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$1.50 A YEAR IN ADVA Ci:
Thursday,' May 22,
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seaplane ..:
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morning.- 1 rum
will make the fir'
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t 10
E. Booth,
on Army,
nth. street,
Fa , made- the trip from" Trcpassy, New;
rut. unon
-t. Aiore
o -.i-i-oay
j me
, I am very -much. Interested
to know - that the Salvation
Army is about to enter Into a
campaign for, a sustaining
fund. 1 feel that. the Safva
tlon Army needs no comment
datlon from, me, -The love
and . gratitude it has elicited
from the troops Is a sufficient
evidence of the work It has
done, and I feel that I should
not so much commend It as to
Congratulate it, Cordially and.
sincerely yours,
";- ' ,-4'-i3r i-?
J: Next Sunday Trinity township Sun
day schools will hold an institute at
1 unity, Representatives from all
. .: schools in the township and the gen
eral public is invited to attend this
- roeetmg. It is especially necessary for
wthlS institute to arcnmnliHli t)m 1iwci.
amount of good that aH teachers and
umcers auena. mere will bv, an all
day picgram. Some of the leading
oumidy bcnooi workers -n the State
wiil participate in the program.
Frankljnville township will hold its
I annual ecnvention ; next Sunday at
.uethany . P.- churchy .The program
vvll own at 10 SO and close L. the aft-
v enioon. . Franklinville is at; large
- township .and the township Officers
nope rnar every scnoo .will pe repte
k sented. This convention promises ito
bring a helpf d pro-ram, to those who
,. attend,
. Concord township "will lio!d its &n
y mwl coivent'on rfc roover's- Grove
. church next Sunday. . Mr.'N. U Ridge
president of tins townthit asFrwi.i-
tion and lSyti vei'y efTtucnt officer.'' Ilr.
, -Ridge-proRwlcd at the convention' last
'if: year and hftSTtfnea seen service at the
front in France and is back Tiome
ready to ho'the" .convention. Since
, , turning hea v.sitod the Sunday
- school and twrauged for the conveti
:r;-.-rtion.- Na-otiier -township pwjsjdgnt has
, had a similar expota'enfe. c
f Tho i;omfnt,o)i'i j IftSf'Siin'bv In
: Grant aimn-ovrcencA -wet'er. well' at
. tended. Ia Grrnt township TIr. EF
Coxwas re-elected' -president In
t Providence township Miss Eatelle
- Neere was elected president . tor the
i coming ycat - ' .
c- ii-'The proprram'forHha children's ill
x:k ivision cenference .to ba held at Franfc;
i : linville June' 7-8M:8:J3.reinirom'
.r;-'pletcdjH ranMlv ns'blo. -vThe-J)eo-f.:
it; plo of -FranklmvillA -prei expecting ti
- larsre repf-cscntntign' irom the schools
oj the entire county, '
- -1 - i - - - J V
land, thug compk-tintr to first purrey
across the,at!antic..b;r air. .Tlie NC-4
fa'Jjw nd JS minutes. - Thr fijfht
ta to Lisbon, from J'onta Deljra'la - should
Hi"-.?.ot.tfM,Ki'e- than ten-hours -and
,u.e niggi'J!y:iioi!th will rwraire
even less thne; , - - -
- The X&i is' the solely ance oi-te
Amencaiv :Ncvy m p.n tttinpt ct this
time to erw the Atlantic tlaon-"the
&K- J?? et!"PT r1 n. f that be-
re-chcj tVport of KoAzoni
ei- i j . v-.'Y1"" """ win: 06 nil
ft"''?'" -.rvavy. sea'
u S'y mow
" - -' ""e-' expecting- to
reach the emrt of Ireland m'twentv
able that, his; plane was firced down
i J j i'" ease "tue hope is m
uum j.or ms t safety - since the
course1 he toolryitf Aiito
n r-" ? r
v y -
Bibers of Congress
.1 sentences of his message regrets his
grounds, of helping to arrange terms of
m uiscusa xieveiopmenuj at tnepeace
In the" rgmaminr ' paragraphs he dis-
n'g Chief Question ''
l etween capital and labor to see which
w ive place to a genuine co-operation and
:ty interest and joint - control.- Positive
i realize, this ideal. 'The eight-hour -day
.on is an immediate goal. Federal agen
Msea for ideas about industrial problems.
