North Carolina Newspapers

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.)AiiebJtlrCsrUi' Tteray, January 16th, 1919.
JUbiooniy uegmnnig, ana wan
mn ant mate in mswry uu wre uye
As Jn
we -yea i
amtfJiTUstenr if a iwle-n io HHn't h nw howftorporal Clifton C' PreneJL .fmm
wnof Man'l toll a. m. Nih,, K0n,e from there, go right out the f-.r V ,T ii."
SrithduttatennissfoTi and. only aboUf 800,000 ahead of meiftakeeWaW. dSSSSiSHS,
1 looks
800,000 ahead of me if -they take
now like I will get back 1
get back home
K. "-ni in. good health. I
desperate peril, and' ft did no
nLJUll a beaten uermaay.naa. ap:
WaUd: And most aJiaiinn otk a
the battle was
2,005000 men was fernetai(hWWnet a teririce fetripethe 30th of this
mil W 01 ocean wj ave us uy re monu1
aHMk it is useless 10 iook m n- Welli IhintoAW,kaye done
torakror even a remoie paraiietx our pait over here We commenced
thiBTcountry there has been -no .dis- h , ammunitio -t the battle
m B-"r.T . il night in that battle and then moved
as tne year enos re w weu 0 to the Verdun front and nut the
,n't beAsick Sfie I landed over-
Corporal J. W.'Ivey, of RamtK.
Dhant Claao Witk a New -Karne 1 Corporal J. W. Jvey writes his fai,
S rmciag IWKTfce WroJtjlft.teNfrWtOTlRamseur, on "Dad-
; y-,-?'-"J 1 .y- y--"4 WM m Danlcon, France, the day
The; Tear wfetih has lust roho fsthe. armistice was signed. We spent
weli&Ms1 44ttWtiiU
ursjitthe tunaeU it u he Jlrajjiince Aubange, lielgium, and spent two I
.tail which, haa not been a black Tear dars there, and had a real bed to sleet) I
mrMKavn th Snrinrfeld SeDubuean. ince I left home. I had 10 kids in f
AalplS, .west on wi hetr&n AifL room wioLus antj I couldn't talk to - ! '
-Jairl streaks 01 daycgnti eaa, amattiM& or wey amidtfF talk to us, but , -
muijnr and fitful a-ugttatn taayve ttey. seented nj4y themselves.
W tftvo come to tne ena oi me iunneb.1 i am in Lorentzweiier, L.uxemDurg,u,
, house to
water and electric lights, a v
Waterloa..fftsffifstalf iWl.'ej aiid-le1ty otpodv So
The darkest. neriOd or the whole vou know I anreniovine mvself. andJ
- -'rtl
i t, J
rth Carolina Geological and Econ
urvey. ha iasued.-a press fulled
sm fltuemiKr qu, lwio, giving
.Her' resoorces Of Montiro'fne'rv
'K0otmty. .Jjtcpntains.much valuable in-
XcttTnation about timber of the county
-centra Mit
intyH in the south
I'vState'and is one of
is the Cogging mine jJEhlbradb' towrf
ship, well fcaown iQ .the mining history
of Vb State. Proftpecting fpr coal is
now proceeding oear Harrisyille and
it i said that a coal, bed of encourag
ing .disoription' has .been ..found.
A'iafuifed' hferdwbod and pine forest
once "covered all but the southeast
corner of Montgomery. Longleaf pine
occurred on' the flat rtdges through the
central district, but shortleaf predom
inated on the slopes'-and hrils
throughout, the western belt
the. extreme southeastern counties of
Piedmont region. In size it is very
:ar tiie average JN 01x11 Carolina coun
y having an. area, accordintr . to the
ttited States Census of 1910, of 318,-
acres. lne surface vanes from
itly rolling or almost level in the
idhill region of the extreme south
east to hiliy and broken along: tne
wfestern side whei-c- the Uwharrie
Ittountains, a range of rough hills, runs
sme 01 the Uwharrie and Fee Dee nv- 1 h"' .-" . ...v."" ,.,. ,. ..
4i4 ,. Thn iQv.r,. mrf f tu the Piedmont. Pi aotiral ly all v
. u. 11 ' WULV VI V11C V. V Ullt T 1U 1 . ..... , ,
:4oinari , aAa v liM-ioiis shortlear. thoucrii sortio ioiir.
