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Southport, N. C., Wednesday, June 22, 1949
$1.50 PER YEA*
Pilot Covers
yng Cases
Docket In
County Court
I a. 7l~Cases Were On
?I Facing Reorder s
K Officials Monday
King; Speeding Chier
i?d Forfeitures Are
Anting To Several
EtnI Dollars For
School Treasury
... 0ne-half the defendants
before Judge W. J.
ifj.d solicitor J. W.
, Recorder s court Mon
, : answer when their
?re called and as a re
r lll bonds they put up
rtS?d mostly for speed
? forfeited- Clerk of Court
, g^nett states that the
jetted to approximately
a cases called and heard
? approximately $775.
|i! said.
r^ce of the cases had
i speeding or reckless
n most of these cases
brought in by the
^gtway Patrol, which has
?X-gg up Since the re
seven persons on
[iTa: Shallotte. I
ig is a resume of all
)t Bobbins and Bertha Lee
fornication and adultery
18 months and both
^ of appeal. Appeal
? Robbins set at 51,000, J
? wean $400.00.
toy Williams, reckless
jot guilty.
ITSomas Faircloth, reck
Mscn and possession,
H3o?en. speeding, fined
IB aits.
iter Goodfme, reckless
l?i wotmd villi '.cive
fegow White, speeding,
W and costs. !
tL Johnson. speeding,
HO and costs.
Cyrel Wesley, Jr., reck
in. capias.
Enoch Holden, speed
JBltv. ?
i Cohen, speeding, fined
? costs.
Efcondson Groomer, no
f! license, capias.
x Calda, allowing minor
? a ."Otor vehicle, costs.
Russ. speeding, fined
F costs.
Smith, speeding and
fined $10.00 and costs,
ke Palmeter, speeding,
W and costs.
?ton Lindsey. reckless
fined $25.00 and costs.
Washington Davis,
fried $10.00 and costs.
Allen Manning, posses
' Espsita. reckless opera
1", - speeding, fined
<UIace. failure to pay
' ,r(^fed to make re
| Hankins. assault with
?"Pon. continued.
it, Dans' assault with
[ w"?n, 2 charges con
L^Hall. speeding,
" and costs.
w!"!30n' Possession, 30
on payment of
?ndant to be of good
'wo years.
?n. possession and
:hway, fined $20.00
,7r'an Brown, speed
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?>MF. 1
W Mrs. N. G. Mooneyl
M into their new home ,
^ new highwav to Hold- 1
fcaltotte post American ;
According to Commander
Purine, had a large
II its regular Saturday
last week. Many folks
* beaches along the low
* Ihe coast were in at
^wlchiWren and great
PMren of the late Daniel
r'^1" and Elias Hewett
C^r? a family reunion at
P 1 51 Mrs. J. J. Ludlum
C " Sunilav. June 26.
"?4 relatives ' of all the
J* ?l?o invited. A vege
*J1 be lerved.
Ross Stevens Is
Present For Two
Wildlife Meets;
Executive Director Of North j
Carolina Wildlife Clubs j
Meetings Thursday And
I Ross Stevens, executive secret
ary of the North Carolina Wild
life Clubs, was iit Brunswick
county Thursday > and Friday
nights of thj^., past week to at
tend annual meetings of llje two
Brunswick County Wildlife Clubs.
The Thursday night meeting !
?was held at Bonopart Landing I
and a barbecue supper was ser- !
ved. On Friday evening the second J
Brunswick county unit of the
Wildlife organization met at
Town Creek. . >
Mr. Stevens, noted conserva
tionist, attended both meeting
and gave the sportsmen present
much vital information as to
club formation, program and
pending legislation relative to
game laws.
A motion was made and a re- ;
solution passed that the club go
on record as requesting an additi- [
onal game warden for Brans- j
J wick county- The club secretary
' was advised to forward the club's .
resolution to the Wildlife Resour- j
ces Commission at Raleigh.
The following officers were el
ected to serve the lower Bruns
wick group during the coming 12
months: H. M. Hickman, Shal
| lotte, president; F? M. Norris,
| Wampee, S. C.. vice president; T.
j H. Mintz, Ash, secretary-treasur
! er; Harold Hickman, Shallotte,
Officers elected to serve the
(other group are Lacy Dawkins,
I Winnabow, president; G. B. Lewis
I Bolivia, vice-president; Dan Wil
letts. Leland, secretary-treasurer;
i W. T. Fulwood, Southport, as
| sistant-secretary.
Funeral Rites
Held Thursday
Alfred W. Arnold Died Tues
day Following Operation;!
