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JBy Maxwell Gorman.!!
5 Raleigh . January " venior christian Advocate, will preach at
MorriBo is vbacfc trwn Washington,, y,, local M church next -Sunday
where be ,went on -Visit - pertainHig' nrnin. ' Everybody Is invited. ' -,to
several matters. One ol these was. . jiisgDiue Fentress, 0f GreensUro
'thitime to secure federal aid ? fof
xo a8eeruun u v w . yiii
- .tne construction oi . - h. r entress.
through some national 5 forests fa 5i. Hanks Lodge"Nb 128 A. F. A "A,
Western N. Carolina, v He found that M heM an interestine meeting Satue
the appropriation for " this purpose night-s . , .
insofar as it applied to North- faxo-i Messrs.-Hugh- ParkB, W. D..Mair,
lfaa was exhausted, inasmuch s? reR D. Garrison and J. H. Fentress at
cently tiiewr had been an agreement tendej marterir eettog of the M.
tby Chief Ferester Freely that 100,- a church at Ramseur last Friday
D00 -shod,' be furnished!, 4 tot .Wnight' ' ' '"t :
nugun; ; v.w..B 1 x mucin cwioiwi. nunsu
,extndini"rnp B.w'w'fj-",'1ttf her rievv hous near Lover's Leap,
Blue Ridge to 'Mica. in AUtcneu
'County, and passing through Nfttiona
'-reservations for some Ave miles , ;
H'l had hoped to secure c eaerai con-
rainaHMi .nf irnnA.rnann throUSu
.ie national forests ihWtrak MrBj-Wiliam Trogdon is critically
JNortih Carolina," said GpV. Morn-'jjj at jjer hom a j,,, distance soutsi
on.'fBut; oh investigation J . found 0f town .- : - ' -'that
there are no fuds available. Iu M?i Mrs.-M.irkhead. 'of
culture Wallace in the matnen axw
.hd confemdwi,-Senator Cer-j
a for the jp'
man , raiut rage,
Carolina Highway
.man ana some worm vroiu VonesVeit.. - fjlkenton and
resentafves. -I hope .o. wrl jugb3aner mafl Greens
aid in the future,; v baValLdo "wotB- ir0! Saturday evening:
r, mnr for the ireBent: till I . navenfM- y? m m,,,, piin ..,,
( Commissioto, who is-now fa Chicage
sr,A ii rfiii not tttt to ' ' .Washington
. ' .t thin time, as he learned that Mr;
, ..McDonald, Jiead of Federal highway
- wai.1t waa'nnt in Washinffton. ' For
. h nmsent there is nothing which1
. the present were is "7
ppears possible to. do.-in the
'iVVi-f J?" r
State Text dowu
... n. t .-nitAMfmuT that. -. Mere is- to'ha j i
. - K. MMairinrahla Chanm fa. the V tUPUClMBIA Df il. aat Kftff la f llu
. schools, text booita, as recenuy.
, , iermined by the State - Commission.
"Sealed bids for furnishing) . textbooks
iot the public schools will be opened
y the State Boara 01 iwiucawou u
.February 6, SJid'opponumty WW be
r'"n to the reDresentatives
0 f!eiit
1 ..... i 1.1 I . .aoHJ-miOiutu
'tefcsent yesterday . to-the r ; pubiia-
-en of all books included and recom
mended hvthe report of the State
Text Book Commission. - "
v TwMitv-seten publishers are 1 rep
resented in the list of books recom-f ; A local ,, chapter of the Amer can
mended bv the commission, , and bid8Wtor .Mothers was formed here on
have been" asked front each -.-ef theJan,uary IX, with twelve charter
-tiublishers. Recommendations '- .were members. Mrs. L. C Phillips was
. . ' . m M.. ... Al.;. JLttm
books on each subject.' Adoptions
will not be based entirely opon the
prices submitted. Dr. Brooks stated,
'but tost Will be an Important; con
sideration - in the selection of the
hooU to be adopted.