During the past few days many afi?
the people of the town have Vim-
stricken with tnfluena, few homes bar-. ;
ing every person confined to bed."
The -disease seems in lighter ftnt-i
than it did durine the first EDidMos-.-
and .which was visited upon the town dar--?
Most of , ing the first of November. The Cow--;
the timbeV,1 Which until recently jvasiier furce has been so afflicted, havfof -u
abundant on both the original forest 'three members out, that we are unahb;
( areas and the old - fields wiuct have to appear m usual form. We feel 1
been abandoned and have grown up to our readers will understand the unfbt
pine since the Civil War, has been cut tr.nate situtionv It is under difficult);'
within the past fifteen vears. At tho tuat we appear at all. We hopejv'
present time about 70 per cent of the next week to make our usual appear' :
area of the county is forested, thourrr ance.
nearlv all of this has been more or.
less cut over.
The forest types correspond n"H
closely vith the throe chief dr:i""i--areas.
The western belt, rirnin,
I the Uvha'-rie and Pee Deo i iv
masks to the eowiere-iaiung-5en!
lirectly, worn tiie factories' to hf .meti. j
e.left Kandoiptt.-vOun-ty. ywvmm:-
lnr and by other smaller tributaries i c,ome'3 ' eT-e"i, a" !l
So -the Pee Dec; and towards the west I cm P,ne, ,s tound m the rnT ' ",
tW thnt river itPlf nnrf th lnu-or ' hills. Some longleaf trees are foil"-'
b' that river itself and the lower
reaches of the - Uwharrie river which
flows into it. The Sandhill section is
drained by Drowning and Naked
cfeeks which flow southwestward into
I ..v.. - - - - . 111 . 1 1 1 -1 - U nlTol -orrivmff TBH .L. : HrL il. - l? -f I STld D1"C K OaKK. vOITlTjnSR tiin Til ITii
ucu umtc to 9wv "T,""e.-.T3Juuinuer" river, vviin uie exceniion 01 i . . . . , , , f ,.,,.-. n
nce fa,. March, 'cvf'!- latge dam -at Badih wUic'r backs f,art th rchantahlo har.1 -o-
Y .'.- X tr?i,,A'.tWwa?0r. f fl, VaJtin Pw ' throughout the. .county, .thonsrb " , " f'
W ye-
f t
absorbed attantio to a
MnitAididtlAfiiak.mthoiu Ahfttxov
trihiion iTtfieS nao 6een'anV
tatidh of Peace terms the dictation
wnB not have been by the entente,
1 . . . . 1 r . L.ul.
nneauaiea since tne nrsi uukvic
Sb Marne saved France, the war
extent as formelrly snmmed up
irrent. history of the world.-, A
. nart of the world on the.cprt-
. was weaL.of the war, and was
tnrt Ti awair-from it to nursuo ether
Yato'qnlte incompatible hjOf
disease Walter Parker,
severely Lod wick H.
Ct-White, Colerane: James . Cahe, Biy
Sv Ron City';- ROBERT T. - LLOYD,'-' Ran'
ssNVon know nra riot ftavirifchatd and ung, n.ivem, -v;,'o.
next one at home.
Wta France,
Nov. 228.
i f j T T CUvif
maMv nri-K iin UAna itriW maamv.a 4-Kv IT UHtU' "Ul
,dy O. X. We just bought 6 worth J?? ""7
auuv nuauiM wao jaiavuv.aa niaui . n , T i n....
thrin ViAfiwaonr-hite,i;.oierane James f.. ae, ofy-
l.bVI 7 di.4-J I i..
ITOIUB'WB HK IMIIWU WM- M, " . i.Ml: T - 1 : I. :
R m, t covo A mkit. rOleman KOUie W.miain. n. r i,
and some eggs until I get bac fresh "SlnrS?
nucuci Auiuani jiiuii.h..v, .......... ...
in a few places up to vithin two n
tree miles .of the Pee Dee. The va
rious species of oak, chieflv wh;
post, chestnut, scarlet, snanish,
Djee river over- parts of both Stanly
tjaa' Montgomery counties, there avo
0X important water power dc;velop
.mei'.t;. There is large undeveloped.
but probably already pi-e-err.pted pow
er on the river -below 'Badin and some
small'powers on the creeks.
noplav. red maple, hickory, asli. elf
is seen. .