Be Received Into Industry O . Vc s,
'iild be continued. . Secretary f jnterior's
. is worthy...ol legislative support and Se,
' KANsrcR or policies
Application ' for Tlxcliafcfe. of War
r . Risk Policies Now Being Re-
. '- .--" ceived - '-'-.-r
r '. Washington, DC.;- May 21.TTie
JyWar Risk InsairaPce Bureau -has ten
tatively fixed June 1 as tho-date f6r
"i. tho issuance of the ppw life insurance
policies for which soldiers,- sailors and
mannea may exchange, te policies is-
'f ued to them under the. War Risk Act,
. Applications . for conversion are. now
$ being received '
While no-tentative campaign to in
-. duce holtforg of-the Wlir Kisk Act pol
lcies to tvansfor to new form of insur
:. ance has boon launched as yet,' apphca-
. tions are tavitfd now in ordor to - ob-
viuto a rush whra the timearnrcfl for
- transfers to bo made and bT;;o - to en-
courage holders of the policies to make
- ' U . .1. . .. .1. . !i ? . . . . a. . .
i iiic -A:miii!'. wiii-n ii is mosi conven
.. ient for them to dn so. -. . , . -
Iho Bureau lins made it known that
it will not consider ponclcs os having
lasped even though, after discharge,
, a man may have ceased nnvmcnt pr
has notified the Bureau tlint bo wishes
to cancel his policy, until ample time
1 .-is b'-i-u f-ranted for remMtatemont.
Xlif I.ITfilLlD poilfV VSiil ilO tO UIIOW
a fol.i;' Bailor or marino to put his
policy l.-ick in foreo by payment . of
- Lack inr-tallmentS .withitt a period of
fix ninntri-!. -Up
to th mi-! Ho of April, 'the Ilu-
I'' au 111 aid V :,,(,' ! claim- for in-
fuv-'inr.. ti ar.ii f,,r d.-ath. Only 1 .CO t
fcio I r :
i.s not (.
- I,.
lowed, finil in a
caj-rs the action
ary .
J. 1.,
! - r li
rt I.i!)erty
l Yoi V, widow of tlie
- I : t tl o home ff
A. 1 '. Join f, May 13,
Annual Eudget. Shows Reasons
s (or $13,000,000 Drive.
Activities Conducted by
Corps tn United States
Future flans.
New York. (SpecIal)-The annnal
r 1m
( f
W : in
1 of
I 1 v
budget of the Salvation Army, rontain
Ing a detailed and comprehensive state
ment of the cost of malntn'nlng its -va
ried attrvllles. throughout the tTuiled
Btatesj has been Issued f rora .National
Beadduarters,''122 "West - fourteenth
reet, The statistics show ."why it is
pecessary- far the, Salvation: Army to
(o before the . American people in the
week, of May 19 to 26 apoj, ask them' to
contribpte JIS.OOO.OOO t? Its Home
Service Fahd. , - jf ' " i
- xnere ar(iii,itf corps ana ontpostgjof
the salvation rArniy In the" United
States. The tttef of maintaining' those
is $2,GSy,000.: - The: matimumvjncime
whlch-these corps may ' expect from
coUectlona-lu . meetings, contributions
of. members and other outsldULCODtff.
butlons is ITloTOOOmnklnJfthe net'to
w tal cost of supporting - the corps' $1,
v The .-cost of "maintaining: divisional
and-provlndat headquarters, which- su
pervise the work of the local corps;
win be, according tQ the budget, $530,
000, -v .
-. Besides tjie work of eupervlslng" the
local headquarters, the- provincial and
divisional' headquarters are In cliSrge
of several - of the - Salvation 'Army's
largest-activities. Including- the opera
tlon.. of fresh air camps- for. children,
relief and employment bureaus and tbu
provincial panas. . . : .j. :
Under the heading of "national and
4errir6fial obligations" the Salvation
Army Includes the expenses of room-
Jainlng tvhat are among lis best known
institutions, those which mny be group
ed nnder'the general name of "social
work.1' 1 For this purpose -the Army
wants 11,270.000. ' -
Tlie pension fund budget Is $100,000.
The Salvation Army has determined
no tbe eroctlon of many now buildings
for social work lu the future, ; Tho
building program will require expendi
tures of 11,875.000. ..- .. ',
The remainder of the amount sought
for tbe Homo Service Fund Is for
corps, dlvlHlonal nnd provincial build
Ing? ond a small connngeni fund, ." ;
Uotniis of the Sulvntlon Army's ac
tivities in tho United Stntes for tho.
