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VOLVME XXXXIV - ," : : - ::'Ahe North Carolina, Tanrsdsy. Match Mil ; . : ".- -.' - ' " MJMBEg 11
1 i i s
iW rm Moffitt. Mri1 Jason and! - Couoty Aericultural aa-ent D. S
; Mis LeoU Moffitt went to. ureensDoro vuitrane, nas - rast compieteo: - ar-
? r- vf-roin Mf TiiiA-'oiat. was hiltion ever held in Piedmont ' North
'i.v.l TnooHov evpninir on uTOf es- Carolina. This - demonstration will- hJ
ASUCUVl H A HWWJ W ' O M Ijm . . 1
Bional business. Mrs. Ernest Bunting'.Tiyesday AppO 1st The i demons tra-
MisHes Nellie Jflnse vrooios ana.vun-i y rnvcaan larm
niirham accompanied him. Vv. lmiles north; nl; Asheboro, justio
- Mrs. W. B. 3rfWS0n spent njesaay - we cuvereo Dnage. ine
Hth her 'daughter Mrs. Amos Win- rouowing tractors will be on the
idneham in West Asheboro. 7 aemonstrataon The Fordson,f the
apanies Titan 10-20 and their new
plinder engine the International 8-
1 -9. Van recently -nnrcnasea sne asi yiui-
i erty in North Asheboro of Mr. IsaianrCor,
-niin.. Mr. Hamlin will move hu 4 C)
f amily to Asheboro ..withk the
.i- ipAAlrd r. - ' .;'-:-!- 'ir-- -,-',.;l
vi.Mr. and Mrs. G, Bradahawof
Greensboro and sister Mnfc, Bertie
Partridge 1 Jonesboro were visitors
f in Asheboro Tuesday., , Mr., Brdshaw
' has been in poor health since .had
pneumoma last August- m vucuvi.
His health is steadily improving. "
...HTr S. Tr TTavworth and Miss Esth-
-attendiniMiie Home Ser-
1 : vice .Conference in Greensboro this
Dt. J. J. Hamlin ana iamuy ,oioiu
Point "spent the past week with Mr.
W". R Hamlin's family at Randleman,
ht. -ot ir ni.Vf.ti.ndMiS3 Claud-
is and Koler Dickens have returned
home jfiftet 'spending some time, fl
Candor and Badinwith relatives;;''
Mr. O.T. Johnson, of Ran-Uemai,
Dt t o io5te in Asheboro Mon
day. Mr. Johnson had an eld key which
was used t the first court house in
Randolph ounty. at rtwns Cross
Roads. ieey is a brass- key
5j t 1ib front door of the
tUIU TV Vt- -
' court house which was a wooden struc.
j Tvtiinn found tiie sey on
the old court house f.J
work there about the time the building
was torn , down a few years ago and
SfSE. S,OTl Brrw vho
owned the place gave " (a :
y t t vfr anl son' Wade,
W Randleman, yej visitors 7 Asne-
" Mrr LIss Ridge !ftturnM Monday
; from France where he has een for
ral months, v He i the ; son of
l?!?? n.Tiiaffe: of Carawayr He was
16 The Frick will also There
is some probability of the Moline Co,
having their engine in the demonstra
tion, but that, can't be "promised.
ordson tractors will null both flat
bottom and disc t)lows also harrow.
yinere. are maay , people . to ,the
county who are interested in tractors
afid for that reason Mr. Coltrane has
aranged for this demonstration. Man
farmers have asked him what kind of
tractors to buy, and what kind , he
thinks is the best - He never says be
cause he feels that the farmer should
look them over and then decide for
himself what' tractor - best suits - his
need. For -thia reaspn he has arrang-
euior this demonstration. . it win be
an all day demonstrations Remember
the date Tuesday ' April - v 1st at - the
Fritchard Farm.-.four mites nortn oi
Asheboro. ' This will be theTajt -dem
onstration which Mr. Coltrane will
arrange or. ' - -i
SaWto Wt lettosLgPWS
his home peopie. - L111. . . . ; , . v
,Mr.Wr aid erwon, v. 'm. wm Cox of near Seagrove, was
township's propeww y"? J L bu8mess visitor in Asheboro Mon-
was a visitor m day.