"I Need Fast. Ship to Catch Rum Runners
. Prohibition enforcement condi
fat. North Carolina are improv
ing, i Mr. Kholoss, State prohibition
officer, declares. He states hatwer
200 stills were seized to the , tete
during the past ' month ' The chief
enforcement diffieulty loi
, Nprth Carolina and South Carolina
coast are the rum runners operating
from Nassau In the Bahamas, '. the
' director said. , -,- "
1. Tf I had a"':' counle of - submarine
f chasers, I could capture so- 'much
v. liquor that they Wouldn't know what
Lumber Bates For N. C
' Tfi mmJ 'imw eomei that North
made in series 01 ina uni w .uw.eieotea presiaent or. wur motner, 1
- K 'Carolma and . other Southern States
U im to iret much lower rates on ship
" "' mnnt of all classes of lumber as the
"3r v result of a decision just made b? the
,1,', Interstate Commerce?. -Commissiou.
A- 'This reduction fa rate', follows -v the
V declaration ; made by Senator Trau
: mell, of Florida, who fa opposing the
' ' eonfirmation vnd " reappointment '( of
v .Commissioner Clyde H. Aitchfason -on
r-' the commission, , jiaid , that i Commis
" "s :- sioner AitchfasoB, was responsible for
, ' diacrimination by which the West ob-
tained lower rate! than i the Houtn.
The new rates promulgated are upon
' 1, hardwood from other sections, but the
' ' declaration of carriers was that If this
, . " reduction was made they, would also
1 y ' apply it to the woods shipped from
the - South. The necmion, tnereiore,
does away with the increase of 23 1-3
per cent over tne rates in enect on;
Auiruat ivzv. ana cnamres ' wti
August 25, 1920. and changes t the
rates so as to make a fiat increase in
rates ranging from 6 to 11' cents on
the 100 pounds, the rate of August
25 for North and bouth Carolina. c-jRnd mminf( the time and place of the
i"g increased nine cents on the nne Unjr of Assembly. - 7 r h.i
l.mJml pounds. Thnv Wakes a big. Bentlent innl holding the neM
roluction on. the 33 1-8, percent in-fnr, tt the Assembly during the
r- which a .meted all ,tlie f owthern T1:, holidays developed here
'. Cimm!"'uonr Li-Chord' i,,,.. 'ihn rwent senslon. and i is
la concurri? in the rpn of
t' 1 pr !, r, tal
1 " I hav he
f t i - ' .!, and r
1 iff V.I) -!'".-
'" n a ! " '
'd that .the, (ierrpfi .
n- larger th-il that
ntH from that por -
i he few IBtea i
ii- ' f-r t!m lun-!
m t;.
U)Uetre tor women, spent ssunaay a
home wrth ker'rarents, Mr. andJUrsu
south of town.
Malpheus, Thrift, colored, is having
material,,, placed for a nice dwelling
house on his lot near D. N. Burrow's
i - mr. ana jxlts.- jiritnoaa, . oi
Ashehdro, spent Sunday wie fam
ily of Mr. X feBnieTlV ' -
spent Saturday, night and Sundav at
;thfr (jrove HoteL . ,
:Th'e Ladies' Aid Society held an ini-
ortant meeting
iaturdav nTriit -5
k .- '. -iJh,a kit-ail
u. uamsun oaturuay iukuv. w
-iJ ""V," "".
nuney were married at AsneDor
FrHay,' .The groom is a son of
j jjr jj, a!-Hancock of .this place
'4n 3toldier, having volunteered and
war. The-bride is a daughter of Mr.
vayton titmeyy of Montgomery conn-
mcke. their future home ' here and
their many friends wish' for them
len and Upy lives.; -,, i T. , v
Mr. L. a Hancock and Miss MirL
-t ;:ixJentrcs land wwCRay, of T4vl "V" "7 0" . ;..
erenlni.y . ,. . . , iwere, intended;' - 1
1. 1.-1' ... i ...
