable berries that were kill
' ed in a very light frost two weeks |
ago. The worst part of the pic
ture was that the plants are now
again covered with flowers and
the danger of frost is not yet
over. Saturday several growers
who were seen at Shallotte ex
pressed worry at the strawberry
crop prospects. , ?
Beach property owners who re
side at distant points are coming
in almost daily to look after their
homes or to lay plans to build
summer homes at Caswell Beach,
Long Beach or Holden Beach.
Many of these people who already
own summer homes come to
spend the week-ends or longer at
these beaches. The things these
folks say is a pretty good bar
rometer of what may be expect
ed for the late spring and sum
mer. A summing up of what has
been learned in half a dozen re
cent interviews .indicates the gen
eral belief that Brunswick will
have substantial beach develop
ment this year.
Reports from Dempsey Atkin
son, one of the main cattle care
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Minnie Ball Revives
Tales Of Pirate Lore
Speculation Regarding Ancient Projectile Involve? Tale
Of Stede Bonnett
The "cook house", separate
from the main building at the
George W. Rapplyea home in
Southport, is believed to be over
two hundred years old and it
is still in use. y /
Recently in the extensive re
modeling of the Rapplyea home (
the cook house was the benificairy
of a face lifting. Removing the
old and decayed brick foundation,
workmen noticed a hole in one of
the sills, this hole being exposed i
by the removal of sheathing.
Investigation revealed an iron
minnie ball or grape shot which
had been fired from somewhere
and which penetrated the sill. The i
ball was slightly larger than one!
of the largest marbles.
This variety of grapeshot or.
minnie ball was used in cannon |
long before the Civil War. Half j
a bushel or more of them were
poured into the mouth of a can-1
non and rammed home at a time.
In those days loading the cannon I
was done in pretty much the same
fashion as loading a muzzle load
ing shotgun.
Folks who are acquainted with
some of the early Southport his
tory are of the belief that the ball
lodged in the Rapplyea home was
fired from the ship of Stede Bon
nett, notorius pirate who oper
ated extensively in this section
long before the Civil War, Bon
nett and his ship were captured
on the point of Battery Island,
just off Southport, by a gunboat
commanded by Colonel William
Rhett, from whom Rhett street
In Southport is named.
Colonel Rhett was a brother of
Benjamin Smith, founder of the
town of Smithville, which later
because Southport. Benjamin
Smith later because Governor of
tyorth Carolina. He donated the
land on which the University of
North Carolina was established at
Chapel Hill. He is buried at the
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Fall Tomato Crop For J
County Being Planned
Seal Is Sighted
In Nearby Greek
Some of the men at Oak Is
land Coast Guard Station have
sighted a strange animal which
they believe may be a seal play
ing about in .the water of the
creek back of the station this
Walter Lewis said Monday that
he had a god look at the ani
mal, and that it looked a lot
like a seal to him. He described
the body as being shiny and
blac}c and about the size of a
big Hbund doe. He saw the
creature come to the surface
with a large fish in his mouth.
Connie Lupton, who also sight
ed the strange creature, said
that it looked like a big auto
mobile tire splashing around In
the water.
While no seal has been report
ed seen here in recent years,
their appearance, off Oakracoke
is nothing unusual.
Annual Musical
Program Planned
Southport Woman's Club
Will Present Spring Musi
cal Program Tomorrow?
(Thursday) ?Evening
Members of the Southport
Woman's Club will present their
annual spring musical program on
Thursday night of this week in
the auditorium at Trinity Metho
dist church, and if this program
lives up to the record of past
performances it should afford a
treat for music lovers.
The program will include var
ious vocal groups, including the j
Woman's Club chorus Which fea
tures some of the outsanding
male voices in the community.
In addition, there will be several
piano and organ solos. I
Attendance at this program is
not limited to club memebrs nor
to members of their family, but
a general invitation has been ex
tended to all who can attend.
Bennett Named
To Committee
Clerk Of Court For This
County Plans To Attend
Rivers And Harbors Con
gress Meeting In Wash
ington In April
Clerk of Court Sam T. Bennett
has been appointed to the udvi
sory committee of the Rivera and
Harbors Congress and will attend
the next meeting ef the organiza
tion at the Mayflower Hotel in
This meeting takes place on
April 8th-9th and Mr. Bennett
has already requested hotel re
servation. He hopes to interest
the organization in the Wacca
maw River Drainage project, a
matter that has now been pending
for over two years and which is
expected to be of incalculable
benefit to several thousand far
mers in Brunswick and Columbus
aunties and also in Horry
County, S. C.
The Congress interests itself
chiefly in navigation, irrigation,
flood control and kindred matters.
Efforts Being Made To Con
tract At Leait 50-Acres
A? First Year Experiment
In This Production
If Venture Is Successful,
Program Will B? Expan
ded And Produce Mar
ket Established
Provided that farmers will con
tract to grow a minimum of 90
acres, there will be a market at
Supply this year for fall grown
tomatoes. The price being offer
ad in the contract* by the BciUi.
tine Produce company is $2.00
per bushel for No. 2 quality or
better. Quite a number of farm
ers have already contracted to
grow various acreages.