; HUM n i noiT wm in iiuluuk i .z-
f.iyil- Aiuv vwvm r -
in ft large crop of grain this.year and
in addition five acres www.
a- - 1 - Ilia farV-
mr- -cA-r nniriflson has .returned
from High Potat where he underwent
an operation for appendicitis. -
Private. John Brittain returned to
Camp Jacksrfn Monday alter spenomK
a few'days with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. T. Brittain.. 7 ?. - . : '
H Mr. E.' W. Callicutt; of Visjfah, was
4 .um , Saturday. Mr. Callicutt is
carrying his arm in a swing as a re
sult of hurting his hand whenc ght
in a saw some time ago when working
in a saw mill.v.. ... V . n1
Mr. Joe Hoover,1 of AsheboM Route
2. was a visitor in town oatumay. - -
, wimi Csix RDent Wolnes
day with.Miss Beulah Sluder, of Ah
korA Star Routet "' "' H ". "
m niwion Tfearns and daughter,
Miss Pearl, of Asheboro Route 2, were
visitors in the eity one any vm?
' the weew.-'-;"''-;';';' v' 'I
, V-.i M.n'Af KaA Creek foWB
:; ship ,wss a business vWto' : A6"
; boro Baturday.; . " -;v
Mr. H. w.,unneuey, wnw
UVmWH.V o .
A'nn fnBvnA of tohfoh ItA has Men a
' f - tha Virgmia niachinery and well cofn-J member for the pastjiix months. Mr.
?-. ?' pany, of Richmond,. Va., has recently Burrow hag accepted a position In
driled two weus ior um ..... Hlgn fomt.
" ' T7nHrlnM milT. . CVJUUCU1JT .
. m. r. p RarVot. Cllmati was a
i' in Asheboro Monday, v
. M ao Mrl. Itf 1. LlCKCO wv
nhnrA Monday.
. - rr m wrt.h mwait - a few days
; at home last week returning to his in
V11AI IWV-W - ... ' ,
- Worth holds a responsible position as
i .: - . t k mroncv sunervisors ol tne
. 5-.
Ana nf
V'jefferson SUndard Dfe Iiran co,
tu wMttrn nail ox nurw ww
. V A (VMV " " '
' Mr. Worth until recently held a posit
ion with the War Department , as In
spector of textile goods. . -Ir.
J. T. Wood returned from tho
. northern rnarkeU, one day last tweelc
where he has been for several days
' purchaning the prin(f stock ' of rner-
; chandifle for the Wood Cash Clothing
cTt't'-! nri)l t,t Trinity Town
ship, was in Antoiboro the latter part
' of Inst vetk on b'minena,
The fchool at 1'rovidcnoe wiU close
Saturday, March 23. An entertainment
wil N r've n f;nturdny by the cWMren
r. t.,..'i. rw.Ur nrwwnt a l-ilm
to thi school n! will raise a J.
. flao-.. Dr. C. H. V i:kron and 1
: k i ,M,.r ,,t I'mdlomAn. will ao-
r it. Mm-H wcr in
lliii H i " ' '. - ' m- - -
r- i
- tr,
' f r
:r. ( i '
v to see their
llarthn EvlyB
f T i
. J. T. I -f
r. I ' '
. i). !... ;
.n 1
the f oilowine lettei accompanied the report ot the" au-
ditors showing the (xmoltion of the books arid the record
of Randolph fcouilt? public officials. Next' week The-Coii-rierwfll
beginto publish tne report of .the auditors hide-
n?t "rnMir.Vi?i e viiiri OQnVi titoaIt oo cm Ms tir? 11 Imvmif HT
til 0mplete;;ii-v--- vi :
Give Tour Old Clothes To European
, Sufferers . '
The children of the Junibif Red
Cross ' are this week canvassin'g' the
town and collecting old clothes of vari
ous kinds of the refugees of Europe.
If vour house is missed be sure to
see some member of the Junior Red
Cross and give all the. old clothes you
can possible spare for clothes are
badly needed.
Mr. Wiley Ii-Warct Chairman,
Board of bounty pomnussioners,
Randolph Countv.