Mrs. J. S. Lewis, vice president or
second war mother; Mrs. M. L. Lov
ett, secretary; Mrs. L. M. Fox, treas
urer and Mrs. John Ingram, histori-
This is an organization that tg
being formed all over America since
the close of the world war Any
in the county who had a boy
fixed by the national organisation
iT . ..i j. rru
AMM.:.4.jM im 4-n nlA 4a
who were rendered Enable to care for
themselves, many of whom, are now
in hospitals. To honor every man
who rendered ; service and to keep
fresh the memory of those who gave
their lives in the conflict. It is, the
desire of the chapter that all the
mothers : in the county who feel an
Interest in this great cause should
join. We i realieed : that . perhaps all
Could not 1 attend all the monthly
meetings, yet we earnestly esire the
membership and help of every moth
er whose . son helned In the cause.
We shall have Van annual meeting
each year on the 11th or Movemoer,
to celebrate the signing of the armiv
tit. L Anv one Wkhiha- to loin can
fa the service may join. The admis- ,a"d that subswruently Klntro-.!-.
1. jin. v. . duced a resolution which is genpral-
IT T. Ty-iL-J L'i. - i". I ..' !.... J . tV,.
f MRS; lavtZLLK .LOVETT Sec. w u.y..
feif,ftir'; y -.y-' Newberry case was succinctly and
;-T. ' l ' "! ' TJM .wnivlB mfirt WsltAfi n . ' "TVmv JinH ' Ynihlte m ala nil .fa
Asheboro; about three years agoas alMichigan; Th prowrty-thatwas
vetnrinarv sura-eon. has been elected ! blaced on the aoiction-.Dlock . was R
bv Rowan !r county .? for ..tuberculosis;
. I .- 1 " M t .
eradication1 work among cattle, p ( Dr.
Edwards is well qualified to fill the
position to which he goes and Ida Ser
vices will be of great value to Rowan
county, During his fctay fa Randolph
1 Ll. L.J ...,U.mlili Tirarllr and
taught many of the farmers .the
. --.rfn. (ot the physical needs
of their animals. The. -ciasens-i
Asheboro and Randolph county regret
to see Dr. and Mrs. Edwards leave. , -
- ' . '- 1 1 " 1 " 1 "
, ! ,",), ., timo will be chnpd
to 1 ' r in th year. - Many of the
H .V . I I.. . - f
l, , . .0tllIav(1 wi;h their fimtlies.
v 1.
:f a wh'
-li'v-e sr-eri-tnry
. I i.t tho
. 1 1 "
7ASMGTC:ii::'KEV(S i:i
i i .v
t v,
v Washington," Jait 24 '-Now q that! principally; and an opportunity of this
the -Newberry v case i'has .bocone ikind, one that enables us. to see and
political issue in every state and Jn J study real art, although rsproduced is
every, congressional district ) in the .eagerly sought Ay those who want to
United ' States,- the -details; of is?know more about - 4he NtnajBterpiecea.
victory irt the.' Senate, wnstituta. 1ai!t These nictute's.l&cka crude, coarse an.
of the evidence to be presented to. the
plA - t - ,-)' ?i '-X -v;of th orfginals. f : V.
The powerful influence which &(: It is iow realised among education-
abled - Senator Truman H. Newberry
of Michigan' to retain his seat in M
Senate of the United ,BUtes hy i
narrow majority of' 5 of his Repu.r;
can colleagues may be logically de
duced from .consideration, of ; the
following knows fnctsj ;
, 1. While the Newberry , ' case . mn
pending, before the Senate rresu 3ntt
uarcung .ntenainea tne . aeiem inc
Newberry at' the White House, -tht
theater and on golf ' links, thus 1( ,-ndS.
fag encouragement to the l activi Jei
of the "social bloc"-. referred tor h
Senator. JOenyon (Hep- Iowa)' werk
ing in behalf of - Newberry. - - i." $i $ ,
2. On the eve of the date;when the
Senate took up the final considat
tioqW the Newberry case,- Jan. 1, ..he;
President "permitted it to be ' kr vb
"President HnViHwyA.Qit( MfelK .