K. W. Ballentine, who is pro
moting the undertaking, has been
with the State Agriculture De
partment for several years, also
with the U. S. Department of
Agriculture. Frequently in Bruns
wick and noting both the climate
and soils, he has convinced him
self that a fall crop of tomatoes
can be profitably growh here.
If the effort to ?tart production
and establish a market proves a
success, he says he will resign his
position with the State, buy a
farm in Brunswick county and
devote himself to production and
marketing of various crops. If
successful with this year's efforts
with tomatoes he will also en
gage in the marketing of sweet
potatoes, chickens, eggs and sweet
Mr. Ballentine is convinced that
the Brunswick fall grown torha
toes will come on during the six
or eight weeks when there is no
production In Jlorida, Mexico,
California or the few places In
Alabama where fall grown toma
toes are produced. He has no
doubts of either a big demand
for the Brunswick crop or > the
ability to produce it. It Just seems
to be sort of up to the fanners
to decide whether they will en
Igage in the production of a new
| and valuable crop, a crop that
| will also lead to the establish
ment of a market for other farm
: products.
| Agricultural workers at both
| the Shallotte and Bolivia schools
[will render all possible assistance
to the growers regarding plants,
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Legion Hut To
Open March 4th
Public Invited To Attend
Opening Of New Legion
Hut At Shallotte Next Fri
day Night '
The American Legion Hut at
Shallotte is getting ft? finishing
touches tMis week and will be
ready for the formal opening op
Friday night, March 5, according
tt> Post Commander Mitchell Mc
Coy here Monday.
This opening house session will
feature free entertainment and
refreshments, and friends of the
legion from throughout the county
are urged to be present.
The Legion Hut is the result
of cooperative effort on the part
of Shallotte citizens under the
leadership of the legionnaries. This
building is expected to serve a
long-felt need for a suitable place!
for large social gatherings and I
recreation center.
Veterans Service
Officer Resume?
Duties In County
Board Of Commissioners In
Session Here Monday Pat*
ses Resolution Divertidf
Beer-Wine Tax Money
Commissioners Rescind Ac
tion Of Previous Meeting
Raising Salaries Of Two
Members of the board of county
commissioners sat through a
stormy session here Monday after
noon before deciding to employ
a Veterans Service Officer for;
the remainder of this fiscal year,
with provision that he be paid
from money due- Brunswick
county from the beer-wine tax.
This will provide this service un
til provision can be made for his
employment in the budget for
Nobody present seemed to be
opposed to having a Veterans Ser
vice Officer, and the fireworks
were provided by rows over un
related subjects. These came,
however, while the large group of
veterans were assembled and In
volved some of the people who
were there in the Interest of the
veterans officer.
With the decision of the board,
Cecil Edwards continues his
work. However, provision has
been made to change the office
from the agriculture building at
Supply to the American Legion
Hut at Shallotte, with one trip
each week to some central point
in Southport and in the Ash com
Earlier in the day the board had
rescinded its order of the last
meeting raising the salary of the
sheriff to the maximum allowed
under the law and making It
retroactive to December X, 1948,
and raising the salary of the Re
gister of Deeds to the maximum
under the law.
Recorder Hears
Numerous Cases
Variety Of Offenses Tried
Before Judge W. J. Mc
Lamb Here In Recorder's
Court Wednesday
A long list of cases were dis
posed of here In Brunswick
county Recorder's court Wednes
day before Judge W. J. McLamb
with the following judgements
being meted out:
Gaston Jones, operating car
with dealers tag, costs.
Earl Benton, Orover Hickman,
Willis Truck, removing oysters
from oyster beds, motion for jury'
trial by attorney for prosecution.
Zeb Davis, Walton Hickman,
Harold Hickman removing oy
sters from private oyster beds,
motion for jury trial by attorney
for prosecution.
Archie Lee Williams, display
ing auto license cf another fined
ed 140.00 and costs.
.James E. Bordeaux, no opera
tor's license, fined $25.00 and
Carrol Leslie Evans, speeding,
Fred William Thompson, larceny;
pleaded guilty to forcible tress
pass, prayer for judgment con
tinued upon condition that de
fendant make restitution in the
amount of $25.00, pay costs and
be cf good behavior for a period
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Tide Table
Following Is the tide tatrt?
for South port during the next
week. These hours are approxi
mately correct and were furn
ished The State Port frltot
through the courtesy of the
Cape Fear Pilot's Association.
High Tide Low Tide
Thursday February 24
5:45 A. M. 11:57 A. 1
6:01 P. M. 12:03 P. M.
Friday February 85
6:88 A. M. 0:00 A. M.
6:45 P. M. 12:40 P. M.
Saturday February 26
7:13 A. M. 0:47 A. M.
7:26 P. M. 1:21 P. M.
Sunday February 27
7:52 A. M. 1:2? A. M.
8:08 P. M. 1:58 P. M.
Monday February 28
8:27 A. M. 2:08 A. M.
8:39 P. M. 2:33 P. M.
Tuesday March 1, v C
8:58 A. M. 2:45 A. St
9:12 P. M. 3:06 P. M.
Wednesday March 2,
9:30 A. M. 8:21 A. M.
9:44 P. M. 3:39 P. M,

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