The large central and. novtho.iT 1'
trict, drained, by f'e watcrn oi' J, in '
n'veiv is a region of lonjdcaf anil
leaf hill?.- I,c nr'eaf. nine oc''- ' i
Well, I must dose, wishing you WV BT0
wi mioiuKw mii m iujuuj v ,t. ... - ... Tjr, ,a u:uwi
tilmd that I wiU snend the wissing-in aiaiun n i y o. w
tf-m-AiiU:!. u.vfl,, w..:..i 1 almost pui-o stand
FlC "'C 1IHCUJ( .JOl IllMl - ., ,.ll;..
1U1C aiatcs aiii ouimoiuu... iu
t'this'regio'n. In the western belt muc'-.
M the soil is the heavy . red clay i e
SUlting from the decomposition of the
grahite rocks cf the Uw'.arrie moun
tain belt. On the rolling lands be
tween' the mountains many fertile
farms are found but the steep stony
JlUJo are all uncleared. Through the
central 'district the soils are chiefly
clay loams and sandy loams' residual
m. In hosfltal, '-previoiisly' rre'piRhe: Slave days have; been- so seriously
on of t!'' !
l'lllg(:S, v
shortlenf was t'.e common ni'ie on 1
slnip- f.r.d rour 'I'.r.r hills. . Wit'n "
Darativolv iwiit yr'ij-r lobioll" 11
h.i' oo'.Yui in to fcii P" 'xic-nf
il. no m-";; -s ! ''0 t" 'I'.'1
cent of '-o pine t;mhp' l.h"o".
Ihr so'it !u--n :'lf of t'1 ;i ; .
in te rovtWo'Tl Javt. of it .fl'Olil
to 60 per rent, is of this species
the present time oevoar.s 5 per
r : : .1:. 1
ir'r rr': chiefly om d cuii.w.
central nrfrt hear Little
Chocolate and Bread Pudding
!! fif bread crumbs,
i-'!.--.; s'-alded milk,
: ( h chocolate,
1 din boiling water,
': cop supar or ,
I -:! r 1' : yrup and sugar.
' i;v- '.
iioon vanilla,
Pmch of salt,
Ad'i the hiiead crumbs to the scald-,
ed mi'l: -md allow them to soak until
s' i;; ), It the chocolate and add the
wut-r to' it, stirrirg Until
is formed, add this to the
. xt'ire; beat the egg (whole)
i u;r:ir ypd salt, combine! ther .'
e , a id tiie vanilla, pour into"''
' baking dish and bake in very
oven iiitout 20 minutes;-',
dt oven cause it to sepa-""
'''! v.i Ih plain, whipped cream
lu'in sauce. " '
i.. r;t(l Pudding With Prunes '
1 up prunes,
'H- cut) sugar, r"'
I f ce- of biead (buttered),
1 ;tp milk,
I fi'g, !
.-alt vo tasle. "'
L e cookt-u prunes and remqyg tho
''"' I'l'.-.k the butteied ' bread
( Ui;;sc may he used and put in baking
(. h :iUfi'nat; layers ol prunes -and JS
I (Tumiis. Iieat the eear volk. add. ?
ccrtntion to this region. Some of the?e
whteh were" extensively cultivated' ' In
in action Private .Grai don C
iosemayEidSmith",iStatsYiHe; several feet of - sedimentary
Arbde? stibBfemtent "Welect that,
fartmr ;ttMt .wmii.- Mian:- . ,: ; ,tofsingin. action Pfirjate .ttraydon g,)oK2y supaeqaem; e-iect :inai
of doiUMcf-:, lioWWlad kJ&l IKilW in action-Charles S. Cratt, T'.e SandhHl rgim' is"c3vered with
i were in dire straits,! ri?r? fH.! MfcomKd fimith:cSatvme: several-feet of - sedimentary sand.