Jast jear show how remnrkaMe Is the
eeopo of tlie Army's endeavors and
whut vast numbers of people It sorves.
For Instance, thn Army mtilutnlns v-
niy-flve hotels for nu ft and women.
I.nKt yar l.C.f).C2S t-rsfna ' found
I'ina ' ncrf.minntlatlons In tliesd.
l'.M; wero sup:!!", for lZT.f'D chil
dren In the Arn ? s four clilldren's
liomn In the snme period, wblle 4-
t.;;) r!.!Mren were i,' ejtere 1 In t,e Hum
nnreileii. In the l.-uliii-trl.a Iiodhh
be.!s were ru ; !! f-r 1,742,51.1. In
t': r "I'll luniif j snd ninterrilty ho
I ruin j s sirls went tm-l.T the tare
t t U,q Ar J 1 '. j, r.
Tha onfltv -meetin!? of the Randc1 a
Hibtorical socety will be hold at
Hotnt hotiie -on baturaay aii,cr
; -: ': Grec. ... '
President -Va'ion in tl 1
enforced absence but just-t - :
world pcce. lia cnn-j-.mci?s ' :it
table .upon his rc-tam tn the t .
cusses. -Jiabonal problems..
- - Labor is a:
; .The constant and bitter ccntt-.d
can get the most advantng-e n i:st
pcrtnership baed. on .real conitvir
federal legislation can do miu h t
is an example. Child labor lt-cisl;-
sios suggested to act aa clearing 1
- Returned Soldiers M
1 Federal employment agency si
projeclrfor settling soldiers on lam
v? ."-American business-men now have the chance to abundantly serve stricken
parts of the world by helping triem to. regain and elevate their pre-war in
dustrial status- rheF.e reaLms ne-.d macnihery, iraw material and camtal
The nationls expanding-merchant iiiarine may be made an agent, of great
service to iiie entire "vvoricu v t .' j"- '
-v.. - -v Taxation System Needo Revision and1 Readjustment ,
The nation" obligations can be fnet m one generation by a wise taxation
system, - . Excess profits tax may be materially reduced. ; .Many minor rates
majr bei safely dmceled; ; Indirect taxes jnost feasible.v- Liquor will soon .cease
to besource of revenue, and -this gap- must be - bridged. 4 Productive, re
sources should be shielded as-much ps possible. t Stahility and constancy should
mark taxation system, incomes, excess pronts and estates suggested as
chief sources of internal revenue. v .. , - - " '
"'"'". Tariff Revision .Not Immediately Necessary
Europeah' nations- will be busy for years rebuilding their own institutions
and Mull not. be competitors with America. Raw matenals should continue
to be admitted free - However, hew industries such: as dyes and explosives
jiiould -be: fostered by-tariff laws., Also our tariff laws should be framed
jo' meet discriminating action on part of . other nations. Maintenance of
chemical plants is advisable as a policy" of prudence 1
r 1 Women's Suffrage Amendment Js Urgent
-'-Justice and public weal call lox early -adoption of this measure. Let our
counly ba in front anka m this world movement r-
v t ' Wire Systems to le Returned at Early Date
-Railroads -revert to-wnors to first of, the year. Telephones and tele
graphs will: be returned as soon as requisite legislation is enacted. It is
much to bewtesfred that these lines be centralized and made uniform in rates
' A service, t e - "'
- Removal j)f Bn sWin?s and Beerais Now Warranted
' rArmy demobilization baa reached aucha-tage tfiat wai'-time prohibition
nay be suspended. Advises legiblat on to Carry out this suggestion, " - ,
T. -
The national eamoaiim for.'the-Sal
vation army Home Service Fund be
gan JHayjtfth and will close the 26th.
Randolph's quota is - $l,600.c Lieut
Clarence J Lovett Is chairman for the
county and is now actively eneaeed in
securing subscriptions to-the fund.
m.t.-j-v.-iuas is the treasurer.':- .