berry fa very high esteem.""" -"H f
Senator Willi '(Rep.- Ohio)..cla s
among the' "doubtful - Senators, i
ited the '.White Houses and following,
that visit introduced -resolution co
demnlng the hure-,',-expenditures ja
the Newberrs ease -and .made a ltNif V'i
of the resolution declaring" Newbe-r
f - fW Guard leadership' still f
j' - r-i- a n- i.u L. o ,
with which
I ia'.;; u ' w.d. k t,i
' constituted a solid nucletts, ot tie
' ranuinwrrH vi 11 mm wj w iiii'ii n, twam
Newberry and the - President's; pt
pearahce t a crucial moment- as a
voluntary character witness ,?or-. the
,TtnT trKr. '"1
,d jffS :5ri
2LSt:iSL 3 "KT'i . . "
It had' been -Mnerallv understood
that, Senator Willis and. the" President
were not on the most cordial terms
because of Ohio patronage, so that
the visit of the Senator to the White
House, with his published admission
that he discussed the Newberry case
with the President, is rather unusul
and somewhat surprising. He and
the President have denied that Presi
dent Harding had any - thing to do
with formulating his resolution, but
the fact remain that he did visit tne
White House, that he did talk with
the President about the Newberry
supposed to haje pven Newberry
at least 3 theretofore doubtful votes
I IIIUIUUIIIK U10 WWII " ivuv ....
Newberry would have been defeated
by one vote.
All that know facts are in support
of the statement of Cordell Hull,
Chairman of the Democratic Nation
al Committee, that Senat r Newbery,
accused openly .n the Senate of oc
cupying a purchased seat and con
victed in court on the facts, retains
What scat Ly the gracious commenda
tion of the President of the united
States,"; and that , Newberrys victory
"i8 a distinct -personal triumph -for
President Harding.", , ,,
Of all the 5 regrettable " phases of
tho Newberry case the 'most regret
table is that the President ef the
1 W A i ' i t-11 J
united states -voluntarily snou u
I m a.. ' Ma, a J A . Ol
seat fa the United States Senate.; The
sale' wa public, the bidding was in
the- open, and- the i. property was
knocked down to the hlghegt bidder.
The only-question bafdre the Senate
is,' shall that . v' sale of the Beat fa
this Chamber be eenflrmed l V'A?!
. The politics! issue involved In- the
Newberry ease v. is not y confined to
8enator i Newberry nor the -I sham
Progressives and the 41 Old- Guard
members, whn voted forihhn,' but, in
vclves the entire Republican party.
This-' was clearly .stated by Senator
Underwood, Democratic leader or tne
Senate, who1 said: . -?- 'A-'l ' ''(-.
"It is not Senator Truman New
herrv who is under indictment In, this
case, it is the lepuhllcan party. It
is not only Senator Newberry who is
charpod ; ' with violating .the cornlpt
practices act of the stnte of Michi
gan, but it is the republican- rnrty."
After referring to the methods to
el net i'enntor New berry, he continii-
n- ed:
' , ary 26 122 1,1
The trreat majprjty ,u will never
have the opportunity to see these pic
tures in the original, because the oriy-
iMfnnla t-nt-fAViAjt - i all Avat ITnMtiA'
pearance. They shew the teal likeness
&l authorities and leaders that educa.
tion fa culture and refinement can ea
sily her aided through the wholesome
influence of picture study. Pictures of
the right sort must be placed on thi,
walls of our schools, for the purpose
Of study. To do this is our aim, but
you fceople must help us. The larger
the Attendance at the exhibition the
greater, the number of pictures that
can be secured for the school rooms.
' Oont forget that we are 'going to
Kav some good, . snappy , entertain the afternoons and evenings.
An .entirely new program consisting
of folk dances, vocal and instrumental
music.' nantomines. sketrhna. Ata . will
Jbe given daily. xYoa will be instruct-
ea ana entertained for four days from
8:30 -to P;00 and frdnx :00 to 9:30.
Don't forget, the dates, February 1-4.
v jTickets" are now on sale. The two
beautiful--pictures that cant. in
fthe windows of nasty's Cafe and the
istanaara urug store, will be given to
the class selling the most season; tick
ets.. Help your favorite class.
11 The- famouA mlTirenna Ttra William
JJoMiers. of the world war.fa a $200,-
gion .Pc-ts'of Minnesota -wfll erert.