, because the new drift had first.-J." " i i oseph H. JohnsonT Chapel Hill; ben-1 Where this layer. of sand is compara
i Russia; VFclM iK imvliJMMifl Is S. Twilfovd, Pastlake. . itiveiy tnin gox: drops' are prodrcea,
ave them Jaimh tEfti JiliKiaielIKiTK i A DiedS of accident"! or" oVneif . caused but recent devdopmer.t'is mo :tly along
ition it was because XBe new . ' Tr jr 1 fv Hnllnwav. West Raleigh. the improved sand clay roads.
.affected the central mpir?(
pies E. Holloway, West Raleigh. the improved sand clay roads.
Wounded scveisijHferJphh C. Morgan, Th.thjcf scions, fiS ttie rJOV'' V
eciea mo uli1.,i,''7yMij1iMi,4it. A ck; Arthur ts. wicKer, oamoro; corn, Torron-.'ana-snran gram, suppie-
LooITng backward we caii 'Tr'i7r; 713 ott AJfqrd. Kaii bluff; Kddic Iiirch-! mented in places with, the various le-
hut thenn nmazinir cnanires naa ;r ' : : : r i..2 m., ,i.kK:n VrfanAf vai 4.PW mmLr..).,u it,, ;.nU-m,,diiMW.'
. . If aura woa enma nrfo - L.Knti.. .n-i o v. "! f. . ...v.. v -,...r-i ....... ,"""- ' -' - " " " v ' '' 1 ' '
Hmon cause in the fact that the
Liverpool to Winchester
some leVeL ndlfllv dvaihnd
black lanll'.vyhic'naypT
over two or threes
11. A
Inthesenti. "i"- r syrup and milk, ancL.wen V
riVer ar, '':.ooili; pour over the biead, place Xtt -
arena' hfi jrcdfi.' ate oven and bake until ntifi 4 V ;
t wd r,H8.' Is .ir-ff'Covi'r fo'rth'e-.firstii' -Mr,. . Z.tT
. ' jv
vol; Melvin .Mathis, ulla (r; Gillie I especiajlji. hithe''rsiterrr aTt. "'TtiV ,. '
cut on periodically,
tions were take:
and prevent fir
Taking the?
which comnri
area of the co"
forest is now
tiel(. an(
esc an
the iffbf
. houirii o nAAl imn n a if 1 a 'V -1 n L- c- i . - ' ' '
Msavis4sn')Sk a sa . a. a i s a. : a. a a. a. vav a ij i i 1 1 . nun . ihi' i ui1 . i n r. i ntii ii"ifi 1 yrnis n i i :: ii;rL nn,i ru - j. . ,
tpggg'ffi J wilfa,' vended
U.4- tVa. Afhon linlro thA
UUti UUb WH3 Virci sjjvo -v j . I lit , ,
with a futon, which, though 1 "Pe ou "ave a gooa ui...
nn. KaKVmfJW.-itV, o-lenms nymay. iou neeu nos DetsjCii.-.
ia..iniKh oaiu mawita ppbsbi ramaT""
r rnn i nraava ifcace KMrws'r ".')r; r'v1
inir i n irf r n 1 1 . i t . i r- t mm Trii rmin,.
long. I will write again soon, v. a
love and pest AviBnesq am aa ever.
x ttp iav im i
y vnnsunas or not;- ouv- ir r " r:;-" 7 ..'T-rr ,1 '' , . v.;
i iiinuui. i.'iiM.'ie r .in.-, v.. "PT iransi)0ri:;i on iw-iMjiis have. :e. -i
a great blessing, but negative;
Ition at least oilers the possi-.
(of great con
do is in gra
ve step has
Chics' it -could
the mm of dfcni
ycss to eo'
depend more "on
ytion than on any
ve itni. vi ire i . ir
5 . s. bos, i. a.
bdpnl I tekeiVl v4 H-1 1 F-
thil haverfN 11
fcracy.milr II
builrfl gOOiYbrlhd VSe
the lOTtunes oi
other one
O. 4IR D.
amd 1
Dear MrHammerl
Have not written to you since we
ronkthf battJhof i .1-
knnl 0lQstlSiLetnbarJ26. I fAnl 1
ase ims apnonanity'io- umnk" o-j
(lidklOt II
Ktrdliv. II
ul fpndM
o ip1 1
ire lopnp, ix, iim.cvci-.
fntii iotel!'()nro"fvi
ie or II tiBb Weill
.11 T
in nnuarv
r "n
?nd-."roJ 1
I '..A-ve.-.-.n'' ir '-t
per precrpi- -2 to. $10 pel- M. "according to" kind?,';
:e seedmr mu'"-. instance 310m marKex. the
latter, bgure having been quoted, for
hmgleaX'p'ini?. Hauling, the-lumh.tb,"'
1'ie nriTibfifl is' also "done by contrac2
. 'l.V (Os-'t.s from' lift v 'lo seventh -cpiita.2
rTofhaul?' V
f r
T.' Teeitner'cnile-'
'iil.'H'.ji jairtt.wfpbcr
of vinsstietu
n and nev 11, are produced!