SbordT;:..,.. ? i
As reouest6A-we-nave audited the books of RAN-
DOLPH vC0UNTY fdr the period of eighteen monthsJ
ending November 30, 1918, and present.the same support
ed by the various exhibits.and schedules as per index at-
cached hereto , ' r n-rm v-
sThirieomTilete eoriditiori of the Treasurer's books, nec-
pssitafprl nnsiderablG more time beiner spent upon this ex-
amihation than wouldlhave laeen thecase, had the detail
xtnvrXr PPTiTcpnt lift. - . i ' -''. " "
When we commenced tne Auoit none'oi tne pages ux uj
ilisriiirRftmerifcRecbrd' 1154 oaees had been added in ad
dition to this, none of the receipts for the period had been
entered as receivedbut were entered while the audit was
The Cox Lumber Company has mov
ed its Office over the Standard Drug
Mr. Ad jerrei oi uanaieman, spent
Sunday and Monday with friends here.
Mrs. W ' U- roust ; and cnuoren
Yeoman Frank Hughes of the U.
Naw :was in Asheboro Saturday,
mr i j j 1.T II
xeoman tiuirnes lomea uib aiwmc
Corps In 1917. He was later transferr-
to the Navy while in Brest France.
He will leave in a lewdays ior aoutn
Carolina thence to Cuba...
Mr. J. A- Thompson has recently re
turned irom uamp , yvaaswonn
Spartenburg, S. C. where, he spent
five months with the Army. He was
a member of the Medical Corps. Mr.
Thompson is a son of the late John
Thomnson of Concord township,
A bier Automobile Show is on m
Greensboro this week. A number of
Asheboro people have been visitors
Mrs. J. C. Bean, of Salisbury, was
in the city . Saturday on her way to
Plssrah where sne went to visit ner
father. Mr. S. A. Cox.
Mrs. J. D. Boss. Mrs. i. u, aioser,
and Miss . Lizzie Phillips and Julia
Ross were- visitor in - Greensboro
Ratal rdav. . A".
Mr. Clarence Burrow, of Asheboro
Route 1. : has recently received
honorable discharge ' from the
teem of "Efficiency' t
There has been a revolution in Hun
gary, by the Bolsheviki, and they have
taken-charge of the government, and
declared war on the entente. Russian
influence is said to be behind the rev-olutioniste;-'
' ''.-' s
"The proclamation of the Hungarian
revolutienlsta declares that the action
of the peace conference is one of the
chief causes of the unrest Thus, far
the 'conference has taken no specific
action regarding Hungary, but the rec
ommendations of tiie' 'commission
clearly-- foreshadow the dismember
ment' of old Hungary rAvith s circle of
small new states surrounding what re
mains of the old territory. -,
This, while not yet approved by
in rr(VdCJ ' .. . . t
; Tho rpPirta f rnm tne snenn naa Deen emereu ui iui,
out naa not ueen aistnuuwju iu piuu vaui w w? uv wM,
CoL Albert Cox's .118 Artillery
which arrived at Newport News, Vs-,
last week was in Raleigh Sunday and
paraded the streets of that city Mon
day. The boys twere entertained in the
homes of the people of Raleigh.
Ar large number of people through
out the state were there to see their
relatives. This unit was sent - to camp
Stuart, Va immediately after arriv
ing in Newport News, but only. re-,
mained there until Sunday. The unit
will go to camp Jackson, S. C for de
mobilization, where the 'entire 30th
division will be demobilised. " -r
Clarke Burney, son of Mrs. Lucy
the, conference doubtless reached theTn 0f Asheboro and Martin Coop-
fundsi' - kT s . ... c .. . ' .r
-,- It was necessary to torrect the distribution 01 tne vis
knt&rnrifa in trinv instances, wealso had to enter the
ciiecks drawn by the treasurer for his commission (55 in
. ;The following items inaai Deen omiiteu to euwicu v
the Receipt Register: -S; ; . nv-onorifT .T wRirthead. final settlement
IQIRsphnnl taxes.. W&
From ex-sJierit J,
1916 General fund .... . ; . : . . .. ; v..
W. J. Armfield, Sr., , note discounted BanK oi
Randolph, (12 months note) ,10-3-1917 . . . ...