Burial At Antioch Ceme- 1
Funeral services were held
Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock
at the late residence for Alfred
W. Arnold, 59-year old resident
of the Bolivia community, who
died here in the Dosher Memorial
Hospital Tuesday following an
operation. Burial was at the An
tioch church graveyard. Rev. H.
| M. Baker of Southport and Rev.
i Mr. .Helms had charge of the
burial services.
Mr. Arnold is survived by his
wife, Mrs. Nora Arnold; one son,
Ballance Arnold; two brothers, C.
| T. and Joe, all of Bolivia; three
j sisters, Mrs. A. W. Murrell. Pet
ersburg, Va., Mrs. R A. Beck,
Bolivia, and Mrs. W. H. Willetts,
oJ VVinnabow. ? ,
Active pallbearers were Taylor
Albright, Kenneth Johnson. Brad
ley Bowling, Loftin Lewis, H. D.
j Harvell, and Elwood Clemmons.
I Honorary pallbearers were Ker
i mit Beck. Wesley Garner, James
j Garner, Floyd Brittian, Jack
I Brown, Sherwood Johnson, H. A.
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Plane Spotting Is
Helping Fishermen
Brunswick Navigation Com-;
pany Boats Are Receiving
Assistance This Year From
Own Plane
Hall Waters Flys Daily Mis
sions To The Menhaden
Grounds And Directs
Boats To Schools
Of Fish
Hall Walters, formerly with the
Pennington Flying Service in
Wilmington, has been employed as
full time pilot by the Brunswick
Navigation Company. Pilot Walt
ers flying the 170 Cessna plane
recently purchased by the coml I
pany is an indispensable part of
the commercial fishing operations
off Southport.
For the past two years the cor
poration used one of the Pen
nington planes, Pilot Walters be
ing assigned to it. Now working
as a regular employee in a mach- 1
in! owned by the factory, he is
far from being a beginner at the
art of spotting fish and directing
the ships where to find them.
Last year the local factory is
said to have been one of the best
in Point of production on the
(Continued On Page Four)
Southport Pair
Beaten By Trio
Bill Well's, Jr., And Wife I
Brutally Assaulted On
South Carolina Highway
Thursday Night; Men Un
der Arrest
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wells, Jr.,
were brutally attacked on the
highway 20 miles below Charles- J
ton, S. C., Thursday night. Both
of the young people were taken
to the hospital at Charleston, Mr.
1 Wells with a broken jaw and
other serious injuries.
Three Charleston man are be
ing held under bonds totaling
i $15,000.00 for trial in the Superior
courts of South Carolina.
Mr. Wells had been working
at Rockville, S. C., for the past |
six weeks. The nine boats own-l
! ed by his father left Rockville I
(Thursday to return to Southport. I
! Mrs. Wells is a native of Charles
j ton and she and her husband left
I Rockville Thursday night for that
city before coming on to South
Some distance out of Charleston
they ran out of gas and Mr.
I Wells walked- some distance to
J the nearest filling station. Re
turning with the gas, he found)
three young Charleston white men
waiting for him. One of the men
is said to have paid Mrs. Wells
some sttention before her marri
? age, since then hf and his friends
are said to have made threats
against the young couple.
Two of the young men seized
Wells and held him while the
former friend of Mrs. Wells pro
ceeded to beat him up, breaking
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Tobacco Farmers
Busy This Week
Bruaswick county farmers are
busy this week putting in to
bacco, . many of them being
forced by last week's rainy
weather to d? something about
saving a portion of their dam
aged crop. t. i .
Heavy rains of last Wednesday
resulted in some drowning and
some scalding; and in many
fields where damage of this
nature was absent the after ef
fect has been to have the leaves
ripen rapidly and rush the far
mers in the matter of getting
tobacco in the barn.
For the most part, first re
port of damage were exagger
ated and most farmers will not
suffer too badly from last
week's rains. A few growers
? actually Were hard hit.
Unless there are. further bad
breaks indications sti:: point to
an unusually fine weed crop for
Local Minister
Rotary Speaker
Dr. J. M. Waggett Spoke
Thursday To Whiteville
Rotarians On "Russia And
World Economics"
Dr. J. M. Waggett, pastor of
Southport Presbyterian church, at
tended the Rotary club meeting
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Education Board
Discusses Plans
For Using Funds
-? ?
Architect Leslie N. Boney
Conferred With Members
Of County Board At Spec
ial Meeting Here Monday
Chairman Sam J. Frink Re
ports Service Of Summons
With Complaint Grow
ing Out Of School
Leslie N. Boney and members
of the staff of his Wilmington
firm of architects met Monday
night with the Brunswick county
board of education to discuss re
commendations growing out of a
series of conferences with mem- 1
bers of local school committees
regarding pressing needs at the
various consolidated schools.