"A Man Mav be Down-But ; He's
Never Out This is the sloe-an of the
Salvation "Army workers. This organ
ization did a wonderful -work for the
(By D. S. Coltrarie; County Agent) ,
save the Clover Reed
Cumon clover seed are now'cotn-
No War Tax on Chantanqna Tickets
zw ior Adult and lljor Jn-
F'V-- .v r Tickets. .-:
The bte- Rednath Chauta:
open Friday afternoon with an excel
lent seven day's- program ' on the
graded school r grounds Tvaeie the
Chautauqtfa has been held m fonuer
years. Word has been received that
a delightful cosnedyr 'It Pays to Ad
vertise,", has bfeca added to the pro-"
boys"over there.":And itsis, dong. gram and .wib. be gi-an on"the"fcxtk
a wors iijcewase now.-' wnerever,the
Salvation Army- sends iti workers it
is on anen-and. of mercy; Ask- tee
boys who-have, returned from France
about the Salvation Army.4-1 All . of
them are its friends,-; No-w. "the-boys
are coming home and theSalvationists
are tunng their eyes and efforts to tlie
Home Service work. -' ,.
The people "of this county are asked
to - contribute - only fifteen , hundred
dollars towards;- this fund a small
sum.: but a sum that will be used
every cent by the Salvation Army for
the benefit - of the human race. JNO
better investment of money v.caa be
made than a contribution to this wo.
Th returtis will hot be in dollars and
cents; but .m a- service , to the. fallen
and the weak- ? '
... REl'OUi tU 1 UK- ArKlt
Cholera infantuw--Jas. E.
Pino .'--,
Cerebro spinal meningiti9r--Baby of 1
Minnie Leach, 'irinity. - x ,
Whooping cough Margarei;, Diaiey,
-.m,tiron -hmrT,nla Luther. Eleaaer;
.t!,f. Luther. Eleazer: Dorothy Luth-
Kther uanervr r.iee.,
John Carter, Eleazer; Victory and Peace"; Special costumes..
night. This is one of the finest plays
produced in years, having had a two -
years'run in . New . York City., The
casfis one of the best . tliat it was
humanely possible to secure -and this
stands as an evidence of. the Redpath's .
bujoau's policy of giving tho best ser- .
vice to its Chautauqua patrons., ;
Jn the Beacon tickets there is no -
war. tax. ? The adult tickets sell for
$2.50 and the children's tickets are
These tickets are n sale at be drug
sores and also among a-corpa of ticket -salesmen,1t
will pay to get yourticket. :.
before the opening . as there may be
none left . -4 - .. .
All the local guarantors - of the
Chautauqua are urged to attend a
masa meeting at the eourt bouse Thurs ;
day night at 8:30 oclock. This is an
important meeting. , 1 1 ' ' ,
in other Southern cities the success v
of the Chautawquas presented by the
Redpath , Bureau have, been phenom--enaL
Great enthusiasm has been man
ifested by all the audiences and the
Consensus of opinion is that this year's
program is the most wonderful - they
have ever, seen.,. ,4
Among the big features this vear ;
is Kryl's Band and this year the great '
cornetist is bringing to Asheboro his -beautiful-new
pageant, entitled "War, ,
il hft -nresentert farmers ail Over the toimt.v tit
to the iDHtorieaTsocietv an "honor flag much seed asTpossible.-At least "enough
for-its fine-record in Aid Victory Loan seed for home "use should be saved, and
arapaign.. r - - . i , - u j" wus j.ui bmo aibu-
Victory Loan in "Randolph 'County
Mr. -I, 'V. Craven,, of- Ramscu-,
elwmnan of the victory loan, lint-.
r that tha victory loan qtni-
Jn saying, crimson,, clover seed where"
a--thresher is not available, the best
Vifi na do to strip off tite heeds vit-h
a Home-macic stripper.
Eleazer; McKajah uurns, awitouw,
Child -of John Hill, Asheboro; Hattie
niw.' AdliPhnro: Child of Hattie
Small pox John Spoon, Asheboro;
QarencO Hix," Kanoiemu.,
Scott, --Asheboro; Raymond ' Crotts,
kaf.JhnMS- Hel en v smitn, mu"j
Diphtheria May lor ,
f w - rmeumonia Bertha ' Wll-
- i
liaUlahTcTford Ber. Steeds
Route l;v Clara Moma, Faimfr-
. P.voneho-.Tmcurn
idge; : ijai-y Eow
6nmson clover -so,', .1 in txc -oanV ks
fall did well, and we should pi-it'u
mcrcase our aci-cafeo W- vea
. '. .... ... . .i.' -
T Graziiig Crcpi for Hon;; again. -.urge t nt
xraaing crops.
-,iiw,rtTiiii-Cn.rnetTi3 a MC-
"&les-Lillian West. A.heGoro
R.F. D.t Daphne Lcla Cox, As.h?h01';
i I'niA MAiia nnx." Asheboror Jolm R.