Patients will be ehnrowri '
their ability to pay, as determined by
Region officials
taken,"- ,
position you have
Th Stultifying and Farcial WHIis
Resolution .
In?.& the fclfttnrtt nt th
' . ..... : ... ......
there 'i' no oher suchx , paradoxical
solution as, the one adopted seat
. g Senator Newberry, which ' after
aismissiner tnnugh contest' and dfe
clnring that, Newberry is . entitled to
hold M3 seat trnthe Senate Contains
cessive sums fa' behalf of the , cam
dates either with er without ' 1
knowledge and Consent, ; .-being
trary to Sound public policy harmful
to the honor and dignity of the Sen
ate and dangerous to the perpetuity
of a free, government; such excess
ive expenditures are hereby severely
condemned and disapproved."
In other words, the act which was
"contrary, to sound public policy,"
which was "harmful to the honor
and dignity of the Senate," which is
"dangerous to the perpetuity of a
free government" is denounced and
condoned in the same resolution an-1
the beneficiary of the infamous act
further rewarded with a seat in the
highest legislative body in the worl!
Not only that, but the Senate has
stultified itself further by disre
garding and overriding a policy ex.
pressed in the vote of both Houses of
Congress setting a $10,000 limit up
on such expenditures.
The farcial performance is thus
characterized by Senator Kenyon of
Iowa, Progressive Republican, ar. 1
leader of the Senate revolt against
Old Guard reactioharyiam:
"All over the country in the cam
paign we read upon the billboards, in
great letters: 'Let us quit wiggling
and warbling,' and that was what we
charged the Democratic party , with.
If there ever in all the history of the
world has been such a spectacle of
wiggling and warbling as there is in
this , case right now I Bhould like to
have anybody produce the' record;
and this is the Senate of the United
"We are asked here to support a
proposition writing bur own in finny;
that his, election was against souno.
pubjic policy, harmful to the nonot
and; "dignity, of the Senate, s' ana
dangerous to the perpetuity of free
government, and yet to scat the man;
and the gentleman who . have done
the wiggling, and wabbling have, now
found, a cyclone ' cellar where they
think they can go and. i escape the
wrath .fendr the tornado, of da' indig
nant public opinion. ,
"We are told, by tho Senator from
Ohio ( Mr ; Willis) tiat his .rosoluUon
will express some policy fa eanjpaign
expenditurep: We have a policy e
pressed in the 10,0OO limit that both
Houses of Congrese Toted,; and that
was flagrantly violated fa this' Mich
igan, campaign, ; ! What -inorev; policy
do-wt want when .five or Six years
from now some one presents himself
here with s certificate . and an ac
knowledged expenditure of 1500,000,
will we write another policy then and
sayj-'We seat the man.' It is so de
structive of, free ; government, and
yet we swallow our Conscience ' and
Iny for the future that no mien sum
shall lie Ppent. It 's all right in this
c.i ho." '', - - '
"Oh, whnt a farnre!" - ,- - , . i
f..,,.:'.;r i.'nvnr "fri1 r''11''
' Mr. Emmett King died at the home o Friday Afternoon Club Meeta
of his father, Mr. Alfred King, of "'wu M. G. Edwards was hastes
Star, , Tuesday from, tuberculosis, the members of the Friday aficnMM
vfhich was contracted from the effects clubhand a few invited guests at kcr
of gas during the World War. Mr. home-on South' Fayetteville Etrewar
King enlisted in Company K and was Thursday afternoon. . Tl nertair
on the Mexican border, later going to was called to order by ths fiuiii tui,
France with the same company. ' Miss Bera Scarboro, and the prageam .