'' a- v. iutc Aak "tlc&twhic
.'.lAU i:uyi(JV)r iitsttaa.w
'Vi';.v Va.v'.d .iwiLs ftiL-econtftj
1 u-1 "
v.. Vul 1 ilkii"i-w f""ni -e;ir.--. 1 ( , , ft. T: n r ".r"7, r Vr'ifS -
Atftte Ibl" :u . I mmHf i;OHjsllQud r. weu- Arcater.pAt"orTlWtt;r'wv.(-ti-- i.- tiaw .rjrrT."?.-.. t;?w-v .
asking the companv. We .don't find Tic cinjtiV'Wt Iu'jh c novUr.n (,rTo " ..;rfa. . ?"'c . I'AittJSt -'bgiott. 0ul.;u:utt IsMrleftC'
' or.t much here. Von moVe .-ihii. t see- ? fr)rt ncfth lo'sT):-.'.' jnh- ci .1 n,f"t., ' T', 1r. -eti i.'-fe v- tr&i.Ai ,iL,iJ.-A- JiiS..j4ri ULilfcii
IJW .n:n. 1VVC tv r, TIiW tr.C ci (.. ini-i'ii-f. iiora- o . - i;,-,, .,., t " ' , " rt-y ..4-,.l)(.nv: mt. Uif 1vllU-iJ' U'Cr
1 I inJkAf I did riot II i.v I'ik tl s Ki I
mm . . iari , sr-
ir xn
f Jl ..'om( '."..ini ..n
n.jML.UAAlV...ri A)Ah..lMM..1 kl".
.cf ThevBnrtinV!amECiwnn tvrt- iri'i rfl-'S,,' r j,.
i irr :
it -)i;..n. r.;en tnrt'l'.THtoair'nnfrt'of '1 W'W',i'.'i.-l'.,nn
s ! ,
Carl and pnnw 01 : ot e, .e,n if tVhiw.M(Tfr ?tit1?'rwfl'""i1: fSvoi;--' m
tJi- lipid t -ul ,-. r-' n t- ! thoTectt? Hadin ittWl to-Wil n-l th's ln ti ,.
lr ;'iutK 1 . 1 ., t i',;,-'wf.fiW wirWrt-'Aii'fe', (!.,. m:t - y m) (rwt iff r
kjrii!' s 'r ,1 .
Wt ' a'ia, ta-.'l hfc 6 Ve lodkln J foV the
i2TBv vt UioHi .kn wiii company.
1 hey aw,i)(niponp.,alHit .ta. (layf
so wr-aycVm. fihithem imck. Wc are
ready as we are still in ti e lack
wood. . . ,
ILIZKR MESSAGE AND 'l&:nZXKrMn9rZ' . ' s . . l"':: a.?'"'''"
B Ml BIS 'B BimBX.II . . 1 l.-Vfll.i 1, .11.1, ' -'ii.- m. - nl
n m 11 v-i a . . a a.v 1 . w. i 1 .-v ,rt !'( , 1 i . ,, 1 , WTnm'JiTHi'nn' ififfr nr Hmiif . Tncn itttii-
u. B. uoitrana, uoumy arwii .p Wnwaro sovon dv. In iko A.r.,... ri'" .-f" -i"S ' 1 ' ' '"- i..- 1 r.'' ' . . . i,ft, r.i..vf.;
f-m. InMlfcAAMSIt ik-wal tisM kYL .11 7 YS'HrMTI "i ft.!". TWT, WHM JV M.i dv :rM .ur j:e. boss -fn-m:iiTi(pnime- -: rnTOFT- , ' .' "
inn.un 1'ivi rtT 11 1 IUIU.LHIH fimiiuuit-iihn.TtiiiifiL.ii 1 . 'j k i v. . I . . ' i .. i. f . . 1 no coiinrx- in.; .m.i.i
t ;r ia. (kill (J "' ; V TTT . -- - irom -mer IJimf '..0-, 7 anrtul J' in as "uiiii? ui; m r. imr'n y sum ..