Cox,- Asheboro; -Mra. John- R. 'Cox,
iWn-.Arlie Monroe Cox- Ash,-?-
Practically a!l,v.e'e Dovfcette, R-r-dleman;
mittee-vrtsh to xtena M ! Who as
sistcd in -making the: cnpai?n.-a s-.ic-.
cesa tiieif appreciation m xa ser, ice
rerderod. He states tnalj tho offic?l -0-
tliat -823 'perscms- in R.aaflolph bou'":tin;hcre ,-g. giv
vuiwry ooiuiB- uiuuunuts m . ou iow-cosc noR--5- t
of $13,500 wore than our county aliot-jthig fall.' Such
nicnt. The county has received J-c clanned
henor: flag, .which-will-be tnrned-Ovei-.thsj hogs as near as al tho t?tf e a-'cos-to
the Randolph HutoricaL Soc ety at'slble. Don't i Si . !"
the nct meeting of tlie sF,6ciation oouhey can-'t be beaten for making fall
Soturday, May 24fli,at o'clock s jnl- pasture to fatten hogs with
' u liUrn- -Mm IL J. Aicfiiei-
WAaheboro R. F. P. j!-1'
4, 1 a,.a. A'ihrti,E. Ledwell, Ashe-
HUM B I , TI-.)lo-
bov; -Two Davfl :ooys,. V
f-lLola Hall,. RrthdlemaW
W n
Baby King,
. . 1 .
11 -n v
r the iohS bo plj d.d fltamlleman; xnree """tt'" t T 5.
no otbeib.vav?o have J McPbiawn. ,As'0Jn Aa-
0 sc'lt high pm.vrte.OnnteivM al7i.h c K -'crops
should beTve!l co, 'Asheboro; (il,drOt: V. i... ""
i,ov ..Lu.- V.'. Uolirhorn Hatt e" Mills,- Asheboio,
an! tine at the. court honzb, . Asliebom
not make feed-. Few fnha will rav
1 Li.T( ":-r r"J
ic mil vue hwjck win-tnank you with
wiv- vawu .aum, . . .. -
,,:. ... ; Harrow.Your Corn :- -
.,1- , cOAKLANh-JFAR-
.1' i-" i - - ?
Tho Courier nas recefved a circular
of Oakland Farm.-Mr. Elusrlx Parks of
Franklinville w "owner, ami " Worth
Lowe,. Rt. 1, Rainscur; manager.. .
Thi3 farm 13 located two and one
half miles from Ramseur on-the cast
bimk"orDeep nvcr, and is one of the
finest f anns ' ' in this section of the
State. It hr stocked with one of the
finest herds of Aberdeen-Angus cnttlc
to be found jn the country, - and the
finest h rd ot l5erks.uio hogs , end.
single jcomb white leghorn chickens.;
The farm "-comprises 460 scsov..and 1
is the nothcrn
to William Cox
Hon. -John Earl -Granville; In 1711
William Cox built his home on this
. nd. So well was it built that it BtiU
stands in a remarkiblo stato Of pi-e-
servation. The largo oak-timbers ofjbe used when scarce and at the hip-h
wmcn 11 is cunt are so svajir-iuy newniesi pneca, IS economy. The method
that their broad sides.. -show scarcely of preservation is cheaD. nlmnliv nwn.
ry mark 01 the hroad axe, pnx nave.tical. nnd sncrpiufiil whoti th
., - - , . . .1 - - II1U HIV 1
vne nppearenco ox naving dppb aresseu.
The corncware as erect today as
! Clean up the Pasfure
;.-;Wbt is" -your basture for." to rwtw
g' io Tnako meat or to "row brtera
iiu uuauea maKe umiDie. The verv
T5-ki- t. rtonn. ARhenoro;
"' -t? a. TTATWORTH,
rint.v- Onarantino Officer.
vvnuvj '.7V f
r Injured nt Saw, Mill
Ceorge Felix. HugBes, eawj'er at j.