The next step in making a com
plete survey of school needs in :
Brunswick will be an investigation
of the condition of each colored
school, with these findings to be
reported to the board of educa
tion at their next meeting.
J. T. Denning, county superin
tendent of schools, says that he
has been advised by Paul Reid,
controller for the North Carolina
Education Commission, that no
funds for building or repair will
be released to the counties until
total plans have been submitted
and approved by the state, body.
Among the other matters of
business settled at the Monday
night meeting was a decision to
open the schools of the county
for the fall term on September
1. Two days will be allowed for
Thanksgiving holidays. Schools
will close for the Christmas holi
days on December 23 and will re
open on January 3. Provision was
made for a one-half holiday for
the district NCEA meeting when
The board was advised that its
chairman, Sam J. Frink, has been
served with a summons and com
plaint growing out of the recent
controversy over the matter of
appointing and then replacing J.
P. Russ and Dennis Hewett as
members of the Shallotte school
committee. These papers were
drawn by a member of the , law
firm of John D. Bellamy and sons
of Wilmington and the defendants
have 30 days in which to file
their answer.
Commissioners In
Special Session
Members Of County Board
Spent Monday Here Dis
cussing Budget For 1949
50; Another Session To
Members of the board of county
commissioners spent Wednesday
in Southport in a special session,
a good part of which was devoted
to a discussion of the budget for
1949-50. They will be back to
morrow for another special ses
sion with County Auditor W. P.
Jorgensen, after which a prelimin
ary estimate will be available.
The board approved a petition
to have the State Highway and
Public Works Commission take
over the road from Regan to
Indigo Flats or to Benton's Land
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We think it would be rather
bad luck for us to mention any
of our farmer friends as having
an especially fine field of corn.
The fact of the matter is that
about all of them have some ex
tra nice cornfield. To mention
one would be Ignoring others who
have something just as good. The
nearest we can come to being
fair to all is to say ~hat the
Brunswick farmers have what
seems to us to be an extra good
corn crop.
Jerry Ball, public relations man
'for the standard Oil Company,
was here Friday and Saturday.
About the first thing he wanted
to do was to go around to the
fire house and see the new fire
: truck of the Volunteer Fire De
partment. Some weeks ago with
. a piano playing stunt at which
| he is adept, Jerry raised some
thing over $500.00 to aid the pur
chase of the new truck. He will
probably be back here this week
to go with us and Jim Wilson of
the Wilmington Star as guests of
Captain Howard Victor aboard
the Cadet.
L. C. White, owner of the
Shallotte Dry Cleaners, has add
ed laundry machinery to his equi
pment and will shortly be handl
ing that angle of the cleaning
business. Looking over his new
equipment this week we were in
trigued by clock-operated electric
switches. This clock results in
the big washing machine rdnning
in one direction for a given peri
od and then reversing to run the
other way. The motor oscilates
forward and backward under the
control of the clock.
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Homecoming Day Principals
CONGRATULATIONS ? Congressman F. Ertei Carlyle is shown as he warmly con
I gratulates Miss Doris Swan of Southport whom he has just crowned as queen of Home
coming Day festivities. Miss Swan achieved this honor in competition with a group of
the most beautiful young ladies of this community. Congressman Carlyle was among the
distinguished guests present for the celebration and was the principal speaker. ? Wil
mington Star Cut.)
Midshipman Holden
In England On Cruise
Brunswick County Youth Taking Midshipman Training
With U. S. Naval Task Force
Due to arrive at Portsmouth, ?
England, this week and also [
scheduled to visit Londan, Mid
shipman Halstead Holden, son of
Dr. and Mrs. R. H. Holden of
Shallotte and Holdens Beach,
wrote the State Port Pilot this j
week relative to the cruise in
which he and about 700 other !
young midshipmen are participat
He is aboard the USS Bauer a
destroyer-minesweeper, similar to
the Jeffers, which visited South
port two weeks ago. Relative to
the summer cruise he says:
'"The misconceptions as to the
life of a sailor at sea are numer
ous, and I dare say that most of
them have stemmed from roman
tic tales of the South Sea Islands.
Much to my disappointment life
at sea is anything but romantic. '
At least, if there is any romance
involved one has to find it while
on liberty.