First National Bank, discounted Jaffy. 14, 19l,
(12 months note)
First National Bank discounted November 7th,
1917, (12 months note) . . w. , v. ..... . io,ow,w
Hungarian leaders and gave impetus
to the overthrow of the Karolyi gov
eminent ,
L Situation Explained
One of the officials who is taking a
chief part in the readjustment of ten
ntory in that quarter of Europe has
explained the situation . as follows:
Bohemia has been detached from the
northwest of old Hungary. The ad
joining country of the Slovaks has also
been detached. . The Bohemians are ,
Czechs and with the "Slovaks form the
new tfeecho-Slovak nation, both parts
being detached from Hungary. The
Ruthemans form the wedge next to
the Slovaks and this territory has also
been taken from Hungary. .
Next to the Ruthenians comes
Transylvania, which likewise has been
detached from old Hungary and given
to Rumania. Next to Transylvania
comes the Banat region, which has
been detached from Austria and given
to Rumania nearly to the Temes river,
the remainder of Banat going to Ser-
Further west the new Jugo-Slav
state receives that cart of old Hun
gary up to the River Drave. These
changes form an almost complete cir
cle, leaving new Hungary only a com
pact center occupying the rich Danu-
bian plain. - .
All the foregoing recommendations.
it is pointed out were Justified by ,the
principle of nationality' and self-de
termination as enunciated bv Presi
deionI BohaiaiaWovalie,
nutnemans- and MTansyivaniana as
well as the inhabitants of Banat are
radically Slavic or Rumanian and have
no ethnological connection with Hun
garians who have held the circle of
surrounding territory only through the
powerful political influence of the
Hungarian magyars.
er, son of Alaon Cooper, of Asheboro,
Rt 2, and W. Clyde Kirkman, son of
Mr. J. W, Kirkman, of Liberty, are v
members of Col. Cox's regimentv
Paris, March 25 Virtually all the
commissions and sub-commissions of
the peace conference are waiting- for
instructions irom tne supreme council
in order to close and submit their re-. .
ports. ' Y- '
it is said that except ior instruc
tions on certain broad principles which
must come from the Premiers, the to- ,?
ports are ready to be submitted with
in a few hours after the instructions
are received. : ! t vl v"
An American amendment to protect r .
nations against the influx of foreign
labor was adopted today by the league
of nations commission. It affirms the
right of any country in the league to
control matters solely within domestic
Another important amendment to
the league covenant affects article
VIII, which empowers the executive
council to formulate a plan for, the re-:
duction of armaments. The language
of the article is altered so as to limit
the powers of the councilja a simple
recommendation to tne government"
Miss Lollie Smith left Tuesday for
her home in - Star. 1 Miss Smith has
hpen in Asheboro for some' tune,: but
will spend this summer at home,
Mises Luna and Ethel Kearns, of
Greensboro passed through Asheboro
Saturday , , en route to Farmer to
spend the" week end with home folks.
Mr. Eugene Homey, of High Point
was in towrf Monday. :. '"--
Miss Allie Spoon has returned, from
Ore Hill where she, has been visiting
her" sister,' Mrs. Jim Brooks, for some
tim.-.-v "
Mrs.'. Herman Johnson, of . Ashe
boro Route 1, spent Monday with her
mother, Mrs, Mary- Jane Lowe. ,
Mr. Joe Kearns, of Farmer, was a
business visitor in Asheboro Monday.
Mr. J. B. Black, of Bcujrova, was
in Asheboro . Monday. Mr. Slack has
two sons in tbe service,. His son,
Ernest L. Slack is with the 61st divi
sion and is stationed at Saignes on the
Rhine. Mr. N. F. Slack is with the
aviation eorp, Crat , Lakes,- thirty
mlln from 5iicano. ' ' ' -
Mr. Lee M. Kearns who has been
tearhlnff at Fairmont Concord town-
ahln. has completed his schooL He
nays the health has been remarkably
ifood In tliat community and that his
dfhool was ons of the few In the coun
ty that has not .had to suspend on ac
count of sicknws. - ,','.
Mper. f:raly Garnor and Mack
r.idge and MiRif I!oie Kcnnely, Mc
Coy and rihel IMrVhond were vlniUiri
In filer City and Mt.Venwn Spring"
!',Ui. !ny, ' ' " - -'
V..p FlfU Kfm Jrpont t-8 WK
r-n In rarmrr w'.Lh hom f,,'lc.
y V.. C, C. U ar. l I).,Crn
' , ) i I ('. 'rn K.T5"Tor'l wont t"
i V ' t-..!.y t f- CL A'-lri
County Road Fund Warrants
We found the (hstribution of these Warrants, in many
cases, were not recorded in such a way as to make a prop
er analysislof the Disbursements.. A number of items
were vouchered, which included labor, repairs, supplies,
etc., with no means of apportioning the totals.