MTDaniels and .Company's aaw mill m
j,. . 1 i, rfn wan seriously in
3 Kwtifi saw catching uie heaft
, JUivv. r r - -
juiti "". jt
time.o pond.l XLTIQ
and., are- killing evervthinf -thut-vhii arnt-waa also broken,
vn sty vn U Ur
lnre; times bafnra nlmrmt v t
..u oeeo pianieu and rain comes be
fore coming up it will pay- to run the
narrow er weeder-over to' Krn(r th
arV of tbe lVi en use same implemenrtc ?VliSS5 theholar
x In 1754 by the R.ghtlwn "nail. ' . 4 . . iwdal to - Miss Alice Morris, and
the declaimerV medal, to Ctradv Hed-
- - Uy0 Perv Eggs ;VV,
Bv nreiprvfnir t.. r-tt..
and at the lowest price.of the year, to
orenrred MaV 16.-- Hughes was tancn
to thjs -hospital at Hib Point wnere
tho bones of bia'jaw were placed to
gether anq connectea Dy wires, v f
: ' TVnton. Commencement . '
Denton commencemenf was Tuesday
i,i- iBooV Mav 20. Mr. J; Norman
ui uui, -"-I - - -. - - ii,. -.1.1 eiuquem pica ior meno
Wills, of Greensboro, Jejverel the ad- hve , Ajneriai and France
dress. 4The reciter's medal was .tt: forth n . the remarkable, le
en W MlSS'liOUlo rraun, uwnciK'
they were more than 150 yeafs ago,
having been. placed together in such a
mnnner that during this long . time
nothing has disturbed or moved them' hoi
rom their -original position. . The
l':tna!eur-Coleri(lH-e road leads through
tho farm, and as it is, a connecting
part of the system of good roads in
tne county, access to UaivLand farm In
cany. .... . , . .; . '
1 ' An
is 1-1 t"
7 I r .1
7 I '
I 1
1 1 IT!-
ers snil rn-
Iniit J-nt
Hethp , Commence nirtit 1 ."" '
The Fliso hifh srhoel commence
ment at Hmp, N. C, Mivre county
WBH held Ttiemlny, MaV 20th.
l'mf. W. C. MCall is the principal
of t!,i,1 srhool Slid rinsed the moat
tirrr;(fuV year In the history of the
ae.l.ool. - . .
,T1 ern were twelve f-nduates and
r - -" !:iU v ers v c-n nt f-,ilows: Rufun
f r'eriveil t! n ih Inimer'n med-.'---I
Marfnvit I:r',-- n wmi tlie re
i ' r'l rnc-hil d',1 t' i" !.(,;,-. r hip niH
r l v .,i ik-.' an!-- I t ) ,;, 1 ,.'! Jtc-
.... ,,-
i'icwtui.iuiis. tire ODScrven. , -- , . i
i , . . .
mi an illustration of economy of
wring i-Ktrs uunng way, vjiu, they
sold in North Carolina at $9.00 a aio.
Many people preserved eggs and by
mini in mem six montna thn tm
sold from J18 to $21 a case, A similar
relative unrcrence in prices occur each
year. ' ' . .: .. ' r -.. .
Kind eggs to preserve. Eggs for
yivm iwng purposes snouia be clean,
frcHh, nt over three days old, and of
absolutely sound shell, A glaxed earth
en inr in preferable, though garvun
i'.el or plans Containers may lyi uei.
Thn cor.fjtiner should be provided with
a lid, or pnper securely ted. over the
top to rj event evsnoratlon of tha II.
. - Wstprgtsns Method .
Wad -v. may be obtained at any
lnijr Koif. nt a cost of atxwt CO cents
a tj-i-n t. ',na JJLis amount to nine
T'f'N if rlnnricd boiled water, IU
' ' nd allow to rool brnrei
!"''!- r the rf-p-n. J)o -BKh t:
' ' 1 ii the ri-ii! :.'ner v i: h ,..,;)'
T'hii-n r n l.-iyer t II I r
' i ' ' t I-. ! i i , '
1- - Prtrf.vWllliams. of Why Not w
tho principal of thia school and eiosea
a most euccessiui year. ,
-.- -. . 1 :- '- I
- . -. v:. AS TCT OLD, -FAMILIES
Florence B.' Jones, of Peru, Nebras
ka, writes the editor of The Courier
the following ..'-v;. -;-:
ul have records of my great grand
father,' Evan Lawler, born July X7,
1799, marricH to-Sarah Barker Dec
21, 1820, in Randolph county, n,;
They moved to Tennessee in 1827 and
thence to Missouri 1838.". From then
till the present I am clear on dates
and names. All I know back or this
ancestor i bis father's "name, Eli
Lawler, but Judging the time-1 should
think he miirht have been in tho Rev
olution. Have yon any record of him
that you can pvo me7"
The Editor of Tlie Courier would be
triad to have any Information about
Kvan Lawler. Eli Lawler or anv othr
- - . - -
scenery and music have been cleverly-' '
arranged for this remarkable specta-: -j'
cle. In this great ppgeant there is
blended good fun and delightful en- ,
tertainment " - ...