. He was gassed and wounded on for the afternoon was carried as
November 29th after which he was follows: Sketch ef the Life of aV-V
sent to a hospital in ,,' England. ' He togton Irving by in,-HaI W. C.Cad,
joined the company a short while be1 ri and two stories by Irving- nad ly ;
fore they returned home. - Mrs. J.' A S pence. Quotation ram '
, ' Upon his return hevngaged fa the Irving were also given by the nen
garage business in Star. Later he bers. The hostess served chidona salt
developed tuberculosis and was sent d wafers, pickles, hot ' rolls, eei.
by the government to Oteen, Ashe- and mfas to Mesdames L C AtmJ.
ville, where remained until last A. Spence, K. Alexander, C I. C -Thanksgiving
when, he canw l.ocie. ford. Edward Cranford, D
He has been under tlie care of local dox H. W. Walker, and Misses I
physicians and had .. had Visits from Scarboro, Rosa Rush and Maud!--arm
yphysicians in addition His con. rish- ,
dition seemed better ' and the end.., . -y
came rather unexpectedly. He i6 Mies Mary MoflStt Entertains TAmr-!
survived by his father and the follow-' Bridge Club ; , -
fag brothers and sisters: Mrs. Lena The Thursday bridge dub Tsf":
King Matthews, Fayettevillep Mrs; Miss Mary Moffttt last week. la t
Oscar Stuart, Revenel, S. C; Mrs. tion to the regular members ALs.
John Cockran and Miss Elizabeth JV. A. Underwood and Misses Kazr
Kmg and Otis King, of Star; and Sparger and Lucy Leigh: Lovt-S
Cloves King, of Revenel, S. C. were guests. The highest score wax
The 'funeral service was conducted made by Misses Halbe Jtoss and Lo
at Why Not, the old home, and the ci,e Morris. At the conclusion U 0
body interred beside his. mother who Kames ckicken salad, sandwiches az4
aiea a number ,01 years aim Tho
young man had a larire ffttniiw i-nnniw. -
tion and a Wide circle of friends who!
the- great beyond. n his passing we
are reminded anew" of the horrors and
hardships .pf the' War in which'-
he fought and-from. which he died. ;
, 1 11 - .1 1
Pone Benedict XV AiA an
He had been, ill for some days wtoi . , ' .. OF" MRS- C M, FCT
pneumonia, and there nad-been little' ,. " '- "f t';
hope of recovery from the beginning. . ?he woman's Qub gave dor i
Just before hie death-a 'special mass ixA Pnn' party at the home of I -a.
wieuraiea jor nim by an apart- ""ws n. ,rox yesterday .at 3 p. rx
ment adjoining his chamber, and m Sma11 aprpns had been made t
thisjie was able to take part. Death beri of the .club, ia the y -must
have cohie at an earlier moment each Poem with. l. a
out for his unusual powers of resist- vWch , was , : request fr c
. " li-i , ' . f- .
The. funeral jrvfaes th iXt
of wWck ? Kuntd later WiU
be attonitaiwftk m.lZl - J
of tte chStt-APi
parts, of, the .world wtll be -fa attend-'
INte last r
tration of his high office he proved a S81 fZLT 3rV"
diplomatist and sUtesmarf of high or- 55? Md be ,lodgeone huw...
der, and contributed much towafd the lrt? .year5 "f 0 nJ "f the"'r -dosing
of the war He was essentail- terestin. features of the ecfcbrat-js-ly
a man of peace. His successor has was a .interesting and fastetic
not yet been chosen, but he will un- fnt depicting the early ettterf
UUUUUiaiV Dt An it-olion ,a.l4.UAJIu
Cardinal Del Val. a SnaniarH. 3
to have a large following.
Rev W. F . Womble presiding Elder
of the Greensboro Hit Lr-u:
at Ramseur
M. E. church Sundaj
The "Microbe of Love" clay was
given at the academy Tuesday night
nan uraa wtunfe i .1 1. 1 1 .
Messrs. N. R. Curtis, R. B. Moffllt
nu . . i. vopeiand of this place and
Mr. uergiman, cf Winston Salem are
duck shooting down on the coast' this
Mr. R. E. WWley end ethers wmr t
Greensboro Monday.
Mrs R. I. Kearns. who hn w
svending some time at Troy and
Badi "with her son R. I Kearns
R. B. Finson. G. C. Rmrlra
others spent several days in the sr.nd
hills fox hunting recently.
IX la reported that Messrs. C. L.