ORnnd Interest
. We bring forward in the current cash charged to the
Treasurer, (See Exhibit "B'an item of $902.25.1118
Prtrmrarrltirl t.A t.ViA Seaboard National Bank,
New York, on August 29th,' 1917, in error, and, remained
there until the Treasurer was advised by the Bank ui De-
cember, lyio, ana asiong ior.- uibomuuii . ww
This amount was placed on deposit in the First National
Bank; Asheboro, N. C, on January 2,1919., . "
tflfoc.f nn the Rnad Bonds of January 1st, m,
($50,000.00 5 : per cent) apparently Jiasbeen aid six
months in advance; since its . issue. .TheRoad undAc
count (Exhibit. F) will show that.the interest . has; ; been
paid to January lsV 1919. A further payment ls been
made, taking care of the interest to July 1st, 19W. -This,
seems to be proved by the last statement oi Itte Hanover
National Bank oi JNew xorit, aaieu .www f
which showed a credit balance of $1250.00,;after the inter
est due on October 1st,-1918, had been paid. .
, i v , V SherUTs Office l917Taxes. . , v ;
We have charged the Sheriff, with theabstracte of 1917
and 1918, giving him credit for the total cash paid to the
Treasurer, and his statement is prepared subject to all
credits due for errors, and overcharges, .to be ad
justed in final settlement . ' .-. " i -" v
In conclusion, we would suggest-ttie semi-annual Audit
of tho County Books, in order to obviate the conditions
which we have referred to in this report. ,
; , Respectfully submitted, ':. .
rSiffnedV -v - G.G.SCOTT, C; P. A- fry,
" : . ; . Certiiled Public Accountants.
Mrs. M. E. Johnson spent last week
with her sister Mrs. J. A. Marsh at
High Point. .
Miss Pauline Allred spent Sunday
night in Greensboro.
Messrs. J. W. Stout and Fulton
Horner, of Sanford, ' were welcome
visitors in town Sunday and Monday.
A number of our folks attended the
automobile show at Greensboro this
week. '
Mr. C. C Dorsett aner family, of
Greensboro, spent Sunday here.
Mr. Roy Pell of the Navy Yard,
New ..York, spent several days here the
past week.
Mrs. Ina Bowden Johnson, of 1
Jonesboro, spent a few days with her
sister, Mrs. J. C. Whitehead, this
week. '
Mrs. J J5. Covington and Mlas
Kathlene Black were visitors to
Greensboro one day last week.
Messrs. L F. Craven, Hugh Parks,
Rev.; W. M. Smith,-Dr. F. C. Craven,
and others attended the Centenary
Conference at Greensboro last week, v
Mr. M. C. Free and family visited
friends at Cedar, Falls Sunday after
noon. "' ' v
Mr. W. E. Free has accented a no-
Bittnn at Virliu )iam Iia vAW Ka In.
-TmSJcated after 1st of ApriL V
misses uzzie Kmitn. Madge moi-
fitt, Camilla sRoddy, Nina Tate, and
Sarah Cole spent Saturday in Greens
boro. , .
Miss FJet Tate entertained the N.
0. M, club at her home Monday even
ing.- fi. telegram was received' an
nouncing the marriage of Miss Kath
leen Black to Mr. Chaa. H. Redding,
March 28th. -. , .. . -
: Mrs. Dr. C. 8. Tate is spending some
time with her sister, Mrs. M. C Coble
at ureensboro. . ; - ;
Mrs. W. H. King and "daughters.
Misses Irma and Nellie spent the week
end in Greensboro ; returning home
uonaay. , , ;
- The ll?th Infantry of tKe 30th Dl
vidon has unilwl on th Huron, and
will lnnl at Cli&rWtrin April 4th, Th
U,"?'h mftrMna (n"i battalion Is alao on
hfrl I"h li ,.''h wnltarv train.
''1, ari'l smlnilanr
117 t i 1"' h'-!ut,l7,
' ! 1 1 r ' n ar, !