Bohumir Kryl is one bf the world's ''
greatest bandmasters and is often re- . ,
fcrred to as the world's greatest cor-v-
netist. He and his band will appear
both the afternoon and night of the , '- -
nttn.dayv Mr, ryiwiil personally'
direct both Jeoncert : " ,
Another great feature" la the sing
ing of Macame . Augusta Lenaka, . -
America's, tovamost conti-tuto SHier.
Thisendcrfiil-wiHtaE opptivr.tif'te
praise and, admiration of her .audi ""
onces whereever she goes, i '
Owing tO'-. the nlav bcinfir-arrancred v
fcr the sixth night tJ'e great debate.
on- Government Ownership will be riv-.- ;
cn on the fourth night. "
The debate will he between-two of
tlto ah!et men in the cc:ntrv. "- Hon.'-;
Leslie -M.-Shaw, fom-r socrotary of
the treasury rnd fomer --Ovemor of
Iowa, will peek to show why the j?ov:
wnment. should not own -and operate
the. grent-- t van nortr tion systems
while-. Dr.v- ChaiM 7vMln. noted
thinker, writer rnd l"ciuer of Boston,
will take tie 'stmr'tiyp riiV of the s
etiiestion. -rlt is a b.g -oucst'on aid a i
big debate. -v r
Tte famous Owpfri Lakes emnrtet C. ?a
which entertfiined President Wiron ' 1
.l A;1 fV T A,.,r7r,w;nl n.4.-nY, ''.'T8
' .... I r. ijl I1,1U4 T I 1 COlllV lllf44 Jli-tOV ,'11.
Gcors-e ' Wasliinsrton will . -entertain f
Asheboro pepnlo with thoTr .beantiful .
music, llio -Hnrvr stern company win
present a delightful comedy sketches
nd. the Dublin. Girls will give deTr
Irish character songs and- sketches,
One of the really" bf? nv.mbei-s is
4Jton Packard, the world' trreatest
enrtoonipt. iner fnd humor-iPt - The
f:ha-lnQfT Trof CAirf hi tir-ll Tia trtct.
number there in years.' Ho -presents ; 4
a- ioV night sviprem' on the last.-ntght-
f the prosrram, - He ift--the great ft!'-
sRssin of gloom and the dispenser or
joy . ' - . v . .
An elomient plea for-friendship be-
13. wt
leetnrn of
Capt, Paul Terigord, of the Freneh
rmv ' and a member of tha VrTin
high commission in Washington. His
' not a war. lecture . although - this
nfSiderful vow wan-' 'jme.flf the
1.600 survivors of the 6.000 French he
roes who made the last stand t Xor.
dun. 'He was five times decorated for
bravcrv and wounded the same num
ber of times. ,,; , :., -
These and others go to make nn th
mammoth program of the year.- The
Rednath Bureau, tha largest in the
world has given fifty vears of service
in the Chautaumia field.
ry of lU founding by James Rednrah.
It' always brines. miDerlativn nttme-
tions to the eommuniy. .
C. S, Cleashv. a Verv nuhtr mrm
on the Redpath circuit, will be the
perintondent A rood time, an-l i nn Ti
of especially enlightening nat-.n ii
promiseo to everytiony that i- fi.i-tn-nate
enough to attend tho C! - ' i-
qna. . , ' -
. .
Mexico promlfivl to idte iiomo con
eorn. .She is threatening n"t to pay
her debts. In tliat care, some deputy
nneriir win do seni uown to levy an
execution. ' . .. .
er tlp-htly to rrerent evsporMtion. Th
mnUiner should br krr.t In a co.
, ? i. i . . . - . .
Frank Cole, "aired
died at his home et
nint after an lilni
Mr. Cole had for
nurtd a dtore tt
ft 1 .-to ono of t!
1 leaves ft
Mrs. Mi
1 ."'!,
r T'i n r
t .". Ill l -i n r out Of lli Ho-!
i on, v .i ;i t: j. ,:v-l,!;e mu ,
' v. .' f!. -, (-,' 1 i- '. r. T!. " r -

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