Bray, W. T. Foushee and C. G. Foushee
havo boutrht the
i hardware store at Liberty. We are
sorry to loose these good citizens from mitteeman, arid it' is believed. !ti .
oar town and community but winh for Senate will confirm his nomjmttionw
ThA'IfwI in thr u"dertakihK- I ' He served as depnty under Marv
hrrar..'iCe0f JMr flCharlMJF al Dockery and alsoi under. DarU
wllt ! d,et:r0y by c V He Is a native of Pitt county ! .
last week, catching from the kitchen 61 yeA 0f age. . For some time 1
thim.RnK BtS 0V9r nas 'Sen eonnted - with .the : b
hrrJ h, ? uf' N 5e was at buKiness faBaleigh. ! ; - ,
heme but Mrs. Thurman Buriross. a . . .- ' .k r
daughter-in-law and very little was '
saved. No insurance we understand.'
We are indeed sorry for Mr. Burgees '
in this great loss. He iz one of our
iu uui loss. n v: one ot our w iTnT liV. -VuV t
good citizens and has the sympathy of S;.,!"'.
all his neighbors; , . ' S?natof against Senator'-, Trfif
( His chances seem; to be, favorsl ,
FARMER NEWS ' J It ), would hdd r materially t t
f-'v v1 ..I , Democratic Strength fa the Errm'- t
Board of Education Buys Dormitory' have this favorite friend I the
Vy 4reperty' 1 Cbaages Hands .,. ."Peple there, v and evelopmen .
V' i. :? ' . - ; i ' c , this end vwill". b. awaltefN with ii
Mr, R. W. Dorsett who has been in at,-;-. , , c V,,. '- y
business at Farmer for the past fouri ' ' .
years' recently sold hit stock of goods', , Tobacco GreverV Meeting
and store house to Messrs. A L Hi'lJ, - ' -( ,
aijd 3iSL Hammond, who will continue There Is to be a tri-eouniv
the business. ,t' " 1 . - faff ' the Co-operative Tolmf'
h Mr; Mhdison nammond has sold his A""c1aUnn'I Vu''
house at Farmer to his son, J. R Ham- a,Pr"If?.rf ,"'!, i"1 ', "
mond, and has bouj-ht from his son the n ' Trinity, fa the !.. i
old Drew fwl form -, - - , ' Saturday January
Mr Marvin Kcans has" sold his home r w-.,,T.he ' "vu ,'
pine, here to the count v ' Itonrd of ,oUiere ' u n
were nerved. . K
' ' 4 "t -
Monday Evening Bridge CbA . .
met wHb Mrs, H.' W. Walker Man,!-
evening. The game is in the fona
tourment and is played each
Afer the game crab salad, wafer arrJf
to wens corveu., vniy tne ci an latnt-
,bers we a present. ? .
APRON PARTY AT- ttmr ' ' '
guest tp onng .or send a peary t t
ach, inc& of waist measvr. f,
J",1 I .
"aic classes. of ,: . Misses 1.
sandwiches, -tea and wafers were '
wwii uim wiq -wuiiuuia i pw
St- ManV 9 he Pranimant
of the town and lodge were dressatt '
represent their grandfathers ' : .aa4
(rrfal-crrnnHfatViers. Resides .the &aa.. '
.ant t.Kprn vpra ndHrcopa. eormieac,k
of a1.1 U?m WMfh(i!2j!
prominent Masons of the .Soulk tflek
miiavs nnnMrmirt' 1:
Th Randolph County Boari st'ij
r.uucauon na pureiituwu
dence of Mr. .Marvin J.earns lor vm
Farmer high school. The house srftt SO
usea ior a aormivory waiua.uaj wnmm
a needed addition io -the comjaantty.' '
i The citisens of Concord toawsby
are srreatly interested in this forwuM
stP for educational advancement,.
1 Rippon W. Ward,, of Raleigh,' b't
been appointed marshal, for the E"- -
era district of . North Carolina, bp
the President. Mr Word has
iniv oiiio Mtv, . i .i&fv-u
Morehead, National ItepubUeaa -
News from. Florida .Indicated 'tfi -
I' 1 i-l l! n t " t-
in 1) tKt d a d.
lor (

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