Randoplh's Hosas Demonstration
; -. , -- Agent Arrives , - '..
Mrs. Laura Wetcott Coggins, of
Hon College, but formerly f Chicago,
has arrived In Aahcboro to assume
V.. duties of Home Demonstration
-'"Tit In Ranlolph eonnty, Mrs.
Crk'ins matron of Elon Collrire
! ' ,r acrrtlng this position. Eho
- ii An) f!oro liii-hly rmmmid
' ! t - 1 it. U hnid t! the pooi-le of
' "i f.unty ..! cofj-rat with
rill, r T : ' ' '-n i i k.
Epworth League Sodsble at Frank
. IlnvUU : -
The Epworth League of the Frank
linville M. E. church gave a sociable
Saturday evening March 22nd, at the
church. A very interesting program
was renoerea, as zoilows: - ,
Song. . . - . . f .
Scripture reading and prayer, Ly
imjt. naiier ormui. .
Instrumental music, Mlas Oilier Fen
trias. f . y ..
Original eesar. Miss Katherlna
UJuia. - s.
'm and him tiay- Uudaon.
ContM-t. -Horal W Tale," to
which Iif Anna Mnnfs and
Clarrn GnmM won tbs prii, a bo
Of cnnily,
fr sc-ntu Wfro iwrr! Yv J
Tit, "1 : r t I ? i V
Hundreth Anniversary Celebra--
The Deep River charge M.E. church
south will celebrate the one,hundreth
anniversary of 4he church X mission-
ary activities on Sunday April 6th.
the celebration will be held at Worth
ville, one of the eight churches of
charge, ,t '
The Deep River charge is the larg-
est circuit of the Greensboro district,
and we are expecting m "aspiring'
celebration. There will be as speakers
that day, Rev.T. H. Barnhardt, presid- '
ing Elder of the Greensboro district,
and Mr. C. H. Ireland, one of the fore
most and mort progressive laymen of
the Methodist church in North Carol
ina. ' ,
This celebration will take the orm
of a centenary rally. We are hoping ;
and expecting a large delegation from 1
each church of this large circuit,
Dinner on the ground. ,i.
won't sou come and help us maka
the day a memorable one for 'he
Methodists of this county? Remember
the date, April 6th. . i , -
F. w. cook, Pastor.1: . -
Mr. S. A. Cox, of Pisgah, Has Auto
mobile Wreck t-. . .
On Sunday morniur. Mr. S. Ai Cot.
of Pisgah, had an : automobile wreck.
He and his daughters, Mrs. J. 1 Bean.-
of Salisbury - and Miss Jessie Cox, of
Pisgah were going toward Star. They
were going down a grade a mile below
Steeds when the car turned suddenly
to one side and in cutting the wheel
Mr.i: Cox turned the car over. The
cause seemed to have been a bent
front axle. The occupants were shaken
ud toretty badly, but not seriously hurt.
The car, iared worse, having a rear
wheel entirely smashed .the top
greatly damaged and the wind shield
broken. The wreck did not stop the
motor and Miss Jessie Cox who was on
the rear seat crawled over front eat,-
stonned the engine and assisted her
father and sister in getting out; they
all had a narrow escape. - f
Y Parks Cross Roads '
U Our school at Parks Cross Roads is
Drosressing nicely under the manage
ment of Mrs. R F. Lynclp.-. t ,
Wo havo a nice new seven room
house building and each scholar , is
proud or it.
We hate purchased $10 worth of
nice pictures for our school room. -
Mr. D. 8. Coltrane has visited tho
school and organised a pig club con
sisting of twelve members, also a corn
club with two members. Mr. Warden
of Raleigh has also visited the school
and organized a poultry club.
Mr. Fletcher Bulla, county superin
tendent visited the school a few rlny
ag&He was accompanied by l',r
Cunningham of Ralnisrh who organiz
ed a safety league. The members sr?
Yancey Cox, president; Enoa1 Cray n,
vice pmildentf Lena Hur?fei, pr-r-tary;
Nannie Tor, Trmsun r, ar i
Mr. R. F. Lynch honornry rrr; ' f
- We are lookitiir forwr, to a r
Saturday nip-lit, March ir.ih, l'.'V), i I
come to Parks Cr' n Ia'i.

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