ir"" "" . occurriHI pxcent tn nil tin nF I ,nln . ... ., .... rt)ii.-.u. u 1 1. -r .. 1 i irfvjn -me one iat mnn im
'WW.R SrVAThjfrCT.quxdUlsla . r lthi. .menMv- nntirenhlr ' Ttelv pn thon.ughly cut
a miu lioiuucj cwwiiii'K ibifiir flnrf wm rfionl u.noH fit nrul . . " . ... .. . . j 1 :u u- i. j. .'
jniT. Mta44fAMi.-tamil-.Kvi amU.1 "IIT .w V .T" 1 T r,.'riA Wl'.f Whi lvlfiUkMOanlR. WaHHr. and ijav-i n-Ki""- K-Mi-'.nr
..,.,.,..,,., (I-v-VHF(IWIi' il'.MH II. I H' "I'Mi -"Mii4-vjjil V-..V1 il. 'ii .1'i.ji.R.i r. .v nnii nfurk;,), on rnll,..
!To -Jaakson Snrini9. CurrieN Farm
Jlottman, Panama, Cape Horn and all
liiiftnem imck. Wc are
I do I will
if dlssolvai clant food, conveys - . u - xr
,e ?!nK.R,"l,LBBd-Uf PnA exception ot-heinn .Kasaed. L -went
air supplies plant food, feeds k-.a.1. w.--. j... .umi
:.nrT- i " Kwyn.Wew up" win- We'ahu" fllled'my eyes
- W - . . . I 1 W HUblUJIlf UIB tfMJn 111- 1 I
of ti natural nlant food in uia aoill.i.. i.m.i.' ..-.-.:. .. . .
if i1.t- . .. .. - :..m llWll ws TnrrMlin L'lnra't received my
"'""t""" ' - - I Hntlftn anil HM naw An Inoif Ml J...I.J1. .. 1 .
RAM nl.n fyJ . :. - pacHun yev out as soon as
.VVH VlliniOW V HIUURCIIillha T t. Mil W. TalAfAMiina). I 1 V . M . . . .....
iorlM4t Wla1iln,u1
tims keeper and came, from the famous
OjV- v:..7: ".i: I in weatner ners is a inrnu (tie I have been In the transnort cdmna-
'""KA.l"ltCTSrraluila nlor.i.i(,V) Hlnkr, fc ...wv. -r di: 'a t.' uJL
r,","we" very diaatrreeable. . - r; vVAn.MialPiu th.)Hr.i ifi iWofti buiin.
.JW51 wheT.' mpany" w.."n the
" a'. : ,i 011 n MCietwrClitlXWtflJ't'H'nche we haulvd th hah tin tn
..lon. py.'?or of Prtaking cf beans. 1 them. Ws had some hot times, beilcv
jv..-. .
' att flMrtti( m4-,1 .mhL.i
'f"". vt-'"irm 'liu.lil'icilrtl
and i nder it mors resUtant tiiliul .X
: ....- . .. i riua iioaniui iu. iid xanitArv
rOC ' tin i ihMiV l t.V Mi riMiV Ir I " T ' . : 7"" -T "
- - . ' Y IV" I - f 1
add ldkt(lii)iUiAi(I0bni
vail, . Is,-..,, ..,.., fl AUMechaa.laMllrmHi-MaAl.ll
ii'u 1 1 1 " y if I a i pun "umit ii'ti r.-n-,inni.i
1 I SI.
wai c.bTiMiri fo snch a nutti-
J ber of horses and wagons and men. At
f ffaitvui wcnjve'iahiiMj tttefoodtb
ilr vmrlM4 h Mm R Vl
Frier Gamer fad ' ; IetL from Mechanic (orra Klv-tt. of I
a- , j i ... .. . " . . i
rwr utnmr, inrm-r ciumh MmDuiT v lzuui lniaatrvi .