"This year's cruise is destined
to be quite different from the last
two. The two previous cruises
were more for the sake of indoc- '
trination which is of primary im- j
portance in any phase of learn
ing. I think it would be proper t
to adopt a motto for this cruise j
which would be learning by do
ing. j
Minelayers has around 700 mid
shipmen along. More than half
of these are midshipmen from the
Naval Acedemy while the rest
are Naval Reservist from various
colleges throughout the nation.
This naval program at the vari
ous colleges was set up in 1946
under the Holloway plan which is
to supplement the number of
officers graduated from Annapolis
each year.
"The motto, 'learning by doing',
certainly reflects the attitude of
the Midshipmen because from a
personal observation I have never
witnessed a group more eager and
willing to do their jobs. Basically
there is a distinction between the
Midshipmen from Annapolis and
the ones from the various colleges.
In some respects the Annapolis
boys are better qualified than we
are, but due to the keen interest
and well-disciplined manner they
have shown on the cruise one
would never suspect that the
group was made up of men separ
ate Naval institutions. The duties
that are given to each Midship
man are not permanent; instead,
there is a system of rotation
which enables each man to learn
something about each department
of the ship and the various duties
connected with it. Consequently,
this system will permit the Mid
shipman to become better prepar
ed when he receives his commis
sion as a Naval officer.
"The old saying, All work and
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Club Women Ready
For Flower Show
County Roads
Get Attention
Among the projects for which
bids were asked list week by
the State Highway and Public
Works Commission was one' 4- '
mile stretch t in. Brunswick
county located at Lanvale, con
necting ,U. S. No. 17 with U. S.
No. 76.
This road recently has been
greatly improved by widening
and grading, and bids are being
asked for hardsurfacing.
Another paving project in
Brunswick on which good pro
gress is being made is the road
from Exum to highway No. 130
at New Britton bridge. This is
a 5-mile undertaking on which
the highway forces are doing
the work. Two miles of this
hardsurface already has been
spread and rolled.
Shrimping Fleet
Returning Home
Local Boats Returning To
Southport After Working
Off South Carolina Coast
For Several Weeks
Away for six weeks, mostly at
Rockville, Charleston and George
town, S. C., all of the Southport
shrimp trawlers have returned
home and are standing by, ex
pecting to get going with the
shrimping off Southport this
The boats back are those of
Lewis J. Hardee, Dallas Piggot,
Bill Wells, Paul Fodale and
others. Except for a few that are
having some slight overhauling,
all are in readiness for regular
fishing here at home. All are big
trawlers, operated by diesel en
gines and with the latest in fish
ing equipment.
The Fodale fleet returned from
the same place three weeks ago
and has since been fishing when
the weather permitted. Their best
recent day produced 230 pounds
of large headed shrimp to each
Nine trawlers composing the
Bill Wells fleet have been work
ing at Rackville, below Charles
ton, S. C. They are said to have
been hampered by bad weather
but have done fairly well when
able to fish. It is expected they
will return here soon.
The gathering of the boats at
Southport promises plenty of
shrimp in the near future. The
operators of the boats are either
well posted or they seem able to
divine just where the shrimp are.
The later part of this week or
next week will see the pickers
gathering around the shrimp
houses, waiting to begin the task
of neading the shrimp as soon as
the boats come in.
For this season's work South
port is mustering about the most |
able fleet of boats it has ever
had. It has often been said that
Continued On Paft Four
Work Being Undertaken In
Conjunction With Brunt
wick County Health De
Small Fee Being Charged To
Cover Cost Of Materials
And Campaign Works
On Community Basis
A large number of exhibits and
a big- crowd Is expected at the
annual flower show of the Bruns
wick County Home Demonstrat
tlon clubs in Southport Thursday
of this week. Last year's event
held at Bolivia resulted in 183 ex
hibits and Miss Corinne Greene,
the home demonstration agent,
believeds that tomorrow will bring
even larger number.
Fifteen clubs are participating,
according to Mrs. Charles Russ
of Shallotte. These are Ash, Shal
lotte Village Point, Grisaettown,
Friendship, Supply, Boone's Neck,
Antioch, Southport, Cape Fear,
Mill Creek, Bolivia, Town Creek,
Funston, Woodburn and Winna
The show will be held in the
community building and Miss
Greene states that the flowers in
all exhibits must be grown by
the exhibitor. She announces that
the following classes are to-be
Class 1. Perfection of bloom.
Class II, artistic arrangement;
(a) mlnature (not oVer 3 inches),
(b) I. living room (large); 2.
living room (small); (c) mantel;
(d) coffee table; (e) dining tab
le; (f) bedside tray; (g) seaso
nal; (h) porch.
Class III, 1. potted plants
(blooming); 2. potted plants (non
Class IV, largest collection of
fruits and vegetables grown by
exhibitor, (canned, fresh stored
or dried).