Fprlnrs nalglihorhood, died atj Dear Mother: i .
rn'i living in UrfynsborolraJnlnjr hers for about iwa mIi nd
irWn ycara. He ram to I no Droanmct of anv fal wMtkar 1
- -1 w
lne one
r by
'in i at I
;j .v
u.v ''J-u a.viriail.aifi;.r
..-.pi ., h'iiic p.'rTl-wr; wnodi"-;
!r.' ' ;( liiitMiarl. AllL otXD
MiUvfr4,;t,.i'.- -;AiA-iiXTj)tlli,'wasj.,
'vir . A'- it..; -in'. Ufa '-0ads.3
.nut;-. . ..'Jin k-. --Tl'i 'V .-iWJ -sivttt-iii
n-if . 4U-, -iiv iMi i uiin.y,''!x' fftx
-vii mh! 'lOsiimiu; Jfi.tiiiii -il . 'ieefci
;:i7j-t''w "U) uojujr niin. :Must.
W".:v"l IMi '(llii'T-, fIooUlglri
iolnts nouth."
n 1a i : . .1 L-ii :
v iMiwii in - iiwnuj' nnu - in nnmi:
Tarmft'bvUh renidVnt - -oWnem. 1-
Mhougb- too. many owners 1'rve in- thr.
cighboring' town.' Appromntately
JO per cent of the area of the county
jn mrvw-w " 'j i-i ana nan longteait .lz.iMm' riinr
aera.Binj,. acr ain.-inv,niwnii- im- nlRo-a verv m
JdeakM of-laad va iw f rio-t 1 ft o
'i ao nm or maTtvthei)iA-altm
.MpMiAntinfl , favjrab)5 .oittiatd vamll
aeithan .uwrirymwvAy f am.1qua,itv, eniuble-cWWly -for V. t)
ThetM evaluation rengosW0oA- waJi formerly xome dogwood and
tj per sere,
or an averwe- for the
tnvarKM0Ut Is pa acw. mn 4
GlamuunKhsu.brA onewtha Inv
rtnt inds atria f. Morrtgamery. bnt
at ip0 pprsant tjrni1i-pplfamif! -i,'
Aly one mine lAinpalioii,irMi
aa M D" and oilier huiNhng.ifUpy
u i .:. liiir.n i. v "i ii. on ,!' .t vasmaaila
vi-.. i no en ainta for -tole-'-
;r n- iii' -.. l'i)4.i::l'y the butt "10gS.:t
i Ki d l i s, lu ng tialghC -m
aim i'iIui-. ! u'il lor tins purpoASw'".
From the estimalrs made, it appcerar' ,:
that a I the pjeseni rate of cuttinaf' tha; '
ihiiber -w-hh-'i is now morchanlabS , '
Minulil last for flvc or tx veara inor'4
Howfvrr, the piTsent titanri 1 in miaJiy.
cases- so scattered that murh of . thiJ J
timber will not pay to go after.'' Tywrc .
indurtry it alisady declining and thers , H. ' ',
is not-enough' young growth hj uight" ;, i
ii) nrninturn It nt its jirMMit. hnpoTp77i ,v'i
nncw- " HmVH 1 Hv rlrVfl.iVv,iM ' i.a t4 i.
aliwa very small amount of polnr an.: nvi inihin-r medst the enorgy"Bttd tefV ;
sweet gum,-with lw tid -th-ie - l,r vwich ha' hmrtnfore ?gmr mtr -small
hickory tre. -TV pin chiMlv inmheiWimd 'the.. cminty Wlll'-i"" -of
mnalisifeentNl-thf a!fwif inf" f ho hr -n,fnrM-wfVtfc ;
!nT.y:ii'Tnn,-iTf ' thh 4fi(n)ii-.. tiArinA4 r-'.
formerly nome dogw ood and. t-,rnvo' h'rtrf.!i-rirt 'tA Ka. -,. -r ' u
cedar, hut little or none of this v. .,i-M-M.rfrt.,....... '.'.
cr uiim: t.'i.'
is barely b million feet of cull timrn r
on the whole type. The si'ni.M
growth consists of scrub oak. !)' ;r"
inadequate ntand of young longleii!-'
pine m places.
Th total estimatml ntnnd of fimbe
for the county, includ'mpr th (lenii''i
Bandhilb in -nerond-growth P'n" ' -000
M.f oak 4000 olilHfiov t
pine, oi wnicp anout nmt 'is- yhoriii '
Tor Bonft1 tittle
the -chief inJWtM
7 . - - v.orirjr along with tho JtrWVi. i'
'lilitihfcHWff1 nV Wn WoW'iffiMnb: 'AV'JJ f "Vl J 1
DUMMr the vea' :niii iuyT"6T id ATont o-nmoi-v lti.n ' "T . --
42.000 M. fed : r ; i'? f nen'rhv coiinfv Ui ."
vj . , aiu.u liviv.
With love to all, 4....I ; ,
- Good night,' ' '
19T7, appioximatelv
I lr T n Iknariul SaWa L. EL a.
..SBKtl i1 t-. . a .l m I viii.t- mininiv bb iBii, "! fysrr
-in yooroi nipuv'inTOT))Wr.onv-rowth, pine,, prrtbiiblj
.Tt iTl 'V '. "I tl half-teMolly. ami hf fbortleaf,
Tr?,, l ,7: . '-'n.-rtM-giowlh ahortlfaf,"
I anl tAl 1 aliaM afll a 4 i i
4raTi ' , ."I'l-gpowrn longianr nn -7 p-r 'eAnV 4vareUo furs farming. nia Ji
VDihU frUI et a. German. ntol U U -a Tlie.vk lit inM tt. if AvAVma&t!wVI??;??i iS'-t V.v
iai - with -mm Troy, in the UwharHsS v -
eernvY-! i jrUuw, and all ovrfr iha fGimiklil- ' .0
' hU, i. f: ',n'-Tuv!ir 'aWLlinil.Vlf'XliZlTi; f"'--f
si Vve fiA-W tWtf.--.oi ttVd mL" : VI
tw: 'oV.r oT-aCv'min" fiw,." iiifroaoTr'' ,'.-
iomenir. ,.X;didn'. sprnd
, ( Ziavle P. Csveness
Vfkt Fsthei1 and Mother
"I fcm atill living and feeling fery
good, Yes. the war Is over and t am
nart glad, for It was an awful thins; to
tTrpricnr. . . f ,.,-
I didn't gt a scratch "xcent I got
sficK Wrnft eollecting aoui-cojuin who
yjt wnns, at.tht front.. , . ...i i
sw some-.Company VIC. boyw the
ofner day. Some of them had
dfy, u so many have
yt llccpi on, a "tone
tAne ars not all flat.
lucky at that; it beats a muddy dug
out with shell", falling around you.
1 have seen lots of things since I ve
4hoigb a lit!" it iiwm (W rap, floait'i
Wv. M finydhr- haVlhg;ecn'' prosecuted for lj
N- UMiltbe' foreKt land U recorsJi Jt- :
'II'' inr iTVni r T- f ' t. a " T . . T I : -
f them had a hard ft,,e mi.l, pTpInylnir fo,r t, t.i W M l'Xsi.d tonJX '
hart, , .., mir at th mill ami a manv in h4feniUTr
lefloon.. an the wood, nnd rutting fm 2 M. feet a rnt ltSfi''
nn( 'Uirmt.arw Htock, . Snwinllmi
carrinl on here in much C ryum
m io trvfl iMdcuboi til cUiilf.
e. -nrv.,.-.." .-rr" .r"- c
A or rUo iltmno (K- ..n.- .r ik. ' . . ." '" "''St OS Blvaft u
. w.h."L Wo:k ,." ",'-.k-f't " or fuming t,
i ru
iiuin norvi-sv VO wneav nowinff t me Iv u-hara l ..ill . -- . tvvi- -
b-civ over here, some I wish I could and from then on through the winter. leaf in tin .r? u' rfV,? h,rt :
forget,. I.will tell yon sonwthlng when This latter is ths moat comm. Jiwlnrt tW irt ?t,H'M f "
I ss you, and I hops to se yen sooji. mill nvm cut by tontract at from $5.50 for' x' ,WB' ' -
, With much love, as even '., ' to $8.50 per at feet for cutting, lor. S5S5 Sik teW? -
my big toe ma-fhed Jn Belgium. ; It Is
' .-' . """ .!-'- wr,ii7 irom lor the landowner ti grow " . - ; I

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