"Stabet Mater"
Here Tuesday
Fifty-Voice Mixed Chorus
And 25-Piece Orchestra
Will Appear Tuesday Eve
ning In High School Audi
Music lovers of this community
are in for a treat Tuesday when
the Wilmington Choral Society
and Civic Orchestra present
Rossini's "Stabet Mater, a sacred
oritorio, in the Southport high
school auditorium. The program
will began at 8 o'clock.
The choir is under the direction
of Henri Emurian, minister of
music in the First Baptist church
of Wilmington. It is a group of
50 voices which has won wide
aclain for its outstanding per
formances both in Wilmington
and in two appearances away
from home.
Miss Ruth Paterson of South
port is a member of the group
this season and is a featured per
former in the quartet
Club Women Are
Campaigning For
Insect Control
Community B u i 1 d i n g la
Southport Will Be Scena
Of Annual Flower Show
Sponsored By Demonstra
tion Club*
Fifteen Clubs Participating
And Thi* Year** Event Ex
pected To Outatrip
Home Demonstration Club wo
men of Brunswick county in co
operation with the County Health
Department are urging citizens t? .
help prevent malaria by having ?
their house and out-buildings
sprayed to kill mosquitos.
Workers employed by the Statd '
Health Department will spray ? ?,
4-room house for $1.50, and dfl
extra rooms for 25c each. If tl?e .
home owner wants only the porch
sprayed the cost will be 11.00. M:
out-buildings will be sprayed at
extra cost.
In each community there is t ?
designed person to collect thi '
money. Money and names of per- ?
sons wanting houses sprayed must
be collected and turned in to the
Health Department in Southport
before work is begun in any com- ]
munity. At least 15 houses must ?
be signed up before men and
equipment can come into a sect- .
ion. Applicants for this service '
are urged to state on their list
the number of roms to be spray- ?
The following persons have been
named to collect money for this
purpose in the various communi
ties: Bolivia, Mrs. Douglas Hawes;
Boone Neck, Mrs. Lee Clemmons;
Silver Hill, Mrs. Carvin Roach; *
Mill Creek, Mrs. Vera Bowling:
Shallotte Point, Mrs. Earl Hewett '
and Mrs. James Chadwick; Wac- *
camaw, Mrs. W. M. Mathews,
Fhi??*9b. Mrj, Jack Potter; <V\t
settown, Mrs. Bruce Moody arid
Mrs. Grover Gore; Friendship,
Mrs. Ernest Sternal and; Town
Creek, Mrs. Alvin Watkins; Wood
burn, Mrs. Albert Lawson.
"If your community has not
selected someone to collect money
do so at once so that you may
have the program carried out in
your community", urges Miss
Corinne Greene.
For further Information see
Cecil Edwards, sanitarian for the
Brunswick County Health Depart?
ment, or Miss Greene, home De
monstration agent.
Pair Held For p.
Store Robbery
Two Porto Rician Merchant
Seamen Charged With En
tering Shallotte Furniture
Co. Sunday Night
Two Porto Rican merchant sea-'
men are in jail in Southport
pending a preliminary heaMhg
next Monday In Recorder's court
on charges of breaking and En
tering the Shallotte Furniture Co.
Sunday night.
Hubert Holmes, manager of the
store, reports that merchandise
valued at J 100.00 was taken from
the store. A radio, said to hive
been among the things stolen, was
sold to a Shallotte resident. *
The two men, one of whdm
could speak a little English And
the other none at all, left their
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Tide Table
Following' Is the tide table
for Southport during the next
week. These houra are approxi
mately correct and were furn
ished The State Port Pilot
through the courtesy of the
Cape Fear Pilot's Association^
High Tide Low TM?
Thursday, June 23,
5:23 A. M. 11:35 A. M.
3:87 P. M. 0:00 P. M.
Friday, June 24,
6:12 A. M. 0:28 A. H.
7:43 P. M. 12:20 P. M.
Saturday, June 25,
6:57 A. M. 1:13 A. M.
7?Z7 P. M. 1:05 P. M
Sunday, Jqne 20,
7:43 A. M. 1:56 A. M.
8:10 P. M. 1:49 P. M.
Monday, June 27,
8:20 A. M. 2:38 A. M.
8:54 P. M. 2:34 P. M.
Tuesday, June 28,
0:18 A. M. 3:23 A. BL
8:39 P. M. 3:20 P. M.
Wednesday, Jane 29,
10:06 A. M. 4:06 A. M.
10:27 P. M. 4:06 P. 9i

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